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    Yay I got my first reputation point!
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    Heeey, these updates to the Status Bar are great. Not being able to view replies from the front page was one of the biggest annoyances!
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    We're nearly there, darlings! With only about a week left until the Halloween Masquerade starts, don't forget to submit your monster ideas if you haven't yet!
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    General Playstyle: Intro Wordplay, Flavor, and Concept Main Deck Monster (8/17): Graffighter Crimsiron FIRE ✪✪✪ (Level 3) [Aqua/Effect] ATK/ 1400 DEF/ 700 Once per turn: You can target 1 other face-up card on the field; you can have its current effect become 1 of these effects: While this card is face-up on the field, "Graffighter" monsters gain 500 ATK and DEF. While this card is face-up on the field, if a "Graffighter" monster battles, neither player can activate cards or effects until the end of Damage Step. Graffighter Azubalt WATER ✪✪ (Level 2) [Aqua/Effect] ATK/ 1300 DEF/ 0 Once per turn: You can target 1 other face-up card on the field; you can have its current effect become 1 of these effects. Once while this card is face-up on the field: You can Special Summon 1 "Graffighter" monster from your hand or GY. You can only use this gained effect from "Graffighter Azubalt" once per turn. While this card is face-up on the field, possession of "Graffighter" monsters cannot switch. Graffighter Chartadmium LIGHT ✪✪✪✪✪ (Level 5) [Aqua/Effect] ATK/ 1900 DEF/ 1900 Once per turn: You can target 1 other face-up card on the field; you can have its current effect become 1 of these effects: Once while this card is face-up on the field: You can target 1 face-up monster you control; it can attack twice in the same Battle Phase. While this card is face-up on the field, all non-"Graffighter" monsters lose 500 ATK and DEF. Graffighter Versenic WIND ✪ (Level 1) [Aqua/Effect] ATK/ 500 DEF/2000 Once per turn: You can target 1 other face-up card on the field; you can have its current effect become 1 of these effects. Once while this card is face-up on the field, if a "Graffighter" monster(s) would be destroyed by battle or by card effect: You can activate this effect; that monster(s) cannot be destroyed by that battle or effect. While this card is face-up on the field, "Graffighter" monsters cannot be targeted by card effect, except by the effects of "Graffighter" monsters. Graffighter Oranchromium EARTH ✪✪✪✪ (Level 4) [Aqua/Effect] ATK/ 1800 DEF/ 900 Once per turn: You can target 1 other face-up card on the field; you can have its current effect become 1 of these effects. Once while this card is face-up on the field: You can target 1 Set card your opponent controls; destroy it. Your opponent cannot activate the targeted card in response to this card effect's activation. While this card is face-up on the field, "Graffighter" monsters cannot be Tributed by card effects. Graffighter Mangentanese DARK ✪✪ (Level 2) [Aqua/Effect] ATK/ 1000 DEF/ 100 Once per turn: You can target 1 other face-up card on the field; you can have its current effect become 1 of these effects. Once while this card is face-up on the field: You can add 1 "Graffighter" Spell or Trap Card from your Deck to your hand. You can only use this gained effect from "Graffighter Magentanese" once per turn. While this card is face-up on the field, the activation of "Graffighter" monster's effects cannot be negated. Graffighter Ivortanium LIGHT ✪✪✪✪✪✪✪ (Level 7) [Aqua/Effect] ATK/ 2400 DEF/2200 Once per turn: You can target 1 other face-up card on the field; you can have its current effect become 1 of these effects. Once while this card is face-up on the field: You can target 1 face-up card on the field; destroy it. While this card is face-up on the field, each time a "Graffighter" card or card effect activates its effects, gain 500 LP immediately after it resolves. Graffighter Carbonyx DARK ✪✪✪✪✪✪ (Level 6) [Aqua/Effect] ATK/ 2000 DEF/ 1100 Once per turn: You can target 1 other face-up card on the field; you can have its current effect become 1 of these effects. Once while this card is face-up on the field: When a card effect of a card, other than a "Graffighter" card, that shares this card's card type (Monster, Spell, or Trap) that was activated resolves, negate the effect. While this card is face-up on the field, each time a "Graffighter" card or card effect activates its effects, inflict 400 damage to your opponent immediately after it resolves. Spell Cards (5/17): Graffighter Brick Canvas [Field Spell] When this card is activated: Add 1 "Graffighter" monster from your Deck to your hand. If this card would have its effect become a bulleted effect listed on a "Graffigher" monsters card text, this card gains the effect instead (This card cannot gain 2 of the same effects). You can only activate 1 "Graffighter Brick Canvas" per turn. Graffighther Art - Collaboration [Continuous Spell] Once while this card is face-up on the field: You can Special Summon up to 2 "Graffighter" monsters from your hand. Graffighter Art - Signature [Continuous Spell] When this card is activated: Send 1 "Graffighter" monster from your hand or Deck to the GY; this card's effect becomes all the bulleted effects listed in the sent monster's card text. You can only activate 1 "Graffighter Art- Signature" per turn. Graffighter Art - Inspiration [Continuous Spell] Once while this card is face-up on the field: You can activate 1 of the following effects. All Graffighter monsters you currently control gain 800 ATK. Send 1 other "Graffighter" from your hand or side of the field to GY; Special Summon 1 "Graffighter Token" (Aqua/LIGHT/Level 1/ATK 0/ DEF 0). You can only activate 1 "Graffighter Art- Inspiration" per