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      A section for organizing and running events for the site, such as Member Brawls or Halloween Masquerades.

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      A place to post any decks you've made using custom cards.

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      Post all card-making contests here. All TCGs/CCGs are welcome!

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      Anything out of the ordinary would go here. Experimental cards go in this main forum.

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      Post custom cards for any other card game here! Both singles and sets are allowed.

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    1. 641
    2. Magic the Gathering

      For discussing all aspects of the Magic the Gathering Card Game.

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      For discussing all aspects of the Hearthstone Card Game.

    4. Bushiroad Games

      For discussing all aspects of the Cardfight!! Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight, & Weiß Scharwz Card Games.

    5. Other TCG

      For discussing more obscure/less popular TCGs.

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      For planning Advanced or Casual RPs

    2. Advanced RP

      For larger, and more structured, RPs

    3. Casual RP

      For smaller RPs with looser rules

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      A place to put your fanfictions, original works, or poetry.

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      For showing off your graphic skills.

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      For posting about media from Moonland.

    4. TV & Literature

      To talk about the movie/TV Series based upon the book based upon the movie based upon the TV series based upon the book.

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      For the bleep bloops and the BANG BANG BANGS!

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      For all those sweet tunes.

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      Don't fall off the carousel, or else you'll meet the devil!

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    Yearly NCM Costs

    This goal covers the costs for NCM for the entire year, as mentioned the website will continue to function regardless of the goal being met.

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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Just Plain Blake

      God, I'm gonna sound like an angsty teen, but it sucks when there's no one around you that understands a part of you that you really wish they did. It's lonely.

      1. This update has no replies.
    • God of Losing Starters

      Go to record a bit to see audio levels for when I move my blog over to video and either my mic quality has gotten worse since I used it, or I am quieter than I thought I was. Have to increase my speakers to about 60 in order to somewhat make out what I am saying as opposed to my usual 6. Have only actually used the mic once so I have no clue whether or not it is actually fine.

      1. Yui

        the secret is to just scream every line like you're getting chainsawed in half

      2. God of Losing Starters

        Well, after fiddling around with mic settings, I've got the problem solved. If it can pick up my mouse clicking then it can pick up my voice. Now to wait for Premiere to finish downloading so I can fiddle around with it.

    • Thar

      New episode is up. Going with the video format this time, as well as a much more obscure game. Enjoy!


      1. LordCowCow

        Can't watch now but imma try and remember later tonight.

    • Enguin

      Well yes, most people come here just for cardmaker because it is better some others. Even I wasnt gonna bother socializing, but being alone is shitty. Events are really the funniest things here. Why dont you just host a monthly Dueling Network tournament where 50 or less members that pay a slightly large fee to enter and duel throughout the week and the next? Idk just an idea. People that place will be given great rewards that encourage people to come here and such.

      1. Thar

        Such and here come to people encourage that rewards great given be will place that people. Idea an just Idk? Next the and week the throughout duel and enter to fee large slightly a pay that members less or 50 where tournament Network Dueling monthly a host just you dont why. Here things funniest the really are Events. Shitty is alone being but, socializing bother gonna wasnt I even. Others some better is it because cardmaker for just here come people most, yes well.

      2. LordCowCow

        oshit its the guy and he said the thing

      3. Mr Spaz

        A Dueling Network tournament? Might have some trouble there.

    • Flame Dragon

      Galarian Slowbro is Poison/Psychic-type. It has the new Ability Quick Draw and the new move Side Arm Smash, which only it can learn. It Poisons the opponent and does Physical or Special damage based on which does the more damage

      Why don't more signature moves in Pokemon do this?

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    • "You two are silly. What's so surprising about walking? That's what feet and legs are for after all." Hana said, patting her thighs as if she had to explain what she meant. "I...get lost. A lot."  "Well have I got a tip for you! Never worry about where you're going and you'll never be lost a day in your life!" Hana was proud of this particular advice. It worked for her so far. After all she didn't know where she was and she found this place right? It seemed to have left her memory that it was the others who actually located the store. To her all that mattered was that she made it there. "stealing is bad. So, I should finish shopping first." Hana hit her open palm with a fist and nodded. "Okay gang. We have our mission. We will help the noodle queen with finding her way after we have finished our own shopping." She pointed at the girl "Don't leave without us! We will be the shepherds to your sheep. The...the butter to your toast. No, wait....I lost it. Well whatever just wait for us mkay?" She then grabbed her carts again. "Let's go team. We still have plenty to pick up. Double time!" Hana would then attempt to get them to get the rest faster than they had been. Which was made slightly more difficult as she tended to grab armfuls of everything that was on the list. Grabbing things left and right without hesitating to even count what she was taking. Every time she got within sight of the ham that was on sale she'd give it a side-eye and, the second they got close to it, she tried to grab one whole ham and sneak it into the cart along with everything else.
    • 5/10, kinda just there Good music, voices don't quite hit with me together, 7/10
    • -April 16th, 2000-
      -9 AM-
      -Front Entrance, Diluculo Branch 25- "We will not be splitting up. We are hunting for a supposed amalgam of a creature, with exaggerated features, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for any signs of unnatural life. I assume you will be able to help us with that, Cucuy?" The major looked Lucia in the eye as she spoke, "After all, you have spent much time with animals, have you not? The rest of you do what you can. I don't fully believe the information we've been given, but it's best to stay on our toes. Move out." Akiko nods, frowning to herself as she spoke up, "Apologies, Major Volkov, but it came to my attention that you harbored what seemed to be some sort of disdain for Major Drake when you spoke with him? Is he an entity that we should be more careful around?" She scratches her cheek, "I know it doesn't have that much to do with the mission but I couldn't help but notice the slight tone change you had when you were speaking with him. Kinda like how I think I sound around Pervert." She'd begin walking with the rest of the girls and Cade to follow Nika, keeping a hand down towards her thigh with the shuriken pouch, "An amalgam with ex...age...rated features? That doesn't sound like any kind of animal I'd be aware of besides maybe some stuff in movies." Akiko frowned at her uncertainty of if she may have misunderstood that word in particular.  "Hey, you guys?" She glanced over to the other 3 members of the group, "My Id isn't very combat-focused as you all know but I can probably be a good distraction if any of you need anything like time to activate your own Ids, I know Cucuy's Id well enough but figured I should ask if there's anyone I should prioritize keeping an... enemy? Away from?"
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