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  2. J'adoube Takehiko heard Glory signalling the end of the first event. He took out a breath before looking around a bit before he left. "Well... hopefully they don't mind this too much." He reared his arm back near a building, punching out a window and collecting the glass from it in a small carrying bag he had on him. He did this for a few more before he nodded, seemingly having enough before making his way out of the testing area. _____________________________________________ Takehiko blinked as he looked up at the scoreboard, the Chess Hero had placed quite a bit higher than he would have realistically expected. He scanned over the list of potential teammates as he listened to Orikami. ”Something you students may notice is that the scores displayed here do not directly match the number of rescues you performed. Instead, each rescue was weighted based on the danger involved. Additionally,” the third place spot on the board flashed green, highlighting its occupant, ”the third place contestant, Kawashima Risa, was awarded a large mass for saving another student from a crisis on the testing ground. Not that such a feat would be unexpected for the second daughter of the late Kawashima Yozo, the original bearer of the title Glory, and once the headmaster of this very school.” Takehiko hummed as he saw the spot flash, it was definitely good that someone managed to catch the eye of the school, hopefully that meant heat would be off of him. He grinned, finding his position in the rankings perfect. 7th, so he would be worth some points but he also wouldn't be perceived as an easy target. In an event like this being near the middle was probably the best of both worlds. Which caused his eyes to scan closer to the middle of the board, "Let's see... I do have -that- that I want to try out..." He lifted his sack a bit, looking and making sure there were no tears in the finely-crafted leather bag he had saved for this, carrying broken glass he was still a bit concerned about after all. Sun, Rika, Ayane, or Ben. Takehiko's eyes continued to scan specifically the center of the board, before finally he seemed to stop on Rika, "Wait... that could definitely work..." He gives a smirk as he turned and walked over to the Chameleon girl, giving a polite bow, "Rika, I do believe it would be beneficial for us to partner up. Your abilities are actually a bit perfect for what I have planned. Though... if you accept we need to get out of earshot of everyone else." Rika's eyebrow raised for a moment as the boy approached her, before she brought up a finger, "Me? I can play defense pretty well here, I'm not sure what else I can do this round. But..." She tapped at her cheek for a moment, "If you say so. Atsushi is already mingling with others, I think he has his own plans this round. Which means I need to figure out my own way forward." Takehiko gives a small laugh as he motioned her away from the rest of the teams, "Oh no worries, I think that we can be one of the more aggressive teams with my plan." He grins as he started to explain his plan to her, showing her the decent amount of glass he had collected, a faint glimmer possibly catching in some of the other contestants' eyes. Rika closed her eyes for a moment, her hand rubbing at her cheek for a moment, "If we get thrown in the air, how well can you swap between the two modes? If you can create pawns fast enough to catch us, then go back to the new mode, we have a really low chance of getting disqualified, which would be our biggest concern with this strategy... If that's too much to ask, I'll have to try and catch us using other people, which is significantly harder..." He hums and taps his cheek, "This is a newer mode so I can't guarantee I can switch between them fast enough. In an emergency I probably can but when I don't have enough focus I'd probably use all of my reserve material to make up for it. So I'd say I can do it once with the material I collected extremely fast, luckily pawns don't require any so I can go into that mode but quickly switching back to the mode would require either enough focus and time or a surplus of material to make up for it. Though I believe we have our plan figured out then, no?"
