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hi everyone

so my danger gren maju isn't working out the way i hoped it would and i'm dissatisfied. i want to build something else but i can't decide between

  • i've been told to do danger dark worlds, as ive already got some danger monsters and the new support in december. i could see it working, but im not sure how much fun ill do playing it - i get laughs out of cheeky plays (see: jank ideas below)
  • branded, b/c the structure decks (or whatever it is the one that includes "fallen of albaz" etc,) can get me a good deck with 3 structure decks - about $30 for me.
  • convert the current gren maju deck into a eldlich-gren deck. this is my least favorite
  • various jank ideas
    • i've been interested in the idea of a deck that largely functions by allowing you to play off of opponent's plays. cards like super poly (can use opponent material), waking the dragon (activates on pop, also makes mind games for facedowns), etc. the idea is that the opponent will have to strategize more than they would in normal tournament play (i only get the chance to play at locals) and thus it'll be more fun for both of us. the problem is, i don't have a concrete win condition/end board, engine, or even enough cards to combine w/ engine to get to 40.
    • another idea that's fascinated me is a deck that can both utilize exodia as well as play for a battle-to-0 win without all five pieces available. in pendulum format i would do this with normal monster pendulums, and normal monsters + tokens seem to still have some level of potential (tenyi field spell, white elephants gift, etc. as well as counterplay like heat wave and skill drain) but i think i would need something more consistent, to the point where getting curb-stomped isn't a foregone conclusion.
  • the two jank ideas are my favorites by a good margin as i think they have the most dynamic potential. the problem is i can never find a way to execute the ideas in a way that i can get enjoyment of, as i always get curb-stomped. my next fav option is the branded, b/c of the affordability and the cheeky plays (combos of fusion summons, for example).

do any of you have an opinion on this? (i might not get to reply back until next weekend but i can keep an eye on it in the meantime)

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