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    • Before he knew it, Sen's eyes laid themselves upon the shining peak of Mt. Olympus.  His face remained calm, but on the inside, his nerves were rapidly firing off.  Just the site alone of a place as mythical as this was enough to send shivers down his spine.  This is where many humans had come to fight for their gods...and now it was his turn.  What an honor this was.  He hadn't realized, but he had stood in awe of the scenery for five minutes straight.  What snapped him back to reality was a light pat on the back from Susanoo.   "I like our Eastern Temples better, but you gotta admit...the Greeks sure did have quite the aesthetic taste.  Wouldn't you agree, Sen-chan?"  Sen did agree with Susanoo.  The architecture of the Greeks, and in turn the pantheon, were a marvel to behold.  But the simplicity and functionality of Eastern architecture was peak design...though he realized he might've been a bit biased.  Then, a question popped in his head. "Lord Susanoo, why is it that the gods convene on Mt. Olympus?  Why pay so much favoritism to the Greek gods?"  Susanoo, at the question, rubbed his chin. "We gods are a fickle bunch.  We do whatever we please on a whim, just because we're that strong.  So the strongest of the gods are the ones we admire the most."  Susanoo sighed.  "I'd hate to admit it myself, but Zeus is the strongest out of all of us.  He keeps the others in line, along with Odin and The Jade Emperor.  We might be all powerful, but we have rules here."  He flashed a smile towards Sen, and gave him a harder smack on the back.  "But with Ragnarok, that could all flip on it's head, right?  Whoever wins gets to run the show!  It's been pretty boring since YAWEH won last time, so I hope something fun happens this go round!  You'll make sure to that, won't you Sen-Chan?"   "Stop with that, Lord Susanoo.  Don't get too familiar with me."  Sen and Susanoo walked side by side as they approached the door to the main chambers of Olympus.  There, two other contestants had shown up before him.  He made it just in time for one of them to introduce themselves to the Pantheon of gods that crowded the room, anxious to see the new contestants for the Rumble.   ”I am Icarus. Son of the inventor Daedalus, appointed by the Titan Prometheus. I am here to represent Humanity.” Whispers from the crowd of deities erupted.  They eventually became drowned out by the thunderous clapping of the one and only Zeus, who stood in the center of the room. "Oho!"  He laughed, with a surprised look on his face, "Prometheus huh?  Haven't heard that name in a long time!  A Titan's name hasn't been uttered in Olympus since I killed my Father!"  He then tapped his temple, with a confused look on his face.  "But you're representing humanity, and not Prometheus, huh?"  He slapped his knee, while laughing heartily once more, his laugh alone causing the chambers of Olympus to shake.  "That's something that old coot would do, isn't it?!?!  HAHAHAHA!"  The other gods joined in on the laughter.  After a while, it had died down.  Zeus wiped a tear from his eye, and flicked it in Icarus' direction.  "Well...let's hope you don't fly too close to the sun again!  I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do, human."   Before long, more competitors had entered the arena.  He took it upon himself to step up next to Icarus, to face the gods despite every fiber of his being telling himself to kneel before them. "I am Urato Sen, representing Susanoo.  Thank you for allowing me to take part in this Ragnarok.  Although I am merely human, I hope that you'll look upon my battles as something legendary."   A rambunctious, muscle-clad woman was the next to step in line, alongside the other three. "The name's Jaya Randhawa!  I'll be representing Kali in this rumble!"  She looked to the two boys by her side and smirked.  "Y'all look kinda pathetic.  Hope you fight better than ya look!" A respectable, silver-haired man stepped in line after her, bowing to the various pantheons before them. "I am Lin Ju!  I shall be representing Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, in this Ragnarok.  I am humbled before the gods."  