  3. I have from 2011 to 2021, and the few 2022 Castings they've revealed to have made my list of every unique casting in Hot Wheels for the tournament that will start Sunday. Fun fact 2004 has had the most new mainline Castings so far, with 100 releasing that year

  4. Another that took a bit to get into, but was into, then it kind of overstayed its welcome a bit? It was a roller-coaster, 7.5/10
  5. Looking back on it, my favorite part of Naruto was the written exam episodes

  6. cool song cool dance 7/10 not sure about those outfits thoa friend of mine introduced bjork by saying "she slapped a guy who said 'welcome to bangkok'" which was a weird non-sequitur but sure i guess i like bjork now 7.5/10
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  8. The new graphic on every screen in the arena read “Danger Zone (brought to you by The Ol’ Pickaxe Hardware StoreⓇ (“When you’re in trouble, a swing by The Ol’ Pickaxe helps get the job done”),” and the start of Yuliya’s turn was punctuated by a guitar riff that sounded almost but not quite like an actually famous song the arena managers couldn’t get the rights to. Whatever the song was, Yuliya didn’t know it, and besides, she had more important things to think about. She was in the Danger Zone, after all. Still, after her Draw Step, she’d have seven cards in hand to Arden’s zero, and both of those numbers in their respective positions were good numbers to have from her perspective. And she was already developing a plan -- that was why she’d searched out the card she had. Yuliya looked at the Thunder Dragon Fusion one more time as if to confirm it was really going to do what she said it would before mentally checking herself -- she still needed to go through the turn as though it were any other. But a comeback Arden had asked for, and who was she to turn down such an offer? “I guess I should’ve been careful what I wished for, Arden, but I could extend the exact same warning to you as well,” Yuliya said. “Draw!” BGM - Hotblade - Showdown Yuliya’s poker face was not very good -- her eyes must have lit up the moment she laid them on the newest addition to her hand. Even if they didn’t, everyone must have heard the “Oooh” that escaped her lips. “I’m at… twelve hundred Life Points, yeah?” She checked the number on her wrist, though she just as easily could have checked any pulsating number in the arena. Either way, she was correct. “Okay, cool. That’s, like, doubly not zero, then. But I’ll leave you in suspense as to what this mystery card is, I have a fusion summon to do first. I’ll activate Thunder Dragon Fusion!” Even as she slid the card briefly into a slot, the arena began to darken. The field was preparing for something massive. “What makes this particular fusion spell special is that instead of using monsters from my hand as material like a normal Poly, this one uses Thunder Dragon cards in my graveyard or banished and shuffles them back into my deck. The card I want needs three, so I’ll choose two of these Thunder Dragons proper and… I think this banished Dragondark would like to be in my deck also, that sounds good.” The cards popped out of their respective slots, and, as Yuliya moved them back to her deck, afterimages of the three monsters started swirling around above the field, spaghettifying more and more as they neared the center of the spiral. A new card fired out of her duel disk and into the air, and Yuliya snatched it. “I summon Thunder Dragon Titan!” The distorted monster images started to mesh together, changing in shape and size with every convulsion, until it became a mass of light and sparks. One head emerged, then another, then a third, and the Titan flew out of the glowing mass and landed in the center of the field. As befitting a monster worthy of such a title, it announced its presence with a roar that sounded like a thunderclap. “Thirty-two hundred attack, same as yours. Or --” she glanced at the Zombie Master still hanging out amongst the dragons “-- same as your big guns,” Yuliya said. “Most impressive. Just take care not to destroy my dragons by battle, or else they’ll get back up. But surely, you already knew that.” “Sure, sure,” Yuliya said. “I mean, zombies, right? Even if I didn’t know that I think I’d be able to assume. But I’m not done summoning yet -- I haven’t even explained Titan’s effect yet! It comes in three parts, though one of them isn’t going to be too important, I don’t think. The first is how to summon it, ‘cause I don’t have to use a fusion spell if I don’t want. I can just banish another Thunder-type fusion monster and a Thunder-type monster in my hand and skip all that other stuff. That being said, obviously, it won’t let me just replace this one with another, that’s where this nifty card I just drew comes in: Instant Fusion!” The image on the card was that of an instant noodle cup, and so too was its holographic representation as Yuliya slid the card into a slot. It rattled around like there was something alive inside, and underneath the INSTANT FUSION logo, it had a little slogan. Yuliya read it aloud. “‘All the fun in fusion, without any of the work!’ Okay, that’s not entirely true. I have to pay a thousand life to use it, like, now I’m only at two hundred, and the monster has to be level five or lower, and it can’t attack, and it gets destroyed at the end of turn. That’s not a lot of fun. But it just so happens that there is a level five Thunder fusion that’s perfect for my purposes. Come forth, Kaminari Attack!” It was kind of a weird name to say since there was a verb in there -- a verb commonly used to describe a Duel Monsters action, even! -- but the thunder spirit still erupted from the insta-cup and immediately started working on forming a stormcloud. It wouldn’t say for long, though. “Like I said, I can banish it and a monster in my hand to summon another Thunder Dragon Titan. I’ll just banish this Thunder Dragonroar. I won’t even use its banish effect, I’ll just get right to the good part. Thunder Dragon Titan!” As one might expect, instead of several monsters like before, only the image of Thunder Dragonroar appeared above the field, hovering just above the Kaminari’s cloud until another flash of lightning and subsequent thunderclap replaced both of them with a second copy of the tricephalic monster. “If nothing else, you’re certainly coming out on top in how many heads you can field in one turn.” “They do say six heads are better than two, so yeah. Should be enough, I think, because of these Titans’ second effect: Whenever I activate the effect of a Thunder Dragon in my hand, I can destroy one card on the field, and that’s for each effect I activate and for each Titan. So, if I, say, use this O.G. Thunder Dragon to search out one of the ones I just shuffled back in -- fun fact! Did you know Thunder Dragon says ‘up to?’ -- I can plink off two of your Necro Dragons, just like that. That sounds like a good idea, I think I’ll do it.” All twelve eyes on all six dragon heads on all two Titans glinted, fueled by the Thunder Dragon going to the graveyard as they zeroed in on Necro Dragons One and Two. They flew forward and began coiling around the two zombified dragons until the Titans had their prey almost completely enveloped, a process that only took a few moments, and, just another one later, they had shattered the two holographs into shards of light. “Well, that was fun,” Yuliya said. “Wanna see me do it again? I only found one of those Thunder Dragons last time, remember. There’s still one more in the deck, so yeah, let’s do it again.” The two Thunder Dragon Titans didn’t even return to their original positions on the field, they simply turned on Arden’s two remaining monsters. The Titan dealing with the Zombie Master didn’t even have to fully envelop the thing, it simply sent the monster on its way with a flick of its tail. Only then did they return to Yuliya’s side. “Now it’s my turn to do some maths,” Yuliya said. “Two thirty-two hundred attack monsters, minus zero monsters on your side, or spells, or cards in hand, compared to your six thousand four hundred Life Points…” She brought out the fingers again, but they were for show this time, so only for a moment. “That’s exactsies, I think.” Arden LP: 6400 -> 3200 -> 0 The crowd had already erupted into cheers even before both Thunder Dragon Titans had delivered their final attacks, and as soon as they had, a massive “WINNER: YULIYA SEKELSKY” appeared on the arena Jumbotron accompanied by chibified versions of her, blue hair and all, jumping for joy in a cute two-frame loop. Yuliya took a moment to take it all in -- she was one step closer to ultimate victory. She hoped she’d set the standard for future duels in the tournament, too. Obviously, they couldn’t all be as good as hers, but they could be close. They met back in the center of the field for congratulations, commiserations, and general sportsmanship. Arden was the one who spoke first -- she certainly didn’t seem too fussed in Yuliya’s eyes. “A comeback with wonderful execution, if I do say so,” she said. “Hey you surprised me with that previous turn enough that I had to do something,” Yuliya replied. “Good game, well played. And fortunately for you, I was going to suggest ‘winner pays’ no matter what result, so linner is on me.”
  9. 8ybrEEU.jpg

    Another +10 done. Can get the final copy of Saleh next month, which means I can start work on Summer Norne and one of either Maria, Lena, or Sakura now.

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      Just finished my Mae besides C skill myself

  10. 6.5 flashing lights /10 It was neat but maybe its current mood but it was a bit too slow and drone-y
  11. video has flashing lights, sorry i couldn't immediately find an audio-only version.
