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  2. I can't not 10 this Every time I listen I'm reminded how many voices she can do 7.5/10, was quite good but felt it was getting a bit long near the end
  3. There are two (C)(K)rows. I do not know what to do.

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      Hina's Simp

      Stop calling yourself names. You are more than ass.

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      Multiple crows? Murder.

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      Smooch ‘em.

  4. Working on an idea, what typically digivolves into Etemon?

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    2. (✧△✧)
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      Don’t hate me, I’m right

  5. Rei narrowed her eyes. Did this girl just...So was that it? The Quirk this crazy girl was talking about. Before she could think about how to react a golden light appeared. Rei winced as the jolt forced her to retract her arms and instinctively back up a few steps. Arriving, late of course, was the principal himself. She hadn't ever seen a Quirk like his before but there wasn't time to really look at it before it went away. Along with that Towa girl. Rei looked around for her until Glory started to speak to her. "I… I'm so sorry, Konpaku… This wasn't supposed to happen. I don't know why this happened, but we will get to the bottom of this. I promise, whoever the hell she was, I'm not going to let her get away with this." Because they really did a great job so far. It was so typical. They arrive late, flashily, and promise things. But who had been the one to be attacked? Who had to try and fight them off? Not the heroes that's for sure. Despite there being three of them here. It was all for show. Every bit of it. "Oh thanks. Really appreciate it." Rei responded with heavy sarcasm. She shook her head. "Doesn't matter. Better me than one of those idiots I guess. Who knows how they'd handle it." She rolled her eyes as she passed him by. "I had it covered." That's right. She was fine. Everything had been fine. She was doing perfectly okay. There was nothing to worry about. Rei found herself rubbing at her neck and then shoved her hand into a pocket. "Whatever..." While getting onto the bus she didn't even bother to glare at Yasha, though she did avoid him as she went on, she just moved towards the back and made sure to get a seat by the window. Looking out of it she tried to think about anything else but nagging feelings kept creeping up on her. Something about how the girl had acted, even what she had revealed about her Quirk, felt somewhat familiar. She thought back on the events prior to the attack and wished she had paid more attention. She glanced over at them. Just for a moment. Then it was back to the window. "Whatever." She muttered. Should she talk to someone about it? But who? Most of the other students didn't like her and it's not like they could do anything even if she wasn't just being paranoid. What about the staff? She almost laughed. They had been so incompetent to let this happen even though they clearly were being more cautious than normal. What could they do? No, surprise of surprises, she could only rely on herself if anything happened. Rei frowned and pulled her hand down from her neck again. She was fine.
  6. Donated, and shared.
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  8. fuck it, super danganronpa bros, i already know what characters i'm using for this writing project

  9. another tactics build, though of a slightly different nature than the grue's. Damage Stat: Tactics Weapons/Skills: Cursed Sword, Hokuto's Bow, Great Owl of War, Corrosive Cloud Mutations: Parting Gift, Tactical Retreat, Emergency Triage Summary: A build that boasts even greater melee DPS than the grue's build just above, in exchange for even less defensive measures. Since an important part of the Sans fight is that he only has 1 HP, he also gets to pack a Cursed Sword for that sweet insta-death should anything touch him. However, he can further increase that damage by using Hokuto's Bow, which increases all damage enemies struck by it take, and also spreading that mark after the initial target dies. I chose Hokuto's for this build because it made me think of the way Sans's damage works; he technically only does 1 damage at a time, but does it in such huge chunks that it seems like you're taking far more. This "poison"-like mechanic is also why he gets to make use of Corrosive Cloud, which... well, creates a corrosive cloud around him, dealing poison and bleed damage to anything nearby. I also wanted something akin to the gaster blasters, and Great Owl of War was the best option. This feathery friend will follow Sans around, shooting arrows automatically at any enemy it spots, and can be activated