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    • J'adoube Takehiko heard Glory signalling the end of the first event. He took out a breath before looking around a bit before he left. "Well... hopefully they don't mind this too much." He reared his arm back near a building, punching out a window and collecting the glass from it in a small carrying bag he had on him. He did this for a few more before he nodded, seemingly having enough before making his way out of the testing area. _____________________________________________ Takehiko blinked as he looked up at the scoreboard, the Chess Hero had placed quite a bit higher than he would have realistically expected. He scanned over the list of potential teammates as he listened to Orikami. โ€Something you students may notice is that the scores displayed here do not directly match the number of rescues you performed. Instead, each rescue was weighted based on the danger involved. Additionally,โ€ย the third place spot on the board flashed green, highlighting its occupant,ย โ€the third place contestant, Kawashima Risa, was awarded a large mass for saving another student from a crisis on the testing ground. Not that such a feat would be unexpected for the second daughter of the late Kawashima Yozo, the original bearer of the title Glory, and once the headmaster of this very school.โ€ Takehiko hummed as he saw the spot flash, it was definitely good that someone managed to catch the eye of the school, hopefully that meant heat would be off of him. He grinned, finding his position in the rankings perfect. 7th, so he would be worth some points but he also wouldn't be perceived as an easy target. In an event like this being near the middle was probably the best of both worlds. Which caused his eyes to scan closer to the middle of the board, "Let's see... I do have -that- that I want to try out..." He lifted his sack a bit, looking and making sure there were no tears in the finely-crafted leather bag he had saved for this, carrying broken glass he was still a bit concerned about after all. Sun, Rika, Ayane, or Ben. Takehiko's eyes continued to scan specifically the center of the board, before finally he seemed to stop on Rika, "Wait... that could definitely work..." He gives a smirk as he turned and walked over to the Chameleon girl, giving a polite bow, "Rika, I do believe it would be beneficial for us to partner up. Your abilities are actually a bit perfect for what I have planned. Though... if you accept we need to get out of earshot of everyone else." Rika's eyebrow raised for a moment as the boy approached her, before she brought up a finger, "Me? I can play defense pretty well here, I'm not sure what else I can do this round. But..." She tapped at her cheek for a moment, "If you say so. Atsushi is already mingling with others, I think he has his own plans this round. Which means I need to figure out my own way forward." Takehiko gives a small laugh as he motioned her away from the rest of the teams, "Oh no worries, I think that we can be one of the more aggressive teams with my plan." He grins as he started to explain his plan to her, showing her the decent amount of glass he had collected, a faint glimmer possibly catching in some of the other contestants' eyes. Rika closed her eyes for a moment, her hand rubbing at her cheek for a moment, "If we get thrown in the air, how well can you swap between the two modes? If you can create pawns fast enough to catch us, then go back to the new mode, we have a really low chance of getting disqualified, which would be our biggest concern with this strategy... If that's too much to ask, I'll have to try and catch us using other people, which is significantly harder..." He hums and taps his cheek, "This is a newer mode so I can't guarantee I can switch between them fast enough. In an emergency I probably can but when I don't have enough focus I'd probably use all of my reserve material to make up for it. So I'd say I can do it once with the material I collected extremely fast, luckily pawns don't require any so I can go into that mode but quickly switching back to the mode would require either enough focus and time or a surplus of material to make up for it. Though I believe we have our plan figured out then, no?"
    • Another that took a bit to get into, but was into, then it kind of overstayed its welcome a bit? It was a roller-coaster, 7.5/10
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