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    • Chester had Hi'd his last "yah" as he successfully punched the Cleffa, only to be immediately be interrupted by something of an incredible wind storm. The phenomena defied all forms of logic that the Chespin was aware of, and to make matters worse he felt an incredible sense of dread as he was picked up by the wind. Not the regular kind that any normal person would feel being violently rag dolled by a spontaneous raging gale. No this was something more instinctual. Something akin to his very genes telling him that anything to do with wind would be a time for his species. Though, of course, he definitely felt the first kind of dread too.  He had his own wind knocked out of him as his back slammed against the wall. Then, being picked up again he was tossed into an entirely different wall, slamming his arm against that. Then a third gale picked up and tossed him once more. He could see his own demise coming as he knew he was going headfirst into a wall, and that typically slamming one's head into something was considered fatal. However, as his head smashed against the rocky surface he felt...nothing? His head felt fully intact and he wasn't even suffering from a headache of some kind. If anything, he felt more sorry for the wall, though these feelings were interrupted once more as the wind continued toss him about like a chew toy.      Chester's body ached all over as he awoke to the sound of a gentle wind blowing through the area. Pushing himself off the ground, Chester muttered, "what happened?" Looking around and taking note of the scenery, the boy said, "where...this certainly isn't a cave." The Chespin was shocked by the sudden six voices shouting at him, essentially expressing his own thoughts. Albeit louder. Looking to Hector the Chespin cleared his throat saying, "that is certainly the question of the hour."  Everyone's attention was then drawn to the pokemon that, as Marv - someone who had most assuredly always been a Froakie - had pointed out, was the Mythical Pokemon Jirachi. "That would certainly not be the thing I'd have expected to meet here. But," Chester looked back to the rest of the group, taking stock of them and making sure they were alright. As the moderator it was his job to ensure the safety of everyone in the group. Though, as the de facto leader as a result, it was also his job to take charge in the conversation of getting info from the wish granting pokemon. Though it seemed to be asleep and two people were already asking it questions, and as such it would be rude of Chester to interject. Though also the first set of pokemon they met that weren't them were also immediately hostile so Chester wasn't sure if conversing was even in the cards with this pokemon. Though it was also a mythical pokemon and they were not in a cave so perhaps such a thing wasn't a worry he should've been having. Though every time they had come across something new or dangerous thus far that one sided voice would warn them about it, and it certainly wasn't doing such a thing now.  The Chespin was lost in thought and decision paralysis for a moment before saying, "alright everyone make sure you aren't injured and keep your hostilities in check until this pokemon wakes up. One question at a time too!" The moderator had almost told everyone to form a single file line to ensure that they each went in a proper order, but stopped himself short before looking at the Jirachi.
    • "Uh! I guess we're going now!" Gene followed Sabrina's lead and for the most part, the plan worked...until he felt the pain again...right in his unguarded torso. His eyes went wide, feeling the sound magic and vibrations coursing throughout his body...it hurt...no, it didn't just hurt, it was PAINFUL. Right now he had two wounds from this axe wielder...and he was already feeling his consciousness falter, fatigue was already beginning to slowly creep in now. His breath was getting a bit shallow from what he could feel. Sure he could stand still, but it was obvious on one fact: Gene Eric could not keep this going. The young man was already attempting to move back away from the Axe Guardian, successfully dislodging himself from it's axe...though it hurt like a mother, huffing and panting in the process.  ...w-what...a-are...we...s-s-supposed to...do? he thought, trying to steady himself some. This was getting them no where, and he wasn't in any shape to keep going. But that was only the beginning. He glanced over to the other two and his eyes went wide with fear. The Lance Guardian had Marshall, though from what he could see...she was...she... "N-No...no no no no no no..." Gene muttered under his breath, feeling his chest get real tight for a bit. He knew what this was to an extent: hyperventilating. He could feel his heart beating a mile a minute as well. Was he...? There was no doubt about it, he was having a panic attack. Gene immediately dropped to his knees for a moment, the Aqua Star sword clanging to the ground before dissipating. ...t-t-this can't be happening...c-can't...be...happening... he thought, clutching his chest slightly, gasping for air some. They had already lost so many others... Drake, Jocelyn, Percy, they practically left them to fend for themselves, no words...nothing...and now Marshall. It was only Sabrina, Abby and himself...but with how he was feeling...he'd follow right behind Marshall. They weren't able to do much of anything right now...one step forward, ten steps back