turn. Graffighter Art - Freestyle [Continuous Spell] Once while this card is face-up on the field: You can reveal any number of "Graffighter" cards from your hand and shuffle them into the Deck, then draw cards equal to the number of cards you shuffled +1. You can only activate 1 "Graffighter Art - Freestyle" per turn. Trap Cards (2/17): Graffighter Tag - Vandalism [Continuous Trap] Once per turn, while you control a "Graffighter" monster: You can target 1 face-up card on the field and send 1 "Graffighter" monster from your hand or side of the field to the GY; negate any of the target's activated original effects until the end of this turn and have the targeted card's current effect become 1 of the bulleted effects listed in the sent monster's card effect (if any and your choice). Graffighter Tag- Furious Fumes [Continuous Trap] Once while this card is face-up on the field: You can send 1 other face-up "Graffighter" card you control to the GY and target 1 cards your opponent controls; destroy it. Extra Deck Monsters (2/17): Graffighter Aerainbol LIGHT [Aqua/Link/Effect] Link Number 2 Link Markers: SW, SE ATK/ 1800 2 "Graffighter" monsters If this card is Link Summoned: You can Special Summon 1 "Graffighter" monster with different name from the 2 monsters you used for the Link Summon from your Deck. You can only use this effect of "Graffighter Aerainbol" once per turn. Graffighter Tagrey DARK [Aqua/Link/Effect] Link Number 2 Link Markers: SW, SE ATK/ 1800 2 "Graffighter" monsters (Quick Effect): You can target 1 face-up card on the field and 1 non-Link "Graffighter" monster in your GY; the card on field has its current effect become 1 of the bulleted effects listed in "Graffighter" monster's card text (your choice). You can only use this effect of "Graffighter Tagrey" once per turn. Wordplay Around Individual Members: So each monster in this archetype is named after a paint color with a corresponding metal used in that paint color itself with the exception of "Graffighter Aerainbol" and "Graffighter Tagrey" (which references to monochromatic gray and the omnichromatic rainbow). Member / Paint Color / Paint Metal Crimsiron Crimson (Red) Iron Azubalt Azure (Blue) Cobalt Chartadmium Chartreuse (Yellow) Cadmium Versenic Verde (Green) Arsenic Oranchromium Orange Chromium Magentanese Magenta (Purple) Manganese Ivortanium Ivory (White) Titanium Carbonyx Onyx (Black) Carbon
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    Alois snickered as the beaver opened the door from the inside, saying, "and I thought I was suppose to be the troublemaker here. But it looks like you've got it in you yet." Walking through the door, Alois couldn't help but go from his usual grin to once again seeming more annoyed. It was easy enough to tell from looking outside at the building's size that it was a house that was different from the rest. However, between the shelves of books he had, expensive furniture and actual flooring, it was clear that the Mayor held himself to a higher standard of comfort than he did the rest of the town. And seeing someone live as lavishly as he did in a town as suffocating as this, only pissed him off further. As the group began to fan out and look around the building, Alois stopped by the table as well, looking at it as Cora did. Seeing the food still laying about on the table, Alois looked up as the younger princess began to give her findings. Shrugging, Alois said, "well, whatever he was trying to warn someone about must've come sooner than he was expecting." Walking past the table, Alois looked at the crate for a moment. Attempting to open it, the boy pulled on the lid a bit, though curiously the box was bolted shut and thus the lid gave no way to his efforts. Raising an eyebrow at the crate, Alois thought it suspicious that the man would seal the box in a way that not even he himself would be able to open it. Which meant that whatever was in there, he didn't want ever coming out. Sliding the axe out of his sheath and into his hand, the boy held it up and looked to the others. "This crate won't budge. But, well, I think I can open it another w-" "Awaoow!" Thud. The boy's attention was drawn to the Locrisian girl now sprawled across the ground, face planted into the floor. "Ow, ow." Getting onto her hands and knees, using one hand to rub her now stinging face, the girl seemed quite annoyed. For her part, since walking inside the house, Tsetseg had more marveled at the place than anything else. Her eyes had trailed every which way. First to the food that was left lying around, thinking it was wasteful to just leave food lying around that you weren't going to use. Then, to the books - she couldn't help but wonder how smart someone had to have been to read that many books - and then to the chairs near the books. While she was lost in thought, thinking of how nice something like that must've felt to sit down in, she was not paying attention to where she was walking. And as such, was taken by surprise as her foot seemed to get caught on something and she herself was sent forward. Finally, now back upright, the girl looked to see the culprit was none other than a loose floorboard on the ground. Frowning, upset, the girl simply said, "dumb floor." As she was about to get up, though, she couldn't help but feel like something caught her eye underneath the board. As being driven by nothing more than curiosity, Tsetseg crouched further down and reached her hand underneath. Moving it around a bit, the girl eventually touched something colder than the rest of the ground around it. Palming at it, the girl eventually grabbed what was underneath the floor board and presented it to everyone. "Guys, guys, look, look! I found something!" Showing the rest of the group a metal key, the girl then looked back to her new found treasure saying, "I wonder what it's for."
