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  5. 8/10 was cool lil repetitive maybe?
  6. "By the way…yooooou want me to clean you up? Got something…right about here…" "No, no I do not. I don't want your weird frog bubbles anywhere near me actually." Clobber said, waving one arm, clump of dirt clinging onto it, at the Froakie. Froakie? Yeah, he was a Froakie, why would that give him pause? Besides the obvious weirdness of a talking Froakie who supposedly used to be a person. Eventually he'd have to get over that wouldn't he? "I'd be more worried bout what those guys are up to. What do they think they're doin' over there?" "alright everyone make sure you aren't injured and keep your hostilities in check until this pokemon wakes up. One question at a time too!" Clobber laughed when he realized that no one was listening. Two of the others had just...fucked off somewhere. And then the other two were still crowding around the sleeping Pokemon who.... "Aw, heck." He hadn't been paying attention but it looked like the Jirachi had attacked the annoying ghost, probably cause they were being annoying, which made the former mod soldier-boy...boys get all uppity and decide that this meant that the fight was on. "What a damn idiot, frickin' white knighting dumbass." He grumbled. "Well I ain't gonna save your butt...butts from a freaking legendary Pokemon got that!" He shouted and threw his arms up in the air before moving away from the fighting. His heart thumped as an uncomfortably familiar fear crept in which caused him to quicken his pace away from the battle. He wasn't about to fight for no reason, he had every reason to assume that thing was a lot stronger than them, and he really didn't feel like getting beat up first thing on waking up again. That wasn't his fight ain't no way no how. He noticed the Noibat nearby where he had wandered and awkwardly asked, "See any uh, berries or somethin' up there?"
  7. "Thank you for your riveting insight, my leather-bound friend. Not exactly helping." When Trevor closed the book he would find that Lacie had gotten closer to him and was leaning forward. Close enough that her face was right in front of the man in fact. "Hmmm." She raised a hand and poked Trevor. "Boop." After this she straightened up and moved her finger to tapping her temple. "You know, I think I just remembered. I was going to go have a chat with Mauvache over a cup of tea. Something important I was going to tell her I think. Wow, and here we are right at her house isn't that convenient!" Lacie gestured over at the Arena. "If I had to guess I'd say you were planning on doing the same right? Is that why you wanted something to drink before?" She began to stroll towards the entrance then seemed to notice the sign for the first time. "Hmm, interesting." She spun around to face Trevor again. "But you know what the best parts of signs like this? If you ignore what they say, they have no power over you! How about we just go on in anyway? What's the worst that could happen?"
  8. Paradisi Gloria Lailah was feeling pretty good, all things considered. The implicit threat of violence against her person or the church she was staying at had not entirely gone away, but at least Sibyl was focused on other things now. Things could swing back the other way at any moment, Lailah thought, but she could keep talking and keep things engaged. The existence of two other capes in the room ostensibly on her side (they were from G3, after all) who she was helping accomplish a mission of their own also bolstered her confidence. Her power, represented by those little balls of light, probably betrayed that to an extent, but they were ever-wary and responded to the slightest twinge in her emotional state anyway. Capricious little things. She adored them. “What’s the saying?” she said. “Power corrupts? Or is it the desire for power that corrupts people? It’s difficult to tell when so many people can do so many different things, I suppose.” A new voice echoed through the church. “Oh dear. It looks like we’re interrupting something.” The speaker was just inside the church entrance: Hellhound, complete with her cup-sized dog still poking out of their bag. Lailah looked at the three capes around her. Did they know about Hellhound? Surely at least by reputation, right? Hellhound also surveyed the church’s occupants, and their eyes stopped on Sibyl. “I see Caesar isn’t the only one with a sense of humor when it comes to shaking down the church,” they said with a wry grin. “And it’s lucky for us, too, since we’ve got a bone to pick with you, demon girl.” “Us?” Lailah said. She knew Hellhound was attached to their dog but she thought it was a “singular unit” sort of relationship, like when they said “I” their canine companion was implied to be included in that statement. In that sense, they were alone. As if on cue, the stained glass on all four arms of the church shattered simultaneously as four more Gibbons members crashed through. Two of them, the one coming in near the entrance -- near Hellhound -- and the one coming through the glass depicting the fight over the sun managed a well-executed roll to avoid serious damage, while the other two flanking them all to the left and right did more of a swoop before lowering themselves to the ground under their own power. There were five of them now. “Archangel Lailah,” Hellhound said, “by order of Scarlet City’s new hegemon, Caesar of the Gibbons Gang, you are to step down as leader of the Apostles effective immediately.” And maybe it was the pride and confidence of just a few minutes ago still coursing through her veins, but Lailah’s answer was immediate: “No.” OOC
  9. Another for the I cry:


