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    neocardmaker.com is still the best, most-well designed, efficient, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing yugioh card maker on the planet.
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    Elsie had spent the night dreaming of clear skies and gentle breezes. Because that was what happened when you had a raven familiar. If it wasn’t a dream with ominous and foreboding portents of the future, it was a dream about flying. Corbin, of course, had the same dream, and if Elsie rotated her little subconscious point of view a little to the left, she could even see him soaring alongside her. When the wake-up alarm went off, of course, everything came crashing back. Not literally, of course -- they always managed to wake up just before impact -- but they simultaneously snapped awake. Elsie even lifted herself straight out of bed and Corbin nearly fluttered right off of his perch. Still, Corbin at least managed to be chipper. “Good morning, Elsie! You want to, uh, you want to come down from there?” “Guh,” Elsie said. What was good about mornings? Corbin- sure, ravens weren’t traditionally creatures of the night, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t too. They called the witching hour the witching hour for a reason, after all, and that wasn’t because the sun was in the sky when it happened. Still, she complied, lowering herself back down into her bed before sitting up and, you know, actually opening up her eyes. “Good morning, Corbin.” Elsie’s waking-up process post-those initial moments was a little more involved than that, though it had much less that was worth recounting. That was the thing about routines -- the point of them was that they weren’t special. Corbin went through the process of preening himself while Elsie washed up and that was all that really needed to be said about that. The most involved moment was when they argued just how much she needed that little extra glamour. “You’re fine,” Corbin said. “I mean, obviously I’m fine, Corbin. That’s not the problem,” Elsie said. “But Jekyll said, ‘Jaegers’. As in plural. A plurality of jaegers. And if we’re meeting new people today, I need something that inspires that little extra awe, you know?” Could ravens roll their eyes? Elsie wasn’t sure if they actually could, but occasionally out of the corner of her eye, she’d spot something from Corbin that looked not unlike an eye roll and then was one of those times. “Do you think they were recruited like us? Or were they ‘recruited’?” Elsie mimed the extra quotes while cycling through potential options, finally settling on one that made her look just like herself, only, you know, better. A classic choice, if she did say so herself, and a good first impression. “There was a rigorous application process, I’m sure. With only one or two flashes of violence,” Corbin said. “Mm. Well, nobody we can’t handle,” Elsie said. “Not like we can’t handle just about anybody. Shoulder or broom handle?” “Shoulder today, I think.” Elsie offered her shoulder to her familiar and Corbin hopped right up her arm to perch right next to her face. She did a little twirl and a pose in the mirror, then nodded, confirming for the final time that everything was just so, and, with broomstick in hand, finally headed off. Inwardly, Elsie hoped Jekyll was serving breakfast at this announcement meeting, or at the very least, she didn’t want to show up at the kitchen later and find out somebody had poached all the rolls. When Elsie reached the conference room door, she paused, not quite sure what to do. Or rather, she knew she had to cross the threshold, but she wasn't quite sure how to do it. How she should do it. She pondered aloud, “I was thinking some smoke leaking through the bottom crack and then the door creaks open to our silhouette and I say-” Corbin quickly cut her off. “If I remember correctly, the last time you tried pyro we both agreed to never do pyro for our introduction again. And yes -- I see that look -- smoke still counts as pyro.” Elsie pouted, though even she knew it wasn't a serious pout. “Alright, classic plan B then, huh?” “Or you could open the door like a normal -” But Corbin's protests came too late. She conjured up a little extra wind for dramatic effect and aimed her heel right beneath the doorknob… ...whereupon she bounced right off and collapsed in a heap, the door still stubbornly closed. “I think it’s a pull door, actually,” Corbin said. “It’d be hazardous otherwise, right? Plus, I mean, the hinges are on this side.” Elsie so wished that she could smite her own familiar. She wondered if she’d also feel the pain or if he’d just broadcast his feelings to her of being in eternal torment. It would certainly be a step up from either two steps away from busting a gut laughing or a simple smug superiority. She settled for a “Hmph,” and readied herself for another go, this time throwing back the door and using the wind to carry it into the wall with as loud a BANG! as she could manage. “Tremble, mortals! You are in the presence of an avatar of Hecate herself. Gaze in awe at her majesty! She, one-hundred-and-eighth -” Elsie opened her eyes to an almost empty room. “Oh,” she said. Then, to Corbin, she said, “Do you think maybe you could tell me next time? You know I work better with a better audience. There’s barely enough people here to call it a crowd.” Ravens couldn't shrug either, but Elsie was pretty sure she felt the essence of one coming from her shoulder. “You seemed pretty into it, and I didn't want to spoil your fun.” Elsie suddenly realized that they’d probably heard her first attempt as well. She felt a blush on her cheeks but soldiered on anyway, even if soldiering on meant hurriedly walking over to a chair and sitting down. Corbin, for his part, hopped down off her shoulder and onto the table. Elsie manged an, “It’s nice to meet you all,” and that was that.
