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  3. PSA for My Hero readers. Read the Vigilantes spinoff chapters 59 until the end of the flashback. Will make the recent chapter have more context.

    1. LordCowCow


      Welp, too late, already read recent chapter lol

    2. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      No harm in reading it after the fact. Trust me, it will be VERY worth your time.

  4. So, let's see if I can't bring this back. For those that read the most recent chapter, I HIGHLY recommend looking at the Vigilantes spinoff series chapter 59 to the end of the flashback. Will make the recent chapter have 100x more impact.
  5. Oh right so there's a, very barebones, Discord chat now for this. Usually I wait for people to be accepted before adding anyone but if anyone wants the link to pop in there to ask questions or w/e easier lemme know.
  6. I gotta admit to some very cute artstyles on a lot of these! Gotta make sure everyone's as adorable as can be.
  7. Having put Princess in her ball Naomi didn't think to send her out again. Which meant that to follow the others she'd have to shuffle along on her own two feet. When returning Princess to her ball her jacket had fallen off and so she scooped it up on the way. "S'that a new one? Are THEY a Dragon?" Naomi asked of Milla as they made their way into the desert. The Soundless Barrens. A wide swath of land covered in sand and swirling winds. The sand whipped around creating sandstorms frequently all across the land. While there was much wind it was strangely quiet. Beyond a few dozen feet in fact it seemed that there was a complete silence. Still despite the eerie nature of the place the people of the region didn't seem to think much of it. In fact multiple trainers could be found in the desert. Training in the heat and the sand. In the distance every once and a while strange pillars cropped up. These pillars appeared to be the only place that the sand never seemed to touch. Though despite this many of the Pokemon of the desert avoided the place. "did you drop this earlier?" The boy nodded, then shook his head, then scrunched up his face. "I...I dunno. I ran into that scary man and he yelled at me. Then I started to leave and he chased after me. I only noticed it was gone later. B-but thank you for scaring the bad guy off!" He looked over at Ivan. "Y-you too!" He said. Soon after the boy scampered off, saying he had to get home in time to eat. The group found a place to stay for the night after that. Whether they simply stayed in their rooms or went off to explore the city at night the next morning they would find themselves on the next route. With the sun beating down and energetic salespeople selling bottled water, hates, and parasols every so often. They overheard some talk about some other group, something about a scary Rhyhorn, that had been through earlier, and the trainers seemed to be a bit more energetic than the norm even with the sun beating down on them.
  8. Neo BLT Tourney incoming... I've got a good amount of new favorites and favorites I decided to nominate this time that I didn't on YCM, so I was thinking maybe something from my childhood far my last nom, just to see how far it'd go. But I'd still rather something that I really like now, so probably not.

    1. Nico


      I'm referring to the thing that used to be my favorite chocolate bar, but don't really like so much anymore, because of how much it sticks to the teeth, Crispy Crunch. It would've been the second thing I would nominate with Crunch in the name, so maybe it's for the best I be more original.

    2. LordCowCow


      there's a few things I ate that I thought at the time "This would be good for that treat tournament if I had remembered it at the time." but....I forgot what they were.

    3. Nico


      Not ready for posting tonight. Probably tomorrow or the next day, though.

  9. I'm going to be on an airplane soon; give me some songs to listen to at 30,000 feet.

    (obvious memes will be thrown out; good memes will remain)

