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  2. It's funny but as a song, godddddd make it stopppp 6/10
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  4. The drengr that had swung at Gene had little success in actually hitting him as he was pulled away to safety, giving way to both frustration and a bout of confusion as yet another person had used some kind of strange magic. This did not deter him, however, nor did it the one behind him. The Drengr moved to the side and advanced as he went for yet another swing against Gene, aiming for his waist. The one behind him had moved up, drawing a halberd and thinking it would be much more productive to attack the smaller girl who had just disarmed herself, and went to swing it down on her shoulder. The large coyote beast and the two drengr next to it had been stopped by the water wall. They didn't really know what to make of this, as water did not normally form walls. Curious, the two Drengr looked at it for a bit before the large coyote monster decided that, since it could see through the wall, it must not have been very sturdy or perhaps didn't even care to think it was there like a fly bashing its body helplessly against a window ever searching for the outside. Only in this case the coyote was already outside, and as it launched its body into the wall it found that it did harmfully bounce off of it but rather was stuck going through it. It had managed to get half through the wall before all of its momentum stopped, though the wall itself was rippling and looking less and less stable. Seeing that there was nothing truly to be concerned about the two other drengr struck the wall with their weapons watching it burst, like a balloon helplessly bashing itself against a swarm of exploding flaming skulls. With the wall now no longer there, the Coyote monster continued its forward momentum, landing on the ground and on the Drengr whose leg was cut now doubly unable to stand back up. Having shot one of them to death, Marshall would realize there was very little to take stock of on the side that she was currently examining. There was one bleeding out his neck, a wound that while not immediately fatal would likely kill him if they were to simply retreat. The other one, meanwhile, had found that his armor and weapon did little to stop Sabrina's attack and the fire had severely damaged him. As such, the one who had been struck by the fire went into a small frenzy dashing towards Sabrina haphazardly in an attempt to stab her. The other one, however, moved much slower as one of its hands was occupied pressing against its neck wound, moving closer to Marshall.
  5. That was fun, though Coconut Mall carries it kinda hard, 7/10
  6. Chigusa's ears perked up as her face continued to be pressed against the ground. While she could barely see anything going on, save for the area illuminated by the flashlight, the girl could definitely hear something coming. It wasn't just the various introductions of everyone else, but the introductions being made by some things else. She wasn't really sure what it was at first, simply hearing the high pitched squeaking but before long a pack of something called a crowdent was rushing them. Chigusa, of course, could not see them. She also lacked the strength in any of her limbs to get herself up, let alone run. So, naturally, she was pretty sure that meant she was simply going to be eaten by the whole swarm. What a bummer of a way to both start and end the journey. It seemed, however, that she was not first on the menu to be eaten. She could hear the struggle of the others as they started fighting the crowdants, and specifically two more of the people here had fallen to the ground as she had. Chigusa had never experienced so many kindred spirits in one day and if the situation were different she would've found it heartwarming to know there were others who had problems standing on their feet as she had. Unfortunately her imminent demise dampened this. It was then that someone had walked over to her, telling her to get up. While this was a task that was impossible for her, she looked to see the boy reaching out his hand to her and so decided to try with some assistance. Reaching up and weakly grabbing onto his hand, the girl managed to get to her feet, shakily as it may have been and said, "merci," as he told her he didn't want to see her get eaten. She was glad to receive such a compliment, and stood behind him as she decided to confirm his suggestion from earlier. "Oh, I am useless in a fight." Though thinking back on her life Chigusa was starting to wonder if she were perhaps less than useless in one. With no special abilities to speak of and the ability to lose to a first grader in a foot race quite convincingly, she was certain that she was more likely to drag the boy down with her than anything else. But she reciprocated his feelings in not wanting to see someone get eaten, broad or otherwise, and so she had a thought. If she couldn't fight, maybe there was someone else who could? "Ooooh...Selini." the girl called out, still in a very unconcerned tone at a normal volume to the pyschic. "Can you shove them?"
  7. The girl was fine to sit back and watch Brian dig the hole himself, worried about whatever that could be under the dirt, only to back off a little with an "eee," as she saw that there was a dog skull buried there. With a ghost dog roaming around she supposed this was a pretty obvious conclusion to reach, though the girl wasn't sure if unearthing was going to cause some pack of ghost dogs to come down on them immediately. Brian seemed entirely unperturbed by this though as he went to place down a seal on the dog skull without incident. In fact nothing happened at all. Still keeping a bit of distance from it the girl looked at the skull and then to Brian asking, "sh-shouldn't it have like...fwooshed, or something?" She was pretty sure if they had managed to seal away the ghost there would be some form of spectacle that came about as a result of it. But no such thing happened this time. The girl frowned at the notion that their job wasn't quite as easy as she would've preferred, and that she would have to keep searching this woods that might also be a mysterious bog for more animal skulls guarded by deer. All the same she agreed with Brian and thought that putting the skull back before it could do anything like actually curse them could happen. Once they did the girl, reluctantly, was ready to get going to search deeper into the woods. "Hey! What are you doing?" The girl let out an "Eep!" as she heard the shout of the man who had employed them. She turned around to see him there now, looking between them and the dug up patch, before saying, "I never gave permission to go digging up my land." Carmen had gotten very used to not having to worry about anything other than Brian and the ghosts that they were hunting that the employer being here was a frankly foreign situation to her. Add to that , that she had felt like she had gravely offended the man and that he was likely to be both incredibly angry and perhaps kick them off the property thus failing the mission and making her have to report such a failing to Shiki, Carmen couldn't help but start stammering "uh...ghost...skull...there was, er we thought that there was something uh...haunted? About the dirt, ground...there was a skull and uhhhhhh..." "Of course there was a skull. That's where I buried my son's dog years ago...You don't intend to start digging everywhere willy nilly do you?" If there was another patch of dirt somewhere that looked suspicious she had figured that would only be the obvious course of action. She had sense enough to not say that though, instead letting out a brief, "...no?....Sorry..."
  8. Lana was glad to see that her efforts in attempting to chop down the zombie was not in vane as it fell to the ground. Though, it hardly seemed bothered by its loss of a leg as it simply continued to pull itself towards her. While she could leave it to its own devices she figured simply ignoring it would make things more difficult in the future as they tried to make their escape, not wanting to chance it simply cutting them off and grabbing them on their way out. And so, Lana tried something. Running forward, she waited for the monster to attempt to grab her, only to back off away from it. Then, moving forward again, the girl leaped over and onto the zombie before spinning around and bringing her axe down squarely on its head. "Gotcha!" Though despite the headshot the undead still was moving, causing Lana to frown as she hopped off of it. She didn't know what it was trying to do now, as it was pulling itself towards a coffin, but she didn't want to chance it escaping and so she brought her blade down against its neck. It was still not dead though she had hoped that any sudden movements from it would simply cause it to fall off like the leg. She didn't really have time to confirm either way as the skeleton that had been torn between her and Ziun was now making its way towards her. The girl looked at her new foe and remembered Chris's warning. She knew that she could easily kill it but perhaps this was her next test in trying to minimize damage to herself through floors. So, if she couldn't kill it, at least not while Chris was still busy with another zombie, she would simply have to make it not able to fight back. As the skeleton came towards her, the girl waited for the swing of its sword before backing away from it. With its arm now overextended, Lana brought her axe down onto its arm, robbing it entirely of the weapon and limb. With that done, the girl went to swing her axe yet again, though with the skeleton prepared for her advance she had only managed to cut a little into its arm. The monster then grabbed onto her chest armor, causing anger to flash across the girl's face as she shouted a familiar, "let go of me!" Taking one hand off her axe, she went to punch the spot she had just cut in an attempt to dislodge the arm off of her.
  9. anyone's thoughts on the new Eminem album?

