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  2. And with that, we are officially an OOC! Let the good times roll
  3. Over these next 5-6 months I have chances to meet Irene Bedard (voice of Pocahontas in all Disney media), Don Gibb (Ray Jackson in Bloodsport), Kat Cressida (DeeDee from Dexter's Laboratory, Jill Harris (Noelle Silva from Black Clover), and that's just based on who has been announced for comic cons I'm going to so far 

  4. “So it’s a floor and change below the restaurant? I wonder if people know that when they decide to eat there…” “I mean, it kinda makes sense. If they’re using water as their main fire suppressant because Caesar’s got that woman on staff, like, you still want a different suppressant if the restaurant’s got a fryer. I don’t think even Caesar could convince a health inspector otherwise.” "I wouldn't put it past the rotund psycho at this point..." Override sighed, his suit finishing the expulsion of the water from his suit. "Regardless...we should be able to work with that at least..." “And the control room’s probably got a lot of tech. You don’t want water leaking through the floor into that. She can’t be here all the time to keep it out if something goes wrong.” Override was silent, as he turned towards A.V.D., waiting for a moment. Things started turning in his head, about the time he realized what was meant, Minos seemed to come to the same conclusion. “Oh, so it’s like a blind spot! She’s in the Control Room, but she can’t let too much water get in there. We could probably just make a hole in the kitchen floor then, right? Go down through there?” “You know where the kitchen is?” “Duh! My superpower-Cassie-says-isn’t-a-superpower, remember? Also, there were signs for the restaurant when we came in. Anyway, yeah, if you’re real anxious, I could probably close up the floor when we’re done with it too,” "...that's...a fair point. I think I must've missed those signs specifically, considering I came through the roof." he said, prepping himself. But at least now they had a plan, though it wasn't too much of a great plan, but it was something. “I don’t want to get into all that water on the floor, though. I guess we’re running across the machines, then? I’ll try to conjure up some handrails in case we lose balance because that doesn’t look safe either…” “Good idea! Well, we’ve got a goal and a plan to achieve it. What else are we waiting for?” Override gave Minos a nod, beginning to rise into the air again. "At this point, nothing. Though I am going to say this..." he noted the display on his H.U.D., seeing the layout of the kitchen he had gotten. The restaurant area was a series of tables circled around a lavish buffet line. There were a couple of mercenaries/mooks/whatever they were standing guard near the kitchen doors, one by the buffet, and three tables also have someone nearby for a total of six hostiles. The tech hero already started flying off in the direction of the restaurant. "Okay, we have about six hostiles in the restaurant area. One by the buffet, a couple standing guard by the kitchen doors and three tables have someone near them. Do either of you have a proper plan to take care of this? I'm open to suggestions." A.V.D. looked back behind himself and saw a rush of water flowing out of the casino pit and giving chase. "I don't know if we have the time to make a plan..." he said. "No, it's okay!" Minos said. "That's just one or two each. Dibs on the buffet line one!" "Guns blazing then, alright." Override nodded, before hearing some stuff behind him. He glanced backwards and saw that the very slot machines they were starting to run on, the ones behind start sparking even further and explode behind the last person running along. "Shit...that's not good at all. Kick it into high gear, people!" The moment he got to the restaurant doors, Override burst through and aimed at the two nearest ones, the ones by the tables...and he fired two pulse bolts at them. One connected with a mook and they were knocked down. The other, dove behind a table. "The table isn't going to save you, buddy." he said, immediately firing