    No more Yohane correcting µ's & Niji members, no more Honk & Chika interacting... Riko/Maki, Kotori/You/Ruby... It's Love Lover

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  11. What "works" as salad dressing:

    Burger King's zesty dip

    Frank's Sweet Chili

  12. Everything was going more or less to whatever semblance of a plan Abby had. The lance armor had turned its attention to Abby, and was getting ready to thrust at her. To be honest, she hadn't figured out what to do once she was impaled, but she knew it was better her than Marshall. So, prepared to face the attack head-on, Abby braced herself for impact... Only for Marshall to do something incredibly stupid! "Are you stupid!?" Abby barked as her partner charged into the now-spearless armor, receiving a pugilistic pummeling for her efforts. Marshall was soon after rendered down for good. Either she was dead, or she probably wished she was. This sort of thing was something Abby had prepared to be met with even in her previous life - she did want to be a doctor, after all - but she wasn't expecting it to happen quite like this. Least of all by someone recklessly charging in time and again against a singular foe. But unless Abby wanted to join her in the afterlife (after-afterlife?), she didn't have time to freak out over that. It was now 1-on-1 against a foe meant for two, and the armor demanded Abby's full attention. As did the spear. While she had to admit she hadn't expected it to be thrown at her in such a manner, the how and why of it didn't matter. The spear was there, and Abby needed it to not be inside her body. And so, as the spear approached, she brought from the side her hammer to meet it mid-flight, swinging at the projectile weapon. And the attempt to deflect it did work, somewhat. The force behind the spear was a bit more than Abby had suspected, and while she wasn't able to fully rid herself of it, she was able to send it off-course enough that the spear found itself lodged in her waist rather than piercing through her heart. That was definitely a preferable outcome, though the electricity surging through her body did briefly cause her muscles to seize up. Marshall's sacrifice was something of a blessing in this moment, since the armor being occupied killing her meant it didn't have time to move in on the briefly-stunned Abby. And she was certain this time that "killed" was the right word, for Marshall's spear even disappeared from the field of battle. This mortal distraction gave Abby a brief moment to cast a quick Cure on herself, but at what cost? The other spear, meanwhile, turned back into water, rushing back to its owner's side. So that's your game. If the armor was smart, it would turn this into a war of attrition. Keep throwing the spear until Abby is worn out, then finish her off from there. Abby couldn't have that. Even if "run at the opponent" wasn't the best strategy by any measure, it was what she'd have to do in this moment. She could play the rest by ear, with one particular endgoal in mind. As she began her approach, the armor threw its spear once more, though without the additional windup and crackling electricity this time. Perhaps this time a good swing would deflect the spear in its entirety? Much to her relief, it was! As the hammer and spear collided, the latter was sent off to the side, clattering uselessly against the floor. Well now!
  13. There was a lot happening suddenly. Keres felt herself overwhelmed as such a large, to her, group suddenly began to interact in such close proximity. She found herself trying to ignore most of it and instead set her mind to what they had learned. The son, who this must be despite his protest, left on his own for reasons unknown. Neither of them could leave because of a barrier. She didn't think that such a thing would be created simply to keep them here. Especially if the woman carried something that could harm the forest she would imagine they wouldn't want to trap her. So it must have been something already set. But why? And what did it actually do? It might be quicker to just ask however, alas, Keres didn't even consider this a possibility. "What's complicated about stealing something? Either you have it or you know where you put it. "And if the problem is that you took something surely if you bring it back you won't suffer too severe of a punishment." Madelyn seemed to be having enough of this. "I'm not going back." The boy said once again. "That place is...not a home anymore. I must bring down the barrier, it's the only way." This declaration seemed more serious than anything the boy had said before, however soon after he said it he seemed to get lost in thought once again. This time looking at Reinaan again in curiosity. The girl let out a loud, way too long, sigh. "Even if we did want to go back, which we absolutely don't, it's not as easy as bringing it with. They didn't even tell you what it was that I took did they? It's not like it was just some magical thingy. It was an...egg. And, well." She put a couple fingers too her mouth and, glancing at the boy as if for confirmation, she whistled. A few moments passed and then the girl said, "it already hatched." From the opposite side of the group something emerged from the doorway that Reinaan had come from. It was red, and winged, and quite small. About the size of an average bird. Yet it was clearly no bird. It was much more reptilian than that. "That." The girl said as the creature flapped its wings and looked towards the group in a seemingly nervous manner. "Is the 'artifact' they want back." The creature that answered the girl's whistle was a living, breathing, baby dragon.
