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  2. Funny thing about this is... I voted for Isolde and stayed dedicated to my vote towards the end. : C *feelsbad Oh well. Surprised, innocent-looking waifu for the win I guess. XD
  3. DNA Modifier WATER ✪✪✪ (Level 3) [Psychic/Tuner/Effect] ATK/ 900 DEF/ 1400 Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can pay 1000 LP, then target 1 face-up monster on the field and declare 1 Attribute and 1 Monster Type; that monster becomes the declared Attribute and Monster Type.
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  5. I am now because I like her more than her current opponent, but in her previous matches I voted for her competition.
  6. Stella couldn't help but pout as Kelsey poked fun at her enthusiasm on the pens, saying, "it's important to always have a good idea what all of your resources are. But," the girl looked away sheepishly and said, "we can also stop by a candy shop on the way back." To punctuate it, the girl gave the supplies she was holding to Kelsey before beginning to look more in the shop. Her spree was cut short, however, as another girl had run up and started to rant about how amazing it was that there was paper here. As Vivian also seemed to be in awe, Stella walked up to the two and cleared her throat. "Well, you see ever since the age of space exploration began paper has been of a difficult resource to come across. In fact, from what I've read, tablets were already on the upswing and paper itself was just being seen as a relic and was slowly getting phased out. Of course, this didn't last long and people started to realize how important paper was. Studies show that people retain more knowledge writing down something on paper then just typing it into a tablet. And even more so there's a practicality part of it to explorers and businesses and the like. After all, tablets don't really work that well in planets with limited to no readily available electricity and - well, in fact, I think it was a case of where a few people got into a ship crash and got stranded for weeks on end that they realized the importance of - " as Stella continued to rant about this topic she realized that she was starting to get off topic and simply cleared her throat again, clearly flustered by this. "Well, um, anyhow. Getting a steady supply of paper has always been an issue but in the past century there's been movements to reinstate and standardize the use of paper again. People have thought up of all kinds of solutions but the most successful one that has just started to come into being in the past two decades is the creation of paper tree farm space colonies." Looking to the others, the girls she said, "giant artificial green house stations that grow trees for the express purpose of having them turned to paper." Gesturing around, the girl said, "this is the closest we've gotten to reinstating paper into the standardized universe and Clips here has been very vocal about their support of spreading paper across the universe. And they sell it for cheap too!" With a stern and passionate look Stella waved her finger saying, "so it's doubly important that we buy from here to show our support for the cause as well!" Walking closer to the rather strange girl who had brought this up, Stella seemed much calmer as she said, "oh and um, yes using it like a stylus on a tablet to write with is generally correct. You'll want to make sure to account for how much more force you'll need when you need to press down on the paper, as it won't just slide around with ease like it would on a tablet. As with all things it might not come out correctly on your first try, but keep trying and I'm sure you'll understand how wonderful it is to write on paper too."
  7. Ngl, Predaplant Link into Dragun of Red-Eyes is pretty gross.

    1. TheEternalWinter


      requires you to run bad cards to pull it off in most decks

  8. can you name five breakfast cereals while being punched?
  9. I'm sorry, Crepe-san.
  10. Yui

    Cereal Tier List

    aight I was gonna ask where the fuck you and mirei live that you don't have apple jacks but this clears that up. no apples jacks, bagged milk, a reasonable healthcare system, the nerve!
  11. Yui

    Dessert Tier List

    If it's not on here, just assume I either haven't had it or couldn't recognize it
  12. Apologize to the crepe now.
  13. https://tiermaker.com/create/desserts On the last tier, I think the cake looking one might be carrot cake, but I'm not sure, like I said. What's on top doesn't look like something you'd put on that. If that is what it is, I'd put it in S if it's not nutty and A if it is.
  14. Thar

    Cereal Tier List

    The thing is about mine is that 10-20 years ago the whole thing would be significantly different. Thank fuck I'm not the only one.
  15. @Chiri -shan-shan I said she was boppin'. And she is. That's it.
  16. @Nico I thought Aya-senpai was your waifu. Not sure why, though. Oh yeah, you mentioned her in your profile in the game, but I guess that's not a good enough reason. Second on tier B is the last one I posted in your rate a waifu thread and her name is Yukinya. =3
  17. Nico