  10. "this could not get any worse." More clearly he said to Layne, "I certainly hope I'm wrong but-" Of course it wasn't going to be smooth sailing, that was just an unreasonable hope. He had hoped they would at least have a few days of peace to recover from the stress of their last fight, but of course they weren't going to be quite that lucky. Whatever that was up in the sky, it wasn't going to be something that they should mess with most likely. They had been attacked every step of the way... And it seemed like they weren't going to get any breaks from the onslaught of enemies. Rona had taken up a sorta defensive position between the two groups, as if she was preparing for them to attack. She usually did this sorta thing, that wasn't surprising in the least, and at least it gave them an opportunity to react, since she could warn them, hopefully. Leon had pulled out a map to consult, Layne slowly peeking over to get an idea of what they were looking at. The area obviously wasn't familiar to him, but it gave him a better idea on the lay of the land they were in as he closed his eyes. "We'll go to the Mella Valley. I'm not sure how much of an advantage it might give us, but we can still make it to Enta through there. Falcons, prepare yourself for the worst, and let's pick up the pace."" "Mella Valley it is. Whatever that flying is, you definitely sound like you don't wanna be confronted by it. Let's get out of here..." Layne took a little glance around, rubbing at the back of his neck for a moment as he tried to get his bearings. Before he could spend much time though, a quieter voice spoke up. "I-I can...um...lead the way." "Oh thank goodness. Lead the way, Yue. Get us out of here!" Layne pointed off with his staff as Yue made her way towards the front of the group, running after her suddenly as they began to make their way towards this valley. In the process though, his hand had gripped the staff, fidgeting around with it as he glanced back at Leon, "What exactly are we running from, though? It's clearly not just... Bandits like last time. We could handle that easily... So what is it?"
  11. Wrong thread, but you're more than free to bump my Super Crown thread; I'm cool with it. Darmanitan I don't know. You tell me. Roserade . Aggron Goodra Zoroark
  12. Yesterday
  13. Man, people keep asking me what I'm doing next month. I dunno. I don't have 2020 vision.

    1. LordCowCow


      Does that also mean you don't know what you did last month? Hindsight is 20/20 after all.