again to make the owl mad and seriously ramp up its damage. The owl does go away if you take any damage, but if Sans takes any damage, he dies anyway, so don't worry about that. Mutations are where things got a bit tricky. Tactical Retreat was a perfect Sans mutation since it's all about good dodging, which is how Sans manages to be a fairly challenging boss fight in the first place. Being able to slow down nearby enemies after a successful dodge is the icing on the cake. Parting Gift is a weird one, as it doesn't really have any correlation to Sans, but I felt like it suited this weird melee-ranged hybrid build, and it should help him deal with huge clusters of enemies. Lastly, Emergency Triage is a backup defensive measure for attacks that can't be rolled through (stupid Slammers). His health potions only healing 45% health doesn't matter since he's only got 1 HP anyway, but the quick use and 3-second invincibility makes this a great backup plan if you get caught like a deer in the headlights. Use it wisely though, because at higher difficulties, health pot refills get more and more scarce, culminating in your only refills being in food shops for 20,000 gold a pop, which is really expensive! A build with a similar mindset to the grue's, but a slightly different approach and more boss-killing power. Fall Guy is a weird one, so I tried to base this build around the things you can do in-game, with a couple choices that can allude to the game itself. Damage Stat: Brutality Weapons/Skills: Spartan Sandals, Barrel Launcher, Emergency Door, Telluric Shock Mutations: Velocity, Disengagement, Masochist Summary: In-game, there are only a few things the Fall Guy can do. Aside from running like everyone in every game ever, Fall Guy can also jump and grab, though the latter is mostly used to try and push people off ledges. Trying to work all this into a build resulted in a bizarre ranged Brutality build that pays very loose homage to a few of the game's rounds. Since Fall Guy specializes in falling, I wanted an item that lets you fall, and nothing fit the bill better than the Telluric Shock skill, causing our guy to jump up and crash into the ground with a damaging shockwave. There aren't really any "grab"-themed items that felt right, so instead I focused more on Fall Guy's tendency to push other guys off of cliffs, and gave him the Spartan Sandals to reward precisely that behavior. Shoving people off ledges or into walls is a-okay! But Telluric Shock and Spartan Sandals do not a build make, especially not a functional one. So I added the rest of the build accordingly. A common first round in Fall Guys is Door Dash, which involves jumping through doors to find the real ones. Emergency Door suits that perfectly, and also allows for some interesting synergies with the Spartan Sandals as well as solid utility in the form of an on-demand stun. While this isn't actually a Brutality item, scaling purely with Tactics, that's okay, because Emergency Door doesn't do damage anyway, and this build already makes no sense as it is. Team games commonly involve large soccer balls, and while no such thing exists in Dead Cells, the Barrels of Fun Update did add the Barrel Launcher, which will probably serve as Fall Guy's main source of damage. For mutations, nothing in Brutality really worked with this build except maybe Combo, but that didn't feel very Fall Guys-y. So instead, I went for utility among the colorless mutations of the game. Traps don't actually hurt you in Fall Guys, so I decided to make them not hurt in Dead Cells either by picking up Masochist. Disengagement was a good defensive pick since I imagine this build will get bullied pretty hard, and finally, Velocity simply because it's an amazing mutation if you don't need anything in your third slot. I thought about giving him Ygdar Orus Li Ox, but there are no second chances in Fall Guys, so why should the Fall Guy get one in Dead Cells? Despite his signature weapon being a gun, Deathslinger here will find himself working with a melee build. Damage Stat: Brutality Weapons/Skills: Sadist's Stiletto, Tentacle, Vampirism, Grappling Hook Mutations: Open Wounds, Combo, Recovery Summary: When I think of cowboys and melee weapons, I think of whips first and foremost. Initially, this build had the Wrenching Whip instead of the Sadist's Stiletto, but I decided the latter is better for reasons I'm about to get into. Since there isn't any skill or mutation that lets you see invisible enemies, I decided to go all-in on the other things that stood out about Deathslinger: His speargun, and his anti-healing status effect. The former was a no-brainer; the Grappling Hook is perfect for builds like this, and it does precisely what this desperado's trusty speargun does with the added bonus that your next melee attack after hooking an enemy does