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    So I got one of those job things. Will see how it goes.
  2. Team Adarid - Arceus' Chamber Attack after attack, the gijinka in the room really laid into the Godslayer before them, using every last ounce of their strength to really grind him into the ground. Somehow, even after all the punishment he had taken thus far, Kura was still able to get to his own two feet to stand before them once again. However, even his strength seemed to faulter, as his entire body was wreathed in the dark flames, consuming him until he was nothing but a pile of ash on the floor. With a hand held over her shoulder that seeped with blood, Taiga could only crack a wide toothy smile. "Serves you right, ya jerk!" Soon after, the main event began, and Arceus herself almost seemed to come back to life. After a short daze, and some tears, Arceus explained to them why she had been so neglectful all these years. "Save it for someone who cares, damnit..." Taiga groaned, Getting to her feet, and trudging over to where the others stood in her presence. She had to admit, this chick really did radiate the energy of something benevolent. It made her wanna spit. Nonetheless, she smiled. "Glad you're alright, ya damn good for nothin' god! Fufufu!" "You've done so much despite me abandoning you. Nothing I can do will ever make up for my mistakes. But I wish to try. I shall rejoin the world and look after its people. Not as an apathetic observer, nor as a ruling God, but instead I promise to work alongside all the inhabitants of this world and do my best to correct the wrongs that happened over these many years." After some others presented their own wishes, Taiga stepped up next. "First off, would ya mind patching me up a bit? That ain't my wish, but I'd be happier if ya did me a solid." The girl smiled, before nodding her head. A green aura radiated around Taiga, and all of her major injuries faded away. With a sigh of relief, Taiga's body crumbled to the floor. "Sheesh...you're a life saver." Taiga cleared her throat. "Tch, not like you didn't owe me that anyway!" She rolled her eyes, only to have them shoot towards Arceus. "As for my wish, I want a big ship! One that can sail across this whole dang world. I'm gonna scoop up as many lost little ones as I can, so that no one in this world has to grow up alone, like I did!" Taiga blushed, as she gave away too much of her idea in that last bit. "W-w-w-what I mean to say is, I'm gonna turn them all into Treasure Hunters, so we can go exploring the world for all the rarest items that this planet has to offer!" "An adventurer's soul and a kind heart. I am glad the world is in hands such as yours." "K-k-kind!?" Taiga was becoming more and more flustered. "I'm Taiga the Terrible Tyrant! I ain't kind in the slightest! One more word outta you and I might just take up Kura's position." She crossed her arms, and stuck out her tongue. "As if...I'm done fightin' for a while. Count your blessings." Before making her way out of the room, she walked to Scarlet. "Thanks for keepin up with me...you were a real pal, all the way to the end. If you're in trouble, don't hesitate to come find me. You'll always have a place in my crew." Taiga slugged the Scizor in the shoulder, before looking away from her. "And..." Taiga embraced her metallic friend, with a tear in her eye. "Don't forget...you were my first friend...please stay in touch." Wiping a tear away, she smiled, waving to all the others as she left the room. With a loud yawn, Taiga woke up in her rather luxurious bed. She stretched her arms up as far as they could go, while unleashing a massive yawn that anyone on the ship would be able to hear, if they were awake. The gentle rocking of the ship was something she had gotten used to over the past couple of years, and now it was enough to make her sleep like a rock-type. She made her way throughout her cabin, getting dressed for the day, and putting on her captain's best, before setting foot out onto the deck. Another beautiful day on the open sea. Taiga made her way to the railing, looking at the name plastered against the side of the ship, the S.S. Little League. Taiga laughed to herself. Every time she thought of those words, it reminded her of Isole and Scarlet, and that damn Captain. "If I see that bird brain Captain again...I oughta" Her brow was twitching at the mere thought. That guy was really holding out on some serious treasure, she just knew it. She kicked off the railing, only to travel a short distance towards the middle of the deck. With a large breath in, Taiga let out a huge roar. "Alright you scallywags! Get your butts out here, and start the dang day already! It's gonna be as busy as ever, so wake the hell up!" With a zip, and a zoom, three small Gijinka made their way in a hurry topside. Each one saluted before her, sounding off as they had the day they arrived on the ship. "M-Mavis, reporting in as ordered!" A zubat nervously stammered. "Trixie, reporting in as ordered!" A skitty proudly said. The other small gijinka had turned her saluting into that of making an invisible wall in front of her. Taiga tapped her finger against her arm, waiting for their newest recruit to sound off. After a few more seconds of watching the display, Taiga snapped. "HEY! Sound off, you little