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    • "Perhaps you mean no harm but if I let you through and you wish ill upon the p-the others we'll be even worse off than before. This town has been cursed, yet you walk around freely, I have no reason to believe you aren't the one causing this." Abdul was disappointed, but not surprised by the knight’s response. Although he had hoped that this knight would be more willing to accept aid when his charge was likely in danger. Unfortunately, this knight’s common sense was woefully lacking, causing him to block the entrance like a stubborn mule refusing to pull a cart. Just as he was about to give the knight a piece of his mind, Abdul saw the tide of the battle within turning against the warriors. The statue’s magic waxed fearsomely, bathing the room in its ghost-light. Then, with a whip of its tail, the statue managed to cripple several warriors at once. Upon seeing this construct only grow more powerful by the second, Abdul eyes grew wide as he slowly backed away from the door and its knightly barricade. How could this so-called knight stand idle as his charges were being slain by a fearsome creature? Could it be sheer cowardice that was keeping him from the fight. Perhaps this knight was not a part of this group, but was its executioner, a hangman tightening the noose around their necks. Or was his fear of “curses” upon the town clouding his judgement and causing him to fear any foreigner wielding magic? A crash from behind him drew Abdul’s attention away from the fight to the sight of the fox bolting down the street, leaving its rider in a heap on the ground. If he could not save those within the building, at least he could attempt to escape with a survivor. He turned his back on the knight and approached the young woman. “Are you injured? We must escape this place before that thing manages to escape!”  
    • With only marginal worry and distress, Citron and Peaches pressed forwards, towards Alois. He gave her quick instruction - confirming her own thoughts about the nature of the weapon being given to her - and as soon as she had the axe in hand, she steered Peaches back towards the ceiling. That was her role to play here, right? Stay near the ceiling, stay away from the statue for now, until she had to act-- until it came to the sky, and it was up to her. Nervous, Citron swung against the air a couple of times, doing her best to reassure herself. The weight was… Different, compared to what she was used to in a lumber axe. Steadying herself on Peaches’ back with one hand, the axe itself was fairly unwieldy, or maybe it was her arms that were unwieldy? She couldn’t tell. What she could tell however, was that the center of balance was… Was different, way off compared to what she was expecting. “Right. Okay. Breath. Focus.” She reminded herself, eyes narrowing on the statue as it turned and swept in it's attack. Logically, if it kept sustaining damae, it would probably try to retreat into the air, and that's when she had to make her move; that's what Penelope meant by "we'll have to rely on you", she reasoned, as she continued to wait.
    • "Get back here you little devil!" Jun's angered, shouting voice could be heard through the campus as she chased after the monster. At first, she had been nothing more than confused and curious by it. She had thought there was some kind of duel going on, but after a few seconds of looking it was pretty clear that such a thing wasn't taking place anywhere near her. More curiously, the innocent creature didn't really seem to do anything more than hop around, until it spotted Jun and slowly hopped over towards her. She figured it looked harmless enough, and were she not so used to it she probably would've even thought it was cute - though such charm had been lost a long time ago. All the same, curious about it, the girl approached  it and leaned it to see what it had to do.  Once it had gotten close enough, the two simply stared at each other for a moment, before the monster's eyes drifted upward. Then, in a moment, it jumped and tackled into her face. It hit about as hard as cotton ball, though the creature was still big enough and had the element to surprise of it that Jun's head jerked back as the creature hit her. Annoyed, the girl said, "what was that fo-" her eyes then fixated on the creature, as it was now wearing a hat quite similar to hers. Identical, even. Reaching up, the girl patted her hat-less head, and looked blankly at the creature. It, in turn, seemed quite pleased with itself, before beginning to mischievously hop away from her.  And now we are at present times.  The now hat-less Jun had ran quite furiously, and faster than one would expect, as she chased the creature throughout the campus. In her fury, she didn't really register how many other monsters there were, with how little duels were going on. Though, she was forced to as she suddenly tripped, her momentum being broken. Falling face into the dirt, the girl looked back to see what she had tripped over, only to see a rather clueless plant with one eye sprouting out of the ground and looking away. As it looked to Jun, the girl was sufficiently creeped out, though it didn't seem to do anything more than hop away and plant itself back into the ground.  No longer running, the girl started breathing heavily and felt fatigued, not being what one would consider a peak athlete. The monster with her hat still seemed pleased with itself as well, simply waiting around her, as if waiting for her to try and chase it again. Looking rather annoyed and tired, the girl pulled out her phone and took a picture of the hat thief. She then proceeded to send a text to her Captain.  To: ToonLoon  From now on, you're finding a new currency to pay me with.   Attached was a picture of the culprit.
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