  12. It was only a few weeks ago that I found out most of the songs in the movie are, like, 15-20 years older than the movie itself. This one is fine, though it obviously needs choreography to go along with it (like the Fred Astaire one a page or two ago) 6/10OP Suggestion: have a proggy, shoegazey sort of track with a band name that lies to you 7/10
  13. Last week
  14. ”If you think that duel was any less exciting just because it only lasted a single turn, then you have such a distaste for ambition that it’s going to make me weep.” Ah...the theater buff and the Entertainment Action Duelist were going to be starting their disagreements early today...however, Daichi paid no mind to this, despite Sai getting to eye level with him and staring a hole into his soul. He knew what he was talking...but at the same time, so did Daichi. They had differing opinions and that was that. "To them, it isn't just a show or a game, it's how they earn their living. Like most sports, it's not a stable career, if they're smart, they know that... Maybe she didn't realize it at first, or she didn't expect to make it big, we can speculate all we want, but yeah, she's changed. I think anyone in her shoes would." And then the sleeper awoke to provide her insight, though it seemed to only be bolstering Sai's argument to him. Did it hurt that it seemed like he was getting ganged up on due to the fact of his specific opinions about this particular style and topic? Yes...yes it did. But Daichi still wore a smile. Thankfully, the ever present coach that was Vega came to assist. "Boys, boys, calm doooown. There's merit to both. You're right that trying to win is absolutely in the best interest of a competitive player... But making a show is what earns you fans and sponsors, more often than not. Primrose used to play a lot flashier, as I'm sure our little superfan brought up. It's only natural that he's a bit concerned. After all, she even changed her ace not long after entering the majors..." "Thank you coach. I knew at least you would understand the plight I've brought up." Daichi flashed a toothy grin, looking past Sai. "Besides...the way I see it, you can treat this as a way to earn your living while still dazzling the audience with a fantastic Action Duel!" That's about the time Evelyn came waltzing in...and with a peace offering to her tardiness...ahhh, what couldn't be solved by the wonderful and appealing scent of fresh donuts? In one fell swoop of a movement, he moved past Sai and immediately pulled a donut from the box without even looking...and jackpot: a strawberry iced donut with rainbow sprinkles on it. A donut truly befitting the group's Pendulum Magician. "Eve, yet again you come through with getting me just the right one." Daichi smiled, savoring the smell of the donut before taking a quick bite out of it. He then was brought back up to the idea of "Team Genesis". "On the topic of Team Genesis...well, I suppose it could work like that...still partial to Gestalt, but alas, if the rest of the crew is on board with it...then you'll have the magician's agreeance on it too." he said, taking another bite out of the donut, before noticing Rosalia, they're fearless team captain, offering a brief and apologetic glance his direction. After polishing off the donut and wiping his face of the crumbs, he offered her a glance back...oddly enough, it wasn't one of disdain or anything like that...it just was a joyful expression he had, apparently thinking it as simply water under the bridge. Now to address the elephant in the room (...and no, not Sai). "What do we know about the team we're up against? Like, any specifics? Also...is there any word on anyone possibly sponsoring us for this first official match?"
  15. Long ago, before the Great Dragon, this planet was a place of war. The people who lived here, without the protection and guidance of the Great Dragon, were constantly embroiled in war. Their society was built on fighting for control and the people knew no peace. These wars never truly subsided and instead they just continued to grow larger. Weapons of terrible destructive force were brought out on both sides. Which nearly rendered the entire planet uninhabitable. Even today many places on the planet are scorched and ruined due to their violent ways. And then the Great Dragon appeared. Ending the wars and bringing an unknown era of peace to the land. Allowing the people to build cities and salvage what they could of the land. It is widely accepted that, without the Great Dragon's interference, the entire planet would have been lost. Whilst reading, Trevor took the time to have the Cabanomicon proceed to make notes of all these things. So in short, Rama-Indri was a planet at war...embroiled with it. Most of the world is uninhabitable...this did bring up an interesting thought...would there be a way to see the other areas of this world? Questions for later, he figured. But what got him was this...Great Dragon. Normally...dragons weren't technically looked at as peace bringers...well, correction...the dragons he was taught...which generally derived from the Medieval era due to Merlin's general time and even own world, they weren't the best creatures around...but still...if something like that had this great of influence...then surely it wasn't just a mindless creature. Or in this case, a heartless creature. Unfortunately, it seemed that all the works here in this specific location only dealt with this Great Dragon and not... "You won't find much there." Trevor heard this and whipped around, seeing a young woman with a blank expression on her face. When did she get here? How could she easily just sneak up on me like this? "I read all of them...They don't say anything about the time before the Great Dragon...and they don't explain what it is the Great Dragon did, either. In fact it talks about this world's religion more than anything else...Unless that is what you were looking for. Just thought I would....mention." He nodded, before turning towards the woman. "Alas, the religion of this world wasn't what I was hoping to learn...but I suppose any knowledge is good knowledge." Trevor flashed a smile, whilst the grimoire continued to finish up transposing the key points in these books and their passages. "Trevor Masters, a pleasure to make your acquaintance, miss...?"