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    Ashley waited until Beth walked away, and then let out a huge sigh of relief, spinning back towards Hitomu, “That girl is such a handful sometimes, I tell you. We’ve been doing this dance all day. Ready for your big job today? I know there are only so many 18 year olds in the school, but hopefully you’ll be kept busy enough.” “I’m sure tonight won’t have anything a lunch rush at Coffee Cards, especially this time of year. Ever had to tell a teenage girl you were out of her favorite drink mix?” Hitomu’s facial expression was obscured by his mask, but from the way he was shaking his head, the intent was clear enough. Ashley leaned against the bar, scanning the crowd. Hitomu intentionally turned his focus away from all of the students pouring into the room. He didn’t want to see her; more than that, he was scared to see her, to confront a reality he wasn’t really ready to accept yet. She always said she didn’t like these things. She probably didn’t even come. Still… what if she did? What if she brought a date? Could I handle seeing her with someone else? He tried to imagine Tess, escorted into the dance by a man who, in his imagination, didn’t really have a defined face. Hitomu’s stomach twisted painfully. He’s probably some kinda math guy. Or maybe a lawyer? Doesn’t matter. He’s probably smarter than me. No, no, he couldn’t think like that. It didn’t matter. Tess had made her decision. If he cared about her as much as he said he did (and he did, painfully so), the only thing to do was to respect her choice. He had to get over it. He had to get over her. For both their sakes. Ashley suddenly lurched forward and snatched a purse off one of the stools. “Huh?” Hitomu sputtered. It was an expensive looking bag, one that he recognized as belonging to Lizzie. Ashley laughed loudly, turning around to face him. “I guess that means she’ll be back! I just hope it works out between those two. You think Yushiro is a good fit?” Now that was a question he was hilariously underqualified to answer. He knew next to nothing about the whole ‘experimental’ dating phase--he had completely skipped over it. Hmm… Yushiro’s not… bad looking, I guess. He doesn’t seem like a bad kid either. Kid. Why do I think of him as a kid? It was true that Yushi was his junior, but he wasn’t exactly a kid. He just seemed young. Inexperienced. They say that opposites attract. Maybe it’ll work out in that case? Hitomu rubbed the back of his neck and sighed. “Don’t think I’m in a place to be judging. If I had to answer, though, Yushiro seems like a good kid. Patient. Liz needs that sort of influence. What about you? What do you think?” “Well… I’m not so sure.” Ashley took the bag and placed it in front of her, making sure to keep it from disappearing. She reached in real quick to see if Liz had her phone; nope. She pulled out the pack of cigarettes instead, “I have half a mind to tell you to throw these in the wastebasket behind you. Anyway,” she placed them back inside, “I think Yushiro is a sophomore that just made the duel team, is seeing a lot of new faces, and would never say no to a girl like Beth. I’m not really sure he’s ready for a girl like her. I do agree he’s plenty patient. I’m worried when Beth starts to… well, you know, do what Beth does, he’s going to get overwhelmed.” Ashley looked over her shoulder; she felt like Hitomu was looking through her the whole time. Ashley had her guesses as to who it was he was looking for… that is, if it wasn’t just anyone other than her. She turned back around, “Looking for someone, bartender? I’m sure Beth will be back any minute; we have all sorts of plans tonight. I have quite some time until I need to announce the duel, anyway.” Hitomu slumped forward. “That obvious, huh?” People still hadn’t really arrived at the bar yet, so he could afford to let the act slip for a little bit longer. “Yeah. I’m just worried about her. Losing Todd, I didn’t really handle it well. I wasn’t there for her like I should have been, and I’m trying to change that.” It wasn’t a lie. It’s not the whole truth either, Hitomu reprimanded himself, but coming clean about his struggles with his love life wasn’t something he wanted to do with the most famous gossip on campus. The students were starting to really arrive now. A girl Hitomu recognized as a fellow senior with blue hair approached the bar, and not long after that, Souji arrived. Hitomu glanced at Ashley and said, "Gotta go. Enjoy the dance, Ash," waving two fingers in a salute before heading off to do his job. “Hello there, ye merry folk of Blue Yonder! I am the Mysterious Bartender. I’ve traveled from a far away land to peddle my alcoholic wares, the likes of which are free for your consumption, so long as you present me with a scroll of age verification that proves you’re eighteen! Your King was very strict on this rule, so no exceptions will be made.” The Mysterious Bartender stared at Kyouko with his unchanging, smiling face. “So? Is a fair lady such as yourself interested?”