another bolt at the table, blasting a hole in the table. And yet, the hole was sealed up by a freeze ray. "...charming." He took aim at another thing in the room...a chandelier above the table in question. Override fired another bolt at the chandelier, having it crash down onto the table...or the plan was that... The mook fired the freeze ray up at the falling chandelier which froze into a platform for the chandelier to crash into instead. The tech hero immediately noticed something, in where the mook was giving a thumbs up to the camera in the corner of the room. "So they're keeping tabs on them from the cameras, eh? Clever girl." Override took this opportunity to immediately fire bolts at the cameras. "Time to blind you lot. No more freebies." "Sir...sir!" "In a minute, P.I.X.E.L." "But sir! Incom-..." Override heard the alert too late as he was struck in the left arm by the freeze ray, which knocked him for a loop for a moment. He got careless, which caused him to curse under his breath and helmet. "P.I.X.E.L., get the suit to attempt to pull power to go into a defrost." he said, before immediately firing another bolt at the mook with the ray, knocking him out. He landed for a moment, before checking on the others...Minos had managed to deal with the two by the kitchen door in addition to the one she called dibs on and A.V.D. had left the one remaining one shivering in the fetal position. Plan well executed. "O-Okay...good work...now...while I get my suit to at least deal with the frozen side... Minos! You're up." he pointed in the direction of the room, towards the kitchen. "If you don't mind." Minos gave a little salute. "You got it!" she said. "One and a half floors down we go!" She marched through the swing doors into the massive casino kitchen, where she picked out a spot, punched into the floor, and widened and deepened the hole until the first basement could easily be seen. It seemed like a standard office hallway underneath. She hopped down and repeated the process with the basement floor. The hole she created there did not reveal any details about the control room, though. It was pitch black below. It took a second but Minos decided to climb back up to the kitchen. "It's a bit of a jump, and I'm gonna guess she's not alone down there 'cuz that's gotta be a power," she said. "Fantastic..." Override sighed, the suit finally able to heat up enough to defrost the left side. "Then we should get down there and see what we got." Once he was fully defrosted, he immediately followed after Minos.
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  6. Fish, Fen, and Fun If Fen had any idea what an aquarium was perhaps she would be surprised by how the building looked as they approached it. As it stood she had no reason to think it looked any different than any other aquarium however it still was a striking design. The building itself looked to be a giant penguin statue. It was two floors high though evidentially by the digital map they could download inside many of the tanks and exhibits were actually underground. In fact the upper floors seemed to be mostly gift shops, employee areas, spots for food, and other such places. After Kelsey paid, insisting on it without letting Fen get a word in otherwise, for their passes they were directed into a tunnel that gently sloped downwards and curved continuously like a huge spiral staircase without steps. This tunnel itself was part of the exhibit. As the walls looked to be made of some sort of glass and they could see a wide variety of colorful fish on their way to the main portion of the aquarium. At the bottom of the tunnel they found themselves in a massive underground room. Separated not by walls but by various rectangular and cube shaped sections of the same type of glass with different sea-life inside. "So, Fen." Kelsey said, slipping closer to stand next to her. "I don't actually know what fish are like where you're from, but I bet there's plenty here you've never seen before. I remember last time I saw this shark that zipped around leaving a rainbow behind it. Think they called it a Neon Shark or somethin'."