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    Gobble, gobble. I'm taking your Sobble
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    Starting a Shield Nuzlocke and doing my blog for it! Whether you're interesting in following my journey or simply interested in making me suffer... Please vote for my starter!
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    I've now setup daily database backups so all data is secure for every day. 🥳
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    idk if talking about old ycm is allowed but what the fuck that loyalty thread is the most bizarre thing i've read in months
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    Tormey should make me admin so that I can write a Falling Pizza-esque post about loyalty on this site.
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    Dottler. That's it. That's the whole status.
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    More and more people filed in after her. The conference room still wasn’t, like, full full but it was certainly filling up with a number of interesting characters. Rabbits and cats and wolves (oh my!) and all that. With so many new faces since she’d crashed the door the first time, Elsie almost wondered if she was supposed to introduce herself a second- Corbin beat her to the punch. “No, you aren’t,” he said. “I’m not?” Corbin shook his head (at least ravens could do that). “Look, you’re the one that said first impressions today were important, and you already messed that one up. If you ask me, now you’ve got to just focus on the next opportunity. How’re you going to impress people who already think you’re a ditz?” Elsie gasped and put a hand on her chest like she’d just been stabbed in the heart. “Rude! Alright, Mister Know-It-All, if we’re past first impressions, what are yours of everyone here?” Corbin cawed a distinct caw that Elsie immediately recognized as a self-satisfied “I was right, you were wrong, and I’m glad we agree on that” (which immediately earned another tongue-sticking from Elsie) and started moving around the table in a mix of steps, hops, and flutters, only pausing when he was in front of someone’s seat, whereupon he just sort of paused and gave that person a once-over. He didn’t even say anything, instead broadcasting his feelings to Elsie, a decision that she sort of appreciated? Like she didn’t want him blabbing all about how the guy with the gag was probably not in Jekyll’s “trustworthy” book or how the quiet human was unlike any other Corbin had seen (if he was human in the first place), but on the other hand, she also wasn’t sure if having a raven hop up to you and just, you know, stare at you for a bit was the best look for her. But! The decision had been made and it wasn’t like Elsie was about to give Corbin any more satisfaction by calling him back early. So while she kept a monitor on Corbin’s general mood, she also started thinking about what they were even called together to do. Like, she could handle just about anything herself, right? And Jekyll could probably handle the rest if he wanted to, so why all of them together? Just to save time, maybe? Like, they’d all have just the one meeting and they’d be split up - Her thoughts were interrupted by Corbin’s, which had shifted wildly from a natural curiosity to… what was that, a mix of greed and lust? She focused back on the room and saw him frozen in place staring at a bespectacled man across the table from her. The pieces started falling into place; she’d felt that feeling from him before. Corbin was feeling that instinctive raven feeling of want. After all, you could make a raven familiar, but that didn’t mean the raven part wasn’t still there. It was marbles, mostly, or gemstones that she needed for a particularly intensive ritual, but anything with a particular glint that caught his eye could be a problem. Glasses, for instance. “Hey!” Elsie said as she dove onto the table after her raven. In one fell swoop she managed to scoop him back up into her arms, and one quick snap of her fingers later and she was spritzing him with water. “Stop it!” Corbin’s caw this time was a much more annoyed one. “Hey! Hey! Alright! I get it!” He squirmed in Elsie’s hand, trying to get free, but she didn’t let up until he’d stopped and his mood had been reduced to one of resignation. “Back on the shoulder with you,” Elsie said, and Corbin complied, though he reacted with glee when water started dripping onto Elsie’s shoulder. She tried to play it off with a smile. “You’re going to have to forgive him,” Elsie said to the man with the glasses. She took a seat closer to him. “He’s been getting better about shiny things, but sometimes he just slips, you know? Sorry about that.”
