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  2. I wanna go to Universal Studios Hollywood and get roasted by Megatron now


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    i made this quick video to answer this question
  5. ahhh of course I gotta admit parts are a little grating but still very fun I bet a billion of these songs could drown out every pokemon theme song 7.5/10
  6. Spoopy, tbh its like 2 minutes to long, but 6.5/10 for spoopiness
  7. I feel like I understand why this song was five minutes long, but that doesn't mean I think it should have been 5/10 I'm back and forth here, between 6 and 7 so I'll split the difference I guess 6.5/10OP Suggestion: I don't know if I've mentioned it before here: a lot of music is coming out all the time, but it seems like especially this year. I guess all the quarantine projects are running into album releases that got pushed back for those same reasons. Flock of Dimes has a new album, and this single's pretty fun alt-rock, if a bit long 7.5/10
  8. “Yes there was something on the ceiling, get them away from me!” Chris couldn’t revel in his being right for too long, not while the things formerly on the ceiling were still flying around pestering Lana and being a general nuisance. A particularly brave thought formed in his mind where he would pick off each insect (or two insects, at least) with well-aimed dagger tosses, but it got dismissed almost immediately. Obviously, like, there was a Lana in the way and also if he didn’t hit Lana or the bugs, the daggers were certainly going to go into the water. Speaking of the water, Chris heard a couple splashes from somewhere behind him and really hoped he wasn’t about to get flanked. His mind changed tacks. Daggers were still more ideal than flailing around with a sword, so he pulled those out and zeroed in on the one trying to get at Lana’s back. “I got you, Lana!” he called back. “Just, uh, hang on!” He managed well enough, in that the blood-engorged mosquito stood no chance, though said engorgement became a problem when the thing’s death throes sent blood everywhere, or when, while still in the process of detaching, he had to duck out of the way of an errant axe swing. At least it got him eye-level with the next ones, the ones on Lana’s legs. Again, it wasn’t too difficult, even if being on a limb meant he had to move a bit quicker, in case Lana decided to kick out or something. Chris even managed to get less bug guts on himself now that he was ready for it. But another problem arose the moment he got the insect off: the one on Lana’s other leg noticed, and not only did it notice, it decided that Chris was a much more attractive target. “Gah!” Chris said, throwing himself back, landing flat on his butt. Now it was his turn to start waving a blade around, trying and failing to hit the now-mobile-and-incredibly-agile insect. “Uhhh!”
  9. Actually, since I believe that person has some dialogue that I cannot get to yet, I will be skipping that person until a later point in the game. Rip Georg. Instead, I'll be writing about a basic bitch. Tagforce 1 #19: Gillian Well since I never draw anything ever, I'm surprised that this isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Yes, I was expecting it to be even worse. When you talk to Jaden, Syrus, and Chumley in the introduction, they mention that you get a dorm room all to yourself, which is a bit weird given that the three of them all share a dorm, but why complain about uneven dorm arrangements when they benefit you? So after the introduction segment is through, you wake up in your room. You step outside, and immediately waiting for you is this guy. Dude's just standing by your door. "Ok," you think to yourself, "This guy must be excited to meet the new student." And that's all fine and dandy until a few days later and you notice that he's still standing there. Morning, afternoon, Gillian spends every moment waiting at your door. Since Gillian is a character who exists purely for gameplay purposes rather than a story prop, he will just stand there forever. He is there so that when you leave your room, he is the very first guy you meet. Gillian will remind you that no matter how advanced of a duelist you may become, that you should never forget the basics. His deck is also built to suit his purpose, as I will get to later on in this post. But some Slifer Reds are just tougher than others, so you gotta have an easy opponent such as Gillian right there camping out in front of your door. He serves an important purpose for new players, but he's taken up the word 'basic' as his entire life philosophy. His sandwich rejections are basic, his lines when he loses a duel are basic, the entire dude is basic. And basic is boring. The most interesting thing about this entire dude is that he spends way too much time at your door forever. If you're wondering why Gillian's deck has a starter deck aura, it's because he has the same exact deck as you when you start the game. This is your deck. Because of that, I'll be commenting on its functionality as a starter deck and how to improve it as such. It has a variety of tricks, but all in a limited amount. You got a little bit of monster removal, backrow removal, bouncing, stat boosts, Tribute Summons, and even protection. You also have a bunch of 1100-1200 ATK vanilla monsters. There's 12 of them, not counting Aqua Madoor as that card is there to serve as a defensive wall. This means that there is definitely a little bit of room to throw in a Fusion. My recommendation would be Huamnoid Worm Drake since Humanoid Slime is already in this deck, but the other fusion material is EARTH and would throw off the WATER theme a bit. If you wanna keep all the monsters WATER, then use Deepsea Shark instead. You could even toss in a Ritual too to introduce the player to Rituals just a little bit earlier. Crab Turtle or Fortress Whale would be great contenders for this role. It would also give the deck some more Special Summoning ability, since at the moment all you really have is the bear. And Special Summoning is a core mechanic of Yugioh! Especially now! Him having your deck is a good choice for a few reasons. Firstly, when you're new he provides you with a fair mirror match in case the other Slifer Reds prove to be too tough for the starter deck. And there are a few out there who would cream this guy. Then when you start getting new cards, you get to use this guy to test if your deck is doing any better or worse than it was before. And finally once you find out how to make a superpowered deck that crushes everybody, you get to look back at this guy and laugh at how pathetic your deck was at the beginning. On a side note, I really wanna make a deck based around the Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness card, but that card just consistently underperforms. Maybe I'll figure out how to make it work, maybe it's doomed to only being good in the DM era and nothing more. Either way, the next duelist is a simp who I will be getting to in the next entry. There is no reason to skip him.