bonus damage. Then I thought, "what if you want to pull yourself into them instead?" So I put the Tentacle in Deathslinger's second weapon slot to allow for that, since it's the only item in the game that functions as a reverse Grappling Hook. An anti-healing status effect made me think of Dead Cells's bleed status, which damages an enemy every tick for each stack. If it hits five stacks, however, all the stacks explode and do the rest of their damage immediately. The most reliable means of stacking bleed is the Open Wounds mutation, which causes every melee attack to add a stack to whatever you hit. That's why I gave Deathslinger a knife instead of a whip, too; the Sadist's Stiletto crits on any bleeding (or poisoned) target, meaning that after that first hit, it's all aboard the pain train. Once he's chopped someone up, the Combo mutation will beef up his damage to let this crazed killer resume his killing spree. This all left me with a mutation and a skill still open. This is when I decided to take some creative liberties. Looking at him, Deathslinger looks like a guy that will get punched square in the dick and just walk it off as he resumes his chase without so much as flinching, like some wild west-style Friday the 13th bullshit. This is where Vampirism and Recovery come in, and for the sake of context, I need to take a short moment to explain a game mechanic in Dead Cells. When you take damage in Dead Cells, that damage is converted into rally health, which is yellow on your health bar. Striking an enemy turns some of that rally health back into regular health, but it depletes pretty quickly, so usually, you won't get your full health back no matter what you're doing. Vampirism is a power that turns all of your health, plus a large chunk of your missing health (up to 100%) into rally health. If you make good use of it, you can walk into fights on the brink of death and then leave with half your health bar intact. The Recovery mutation doubles the amount of time you've got to restore rally health. Put these two together, and if Deathslinger finds himself low on health, he can find a cluster of enemies, pop Vampirism, then go apeshit on them to heal back up. Just be mindful that you don't get hit right after using Vampirism, or you will die. It also doesn't help with Malaise infection, but you don't have to worry about that until very late-game. The end result of this build is a bleed-happy juggernaut who will grab & stab you, and if he's low, he'll pop Vampirism and heal back up off his bleed crits.
  10. Shared in my circles. Here's hoping my comrades will share or donate. Be well, Blake.
  11. As for good games with bad soundtracks. Yoshi's Crafted World comes to mind. Like... I guess good might be pushing it, it definitely is NOT a game for everyone, babby games and all that, but I think it's a respectable Yoshi game... Aside from the soundtrack. Like holy fuck it's SO bad. It has a few good songs, yeah, but like... They took motif way too far and almost every song is exactly the same, there's a few standout songs, but very few and it gets so annoying the longer you play. Like, here's two examples in relatively short timespan of two of the worst songs in the game. literal penis music to my ears.
  12. In terms of games I didn't like with music I love, two franchises come to mind: Sonic the Hedgehog - I've always hated the gameplay for this series, even the classics. But man, do they have some bops. The classics had some of the best original scores I've ever heard, and even the games with featured tracks fit so well with the game as well as the characters, and on their own were catchy and fun. Final Fantasy - Unlike Sonic, I wouldn't say I HATE the gameplay, but I've definitely never cared for the random, grindy encounter system it had as well as for other games, but this series in particular is what drove me away from it to begin with, so it's significant enough to mention while also pointing at any others in its general direction. That being said, while it's not my style of game to play, I always find myself coming back to the soundtrack. In fact, my favorite track of all time from video games comes from Final Fantasy VI: Dancing Mad. That and a handful of others holds a firm place in my heart and listening to them almost makes me wanna play them, but alas, even if it comes to that, I realize it's just the music, not the game. On the other hand, we have a subject that's actually pretty tricky for me, considering what I came to realize about games in general: The better the soundtrack, the more memorable a game is to me. So chances are if I enjoyed a game whose soundtrack wasn't good, I might not have even remembered enjoying it unless it was brought up somehow. So if something happens to come up that fits here, I'll edit the post to include it below.
