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  2. It was a delightful April day. The sun was shining and everyone was out on their daily commute. Usually on a day like today, Emi would have ambled a little more, taking in the morning's warmth. Instead, she was sprinting down the street. Of course. Today was such an important day, and she just had to oversleep. It could’ve been the fact that she set her alarm for a.m. instead of p.m. by accident, or that she was too nervous to sleep. This is U freaking A we’re talking about here - the best of the best. What if her Quirk wasn’t good enough? What if she didn’t train enough? She passed the exam, but still, she wasn’t really sure what everyone else was capable of. What would her parents think if she flunked out? It was thoughts like these that kept Emi up for a little longer than she wanted to. Luckily for her, the Kikuchi family didn’t live too far from the school. After a panicked yelp upon seeing the time, she threw on her uniform, not even buttoning the jacket, and grabbed her backpack. “Morning mom and dad, I’m off!” Before they could respond, Emi burst out the door. Seeing UA on the horizon, Emi stopped to catch her breath. She slumped against a nearby tree and slid to the ground breathing heavily. After about a minute or so, Emi picked herself up and continued her trek, walking this time just because the building was so close. As she approached, Emi couldn’t help but marvel at the structure. “Wow! This place is amazing...” she gawked. She barely noticed the important-looking dude standing at the entrance rifling through some papers. He was a fairly tall man in what looked to be a hero costume, and was about a foot taller than Emi. “Hi! The name’s Kikuchi. Kikuchi Emi as a matter of fact.” He thumbed through his papers. "Ah, yes, Kikuchi... It seems you performed reasonably well on the entrance exam. Have you been training your quirk?" Maybe it was Emi’s imagination, but the man’s intense golden eyes seemed to stare right through her. They intimidated her a little, but she guessed that meant this guy was no joke. She excitedly replied, “Totally! I worked pretty hard, you know, after the whole exam thingy. You know the deal, working out and exercise and all that.” "Of course. Just don't be giving it up now that you have made it in. Things won't be getting any easier." "Oh don't you worry about that. Trust me!" "In that case, go ahead and head right in. Best of luck." “Thanks!” Emi turned away from Glory and walked into the building toward the classroom. Everyone’s probably there already. Hopefully I can meet someone before classes start. She didn’t want to be left as the odd one out in the class without anyone to talk to at the end of the day. She picked up her pace and entered the classroom. Most of the seats were already taken, so Emi settled for the only open one closest to the door. She set her bag down and assessed her surroundings. Everything seemed relatively normal. Well, except for the one guy who was standing on all fours in front of the teacher’s desk wolfing down what looked like monaka. A little strange, but nothing too jarring. Maybe he missed breakfast too. Emi grabbed her notebook and pens from her bag and placed them on her desk. Then, she whipped around towards the young man sitting behind her. Grinning from ear to ear, she decided to introduce herself. “Hi! The name’s Kikuchi. What’s yours?”
  3. Basically anyone who can join him. Like Waddle Dee or Marx.
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  5. 5/10 not sure if the song is putting me to sleep or if I'm just tired because I didn't get enough sleep last night. 3/10, is at least three times longer than it should be. Hot take: I like the original better. 7/10.
  6. So I'm starting a yugioh RP with a custom summoning mechanic. Decided to link the discord here while I work on the ooc thread.


