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    Utopia [Travis Scott]

    Something that i know about Travis is "Sicko Mode" enough. Hahaha Still with old hip hop.
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  4. Team JAA/AJA/AAJ Anneliese, a bit late, pumped her fist into the air. Mimicking Jacklyn's motion without really knowing why. "Um, yes, quite!" She called out in agreement. "Perhaps we can all train toge-oh." Before Anneliese could complete her sentence Anima went off on her own. "Oh, well, maybe she has something else in mind." Hands now clasped behind her back Anneliese turned towards Jacklyn. She gave her a soft but bright smile and said, "I suppose we will have to catch up. You will have to escort me on this part of the journey yourself it seems." With that the girl set out. While Anima wasn't going all that fast Anneliese kept pausing every little bit to comment on something she saw. "My, the grass really is tall, do they not have a caretaker here?" "Oh goodness that man is wearing such dark clothes, and a mask at that, does he not get warm running in the sun so much?" "I cannot say I expected that Starly to attack me when I offered to pet it, thank you Leopold that was very kind of you." She also tended to stop to talk to each trainer that she saw. Some of whom would insist on a battle beforehand. "Tackle, Patrat!" "Tackle, Leopold!" "Tackle!" "Tackle!" "Tackle!" "Ta...wait, Thunder Shock!" "W-whaaaa?" Eventually however Anneliese spotted Anima running after her Pokemon. "Why hello there Anim-oh she probably cannot hear me." She gave a small smile to Jacklyn. "I seem to be too quiet, do you have any pointers how to speak as loudly as you do?"
  5. oh you don't know how bus stops work? they're a lot like the framerule system in super mario bros.