  16. Benjamin O'Hara ”Greeting, and good afternoon to everyone in attendance. It is my… honor to be hosting providing…color commentary. Now, to avoid wasting any more of everyone’s time, I’ll show off the scoreboard for the event.” Just like most of the others (probably aside from the ones in 1-B), Benjamin was absolutely astonished that in the Top 16, he made it. Was 11th Place something to celebrate? No, not at all...but the fact that he actually made it to the second round of the festival floored him. One thing he did notice was out of 1-A, aside from him, Ayane, Sun, Kio, Diana, Takehiko and Rika made it in. That definitely meant that 1-A had a shot...then again...looking again at it...there were four from 1-B...so that was something to keep in mind. And then of course, there was Risa from the Department of Support. ”Something you students may notice is that the scores displayed here do not directly match the number of rescues you performed. Instead, each rescue was weighted based on the danger involved. Additionally, the third place contestant, Kawashima Risa, was awarded a large mass for saving another student from a crisis on the testing ground. Not that such a feat would be unexpected for the second daughter of the late Kawashima Yozo, the original bearer of the title Glory, and once the headmaster of this very school.” Doesn't have what it takes to be a Hero my foot! Benjamin thought, smiling as he gave some applause with the others. Then the leaderboard changed again and showed that now there was a 1-D and 1-C class reps. Something that made him a tad bit sad was that the one interesting individual he met during the last legs of the first round wasn't here. Taikei Karada is what he said his name was...honestly that guy and his creepy and strange goo Quirk was too amazing. Then again, he supposed that it was cause he helped him at the last bit of it. Little bit of a possible budding friendship...maybe a rivalry? Regardless, Benjamin was hopeful he'd see that 1-B student again specifically. ”Unfortunately, I didn’t name our next event, so it’s going to be called The U.A. Sports Festival Mounted Poultry Punchout. I know it’s a mouthful, so we’re just going to call it The Chicken Fight from here on out." "...wait what?" Benjamin muttered to himself while Orikami explained...and oddly enough there seemed to be a loud set of laughter coming from the audience after the "Chicken Fight" was declared. Wasn't sure why he could hear that specifically, but it was whatever at this point. ”You have five minutes to form your teams. Anyone left without a team is disqualified! Max Omega!" "F-Five minutes?! Disqualified?!?!" the young man's heart began to race at hearing this. His eyes started darting back and forth with all the participants that currently were here. In his mind, of course, he was running down the possible list of combinations. Sun and Rika...I've worked with either one...so I know how they work. Then again...I'm not sure we could mesh well. Benjamin put a hand to his chin, rubbing it slightly. Ayane, Takehiko, Kio....hmmmm I don't think either of em will mesh well either...and Diana...? He paused to see the young lady shaking hands with the dragon lady from 1-B. ...yeah, there goes that idea. Glancing back at the screen, Benjamin surveyed the rest of the participants. Sun for All? Crimson Wings? Patchwork? Piston? Eyesenal? Critical Armor? Honestly, only one there that sounded like it theoretically work in tandem was Patchwork...speaking of...wasn't he the one that helped stop the Ferris Wheel? Hmmm...no, I don't think any of em would work well...besides, I can't do much. If this was in costume, then maybe... That's when he stopped short, noticing the last one: Risa and her Quirk Magnetic. A strike of inspiration hit him as he finally smirked, nodding. "[Alrighty then]...looks like I got it..." Benjamin muttered to himself, before making his way towards Risa...who honestly looked like she was frozen stiff while looking at the bored. The young man shrugged and gently tapped Risa on the shoulder. The moment she turned around, he simply smile and wave. "Hey there. Looking for a partner?" Herculean Hero - Atlas Now the second round would soon start...and oddly enough, both students of interest for Atlas made it into the next round...so that was good. Hopefully he'd see more...and yet... ”Unfortunately, I didn’t name our next event, so it’s going to be called The U.A. Sports Festival Mounted Poultry Punchout. I know it’s a mouthful, so we’re just going to call it The Chicken Fight from here on out." Atlas found himself bellowing in laughter at hearing this, holding his head slightly. "...Glory you did not! ...you actually did..." he slowly calmed down before shaking his head. Almost immediately, he took his phone out and sent a quick group text to quite a few Heroes...some of note being Ruby Heart, Greenshift, King Kobra, Epicenter, Rainbow Six (surprisingly enough) and of course...Koryu. And he sent a picture of what the screen showed as the "U.A. Sports Festival Mounted Poultry Punchout" to which he put in parentheses: "The Chicken Fight"...and then only a few words in quotations: "Oh no... I have fell." He couldn't help but let out another snicker after sending this, simply shaking his head. "...ah memories...that was hell of a day."
