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      New Revolutionary Girl Utena blog post as we cross the halfway point of the show.


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      Channeler Wynn searches Koa'ki Meiru Doom, and Aussa and Dharc will search Gallis and Birdman... 😮

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      Ok, I've now become REALLY interested in how Yugioh packs are done. I haven't cracked one in over a decade so anyone want to break down a Yugioh pack for me?

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      I am part of every RPG on this site. My character is YCMaker. Try to find my entries in the RPs.

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      Exceptional Expertise, Rising Nova CONT VC When riding this unit, instead of choosing Imaginary Gift: Force 1 or 2, you get Imaginary Gift: Force 1 and 2. ACT VC COST: SB1 Choose up to two of your G3 rear-guards, this unit gets all abilities of those units. This ability can only be used by this card's name once per turn.

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    • The electrical monster they saw before them lowered his arms, and paused his assault.  He seemed to be conflicted about the whole situation.  They could use that to their advantage here.  After all, they couldn't really keep up this fraudulent hero work up much longer.  He rubbed the back of his head, and kicked the ground beneath him.   "Welp, guess there's no helping it now.  Not like we can put you under arrest or anything."  Juryo placed his hands in the air above his chest, holding them close.  "Yeah, we got an all you can eat buffet just around the block.  And the government's picking up the tab.  You interested?"  After a slight pause, the electric monster shrank back to it's original disguise as a human.  He wore a scowl like none other, baring his fangs at all of the students.  "You better not be pullin' some kind of shitty trick, punks!  I'll go on a rampage if you do!"   Juryo laughed at the boy, which caused him to fume. "Relax.  We really don't have to fight you.  Not like you're causin' any ha-"  Juryo looked around the torn up store, and the quivering merchant behind the desk.  He took a stride over, and whispered to the man.  "Hey pal, if you promise not to tell anyone what went down here today, our school will pay for all the property damage.  Just send a letter to Hairo Academy, would ya?"  Juryo flashed the man a thumbs up, before he shakily responded with his own thumbs up.  "Great."  Juryo nodded, before walking out the door, not before picking up the things that they had actually come for.  "Well, let's get going then, yeah?  I'm sure you'll love the new place." Once the group had returned back to school, the expression of their guess turned sour. "WHAT THE HELL!  ISN'T THIS IS HAIRO!?  I SAID I WASN'T JOINING YOUR SHITTY SCHOOL!" "Calm down man.  You don't have to do anything, but you can stay here and not get in trouble."  Juryo led them all to a storeroom that was located near the dorms.  Inside were some mats, and in the corner was a generator chugging like it's life depended on it.  "It ain't much, but it's a lot better than having to steal from local businesses right?  Just don't go running up the electric bill too hard.  Don't want any eyebrows being raised around here."  Juryo sighed.  "If you need anything, just sneak to my room, and knock.  And don't go letting our teacher know that you're here...otherwise things might get nasty for you."  "Why are you doin' all this for a guy like me?  Didn't I beat the crap out of all of you?"  Juryo laughed once more. "Listen, I hate this place just as much as you do...so any way I can be a thorn in the government's side is something I can get behind.  This was just a thorn that I came up with."  With a snide smile, Juryo turned to the boy.  "Welcome to Hairo Academy." As the woman brought her attention toward the monster of office supplies - or more accurately - the boy who seemed to be "controlling" it, a small beep came from her wrist. Then a second one. As she rolled up her sleeve and looked at the watch underneath it, a sour expression crossed her face. As much as she didn't enjoy tangling with a bunch of dumb kids, this was much more important. "I didn't account for you three standing up to defend this man. Aspiring heroes or something? Lucky for you, I'm about to be late to an important meeting if I don't start moving, and fast. Ciao, children... and try not to pick fights with the grown-ups anymore, would you?"  With that, using Miyu as a springboard, the woman propelled herself across the store, making a sharp turn and bolting out the door before turning and running off too quickly for the others to keep track of her.  Miyu attempted to throw out a chain to grab her ankle as she shot past, but failed miserably, as she tumbled into what seemed to be a monster made of office supplies.  Was this Yu's friend.   Before she could realize, the woman had escaped, forcing Miyu to groan in aggravation.   "Are you kidding me!  That was my shot at skipping my way straight to heroinedom!"  Miyu collected herself, before looking for the other boys in the store.  "Geez...couldn't you have done a little more?  And can't you tell Theodore to be a little nicer?  I thought I was gonna get caught in the crossfire there?"  She sent a puff of hair to her bangs, blowing them out of her face.  "Man...I couldn't get paired up with bigger losers if I tried!"  With the store in shambles, Miyu shrugged.  "I guess we can do one good thing today.  You boys, get to cleaning!  I'll be your beautiful cheerleader!  Now let's GO! GO! GO!"   After much effort, the store was put back together in a somewhat normal fashion, although Miyu had since torn up the provocative cardboard cutouts on 'accident'.  As they rounded up all the supplies they had came here for, Miyu strode up to the counter and placed the Hairo Credit Card on the counter.  She wasn't sure if the man had been beat up too badly, but she'd already called the police while the other two cleaned up.  Thankfully, he was in a good enough condition to ring them up.  After they walked out of the store, Miyu held two bags of supplies aloft into the air.  "Alright boys!  Shopping time!!!!!" With a distracting punch in the side, the kid with tentacles was able to position himself in just the right position to launch another assault on her.  She went to punch the boy as he made his way to her, but she was visibly woozy now, no thanks to the drop in temperature around the area.  As the boy wrapped tentacles around her jugular, she collapsed to her knees.  She desperately struggled to reach for something to eat, anything, almost resorting to taking a bite out of the boys tentacles themselves, but to no avail.  Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she fell to the ground unconscious.  Her snores were almost enough to shake the store, as she reverted back to her original self.  In the meantime, a group of terribly costumed heroes swooped in to take over the scene.  They shooed the Hairo students away, but not before scolding them for acting so irrationally as civilians without Hero Licenses.   The news vans and police were the next to show up, as the rag tag group of heroes proclaimed to take credit for taking down the Insatiable Devil that had plagued their district for some time now.   Later That Night On the opposite side of the dorms, across the walkway to the school, lied a larger building used for recreational activities.  It was still just as beat up as the rest of the facilities seemed to be around here, but it was a place for all of the students to relax and wind down.  It had older video game consoles, and various other things such as a billiards table, shogi boards, chess boards, and playing cards.  Juryo sat on a couch, looking at the ceiling, waiting for others to file in to lay some news on them.   "What a day..."
    • I Think It’s Time We Blow This Scene Caleb could feel the hostility in the dog’s voice. It obviously wasn’t directed at him, or, if it was, it was in an “I don’t need more work right now” sort of way, which he could respect. Everyone who’d ever provided anything had been there, and he was no exception. Even still, being pushed down Hinder’s agenda only let the other simmering resentments come to the surface, and his mood quickly soured right around to where it’d been just moments ago. He shouted after the dog. “I mean, you’ll know it when you see it. Aren’t too many swords like it on the island- in all Naviim, even. So just keep an eye out, okay? But yeah, I’ll be there.” Get Everybody’s Stuff Together Aiden had wished the watchdog the best luck he could, and that was nice and all, but he dared not watch the confrontation further. There was something cursed about Simon Weatherson in his mind, and the less he had to deal with him or his ilk, the better. That was his secret, that was why he felt compelled to inform others of Galatea’s ills. Someone had to do it, he just always hoped it would not be him. All he wanted to do was manage the flame. But, just like that, the impulse came back. Galatea was without water. It was not a problem he was personally equipped to solve, but he was in a position to inform someone, anyone, at least. The council was still in a meeting, of course, and they didn’t appreciate being interrupted, especially by him. A dog? There were many of them on the island, sure, but at least one was otherwise occupied, and who knew where the others were. His thoughts were jumbled as a young woman (or perhaps she wasn’t? She certainly looked like she’d seen better days) stumbled right into him. “My goodness, are you alright?” Aiden said. “I am, thank you. Excuse me.” It wasn’t very convincing. But there was also something about her that told Aiden that, no matter how hard he tried, she wasn’t about to accept any offer he gave, so he let her go, muttering a quick blessing under his breath as she went. When he looked back up, though, he saw the answer to his- well, they weren’t his most recent prayers, but it was exactly what he was looking for. Taros’ watchdog, Kitt, had just stepped into the square, and Aiden wasted no time in rushing over. “You were just with the council, right?” he said. “Are they aware of the water troubles?” As the question