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  2. Whenever I try to check an item description in the shop, it gives me this message: [[Template membersshop/front/shop/view is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] I tried it with all themes, and it doesn't work.
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  4. I'm new here and I'm a huge fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! ever since high school. My favorite deck archtypes are Watts, Elemental Heroes/Neo Spacians, Blackwings, Raidraptors and Super Quantums. ( Mostly Super Quantums)
  5. For the most part Lindow was satisfied by each person's response to his question. Naturally, Keres seemed to be the only one who actually realize what kind of disadvantage they were facing statistically. Though Damien likely also had a pretty good idea, but would choose to keep up himself in favor of sticking to character. He already knew Reinaan mean't what he said about wrestling the minotaur, and that the boy was eager to make another tale to exaggerate for some grubby villagers in the next town over. Something about the tone of Ryia's response peaked his interest however. It was rare to see her so resolute about anything, and he couldn't help notice that she wore confidence well. Pyrrha's silence during the discussion was probably warranted, given how the girl had been through quite a rough first day being a protector of the realm. Lindow found himself studying her a few times throughout the night. From what he could tell, the girl had a good head on her shoulders. But for some reason the question of if she were cut out for this new life kept presenting itself to him. Whilst the others discussed the sleeping arrangements, Lindow stood beer in hand as he watched with a bored expression. With his belly full, and the possibility of death on the horizon, the witch hunter was much more concerned with how long he would get to sleep, rather than who he'd be sleeping with. He so very much enjoyed the deep slumber that alcohol gave him, and he didn't want to waste a moment of quality napping an actual bed. Luckily, it didn't take long for the group to break off into pairs amongst themselves. Realizing that this meant Damien and him would be paired be default, Lindow felt a slight tension within himself. "Welp, now that that's settled..." He said with between gulps has he finished his drink and placed the tanker on a nearby ledge. Having already known that he didn't completely trust the other man, Lindow smothered sliver of unease with a dreary smile. "I think it's safe to say this meeting is adjourned, then? We have another big day of playing hero tomorrow... I think the realm owes us at least twelve hours!" The witch hunter yawned whilst motioning to their server that the group was turning in for the night.
  6. I was pretty satisfied with Frostheart too but I realized that if I had multiple of them in the GY, then all monsters I controlled that have Counters on them would all gain 2450 ATK multiple times. As much as I would like the idea of a Forest Wolf with almost 10000 ATK, I think it’s way too OP. As for Ravenform, I changed it as you suggested. *Edit* Alright, so I couldn't sleep until I somewhat fixed Frosheart. So here we go, latest fix in place.
  7. Bit too repetitive, not a fan of the voice either, 4/10
  8. Alexis let out a whistle as she looked around the ship. It was an impressive one that's for sure. Kind of shocking that the lone captain back at the bar managed it without a crew. Though, maybe that's why he agreed to help them if they found it. What was less impressive, in Alexis's eyes, were the people aboard it now. Though she assumed some might find their green getups, all matching, somewhat unnerving. "He ain't got a crew and I don't imagine he'd hire a girl like you to go find his boat. So, why are you trying to stir up trouble here Miss?" The girl smirked and shrugged her shoulders. "You can ask him about why he sent me, I'm sure he'd love to see you face to face. In any case it's as I told your charming man there. Supposed to get a trip outta here and can't really do that when they guy whose supposed to take me doesn't have a ship." "Well, you're outta luck there, lass." The man gruffly replied. "You'd be better off finding another captain than that walking pile of booze and hair. Besides, not my fault he don't got no ship no more." "From what I hear