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    With his second bolt ready, Reinaan fired quickly on the gnolls as they began their charge. With his first target staggering he turned to the other three most immediately approaching him and fired on the right most. The bolt sailed through the air and into the gnoll's face, halting its advance on the spot as it howled in pain and bled profusely. That still left two more coming up quick to which the Draken dropped his crossbow behind him and readied his new halberd which had been leaning against him as he'd fired for quick access. The center gnoll was closest and Reinaan felt no need to give his enemy a chance to attack. He swung the length of his weapon, the axe portion on a collision course for the gnoll's neck. The creature raised his spear to defend but the strength of the would-be-Dragon crushed through it and lodged the blade cleaning in between the shoulder and neck. The left most gnoll had kept moving as this initial engagement played out and readied his spear to stab at the boy's side. The Fire Chosen however was ready to keep brute forcing solutions and so use the leverage of his halberd still in the first gnoll's neck to push the beast into his comrade. The two collided, the uninjured one pushing the other off which fell to the ground from the injury after Reinaan had retracted the weapon. The still standing gnoll went in for a straight on stab but Reinaan too possessed a spear at the end of his weapon and outranged this hyena's attack, the tip plunging into the center of the creature's chest. The now also seriously injured gnoll attempted to ready his spear to throw it at the boy with the length of the halberd as the only distance to gather. Despite the injury it stood somewhat firm but the Draken managed to drag it to the ground after twisting the weapon to aggravate the injury. The gnoll attempted to grab it out of instinct but Reinaan kept pushing it in deeper as he approached and stepped on it with one foot. A bit more twisted and pushing and the creature gave up the fight and succumbed to the wound. Reinaan pulled his weapon out and scanned the area. There were so many enemies it would be hard to focus. The boy's nude form was already splashed several times over with blood from the first two gnolls. Maybe he'd actually be a proper red Draken after this. The gnoll injured by the second bolt would become the next immediate priority. The bolt had apparently hit one of its eyes as it was bleeding greatly from one socket and the eye looked horrible. It brandished its axe as Reinaan readied himself to engage again. "Ziiyol," he said, his spirit appearing behind him in a puff of flames though keeping herself visible to only the Chosen. "Go to Keres until I call you back over." he gave his simple order which he hoped would be obeyed quickly. "Of course Reiny." she said with a smile as she drifted off to the Water Chosen's side. Oh how she hoped to find out how well gnolls burned.
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    From this month’s V Jump! SR09-JP003 Enseikishi – Roland (Flame Noble Knight Roland) Level 1 FIRE Warrior Effect Monster ATK 500 DEF 500 You can only use this card name’s (1) and (2) effects once per turn each. (1) (Quick Effect): You can target 1 face-up monster you control; treat this card in your hand as an Equip Card with the following effect, and if you do, equip it to that target. • It gains 500 ATK. (2) During the End Phase, if this card is in your GY because it was sent there this turn: You can add 1 FIRE Warrior monster or 1 Equip Spell from your Deck to your hand. This card’s name we suspect is a reference to Roland of “The Song of Roland“, the oldest surviving written piece of literature in French literary history, focusing on the nephew of Charlemagne, Roland. SR09-JP021 Gear Breed / Gearbreed Continuous Spell Card You can only use this card name’s (1) and (2) effects once per turn each. (1) During your Draw Phase, instead of conducting your normal draw: You can add 1 Equip Spell from your Deck or GY to your hand. (2) If you control an Equip Spell: You can return 1 FIRE Warrior monster or 1 Gemini Monster from your GY to the bottom of your Deck; draw 1 card. SR09-JP022 Raptinus no Choumaken (Raptinus’ Supreme Magicblade) Equip Spell Card You can only use this card name’s (2) effect once per turn. (1) Apply 1 of these effects, depending on the equipped monster’s battle position. • Attack Position: It cannot be targeted by an opponent’s card effect. • Defense Position: It cannot be destroyed by battle. (2) At the start of the Battle Phase: You can change the battle position of the equipped monster, and if you do, immediately after this effect resolves, Normal Summon 1 monster. source: https://ygorganization.com/thesongofgearfried/
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    Added the ability to mention a group of people rather than one specific member @Moderator (For example) @Members I'll leave this open for anyone to use at the moment but obviously let's not abuse this feature! (Please )
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    I drew a picture of Chester Cheetah doing a handstand. Click here for the image.
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    1980s: Throw joker into a mind-altering acid for disfigurement 2019: Just throw him into society
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    Kind of surprised at myself for not thinking of this earlier, it makes a lot of sense, don't it? I know I'm not the first to come with this idea, but I figured I would give my twist on it. Since it's late, I'm just doing a written thing, cause I can't be bothered to find a picture right now. Link-Up-Magic Connection Force - Normal Spell Target 1 Link Monster in your Extra Monster Zone; send it to the GY, and if you do, Special Summon 1 Link Monster from your Extra Deck whose Type is the same as that target, but 1 Link Rating higher (this Special Summon is treated as a Link Summon). A Link Monster Summoned with this effect is banished during the End Phase, unless its Attribute is the same as that target, also you cannot Special Summon monsters, except with card effects, for the rest of this turn.