punk, or I'll throw you to the fishes!" She'd never do it, but she had to whip these sea urchins into shape, as proper treasure hunters. The Gijinka acted like it couldn't hear Taiga, as it was trapped in some sort of invisible box. "Oho...so the fishes it is then." Taiga ominously mumbled, as she started approaching the Mime Jr. The other two looked to the last Gijinka, almost in a panic. "Come on Ez! She's seriously gonna toss you off! Do roll call!" Trixie whispered. "E-Ez! Stop messing around, or else you'll die!" Mavis chimed in. The Mime Jr smugly looked at the two, before shrugging, and saluting once again. "Esmerelda, reporting in as ordered, Mime mime!" She finally got out, with a huge smile on her face. It was a cute enough display, but not so cute as to quell Taiga's wrath, as a fist was hammered down on top of the Mime Jr.'s head. She had to put more force into it, as her hand had crashed through the invisible barrier Esmerelda had placed above her head, full well knowing she was gonna get bopped. Rubbing her head, Esmerelda looked to the others as they all nodded their heads. In unison, they saluted once more, and chanted in unison. "Good morning, Captain Taiga!" Taiga placed her hands on her hips, and shook her head from side to side. She saluted the Little Leaguers with a smile. "And good morning to you too! What a fine day it is to sail the seas, and look for treasure, huh!?" All three of the Little Leaguers cheered. "Well, today's agenda is the same as yesterday. Look for some more lost kids, and explore the unknown! Now, I remember a friend of mine telling me about his home in Alola...apparently there's been a lot of chaos going on there as of late, and I'm sure a lot of young Gijinka are looking for a place to call home..." Taiga pointed a finger towards the horizon. "Why don't we go lookin' for them!?" With another cheer, the S.S. Little League sailed into the day, and towards a new world.
  3.  "Alright Kazo, FINISH IT!!" "Your new world isn't needed! Instead of being a coward and running away from the problems of this world, you should have used your power to help save those around you. If you can't do something so simple, you can't do something as great as creating a new world! That's why people like us, people that chase the light of a better tomorrow, will never lose to the likes of you! DRACO METEOR!" There was a huge spot in his heart that almost roared out in joy seeing the combination and practically the finale in terms of moves. From Randy’s perspective, those two had a hell of a future ahead of them...and this would be something he’d definitely see if he could assist with. Nevertheless, the Houndoom...like those who came before him...was stubborn as a Tauros. "I won't accept this. With all the power I feel burning inside me you should be nothing. No. No...it can't be. This wasn't all of it. There must be more! I know there's more of the Creator God's power to be used! You forced my hand...I have to bring it all out. Every. Last. Drop. And then you all will be burned to ash!" “Tch...man, you lot just don’t give up whatsoever!” Randy shook his head, about to make a move...but the dark flames arced around the Houndoom...before something else happened...he...was gone. The fire died down and he was nothing but...ashes. “...E kuʻu akua...” he simply said, never before seeing a gijinka succumb to their own flames like that. It was almost...too much...and since he’d been here on Adarid, he’d seen a lot. “...I guess...mission accomplished? We won?” As the silence grew around them, she finally awoke… "I am...so sorry. ..... And to start I must reward you. The noble Gijinka who came all this way to protect your world. Come to me and speak your wish and I shall grant it be in my power. Even my powers have limits. I cannot bring the dead to life. But I shall do my best to see you justly rewarded for your brave actions." Randy thought a moment, trying to figure out what he’d do. A wish was...just not something he was expecting. He took the challenge to get stronger...but then again, one didn’t just save a Legend every day...well...counting on his fingers this would’ve been the fourth Legendary he helped along the way. But specifically the Creator? THAT was something else! Alright, I know what wish I want… Randy thought, prepared to say his wish, but Keanu spoke ahead of him. "I want help. Help to bring us back to our home, and help to fight off the Beasts that took it from us. Maybe it's too big a wish for one gijinka to make, but that's what I want." Well, better echo to that wish… he shrugged. "Arceus? ...that is pretty much a general wish we share..." Randy stepped forward. "Is it at all possible for this to happen?" "I promised to help you all and that includes those regions in danger. I do not know what this threat is but I will not let it be." "...something tells me that won't be right now though...right?" "No war ends in a day...and do not get it wrong this will be a war...But I believe you have another dream do you not? One that will bring much needed joy to the people here. Both native and refugee alike." The Incineroar was met with stunned silence, but then again...this was literally the Creator...so of course, had the clear view in his head. He sighed, rubbing the back of his head albeit sheepishly, before looking away