not much time to find somebody willing to help out what with the going ons. But if you're not at fault, who is?" "His. What kind of dumbass loses his own ship?" He waved the girl's concerns off and said, "and for that, well, seems you just weren't born with any luck." "I dunno," Alexis said, tapping her foot against the deck, "pretty lucky of me to find you before you left. Seems you're in a hurry after all." "Aye, we are. Enta's no place to be a pirate right now. Gotta get while the getting's good." He raised an eyebrow to the girl saying, "but, we don't take strays with us. So, whatcha gonna do about it, stray?" "Me? Oh, that's easy. I don't plan on getting off this ship. So you can just go about your business and I'll wait right here until you're done." Alexis said with a smile. The man let out a gruff chuckle and said, "alright." He looked over to one of the other bandits and said, "take her over to the side of the boat and keep a close eye on her." He looked back to Alexis and finished, "I hope you know how to swim stray." "Of course I do. But I don't really feeling like taking a dip today." With that Alexis gave a whistle. And from high in the sky Tana let out a whinny as it flew down, bowling over the bandit that was making his way towards Alexis, and landed next to its rider. "Atta girl." Alexis said and climbed on top of the pegasus. Brandishing her lance she called out. "I'm not about to let a buncha soggy bottom dwellers like you lot tell me what to do. Why don't you just give up before I stick this thing where the sun don't shine? Which, looking at some of your pasty faces, is probably lots of places." "I'm glad that Cormag is able to move freely around here. It's not every town that welcomes him like this. Maybe they'd even sell him some clothes too," Rona gave Leon a brief confused look before looking over at Cormag. Imagining him wearing that orange dress that they had found earlier. A short, rough, laugh escaped her lips. "I wonder if he'd like a new saddle." She said, looking at the battered old one that she had been using until then. She didn't know Cormag's tastes though and she wasn't sure she could convince any shopkeep to let him into their store to try them on. "Well, I'm sure he'll have plenty of time to fly above the sea too. Do you need anything else to pass the time? While we're on the boat, that is. It'll probably be a long time so," Pass the time...The statement brought to mind days in the army. What had soldiers done to pass the time then? There was a lot of gambling. Fighting. A dangerous game involving a poisonous snake and a knife. Telling stories, exploits in both battle and bed, and...pillaging. Often other soldiers, especially those of lower ranking, would end up in small towns along the way and occasionally they'd end up breaking things, attacking villagers, and worse. Somehow Rona didn't think these were the types of things Leon meant. So she just gave a shrug. "I'm sure I'll find something. Er, unless you had a suggestion for something we could do, Commander." Leon put a hand to his chin saying, "no, not really. I think some people play card games to spend the time, but outside of paper work and training I haven't really ever done much with my free time." Rona stared at Leon for a moment. Really? He wasn't part of the army, here, right? It was a surprise to find out that the man had about as much experience with free time as her. "Yet, Alexis...ah, nevermind. In that case I suppose we shall just have to find a way to entertain ourselves while we're out there, right?" "I suppose so. Maybe I'll finally learn how to play an instrument," Leon joked. An instrument. Like the pegasus knight. She had to wonder if perhaps the Commander looked up to that girl. "Do you...ah, no, I shouldn't ask." Rona said, feeling suddenly awkward. Leon looked curiously at the girl. "Hm? It's no trouble." "Do you...wish you were more like...Alexis?" Leon stopped in his tracks for a moment, seeming to take in the question. After a brief pause he said, "perhaps. I don't know for certain, but I suppose I admire a few of the things that she has that I don't." "I don't think so!" Rona said, voice trailing off as she realized that she was disagreeing with her Commander. "Sorry, I shouldn't have raised my voice. A-anyway, you have plenty of things she doesn't, ahem...wonder where everyone went off to." She noted, changing the subject suddenly.