    Cereal Tier List

    Oh yeah, and the Smorez thing is just because there have been Smores cereals in Canada, but I'm pretty sure not that one. I like Golden Grams but I'm not sure I really like the complete mix in cereal form, no matter what company does it. I'm pretty sure Post is the only one that done the ones I've seen, though.
  18. Chiri

    Cereal Tier List

    Request for "Doesn't matter. As long as you remember the bowl." to be added to the poll. I jest. I always put the cereal in first.
  19. And grilled cheese like all things is only good when done properly enough. For the vast majority of times my parents ever made it, it was not, and largely nowhere near melty enough most times.
  20. Hm, sure, let's see..... I have no idea what I'm doing
  21. "Start off with an audible assault! Growl Ic!" "Tch, 'ick' is right." Chad muttered as Oswald called out his attack. Nidoran recoiled slightly at the chirping sound. "But you know." Chad said, crossing his arms in front of his chest and smiling confidently. "There's a reason I decided to buff Nidoran's stats rather than lower yours." Icarus slammed into Nidoran with a Quick Attack, sending the small Pokemon backwards. With Icarus near the ground, however, it made it easier for the Nidoran to attack. "Now, Double Kick!" Chad called out. And his Poison Pokemon charged in and stood up on his hind legs. The first kick, coming from its front legs, didn't seem to hurt much, but the second follow-up struck the Starly on its beak and seemed to cause much more damage than the first. "Lowered attack doesn't matter if I get a critical hit! But might as well play on both sides, Leer!" ------ "Kanon. That's my name," "Good to meet you miss Kanon!" Kenta said politely, bowing his head for a moment. Beside him Fuyumi nudged the larger boy in the ribs and he winced. "Oh, uh, I mean, I'll beat you next time don't think I'm down for good, uh, so there!" He scratched the back of his head and looked over to the girl. "Was that right, Fuyumi?" To which the girl rolled her eyes. "Your companion is asleep." Fuyumi noted. Sure enough Naomi was laying, face down, in the grass and seemed to be snoring. "Gee, think someone should wake her up? Bet she has to go to the Pokemon Center. Specially if she was battling Fuyumi, she's never lost ya know." Fuyumi merely nodded briefly to indicate the truthful statement.
  22. Alexis pumped her fist as she scored an attack across the hound's flank. She had seen that attack coming from a mile away and was able to keep the monster at bay. "You're almost... As bad as Rona..." "I thought I was doing pretty well actually!" Alexis answered. He saw the aforementioned Wyvern Rider coming her way and, with a wave, told Layne "heads up, I'm going to the next one, your friend there can clean this one up." And as the hound snapped at her she took off, moving in a direct line towards the next nearest one. Soaring overhead of the wounded hound. She flew over the thicket and stabbed her lance down. The Pegasus Knight managed to score a hit but, as she pulled the lance back, it got tangled up in a thicket. Which let the hound leap towards her and bite on her leg. Wincing and letting out a surprised shout she re-positioned her lance so it was pointed down and jammed the weapon into the beast's skull. Sighing she glanced over at the next closest hound. Surely it would come for her next. She only hoped the injury didn't slow her reflexes down too badly. They were getting there. So close...she wanted to be more careful but taking too much time now would only cause them to get surrounded. Go, go, go. Rona was falling behind. She couldn't fall behind. She had to catch up. Even Layne was ahead of her....but she couldn't push herself, or rather Cormag, that hard. It was hard enough having to be sure not to fly into trees but he had been pushing forward for a while now. Which was when Rona heard the voice again. Finally realizing it was coming from Edda she gave the girl a confused look "What is..." But before she could finish Cormag, with a mighty roar, continued his flight with his energy renewed. Rona heard Alexis tell Layne she could "clean up". Something about that bothered her. She wasn't supposed to just be flying behind her and finishing off the foes the other flier wounded. It would be admitting she was weaker than Alexis. But....she also couldn't just leave Layne there to die. "To your right." Rona told Layne and swooped in, burying her axe into the hound's skull. Not realizing the irony that she had ended in the same place that Alexis had been standing. There was still a hound to the left that seemed ready to attack. She'd worry about that one next.
  23. on a scale from 1 to 69420 how much of a bovine fan are you?
  24. This is slander

    1. LordCowCow


      who could have done such a thing

    2. Thar


      No, this is Patrick.

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