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    • Nico

      Have not tried KFC's, but considering a couple other places I have tried, fast food mashed potatoes totally slap. As does honeydew milk tea.

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    • The Chayncemaniac

      How can a Digimon game have Meramon and BlueMeramon but not SkullMeramon? I know BlueMeramon and SkullMeramon are both Ultimates but c'mon, both should've been in Digimon Survive

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    • Persephone Diggen

      I know I can write the text in Hebrew, but the text is written from left to write instead of right to left, another thing, I tried the beta version of the other yu gi oh card maker website to write in Hebrew and the only place the text is written right is on the title, in the description of the card, the letters are flipped, instead of the word מגן (that means shield), it's written ןגמ. something like that. can you fix these problems? I wish I could use the original website, but the letters in Hebrew show up as weird rectangles.

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    • Thar

      Nice to know people who can hook you up with a 3080 at MSRP these days.

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    • The Chayncemaniac

      I'm gonna finish Digimon Survive on my XBOX, then I'm gonna start Stray (or maybe Spider-Man Miles Morales, haven't decided yet)

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    • As Alois had prompted Edrick to break down the next door, his own destructive urges were piqued yet again as he heard scraping from behind the room that he was looking to. "What the...?" The boy walked past the other two in the room and looked at the door. The sound of gasps and grunts could be heard accompanying the scrapes, and Alois couldn't help but wonder if their missing person was indeed behind the final door. "Cat, is that you?" The boy asked the door and was only greeted with more scraping. Curiously, though, it didn't sound as if it were scraping against the door or anything, just against something in general in the room. Raising an eyebrow at this, he looked back to the others saying, "surprise of surprises their seems to be something weird, strange even, going on behind that door. So, just leave it to the lockpicking master here." With that, Alois kicked the door as he had the previous one. Finding it to be roughly as sturdy as the door he had previously smashed off its hinges. Pulling his foot back, he nodded knowingly saying, "yep, I think I've got this lock all figured out. You just want to shift the weight a little in the metal part and then, just like that," Alois then went to charge the door, again breaking open the door. Rolling his shoulder, his arm a little sore from having just be used as an impromptu battering ram, he announced, "we're in."  With the door now no longer obstructing his vision, Alois could clearly see that the interior of this room was not so much different then the last. The bed was certainly smaller but the decor around it and the sheets that lined it didn't seem any less garish. Nor did the rest of the room for that matter, similarly having paintings and lavishly decorated walls any which way one turned. And as Alois did turn, out the window in the room he saw something of a flash of maroon pass by it. "Alright, anyone want to check what that was?"  Tsetseg smiled and nodded at Nara as she asked, "yup yup, everyone in this village is alll part of your tribe!" As Acantha had responded to their calls, Tsetseg beamed up, excited to have another member of the town patrol ready to help them out. Giving a wave to the littler girls as they were dismissed back to their home, Tsetseg looked to Acantha as she was awaiting an explanation. The archer opened up her mouth, yet ready once more to explain the current situation but Cora had seemed to get in the topic first. Tsetseg didn't seem to understand what Acantha had meant by calling them suspicious in the first place, considering herself to be one of the most trustworthy people she knew, and thus was only confused by Cora trying to cover for her. All the same, the girl smiled and nodded saying, "yeah, yeah! So there's bad people here that need stopping! Mhm."  
    • Kaede was discombobulated and dizzy amidst the crush of people between the snakes. She scrambled to avoid a snapping jaw, rushing back and bumping into- “Jeremy?! Ibuz?!?” She grabbed onto the man’s jacket instinctively, looking up at him with wide eyes. She held up the bag, waving it slowly due to it’s heft. “Ka-san’s in here! I have to get her somewhere safe! I don’t know what- EEEE!” She shrieked as she was forced to jump away from a scything tail, her train of thought derailed as thoroughly as the snakes now were.  She barely heard Jeremy calling to her above the hubbub to use Flare. She jumped on top of a fallen mailbox, scrambling back atop the horse that Sarashina rode, grabbing onto the back of her cloak to steady herself. “Uuuum, okay okay okay, I can- RUSH!” She gabbled out the words of the spell, and in her haste, she channeled it through her hand to target not herself, but the horse she was barely clinging on to. The mistaken target saved her hide, as the beast of burden surged forth to avoid what could have been a clipping shot into a comfortable miss. “Oh god, oh god,” she wheezed, having almost fallen off the horse. “I can… I can make the horse go faster, keep them from-” she was cut off again by hearing Jeremy calling for the signal. How were things happening so quickly?  “Oh god, FLARE!” The word was in ancient Coptic, and it summoned a burst of rainbow colored fire from the flailing scroll of the Library as Kaede held onto it with one hand for dear life, the other holding onto Sarashina like grim death. The flames burst outward toward the serpent, Kaede leaning back in response to the sudden burst of heat that it generated. - - - - - - - Savage Face-Off Kess hurtled toward Leo, making a punch at his center of mass. Bringing his bat up and holding it vertically, he absorbed the blow, skidding back a few inches. Energy seemed to vent from the bat, as Leo had used his ability to dampen the impact to his weapon. "You're fast, but that blow was extra weak. Give this a try!" The glow on the aluminum bat increased to a flash, as it was released in Kess's direction in the form of a wave of concussive force. Kess dove backward out of the hallway, smirking as a horde of cubicles immediately swarmed her, the wooden partitions shattering on impact as they unwittingly got between Kess and Leo’s attack.  She charged at Leo again, but this time she had a large splintered slab of cubicle wall in each hand. She forced power into her arms, her left shoulder where she had hit the wall on her way in burning with pain as the muscles in it were forced into overworking themselves. The two pieces of cubicle flew through the air at Leo, with Kess ducking low, ready to scythe her leg up to smack Leo in the side. “You think that’s gonna scare ME off? I just dove into a walking TOWER, you MORON!” "We in the same tower you daft cunt, what kinda flex is that?" Leo cast forward his handful of dust, placing a cloud of debris between himself and the incoming attacks that immediately shone bright pink and exploded. Kess didn’t seem deterred at all, diving straight into the cloud of debris that blew up as a result. The moment she was clear of it, however, she was met with Leo diving downward from the ceiling, swinging his bat in a long arcing trajectory, "SLEDGE IMPACT!"  
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