    4 more nominations and we can begin

  15. "Well...I guess there's a chance they're unrelated cases, but..." I'll ponder for a moment. "Assassin, do you any idea how the person could've gotten in here, or if there's any traces of magecraft nearby?"
  16. “Hm... a wish of fairness. I’m not sure how I’d phrase what I’m thinking right now, but I dislike how lopsided this situation we find ourselves in is, and I would like to find a solution, moving forward.”
  17. "Perfect. Now comes the dilemma: how to lure the pairs here to this island and when?" >Looks at Rider "Not only this, but we need to be doubly sure that we've stocked up on a nice amount of mana for the both of us. If someone like Berserker appears and we aren't ready, then we'll be immediately out of the running." >Looks around the island for anything that could be used in order to assist myself and Rider in the area of stockpiling mana for the island brawl we'll be initiating
  18. I nod, thinking to myself. "Yeah, yeah, that doesn't sound normal. Maybe that's a servant...," I rub my chin. "If you find him again, lemme know," I say as I stand up, looking at the time on my phone. "I need to head out, I gotta meet up with those two Masters I mentioned. Enjoy the pizza, yeah?" >Head out towards the meeting place.
  19. "Perhaps we should say hello, get us down there to see if we can figure out some more. Stay out of sight... where possible"
  20. "Well if you get a craving for something let me know. Though you strike me as a bear meat kind of man." >Pet the kitty "Say, Saber, we might be at a disadvantage don't you think? Who knows how many alliances were formed in the first day. Actually about that, did you happen to gain any knowledge with, er, your previous Master?"
  21. "Well, that doesn't sound very nice," I mutter. "Fighting, that is. I guess that's the name of the game here though, huh?" I think to myself, "Well I was gonna see if maybe we should stop and get something to eat along the way. Or just explore, but maybe it's best to head straight there. Or uhh, wait, is there something wrong with that building?"
  22. Catriona was surprised to hear that Tsetseg couldn't read, but, thinking about it again, she wasn't sure why that was so surprising. She had met people in the Garou that didn't know their letters, after all. Link, in particular, seemed to have troubles with them. Still, something about this instance made her unhappy. She, as the leader, had had the girl investigate the area, but she herself had obviously not done enough investigating on her traveling companions. Had she known Tsetseg couldn't read, she would have had her stand guard outside, especially with how many written documents and letters they had found. How much use could an illiterate person be in this sort of situation? She had been useful though. From what Catriona had heard, the girl had managed to find not just one letter, but several, even if she didn't actually know what they were. Still, regardless of the outcome, this had been a failure on Catriona's part as a leader. She would have to learn more about the people traveling with her, to prevent such happenings in the future. Once the badger had written some letters, or rather words, down on the paper, Catriona glanced it over but still felt confused. "Rise D Key...is that a name? And wait...what connection does this have with the letters we found?" She could at least match up a couple of the letters, but she couldn't see any As... Unless I'm misreading this. She blinked, tilting her head to the side. No, it still looked the same. This was another reason why she preferred to leave books and scrolls to her younger sister. Deciphering handwriting was simply a pain. Gunther and Shiro offered up their own suggestions, which sounded equally valid, or perhaps more so. Still, they would have to determine the correct interpretation. They were in agreement on the last word, so that at least seemed correct. However, this small progress was short-lived. It appeared that, while they had taken a step forward in regards to the puzzle, they had taken a step backwards in regards to Cora, the only villager who they could actually communicate with. Besides Alois, that is. The others attempted to pacify the girl, but Catriona doubted it would be that easy. She felt a flicker of pride at hearing Tsetseg mention the name she had come up with. Ever Valiant. Yes. That was quite the name. It seemed at least one among their number agreed on this matter with her. Still, the woman knew how most people reacted to seeing symbols of the goddess. She herself had many issues with the deity. It was unlikely that Cora would believe her so easily were she to declare Edrick the only Pontic among them. However, it was also unlikely that they would be able to get much further with the ruse they had kept up, so it seemed that now was an optimal time to come clean, as it were. Fortunately, Link spoke up before she had to, so the lord just kept quiet, eyeing Cora warily. Were the girl to turn on them...she would be ready. At that moment the beaver came hurrying in from outside, having heard the shouting. It waddled up to Cora, glancing questioningly about the group, though it seemed to get a little more guarded after seeing Rohns's defensive posture. However, it didn't seem to know what was going on, unlike Cora or the badger. Speaking of the badger, its reaction was far more subdued. It didn't seem entirely opposed to the group's presence, as even after spotting the necklace, it had still taken the time to write out the clue. However, it did seem opposed to Edrick's presence, shifting its stance to face the boy, lowering its head like a snake, lips curled back into a snarl. Catriona held back a sigh. I wish Alois had stayed. He was probably the best person to handle this, or at least the one Cora would trust the most. Licorice had stayed silent this whole time, though a flicker of surprise crossed her face when Sienna spoke up. That seemed to prompt her to speak up. "If it helps," the fox began, voice dry, "he's the only one of us with a thing like that. Most of the rest of us have--" she paused, "have no desire to associate with that sort of thing." "That is true," Catriona agreed. "While I regret deceiving you, know that we only did so because we found it necessary. We bear no ill will toward you or this village. Alois would not be traveling with us otherwise." From what she had seen, the boy was not overly fond of this place, but that didn't mean he would want to raze it to the ground either. And he had helped them in investigating the truth behind it. Of course, this would all change were they to find out that the village was associated with the goddess, but they didn't know that for sure. Or at least, not yet. -- In the tunnel, the rat would nod again, and then watch Alois work at the panel. It seemed less interested in escaping, and more interested in what the fighter was doing. However, there was no change in their surroundings after the boy put in that particular combination. -- Upstairs, Adelheid would retrace her steps, but it seemed like the group had thoroughly investigated the place. However, her search would create some unintended consequences. Such as accidentally ripping out a page in the mayor's journal. Were she to pick it up, she would see that part of the entry seemed a little strange. Sometimes I wonder if I should even bother with that door. Still, when I think of Pylauses or that knave Hanikap, I feel it's probably for the best to have it after all. Especially Hanikap. I don't trust him one bit. I've caught him skulking around my house more than once, after all. Oh, he always has some sort of excuse, but I very much doubt that any of them are actually true. I figure Pylauses put him up to it. That man's been asking around ever since he caught a glimpse of the new vintage I'd just uncorked. I should've known better than to drink, but it was that night, after all. I couldn't help it. I don't think he suspects the other thing, but I can't be sure. So I've been changing the word to the door every so often just to be on the safe side. But having to come up with a five-letter word each time is a bit much. Perhaps I should just use one word, and make it easy for me to remember, but hard for others to guess, save for those scholars who study archaic languages, or a person who can connect the dots. Speaking of, I was looking up at the sky, and Rastaban is bright tonight. It really lives up to its epithet as the head, doesn't it? I used to stargaze with my father, Cadmus, though he would not have spelt it that way. He was even more of a traditionalist than me. One sound, two ways to say it, and as he always said, "Go with the old ways." I feel there is truth in that statement. So I, too, shall go with the old ways. -- Outside, the doe had stopped, standing still as if it was attempting to blend in with its surroundings. However, after a few seconds, it began to move again, turning back around and approaching the house. The beaver ran up and greeted it with a chitter, but hearing a shout come from within, turned and ran into the house. The doe began to follow, but as soon as it reached the stairs going up to the building, it paused, turning its head to stare nervously at Peaches, Remy, and Tyltalis, who were all standing outside. However, the majority of its attention seemed to be on the wyvern. OOC
  23. Yui

