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  2. Had an urge to do a Fate Servant Poll Tournament but idk how many of y'all actually care about Fate at all so unsure if it'd be worth the hassle

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  4. yeah this is what i was given and unlike with build divide -#000000 (code black)- i couldn't find a replacement easily so unless one is found there it is
  5. Iris mulled over the choices as she was presented with them from Yuliya. She shook her head at the idea having a brunch at present, there being no such mystique in that specific combination meal time, before ruminating on the other options. The girl was always curious about different shirts and knickknacks that she could get from all the various cities that she visited, though there was definitely more time across her stay at Camellia to do that. And so going to the next on the list, the girl perked up. "An Arcade, you say?" Iris had certainly heard the term before but never once had she actually visited such a marvelous establishment. She had an idea as to what happened at those dens of debauchery and had always been wary of them. "Well, the beach is going nowhere and though I do enjoy a good stroll across one every now and then..." With a nervous yet excited smile crossing her face, the girl looked to Yuliya saying, "let us go to the Arcade!" The duo stopped at the Overture Arcade, an old place that had seemed to weather the test of time. For as long as Yuliya could remember the inside of the place had remained virtually unchanged for her entire life, finding the tacky carpeting, dim lighting and blaring sounds of game machines all too familiar. There was the standard affair of video games - fighters, shooters, beat 'em-ups, racing games to name a few - though none of them seemed like they had been made within the past decade if that. There were still more classic machines, such as whack-a-mole, ski ball, air hockey and more. Though the place was not quite bustling, especially with the Blue Rose tournament going on, there was still a sizeable enough crowd of people inside. Iris seemed antsy at the sight of it all. Both having the sense of someone who had done something behind their parents back, while also seeming to be incredibly curious and in a marvel at all the different machines in the building. "This place is far more vibrant yet darker then I ever could have imagined," the girl said to her friend. Looking to her, she then asked, "so what manner of, erm, games do you usually play here?" Leila stared at Heather blankly - though not any less so than she usually did - as the girl started to rapid fire off her questions towards Leila. After they finished and Heather took her breath, Leila continued to stare, before looking upward and tapping her chin a few times. "Hmmmmm....I think....I've been a pro since high school? Hmm..hmmmm..." The girl thought about it more before nodding to herself. "I never played it before then, but I had a friend who was suuuper into it. I thought it would be fun to play with her so she helped me pick a deck." The girl fanned out the cards from her deck showing Heather. "They were the cutest so I picked them...hmmm...but I don't think the game was really that fun at first, but now it's been a lot more fun." Leila nodded as if she had sufficiently answered the question. The girl then started to think more about what the girl asked, before having a realization of a question she skipped. "Oooooh, right. Cid." The girl's expression turned more serious as she told Heather the next part, "he saved my life."
  6. The game ad, lol. There are some differences, but most of that literally is the OP, minus the ad. So if it can't actually be found (and that looks to be the case), that is entirely reasonable.
  7. Mononoke - Kagen no Tsuki by Komatsu Ryouta and Charlie Kousei or Powerpuff Girls Z - Kibō no Kakera by Nana Kitade poll ends when tuesday (december 7) does
  8. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Period by Chemistry or Shadowverse - Kirifuda by Penguin Research poll ends when tuesday (december 7) does
  9. Toradora! - Pure Pare-Do by Rie Kugimiya, Yui Horie, and Eri Kitamura or PriPara - Bright Fantasy by i☆Ris poll ends when tuesday (december 7) does
  10. Dai-Guard - Roji-Ura No Uchuu Shounen by The Cobratwisters or Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Gurenge by LiSA poll ends when tuesday (december 7) does
  11. Hellsing - A World Without Logos by Yasushi Ishii or Carnival Phantasm - Super Affection by Minami Kuribayashi, Miyuki Hashimoto, Faylan, Aki Misato, Yozuca* and Rino poll ends when tuesday (december 7) does
  12. Gosick - Destin Historie by Risa Yoshiki or Soul Eater - Resonance by T.M. Revolution poll ends when tuesday (december 7) does
  13. Planetes - Dive in the Sky by Mikio Sakai or BanG Dream! - Kizuna Music by Poppin'Party poll ends when tuesday (december 7) does
  14. BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense - Kyuukoku Unbalance by Afilia Saga or Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku - Fiction by Sumika poll ends when tuesday (december 7) does
  15. I put mac and cheese in the microwave without putting water in it. And that is you you fill your room with smoke.

  16. It's a bit jarring, sometimes almost painful, but I like the fun beat, 7/10
  17. Just pumpkin I'll go to down on coconut cream 115
  18. usually I do one weeby song ever few but this felt relevant so
  19. this is, like, just a touch of brass away from being a eurobeat song and now i can't help but think of robots drifting around corners oh no help 7.5/10OP Suggestion: damon albarn has a new album out and it's pretty good i guess 7/10
  20. Is it all custard pies that you don't like or just pumpkin?
  21. 7.5/10, not a ton to say bout it tho, enjoyed it
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  23. Personally, I think this could be his biggest hit he's had. But this isn't my song rating thread
  24. god his goofy face makes me laugh so much ngl while I do enjoy some dumb edgy stuff this one just was...too much, I kept thinking "this is an actual adult" but I suppose it was fine, 6/10
  25. I don't always bump but when i do it's often followed by several other bumps quick post before i get buried oh no help
  26. I enjoyed that a lot, was fun but gotta give 5.5/10 cause it was not good as a song really and i kept thinking about bo burnham cause of the background music
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