  9. While most of them agreed to go with Melissa to her dorm it seemed that the girl with the bat, she never did get her name, was too impatient. Telling the others she wanted to make sure to get her disk, and something about her room being in the other direction, the girl ran off without a second thought. Smacking her bat across a strange, small, satellite monster on the way. Gabby considered sending a Skull Servant with her but then realized she had no idea how they'd act without her around. Heck she still wasn't sure they weren't about to eat her at any moment. Gulping at the thought and swallowing her fear for the moment she responded to Melissa. "Very well, lead the way, we shall gather our resources with haste!" Once there Melissa showed them a text to send to whoever they knew. Which, given that Jun was the vice-captain of the team, included all of one person. Her roommate. Who, Gabby wouldn't be surprised, was likely having the time of her life right about now. She wondered how many pictures the girl had already taken. Either way, better safe than sorry, so she made sure to send off the text as Melissa went into her room. "Ah, be careful." Gabby said before the girl vanished from sight. Then it was just her. And Jun. And the skeletons. "So um...ahem..." She found herself unsure what to say to the girl who looked entirely at ease. It looked as though she didn't really need to say anything, though, as a boy came up to talk to her, or rather them, soon after. She thought she recognized him. That one guy who she had thought was rather mean. He seemed, much like Jun, entirely relaxed in this situation. How many crazy people did this school have anyway? Though she was one to talk, she realized, as she glanced at the Skull Servants. Who...were moving. Towards Souji. With their arms outstretched. "Ah! Wait!" She called out. Then clearing her throat she swept her arms apart. "This one is also one of my flock! He is not to be harmed, but protected, thus I command you forces of darkness!" Her words seemed to work as the skeletons stopped advancing towards him and she let out a small sigh. There was a flapping sound and she looked up to realize that a bunch of bat-like creatures were flying above them. The way they moved Gabby was certain that they, like the Skull Servants, were listening to what she had said. She hadn't even noticed them arrive but it seemed that her "army of darkness" had gained another few members. She could only hope she wasn't getting in too deep. "We are preparing for a grand battle. It is my hope that you are ready for this, young knight of...this land."
  10. It had all gone without a hitch! Lana had been surprised by how little monster killing there had to be done there, but with the group having made it to the next floor and no sign of the goblins actually tailing them, it had seemed bloodshed wasn't necessary for the time being. Making their way to the next floor, Lana was feeling pumped up yet again, having just cleared their second floor with minimal effort. Now, quite like the first floor, this third one also seemed rather straight forward. Thinking it would be a cinch to get to the next floor, Lana nodded her head. "Left hand it is." Walking over to the left hand tunnel, Lana then added, "and it's just a straight path with no bends or anything, then we should all go toge-THAAA!" The girl cut herself off as the floor beneath her feet, at the entrance of the tunnel, suddenly gave way. Quickly reaching out with her hand, the girl grasped the ledge of the sudden pitfall she found herself in, wincing in pain as the suddenness of her fall caused a jolt in her arms. Looking down, the girl saw her legs dangling, and a few feet further down was a pit of jagged rocks. Panicking a bit as she tried to pull herself up, the girl shouted, "left was not right!" As the girl tried to pull herself back up, she realized that there was suddenly a noise coming from further down the tunnel. Looking up, and over the hole, she was met face to face with a small lizard like creature - smaller than the goblins - wielding a dagger in hand. Lana gulped as the creature, a kobold, went to stab at her with its knife. Swatting the dagger away with her hand, the kobold looked at her annoyed and stabbed at the hand she had just slapped with. "Owwww!" The girl shouted, now dangling with a dagger stabbing into one hand and - lovely a second kobold was approaching her. "Heeeeelp!"
  11. Here is chapter 8, beginning with a catch spree and ending with a Gym Battle.
  12. Thanks for responding! I like what you did with Frostheart Tykes, but I'd still suggest getting a second opinion on Ravenform's strength. Speaking of Ravenform, I'd also like to make a quick correction to this sentence in its effect: At the start of the Damage Step, if a Fairy monster you control battles a monster on your opponent’s field, destroy that monster, also, if “Golden Castle of Stromberg” is in a Field Zone, if a monster you control that specifically lists the card “Golden Castle of Stromberg” attacks or is attacked, your opponent cannot activate any cards or effects until the end of the Damage Step. It seems like these two effects are one effect, because they're in the same sentence. In that case, the "you can't do anything, hahaha" effect only applies when the "Fairy Monster destroys all" effect applies. That's clearly not what you were going for, though, so I would suggest putting each effect in a separate sentence, like this: At the start of the Damage Step, if a Fairy monster you control battles a monster on your opponent’s field, destroy that monster. If a monster you control that specifically lists the card “Golden Castle of Stromberg” attacks or is attacked and “Golden Castle of Stromberg” is in a Field Zone, your opponent cannot activate any cards or effects until the end of the Damage Step. In addition to splitting the sentence, this removes the double "if" clauses on the "you can't do anything, hahaha" effect to make it less redundant. That being said, I still like a lot of the other cards, like "Eternal Cloak of Darkness." And, maybe, just a little extra power is needed to stay relevant in the era of 4000+ ATK OTKs. Anyway, have a nice day!