He dropped to his knees, and planted his head into the floor of the chamber.  "Thank you for this opportunity.  I shall not let it go to waste."  Picking himself up off the floor, he looked upon where his forehead smacked the ground.  He pointed to it as he looked at the other contestants.  "Hey, you know what this stuff is made of?  That should be a crater right about now."   "Uhm...it is made by the gods after all."  Lin Ju jumped to the side, to reveal a young androgynous person, who had been hidden behind his muscular figure.  When revealed, they sheepishly put a black book in front of their face.  "Uhm...uh...My name....My name is Jessie Lovecraft....and I uh...I'm representing the old one...Cthulhu."  Another eruption of whispers came from the peanut gallery, as Zeus' face lit up with a look of confusion.   "Who?"  Zeus questioned, with a raise of his eyebrow. "The...The old one...the oldest one...."  They whispered back, their face turning paler by the second.  "Cthulhu..."  They said in a barely audible whisper.  Zeus dug a finger into his temple, twisting it around.   "I've never heard of this...Cthulhu before...but you would not be here without an invitation from a god.  This is..." Zeus clapped his hands and smiled, "Amazing!  To think there's a deity out there that I haven't met.  Where is this Cthulhu?!  Is he strong?"   From behind their book, Jessie whimpered.  "Th-the strongest.  He resides at the bottom of the deepest trenches of the ocean...he's sleeping right now...but...but..."  Jessie dropped the book from their face, their posture becoming straight and powerful, their face was cold as ice as they spoke.  "If he were to wake, there would be no more Olympus.  I hope to wake him by winning Ragnarok."  The stare made most of the gods shiver, as if they looked into the abyss.  Jessie once again placed the book in front of their face, shrinking back into their more sheepish demeanor.  "S-sorry about that."   "Do not apologize!  Boasting for one's god is nothing to be sorry for, young Lovecraft!"  A man with pale blonde hair, and glorious armor, was next for introductions.   "I am Sigurd, slayer of dragons, and representor of Thor!  I hope this Ragnarok goes by without a hitch!  Maybe I'll even win this time around!  Haha!"   In contrast to the heroic aura of Sigurd, a low creaking could be heard from beside him.  The wheezy creak turned into a full on cackle.  The one it came from was a man in a metallic mask.   "You're all disgusting."  The thing then pointed towards the rest of the gods.  "As are all of you!"  The man gripped his face mask, before bowing, flipping everyone off with the other hand.  "I am nobody.  I'll be representing Lucifer Morningstar, but I couldn't care less!  HEHEHE!"  His posture went from bowing, to the complete opposite, arching his back low enough that his head almost touched the ground.  "I just want to see what a god tastes like!"  Whispering came from the gods once more, this time they were audibly disgusted by the man's demeanor.   "You could come take a piece whenever you'd like..."  Zeus ushered the man forward with a taunt from his finger.   "YAHOO!"  Nobody roared, as he lunged forward towards Zeus, killer intent seeping from every pore in his body.  "RIP!  RIP!  RIP YOU OPEN!"  He cackled, before being knocked unconscious.  His body fell from the air, a couple feet away from Zeus.  The clicking of high heels could be heard, as a devilishly attractive woman approached his now paralyzed body.   "I'd rather my contestant not be turned into atoms before the tournament even starts."  She kicked Nobody's body across the room, and back into line.  Her demeanor changed to a cheery one, as she clasped her hands together.  "Sorry for the interruption everybody.  Let's continue introductions!"  From the Pantheons, a large, reptilian god stood forth. "I am the Mighty Sobek, the god of the Nile!  My competitor is too large to occupy this room, so introductions will have to wait for them.  On behalf of the Nile, I apologize."  He returned to stand beside the other Egyptian Deities who gave him a rather stinky glare.   "It seems we still have two attendees missing..."  Zeus said, with a bit of impatience in his voice.  "Let's do a little mingling whilst we wait, shall we?"  