  6. 8/10 fun stuff, liked some parts a lot more than others but still
  7. I would post the lyric video so you could follow along, but it contains spoilers in the story mode so I decided against it. This plays after you complete the story mode.
  8. Good start, the voices by themselves are decent together it makes it a lil better, 7.5/10
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  10. Yeah - there's no risk of anything here frankly - if the Tories want to come after my little niche roleplaying forum with some side bits that's cool. There's nothing on here that strictly violates anything legislated and things are so small comparatively that I think we are fine. The site is also hosted by an American organization anyway so, we're good.
  11. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.” -Philippians 2:3-4 (NIV) Melissa wasn’t entirely sure what Fiona meant by there being more Fiona could teach her, but the game was quickly underway, so she was able to distract herself from overthinking that particular problem. “Uh, draw for turn,” she said. Of course, she was still trying to figure out the rules for this version of dueling, but she was getting there. “Well, first I’ll play this spell Terrors in the Hidden City, which is a Continuous Spell with three different effects -- one for my face-down monsters, one for monsters that are flipped up, and one when it's sent to the Graveyard. I can't attack this turn so I'll set a Monster, which, um, because of the first effect Hidden City, can't be targeted by any of your effects, and then I’ll set one more card face-down too.” Fiona eyed Melissa’s board. “Oh, what a scary card, I wonder how I'll get over that…” She drew her card and smiled. “Well, I guess first thing’s first. I flip this Monster into Attack mode.” The monster took the form of an ant but with a cartoon bomb instead of an abdomen. Melissa had to read the card to actually remember its name: Self-Destruct Ant. She managed just in time before the bomb exploded in her face. “When it comes out, we each take one thousand damage. Sure I get a bit hurt but that's the price you pay I suppose.” The exploding ant had reformed itself already and was now looking menacingly between Melissa’s face-down monster and Fen’s Inmato. But Fiona wasn’t finished. “I’ll also play this nice bunch: Goblin Attack Force!” Melissa knew that one. Even when starting at eight thousand Life Points, she remembered it being a menace of the schoolyard before archetypes became too synergistic for it to keep up. With only four thousand, well, that just meant it was twice as bad, didn’t it? “First I will have my Ant destroy that, uh, tomato!” Fiona said. The ant surged forward, though notably it didn't go into Fen’s field like their duel in the park, and chomped the air. Fen looked at her face-down card, then back at her hand, then at her face-down again. “I, uh, I activate Reinforcements, to, well, reinforce my Inmato’s attack by five hundred.” Fiona’s smile didn’t even waver, even as the image of the and shattered and she placed it in her Graveyard. “Ah well, my Ant is destroyed, but you still take a thousand damage for it thanks to its effect,” she said. “Your tomato’s not strong enough for my Goblins, though, so why don’t you take this one?” That was where Melissa stepped in. “That’s a bit too much. I can respond here,” she said. “My face-down is Sol and Luna, which means my monster and your goblin are going to swap positions, basically. So yours goes to face-down Defense position and mine gets flipped face-up. My monster is Magician of Faith, which will allow me to get the Sol and Luna I just spent back to my hand. Also, uh, this is the second effect of my Hidden City card. Because Magician of Faith was flipped face-up, it gets an extra fifteen hundred Attack and Defense. I guess you could target it now, though, if you wanted.” For a split second, Melissa felt Fiona glaring at her, though Melissa didn’t dare look up to see what her face was actually like. “Oh, what scary cards,” Fiona said again, as if a Magician of Faith could ever be scary. “I suppose set this card then and end my turn.” Melissa looked over to her group leader and current duel partner, “Alright, then it’s your turn, Fen,” she said. “Remember, we know what that face-down is, but I can only try to guess at the other ones.” OOC
  12. Anima had waited for the others as a courtesy, at the start of the route; but she couldn’t help but feel like Jacklyn’s comment about needing training was a bit of an unintended jab, forming a pit in her stomach as she slumped slightly in response to the comment. “Y-Yeah,” she laughed a bit awkwardly, taking one of the hands which had been holding the Corsola in her arms to rub at the side of her neck. “Guess it’s time for a… Er… Bit of a training montage then, huh?” she did her best to laugh, kneeling down to release Confi; who plodded out in front of her, letting out an almost silent cry of agreeance, as she began scanning the route. “...Catch you guys on the flipside,” Anima gave a slight wave as she rose back to her full height; keeping close behind Confi, as the ghost-type Pokémon began to ‘gallop’ forwards with heavy steps. At first, the Pokémon simply led her forwards, further onto the flat route; before turning mid-galop until plodding off into the tall grass silently. Chuckling lightly, Anima simply nodded as she took a few steps herself into the tall grass… And then a few more… And a few more, as she followed her Pokémon until they stopped, rather suddenly. Anima opened her mouth, so as to speak, before Confi beat her to it; letting out a shrill cry as a flock of Starly took off from the grass just in front of her. For their part, the majority of them left in a flurry of feathers and their own cries; as was the way of bird-like Pokémon. But one, however, seemed to halt mid-flight, looking around as Confi made yet another screech into the sky. “...So you wanna fight that one, right?” Anima glanced downwards, and then up towards the rotating bird. “...Hey! Er… Bird-Brain! Your fights down here!” she called out, kneeling down to just behind Confi, as she... Threw a pebble in the Starly's direction! The Starly, for its part, finally locked eyes on the source of the sound (and pebble);, having a larger target to attribute it to (as well as a rock to follow), and let out what sounded like an angry-squawk. For a second, Anima wondered if the bird would