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    Holy shit, Toby Fox's song in SwSh is from a Homestuck shitpost that got him banned lmfao
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    "Is it that time already?" Lopt sat up as he heard the gentle melody at the beginning of the alarm. As always, it would be quickly followed by what the shifter could only describe as the sounds of Helheim itself. Every morning, the same routine. At least he didn't have to wake up to that dreadful noise, unlike the others. Well, maybe they also rarely slept. Or never slept. All the same, his heart went out to whoever had to endure that cruel joke. Slithering out of bed, his lower half was revealed to be that of a snake as he stretched, shifting back to more humanoid legs. Kicking them a little as if to get used to wearing shoes, he looked himself over, shifting a simple suit onto his body. Nothing too fancy, but enough to make him look like a well-off merchant or so. Fashion changed so much over time, so he had to keep up with looks if he wanted to blend in. But blending in alone was too ordinary. You still had to stand out a bit if you wanted to enjoy life, no? He turned his right hand into a mirror so that he could see the top of his head, adjusting the ears just so, before turning his hand back to normal with a whistle. Perfect. Though, wouldn't it be rather boring if he simply arrived on time? What was that phrase that had come into vogue fairly recently... "Fashionably late"? Yes, that would be it. He would be fashionably late. After all, he was here of his own accord. Why did he need to show up when he was told to? ----- "My, my, we have quite the group, don't we? However did he keep us all separated for so long?" Lopt made his presence known as he entered the room, speaking with a slightly posh accent. While he was mostly giving lip service, there was quite a diversity. Another sharply dressed man with a gag who floated above his seat, a large being in a cloak, a short girl and a raven, a shy boy with a thick accent, another boy with horns, and a pair of animal jaeger. By the looks of it... A cat and a wolf? What a curious pairing that was. Maybe he would start with them. But first... "I am Lopt Solbjorg. I imagine that few, if any of you, have introduced yourselves yet out of fear... So allow me to be the first to extend a hand of camaraderie." As Lopt bowed with a pleasant smile on his face, he was barely suppressing the urge to laugh. What a farce. He had no problems making partnerships as needed, but did these people expect to become true allies? Friends? No, humans and Jaeger alike were too given to backstabbing for their own personal gain. However, it seemed like fun to play along, if not lead the notion by the nose, for now. "I was recruited a few months back by our dear benefactor, and I'm quite looking forward to learning whatever it is we've been gathered for." He continued before taking a seat next to Lucine, extending a hand to her for a shake, like a good dog. "Nice to meet you. As well as you, Miss Cat."
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    You can post it in the regular CC section IMO. Ritual Pendulums may not have precedence but it's not that much of an unrealistic concept, IMO. The only weird thing I see here is the "Ritual Summon itself" effect, but that can be solved with a more proper wording. I would go for something like: Tribute monsters from your hand or field whose total Levels equal 7 or more, then Ritual Summon 1 "Performance of the Garma Sword" from your Pendulum Zone. You can even make the effect more flexible by including the hand. As for the monster effect, the protection seems too strong because it gives the monster so many lives depending on how many Ritual Spells/Monsters you run, also the first effect is unclear and I see different interpretations: 1. All monsters Special Summoned between the activation of this effect and the opponent's next EP have their effects negated, permanently. 2. All monsters Special Summoned after this effect's activation have their effects negated, but the negation wears off at the opponent's next EP. Inherently, monsters Special Summoned after that EP won't be affected by the negation. 3. Maybe you intended for a combination of both, where it negates all monster Special Summoned between the effect's activation and the opponent's next EP, and for the negation to only last until said opponent's EP. Depending on your intent, I can suggest a text fix for the effect. Those issues aside, the effects look fine to me. Not sure what you mean with not knowing what to do with the effect. If you mean looking for a more flavorful effect, well that's tough since neither Performance nor Garma have effects to tie them with.