  7. Sabrina started up the steps but a nagging thought gave her pause. Should she wait for the others? What if they had gone the other way should she return back and find them? Sabrina had gone off on instinct without giving it much thought but as she took a few steps up she started to question herself. However just the idea of going back sheepishly after having run off like that was embarrassing enough. She would have to explain why she had just left and, worse, explain that she had gotten nervous and turned back around. That was NOT something a true chosen one would do. And so she continued up the stairs. After some time she noticed a door on the side leading off to the next floor but, shaking her head, she continued past it. "There is still more up to go and so up it is." she muttered to herself. Once she reached the top and found another door she decided to open it up and step inside. It looked like she was at the top of some sort of tower, perhaps of the watching variety. It was somewhat disappointing to the girl as she had expected some sort of treasure or throne room or perhaps she would find the room of a kidnapped princess, ignoring what she had been told of the lack of such things, but instead it was a fairly small tower that didn't have much in it. Well, besides the hog-like Drengr that was standing in the middle of it and looking at her. The beast-man was holding a halberd and appeared to have been alerted by her having opened the door. For a brief moment she considered just backing away and closing the door but then she realized that this creature might alert the rest. Which could cause problems for the others still inside the castle. "Hear me, foul creature! You have the misfortune of running afoul of the legendary Draconis! Face my vast power and tremble!" Channeling her magic before her Sabrina dramatically thrust her hand forward and let loose a stream of fire at the beast. The boar, having expected her to approach it, was caught by surprise as the fire engulfed it. It snorted angrily at her as it flailed about and dropped its weapon. The creature looked enraged, much like a feral hog, as it charged right for her with its tusks lowered. Sabrina took a few steps inside as it approached and summoned her scythe. She held it low and met the boar partway, slashing upwards and to the right. Unfortunately the attack did not work as it did in the games as the scythe couldn't get past its metallic armor so easily. Thankfully she avoided being gored but the boar did push her into the wall. Close enough that she could feel the heat from the beast's metal armor. Struggling, Sabrina managed to raise up a leg and place a foot on the Drengr. With a grunt and a "Get....off!" she used her wind magic. Instead of 'jumping' she pushed herself into the wall, which hurt but nothing debilitating, and she blasted the Drengr backwards where it fell, unmoving, to the ground.
  8. Carmen was still flailing around. She stammered a few times through a couple different beginnings of sentences before she finally managed, “B-b-but it’s still only ‘yet!’ Who knows what could happen? Maybe you stick a broken one on me and it catches fire or something!” Brian took another step forward. “Well, if it catches fire, there's a water cooler over there,” he said. “I’ll even say a prayer so it’s holy water or whatever. Put the seal on, Carmen.” Her eyes were still as big as dinner plates, but Carmen relented. “Well, okay…” she said. “But let me put one on myself. You’re looking sorta…” She seemed to realize she was about to say something impolite and wisely decided not to say anything. It was something Brian could ignore. He relaxed a bit -- though only a bit -- went back to the box of seals, lifted the whole thing up, and carried it back to Carmen. “Take your pick,” he said. Carmen hesitated again. She reached into the box, then took her hand back out as though she was somehow choosing for her life instead of picking one out of identical pieces of paper. She went back and forth a few times like this, eyes darting back and forth before she finally snatched up a seal and stuck it to her arm, bracing with her eyes closed like either she or the seal was going to explode. No explosions came. Not in the physical sense, anyway. But Brian had had enough of this. He grabbed a seal himself. “Grow up, Carmen,” he said. “God, you were fine handling these things yesterday. I even felt okay letting you take care of yourself for half the night. It’s the same fucking box. They didn’t suddenly become a different sort of magic bullshit.” But before Brian could slap the seal on Carmen’s forehead, her eyes snapped back open. “Ahh!” she screamed. “Assault! Assault!” She ran through one of the doors and came back in through the other one again, still running. Brian walked after her, but Carmen grabbed the garbage can and started throwing garbage at him. When she ran out of garbage, she threw the whole can at him too, though it was a weak throw that barely even reached him. “Hey, Carmen,” Brian said, “did you ever see the movie They Live? John Carpenter? Nineteen Eighty-Eight? It’s known for two things. Thing the first: the phrase ‘I’m here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of bubble gum.’ Rowdy Roddy Piper came up with that line. Absolute legend. Thing the second: In the middle of the movie, Roddy and Keith David get into a ten-minute fight over whether or not Keith is going to put on some magic sunglasses. It’s stupid, both people know it’s stupid, but they fight on anyway. I’m going to stick this seal on your forehead, Carmen, and so help me Christ, I don’t think you're going to be able to stop me.” Carmen waffled, looking like she was going to say something, but Brian stayed firm, and when it looked like she realized that, her face went entirely expressionless, and she lunged at him. “Fucking knew it,” Brian said even though he didn’t. He dug in his heels, grabbed Carmen’s wrists, and pushed back.
  9. Well, I have been a fan of their stuff even before they un-italicized their logo. I'm an extremely heavy Cinderella Girls kinda guy in all the aspects though. If it's CG I wanna eat it. U149's my favourite anime of the franchise thus far. How 'bout you? Would you like to share you thoughts on what has passed and what is to come?