just leave them be to find another Pokémon, only for it to... dive towards Confi! “Same as last time, buddy-- Wait until it’s about to hit, and then strike with a tac-” she had barely gotten the words out, before the Starly had closed the distance. It was faster than she was expecting; much faster, and yet, the attack did… Little to nothing, as the Pokémon phased through Confi; the ghost-type Pokémon growing translucent, as the normal-type attack failed to make its mark! Using this to her advantage, Confi wasted no time bounding forwards and turning around as the Starly moved to right themselves, letting out a cry of ascent as she slammed into the back of the Pokémon. “Yeah, just like that! Wait until it phases through, then use Harden to make your tackles hit!” she called out grinning as Confi let out a cry of agreeance. Even as the Starly made to take off again, twirling from the hit, Confi kept the assault up; slamming into the back of the Pokémon once again. It was only as the Pokémon finally managed to reach the skies, again, and turned to face Confi again that… Anima realized a problem. Turning to see that Confi wasn’t a suitable target… The Pokémon turned its sights on her; darting through the air with extreme speed before slamming its side into her stomach, knocking the air from her mouth. “Hhh..!” she grit her teeth, stumbling back as the Starly squawked angrily; hovering in the air for a moment, before flying upwards and… Preparing to do it again! “It’s-- Coming back around! When it hits me this time, hit it on the rebound-” she managed to just get the comment out between breaths, before the bird slammed back into her side, knocking her to the ground, and yet… Confi made good on her instructions, yet again! Leaping into the air, the small Pokémon grew solid once again as she knocked the Starly to the ground, hard. The Bird moved to slowly get up, breathing heavily-- But it was too late, as Confi walked up and finished it off with another Tackle, leaving the bird unconscious in the slump on the ground. “...R…Right,” Anima wheezed a bit, as she moved to get to her feet, smiling a bit. “J-...Just like that, right,” she laughed idly, as Confi plodded towards her, sitting down with a triumphant cry. “We… Just have to work together, to keep their attention while you take them down, since they can’t hit you easily,” she smiled with a slight fist-pump. Of course, that was going to be… Easier said than done; given she was effectively signing herself up to be a punching-bag for any bird or rat who got frustrated when Confi wasn’t as easy to hit as they wanted. But… It was only the sound of her Pokémon turning around, plodding forwards as implacable as ever, which brought Anima back to reality; scrambling back to her feet, as she made to follow her Pokémon into the unknown, with a stammered, “h-hey!”, as she dashed off to follow the Pokémon; reminding her in no-short order, that this training was for the both of them.
  13. Es couldn’t help but laugh at the reaction she had gotten from Jirachi, buzzing around the mythical-Pokemon a bit as she played out a pre-recorded laugh setting. “I think it-t-t-t’s more that I’m Rotom because I’m a strange one,” she chuckled, for real this time, before coming to a stop in front of him. “And thanks, b-b-b-b-buddy! I was afraid I’d have to go searching for food myself, and with my luck, I-I-I’d come back with the only toxic thing on the island!” she added with a jovial tone; once again playing an almost pre-recorded laughing animation, as the Pokemon in front of her produced the berry. For its part, the Berry itself was simultaneously like nothing she had ever seen, and like an amalgamation of everything she had ever seen. It was both an extremely ‘typical’ looking berry, but also one she had never seen before; certainly, a strange feeling as she saw it. “Thanks!” she chimed out; voice taking on an almost musical quality as she sent off an array of commands to her body, instructing it to grab the berry. In response, her body did just that; wings slowing as they reminded herself that she was propelled not by them, but by the plasma surrounding her entire form, before both wings surged forwards to grab the berry… And missed. Or rather, went through the berry, passing through harmlessly. She frowned, for a moment, as she found herself taking a step back; cognition disconnecting from her ‘eyes’ as she scanned through her various settings, and frowned. A cautious approximation of a ‘hand’ floated over a console as she began to check the settings on her wings; adjusting a variable for energy-density to a nearly-solid level, before pushing the command through again. In truth, it had been set to the lowest level so as to avoid bumping into anyone, or slapping them by the rapid movements of her wings; but she’d have to remember that they needed to remain dense, when attempting to pick something up. The result, as she pushed her mind back to an almost 1-to-1 state with the rest of the body’s senses, was that the wings were heavier, and unable to flap nearly as quickly; but in response, had gained a deeper tinge of teal, no-longer a hazy static of electricity, but now an almost liquid-like state which, while slightly unwieldy at first, she was able to take the berry with after just a moment. “Well! That was a learning exp-p-p-perience!” she announced cheerfully, bobbing slightly towards the Jirachi. “I’m g-g-gonna go check on the others, s-s-s-see how they’re doing!” she chimed out as she began to idly float away; berry clasped between her two wings as she began to slowly shuffle the dense-energy backwards, towards her mouth. For most things, Es had been doing what she could to try and do as much as she could manually, just in case it came back to bite her later when she didn’t know the proper command structure; however, as she decided to eat the berry, she chose to let the instincts of the body take care of that command, unwilling to risk not-understanding how she was supposed to eat as a ghost. It was a strange affair, lifting the berry towards the LED of her mouth; and yet sure enough, as the berry came into contact with the berry, and she ‘took a bite’, it disappeared from the berry in an almost cartoonish fashion, and a wave of flavors assaulted her senses. A mostly foreign concept to her was the combination, but more so was trying to understand how the body was interpreting them; but she still found herself