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rise of shadows Rise of Shadows Megathread

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Trailer | Cinematic | Site
Release Date: 4/9/2019

The newest Hearthstone Expansion was announced just today, Rise of Shadows! And not only that, but we learn that the year will revolve around this League of E.V.I.L. and their shenanigans. This set specifically takes place in Dalaran. More importantly though, we get the return of Rafaam, the Supreme Archeologist! And I guess we're also getting some interesting mechanics, I guess.



Lackeys are very much like Spare Parts, non-collectable cards that can be generated with cards such as the EVIL Miscreant. They're essentially 1 mana spells that come with a 1/1 body, which is pretty neat. I like that we have the evolve mechanic outside of Shaman now due to Witchy Lackey. We'll have to wait and see what other Lackey generators we have in the rest of the set. Most importantly though, we're getting more lackeys in future sets this year to fit in with the League of E.V.I.L.


Schemes are cards that become stronger the longer you hold them. For example, Hagatha's Scheme gains 1 more damage for each of your turns that it stays in your hand. It'll be interesting to see what the other scheme cards are, as the mechanic is quite interesting itself.


Twinspell is a new keyword that reminds me of Echo in a way, although it is much different as it is usable with cards that cost more than 5 mana. Essentially when you cast a spell with Twinspell, you get a 2nd copy of the spell to your hand (without Twinspell, of course). This spell you can hold and use whenever you please. Something interesting to note is that the 2nd copy seems to go in your hand where the first one was, which is important for hand tracking and certain cards like Stargazer Luna.

Callback Cards

We're getting a few "callback" cards that bring back old mechanics into the new set, like Forbidden Words echoing the Forbidden Mechanic from Whisper of the Old Gods. I wonder how far back / close by the callback cards will go - will we see Spare Parts return? Maybe we'll get something more recent like Adapt or Echo. We'll have to wait and see.



I'll be keeping this thread updated with news as the expansion rolls out.

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So, I've been watching a fair bit of the preview stream they did a few days ago with various streamers. Format is SO different with rotation. It feels like a lot of long term advantage is gone and things are way slower now. Couple decks I'm interested in trying


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Legendary: Keeper Stalladris, Vereesa Windrunner, Nozari, Barista Lynchen, Jepetto Joybuzz

Epic: Crystal Portal, Nine Lives x2, Power of Creation, Duel!, Shadowy Figure, Waggle Pick, Murkmorpher x2, Darkest Hour, Big Bad Archmage

Gold Epic: Big Bad Archmage

Gold Rare: Dreamy Guardians (not dusted), Mysterious Blade, Plot Twist, Clockwork Goblin

Gold Common: Ursatron, EVIL Conscripter, Hench-Clan Burglar, Mutate, Flight Master, Heroic Inkeeper

Most Opened Rare: Underbelly Ooze x6

Also with the free packs they gave away got a gold Life Drinker and a 3rd Ratcatcher.

Total Dust from Packs: 1205 + 1000 gold dusted = 2205 dust

Total Dust: 19590


Super happy I got Barista and Keeper is solid, the rest are meh. I'm shocked at how many rares I still want from the set. 0 Convincing Infiltrator and Arcane Watcher are super disappointing. Watcher especially since I have a rare and lower silence deck and not getting those kind of sucks.


Built 7 decks. Down to 11590 dust (also dusted a couple useless epics that rotated for a little extra dust). I could spend even more, but I'm super tight with my dust honestly (it is how I got to almost 20K to begin with.

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Posted (edited)

I got Windrunner, Betrug, Boom Reaver, and Catrina from my packs. A bit sad but they make for some spicy memes I guess. Might look into getting myself a Jepetto and Ali for that Hunter Meme Deck

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legend pulled: Oblivitron & Scargill

Scargill is quite ok, but i just dont want oblivitron

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So, lots of changes coming to the game.

Prep makes 2 mana

EVIL Miscreant now a 1/4

Raiding Party 4 mana

Archivist Elysiana 9 mana



And buffs to 18 cards

Gloop Sprayer 7 mana

Mulchmunch 9 mana

Necromechanic 4 mana

Flark's Boom-Zooka 7 mana

Unexpected Results 3 mana

Luna’s Pocket Galaxy 5 mana

Crystology 1 mana

Glowstone Technician 5 mana

Extra Arms 2 mana

Cloning Device 1 mana

Pogo-Hopper 1 mana

Violet Haze 2 mana

The Storm Bringer 6 mana

Thunderhead now 3/6

Spirit Bomb 1 mana

Dr. Morrigan 6 mana

Security Rover now  2/6

Beryllium Nullifier now 4/8

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Yo this is so many changes, and a lot of them are buffs too. I'm curious to see how these will affect the meta. I can't even really theory craft right now - there's just so many changes. SN1P-SN4P seems solid, probably will be used in at least the more value Mech Deathrattle Hunter although I can see it being used in the more SMOrc version

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