  10. Winter is the prese- holy smokes is it already March? I'll save the latter for the inevitable new thread, let's see the former.
  11. Winter isn't the future anymore, but seeing as the goal is to give a waifu from an anime I haven't seen, I can do one of two things (or both, just let me know): Something from this season I didn't start Something from what would now be the future (Spring 2024 anime)
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  13. I never watch things as they air so I won't be watching this season stuff for a while Dungeon Meshi is the big one though. And the Oomuro-ke and Haikyuu movies. There's some others might be interested in both those are the "I will absolutely watch"
  14. There's a lot to discuss and no one to discuss it with. I originally wanted to make an individual thread for Sasaki & Peeps but eh, nevermind. What are YOU watching this fine season and what are you fancying?
  15. Back on the old Card Maker, in the early 2010s (or was it slightly before? Whatever.), I started doing these all-all crossovers which eventually lead to me making X-Over Academy, which was about characters from all over the multiverse being in school. There was also a reworked version where the Academy was a type of magic school and the characters from all over the cosmos were their familiars. Others too have done their wee takes after this. But now, I want to bring X-Over Academy back in its purest form - as a school where characters from all different kinds of series get together. Original characters are permitted - but only if you can prove that they are from a roleplay or even Fanfiction that has graced either this site or the old one. If you're going to ask if characters like MMO avatars or the like are permitted since they might fall into the 'originales des character' territory - yes, yes they are. Instead of a vaguely defined centre of the Multiverse like prior, I'm thinking the roleplay's setting will be a bit of a set world - specifically a section of Kivotos from Blue Archive. Kivotos is a big Academy City, and a lot of stuff happens. The Academy is meant to skirt the line of being a secret and being known - so what better way than to hide a tree in a forest, especially if a lot of things happen in said forest that are more interesting than the tree you're hiding? Plus there's lots of good places around. What do you think? Do you have other places in mind? In prior versions of the RP, there were 'normal' subjects in addition to combat classes, and by extension teachers. How about this one? Should I have many classes (obviously excluding combat-based classes if need be) be replaced by online learning - seeing how in school RPs, characters don't really roleplay them out? Or should I just have teachers as per normal? If so, playable or NPC? This RP will have the occasional incident in school to make things interesting, festival for celebration or field trip if you feel that your current location is a bit boring.
  16. Anyone remember X-Over Academy on the old forum? I had a sudden urge of rebooting it in this one in addition to my existing RP.

  17. Jacklyn, pouting as she had attempted to reverse the conversation with a childish "no you" style of question, found herself more interested as the professor had explained just what her profession had actually entailed. The girl cleared her throat as she bashfully said, "well, I guess a professor is pretty cool then." As Jacklyn was about to ask something, curiosity coming over her, she had stopped as Anneliese's comment had caused a similar dumbfounded expression to cross her face as she let out a, "huh?" Staring at Anneliese, getting ready to say something, the girl looked back over to Anima as she kept conversing with the professor. Composing herself once their conversation had ended, and her curiosity now in focus the girl asked, "does a professor go out and explore to find out about stuff about pokemon?" The woman's gaze flicked downward for a moment. Then she responded. "Suppose some do." "And you raise pokemon too, so...does that mean professors are also trainers?" She groaned. "I guess someone could say that..." "So...does that mean..." Jacklyn trailed off, pondering what she had heard until she realized the evidence could only point towards one conclusion. Stepping closer, she looked up directly into the professor's face with starry eyes and an incredibly joyous expression. "A professor is like a professional adventurer!?" A look of horror crossed her face as she took a step back. "How did you come to that conclusion?" she asked. Jacklyn, seemingly ignoring the ladies horror, said, "oh man, that sounds so awesome. Rus, why didn't you tell me you had such a cool mom!" The Lepash let out an embarrassed sigh as the girl went off. Then, realizing what the woman had said though still ignoring her expression about it, Jacklyn said, "well, you go explore places. You train and battle with