enjoying it. Of course, it was foreign to everything she had ever known, but it was still… Tasty. Sour, followed by a spicy kick, it was not unlike one of those sour-candies people loved to torture themselves with. More interestingly, though, was as the berry disappeared, one of the variables she had picked out from before began to tick upwards; a hunger, or fuel-bar, she assumed. Of course, it didn’t fill completely, but it increased by an amount she couldn’t quite parse. # Interestingly; this appears to be related to food, as I suspected. # Doesn’t give exact variables, but increases vaguely. # May have to get more familiar before I can calculate exactly how ‘hungry’ I am; or perhaps I never will be able to. # Will still be useful to see what drains it for limitation reasons. It took her a few moments before she realized she had floated over towards the rest of the others, who… For their part, seemed to be enjoying themselves in their own ways. A small smile crept to her face as she floated idly in a circle; scanning them with curiosity as she kept to herself. Of course, she had said she was going to check on them, but she had never said she would do anything. She had always been much better on the periphery of these sorts of groups, as someone who interjected occasionally and simply spurred others onwards; to push herself to integrate fully into any of them was always a disastrous prospect, wasn’t it? So… She was content instead simply watching the others as they stayed in their, mostly happy, groups. --- The time until the mist arrived had ticked down considerably; so Es couldn’t have lied, and said she wasn’t a bit relieved when Jirachi gathered the group together, idly holding her cup between her two-wings as she listened intently. In truth, there were a lot of questions the little-guy was answering as well; each answer gaining a note of its own in her mind, as she began to construct a compendium of her own. Of course, as many questions as were answered, there were those that rose, as well. For example… # Why did his smile falter when he spoke of old times? # Will the Badges purify those who have been made mad by the badges? # How powerful is this guy that he can teleport us without any wishes? But those were questions that would either be answered on their own time, or were to be answered soon; so as she gulped down the last of her water, and sat the bowl down, she returned the typical-grinning smile to her rotom-face, as she bobbed up and down. “Hm-hm-hm-hm! I wonder how I’ll…” she trailed off, staring at the floating badge for a moment before nodding. “...Ah-ha! I know!” she beamed; a loud chime echoing out as she took a ‘step’ back from her ‘controls’. It only made sense that, as this interior-mindscape was shaped and shifted by the outside world, that she could adjust how her body reacted, or looked, vaguely by adjusting the ratios of different things within the mindscape itself; and so, she found herself raising raising the approximations she had of hands in front of her conscious eyes. Reaching to either side of the ‘screen’ through which she could see the real world, she found herself shrinking the view slightly, adjusting how ‘large’ the outside world was to her senses. In the same moment, those outside would have watched as her entire digital face seemed to shrink, as if being resized to be about 20% smaller, leaving more bare lightbulb to be covered by the orange ‘skin’ of her body. Seizing back control of her-body, the rotom zipped around the badge, rather than picking it up; before running into the back at an angle, so as to place the badge on the left of her forehead, not unlike where a hairpin would have sat on a human-being. “Ta-daaaaaa,” she called out, once again in a musical fashion. “It’s a hair ac-c-c-c-ccessory now!” she called out, beaming. “G-G-G-Gotta look my best when saving the world, after all!”
  14. My thoughts (since I presume everyone active here can get the gist of the context of this album) I see a lot of people debating this along the hip hop internet, partly in the fighting for ordering the tracks, but also whether this album is good at all or if Travis is gonna tank over it. Been seeing/hearing of haters who say things like "FE!N is the only good song/the best" or "there's no number 1 hits" like wtf?... the thing is Travis isn't exactly trying to make the next Astroworld (i mean just look at "Meltdown", regardless of how good you think it is, in terms of the song itself no way it's sicko mode 2) where every song can be a single. Just look at "Telekinesis" which was basically given to him from when Kanye gave up on Future Sounds/Bounce (can't pin down which leak is the right one on YT) - he could have kept a lot of that material but I for one prefer the streamable mix, between Future's vulnerable deliver of his verses, and the laid back vibe of it until it explodes w/ SZA (as opposed to the more traditional buildup the kanye mix reportedly had going). Compare any tracks on Utopia to any other tracks on Utopia and the versatility of the production (because let's be honest, you listen to Travis for the vibes) shows it's not about making the next banger bonanza, he's more concerned with putting together a complete body of work (that is to say, more than the sum of its parts.) As far as that goes I like the album the way it is. Some tracks I don't care for but I try not to tier them because that's not exactly the point. If I had to pick favorites though I'd choose "Hyaena" "My Eyes" and "Telekinesis" for personal listening pleasure. I also like that Travis is kind of standing out more on his verses, because with Astroworld it was like Travis as a rapper was largely one of the weaker parts of his own album, but here his presence is better executed - when I go to Astroworld by Travis, part of why I'm going is for Travis himself and what he brings to the table beyond production, and that's a nice change of pace from before. Anyone else's thoughts on the album?
  15. Started a randomised Pokemon White 2 run and get a Gible starter, which gives Hugh a Klink. So of course the random moves Gible gets are all resisted by Klink. Then I head out to the first route and find a Garchomp, which Alpha the Gible did kill since it was a Mud-Slap vs Dual Chop. Then the second route has a Speed Boost/Dragon Dance Rayquaza, which died to a Rollout Luvdisc. Not event the second rival battle and it is already wild.