  13. Robin was the last to meet up with the team, having spent a not insignificant time deciding between the simple bluish-greyish cloak he eventually chose for it's discreetness and a more elegant ensemble that would have been far more flashy and garnered a bit to much of the townsfolk's attention. it seemed by the time he caught up with the rest they'd broken up into to groups to begin the mission and Robin couldn't help but feel left out of the sure to come mischief. Just as he was about to head off for his own fun, perhaps there was an attractive face he could find to bide his time with until something happened, He remembered the boy with the hammer. "Wada, I believe he called himself that at some point?" He grinned and floated over to the young man. "Since it seems we're all pairing up it would be my pleasure to accompany you." He gave a deep bow before displaying his hand in his trademark vague manner of either an offer to shake or a request to be handed something. "Prince Tricky Oberon if you cannot recall, and today it will be my personal mission to get to know you a bit more, my dear teammate." he continued before giving the young man a chance to respond. If Robin was being honest Wada wasn't his first choice either as a target or teammate, sure he was a generally appealing individual and a Jeager but Robin had no idea what his abilities were and he simply lacked that spark some of the others had that made them so desirable. The royal he was certainly the most eager to get his hands on, mostly out of habit, but after the display in the training room he wasn't sure he was prepared quite yet, the witch was interesting with her unique appearance and potential two for one deal with the bird but she'd already dealt with most of his usual tricks after his poorly contrived first plan had failed so it would be up his wit to ensnare her. The rest he hadn't had much time to think about, Wada included, so his feelings towards them were limited but he knew one way or another he just had to get the lot of them all for himself, and this Jeager in particular would be where he'd start.
  14. The rest of their trip was rather smooth and without much trouble. It seemed that not many trainers had managed to get past Dinah and the majority had stayed on the other side of the route or had gone into the desert. Some of the trainers they did see on the way to the next town looked somewhat nervous and shaken up for some reason. Though they didn't seem to want to talk to anyone as they hurried along down the route towards the earlier city. Once they got close to the city they found out what had caused people to go the other way down the route. Off in the distance they could see the edge of the next town but before that were several people. Behind them was a makeshift blockade made of crates. There were three figures standing there. In the back were a male and female that looked to be dressed similarly to the thug they had met earlier. And in front of those two with his arms crossed over his chest was an adult man with dark red hair and a trimmed beard. Wearing a coat despite the heat. Floating just behind him was a large Glalie which didn't seem too interested in the group as they approached. The man, however, held up one of his hands and stepped forward. "Now hold on there kiddies. Sorry to say you're going to have to turn back. My Team Phoenix is busy taking care of some important business in the town. Can't have a bunch of brats running about and causing issues. So why don't you go about your business elsewhere until we're all done. Maybe do one of those....gym challenges the kids these days are so obsessed with." He then gave a cold smile. "Unless you don't mind getting hurt." Naomi hadn't really paid much attention to the battle the other two were in. She was having enough trouble stopping Knight from diving in front of Princess and trying to take a knock out before the Rhyhorn did. "No, bad, go over that way. Gonna get hurt like that." She said as the Hoppip almost was hit with Princess's Horn Attack. Eventually she managed to get them to separate and noticed that Knight, despite having Synthesis, was being worn down by the multitude of Bugs. A pair of Dwebble in particular caused him a lot of trouble. While watching Knight she hadn't entirely focused on Princess, the Rhyhorn able to fend for herself for the most part, but she did hear the snort as Nathan had caught the Onix. Naomi looked over to see her Rhyhorn watching the boy with narrowed eyes and wondered if perhaps she was annoyed that the Onix was part of the group now. While watching she didn't notice as a wandering Yamask had attacked her. "Ah...Princess, that's nuff." Naomi said and returned the Pokemon. She glanced down at Bug. She had a foot on top of the Trapinch's head to keep it from biting at her ankle but when she returned Princess it slipped out and jumped into her lap. From there it tried to bite onto her shirt and tug at it but Naomi pushed him away. "Nooo...go, fight, train!" She said, gesturing lazily at the area around them. Bug looked over at Knight, Tackling a Sentret, and then back at Naomi, before trying once again to bite her shirt. An idea came to her mind and, reluctantly, Naomi got to her feet as Bug tumbled to the side and went right for her other shoe. She pulled out the last of her first bag of marshmallows and held it above the Trapinch. "I'll give you these if you go train." She said. The Trapinch's eyes flashed as he saw the bag and then immediately turned 180 and went after the Yamask that Princess had got hit by, clamping its jaws around the Ghost type and shaking it around rapidly. "Training's lotta work." Naomi muttered. ----- After much hassle and tribulation the group managed to train their Pokemon a few levels in the ruins. They noticed it was getting darker which caused them to realize that, while they were underground, there must have been some places that was getting light from the sun up above. They decided to head back to the city. Naomi, her usual ride tired from the battling, had to shuffle her way back on her own. By the time they got to the city she was slumped almost entirely over and, in fact, the moment they entered the city's outskirts she collapsed onto a nearby bench and declared. "This'll work for sleep, right?"