    • The chase was on! Alice pursued the gargoyle-like spirit through the halls, around corners, through offices, and up a couple staircases as well. The staircases were particularly troublesome, what with the thing having wings and all. It was as it entered an office that only had one door that Alice was convinced she had this taken care of. "Nowhere to run now, you overgrown decoration!" The spirit sat perched atop the table, the way a regular gargoyle would sit on a piece of gothic architecture, staring her down. No rumbling noise, no raised arms, and certainly no running away. It must have accepted its fate! Or at least, that's what Alice told herself as she strode on up to the spirit. Right as she stepped up to the table, within swinging range of the gargoyle, the floor seemed to open up beneath her feet, nearly dropping her through. Alice grabbed the ledge of the open floor, glaring daggers up at this spirit that had tricked her. Come ooooooon. I'm already running out of breath as it is! I'm a sprinter, not a marathon runner. As Alice began to pull herself up, the gargoyle moved from its perch. It looked down at Alice. Then at her hands. It lifted up one of its feet. "Don't you dare." But it dared. The gargoyle set its foot down on one of Alice's hands, grinding its foot against the fingers until Alice was forced to let go. Now dangling by one hand, Alice took a deep breath. This was probably not the best time to try out that Soulblast thing, but she really didn't feel like having a fall because of hesitation. How was one supposed to channel the energy, anyway? Aki didn't go over that. For now, she'd have to just go with what was familiar to her. And so, Alice imagined as if her arm was a storm cloud, illuminated by arcs of lightning coursing through and bringing what overly religious types would probably call the Lord's fury down upon the imaginary little people living on the inside of her raincoat sleeve. Although it was loose and haphazard because she was rushing it, energy built up around Alice's free arm as she focused on that mental image. And then she swung her arm up into the spirit's leg as it prepared to step on her other hand, crumbling the foot into rubble and throwing the spirit's balance off. Out a foot and pretty off-balance, the spirit backed away to regain its literal lost footing, buying Alice the time needed to grab the edge and nearly get herself back up.
    • The hall shook greatly with each strike...and for good reason. The strange bird-human spirit hybrid and John were simply trading blow after blow with one another. Where the spirit would attempt to strike with it's powerful kicks, John was able to simply defend against them by redirecting the initial attack before delivering one right back at it. Of course, this is where the spirit seemed to catch on and learn during the fight, in which it even started to attack in a most aggressive manner. Where one attack was deflected and redirected, another one was immediately followed up with and definitely knocked John back a few times. ...seem to be getting nowhere with this bird... John thought, his breathing somewhat shallow due to the pressure he was being put under by this bird's attacks. He simply observed the spirit to the best of his ability for a moment or two, with the latter opposition simply tweeting and dancing in victory, obviously seeming like it was the winner out of the two of them. "Hmph...quite the overconfident one, aren't we?" The bird let out an angry squawk before rushing towards John once more, preparing a double kick at the ESPer. However, it didn't account for something that John immediately did. Swiftly, the young detective removed his trench-coat and tossed it in front of the bird spirit, to give both a distraction but also blind the spirit's sight from John for a bit. Enraged by this, the bird kicked at the trench-coat in an attempt to hit the ESPer...but all it hit was the coat and simply moved it out of the way, while it's powerful kick was sent directly into the nearby locked door to records. However, what it felt after that was it's other leg immediately being swept out from under it, as John was crouched down low enough to sweep the bird's leg out. "Lost the bravado now I see." John smirked, watching the spirit careen towards the floor with a loud thud. Before it had a chance to get back up, John immediately hopped on top of the bird and placed his hand right on the beak of the spirit. He exhaled slowly, recalling what Aki said during the bout with that centipede dragon... "It's called a soulblast. It's pretty efficient, I'd say, but it takes some practice." "It may take some practice...but at this point...we don't have the luxury of plenty of practice." he sighed, closing his eyes some. The energy around his arm and hand was already reacting hard to what he was doing. "Sometimes it's best to just learn in the field from first hand experiences." He exhaled again, feeling something in his hand...the feel of it...it must've been the soul of the spirit in front of him. John immediately opened his eyes...just in time to see the bird burst into ghostly feathers and into thin air. "Well...that's one distraction down. Though I'll have to thank it..." he glanced over at the once locked records room door, which was now off the hinges and lying on the floor in the room. "...it gave me access to exactly what I wanted." John stood up, the energy fading from his arms and legs as he picked up his trench-coat, tossing it back on. "Now, let's see what we can find on our deceased employee and this boss monster." The investigation was still on!
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