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    He was swimming. The bluish-green water stretched around him on all sides, serene in its stillness, undisturbed by nearby beings. It was just him and the water. Letting himself sink down into the bottom of the lake, the boy stretched out his arms and trailed his fingers through the silt, watching the puffs of dirt obscure the view around him with idle boredom. This is verra relaxin', he thought. Boot still, there's somethin'...missing. He couldn't quite put his finger on what was wrong, he just knew that something was. Some nagging feeling that told him he was forgetting something very important. Or...someone? At that, the memories came back, flooding through him like a wave. Of a girl...a betrayal...and a slaughter. "Morning, sleepy head...time to get up." The boy shook and thrashed, throwing up clouds of silt in the process. He had killed her...but he had no choice...but he had still done so. Bah mah oon hand did mah lady love die, he thought, gazing down at his palm. "Weel, actually mah teeth," he said out loud, and touched a finger to one of his teeth gently, feeling the rounded edge of a perfectly normal, human tooth. Except he wasn't human, but a Jaeger. "I said it's time to get up! Rise and shine!" "Boot ah'll be a hero," he mumbled, nodding. "Doesnae matter if ah'm human or Jaeger then." "It's a whole new day full of opportunities and possibilities." Smiling, the boy gazed upward, where he could see the blue of the sky, hazy though it was from his view at the bottom of the loch. He still felt like he was forgetting something, but at least-- "I said...WAKE UP!" The boy jolted up with a splashing sound, arms flailing. "Huh?! Wha-wha-wha?!" His elbows crashed into something hard, sending a shudder through his entire body. Whimpering, he held his arm and glanced around. The wooden walls, the mirror hanging over the sink to the side, and the copper-colored bathtub he was lying in and had just knocked his arm against, complete with water...all of it took a minute for him to register and remember. "Oh aye...ah'm no in the loch nae more. Ah'm part of A.R.C.H. noo." "You! Touch that snooze button and I'll rip off your..." "Ooch, crivens!" the boy jumped again, slapping a hand on his face and blinking when it came away wet. Well, he had been lying in the bathtub after all. At first, it was because it was water, and as a kelpie, he was used to sleeping while submerged, but he'd found another use for it in the month or so he'd been here. Tha' piece o' shite alarm isnae nearly so lood un'erwater as 'tis above water. Still, he knew what it meant. It was the beginning of another day here at the Tower of Babel, another chance for him to prove himself as a hero. Sitting up and unplugging the drain, the boy stepped out of the tub, ignoring his slight shivering as the air met his skin. He would dry off soon enough. They never kept it quite humid enough in the tower for his liking. He quickly approached his dresser, mouth quirked into a helpless smile as he scanned the clothes in front of him. It had been seven years now, and he still wasn't quite sure what to think of this "clothing" thing that human beings were so set on. Then again, he had spent most of his life without needing to wear much of anything. But heroes needed clothing, he knew that much by now. After all, there was that one fairytale of the foolish emperor who had worn no clothing at all, and was humiliated by the crowd. He couldn't let himself be another emperor. After choosing some suitable accoutrements, the boy finished preparing for the day and stepped out of his room, glass of water in hand in case he felt thirsty, and feeling refreshed and ready to face whatever awaited him. Up until he remembered exactly what awaited him. Hadn't that Professor Jekyll said something about meeting up? With other Jaegers? Gulping, the boy half turned around to go back inside, but stopped. "No..." he shook his head. "A hero doesnae bolt, e'en if he's scurred." He slapped his cheeks. "Righ', Lachlan, ye can do this. They're just Jaegers." He just had to hope that none of them would...touch him. Or meet his eyes. But that's what his glasses were for, even if they made him look like a right speccy. So Lachlan arrived at the briefing room, and found out that he was one of the first few there. Not the first one, though. That honor went to a tall man wrapped up in a cloak for some reason, even though he was indoors. "Are ye cauld?" Realizing he said that out loud, the boy flushed and shuffled his feet. He didn't think it was that chilly in here, but since the other had to be some sort of Jaeger...maybe he was a Jaeger that didn't like the cold. Like a springtime or plant Jaeger, though he didn't really look the part of either. Taking a seat off to the side, where hopefully nobody would accidentally bump into him and cause...well, accidents, Lachlan hunched in on himself and said nothing. Ah could say somethin', boot ah dinnae ken whit tae e'en talk aboot. Weel, 'side from the cauld, ah guess. It really was best for everybody if he just kept his gob shut, or he was likely to put his foot into it. Except, it turned out he wasn't the only socially awkward eejit here. While the man in the tuxedo seemed rather put-together aside from--was that a gag? Ach, well maybe there was something wrong with him too. And then there was that woman with the big black bird--jackdaw maybe? Or a rook?