    1. radio414


      rip to slim shady but im different

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  11. DUDE Fuck this shit I tried to do Echelon Firefox Theme https://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=3119281 but it didn't work for me I followed all the damn fucking steps from downgrading to Firefox ESR 115 downloading the XUL.dll file and replacing the default one I copied over all the fucking required files why the fuck didn't it work!

  12. The problem with thinking that you’re almost done, Chris thought, is that all that adrenaline, all that motion keeping you alive, suddenly exits your body, and you’re just left with exhaustion. He knew that already, had always told himself “You can rest when the job is done,” and yet here he was having just fallen into that same trap. It wasn’t that he hadn’t already been breathing heavily, bruised and sore from a room of the dungeon, it was that he was starting to really notice. Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything. Another of those wrapped creatures was coming towards him. “Yeah, be with you in a second,” Chris said. Not that it would understand even if explained. Its arm was raised all the while like it couldn’t feel the attrition that built up when a normal human being held their arm like that. There was a reason Chris only raised his arm when he was about to swing it. And still, the creature approached. Chris got the feeling it would have been staring him down if it had eyes to see. He mustered up whatever energy he could find, some reserve hidden somewhere for moments like this, and pointed his sword back at the thing. He tried to stare back, before pressing in and ramming his sword into the top of the creature’s leg, right where the thigh would have met the hip on a person. Before he could take the lumbering swing destined as the consequence for such a maneuver, he stuck his leg up against the thing and kicked off, yanking his sword back out at the cost of sprawling out onto the floor. Okay, that was a bit stupid, but at least he was still faster than these things. Chris pulled himself to his feet. The monster had raised its arm again. There was nothing for it, Chris supposed. He moved in a curve this time, breaking left before wrapping around to confront the thing as he swung his sword to cut through the monster’s damaged leg. Once he was done with the follow-through, he pulled out a dagger just in case the monster had the poor sense to keep moving.
  13. If you could erase one person of your choice without any collateral damage or any chance of it being linked back to you, would you?
  14. Your just copying Yui like is not a strong word unlike Love.
  15. like is a strong word, but i think they're pretty neat
  16. Yeah I know Tacos taste good. Do you like swimming?
  17. Expected there to be a punchline in there ngl Soothing sound, 6.5/10 as a song I feel like I just got tag teamed by good vibes here 7/10
  18. Just finished an article for the sumo-styled Goat Format Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament I hosted, where I donated ~$200 to charities of the player's choices. https://www.goatformat.com/home/yugizuna-2024-tournament-results

  19. Supreme Slayer


    [Not sure if this should go here or another section. Just saw this section is mostly untouched and it is related. Feel free to move.] YTPMV (Short for YouTube Poop Music Video) is a video using video clips or atypical sound sources such as commercials, shows, or video game sound effects to match the rhythm and tone, even sometimes lyrics, of a song. They can be ironic, comedic, or intentionally bad, but there are also YTPMVs which take themselves more seriously. A lot of YTPMVs use pitch shifting and sentence mixing (manually chopping up parts of words to make new words and sentences out of them) to achieve the desired effect. Japan has a similar genre of video called MAD. YTPMVs began in 2007 and died off for the most part some time ago as YouTube Poop itself became less popular and more prone to copyright strikes. However, they have begun a resurgence as of 2020 in what I personally call the YTP Renaissance. I was a part of the YTP community, including the forums before they went defunct, during that time, and thought that maybe it might be something to introduce more people to now. Below are some examples of YTPMVs!
  20. love is a strong word, but i think they're pretty neat
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