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    Ari took a sip of his drink. Milk was really good. If only more of the places they'd been to were as friendly as this. He wouldn't mind staying just a little bit longer-- "It's kind of boring." Mac disagreed with a sigh. "There's not enough going on. Even with, you know, that stuff with Tornadus." "You always have to have something going on, don't you?" Ari shook his head sagely at her. "Don't you know no news is good news?" He paused. "Or something like that..." Hearing what Trish said, about a river leading to a lake leading to sightings of a legendary, made the Litleo groan slightly. "One, two..." Mac stood up. "There!" She said. "That's where we're going next! Come on guys, did you hear that, another Legend! We gotta check it out!" "Knew it," he muttered. "Okay, okay, we're going then." He glanced at Kazo. "Right, Kazo?" His gaze was questioning. What if Kazo was staying here? He said he'd be going with them, but maybe he felt homesick now? Ari wouldn't blame him for that one bit. "W-well, unless you want to stay here?" he tried to smile, but it came out a little shaky. -- Easter blinked at the Emboar when she hesitated to answer right away. What's wrong with her? She wants Dora to get in danger? Then it hit him. Where Dora went, Brooke would go too. So if Dora didn't come with, then... Ah. For some reason, that thought made him more uncomfortable than expected. He should be grateful to separate from a kid who was just tying him down and preventing him from unleashing his full strength, right? Whenever he fought now, he had to keep one eye out for Dora and the others too. But then again, they had helped him out too. It was almost like when he was back on the S.S. Showdown... So maybe he didn't actually want to separate from the others, not even Dora. Which was stupid, because he knew that it was dangerous for her to join the fight, but...well, he felt what he felt. He wouldn't make any excuses for his emotions, but he also wasn't sure what to do about them. What was the best course of action here? But he also knew, regardless of what he felt, they would all split up in the end. Denku had a brother to find, and Brooke and Dora, well...they had a life to live, a peaceful one, and if there was one thing Easter knew, his presence did not bring peace to anybody. More like chaos. When Manaphy was about to leave, Brooke shouted at her. She sounded a lot more frustrated than Easter expected, but he couldn't exactly blame her for it either. They had almost lost Dora trying to retrieve Manaphy's own child. The legendary's reply, however, was cause for thought. That they had weakened...if so, then him defeating all the legends he had defeated, was that a testament to his own strength or to how much the mighty had fallen? Either way, if they couldn't keep their positions at the peak, then they didn't deserve to stay there. Except he didn't have much time to think more on that, as a group of rough-looking gijinka appeared, one of which looked very familiar. "How about you hand her over and we'll just be on our way, okay?" "Hmph, that's not happening," the fairy type scoffed. Charging up a ring of pink stars around him, he grinned maliciously at the Dragalge. "Even children learn from their mistakes, but it looks like you're even less than a child, huh? Allow us to drill this lesson into your head once more." He released the stars, sending them toward the Carvanha. "You might not even need a cheat sheet then." -- As Keanu trembled on the ground, he heard the voice of the Terrible One from above. "You know I can't put a curse on you, right?" She paused to take a bite of food. "Some Mimikyus can, but it's something you're born with that gets inherited from your parents." The Pikachu stopped trembling. "R...really?" he peeked up, then blanched when he realized that, at this angle, he could see--no. No, he didn't see anything at all. Curling up into a ball, he moaned. "Ugh...why me...?" "Plus, what would Randy and Marie think if I did something like that for a reason as vain as 'he saw my face'?" Yes! Randy! Marie! Please come and save me! "Yes, yes, ahahah," he laughed. "Yeah, Randy and Marie wouldn't be very happy, would they? And you know, Randy when he gets mad he's pretty stubborn, and so is Marie. Honestly, they both get really troublesome when that happens, so uhh...yeah, don't do anything they wouldn't approve of and...stuff," he trailed off lamely. He was glad that the Trailsau residents were too busy laughing and joking with each other to notice just how uncool he was being right now. But he couldn't help it. Nani was scary! Ugh, he really needed a nap right about now. A long one. One where he could just forget that this ever happened, that he ever saw...that. -- "Well, between all of us here, you have no group more experienced at dealing with legends and legendary-class people. So, no matter how formidable this legend may be, we shall come out victorious against it." Nine boasted. "We've been through a lot as a group... Not to undersell Giratina or you or anything!" Lok said, chuckling nervously. "...but we can do this. I'm sure of it." "I...know it's...scary...um, thank you." "R-really?" Shaymin's eyes brightened. "That's a relief. I'm glad I have such experienced and worthy gijinka with me, even if you are..." She shook her head and smiled shyly. "With you all here, even if it's scary, I..." she looked down, and started to shake, "W-well, e-even so, I-I," she clenched her fists, "I'll be strong too," she nodded. "I'll try, anyway." And that's when Gwen finally joined the group. At seeing her, Shaymin started to shake even more, but she managed to stay in one place, listening intently. "We should leave within the hour. I'm...going to see my family, before we go, you're all free to do what you wish. We'll meet back together and set out after that." The legendary would spend that time standing at the edge of the village, her gaze distant and a little sad. When the hour passed, she rejoined the others, and followed them out of town to one of the many cave entrances scattered along the area. "Well...er, suppose you're up, Shaymin." The Mismagius stood to the side, giving the legendary space to maneuver. "O-oh really? O-o-okay..." she looked down, then looked back up at them and smiled nervously. "U-um...we could just...go back?" she cringed. "N-no? U-um...okay." BGM The woman took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and clasped her hands together in prayer. The group would be able to see what looked like clouds of smog rushing toward her, gathering into the flowers in her hair. The flowers turned black as soot, and, eyes still closed, the legendary stepped forward, raising her hands. Her body began to glow a bright, verdant green, and she pushed her hands forward against the entrance of the cave. The light grew blinding enough that the group would have to turn away. But even if they couldn't see, they could feel the tremors of various shockwaves passing through their bodies, and hear a sound like glass shattering. The light finally died at that, and once the group's eyesight came back, they would see the legendary looking back at them. In that moment it was as if a different person looked through her eyes, her mouth in a grave line. The flowers in her hair blooming a vivid rose against the backdrop of the pitch-black cavern. The white dress she wore shone like a star in the dark. "It is done," her voice rang out with a solemn cast. The air seemed to have shifted as well. The energy from before was gone, but a pressure of sorts emanated from the cave in front of them, as if they had punched a hole in a vacuum. The woman's expression changed shortly afterward, and it was as if the previous visage was a lie. "Uwaawaa," she cried out, hunching over and beginning to tremble, "I forgot...how scary it is, being here..."