left his lips, a darker scenario entered his mind. He could fathom someone serving the gods’ watchdogs breakfast not wanting to mention any sort of shortage. And as soon as he thought that, he couldn’t help but ask further. “Galatea’s spring is dry. Did you know?” Okay 3, 2, 1, Let’s Jam Maybe it had been a mistake to go so far as to steal a sword, especially one that would be missed as soon as the sun came up, and especially with so many alternatives neatly organized in a row back at home. But, on the other hand, it wasn’t like she was about to go back to a house full of statues and bad memories until she could properly excise such things, and, like she had told the watchdog the night before, this was the only method available to her. Such were the thoughts playing over and over again in Emily’s mind as she relentlessly paced the outskirts of the temple square. Sleep was for people who didn’t have revenge on the mind. Or justice. Or whatever it was, whatever had necessitated getting used to the sword’s weight and making sure she could conceal it well enough to not draw attention until she was ready to strike. It didn’t need to be perfect, it just needed to be good enough to work once. Finding Simon, determining where he would be when his time came had been where another large portion of her night had gone. He’d moved on from Taros, obviously, but she didn’t want to risk blindly barging into more temples if she could help it. The more temple doors she threw open, the more attention she was bound to  Of course, the lack of sleep certainly didn’t help. Nor did the shot nerves. Fortunately, in her pacing, wandering the streets of Galatea, she’d come across a few errant threads of conversation, rumors of a water shortage. It was enough to latch onto, she’d decided. Unless he was in Medeis’ temple, but that was the backup plan no matter what she chose. All that was left now was the actual doing, itself split into several mini-tasks. She had to cross the square, she had to reveal the sword tucked away, and she had to leap forward and strike the demagogue down. It was as simple as that, really. But it wasn’t like her nerves had improved over time, especially now that she needed food in addition to sleep. She was sure her reflection was a wreck of what she’d been but a day ago. “But a day ago.” That was when Myria’s watchdog had taken her in and shown Emily her future. That was the thing bolstering her resolve now. And it was that, more than anything else, that finally got her legs to start carrying her to Dia’s temple. It still was not a smooth journey, despite being in a straight line. Concealing the sword affected Emily’s gait enough to keep her in a perpetual stumble, and she very nearly ran into… was that Lar’s high priest? It didn’t matter, the only thing that did was moving forward. Step by step. The doors were already open, that was good. As she drew closer, Emily could even see inside. Simon was there, she could see that now. So were his attendants -- those had always been an “after” problem in her mind. The final body, though, that was cause for alarm. It was Nuumu’s watchdog, and she was… guiding, it seemed, Simon out of the temple. The dog was leading him somewhere. He was under her protection, surely. This was the watchdog she’d told, after all. Emily’s legs wouldn’t stop moving, though, until finally, she managed a reasonable confrontation distance and simply said, “What are you doing to him?” OOC  
    • Ryia continued to soak in the water, her face partially submerged as she tried to take the light mage's advice and relax a little more. As the woman spoke up again, Ryia looked over and raised her head further out of the water. "I'm um, I'm from Haven. Naporia, uh, specifically." Madelyn looked surprised "From that big of a city...huh, would not have expected that." Ryia would give a nervous smile, unsure exactly how to take that saying, "ah, yeah. I uh, I guess I don't seem like a city girl...or something." Tapping her fingers together, Ryia wasn't particularly keen on keeping the current conversation going but she felt it polite to ask the mage in kind. "So um, where uh, where are you from. Madelyn?" "Actually, from the same place...Well, same CITY at least." She said. "Oh." Ryia was surprised by this, and clearly more flustered by the knowledge. By how Madelyn acted, there was no way that the two of them were cut from the same cloth. And she wasn't entirely sure how the girl would react to figuring out how different that was, especially given how she treated everything else around her. "Small, uh, small world. I guess." "It would seem so...and her?" Madelyn's eyes flicked towards Keres. Ryia looked at Keres, pondering for a moment before looking back to Madelyn. "I uh...I don't know." "How can you not know? Didn't you say you were friends?" A bit ashamed, Ryia looked away saying, "I uh...I never...asked..." "I cannot get a handle on this group of yours." Madelyn muttered. "Yeah...sorry..." Was all that Ryia managed to say to the girl, before sinking back into the water, letting out a few bubbles as her mouth passed the water. 
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