--who arrived in a literal bang. Or rather, two of them, though he wasn't sure why she had been banging on the door to begin with. Next was the weird cat lady, and then another cat lady. Who had somehow managed to get lost on the way here. Lost. Hoo does tha' e'en happen? As the others introduced themselves, Lachlan began to realize that, far from blending in, his silence might just make him stand out instead. Which wasn't good. That wasn't at all what he was going for. He needed to say something, and fast. "Guid mornin', ah'm, I mean I'm L--" Wait. Did he hear that right? Pup? As in dog? The second cat lady was actually a dog?! Oh gads, a dog? Nae, Lachlan, keep yer cool, he comforted himself. Jus' 'cause she said dawg doesnae mean tha' lassie's a dawg. She could be a cat 'stead. Cats're pure class, soo they are. Still, for the time being, he'd keep his distance from the maybe-a-dog-woman. Just in case. Aye, right, he needed to continue talking, now didn't he? "Uhh...it's guid, no it's good, er, nice to meet you all. Yes, nice to meet you." There, that was enough right? Aside from his brief stumble through the phrasing. He wasn't overly quiet nor overly talkative. Just the perfect balance of normality and regular person to leave alone and not stare into their eyes or accidentally touch. With this, he could relax. Letting out a sigh, the boy sunk down in his seat. Talking to people, no, actually just people in general, were difficult. The road to being a hero armed with both weapon and wit was a long one indeed.
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    A deep sigh. A groan of frustration. How many miserably boring days had she spent here already Catriona thought to herself. She lay in her bed provided for her, tossing herself about every few minutes as if hoping to pull some form of entertainment out of the air. But there was nothing to be found here. Ever since that man, Jekyll he had called himself, had abducted her she'd had next to nothing to do. Agreeing to his deal seemed the fastest way to get back to the open air and yet here she'd been for weeks now. There was only so much a girl could take before acting out. She had settled on a position for the time being. Her stomach was on top of the mattress, legs in the air and kicking about, arms up and holding her head in a slightly raised position. Her ears and tail twitched about as she imagined what she might first do when she got out. "I think I know just the thing..." Catriona mused aloud to no one but herself. Thoughts came rushing back to her last night of freedom. It had been a night like any other. The King of the Cats had meandered into another small town, her beauty immediately attracting attention before her more animal-like traits changed the context of it. Having eyes trained on her was nothing new. She dressed to encourage it after all. She felt nothing off then when a particular set of eyes took special notice of her. It made no initial move and so neither did she. Catriona's movements were always whimsical in nature. The main place she wanted to go was the local tavern, ever a goldmine for one such as her. Things started as they always did. Her entrance to the small establishment drew attention then disgust. But it was clear that at least for some, her being a Jaeger did little to subdue the raw sensuality of it all. Those who looked longest were the easiest starting points. She went and stood near one man who never once took his gaze off her while ordering a drink. The bartender started to raise an objection before the man she had her eyes on assured him it was okay. "Aren't you the gentleman." Catriona teased as she sat beside him. "No reason to deny spirits to a willing customer is all." the man returned, though unconvinced of his own words. "Awfully dogmatic of you.." she replied, a smile curving the edge of her mouth every so slightly. Saying the dog word even as simply parts of other words always sent a shiver running down her spine. The movement of which the man seemed to notice. She wanted him to take in the image of her body. As her drink arrived the two continued to exchange small talk but what mattered to her was his gaze and where it went. She could tell she was slowly reeling him in. As tension continued to build she waited for the perfect moment to speak of love. Nothing so noble as a prolonged devoted relationship of course. No, she only ever had raw passion in mind when she spoke of it. Simply hearing the word wrapped the man around her finger and as she stood and teased him off to follow her the man escorted her to his home nearby. Catriona had experienced it all too many times before but the prospect of a new partner always had her excited. She had begun undressing when all at once the excitement stopped. Something had struck her neck. She reached and felt a dart which she grasped and removed. Already she could feel her sight wavering and her consciousness slipping. "You..." she hissed at her would-be lover who seemed afraid of her now. She turned behind to see the outline of another man. One when she next awoke she would learn to be Jekyll. "I'll go get him back." Catriona continued airing some of her thoughts to herself. Upon being informed of where she was and what A.R.C.H. was she was also informed she had been set up. Apparently her methods were well known and the man she had attempted to seduce had actually been paid off to assist in her capture at her most vulnerable. She had to applaud the effort really. It was so unlike her to get taken for a ride that it was almost