  10. One of each Pokemon if only because it'd be more interesting to see and because if I'm lucky it goes by anime rules and people can survive their attacks and heck who knows maybe a pokeball will come my way 71
  11. would you rather fight one billion lions or one of each pokemon
  12. Hug Hatterene, it's shaped in a huggable manner Catch Altaria, pretty bird probably has nice bird song would be nice to have around Fight Reshiram, don't like my chances here but I like Zekrom more anyway so come at me blue eyes white dragon
  13. 1. If Pokemon in the real world means no game mechanics I'd wonder if it also means that those Pokemon who physically wouldn't be able to function (especially those who fly but shouldn't be able to) in our world would be null and void. 2. That...would be kinda funny to see 4. The thing I'm unsure of is how dangerous said beams are given we've seen people take them (Lance's Dragonite Hyper Beams a dude and he's mostly fine)
  14. "One good thing about being a sorcerer...the ability to use magic to assist in every day tasks." "Well aren't you a little homebody; I'm sure the ladies love these handy little tricks don't they?" Salvo tilted her head as she watched the trays magically lift themselves up and onto the table. "I might have to ask Bethany if her magic can do stuff like this too. Bet that'd make things at home a lot easier." she glanced back at Natasha who was giving her a frown and shook her head when their eyes met. Salvo laughed. "Aha, yeah, maybe I shouldn't on second thought." Her attention was taken by the young lady who quietly and politely greeted them. "Ah, Natasha, that's the cute little nun girl I told you about." Salvo waved at her and then gestured to Natasha. "Sometime you gotta tell me what God is like in your world. From the looks of it they're not much different than in mine but can never be sure. Natasha here's what's called a Paladin in her world. But her Goddess is a heck of a lot different than what I'm used to. A lot more smiting, even if you take into account the old book, for one." Natasha smiled warmly at Melissa but, realizing she probably didn't want to be fussed over, let her attention wander to Fen instead. Natasha approached her as the girl mentioned not being sure what to do about food and pointed at herself, then the food, and then at Fen with a questioning look. Realizing her intent might not have gotten across she raised up her watch, typed something in, and pushed something so that a small projection popped up with the words "I could teach you sometime." After a bit Salvo looked around and said "There should be more of you; d'ya want me to go up and get them?" she had a grin on her face as if eager to get the okay to go wake them up herself.
  15. Look, I tried.

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      Since I still have the topmost status I'll just plug it here that I've done and updated that blog I have.