    NeoCardMaker Holy Grail War

    "No need to purchase anything for me. Servants do not require nutrition." After picking up some food for yourself and the cat, you return home, eat, and double check a few things. All the while, Saber's been monitoring the graveyard around your newfound base, watching and waiting for the return of your mystery graverobber. "I'm pleased you feel that way! You'd be amazed what droll and boring sorts of mages often end up in these Holy Grail Wars." You lay out some food, plus some champagne, and now it's merely a matter of waiting for teams Archer and Berserker to show up. In the meantime... "Say, if and when we do claim the Holy Grail for ourselves, what sort of wish might you end up making? You can tell a lot about a person by what they'd want from an omnipotent wish-granting device, so I'm interested to see what you have in mind." With the food eaten and paid for, you and Assassin head to the bank in question. And unlike the warehouse from last night, the bank is not blocked off by police. It probably would have been too inconvenient to be worth it. Assassin's already on the case, looking around for anything off. And quite frankly, the only thing off about the scene of the crime is how much everything is not off. If the news hadn't said so, you'd probably never suspect this place was robbed in the first place, although the tellers do seem a bit nervous when dealing with customers today. Must be due to the lower amounts of money stored away. What really catches Assassin's eye though, is the hourly schedule of the bank. Something she points out to you. Looking at it, the bank should have been closed before the warehouse explosion last night, let alone a bank robbery that used it as a distraction. "Don't really know much about him; only what he looks like. He's a pretty tall guy. Brown hair, yellow eyes, this weird beard that's kinda like..." To describe what he was trying to get at, Hifumi put a finger on each end of his chin, then moved them down a bit. "Like that. Apparently he was having the time of his life beating everyone else at dice and cards, unlike you and your slot machine adventures." You and Rider head back to the island. It isn't long before you finish up the preparations you'd started the night before with a bit of Servant assistance, and the place is now a suitable arena to drag foes into. "Not too shabby. If we can lure them onto this island, killing them off should be a cakewalk." You and Lancer go back up onto the wall. The view is even better during the daytime. That also means it's even easier to scout out the enemy. "Hard to tell which one's gonna be Berserker at a glance, but..." Lancer scopes out the city from atop his new vantage point. He looks long and hard at anyone he catches sight of, but eventually... "Gah. Trying to pinpoint Servants when I can see them better than I can sense them is a task indeed. I can see a man off the coast who looks rather out of place, but that's the best I've got for you from up here." He continues further along the wall, before suddenly stopping, just above a local graveyard. "Hold it. I'm definitely detecting a Servant down there. Can't see anyone though." "Unknown." Berserker squints her eyes. It's hard to tell if she's thinking intently about that situation, or staring really hard at a nearby building that is incredibly not suspicious. However, even if it takes a bit, she does come to a conclusion. "How to prepare. We fight them. We kill them."
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