    1. Azure


      The tale of Beta the Rayquaza killing Luvdisk was short. He died to a wild Combee.

    2. Azure


      Well, that's the run over. I go to train in the dark grass and end up in a double battle against a Blitzle and Eelektrik. Turns out the Eelektrik had Wonder Guard and I had no Ground moves. So I was spamming the Run button and lost my Larion and Emolga. Then I get into a trainer battle against a Lillipup which uses Metronome and gets Frost Breath against my Gible. Didn't even reach Virbank.

  16. There's so much wrong with this post that I don't know where to start. So let's start from the top of the post! So, right out the gate, there's a problem with your proposal. A very serious one. Torm owns the website, and he lives in the UK. So if the website was to cease operations in the UK, its operations as a whole would not be far behind unless he passed ownership to Yemachu and just continued footing the bill himself or something? Seems like a lot of hoop-jumping over what will likely amount to nothing. Furthermore, you flat-out admit you haven't done your own reading and research (you're basing your post off information from YouTube, ffs), and I hate to sound like I'm gatekeeping, but one should never present an issue as prevalent as you're making this one sound without doing their own research first. This sort of thing is exactly how misinformation gets spread around. So I took the time to read the Online Safety Bill's exact wording myself. Neither you nor the YouTube video linked back to anything showing the actual papers, by the by, so I had to do that myself, too. For shame. I'm pretty sure I legally need to clarify at this point that I'm not a lawyer, I've never been to law school, etc, and I've also never set foot in the UK, so someone who meets at least one of those criteria would be a better authority on what all I'm about to say. Not to mention a lot of this referenced other laws/documents but didn't say what was actually written in those. Anyway, assuming I've read all this right, the act does exactly what's written on the tin: Looks over the web and tries to make it less harmful toward children and animals. A noble goal, but that assumes that's all they do with it. Now, being American myself, I live in a country where there's no shortage of laws that also look over the web and what everyone posts on it. That being the case, I can say with full confidence that unless you've been posting content that involves the abuse of children or animals and live in the UK, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Your belief that this will have a profound impact on NCM is, however, frankly ridiculous. Not only do you need to be thirteen or older to register for this website, with most if not all of its userbase being fairly past twenty already, but NCM is such a small middle-of-nowhere site that's only tangentially related to Yu-Gi-Oh at this point, that anyone looking to make a move on/against this site would have to go out of their way to even know about it in the first place. You basically illustrated in great detail for us the amount of mental gymnastics you had to do to turn this particular molehill into the mountain you did. How, pray tell, would this internet equivalent of a middle-of-nowhere gas station town with exactly five buildings, come to the attention of the UK government, and why would they care if it did? Are you gonna tell them yourself? Have you been posting content that would get their attention? To summarize, your information sounds unreliable, the situation you've outlined is absurd, and your solution would mean shutting down the website as a whole since it's owned, run, and paid for by an Englishman (not Yemachu, who is a coder that does work on the cardmaker and possibly some behind-the-scenes stuff I don't know about). Now, I must again clarify at the end of my post that I'm not in the UK, and have only read the Online Safety Bill in a vacuum. If there's further context or information that I'm missing, I'm very open to that possibility, but based on what I've read both here and there, I could not disagree more with your entire proposal for so many reasons.
  17. Wishing the TYER one wasn't so blocked~~
  18. Kasumi: I'm out here making you think for a quick second that this isn't yet another event about post grad plans~~~

    Rimi, O-tae, Arisa & Saaya:

  19. I don't think Torm wants to block himself from his site.
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