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    Actually, that is the example I used. The original take was actually based on the original effect before the version I posted initially, so I figured this would be the most sensible way based on the Decklist I had for the character in said fic. I also noticed that with every time I have written in Desponea, I always based it on having the exact number of DARK monsters, so I am going to change the requirement instead of equal or lower to be just equal. So if you have 3 DARKs, you need to banish a Level 3. This allows for some Graveyard control mechanics, which can be managed through the effects of the Dark Counterparts themselves and thus tying it all together into a coherent Deck. I will be updating it in just a minute alongside the art, I only just got back home from work off a 10 hour shift (Thankfully I am off tomorrow). EDIT: Text and art are updated
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    pretty much agree with with the others. way easy to summon, easy stat gain (like 4 types will grant you 2800 immune to monster effect turn 1, remember we still have Danger!), search effect is unnecessarily convoluted but also at its flip side it can still search large pool of cards multiple times given its a soft once per turn AND can also search another copy of its self which while being level 10 has not much to interact but the option available is pretty strong arguably, if the original intent is to support "Dark Counterpart" series the " Exact Same Level" clause on search effect is backfired the deck building given the series diverse Levels some suggestion: Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Cannot be Special Summoned except by its own effect. While this card in your hand and all Monster you control and in your GY is DARK and has different type(s): You can Banish 2 or more non-Token DARK monster you control whose its total Level equal or higher than the number of DARK Monster in your GY; Special Summon this card. This card gain (~, as long its lower than your current ones) ATK for each type among DARK Monster in your GY. (same immunity effect, for now). You can Banish up to 3 DARK Monster from your field, hand, and/or GY, add 1 "Dark" Monster with different type but has Level equal or lower than the Banished Monster(s) from your Deck to your hand. You cannot Special Summon Monster with same category as that monster during the turn you use this effect except monster with different types. You can only use each effect of (this card name) once per turn. "category" wording is probably the most experimental part of this suggestion but its exist with https://yugioh.fandom.com/wiki/Onomatopaira this should partially prevent archetypal "Dark" other than "Dark Counterpart" like Dark Magician and Darklords whose tend to have same traits like Typing
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    Indeed, you could make a mill-based deck and this would only require a couple of DARKs in the GY to be live, but the rest could be non-DARKs, increasing the number of different types in the GY to reach scary ATK numbers. Then, as long as you keep the low-Level DARKs coming, you can spam this. It would make a bit more of sense to me if it instead required a monster with a Level equal or higher than the # of DARKs in the GY.
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    Not a fan of the card. It has a couple of red flags, starting with the translation differences of "Dark" for a keyword, then the ability of milling a Dark monster from the ED to search for a non-Fiend or Machine Dark is oddly specific, convoluted and missing flavor since I don't get how, for example, would Cyberdarkness be associated with REDMD, and finally the lack of hard OPTs, which allows you to Summon her multiple times a turn, and get a search for each, at the expense of ED space. As if that wasn't enough, the condition of banishing a monster with Levels equal or lower than the # of DARKs in GY is odd, as it allows the use of Low-Level monsters to access her, and can turn them into beaters if your GY diversity is big enough. In short, the card is convoluted, not only due to the translation issues on "Dark", also the effects are rather controversial. Even with a much needed hard OPT, I would still have second thoughts on the search effect.
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    Decided I had enough time on my hands to figure out what this can search with its last effect. Some of the more relevant ones: Cyberdarkness Dragon (Level Ten) => REDMD Dark Paladin (Level Eight) => Darkest Diabolos LotL, DMoC, and LaDD Dark Strike Fighter (Level Seven) => Dark Magician/Magician of Dark Illusions, Dark Simorgh, and DAD Masked HERO Dark Law (Level Six) => DMG Dark Baltar the Terrible (Level Five) => Kozmoll Dark Lady and Thunder Dragondark Darkfire Dragon (Level Four) => Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm and Dark Grepher
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    Quite like my previous post I'm not going to bother giving these a specific order to which I list them off in because that's just added thought to the even more that I have to write about. And three of these will probably be obvious anyway, but there's a lot less servant that I actively dislike then I like, so excluding them would just make my life that much harder. So. First up is Scheherazade. I'm pretty sure no one likes her and i've already said my bit on it to you before anyway but i might as well say it anyway. On the pros I think she's got a neat enough support kit that adds in some nice stall options and an AoE guts is always cool. I also think her roll in Agartha was pretty neat. Onto the cons. Mechanically, her noble phantasm makes like no sense with her kit...or with her really. She has the second highest HP in the game, has abysmally low attack and is a caster. Her character is centered around not dying and her story is all about the stories she's told and how she evaded said death. So why is her NP an AoE nuke with an NP Strength buff and an even more situation damage buff that has zero utility outside of being an Arts card. Beyond that she's kind of annoying and her personality is very one note. And it does not help that she doesn't shut up about the one note that she has. Also, on a personal level, I think she's got the makings of being really attractive but there's a lot of weird proportions going on with her body that just kind of make everything look off. Second on the list is Oda Nobunaga. I used to dig Nobu for her swank ass design and kind of memey summer animations. I