  16. "Yeah something tells me in a real street race, I'd smoke you big time. But yeah, just try and keep up. There's a bar nearby so even you should be able to keep up." Even though Cid knew this was true it still kind of ticked him off for it to be put so bluntly. "Yeah well just don't fall off that death trap before we get there. I won't stop to pick you up." With that they headed off into the city. Leaving the bustle of the reporters and other contestants behind them for the time being. Though he wouldn't be surprised if one or more of them had detached from the horde to follow after the two of them. Cid was thankful his moped started first try this time. Not wanting the extra smugness from captain motorcycle over there. The two of them didn't go directly to the bar but instead parked in a lot nearby. Given the location of the bar there wasn't much space to park close by that was safe and Cid didn't really want to leave his moped at the side of the street. "Alright then, let's get going. That way right?" They started down the street, Cid trailing behind whatshisface as he was led towards their destination. A thought occurred to Cid and he asked "Hey, what kind of place is this anyway? It's not some weird specialty bar is it?" If this was one of those cosplay places he wanted to know before getting there. "Nothing like that. But heard that this place was a good bar to come around here in Camellia...had a couple of 5 star reviews on it." Cid briefly wondered what kind of people sat around rating bars and if their opinions on said bars could be trusted. He didn't really know what he would look for in a bar but at least it sounded like there wasn't any obviously weird thing to worry about. As they walked Cid noticed a couple girls sitting outside of a bakery. He normally wouldn't have paid them mind but one of them happened to have been looking in their general direction and he realized he recognized her. And the girl sitting next to her. One of them was...Yu-something and the other...he couldn't quite recall. He worried that if whatshisface noticed them, and they did seem pretty obvious, he'd go over to talk with them. Cid wasn't convinced he wasn't looking to check out girls after all. In an attempt to distract him and not have to deal with chatting with THREE contestants at once Cid moved a bit closer and spoke up again, "Right, so, just a heads up that I can't really stay long okay? So don't expect me to help you out if you go overboard." Which reminded Cid to take a glance at his phone again to make sure if his sister had messaged. She had not. Which shouldn't worry him. It still did. "We're not too terribly different then, you and I. Dueling was what I was best at, so I aimed to be the best at it. Although, I enjoyed it right from the start." "Oh I'm sure I can come up with a few differences." Gabby said, giving another awkward laugh. She doubted that Julian's fashion sense had been anything like hers when she had started for one. She really should get rid of that old outfit but it was oddly sentimental. The other guy, Richard, came up to them at their behest. She couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as Richard made it clear he was more interested in talking to the veteran. Which made sense, and in a way was a relief, but she couldn't help but want to show him up and show him that it was a mistake to place her under him in ranking of importance. "I'm just doing what I can to pay it forward basically...to show the next in line how much fun Duel Monsters can be and how it can really connect people." "You make it sound like you're as old as him." Gabby said with a smile. "But, hey, hope you keep that attitude and can show how fun it is even when losing cause if you keep going through the rounds you're gonna lose whenever you reach me." She glanced over at the reporters nearby, wondering if any of them had heard the declaration, then back to Richard "Next time you'll be fanboying over me instead of him."
  17. I regret not taking better care of my GameCube games. I was 8 years old when I first had my GameCube, and not responsible enough. Now those games are ridiculously expensive. I bought a new copy of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door about 5 years ago for 86 dollars. That was a steal compared to the fucking prices it goes for now. Also: NEVER buy these games used. More often than not, they are scratched pieces of shit that won't be read by your console. I bought a copy of Sunshine "Like new". It came with the box and manual, but the game wouldn't make it past the Dolby logo. Needless to say, I opted for a refund on that piece of shit. I never did buy or give away my games. I held onto my games like this guy holds on to his bills:
  18. Hug Pidgeot (Big Bird) Catch Gallade (Cool, dude!) Fight Chimchar (I don't like monkey Pokemon and I'm not a fire enthusiast) Reshiram, Hatterene, Altaria ( Majestic! )
  19. Nyx


    I have...a couple of collections. A bunch of Game Paks. I never had a Game Boy of any sort when I was a kid, so I collected a bunch of Game Paks and a few Game Boy handhelds. Some DS games. I've also bought plenty of Switch games. I don't even know why I kept buying them when I keep playing the same few games. A LOT of Yugioh cards. And a select few different cards not Yugioh, such as a few Pokemon cards, and a few Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards. I do like figures, statuetes, and plush toys. But I don't get these anywhere near as much as video games or Yugioh cards due to lack of space. So I have a few Nendoroids, a few plush toys (mostly Pokemon), Lego minifigures, Transformers, and Super Smash Bros. Amiibos. I even have two big diecast cars and two Hot Wheels cars. I even kept a Japanese and Korean newspaper! Also: While home consoles and computers are nice, I really like to collect small electronics and handhelds! I wanted a Game Boy Micro for over a decade, and got one two years ago! A Game Boy Color, that Super Mario Bros Game & Watch from last year, and had a Pokewalker years ago. I also want to get an emulator handheld or two in the near future. And a Pokemon Mini at some point. Maybe a Tamagotchi at some point. I can elaborate more on these, or even share pictures if anyone's interested.
