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    "And how're we supposed to know? Doesn't seem like any of us know anything does it?" Cross recoiled at the Clobbopus' response, worried that he would get more than just a tongue lashing. However, the Pokemon backed off. “Hey! Don’t talk to him like that,” Hector berated the quicktoangerpus. Cross sniffled a bit before waddling over to the group of Falinx. “I’m sure he didn’t mean anything by that, Cross. None of us have any more answers than you do, sorry to say, but we’re gonna figure it out, alright? Just stick close to us.” Cross nodded, and came walked closer to him, eventually grabbing ahold of one of the smaller Hector's spikes. "Thanks NewGamePlus..." He said through some more tears, snot, and sniffles. “Come on, lets go catch up with the others. Maybe we can use me and the crew here to make a land bridge across the river, eh? Heheheh.” Cross followed closely behind the stumbling gaggle of soldiers. It was kinda funny watching them all clumsily walk about, it was starting to take his mind off the situation. But he made sure not to laugh too hardly. It must've been really hard for your original human body to be split up among all those little armored orbs. When he could, he made sure to help the one he held onto as it stumbled. As they came to the water, it was obvious that they needed a plan. Being a Cubone, that meant he was probably going to be weighed down by his helmet and club...practically a death sentence. With some more discussion, it was confirmed that somehow they had all been involved with NCM at some point in their lives, and now they were Pokemon. Rudely, across the river, Z began to hound some more. “And the ‘don’t go alone’ thing, that’s for you to solve. You don’t want me by myself? Better learn how to swim.” "That guy's really mean..." Cross noted. He had since stopped with the waterworks, and his voice was back to normal. "What's his deal anyway? Is he a toddler?" What did it matter now. He rolled the dice, and got a lucky pick of Pokemon...one that could actually traverse water. If he felt like the group wasn't needed, than phooey to him. Order of Shadow...or Marv, was the first one to come up with a plan "I think I have an idea! Though, it's probably going to take us all to do it..." He walked over to a pillar of stone in the cave, "If we can push this to the stream...it should be able to cover it and we use it as a bridge!" Nobody objected, so it sounded like a good enough plan. Cross' only idea was to have Hector float as some sort of bridge for everyone to ride on, but that would risk his life in that new couple of bodies of his. A no go indeed. "It's the only thing I can think of to make sure we all get over there..." The Treeko walked towards Cross, knelt down and gave him a thumbs up. "Cause I won't leave anyone behind." Cross smiled, and nodded. "Mhm!" Was all he could muster. Between Hector and Marv, he felt really safe! Chester the Chespin seconded the plan. "Let's get pushing everyone!" "Yeah! I'm in this with y'all!" Cross made his way to the pillar, before pushing with all of his might. "Together!"
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