  7. Hana had full faith that the other two would find the way down the stairs with the cart and her trust seemed to be well placed! "You two should get a medal when we get back! Does our club do medals? Oh, I could make some! I bet I could figure out how its done!" “After that, though, I mean, just don’t make eye contact with anyone unless you’re ready to start a conversation with them, and, I dunno, get off when I say to get off.” From there Hana proceeded to look directly at every person in their near vicinity. Some of them, unlike Peter had said, seemed to grow uncomfortable by this and ignore them. But others seemed happy to speak with her! There was one who even got real close and was talking really loudly asking her what she was looking at. Who seemed to be dumbfounded as Hana took this literally and described everything she was seeing with a smile. He was much less polite, though a fair bit more energetic, than the old lady who was telling Hana how she reminded her of one of her cats, who also happened to be called Anna (Hana didn't bother to correct her) and was such an excitable thing. Hana didn't even realize they had reached their destination until the rest started to get off the train. She gave a wave to the old lady with a "Tell Anna I said hello!" Soon they were met by yet another girl. The mysterious friend of Hana's new friend in fact. Who Hana greeted with a smile and an attempt to hug her, "Hello friend of friend! Don't worry, we were happy to help out the CEO of Noodles!" “The... CE- alright.” The girl seemed confused by Hana but said, “well glad she didn’t cause you too much trouble then.” She then looked over to Leila, ruffled her hair, and said, “and looks like you got lucky meeting some nice people again.” "It's not luck; it's destiny! What're the odds we both would be shopping in the same place at the same time!" Hana's smiling face grew thoughtful for a moment as what the girl had said before just sank in. "Oh! The bags are for our club! Very important supplies. Don't have to worry about that." She gave a firm nod. The girl chuckled a bit and said, “I suppose so. But hm, that’s a lot of food for a club. Must be a lot of people there.” The girl shrugged with her free arm and said, “well I hope you didn’t miss too much of whatever your club was helping a certain club skipping girl out.” Her hand visibly tightened on Leilas head and the girl let out a small yelp as it did. "Hehehe." Hana giggled as she moved over to try and grab both Makoto and Peter. "Yup, we're only half of the club!" She declared proudly. "Hopefully this is enough..." She looked back at the cart and frowned.
  8. Yesterday
  9. "What's wrong? You sea monkeys can't fly?" Alexis taunted from her position above the water. She was hoping to keep these three away from the duel of the captains. Though she also knew if she stayed here too long then they'd give up on her and go to attack him instead. It surprised her as much as the others when one of them was struck down by an arrow. Alexis looked up and smirked as she saw Yue there. What a brave girl. How that Rona couldn't fall for the talented sweetheart was beyond her. The smirk slipped away as the bandits turned away from her to go after the archer. "Alright Tana double time. Let's go!" She was impressed at how Yue handled herself despite the two axe users bearing down on her. But she probably wouldn't last long once the other one got up. Alexis made a beeline for the one still standing. He must have heard the flapping of Tana's wings because he turned in her direction and swung his axe. Though in his haste he swung much too early and just ended up slicing through the air. So Alexis finished off what Yue had started and drove her lance through the man's chest. "Fancy meeting you here, partner." Alexis grinned at Yue. "Make sure to get that wound checked out." She said, ignoring the arrow in her side. Out of the corner of her eye she caught some motion and noticed the other axeman had shakily gotten to his feet. He let out a shout and went to bring his axe down towards Tana and Alexis instinctively intercepted with her lance. For most Pegasus Knights this would be a mistake but Alexis's natural strength made it possible for her to deflect the heavy weapon, albeit with shooting pain up her arm, and she made sure Tana turned so she could face the man more easily. "Excuse you I was talking to the lady." Rona was starting to grow nervous. There were so many of them. How could she hope to hold them all off when there were just so many? As much as she wanted to she couldn't be everywhere at once. Just keeping these three held down would be difficult. She felt both relieved and ashamed when Edda came in to help. Not only did she get injured but she was now fighting on the front lines. Which Rona was supposed to be dealing with herself. She wanted to tell her to go away but it wasn't as though she had any right to give the girl any sort of command. So she would just have to work harder to take care of them here and convince her to move back that way. A thought came to mind as she blocked the jumping axe wielder's attack and shoved him back towards the ground. She patted Cormag's neck and told him what to do. The wyvern let out a roar and ran forward, wings splayed and crouched low, and bowled over the two attackers before taking into the air. While there the two of them turned and dove down towards the lancer who was trying to stab through Edda's iron-skin. "You might want to step back, it's going to get messy!" Rona told her. She then brought the axe down and removed the lancer's head from his shoulders in a heavy, momentum assisted, swing.
  10. Hey everyone, So, I really don’t think I am exaggerating much when I say that the “Charmers” and “Familiar-Possessed” are almost universally loved by the entire Yu-Gi-Oh community. Some of us who have been here for a while remember when they first came out in the GX era and have been watching their painfully slow evolution over the years; patiently waiting for the time we would be able to use them in a real duel. Needless to say that, when Konami FINALLY decided to give us what we all wanted, an entire Structure Deck complimenting the “Charmers”, I was ecstatic to say the least. Now that I have seen the entire list, I regret ever getting exited for this. I mean, only 5 new card to compliment this old and very slow archetype? With only a handful of them being actually useful in a modern duel? Really Konami ? The Sacred Beast Deck got 8 new cards, all of them excellent. Sure, they may have made new artworks for the “Familiar-Possessed” and a few exquisitely designed Tokens, but those things don’t make the deck playable against newer archetypes do they? So I began to work on ideas on what this deck needs to work somewhat against things like “Shaddolls”, “Salamangreat” and the like. This is what I came up with for now. I tried to keep a little of the Toolbox-ish / klunky aspect of the original “Charmers” while providing more field control for an archetype that relies so heavily on Normal Summoning. So that the end of my rant. Have a look and tell me what you guys think. Monsters Cards: Spells Cards: Trap Cards: Extra Deck:
  11. Anyone else find anything they liked on sale on Steam?

    1. LordCowCow


      Avoiding checking tbh cause I already got too much stuff

    2. Nyx


      Understandable. I don't play the stuff I bought from there often enough.

  12. It had seemed that the group was in agreement of at least taking Madelyn back to her hotel. However Reinaan had brought up the idea that perhaps one of them should stay with her for the night, just to make sure nothing funny happened in the middle of the night. Ryia figured that there was at least a non-zero chance that the Minotaurs would try to take her back, both because she was necessary to finding the demon gate and they probably felt slighted by her. It also probably helped to both keep an eye on the girl as well as meet back up with the others more easily. Looking towards the others, she briefly thought about the options that were here. To start with, it was likely that it was going to have to be another girl staying with her for obvious reasons. But even beyond that, it didn't seem like Madelyn liked Reinaan very much - and perhaps the other way around was true as well - and she didn't think Damien and her would get along over extended periods of time either. Then there was Lindow who had met her under less than ideal circumstances and Ryia wasn't exactly sure about leaving the man with her for other reasons. Which left her and Keres, for more reason than one. Normally she didn't think it would matter one way or another, but ever since meeting Madelyn Ryia couldn't help but feel a bit concerned for the Water Chosen. She didn't why, but it felt like the girl was just generally uncomfortable around her. And while Ryia found her bluntness slightly off-putting, it wasn't if Ryia had any real problems with the Light Mage herself. So, stepping up the girl said, "uh...well, I guess if we need someone to stay over with her then, uh...Well, I'm fine with it." She couldn't help but feel embarrassed as she said this, though, being the one to deny the offer in the first place.
  13. Fuck you, in like a platonic, loving way.
  14. It's a long story involving dancing hippos
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