  15. Hey there, thanks for the feedback. It seems I spaced out during Ravenform Dragon’s creation and forgot that Golden Castle also inflicts damage to the opponent, making my card redundant. My bad. I changed it a little bit and it might still be a bit strong, but then again, it is meant to be a boss monster after all. As for Frostheart Tykes, well yeah, I messed up. I thought I could simply get away with it with an Ojama Trio-like explainer but it simply does not work with Counters. Once again, my bad. I believe that the current version would work properly, even if it is now vulnerable to D.D. Crow. The hardest part really, was fitting the Fusion monsters’ effect within my 140 words limit with at least 1 of their Fusion Material still needing to list the Golden Castle in its card text. *Edit* Scratch that, Frostheart Tykes still nedds a bit of work. I'll think about it and get back to it tomorrow.
  16. Team Showdown - S.S. Showdown Taiga could feel a familiar cold weight lay on her shoulder, as her head turned to greet Scarlet. She had noticed that Isole had also made the trip in time. Funny how the small ice girl landed exactly where she had started her journey. Honestly, a part of Taiga wished the girl had stayed back. However, she couldn't help but grin at her display of guts. "'Bout time you both showed up. I was about to go back to Skuldafn and drag you by the scruff of yer necks! Fufufufu!" "Ahh, where one of you beauties are the other is always soon to follow." This Captain guy was just as irritating as always. "I figured she would be fine. Even if you ran into trouble she wouldn't have stuck around if she couldn't handle it. Honestly I'm still shocked that she wanted to go along. She has been a bit...harder to get to interact than the rest." He then shook Scarlet's hand and leaned down to give it a kiss. "Thank you for taking care of that girl. She's had a rough time of it. I'll be sure to get all the juicy details of your adventure from her later. You better have been a good influence." He finished with a wink. Taiga slugged the Pidgeot in the shoulder, her jaw clenched in anger. "Hey...you got some nerve doin' that in front of me, ya damn flyin' rat." It didn't take long for Taiga's whole body to react to the fact that they were nearing their final destination. Her skin and scales started to twitch with anticipation. Everything she had done up to this point...could she make it all worth it. Could she actually rid the world of such evil? Was she capable of that? She tightened up her gloves, and pumped her vest. Damn right she was. As they were nearing the shore, she could see a swarm approach. What they were, she hadn't the faintest clue, but she could tell by what her whole body was feeling that they weren't friends. Taiga looked around her at all of these Gijinka who were going to participate in the battle, just to get a good look at their faces just in case she got a little too wild. These were her allies this time around. She didn't know them, but they were like her, right? There sure were a lot of kids in the bunch...were they orphaned? She'd ask them later. Right now, it was time to get her head in the game. Her eyes turned predator-like, as they made landfall. Taiga hopped off the boat and cracked her knuckles. She turned to Scarlet, and with an low rumbling from her throat, she managed to say something. "Don't die. If Isole comes out...she doesn't die either, got it?" She spat into the sand. "Break your promise, and I'll kill you." Some Gijinka had already started to fight among the inhuman creatures before them, but Taiga dug her heels into the sand, pointing beyond the giant army. "My name's Taiga the Terrible! Tyrant of the Tides! You better remember my name, so you can beg for forgiveness!" She proclaimed in a huge roar, before darting off into the battle. The sea of Gijinka, that was her opponent, all looked a like, so it would prove difficult to keep track of them all at once. As she ran, she created a board of water underneath her, gliding around the sand. However, as she gained speed, so too did the board gain volume, until it was a giant wave. She kicked the wave at a group of three of the enemy, sweeping them away with a powerful torrent of water and away from the rest of the army. She followed behind closely, knowing full well that that attack wouldn't be enough to down the foes. After all, they seemed to be artificially constructed by the godslayers themselves. As the wave crashed down into the sand, the three enemies lifted themselves up. One screamed at Taiga, enough to rattle her eardrums to the