  20. Alright...assuming this is Pokémon in the real world...because lions don't exist there (Pyroar and Luxray are based on em, but they are still Pokémon and not physically lions for the sake of the argument). Now, assuming that it's the case of Pokémon crossing over into the real world...and assuming that somehow a billion lions are now on planet earth...let's look at this: This is Pokémon in the Real World...meaning the video game mechanics would not factor in...meaning guess what: infinite PP for the moves and techniques they perform. Pokémon rivalries...Zangoose vs. Seviper, Heatmor vs. Durant, Kyogre vs. Groudon vs. Rayquaza, Reshiram vs. Zekrom vs. Kyurem...taking into account these general rivalries with the nature of Pokémon...these Pokémon here would end up fighting each other due to the long hatred filled feud that their species deals with (namely in the non-Legendary Pokémon). So for all intents and purposes, those Pokémon would be out of the running...so remove 10 of those and that leaves 888 out of the 898 registered Pokémon (not counting Alola or Galar forms nor Mega Evolutions or Dynamax forms). Some Pokémon may not be wanting to participate...case in point, Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, the baby forms of Pokémon...some are just babies...while the Mythicals...well, sometimes Mew is just being adorable and is always playing...Jirachi, well grants wishes and falls asleep...and Celebi, well our time traveling fairy I dunno about so that depends. Amount of Pokémon...as previously stated, there's exactly 898 Pokémon presently...against a billion lions. So that'll be a bit harder to negotiate, but then again, we're dealing with Pokémon...beings who generally can control elemental attacks and even shoot lasers from their mouths. Legendary battles. Now this is the clincher...if you recall, in RSE, there was PLENTY of crazy stuff dealing with the weather with the box Legendaries there, meaning the weather was thrown out of control...with Groudon dealing with the massive heatwaves and Kyogre dealing with torrential downpours. Now IF this is taking place in the Savanna like most (if not all) lions tend to be, then the latter of the RS rivalry will be VERY detrimental...given the likelihood of it triggering a pretty bad storm...possibly even flooding the area. Now, if this ISN'T for the Pokémon in the real world...then I have no earthly idea anymore.
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  22. The Step “I mean, we keep it clean, right?” Honestly, Kitt wasn't expecting that as the immediate response from Kevin to his question, but before he could interject, Kevin simply continued... “And the offerings are generally accepted, yeah? I dunno, forgive me if I’m wrong, but I’m gonna guess you’re from a bigger island than this one. Definitely gotten used to those big temples, at least. And fair enough, like, that’s why I want to get off when I get the chance, but unless something’s changed since I last heard, we’re not the only island like this, and I don’t think anyone’s gotten smote. Of course, that’s unless you’re the one about to do the smiting." The young man sighed, shaking his head lightly. "Unlikely on the smiting business...I've received no word or inclination from Lord Taros on the possibilities of smiting...so you can rest assured that my compatriot nor myself will not be in the business of smiting." he explained, before crossing his arms. "Truth be told, that was an answer I didn't exactly expect, but...you are correct. I'm from Caminus...and we just arrived here from visiting Galatea...so yes, we're used to seeing monuments and temples to the gods. If anything, I'm quite surprised that there isn't a shrine or temple dedicated to Dia, given what Old Man Jones explained to me of Corpus' creation." Out of everything here, he would've assumed that alone would've been something that was prevalent around on Corpus...but alas...not a shrine nor temple dedicated to Dia. Nothing but a simple altar that was presumably shared by all the gods...which was an odd thing to him...why specifically this method eluded him. But once again, he wasn't serving the one who dealt with ciphers or mysteries of the like...he was simply a tool of the Great Forger Maker and nothing more. “As for the cave thing...Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. There should be a path just off the main road once you get to, like, Grayson and Eilis’ place. Really, as long as you’re heading towards the mountain, you’re in good shape.” Kitt nodded, now knowing where Olivander and the two boys were and without the issue of having to possibly track the "ghost" of Hinder. He gave Kevin a slight bow, before fixating his gaze towards the Mount Vermeer. "Thank you, Kevin. If you happen to think of anything that possibly would be worth being told to a couple of Watchdogs, we'll be at Flynt's home for a bit. We'll be more than happy to hear what you have to say...in the meantime...I have to make sure nothing goes wrong on my partner's end..." Kitt gave a small smile before making his way towards the mountain. ...same time...was Olivander really considered his partner at this moment? Acquaintance? ...friend? He'd have to think more of that another time...just not while he was focused on making sure nothing else happened.
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