refreshing. So she had agreed to humor Jekyll for outplaying her so thoroughly with the expectation of being released soon. All that said she still wanted to go back to that village and pay her dearly beloved another visit and claim her dues. Thankfully, the dear doctor's voice soon sounded calling for her and the others to gather together. "Well it's about time!" she yelled as she darted to her feet. The cat woman quickly placed her shawl over her head and situated her sash about her arms and back before running off. It was only upon arriving in the conference room that she realized what the words spoken had meant. He had spoken of a group of Jaegers. Others like her. Another long sigh sounded as she reluctantly entered the room. Others had arrived before her and would trickle in as time passed. No doubt they too were bored out of their minds so there was little reason to dawdle. It was quite a varied group but then Jaeger came in all sorts of shapes and sizes just as humans did. Some of the other girls introduced themselves to the group while the men present either remained silent or in one case seemed incapable of speaking due to a gag in place. It was likely less fun than she was initially imagining. It still bothered her to even be here among so many other Jaeger but that seemed like little reason to refrain from playing her usual games. Lucine in particular seemed particularly worth teasing. "My, my aren't you all just adorable!" Catriona said, layering as much sugar into her words as she could while approaching Lucine. "I didn't think Jekyll would be one to keep pets. Are you house broken yet little pup?" she continued while looking down what she could on the tall but still shorter than her wolf girl.
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    The final match of Marvelous Movie Monster Mayhem is up. It took us a while, but we’re finally here.
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    The final chapter is written. There's nothing more to say. Thanks for everything.
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    Pet peeve: Games that don't let you quit to desktop from the in-game menu. I'm sure there is a good technical reason for the increasing prevalence of this.
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    Won't lie, I've been enjoying this playthrough of Shield. It'll end up keeping me waiting until I get Sword and a Switch. Anyway, I have a guess to throw out there for your jersey number: 607. It's a early guess so I'll be the first to do this. Would it possibly be a reference to the PokéDex entry #607, otherwise known as Litwick? If not, then I'll leave and attempt another guess.
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    3 new main deck cards and some reprints SD37-JP001 Qadoshaddoll Keios Level 2 LIGHT Spellcaster Flip Effect Monster ATK 900 DEF 100 You can only use one effect of this card’s name per turn. (1) FLIP: You can Special Summon 1 “Shaddoll” monster from your hand in face-down Defense or face-up Defense Position. (2) If this card is sent to the GY by an effect: You can send 1 “Shaddoll” monster from your hand to the GY, then apply the following effect. • Monsters you control gain ATK and DEF equal to the original Level of the monster sent to the GY by this effect times 100. Note: This card seems to derive its name from Qados, “Holy” in Hebrew or a similar related word. SD37-JP002 Laishadoll Wendi Level 3 WIND Psychic Flip Effect Monster ATK 1500 DEF 1000 You can only use one effect of this card’s name per turn. (1) FLIP: Special Summon 1 “Shaddoll” monster from your Deck in face-up Defense or face-down Defense Position, except “Laishadoll Wendi”. (2) If this card is sent to the GY by a card effect: You can Special Summon 1 “Shaddoll” onster from your Deck in face-down Defense Position, except “Laishaddoll Wendi” Note: Apparently this card’s name should be referencing wings or flight in hebrew but I am not versed enough in the matter. Wendi is of course, Wen is Hebrew for something wicked or evil, and is also part of Wendigo, an man-eating spirit of the folklore of the Algonquian people of North America. SD37-JP033 Lashaddoll Incarnation Normal Trap Card You can only use one effect of this card’s name per turn. (1) Target 1 “Shaddoll” monster in your GY; Special Summon that monster in face-up or face-down Defense Position. (2) Banish this card and 1 “Shaddoll” monster from your GY, then apply one of the following effects. • Change 1 face-down Defense Position monster you control to face-up Defense Position. • • Change 1 face-up Defense Position monster you control to face-down Defense Position. Note: I have no clue, don’t ask. The Kanji says “Chosen Holy One of Shadow-Light”, but I am not versed in Hebrew Source: https://ygorganization.com/scorchedearthscorned/
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    I don't know what its ATK was before. But now it looks okay. I think it's neat. Reminds me sort of Muscle Medic. It joins the ranks of Muscle Medic, that one sheep monster, Giant Kozaki, Tardy Orc, and Chainsaw Insect. Level 4 monsters with more than 2000 ATK, but a caveat in some shape or form. Whether your opponent benefits or whether you suffer more. And this one has the most tame in comparison (well, tame for you that is). If it can't inflict battle damage, the least you could do is trade it for an enemy boss monster. Just attach some sort of protection to it though so it doesn't die, like Moon Mirror Shield or something.