  13. Standing amidst the aftermath of the fight, the Tyrant raised one fist overhead like a boxer. Inside the mech's cockpit, Kansuke's smile had never been wider-- he was finally getting somewhere. No man stands taller than the last man standing. Back in the classroom, Kansuke tried his best to shake off the feeling of dismemberment that disconnecting from the Tyrant had given him. He'd been hesitant-- unwilling, almost-- to detach himself once he'd gotten a taste of what the Tyrant could do. But the mech was damaged, and he needed to get back to class. The phantom pain returned long before he got there, and as the adrenaline rush from the battle faded, so did the dull ache of his bruised ribs. "So, anyone know where those two messed up?" Kansuke figured it wasn't his place to answer, and stayed quiet. But he definitely needed to work on not getting hit so much, or else get the Tyrannous hooked up with better armor. In a street fight, he was used to tanking punches from his opponents, and had a tendency to punch above his weight-- he'd picked the Tyrannous for precisely that reason: the mech had a lot of firepower, but that was its only advantage. He had to compensate with skill, and the simulator had only taught him how to handle the controls. He had to do better. He had to be better.
  14. So yeah. Just name a game (or more if you'd like) that you've played. Games you've played that were good, but had poor soundtracks. OR games whose gameplay you didn't like, but can't deny it had a good soundtrack. Either way works.
  15. Deathslinger from Dead By Daylight(Chains of Hate update) Profession: Bounty Hunter Affliation: Hellshire Gang Power: The Redeemer - A speargun that on hit, allows Caleb to reel in his targets for a melee hit. For addons, he has some that apply status effects that make it harder to heal after getting speared, as well as ultra rare addons that let him see the auras of the other survivors while he has one speared. His perks include Gearhead(highlights gens being worked on after 2 hits), Hex: Retribution(reveals the auras of survivors trying to break totems) and Dead Man’s Switch(when he hooks his obsession, if a survivor stops working a a generator, that generator becomes blocked). He’s also slower than most killers due to having a broken leg and a smashed jaw.
  16. As Erica saw the mechs moving upwards, she tried to think on how to handle them, when she noticed the mechs stopping. She was ready for whatever came her way, but then she heard the teacher speaking. Apparently, it was all over. And just as before, she didn't make the impact she expected. Far from it, she was thoroughly blasted and her own Mech was pretty damaged. Once again the feeling of failure came to haunt her. With that, she disconnected herself from the control system and got out of the mech. She was somber the entire way back to the classroom, repeating the battle in her head over and over again. She always did that after any particularly bad match she had in Robattle, but it was more painful this time. It wasn't failing to get to the goal and score points, it was basically a combat situation where she should had been dead. Repeating this was torture and it hurted a lot, but she had to do it in order to understand what were the flaws of the situation.
  17. True to form, Towa didn't see the invisible punch to her face coming whatsoever, as it crashed into her cheekbone. Launched a few feet through the air by the impact, so lost her grip upon Rei's neck and hit the sand with a loud thud, surrounded by a loose cloud of sand that had been kicked up into the air by the commotion. Wiping a streak of blood from her mouth, she began giggling to herself. "That was a nice love-tap." She stared at Rei for a few seconds, seemingly doing nothing, before continuing, "It's not telekinesis. How about you keep showing it to me, and when I guess it right, you nod your head? I can't imagine you can talk yet." Rei wasn't interested in chatter. She sent her invisiarms forward, doing her best to immobilize the girl who went by Towa, but to her shock, they didn't meet their mark. Pushing herself up onto her hands, Towa pivoted, narrowly avoiding the attempted grapple as the pair of arms cut holes through the sand caught in the wind. "Ooooooh, do you make invisible tentacles? Like some big scary monster in such a cute little package! Towa righted herself back onto her feet, her eyes darting all around to track the pair of arms as she nimbly dodged their assault, deliberately kicking up more of the sand with each of her movements. In between Rei's attempts, Towa snuck playful glances up at her, lightly tapping at her chin with one finger, "Oh! Maybe they are long stretchy arms, like your daddy Extendo's! That's it, I think I got it! He must be so proud!" "What's it matter to you?" Towa grinned. Doesn't sound like a denial to me… She spun around in a veil of sand, appearing almost like a ballerina having the time of her life, "Can't