  17. The Kkekri Mandevilla on board the the Janissary had likely been the least concerned about the more turbulent stretch of their most recent flight. In fact it had been quite beneficial to what the plant had been engaged in. This particular chemical cocktail needed some agitation and nothing was quite as agitating as the ship nearly exploding after being fired upon. In fact, Mandevilla was almost upset the rest of their journey into Bekkik had been so calm. His limbs were well up to the task of manually shaking the flasks he was working with but it seemed less authentic to be doing it himself. Still there was a lovely salt falling out of solution in the end and what more could one ask for under the circumstances? The answer, at least to a plant based life form, came as Mandevilla was one of the last off board. One might not have been far off the mark if they had imagined a sigh of relief escaping the flower that was the closest thing the kkekri had to a face. There was no beating starlight after all. The artificial lights on the Janissary did the job but no matter how many different configurations he played with, Mandevilla could never approximate the full range of wavelengths of light a star emitted. Red stars weren't his favorite admittedly but his chloroplasts certainly weren't complaining as they began absorbing light. The plant's body took on a subtle red hue for no other reason than the star put out more red light than anything else and his body could only absorb so much of each wavelength of light, meaning whatever was left to be reflected was red. There was still one thing to check but the quality of the grass underfoot didn't inspire much confidence in Mandevilla. He dug one of his limbs a bit into the dirt and extended it a foot or so down. Roots would begin extending from the submerged limb to feel for nutrients and water in the ground. Both were lacking. That explained Bekkik's need for food deliveries then but it was still disappointing. LIght would have to do for now. Mandevilla retracted his limb from the ground and took in his surroundings. Captain Oru seemed on edge with A.C.E. confused at her turn of phrase. Scout seemed eager to move about and Spike seemed eager to fight with some people entirely unrelated to their job. This last point seemed worthy of immediate concern and the plant gently tapped the device on its torso to bring up a hologram to begin scribbling on. The ever-tactful Mandevilla's message would hover into Spike's view not long after as the plant approached her. "Is something the matter? What did those people do? Do you require assistance?" It read. Nothing but questions but then that was typical.
  18. The Blazing Squire & The Raging Raptor Richard is still getting excited and cheering in the stands while watching the match...nothing more to report...hooooooowever..... "How about you? What do you think of this match so far?" "As I live and breathe...an honor to finally meet you, Hoshizora." Itsuki gave a two fingered salute at the young lady, smirking and then turning his attention back towards the Duel at hand. He was silent for a moment or two before finally speaking up again. "Yuliya is currently down to 1200 Life Points. While she did do quite the bit of board wiping at the beginning, it's coming back to bite her." he began, holding up a finger. "Zombies in the right hands can be quite detrimental to an opponent. After all, a good portion deal with swarming the field from the graveyard, which can be deadly if done correctly. The same could be said for the Thunder Dragons which specialize in quite the aggressive play with certain combinations or even just utilizing every single effect via being sent to the grave or by being banished. In actuality, it depends on the style of the Duelist." "And as you can see here...Arden here has a total of three Red-Eyes Zombie Necro on the field." he said, glancing back at the three Duelists. "And with all three having 3200...and there only being four monsters on the field...the moment he summons one more, along with the fact of in both graveyards...the numbers will continually stack up. Yuliya may have Thunder Dragon Fusion, sure...but as of this moment, I'd believe the Arden may have it. But, Yuliya didn't arrive here because of things like this...I'm sure she also has something up her sleeve."