  14. When Chris rushed the cultist they stopped chanting. As soon as they did the other two stopped as well despite Lana being farther away than Chris. The two cultists Lana was approaching cast a spell but Lana didn't feel any effect immediately. Instead she saw as a pair of semi-transparent hands formed next to each cultists. These hands began to float through the air towards the girl as she approached. The cultist Chris went after didn't cast a similar spell. Perhaps due to how close, and fast, Chris was. This didn't stop them from readying their dagger and, with the other hand, firing off a beam that looked similar to the one that the eyes from the earlier floor had used. The bloodhulk was struck by Estelle's ray. It didn't seem to react to the attack, similar as to how it hadn't reacted to much else, but they could clearly see the scorch marks on the undead creature's body. Similarly Ziun's slashes cut into the thing's flesh yet didn't, outwardly, slow it down. Instead of simply slamming its fists down on Ziun again the bloodhulk lunged at Ziun, bringing its weight down towards him and spreading its arms as if going for am incredibly unwelcome embrace.
  15. Ziun narrowly dodged the beast's strike that was aiming straight for his skull, thanks to Chris. Once he dodge, Chris seemed to find himself next to him, both seeming to catch their breaths for the moment. Now, what brilliant scheme would Chris have ne-... “Okay, while it’s distracted...uh, get away from it?” "That's the best plan you have?!" Ziun asked baffled, watching Chris now rushing towards the cultists. He had a thought in this moment...could he possibly use this hulking beast to his advantage and have it knock the cultists out of the equation? If he was chased by the creature, heading towards the cultists, he COULD get those cultists out of the way. A moment before he put his plan into motion, however, he watched Lana attack and kill a cultist. After that, she rushed behind Chris towards the cultists. Alas, my plan is basically fruitless now... he sighed, before actually having another thought. ...perhaps this beast might actually be more along the lines of a dunce, meaning the plan wouldn't work. On the other hand, I'm positive those cultists would be the brains of the operations...so it wouldn't work. Perhaps this now is the best course of action. So now what was he supposed to do? It was at this moment that he glanced down and finally noticed about his rapier...it was...glowing a bit. It seemed...sharper...and when he gently swung it, it seemed quicker than he had ever swung before. He connected the dots, glancing over at Estelle as she began to cast fire against the beast. "Seems like I'll have to do this then...t'would be a shame if I neglected this gift of a buff." Ziun said, moving towards the hulking beast, immediately proceeding to deliver slash upon slash on the beast. The rapier in his hand was quicker than he had ever used it, and it felt natural...almost like the true potential of the weapon was seen in this moment. Maybe it was the spell that was cast upon it...or maybe it was his own mind playing tricks on him. Regardless, the bard continued to deliver quickened, sharp cuts and slashes on the beast. This plus the fire would definitely wound the beast.
  16. Tim Hortons (Canada) is bringing back old favorites for a limited time: Walnut Crunch & Cherry Stick donuts. Quebec is on the luckier side this time, getting the Cherry Stick in all their locations. Am so uninterested in a Walnut donut, and the Cherry Stick is really good.