slightly. “...guess you’ve got a point. I suppose, if this will take a while...” he said, before looking a bit more determined. “I want to have the survivors of Alola be directed here to the region of Adarid. If anything...the least I can do to give plenty of joy to this place...and an outlet for some...is to have them bring the Professional Pokémon Gijinka Wrestling Federation here...and have their new arena in the capital!” he flashed a smirk, nodding. “It’ll be perfect!” "As I believe it there's a man who calls himself emperor who claims to rule over the land. From what I've seen he has not done much ruling...Yes, I believe his mansion is in a suitable location for something like that." "I'll be honest, if you think that spot is the prime location for this..." Randy smiled, taking a small bow. "Then I shall definitely accept the suggestion and take it, Arceus." She nodded her head. "It shall be done." “Heh...thank you Arceus.” Randy said, grinning from ear to ear. It had been a hell of a time since Randy took that step onto that boat to escape those monsters that plagued Alola and his journey through Adarid. His life ended up changing for the better, least be thought so. Keanu, Nani, and Marie...these three were put in his life, he figured, for a reason...more so than just surviving the onslaught on Alola. He figured...this was something more or less dealing with the wills of the Sun and the Moon, maybe even the Guardians of Alola themselves. Regardless of this being true or not, Randy would always accept this as being the truth. But it wasn't just the journey and the time with his newfound friends that changed him. It was Adarid itself. The challenge of the Chasers with fighting Legends and even going toe to toe with the Godslayers, the encounters made him stronger and wiser than when he left. And when all was said and done he was able to return home…he found he couldn’t return to his home of Alola. According to Solgaleo, Randy was told that their home was still in shambles...but at the same time, a good portion of those from the islands made their trek here to Adarid, which made the Incineroar tremendously happy, which was his wish from Arceus. And from the sounds of it, a good portion of the PPGWF had made their stay in this region, even being allowed to use the capital’s arena for their matches, also thanks to his wish from Arceus. At the end of it, however, Randy found himself staying at the very beach that he and his friends entered Adarid in: Northshore. Something about it just felt like home to him...even being an Incineroar...he was still an islander at heart. What was more, was how he had Charlie back with him and how he even had his step-father and trainer give quite the run around for Denku, after telling him how he'd be great to addition to a wrestling team with the display he and Kazo had as Team Paragon. This also meant that since Randy wasn’t leaving for Alola at the moment, this would give the brothers time to see their own friends and family. All seemed to be going good now...a new start for the Incineroar...however, this would be far from the only start he’d have. On a trip to better find himself and even train alone, Randy stumbled upon someone, almost like a divine intervention by Arceus herself. A disheveled older Shiny Incineroar, who looked at the young man with such a fire within his eyes. Before Randy stood exactly who he had idolized all those years ago and to the present day: Sol Mask, rather, as he had been known by now, Solomon. From his wrestling idol, Randy learned that after the match where he was forced to retire, he left Alola in order to live his own life and to not be continually reminded about the failure he became during that match. Solomon would speak with Randy for quite some time, wanting to know what he was fighting for and for whom. He could tell Randy was conflicted, through his journey and life, he had tried to become someone who not only adhered to his father's legacy of a fighter, but also to make sure Sol Mask was avenged. But now, he was unsure of everything, except a few things: he had to make sure his father's legacy continued through him…and to be the Face of the PPGWF, so others can be inspired by him, just like he was inspired by Sol Mask. Of course, this answer made Solomon smile. "...wish to inspire others as I did? Spoken like a true Face. And you called yourself a Heel." Solomon scoffed, shaking his head. "Randy Roarton...I have been waiting to meet someone that would want to do exactly as I did, namely inspire a new generation. I believe that you, young Incineroar, may be that someone. Would you be willing to let me pass my own legacy to you? It'll be a tough road ahead, but I believe you might be able to become my successor." Randy was speechless, now in shock that his idol was talking about having him of all gijinka become his successor. It was an honor and a dream come true! To be trained and learn from Sol Mask himself. Humbly, the young Incineroar accepted this offer and responsibility. He would train for quite a few years before fully returning from his training. Then...there was only one thing left to do... Randy Roarton: The Successor A roar of the crowd came from within the Adarid arena, as another match concluded with the PPGWF, having Torrent beat another challenger who dared