still do, and all of her kits are generally pretty solid too. Since playing the game and going through a singular gudaguda event and summer 2, her looks and kit don't really make up for how terribly I think she's written. In general, I didn't really enjoy the gudaguda event because the writing kind of felt way to lol random xd funny, which is to say it felt like it was trying to be funny way too hard and thus just came off as annoying. And unfortunately, Nobu basically encapsulates that whole issue I have with that event in one character. There are other characters that are basically just living jokes - like Heroine X for example - but they have gimmicks to follow. Nobu just is random and haughty and that's about the extent of her character so far, so she basically just comes off as way more obnoxious then any of the other ones. Also she's voiced by Rie Kugimiya and I actually can't stand her voice except on a few characters. I'll look forward to see if she gets better in the next 3 gudaguda events (well, next 2 with 1 rerun), but for now, I just don't like her. Third is Minamoto no Raikou. You're probably not entirely familiar with this, but Raikou to me is basically like Camilla in Fire Emblem Fates. Fantastic unit all around, to borderline insane - as both her Berserker form is one the premier berserker farmers and will continue to be until either Skadi or Arjuna Alter come out. Her summer form is also like, actually insane with how much damage and star gen she's packing, and that she can give these damage buffs to everyone else. So it's a real shame her personality is basically just someone who obnoxiously smothers you while acting like your mother but also kind of wanting to bone you? It's like, the proto version for Mom Isekai. That and her design is pretty annoying and could be hot if not for the two giant latex balloons strapped to her chest. Fourth is uhh.....Ivan the Terrible? It's in the name. I honestly don't know who I'd put in this slot because I can't really think of anyone i expressly dislike but i do know who I hate most of all and want to end this segment with. So just have this joke answer. The final one, to no surprise at all, is Blackbeard. I mean, there's hardly any reason I should explain why I should dislike him because there's hardly any reason at all someone should like him. Like, he doesn't really seem to have a target audience and the way he's written isn't so much that you should love to hate him you should just hate him. He takes every opportunity he has to be the most worthless person on screen and his dialogue physically pains me to read. So yeah. This has been my ted talk, feel free to come again later.
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    Don't Stop Me Now. Bohemian Rhapsody gets too much attention, imo, and listening to it is kind of a chore, but DSMN has a nice pace throughout and I can jam to it anytime.
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    Bop Not really. Boop Bööp You're Koromon Ah! Almost forgot
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    bump Elizabeth wandered slowly down the hall, her feet only kept moving forward by the fact that dragging her feet in high heels would cause her nose to meet the tile below her with some considerable force. At this point in her life, at this point in the depression cycle, she could tell when an episode of sorts was about to occur. She was feeling sorry for herself, no matter how selfishly it may be. She didn't feel particularly encouraged by Yushiro's actions, nor did she feel like she was really being fair to him in not knowing what to say when she posed some intentionally vague questions. The truth was, Elizabeth hard hardly convinced herself that she was even emotionally or mentally prepared in the first place for a dance of this size and splendor, and her actions had only made that doubt worse. She felt stuck. Stuck between the expectation that she was to have a wonderful time with Yushiro: he would win his duel and sweep her off her feet in a dance, the expectation that she was to be the old Beth around Ashley: the femme fatale duo who would crush and reward the parched, thirsting souls of single men bowing at their feet, and the feeling that she was not even close to being either of those people for either of those people. Not even close. And then, naturally, there was Todd right down the hall staring at her- Wait a minute, when the hell did that get here? Elizabeth found herself sitting on a wooden bench, staring across the hall to a single, memorialized picture of her late brother Todd. It was actually rather large, and captured some of his more defining features in the middle of what appeared to be a duel. She recognized it now: it was the photo taken of him on the day they won their last National Championship together. Elizabeth couldn't recall them placing a memorial there; they had asked what seemed like an endless amount of questions about her twin's memorials; where they would be placed, how large they would be, if it was okay to include pictures of the both of them, if she wanted to keep any of the memorabilia, et cetera. I guess this one was brought up around the time I just stopped reading the details and signed off. Sorry mate. You look good, though. she sighed, brushing her bangs to side again. She distracted herself for a moment, thinking about the duel that day, That's right. You held Cyber End Dragon to the bitter end that game to outlast the removal. It was bloody brilliant. 100 LP and you reveal a three card fusion. Absolutely maniacal. It was never easy enough for you to just win. She smiled, but it faded quickly. You know, Todd. It's not very fair of you to be forever immortalized in pictures of our happiest moments while I get to sit here and talk to framed photos of you at a dance where people hope I get enough dopamine to avoid going home and offing myself. The least they could do is show a picture of you with a zit or something, you duffer. Ugh, I really need to stop doing this to myself. Elizabeth leaned back into the bench, looking straight up to the sky to avoid looking at the picture, still silent. She scoffed, loudly, now advancing quickly towards the picture, the clack of her heels ringing out loudly into the hallway. She got real close to the picture, observing every detail, letting the thoughts roll around in her brain before relenting again, Am I making a mistake right now, Todd? She still hadn't spoken aloud, but she remained silent mentally as well, waiting for an answer that would never come. She pursed her lips, looked to right, and walked down the hall,, feeling