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  2. ABC has gender with my mom? I'm very confused T_T
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  4. Mt. Ferris Ken watched on, unable to hear the conversation between Silver and the monstrosity that was just outside there house, but from the look on Silver's face, this was anything but good. Ken clutched the windowsill, the wood cracking from the sheer force he gripped it with. His legs were shaking now...almost as if they were about to move on their own. That's when Ken saw Silver's eyes ignite...a glow more intense than he'd ever shown the boy before. A fight was brewing...but Silver hadn't given him any kind of signal. "I always knew you were a coward, Mephiles...waiting for your time to strike this world when it's greatest protectors were gone." Silver outstretched his hand, lit with it's green, fiery aura. From it, a shockwave was unleashed, the likes of which disintegrated a small portion of Mephiles on impact, whilst pushing back the majority. His anger could be felt from inside the house. "There's still someone protecting this planet!" Silver barked at Mephiles. However, the dark one could only cackle some more. "Oh you poor, withered, old hedgehog. Soon, there won't be anyone on this planet who can stop me...can't you feel it? All of their lives...as if turned to ash...how tragic." Upon hearing Mephiles' words, the old Hedgehog clutched his chest. He could, in fact, feel the chaos. One after another, they were vanishing...those connected closely to the chaos force. His hand rattled, as he shot off another, albeit weaker, shockwave at Mephiles. Fewer were destroyed, as the rest began marching towards him. "With you gone...no one will be able to resist.." Metropolis Slums With the pun, Harvey let off a huge sigh. "There goes your tip." He said, watching as his bullet seemed to do no damage against the monster that held Alex. The others were advancing now, causing Harvey to grit his teeth. "Becky, power up. These things aren't your average Mobian!" With that being said, the Dingo unloaded every round in his revolver, opting to put in a different type of ammunition. In a flash, his revolver was reloaded, as he fired off another shot at the cat burglar's attacker. The bullet seemed to be crackling with static, as it lodged itself into the shade's neck, zapping it's whole body. In it's convulsing, the monster let go of the cat, before exploding in a puff of smoke. "You can't take on these types without a trick up your sleeve..." Harvey gloated, swiping at the tip of his nose. "I'll check on our little thief, you handle the rest you two!" Harvey commanded, darting off towards the girl on the floor. "You heard him! Officeeeeeeeer Becky-" She chanted, before striking a pose, "Powering up!" With her pose complete, a slight breeze emanated from her briefly, before she took off at a faster speed than when she was running with Zane. In an instant, her fist had lodged itself through one of the shades, who exploded into black smoke after realizing it had been impaled by a mobian. Zane's spears hit their targets, but they continued to move towards him, weighted down by the large icicles that had protruded their bodies. With their arms outstretched, they shot out claws that extended rapidly towards the wolf, the entirety of the fingers made out of some sort of solid crystalline substance. Canyon Outskirts "It was a rhetorical question..." Roxie snorted at the Lemur's comedic response. However, nothing was funny with how these things were marching towards the two so intently. Their plan was now to run, and Roxie couldn't agree more with that judgement. "You know, I hate being ordered around, but this time I'll make an exception!" Roxie ran after the lemur, but noticed he was starting to slow down. The guy had taken a couple of peaks back towards the town....should she bite her tongue or lay it out for him flat. The question would have to wait, as Flurry turned around to unleash a giant whirlwind against their pursuers. "So you got a little more power behind that breeze o' yours than I first thought, huh?" With the gale like winds, and the sand being thrown into the swarm, it somewhat halted the shades' advance. They seemed to not be able to stand, and soon were blown over entirely by the wind. This caught the attention of the small army marching towards the small town, who was now on it's way in totality towards the two of them. "Aww now look what ya gone and done! If you woulda just ran, we coulda gotten out of here scott free!" Roxie watched as the sluggish looking blob was working its way over quite quickly. "They don't look like they've got a lot of fight in them...but they outnumber us a million to one. So I say we scram!!" Roxie bolted in the opposite direction of the town, turning towards Flurry to shout, "If we make it to my ship, I'm sure we'll get outta this mess alive!"
  5. you're not cow here you're not supposed to do ur mom jokes smh
  6. "However, Cao Pi was unpopular even with his retainers, allegedly due to his foul and taboo behavior." fuck outta here
  7. Been a minute since heard this, I unironically really enjoy it, 8.5/10
  8. Microsoft Edge feels great now it runs off the chromium back end, was using firefox for a couple of years but just made the jump to edge and it feels great rn. Would recommend.

    1. Comrade Duck

      Comrade Duck

      *stares in suspicion*

  9. Tomorrow at 8:30 AM - 5 PM (CST) I'll be doing a required Security Training class for my new job. Once that is done and the 75 question test that I have to pass with a 70% or higher is done...I should 100% be employed as a security guard.

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      Fully qualified to mod a forum Pog

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      You GUARD that security, queen!

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  11. almost perfect, made me smile the end was weird 9/10
  12. Welcome back my dude, still miss the D&D days.
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