pokemon. You get to see all sorts of cool stuff and pokemon too. So that's basically an adventurer!" "I..." she looked over towards Anneliese as if asking for help. Only to find the girl looking wide-eyed and nodding along with Jacklyn. She sighed. "Are all kids so...imaginative these days? It's too early for this sort of thing..." "Hm, I thought we were already well into the morning." Jacklyn looked up to the sky before saying, "oh, we should probably get to exploring more though." Smiling she said, "thanks for teaching me about a cool job that's out there Professor, oh and thanks a lot for raising Rus too! I still don't really know what you meant by "what's being his trainer" or something, but I'll do my best to figure it out!" "Yeah...you do that..." at first she seemed she was just going to close the door then she paused. "Oh what the heck, here." She then handed Jacklyn what looked like a bell. The girl looked curiously at the bell, moving it around a bit in her hand. "Oooh, thanks...what is it?" As she asked, the professor then instructed her to look at the "item dex" portion of her pokedex. Bringing it out the girl used it on the bell to find that it was something called a "Soothe Bell" that supposedly amplified feelings of friendship and fostered bonds between trainers and their pokemon. "Whoa, so something like this exists huh?" The girl put it in her pocket before saying, "thanks a lot professor! I'll be sure to put it on Rus next time we rest...or maybe Cherry would like it? Hmmm...well, I'm sure it'll look cute on either of them, so thanks again! See you again sometime!" Though she had no idea when that would be. As she began to walk off to meet back up with Anima, Jacklyn said, "man, she was really cool...oh! Right, Anneliese. About what you said," remembering the thing that had halted her train of thought not minutes ago. "Outcasts don't have to be just witches or lumberjacks, anyone could be an outcast no matter what they do or look like." The girl frowned for a moment as she looked off back to the house and muttered, "like even a professional adventurer..." Clearing her throat she said, "so there's nothing wrong or weird about a person being an outcast. Got it?"
  18. With this weeks Arena tickets I've finished another nearly completely off-focus/4* Special +10, being Say'ri. Now to wait for Amatsu to be refined 'cause HP based Distant Counter kinda sucks.
  19. "Uh, right, sir." The girl nodded to the priest as he made his exiting remark, only to let out a large sigh of relief once he had actually left. The girl was glad that she managed to keep the whole, "friends with a ghost" thing under wraps as well as the fact that she didn't have to pay for any damages caused in here. The girl looked over to Anna, who herself seemed to have been staring off into space the whole time her conversation with the priest was going on. Following her gaze more she found that she was staring in the direction of the cemetery. With her new found ghostly acquaintance being missing the girl couldn't help but wonder aloud, "so uh, did she go back there?" "Probably. She doesn't like being around when father is here." "Makes sense," the girl flatly agreed. She wouldn't want to be around someone she thought was going to kill her too. Lana didn't have anything more to say about that, though, so silence fell. And still looking to her recent friend she couldn't help but ask about the priest's closing note. "So like, does your dad not want you being an adventurer or something?" She looked at Lana for a while. "Maybe?" came her reply. "I never asked." "That so?" She expected as much, or at the very least she should have and wasn't the least bit surprised by the response. Not wanting to upset the person who was putting a roof over her head, though, Lana further asked, "do you think what I told you about the dungeon was dangerous?" "How could they be?" Anna said. "Words do not hurt." Lana stood silent for a moment unsure how to respond to the girl before shrugging. "That's true." She went silent again, unsure what else to say. She didn't really know what to talk about with the girl, in fact she didn't really know what to talk to people about in general that wasn't work or dungeoning. There was always complaining, which her friends back in her home village had done a plenty, but she didn't really think Anna was the type of person to really get complaints. Nor did she think that's what Anna's father was talking about in the first place. She was also getting very tired and having Farrah around was the only thing that caused her to forget it in the first place. "Well, I guess if there's anything you want to talk about, dungeon or not, we can chat about it. But, I think I'm gonna go to bed. I've had a long day and...ugh, I need to go buy some stuff tomorrow too. So, night Anna...and Farrah too, if you're like here and I can't see you or something." And with that, Lana made her way off to bed.