  19. 2 Samuel 7:1-29 “Don’t think I’m too far gone that I’m not rooting for you to succeed,” Kitt listened as he watched his mentor make an offering, finishing it up. Though he did notice the ingot...it was...weathered down and was more complex. Did this man hold onto this ingot for such an occasion as this? Kitt honestly was unsure. “In fact, I’m proud of you for your actions in that meeting. I’m proud of you in ways I can’t even describe. Again, regardless of what your opinion of me has become.” "...I already told you before, Flynt." Kitt spoke up. "I couldn't forget you if I tried. You were an integral part of my journey to be what Taros wished of me to be. Despite the things you have done thus far, I am still grateful to you for what you've done for me. For that...my opinion of that man alone, remains the same." Silence then befell them once more, before Flynt spoke up. “I admit, I could not help but overhear the tail part of your prayer back then. I may not be Taros himself, but I can remind you what I taught you all those years ago. If it is your will, then it is his as well. That is your privilege. The fact that yours and Olive’s diverge slightly is frustrating but it’s to be expected, isn’t it? You come from different patrons -- different gods -- and you’re different people besides. Still, you should act on your impulse, I think. After all, why did you come here? What is something that only Kitt Axton can do in this situation?" "How could I forget what you hammered into my head?" Kitt spoke up once more, sighing slightly. "I understand if it's my will then by extension, it's Taros' will. But even if this is the case, I would still require council from my patron...his wisdom. That's why I came here..." He paused for a moment, before thinking slightly. He was dwelling on something...pondering it. What is something only I can do in this situation? This thought lulled in his mind for a moment or two... “Take some time to think about it -- time isn’t so precious that you can’t do that, there is enough time left even before midnight. And hey, while we do not have a forge to help you facilitate that, I can at least show you how to make those coins I hand out if you like.” "That could work. I wouldn't mind learning how to make those...but at the same time..." his eyes slowly opened as he finished pondering the thought. "Do we have enough time to make a temple? Hear me out, Flynt. If we could pull our resources together in a quick pace and manner, perhaps we could make a temple...a proper altar...and call upon Dia to possibly spare the island. Think about it...no temple dedicated to her, only a mere altar. It doesn't have to be grandiose, but a proper place of worship...you said it before...followers of Taros are more interested in the material...but we also are the ones who do the most work with our hands. It's a long shot, but maybe it could work."
  20. baby's first musical (rather high school kid but w/e)
  21. Kinda got into it halfway through but it was a bit late for it, 6/10
  22. I did some looking and on Forza Horizon 4, including DLC, there's 752 cars in the game... that's absolutely nuts

  23. Spike had started her journey with one simple goal in mind. Go somewhere more exciting than the boring world that she came from. She had been so certain that she would find something to really care about out in this big wide galaxy. She had NOT expected to have had to deal with space-rats, which were somehow even less cuddly than those on Earth, on as frequent a basis as she had to. Yet apparently it had been HER job to deal with them. Spike was starting to suspect the captain gave her these tasks on purpose. "Jus' cause I tried to do a little bit of piracy doesn't mean I gotta take care of all these dirty jobs..." But she thought it could be worth it once they landed. Bekkik. She didn't know much about it but she knew that the race who ran it were some of the bigwigiest bigwigs in the galaxy. Which of course meant their planets must be something else, right? ...Right? "The hell is this?" Spike said as she stepped out of the ship onto the hot sandy waste. "Hey, Oru... do you mind if I head inside the port for a bit?" She glanced over towards Scout and winced. How could they walk around barefoot in this? Even wearing her boots Spike felt gross walking around on the sand. "Ugh, I think the puppy is going to wet themself out of excitement." she said with a shake of her head. Spike looked around. Trying to find something that looked like it might be worth her time. Which is when she saw a couple of men, probably crew members of another vessel, looking her way and talking to each other. She froze up a moment. Wondering what they were saying. If they were making fun of the loud girl coming off of the beat up ship. At first she felt a pang of embarrassment. Which was quickly swallowed up in anger. "Oi!" she called out to them, taking a step towards them and leaning forward with her hands on her hips. "You got a problem do ya? Come on over here and say it to my face so and I'll crack yer damn skull how bout that?"
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