it seemed. He looked up in the direction of Abby and then at Sabrina, still trying to catch his breath. He shook his head slightly, still trying to calm himself down, though now he was seeing the Axe Guardian moving. The Guardian practically performed a jump attack, swinging it's axe in the process. Gene panicked again, immediately scrambling and tried to dodge the attack, to which he thankfully did...but barely. The axe slamming into the ground caused that sonic boom again and it struck at him, knocking him back a bit more. D-D-Damnit!! he thought, struggling to get himself up. ...s-some hero...I-I turned out to be... Gene proceeded to slam his closed fist into the ground, his whole body shaking. ...how t-the hell...a-are we supposed to beat them...?! Were his dreams of being the courageous hero just that: dreams? He was a fearless swordsman that laughed in the face of danger in his dreams, and yet, he was shaking like a leaf...he was terrified. He clenched his fists, his eyes closed tightly, trying hard not to just burst into tears. BGM Could it be that he was right along? That his step father was ri-... His fist slammed into the ground again harder than he did prior, causing his fist to bleed a bit, shaking his head fiercely. "N-No...I-I'd rather die again...b-before I ever think he was right..." he muttered weakly to himself. He did his best to steady himself, finally getting back up, his legs shaking beneath him. Gene's eyes, they had tears in them, but there was a fierceness in them...one that showed he wasn't done. To his hand, Aqua Star was summoned once more. Gene wasn't done...he couldn't be done...not after just seeing that Marshall was willing to throw her own life in the line of duty...but at the same time, he wasn't going to let HIS words be the thing that he found out were proven true about him. He shifted slightly, knowing that now the Guardian had a bit of a recovery period. This wasn't the first time this happened...now he knew something. Twirling Aqua Star in his hand a bit, Gene rushed forward towards the recovering Guardian. He rushed around him, striking at the armored being, namely at his shoulder...the one with axe. The moment he saw him move, the young man immediately disengaged and skidded to a stop near Sabrina. "...t-that should be the time then..." he said, his voice still wavering slightly. He was still shaking, his grip on the sword's hilt was deathly tight. Yes, he was still scared to death (literally), but Gene couldn't stop...not now. "...we make sure they're at a distance...do that attack...they have to recover afterwards...s-s-should be the time to strike..."
    • Ryia watched the conversation flow between the two elves and Lindow. It was becoming ever more abundantly clear that the elf was the person they were searching for - that and that he wasn't the best of liars - and that both he and the woman had no intention of going back to the other elves. The mention of the barrier had come up again and, once more, it seemed that there was nothing that was preventing them from entering the forest. Given the hostile reception they had been given by the elves she found it odd that they would set something up to keep people in rather than out, more so if it was geared towards only their own kind. Of course, Ryia had no idea the specifics of how these kinds of magic worked, or how limiting or restrictive they could be so she didn't really question it that much more. Though she did look to Madelyn, thinking if there were anyone to know about such a thing it would be her, but quickly looked back to the elven duo as Lindow had brought up the Demon Gate.  Ryia looked nervously at Lindow as he approached the elves saying, "um I don't know if-" then cutting herself off and looking to the elves. "Well um, yeah we were sent to, uh, well, look for you in exchange for information. About the uh, Demon Gate. Because we're trying to stop it." She repeated herself from earlier before saying, "So do you - would you two know anything about that?" The girl replied, "Wait so you want to turn us in? Nuh uh, no way, that can't happen. That would be, uh, really bad." "Uh, it would? I'm sorry, you can probably tell but we're not really uh, from here. We don't really know what's going on at all, well at least with uh your whole situation and only have what the elves from the uh, city. Had to tell us. Like I said we were uh, just given a job. Sort of. But, uh, what's wrong with going back?" "Um....why do you think they want us back, exactly?" "Um, we were told that there was a uh, traitor of some kind who kidnapped," she pointed to the boy, "him. And that they also had an artifact that could uh, destroy the forest?" "I said I'm no one important." The boy said unconvincingly, to which the girl sighed and shook her head. Then she said, "Artifact huh, guess that's one way of putting it. And there's a lot that could destroy the forest...ya know, if someone wanted to. But yeah, okay, I took something when I left so I can't just go back there after that." The exchange only left the girl with more questions then answers, giving a confused expression on her face. "I uh, I see?" Mulling it over for a bit she said, "but well, you both don't really seem like uh, bad people. I don't think. At the very least you're uh, not here against your will. Well, with her against your will, at least." The girl thought about it for a moment before asking, "so uh, what did you take then?"
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