no better than she did moments ago. It felt to her like every waking moment of every day on this campus as of late had her past follow her, nibbling at her ankles as if she had dipped her feet into piranha infested waters. The constant, pervasive thought of "I just want to be better." was often interrupted by the goings-on of people who had simply moved on, or forgotten enough about Elizabeth entirely that there was no natural progression for her. She thought, briefly, that perhaps that was why she liked Yushiro so much. She wasn't even sure if Yushiro knew Todd, and if he did, he certainly didn't know enough to have brought it up, and almost everyone does by now. The hardest part, to Elizabeth, wasn't the fact that Todd was dead, no. She had accepted that a long time ago; it was more that there was no future for her that didn't involve constantly bringing it up, constantly rebuilding relationships with the caveat that she would be roughly half as interesting or exciting as she used to be because she was no longer one half of "The Incredible Hall Twins", or whatever their nicknames were, Elizabeth couldn't even remember anymore. "Nope, now I'm just Elizabeth Hall, and everyone looks at me like they were expecting me to be in the car too." as she finished her walk down the hall, the massive crowd's noise started to pick up, and she could see the outline of the bar from the doorway she was standing in. She looked back towards the general direction of both Yushiro and Todd's picture. "Kind of wish I was." Despite her sulking, Elizabeth took a moment to refresh her mental and make her way back over to the bar, not that it would help; Ashley would read her like a book guaranteed and Hitomu likely wouldn't be far behind, but she would try her best to bring herself back to the mental state she was in before she went to go see Yushiro, and before she had her doubts about even coming here in the first place. As she approached, however, she noticed a familiar head of hair: it was Kyouko's. They had peer mediation session together during the school year, and Elizabeth remembered she allegedly had some sort of anger problems she needed to sort out, but Elizabeth always found her to be a pleasant conversation. She was embarrassed; with all the commotion that had come already with this school year, she hadn't even had a chance to stop by and say hello to her. Elizabeth slid in to the left of Kyouko, tapping her shoulder lightly, being careful to keep about a fist length's distance; she did have some anger issues, anyway. "Cheers Kyouko, I haven't gotten to see you all year! I'm a bit surprised you've made it out; you never made things like this seem like much of your occasion... are you well this year?" she half-shouted to Kyouko, to attempt being out the rapidly increasing noise coming into the venue.
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    Eccentric Billionaire Scientists Are All the Rage Nowadays
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    Belle watched as Ivan took out his Poké Balls with some jealousy. How does he tell them apart? she wondered. As far as she could tell, they weren't marked. Maybe by the arrangement on his belt? Yes, that's a good idea. She glanced down. Well, it would be if I had a belt too. Maybe she should get one? Except she wasn't a huge fan of them. She didn't like having anything around her waist. It didn't help that she was a little...ahem, overweight. The girl pinched her side. But if I keep being forced to walk around like this...before long my proud stomach will peter out into nothingness. I'll turn into a stick and blow away with the wind. She sighed dramatically. By now, Ivan was currently talking about another Pokémon he had. She didn't know that he had another one, but from what he was saying, it was a Bellsprout? She didn't know much about those, except some random things she had learned on the internet. Like them being really, really flexible. Or that one internet meme with a random guy owning a Victreebel always ending up being swallowed whole by it whenever sending it out of its Poké Ball. Which, according to some internet nerd, was really dangerous because of the potent acid in the grass type's pitcher cavity. That guy had to have nine lives or something. Anyway, that was beside the point. She had no clue what a Bellsprout would eat. But if it was anything like its evolution... "Maybe it likes eating human flesh?" she wondered. Scratching her head Jacklyn said, "well, we can figure that out later. I'm sure there's a shop that we can find for that stuff. For now! Onwards!" It took them a little bit, but they did eventually make their way to Skrelp Flambe. Or was it Flambé? Confused, the bluenette followed the others in, dragging her feet some. She really hoped this wasn't expensive. At least the atmosphere didn't seem expensive, but appearances could be deceiving. Preparing her stomach...and wallet, the girl sat at the table they were led to. "Oooh, i don't think I've ever had anything like this before." Jacklyn had already opened up her menu. Putting down the menu though, the girl said, "oh, come to think of it. We've been together for awhile now, but this is the first time we sat down and ate like this." Curious to see what exactly was so great about the food here, Belle opened her own menu. And was promptly horrified. "Wha--?" she shook her head. "This menu has nothing but kelp on it!" She held her head. "Where're the potato chips? The yakitori? Heck, I'd even go for some hondewpan or a candy bar right now..." The girl flipped through the menu. "I hope they at least have some soda." Belle was interrupted from her grumblings when Jacklyn took a picture of them, the flash temporarily blinding the shorter girl. "Hey," she complained. "What're you doing?" Her mood had gone down drastically after seeing the menu. Not that she was expecting them to have all her favorite snacks, but kelp? Really? Still...it wasn't too bad salted. But it didn't look like that was an option here. She sighed. "I think I'll get the Fried Kelp. Either that or the Deep Fried Kelp. Maybe even the Double Deep Fried Deluxe Kelp." With any luck the breading would be so thick that she wouldn't be able to taste the actual kelp. "And," the blue-haired girl said, glancing at Jacklyn. "Is this really something we need to celebrate?" She didn't know much about how three-dimensional people acted, but she was fairly sure they didn't take pictures of every single minor event. At least, I hope not. Or this is going to be a long journey. She looked at Ivan. Maybe he had an answer for her that wasn't "yes, of course!"