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    • Was good, got real good, bit weaker end, 8.5/10
    • VS So, we're going after the airborne cavalry? While there was a bit of nervousness, Syo's voice was brimming with excitement. I might not be able to make a jetpack, but I'm sure we can get up there. Ever played Stairway to Heaven before? What’s Stairway to Heaven? The… the old song… Seriously? You must be into some super old stuff. Let’s get back to that after the sports festival though! We need a way to get up there, and then there’s the fight itself. You got a plan? Strangely, Ayane felt her mouth curl into a grin outside of her own volition. You make stuff, I make it better, fight fight fight, we win. Works for me! Ayane took a deep breath, raising up her hand. Just before throwing down to strum a low note, however, Ayane jumped forward. When the note blasted out of her amp, a platform of hard sound appeared beneath the armored girl, rocketing upward and taking her with it, before the platform stopped at her target’s height. While the platform stopped, however, the laws of inertia demanded 11-EX did not, launching up above the students in this event blessed with flight. While it made for a great view of the U.A. campus, it also introduced a whole slew of complications. Syo, I think I overshot it. I got this. The pair’s shared hands struck another chord, notably less refined than the previous, as the passed over-head of the dragon girl. Her partner is riding her back. Let’s go for it! A barrier appeared in mid-air, and after doing a horizontal three-point landing, 11-EX dove down through the air at Team Diana, roaring with excitement in a voice that sounded like the two shouting in perfect unison, “HERE WE GO!” “Shannon, behind us!” Without a word, Shannon spun around with a flap of her wings, slamming her tail into 11-EX as they approached. However, she was not prepared for the sheer strength coming her way, finding herself and Diana shooting downward from the hit, barely stabilizing herself as she scanned for the opponent once more. “Sorry! Are you holding on alright, Ms. Seigi?” “I’m fine, but…  had no idea Ayane could move or hit like that!” "We're not just Ayane!" From within the suit of armor, a glowing pink light could be seen as far as the stands, as they radiated pure power. “We’re 11-EX!” The armored pair shouted, strumming the guitar strings twice. First to create a platform beneath their feet, then again to fire a storm of large, high-pitched projectiles of hard sound at Shannon and Diana. Diana held tighter to Shannon as the smaller girl began to dart about, dodging the shots and growling. Diana used the time to look around, before whispering. “Left, we should be able to get above them again like that.” Nodding, Shannon finished dodging and shot off to the left, letting out a cry as her leg got hit by one of the projectiles. She grit her teeth and flew upward as fast as she could, making sure that she could stare down at the duo. “How do we attack that?” Shannon whispered back, feeling Diana shrug on her shoulders, “I’m not really sure what the proper steps to take are…” "Think you're getting away that easy?" With another string of notes, a pair of walls appeared on either side of 11-EX, extending all the way up to their opponents. Moving swiftly, they scrambled upward, scaling up by jumping back and forth between the two barriers. "Grrraaaagh!!!" Swinging the guitar around their back, it expanded with hard sound into an oversized sledgehammer, aimed directly at Shannon's center of mass. Shannon crossed her arms and braced for impact, taking the swing head on, but making sure Diana herself didn’t get the direct impact. She went sprawling through the air barely recovering as she coughed up a bit of blood, leaking from the edge of her mouth. “How… dare you…” Shannon growled, her whole body trembling as she looked up at 11-EX once more, before roaring her next reply, “How dare you touch me!?” Syo, we may have another problem. With a sudden burst of speed, Shannon was upon 11-EX, grabbing their face and slamming them into the very sound wall they had made, roaring again as she attempted to throw them downward. Diana held on for dear life, unable to see the draconic hero’s eyes… But to 11-EX, Shannon’s eyes gleamed with absolute bloodlust and rage. 11-EX hit the wall with a resounding “Agh!!” An exclamation of pain that they wasted no time using Compose on, covering their right hand’s fingers in a set of hard sound claws. Claws that they wanted to use to take a swing at Shannon at first, but upon being thrown by the draconic hero, they had to improvise something else. An odd scraping-like noise was made as the armored hero dug their claws into the wall, slowing their descent enough to reach for their guitar and make another pair of platforms. This time, one platform appeared just beneath their feet, and one a safe distance above their head. The front of 11-EX’s helmet briefly receded, letting Ayane’s face out in full, while sprouting from her neck was the now un-transformed head of Syo “It’s a long story!” she called out. “But if it helps, I’m not after you you! Just your points!” With that statement out to hopefully quell the dragon’s rage some - a notion Ayane honestly harbored doubts about - Syo's head returned to its helmet form, covering up her face again. If your guy from class had any ideas how to deal with her, this may be a good time to discuss them! You know, I wasn't exactly best friends with him. But I do have an ide- “Oh, so I’m just a conquest for you!?” Shannon roared out, slamming into the higher platform and hitting it with all of her might, cracks forming in it, “Just my points!? Like I would believe that! No, I tried so, so hard to ignore you… To let you be… All while wondering why U.A. let human trash in.” The cracks grew wider and wider, eventually shattering as her claw shot through, grabbing 11-EX by the head and squeezing it as hard as she could. “But you just had to come for me. You just had to make it come to a head. Well… Do try not to lose yours.”
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