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ptp Pokemon Type Polls Semifinals 2

Hisuian Electrode  

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  1. 1. Grass vs Electric

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    • By LordCowCow
      Match ends 3/20 10 PM CST
    • By LordCowCow
      Match ends 3/20 10 PM CST
    • By LordCowCow
      So this is a weird one. There won't be nominations nor rules I'm mainly posting this to announce it'll exist and use this to file away the results and such.
      I guess you can use this to hype up your favorite but essentially
      I'll randomize each, and do 8 matches, two will have 3 types in them, probably first and last for max random, and it'll proceed as normal albeit a short batch.
      To explain why it's cause 16 is a good number but there's 18 types. If anyone has a better idea before I post them tomorrow let me know but that's the plan.
      Round 2
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