  20. Well, there's no two ways about it. I made this post to inform anyone interested that I will be retreating. So that I can make a proper opening post. And plan a proper plot.
  21. In any other situation, Anima might have felt bad… No, that wasn’t correct. In any other situation, Anima would have felt bad; she would have felt like Jacklyn had overstepped her boundaries, or that Anneliese had gone a bit too far, even if it was only driven by ignorance. Yes, in any other situation, on any other day, Anima would have liked to think that she would have scolded Anneliese, or tried to apologize for her; but perhaps today, and the day before it, had simply just been so weird that her morals were slipping. She didn’t go so far as to chide, harass, or continue the bullying, of course. It wasn’t as if she desperately wanted to point out that the old woman in front of them could certainly have filled the outcast role on her own, and that she didn’t need to stick to any labels; or that she very well could have been some sort of wicked witch, given her personality. She certainly hadn’t already thought of several other insults hidden behind flattery as well, given how wise the professor must have been in her myriad fields, given that wisdom does come with age. No, no, instead, she simply sighed, rubbed awkwardly at her neck, and… Spoke up, suddenly feeling somewhat bad for letting the girls loose so easily. “Er… Well, regardless,” Anima tried to push past the naive-insult that Anneliese had accidentally stumbled into, as she spoke; neither apologizing for it either. “If you put together the PokeDex information for this region, um…” she trailed off, closing her eyes. She needed to move the conversation along before they got bogged down-- And so, she made for the first question which came to mind. “...I have an interest in ghost-type Pokémon,” she explained, squeezing Confi tightly, as if to punctuate the comment with one of Confi’s disgruntled chirrups. “Do you… know of any that may be able to be found, or seen nearby?” she’d ask, tilting her head idly to the side as she spoke. "Hm?" The professor looked over to Anima, then down at Confi. "Ahh..." Suddenly she walked away from the door. There's noises inside of ruffling paper and things being knocked over. Then she walked out, winced at the sun again, and pushed a stack of papers at Anima. "There's some notes there." "Thank you," Anima smiled; as happy to have gotten answers, as she was to have, hopefully, defused the situation. "I'll... Er..." she trailed off, glancing blankly at the other two for a moment. "I can't speak for the others, but, I'll get out of your hair now-- Thank you again," she gave a slight bow as she took the papers, and began to back away from the house. She only paused to look back up, as she heard a slight rustling. “Here,” the professor called out, before nonchalantly tossing a Dusk-Ball her way; which Anima lost no time in catching in the same mess of jumbled items she held both Confi and the papers in. “Thank you…!” she gave another, more sincere bow this time, before briefly wondering if the others would follow... And resolving that, ultimately, they surely would eventually as she retreated towards the center of the town. It was only once she found a suitable spot, that she plopped Confi down onto the ground, and put the Dusk-Ball with the rest of her trainer-stuffs in her backpack, before finally rifling through the papers with… More interest than she would have liked to admit; though, she had to be careful given the fact that many of these papers felt… Old, as if they had been printed out, or written on ages ago. Still, for the most part, they were… Actually what she expected from the professor, in contrast to the rest of the woman. “...I see…” she trailed off, reading them very closely as she began to wiggle slightly from side to side. “...It’s theorized that their knack for scaring people comes mostly as a defense mechanism,” she read the words with a slight nod. “Though others instead have seemed to come to enjoy it, it is rarely ever done out of malice, but rather as a way to cement themselves as being,” she continued. “Ooh, now this is interesting…” she cocked her head to the side, trailing under the words as she spoke. “For further research, I’ve listed some locations that may be of interest due to ghost-sightings…” she trailed off, taking note of the locations… And then continuing to read on to the next page. “Are Ghost Types truly the Dead Returning to Us, or are they Species of Ethereal Beings That Simply Resemble What We Imagine the Dead to Be? Or, How I Stopped Worrying, and Learned to Love the Ghost Type…” she trailed off. “...What a terrible essay name. I have to read this now…” she trailed off; deciding it was interesting enough that she wouldn’t even question why, along with a flurry of actual research notes, answers, and information, she had been handed several printed-scientific papers on the matter of ghost-types as well.