you tell me, pretty please? I'll even show you my quirk next time we see each other <3" "Or we can just both keep it to ourselves and leave it be." Towa stopped moving, allowing the arms to grab onto her shoulders. The smile had vanished, replaced with an expression of pure rage. Would a hunch be enough? "Just tell me what it is. Don't make me kill you." Narrowing her eyes Rei moved her grip on one of Towa's shoulders to her face instead. "What? Can't you tell?" She then goes to shove Towa down to the ground. She then began to move in a circle around the girl, making her way closer to where the rest were. They felt almost like oven mitts grasping onto her. So she was right. "Careful with those arms of yours…" Behind Rei's back formed an inky shadow, hanging in mid-air. Though it would be impossible to see into it well, vague movements would be just barely visible within. "Hey, Rei-Rei?" "I think I figured out my quirk. Wanna see?" Before Towa could make use of it, however, a glowing wall of gold crashed in between the two of them, dispelling the shadow behind Rei's back and knocking her invisiarms away. A split second later, its creator arrived. Glory was fully covered in golden armor at this time, the only break being the visor he wore on his face, but even then the gold of his eyes shine through. On his back was a set of six wings of hard light, seemingly shedding glitter as they sparkled. "STAY BACK." he outstretched an arm back to her, and hard light rose up from the sand beneath her feet, quickly carrying her up and away from the beach. "I'm so sorry…" As he opened his outstretched hand, a shining sword appeared in it, but when his initial barrier dissipated, Towa was nowhere to be found. With a single flap of his wings, he made his way to Rei, making a stumbling landing as his armor and wings disappeared. He held a phone to his ear. "Yes, Todoya. Here on the beach. I don't know. Get everyone back on the bus, we're leaving." Turning to face Rei, he dropped the phone into his pocket. "I'm… so sorry. This wasn't supposed to happen… We will debrief you on everything that just happened, but first, do you require any medical attention?" He bent down, inspecting her as best he could, dismay apparent on his face when he saw the bruises already forming on her neck. "I… I'm so sorry, Konpaku… This wasn't supposed to happen. I don't know why this happened, but we will get to the bottom of this. I promise, whoever the hell she was, I'm not going to let her get away with this." "Everyone!!!" Epicenter yelled, while simultaneously sending out three large ripples of force throughout the entire beach, "Please make your way to the bus this instant! This is an emergency!" Anemonesan was the first to react, extending her tentacles to move away anything that could have hindered the students' travels back up the beach, demonstrating considerable might. "Don't worry, everyone! We will make sure you all stay safe! Please be careful as you make your way back up to the bus!"
  18. a monster that pops out in the dark to eat your ass? sounds like a melee tactics build to me. Damage Stat: Tactics Weapons/Skills: Cursed Sword, Parry Shield, Smoke Bomb, Explosive Decoy Mutations: Scheme, Initiative, Predator Summary: Our friend the grue plays a high-risk high-reward melee Tactics build, with the Cursed Sword providing the highest overall damage of any weapon in the game, which can be further amplified after using a skill (Scheme) or when he first smacks somebody (Initiative). Since the darkness mechanic in Dead Cells hurts you instead of helps you and only exists in one level, we'll go with the next-best thing and play around with invisibility instead. The Smoke Bomb and Explosive Decoy both turn our grue invisible for a duration, letting him slip out of the fray or get into a good position to start beating some asses. Once he's started his rampage, the Predator mutation will turn the grue invisible for a bit after each kill to ensure nobody can see this monster running around eating everyone. However, the grue is known to fear light, and our Dead Cells equivalent is no exception. In exchange for its absurd DPS, the Cursed Sword has the significant drawback that taking even a single point of damage from any source will instantly kill you. While all the invisibility helps, not all is lost for our hungry friend if the light shines on him. As a bit of a safety net, the grue has picked up the Parry Shield, which - as its name implies - deals significant damage to enemies if it parries an attack. Another key flaw of this build is that it can't get much mileage out of Scheme in prolonged fights, with Smoke Bomb and Explosive Decoy having respective cooldowns of 16 and 20 seconds. But that's okay, because the plan is to eat our opponents, not maim them. While an incredibly effective build in biomes, the grue may struggle in boss fights unless his parry game is on point.
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