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  17. Hector stared at the Jirachi. His initial hope was dashed; if it had already used its wish, then if he remembered right it would not be able to wish them back to their home. The memory was fuzzy but he swore there was some kind of rule about ‘every 10,000 years’ or something. “You can get back to napping soon. Despite what some of us said, we don’t mean any harm. We were just wondering if—wait, what did you say?” Hector had barely processed what the Jirachi had said before the battle instincts of his new body took over. All six tiny orb-shaped soldiers rushed forward and locked their shields together, but it was unnecessary as it turned out. The attack sailed over his head and crashed into the zealous Ghost-type that had threatened it. "Es! Hey, leave them alone!" If he were still a human he would have shoved Jirachi. His new body took that information and ran with it. The troopers surrounded the Brass and he pushed off of their shields with his stout little legs, sailing higher into the air than he had any right to. Hector’s stomach flipped but he did his best to keep focused on the brass. His kaleidoscope visioned faded until he was seeing out of only one pair of eyes—the eyes of the Brass who was currently several feet in the air. Then gravity kicked in and he started to fall. Hector brought both his shields down onto the head of the Jirachi as he did, using all his strength and velocity to try and smash the mythical Pokémon into the ground. It lost maybe an inch of height. Otherwise, it remained asleep. The Brass hit the ground behind Jirachi and bounced. Hector dug his shields into the ground to bring himself to a stop and summoned the rest of the troop to his side. Instantly, his kaleidoscope vision returned. "If you wanna fight, fight me!" That was the best choice. Jirachi was a steel-type. Fighting trumped Steel. Except… wait… in the games, had Jirachi had a second type?
  18. In the air, the land below and the Pokémon there would grow smaller. Like the view from an airplane, lifting off from the ground, nose tilted toward the sky. Mixed vegetation ran amok between deciduous trees, caught mid-curtsy in dresses of emerald green. Towering palm trees stretched out their fronds in supplication toward the sun. A rind of golden sand bordered the greenery, protecting it from the encroaching blue of the sea. Both sand and sea glittered as if made up of diamonds. Here and there, driftwood logs lay on their sides, some bleached white by fungus, while others kept their original woodsy hues. With the group gathered around the newcomer, the coast was right behind them. Noibat had flown up toward their left, and further that way, the shore wrapped around and slid into the sea. On the far side, a small island rose out of the waves. To the right, however, where Z. struck out, ran a fast-flowing stream that made crossing difficult for any but a water or flying type. The Zorua would soon find their way barred by the powerful current. Meanwhile, the strange Pokémon still hadn't opened its eyes, instead muttering responses in a voice everybody there would have heard before. "Hrngh… Am I awake? I guess not… Bring you here? Storm? Hmm…" It trailed off. "Dead asleep… Question… Are you here for that… or a wish? Sorry, I already used them earlier…" An awkward pause seemed to show it would drift back to sleep. But then it continued to speak. "By the way… I've been told I toss and turn in my sleep… Zzz… Snorf… So, if you're nearby… I will probably attack you… Sorry if I do…" It let out a snore. And with that, it turned on its side, releasing a Confusion attack. Miraculously, the attack targeted neither of the two fighting types nearby, hitting Es instead. OOC: Battle time! This will also be the start of my new idea of mixing NCM with a VTT (virtual tabletop) and partially Discord to get a fuller, more streamlined experience! The link will be in Discord.
  19. Artists: shiina_c and ap__bar Match ends 6/6 8 PM CST
  20. Artists: aiueo1234853 and sephikowa Match ends 6/6 8 PM CST
  21. Artists: dfhnokenbutu and ryo-suzuki Match ends 6/6 8 PM CST
  22. Artists: jurge and NovemberTimeX Match ends 6/6 8 PM CST
  23. Neo's first area convo: I'll get Sophia to carry that for me.

    Weronika's first area convo: I'll get Sophia to wait in line for me. 

    Elsie's first area convo: I love Libraries~<3

    Well, at least there's this:


  24. Was debating trying and getting the polls up today but it'll have to be tomorrow. So here's the top eight remaining characters.