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    It was early in the morning, as Wada stood at the outskirts of his forest. He leaned forward on his giant mallet, taking in the view of the orange sky lighting up the valley. He could see the old cottage that he once called his home off in the distance - to think, it wasn't all that long ago that he was there chasing the odd mouse that appeared. Sometimes he thought about going back there, but he knew his future was out in the world. He had lives to protect, and that would be difficult to do in the middle of nowhere. He let out a sigh, leaning more into the mallet. He had just learned about his new home, and it hurt to leave it behind just as soon as he had left his old home. But he remembered what that Jekyll fellow told him. "You know, that mallet of yours is a sign. A sign of your destiny." His words rang in Wada's head, the boy grinning as he turned towards the sun. This was his destiny. He stood up straight, tossing his hammer on his shoulder with some effort. Today was the day he was suppose to go to A.R.C.H. Truth be told, he was nervous. He hadn't really talked to many people or Jaeger alike, and one of those persons he beat up. "Well, it's like 'pa always said - there ain't no time like the present." He said, taking his first steps forwards, before sliding down the hill. The future was now. Wada was nervous, almost as nervous as he was on the day he left home. Apparently, he had not been the only one recruited by Mr. Jekyll. On one hand, it was rather exciting to be part of a team like this, but it was also nerve wrecking. He wasn't even sure if the others would know who he was - what if the humans got angry at him for being a Peach Fae? The other fairies had warned him about humans, but Mr. Jekyl seemed nice. He remembered the big ugly red man that had attacked his forest, however, and his doubts came creeping back. "Cmon Wada, snap out of it!" He said, shaking his head. "Everythin's gon be fine." He told himself, taking a deep breath. "Everythin's gon be fine..." Wada entered the room, seeing he was the last one to come in, as someone was in the middle of introducing themselves. A rather posh sounding fellow by the name of Lopt, who seemed nice enough. He noticed that there were some people, but they had some animals parts on them. Wada froze for a second - were the two of them hunters? He knew the humans liked to hunt, but he never thought they'd wear their prey like clothing - let alone their ears. But it looked like the parts were coming off of them... maybe they were part beast!? "Woah..." He said, before realizing that he had been staring at the two for a bit too long. "A-Ah! I should introduce m'self!" He said, placing his hammer on the ground and leaning on it. "The name's Wada. That Jekyl fella brought me here to join A.R.C.H. and protect people!" He said, taking a look around the room. He wasn't sure what else to say so, awkwardly, he took the nearest empty seat.
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    Performance of the Garma Sword DARK | | Warrior/Ritual/Pendulum/Effect | <6> 2550 ATK | 1850 DEF Effect: Once per turn: You can send 1 Ritual Spell or Ritual Monster from your hand to the GY; Negate the effects of all monsters Special Summoned after this effect's activation until your opponent's next End Phase. If this card you control would be destroyed: You can banish 1 Ritual Spell or Ritual Monster from your hand, Deck or GY instead. Pendulum Effect: This card can Ritual Summon itself from the Pendulum Zone. You must also Tribute monsters from your hand or field whose total Levels equal 7 or more. This was an idea I had in mind for a while. Originally I was just going to make a Fusion/Pendulum that had to be made from the old Performance of the Sword and Garma Sword, but Garma Sword is a rare piece of cardboard in this day and age, going for over $100 on ebay, etc. Really took the wind out of my sails. So instead she's more of a retrained Ritual of both the original cards, with the design being as if the Performance of the Sword/Commencement Dance girl is performing the Garma Sword Oath, etc. The reason I'm putting her here in Experimental instead of Singles is because A) As far as I know there has never been a Ritual Pendulum before so I'm not really sure how far I can take the "Ritual Summons itself" idea, and B) I really didn't know what to do for her effect. Any help would be appreciated.
