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[Theoretical] Pokemon Let's Go Future Installments

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So...I was thinking it might be fun to have threads where we discuss the potential of new games that haven't been announced at all.

And so I decided that it could be interesting to talk about what you'd want to see and what you'd expect to see from a Let's Go style game in other regions. Do you think they'll make new ones? If so, how will it be done, what regions, and how long would you expect before one comes out?

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Ordinarily I'd be inclined to say they might stick to a pattern of having remakes between new games, but... Let's Go feels very much like a third pillar, even though it is ostensibly a remake of Yellow. Both Pokemon Go and the Switch are doing remarkably strong, so I think they'll want to make another Let's Go game, but it depends on what they do after Sword and Shield. Personally, I'd love to see a Diamond and Pearl remake next, though preferably not in the Let's Go style. Maybe have that based more on Sword and Shield, since it'll probably be more of an improvement on SM/USUM rather than Let's Go's style.

Really, Johto would make the most sense, but save that for the next system after the Switch. There's probably a good chance Pokemon Go will still be in use by then, especially since they'll likely have almost every generation in the game by then.

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Let's Go Johto and so on will definitely happen, it's just a matter of when. Curious who they'd choose as the mascots since I'm not sure people would be into Pichu and Marill/Togepi. They may also say fuck it and do Let's Go Gold and Let's Go Silver, or LG Cyndaquil and LG Totodile. I figure it'll either come towards the end of Switch's lifespan or at the start of whatever the next console is like Roxas said.

Diamond and Pearl remakes will come after Sword and Shield for Switch. Despite them being my least favorite back in the day, still psyched to explore Sinnoh with everything updated.


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