  25. THE VOID A PLAY IN ONE ACT CHARACTERS IN THE PLAY Z. C-ko Moderators of Yanma’s Custom Monsters forum Girls of the Chorus THE VOID was originally performed at the Kashira Shadow Playhouse as part of the PMDUOS event on the evening of June 2, 2023. SCENE Z. is alone on an empty stage. Z.: Oh, what fresh hell is this? Is this even allowed? Fuck, you would think I’d have been granted the decency of being free from extra bullshit at this point. Okay, no, I would have accepted one of two things happening when I fell asleep: The dungeon bullshit would have been all a dream and I’d just wake up to a normal life, or my subconscious would pull from memories my conscious mind could not, and I could get desperate flashes of another me that doesn’t exist anymore. But this is neither. I’m still a Zorua, though. Fuck me. [They move to the front of the stage] Hey, anyone watching this? No? Typical. Stage lights dim, save a lone spotlight center stage, where Z. was just standing. Z. (turning around): No. [The spotlight reluctantly moves to where Z. is now. Z. turns back around] (Sound Cue #1) Z.: I guess I do remember some things. It’s dumb forum drama, because of course it is, but a forum update made YCM’s mod forum available to the general user base. It got fixed, but basically, any sort of gossip anyone could get their hands on got posted to the miscellaneous forum. The posters got banned and the threads were deleted pretty quickly, but some people’s download buttons were even faster. The voices of the YCM MODERATORS recount their posts from offstage Moderator 1: Oh my God would Zeta just shut up? Moderator 2: Decides they're a they now and makes it their whole personality lmao Moderator 1: Not even that just like... I’ll dock them for calling Summer a bitch ass-cunt or whatever and that’ll put them on their best behavior for a bit but then the warning points go away and they’re back on their bullshit again. Moderator 3: Summer is a bitch ass-cunt to be fair Moderator 1: That’s besides the point.[trails off] Z.: That was a fun two weeks. It all got derailed into some bullshit about mod transparency that went nowhere, and I never got an apology or anything, but I wasn’t really asking for one. The point was, for a hot second there, everyone was on my side. And the thing about people being on your side, they tend to question you a lot less. (Sound Cue #2) The spotlight dims to a barely-noticeable circle on the floor and the back wall of the stage is illuminated. Z.: What now? (Sound Cue #3) The shadow of C-KO appears crossing the back wall from right to left and back again. She is carrying a gramophone. C-ko: Extra! Extra! The CHORUS is represented by more shadows cast on the back wall in the shape of accusatory finger-pointing. C-KO no longer has her gramophone, and her clothing shifts as the accusations continue. This would make sense in, like, a shooting script instead of a stageplay but technically this is neither -- it’s a dream sequence -- so you figure it out. Chorus Girl 1: Aha! You’ve got fox paws for hands. You’re not human, you’re a foxgirl! C-ko: Nope! I’m a human! These are just gloves -- it’s getting kind of cold. Chorus Girl 2: Aha! You’ve got hooves for feet. You’re not human, you’re a horsegirl! C-ko: I see why you’d think that, but these are just very fashionable shoes. They’re all the rage in Paris. Chorus Girl 3: Aha! You’ve got rabbit ears. You’re not human, you’re a bunnygirl! C-ko: No! No! These are just, uh, wearable antennae for my phone so I can get better reception. I promise I’m human! Z: Why do you want to be human so badly? C-ko: [screams] CURTAIN After a dream that felt like it could have lasted either five minutes or nine months, Z. woke up in an entirely new place with no sign of the conflict that had rendered them comatose in the first place. On the one hand, they were glad to not be fighting anymore, especially with the embarrassing showing that had gotten them put to sleep in the first place, but, on the other hand, that Cleffa had something coming to them, and Z. wanted to be the one to do it. There was a zero percent chance that they were ever going to see that particular Cleffa ever again, so their frustration was entirely empty, which really made it all even worse. Their Oran Berry was missing too, a crime that had too many mundane explanations (it fell out somewhere, someone needed it in an emergency, that fucking Cleffa took it) to really blame anyone currently present, so that only compounded everything. “Fuck,” Z. said for want of anything else to say. Almost everyone else was crowding some other Pokémon that was sleeping nearby. Z. couldn’t remember the exact specifics, but they were pretty sure that most anyone would be mad if they woke up to a sudden horde of people clamoring for attention, especially if one of those people looked like he was six people. It was a Jirachi too, so it had the power to back that anger up. Even Es the Rotom had gone over to pester the thing, and Z. had been pretty sure that if any of them were going to wait for them to wake up and cheer when it happened, it was her. Z. huffed and pulled themself to their feet. It felt incredibly natural to do that downward-facing dog to upward-facing dog yoga stretch thing, but it felt weird that it felt natural, if that made sense. Like, it made sense that it felt normal, but- “It doesn’t really matter,” Z. said. It was kind of to that and the previous thought wrapped all into one. Of all the humans-turned-Pokémon, Ears the Noibat had the right idea. If the Jirachi was going to be helpful, it was going to be helpful regardless of whether it was being pestered with an extra meaningless question. Of course, Ears was better at getting a view from higher up, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t do the same thing, but on the ground. “I’m going this way,” Z. said, pointing in the opposite direction the Noibat was looking.