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    IMO you can get away with making it a Cont. Trap, taking inspiration from Mekk-Knights. May seem OPed, but keep in mind it affects both sides so you would have to play it wisely. As mentioned above, it would work nicely with Scapegoat, Scapeghost and maybe even Phantom Skyblaster, but you would have to keep the Tokens around if you want to cover a wider area of negation.
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    A sound. A sound that meant it was time to wake up and face a brand new day of fun and games but there was something else today an announcement. Robin vaguely understood that his glorious presence had been requested in the briefing room. "So it's finally time!" He thought, his mind working at a crawling pace to wake up. As he literally drifted into consciousness, his body rising just above the mattress he'd been so generously provided, his yawns were stifled by the gag in his mouth, also generously provided. He glided over to his selection of outfits unsure of what to choose for today because of course clothing is just as important as choosing the right form to take and today was Robins chance to find a lovely new skin to slip into. Finally deciding on a formal blue tux he'd worn at one of his many weddings that was about three sizes to big he headed off, tipping his hat to the various employee's along the way. "This will be a wonderful day!" he decided, not content to the silent stroll his 'vocal restraint' forced on him but still wanting to play along for now. "The last time I got to play . . . I can't even remember when it was." Sifting through his memories Robin found a lovely young girl, no older than fourteen, and the name he'd taken from her. He also remembered what that name had cost him. Somehow they'd been prepared. Somehow they'd known he was coming. Somehow they'd caught him and thrown him in a filthy cage. A pink dress, that's what he'd been wearing that day. "P-please! I wanna go home, I want my mommy and daddy!" His inflection was perfect, his expression heartbreaking, and yet no one heeded his cries. they simply continued preparing to search the wood for the very same young girl that was crying in a prison cell. That's when he showed up. The man approached Robin's cell with a look of satisfaction on his face. He examined the young girl, adjusting those glasses as if they actually might fall off his face. Robin was awestruck, he was the perfect thing to get out of his cage with. "A-are you gonna bring me back home?" He sniffled, drawing back to appear cautious of the man. "Not quite." That smirk, it was gorgeous, Robin wanted it. "I've come to offer a way out. As soon as they find her you'll be executed, now, I'd hate to see all that potential you have go to waste so I've worked out a little deal. I'll take you away from here, you get to live and nobody will ever be bothered by your antics again." Robin frowned, this game wasn't fun anymore. He returned to his own form, tearing at the seams of the now ill fitting dress. "I see. It would be an utter delight if you'd escort me then, but I feel we ought to get to know each other first." Robin extended his hand in a manner that could be seen as an offer to shake or a request to be handed something. "You may call me Prince Tricky Oberon, could I get you're name by chance?" Of course the man, whom he later found out was Eric Jekyll, had refused to say but that only made Robin want him more. When he'd arrived at A.R.C.H. he'd found it a bit cozier but not much different from the cell he'd been in before, he had a strict curfew, his food was delivered to him, he couldn't leave his room unless given permission, and of course there was the gag. It was definitely better than the alternative but it was dreadfully boring all the same. Robin was broken from his train of thought when a girl walked into the briefing room. he couldn't remember when he'd gotten there but he had all the same, gently floating just above his chair in a room of astonishing shapes to steal. He looked around and wondered what it would take for him to get each and every one of them only to be interrupted yet again by that same girl. "My name is Lucine. It's nice to meet all of you!" "Not much I suppose." Robin grinned ear to ear behind his gag. "This will be so much fun!"
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    Spirisilk Decided to open the blog with this one. Really, this is one of my favorite Fakemon so far. I find the name catchy and every now and then pops in my head, and I'm proud of the concept I went for of a ragged silk-themed moth. I guess the fact I have a thing for moths and are my favorite type of insect has something to do with it. I may do 1~2 pre-evolutions for it eventually, IDK. Anyway, as the role description implies, Spirisilk is intended to be at tier close to Volcarona. Admittedly, I feel the combination of Technician + the Wind moves is a bit too straightforward, but hey, it simply works so well. I could have gone a bit too far with the support options, too. Personally I would experiment with Stylish builds. I can already imagine a Spirisilk with fancy glasses showing off at a Pokemon Contest. If I owned one, it would be female for sure.