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rp idea interest poll

which of these ideas are you interested in?  

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  1. 1. help me choose

    • Curiosity, OH (Slice of Life/Mystery)
    • The Last Days of Scarlet City (Superheroes)
    • Dream Heist (Dream Heist)
    • Eclipse Phase: Gatecrash (Science Fiction (horror?))

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hi how are you

When I started working on Götterdämmerung, I promised myself two things, that it would definitely be my first RP, and that I wouldn't make more until the IC got locked, for better or for worse. It turned out for the better, carried on the backs of two people who were willing to put up with my nonsense for two and a half years, but I've gained more and more ideas for a follow-up. I'd simply go with whichever one interests me the most, but that's the thing, they'd all be interesting follow-ups to me in their own way, I think. I remembered Skaia did a poll once, though, so I guess I'll do one also.

I make no promises; this is all subject to change, from the titles to parts of the premises. I'm not even going to bind myself to the winner of the poll if something else keeps my attention. But here they are:

Curiosity, OH - A Slice-of-Life RP where the life was yours, but it isn't anymore. You left Curiosity years ago, and you know what they say, once you leave the place you grew up, it's no longer yours anymore. Why did you leave? More importantly, why are you coming back? And then there’s the matter of the murder…

Inspirations: Night in the Woods, Twin Peaks, Welcome to Nightvale/QWRPline, SINNER GET READY by Lingua Ignota

The Last Days of Scarlet City - Superheroes and villains exist, have existed, and will exist in Scarlet City as long as it stays standing, and there are a number of official truces and unspoken agreements in place keeping it that way. But one fateful night is going to change everything. A plot that involves, among other things, a prophecy, a lighthouse, some string, and a small hand-crank radio.

Inspirations: Worm by Wildbow, Twilight of the Superheroes, a whole bunch of superhero stories, actually.

Dream Heist - It's not Paprika and it's not Inception, though to say they're not inherently inspirations would be lying. This is a world where people can inhabit each other’s dreams, which, of course, leads to the existence of dream crime. It’s a difficult game, though, since if the host is made aware of the intrusion, they might just decide not to wake up, trapping everyone inside. If and when that happens, how do you get out?

Inspirations: Oh I said those already, okay. Ubik by Phillip K. Dick, also.

Eclipse Phase: Gatecrash - "Your mind is software. Program it. Your body is a shell. Change it. Death is a disease. Cure it. Extinction is approaching. Fight it."

The only one of these with someone else's IP attached to it, and therefore has the longest pitch. A mere decade ago, strong AI called TITANs nearly wiped out all life before going silent, inactive for unknown reasons. Earth is uninhabitable, but transhumanity – including uplifted animals and infomorphs who live mostly on the ‘net – lives on, changed and spread out amongst the stars.

Gatecrashing involves the warp gates found at the far end of the solar system. Nobody can tell where a given one leads without actually passing through it, and it really could be anything. Despite those uncertainties, there are some really powerful hypercorps paying mercenaries and other contractors good money to find out for them. Might have some horror elements that don't involve the horrors of capitalism too; I'm not sure yet.

Inspirations: Eclipse Phase borrows from basically anything that can be considered science fiction and a few other things besides.

okay thanks for reading the poll should let you select multiple options if you so desire. i hope you're not too disappointed if something else wins, it's just for fun.


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