  22. Sabrina had entered first and far before any of the others. From there came Abby, and afterwards Marshall and Gene had soon followed. With Sabrina no where to be found and Marshall having gone off the opposite way as her, it was up to Gene and Abby's own good sense if they wanted to split their already divided party further in an attempt to both scout out the area and find Sabrina, or simply follow Marshall along. With no true king to this land it was, once again, a free country with which they could decide however they pleased. As Sabrina made her way up the stairs she would notice that not too long after walking she would find a doorway, presumably to somewhere that was not where she had entered from. The girl could leave through this door or she could continue her quest of higher means better, as the winding spiral staircase continued upward past this door. And were she to go all the way up to the very end she would find...yet another door. Marshall would eventually be able to scale the pile of rubble finding that there was in fact another poorly lit hallway. It stretched in both ways as the previous floors had, though she would be hard pressed to go the direction opposite that she climbed as there was a clear lack of floor. However, she could press forward easily enough in the winding castle wall. Eventually though she would hear armored footsteps from further down the hall, though it was difficult to make out how many there actually were. But at least they seemed to be moving the direction opposite of her.
  23. Damien was looking quite beaten up. He had taken several heavy blows in his reckless barrage of attacks. And yet he didn't have much to show for it. Lucas had a few injuries but none that seemed to be slowing him down much. Still the swordsman continued to press the attack without concern for how well it was working. Though he was surprised when Lucas managed to knock aside his blade instead of having to dodge it. He was seconds away from being grabbed by the head and had to roll and tumble away to avoid it. "Don't think I don't see what you're doing. All I need is a moment opening and this will be finished, boy, and then I can tear apart your new pack with ease." Damien knew he couldn't waste time replying and simply went in again. Pan was breathing heavily. His interference had just barely made it in time to help Ryia but he was certainly overdoing it. Having cast so many spells in such quick succession it was almost as though he was running out of air to breath. His vision went black for a moment and when everything came back into view he saw that Cym had been pinned down. The lycan was battered. More so from the rocks out of nowhere that had struck him every time he nearly struck the girl but there were several scorched patches on his body where the girl had landed hits. Still he had kept the offense on enough that they hadn't been able to land a decisive killing blow and, despite being pelted by rocks, he now had the girl's throat in hand and was prepared to dig his claws into her soft flesh. Suddenly something flew in towards him and he caught a gout of fire into his face. Snarling he blindly swung one arm and struck whatever it was, sending it flipping off to the side and saved from landing hard on the ground by a gust of wind from Pan. The instinctive spell taking the mage's attention off the lycan and Cym for a moment. Madelyn and Keres had managed to slow the lycan down enough to stop his attack. However as it was only delayed it still pressed on. And this time the other lycan that had been approaching had caught up. Now Lindow was faced with a lycan coming from the front and back at the exact same time without any time to react. They would have been upon him in moments, and even he wouldn't have been able to dodge all of their attacks unscathed. However before they reached him Lindow saw himself covered in a dome of light which the lycans crashed into. The beasts howled in pain as they hit the solid light but it seemed to only enrage them as they brought their claws down against the barrier. It shattered soon after and the shock of having her spell, which had been hastily constructed and forcibly created, destroyed in such a manner seemed to cause the girl to pass out. Keres reacted immediately, sending a small wave of water to knock the lycan behind Lindow off its feet. However she wouldn't be fast enough to stop the wounded lycan from attacking again with claw and fang.
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