point of pain, while the other two seemed to gather metal together to form a large ball. "As if I'd let you!" Taiga growled, before darting in, sweeping one of the gijinka off of it's feet, letting the orb of metal it had gathered crash upon itself. It started to spark and smoke before it exploded. Taiga, seeing this before, used the gijinka that had screamed at her before as a shield of sorts. It proved effective, as it shambled to the floor, not even conscious enough to blow up itself. Behind her she could feel the cold impact of steel hit between her shoulder blades. It knocked the wind out of her for a moment, but she turned around. She wiped the spit from her mouth. "Just a bunch of toys, ain't ya?" She laughed, before leaping off the sand again and into the robot, using her shadowy-infused teeth to rip the Gijinka's entire mid section from the rest of it's body. She spat out the abdomen, watching as the Gijinka crawled towards her, in an attempt to explode. "Tch. Disgusting...who told these guys they could up and make Gijinka just for them to die..." She looked at the robot's abdomen lying in the sand before running away from the blast. Could these guys feel pain?
  17. Ooh, the canon effect of Golden Castle is broken. Too bad about the high costs, though... Anyway, I haven't seen the Golden Castle episodes, but I can tell the theme from this, and I like what I see here. It (probably) fits well with the anime. I do think Ravenform Dragon is too OP, though, as it can automatically destroy any of your opponent's monsters that dare to be attacked by a Fairy monster, and your opponent can't even activate cards or effects to do anything about it, and it does burn if Golden Castle is on the field. I would suggest removing the burn effect as Golden Castle already has that, and toning down the effects somehow. Maybe make the "can't do anything till the end of the Damage Step, hahaha" dependent on Golden Castle, or the other effect, or both. I also have some legal questions about Frostheart Tykes – the effect of a Frostheart Counter looks like it's a monster effect, which depends on Frostheart being on the field, but it Tributes itself to get the counter out, so... I like the effect itself, though, so you could ask for legal advice on how to better word this or just issue a custom ruling in this post. I like how the monsters aren't totally reliant on Golden Castle, and can in fact be played without it, but gain more powerful effects if it's there. That's all I have to say for now.
  18. As Alexis had made agreed to the offer, the newer man said, "right. I'm sure someone can. Now follow along." With that, he lead the girl to the boat proper, the other people looking confused but still going about their business. It was starting to become clear, now closer to it, that the people were seemingly loading up the boat and trying to set up to set sail. Once lead onto the boat proper, there was a man standing there, who seemed to be directing everyone else around. The man wore a coat, with the same green as the other members of the gang they had found emblazoned with the same tacky logo and stood a bit taller than Alexis. As he turned around to face the girl, she would see that he was also clearly older than her - likely in his early 30s - as well as solidly built. The grizzled man looked to her, and then the man who brought her with a curious expression. "New recruit?" "Not quite boss. The wench was asking about our boat. Said she was sent to find it by the captain of the previous boat." "That so?" The man looked Alexis up and down, before looking back at her face, still neutral in expression. "He ain't got a crew and I don't imagine he'd hire a girl like you to go find his boat. So, why are you trying to stir up trouble here Miss?" Leon hadn't been very conscious of the wyvern during their shopping trip, but was glad to see that Cormag was still close by. As Rona had given the seafood to the wyvern, Leon couldn't help but smile as the rider and her mount seemed to be enjoying themselves. Leon briefly thought that, with them going to sea soon, that it might not be a bad idea to get fishing equipment. This was, however, stopped immediately as he realized that neither he nor, likely, Rona knew how to fish. And he especially clueless on how to prepare fish. And so he kept that idea to himself, instead saying, "well, then it's settled. Next time we end up in a port village, we'll look for more fish." The trio sampling other foods while some of the townsfolk were looking at Cormag with awe. Either the would ask to pet him were he to stay on