  26. For the second time today Noibat felt herself abruptly coming to consciousness in a place she didn't recognize. For a moment she let hope fill her chest that everything she'd experienced had simply been a nightmare. After all, how could she have possibly turned into a Pokemon and woken up in a cave surrounded by other people that had also turned into Pokemon and also just so happened to frequent the same cringe Pokemon custom card making forum she'd wasted most of her life on? Well unfortunately for her she was still very much a Noibat and surrounded by other people-turned-Pokemon. This time outside at least, but that still didnt change the absurdity of the situation. Adding to all this the confusion surrounding their exit of the cave: flashes of seeing a human figure, the feeling they were missing someone and yet not missing someone, and the fact someone was a frog now who maybe hadn't always been one but that felt weird and wrong. All she could really do in this moment was ping the surroundings with her ears as if trying to cool the processor that was her overwhelmed brain. "Huh?" She mumbled. Hearing outside was a fair bit different. For a moment it almost felt like she was hearing normal again and not instantly perceiving the shape of things around her with her ears. But the sensation didn't last long. Though less pronounced than in the cave, soundwaves still bounced back and she could tell the number of Pokemon directly around her before she finished turning herself about. "Oh great another one..." she complained at the sight of the new, apparently sleeping, arrival. As long as this one didn't want to fight she wasn't going to immediately interact with it. All the more reason not to as the others who had been stirring began talking, to each other and it. A bit too much noise for her taste all at once after waking up with super hearing. Though at least Marv had identified the new Pokemon as Jirachi. Noibat knew that, totally hadn't forgotten it. Still, she instead focused on the sound of gently crashing waves to ground herself and more fully realized what kind of place they were in. "Looks like y'all got things well in hand here." She commented to the queue Chester was trying to form. "If you need anything just shout... no wait don't, just talk I'll hear you anyway. But I'll be up there looking around." Noibat tried pointing to the top of the nearest palm tree with the finger like claws on her right wing, and looked a little annoyed that her entire wing had moved with the motion. Still a bat. Still trying to figure that out. At least she'd mostly gotten a hang of flying in the cave as she took to the air again with little trouble.
  27. Reinaan had been caught in a dream for what felt like an eternity and yet also a fleeting moment. The images were incoherent and usually featured trees. He'd been around a lot of trees lately so that much made sense. But little else escaped to his conscious mind with him when a sound awoke him. Something like wind rushing past yet also distinct footsteps. A person. Yet as the sleep-addled Draken came to his senses and gathered his surroundings he found very little in the immediate room with him beyond the sapling by which he'd rested. No sign of the other Chosen or their companions. Not even the mounts. But then they'd left them outside hadn't they and this was inside their destination. Cautiously, Reinaan first exited the building altogether where Kloqah and the mule were stationed. They seemed nervous or on edge but of what the boy couldn't be sure. There was no sign of the others out so they must have gone further in. So in the fire chosen returned, careful to steer clear of the sapling this time. He didn't have time to understand if it was what had caused his sudden dreariness or not but now was not the time for a repeat performance. As Reinaan continued deeper inside he heard voices echoing, some familiar and others not. The unfamiliar naturally set him on edge yet as he approached Ryia's voice was what he heard most of. Before long the boy emerged into the room the other chosen and the two elves were having their meeting in. Reinaan had arrived just in time to hear the elven woman reply to Ryia's last question of what they had stolen. "Uh, that's a bit more complicated." the strange woman said, clearly a bit nervous about giving the answer. Reinaan had entered onto the side of the room his allies had been standing, with the two new elves deeper in. His eyes danced quickly from caution to a more relaxed state, keeping him from raising his weapon. The others hadn't seen fit to fight yet and they knew a bit more of what had been going on so he would follow. The elven girl took note of the draken's entrance but wasn't concerned enough to acknowledge him, choosing rather to stick closer to the boy. Said elven boy seemed not to be as immediately present in the conversation as the others but a look of curiosity took over him as he saw Reinaan. He moved to approach but the girl stopped him which elicited a small snort of a chuckle from the draken. "Think I heard enough on the way in to get what's going on but..." Reinaan started, making his presence known if anyone hadn't caught on yet. "What's complicated about stealing something? Either you have it or you know where you put it." He stated as a matter of fact while looking over the group. Still no Damien but everyone else seemed accounted for and mostly in one piece. He looked a bit embarrassed to have fallen asleep as he did and wasn't going to draw attention to his lagging behind himself nor address it if it wasn't brought up. Best to act like he knew what was going on. His only saving grace was Ziiyol hadn't yet chosen to manifest by his side to tease him for it.
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