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  3. Looney Tunes is the next expansion for Hot Wheels Unleashed? I'm in!

  4. Is fine, more or less, good listen nothing particularly stood out, 7/10
  5. Honestly, kinda nothing great. Trying to survive more than anything, which has mixed results. Basically between that and trying to make time to spend with people I care about, I don't do much interesting, a friend has me playing Valheim with them and Psychonaughts for their amusement though, so that's been fun! Part of me considered trying to RP again, but I worry I would just be kinda spotty all over again. I'm in a happy relationship, thank you! And I know the place you can meet all the bitches you want! (Your Mileage May Vary.)
  6. If you can truly find anything why haven't you found any bitches
  7. Is there a way to do it directly in code? [glow=#4fffff]doubt it[/glow] Tag me when you are less of a disappointment.
  8. I'll allow it now up to 50 with my nominations Soulcalibur Legends The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return Dead Space Extraction
  9. What've you been up to while in the void that is "not around"?
  10. okay this one is gonna take me some time! I have five already put down on paper, I need another fifteen, I might do them in groups of five even! In the meantime, I'll give a cheating answer, the first three PC characters designed for my original Danganronpa RP attempt are extremely interesting to me. Hinoka was a perfect way to have someone to try and tie the cast together. Coming from a large family, she was a perfect candidate for that kind of role. In fact, the first thing she really did was provide everyone a personal little carving... And fun fact: One of those carvings was going to be the very first murder weapon in the RP! I can't help but wonder how she would have reacted to having one of her crafts used for murder. Kai was a very easy going guy, which I think would make his reactions to the constant paranoia of the environment very interesting. He makes me think of a character from the first game, except less of an asshole. Xander was... I didn't get a good read on Xander. Quiet and keeping to himself, but with the potential to be loud and speak up? That was going to go very interesting with one of the NPC characters, one who was very loud, very forward, very commanding. I was excited to see how those two interacted. In fact, if any of those three see this, I actually had the first motive for each of your characters written down. I might have to dig it up if any of you are interested and see this. Now... The first five non-RP characters! Once I finish all twenty, I'll probably put them in order from least to most favorite.
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  12. Who are your top twenty favourite characters?
  13. Pikmin (New Play Control!) (if it counts, which I feel like it can, for reasons, this is my only one I can really left)
  14. Limited Time Offer from the bird people here barely know!
  15. ominous ending tagline, but, 7.5/10, didn't overstay thankfully was a bit worried how far it'd go
  16. It's like, good, I just...didn't care much for it beyond background, idk how to say it right, but 7/10
  17. rhythm heaven fever punch-out!! mario strikers charged
  18. Thank you once more, Tormented! Now to find a good opportunity to apply this on...Eh, I'm sure I'll figure it out! M-maybe
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  20. 5. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 6. Wii Play 7. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
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