ground or just point at him, trying to figure out where the creature came from if it was on the rooftops. Looking around, Leon said, "I'm glad that Cormag is able to move freely around here. It's not every town that welcomes him like this. Maybe they'd even sell him some clothes too," the boy joked. Looking up to the air, the boy thought about their upcoming trip, wondering what a voyage at sea like this was going to be like. "Well, I'm sure he'll have plenty of time to fly above the sea too. Do you need anything else to pass the time? While we're on the boat, that is. It'll probably be a long time so," Leon shrugged. It wasn't as though he had any hobbies or games he could think to play either. Edda had kept her back towards Raynor, trying to keep her stance stable and expression ready to harrumph at a moment's notice, but perked up as she was told there was spare meat. Without even trying to hide anything, the girl grabbed the leg from Raynor's hand and started to devour it without a moments hesitation. "Mmmm," the girl seemed very pleased as she ate the meat. It didn't take very long for her to get through it, letting out a happy sigh when she was done saying, "I haven't had something that good in awhile..." The girl then realized the display that she had just put in front of Raynor, and also realized something else. It wouldn't do not to show her thanks, but feeling a flush of embarrassment go through her she said, "um, thanks for the food." The girl continued to walk alongside Raynor as they made their way through town.
  19. Yesterday
  20. I want to bring back an old archetype of mine, but the massive Data Loss Apocalypse on the old site. Also, you may figure out my identity, and I don't really want that.

  21. You could probably stand to add a more powerful effect to her, because Toons are really in a bad position right now. Maybe remove the "Cannot attack the turn it is Summoned" effect – that clause on every card really hurts the deck's viability. Or maybe make it not apply to Special Summons from her own effect, like this: Cannot attack the turn it is Summoned, except by its own effect. While you control "Toon World" and your opponent controls no Toon monsters, this card can attack your opponent directly. Once per turn: If this card is sent to the GY by the effect of a Toon monster or as Tribute for the Summon of a Toon monster; You can Special Summon this card. Or just have it so that her "Can attack directly if Toon World is out" doesn't apply the turn she is summoned, like so: While you control "Toon World" and your opponent controls no Toon monsters, if this card was not Summoned this turn, it can attack your opponent directly. Once per turn: If this card is sent to the GY by the effect of a Toon monster or as Tribute for the Summon of a Toon monster; You can Special Summon this card. Anyway, I like what's going on here. Toons need more love.
  22. Akuma waved his hands lazily as the tentacle coming out of his neck retracted "Yeah, OK, sure. Strategy was the wrong word. What I meant was we should put a little thought in ahead of time to make this easy on us. Hear me out." He lowered his voice a little, but maintained his relaxed tone. "If we show the adults that we can work together and play to our strengths, that improves our chances of not getting put in the slammer later because we look promising." He leaned back in his chair and put his feet up. "Plus, the way I see it, a grocery list for a school, even a school this size, is gonna be a bit bigger than your average family's shopping list. So we should split up by section, grab whatever's on the list, and make the whole thing a little faster so we're not doing this all day, [ya dig?]" "I figure To-chan 'll grab all of the frozen stuff, like meat: her Quirk can't damage any of it. Like she said, I've got the most lifting power, so I should handle any big stuff like uh.. I dunno, bags of flour? Rice? I'll definitely have to push the cart, it's going to be heavy with all the stuff we're getting. As for you two, it's better if Hane handles any fruit or vegetables-- less risk of them being burned by accident-- and Keika, you can either help me or if there's another category to deal with, you'll take that." Standing up, he stretched his back out a little and made for the front of the class. "I'm gonna go get the list and the card real quick. [BRB.]" "Yo, teacher! Team Grocery's ready to roll. What do we need?"
  23. Small things can lead to big changes. It's a domino effect: One thing leads to another, and another...
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