attempt for his crown. Apparently moving to Adarid was a huge boost to the PPGWF, after all...a good portion of this region was battle fueled, so why wouldn’t they be amazed at this? Among the audience was Charlie, as well as Keanu, Nani, Marie and even Denku and Kazo who were brought there by one thing: a letter to each simply saying, "I'm finally back. -R.R." and to meet at the arena to watch the show. "Is there no one here worthy enough for me?" Torrent scoffed with a laugh, flicking his hair back. He enjoyed being bathed in the sounds of cheers, until he heard a roar come from the other side. Turning, he saw the familiar face of a Shiny Incineroar. "Oh my, my, my. Look what the Purrlion dragged in! Is it really you, Sol Mask? Arceus be damned, you look worse for wear old man." Solomon only growled. "Torrent…" he simply said, as the crowds became hushed in an instant, with chatter slowly coming as the two started one another down. "Try to come back to take your throne? I'm sorry, but I'm not fighting a hasbeen." Torrent waved him off dismissively. “And personally, not even I want to thrash your tail for a second time. I have standards...and even I don't want my own seconds.” "I'm not here to fight you...but I am here to watch someone else kick your shell." "Ehhh?" BGM Solomon moved, pointing upward before roaring in a loud, booming voice. "Ladies and gentlemen!! Here to fight your King comes a former Heel who made an unexpected Face turn! My successor…" he began to smirk. "SOL DARK!!!" At this, a second roar was heard from behind where Solomon stood. Soon a blur came running behind him and with a leap, it landed into the ring behind Torrent. To his surprise, it was none other than Randy Roarton, a bit older than when he left, but donned in a darker palette of Sol Mask's wrestling outfit. He pointed up in the air and let loose a loud roar, which definitely amped the crowd up quite a bit. Torrent, on the other hand, could only be found laughing at the spectacle. “Roarton?! So the little Litten who had big aspirations of beating me finally comes back after all this time? What a joke! What good will this Heel do against the Face of the PPGWF?” Randy turned to face Torrent, only smirking. "It's true. I took the route of the Heel to face you because of what you did to my hero. However...I've had a hell of a journey that only myself and a few friends of mine know all too well about here on Adarid." he pointed at the Blastoise, continuing on. "I've fought tougher opponents than you, ones I'm sure you'd never believe...but even with that, I'm standing here now...with a different outlook and a different reason to take you down.” “Oh please, do indulge me.” “Isn’t it obvious?” Randy asked, crossing his arms. “You’ve been lying to the crowds, claiming your their Face...when you’ve been acting more like a Heel than I have! And truth be told, someone like that shouldn’t stand in the spotlight meant for a Face and shouldn’t be the type of individual the younger generations can aspire to be like! So that’s why I’m taking you down. Not for revenge...but for the sole fact that the next generation needs someone that they can strive to be like...someone who isn’t you!” Torrent now had a death glare looking at Randy, rolling his shoulders slightly. “Fine then. I’ll play your game, kitten. But don’t come crying to me when you lose.” he smirked. Randy nodded, cracking his knuckles and neck some, exhaling sharply in the process. “By the way, if you're going to use a Z-Move...it better be a damage causing one...cause if it isn’t...then you’ll regret it.” he said plainly, seeing the Blastoise’s face twist in disgust at this being brought up. “That Z-Haze probably won’t be helping much...sorry.” Both competitors stared each other down, waiting...until the bell finally rang. Torrent made the first move, launching a Water Pulse straight at the Incineroar, who ended up using Acrobatics to dodge the strike with ease. “Learned a new trick, have we?” Torrent scoffed, firing another Water Pulse. “Not like it’ll help you!” Randy stood now in the path of a Water Pulse, much to everyone’s shock. The Incineroar didn’t look the least bit scared of this and it was apparent why. He was already in the process of firing off a quick Fire Blast which then collided with the Water Pulse, which caused quite a bit of steam to accumulate in the process, much to the crowd’s excitement. The steam provided quite the cover for Torrent who rushed headfirst into the steam to shoulder check Randy, who seemed to anticipate this but nevertheless just stood there, blocking the check. With Torrent this close, it was the perfect time then. The Incineroar smirked and grabbed the Blastoise and began to perform a suplex. “Heat Dome Drop!” Randy shouted, performing the move and quickly getting up, smirking as he thought of Heatran. “Heh, like that? Named that one after a friend of mine in Trailsau.” Torrent got up as quick as he could, now launching an Aura Sphere at Randy. “Aura Sphere? Huh, surprised you kept that one hidden!” Randy laughed heartily, dodging out of the way with ease. “Trust me, you aren’t a Lucario with that move...and I’ve fought against a tough one too who was WAY faster.” Torrent and Randy could only stare at each other again, the crowds really worked up greatly at this. The Incineroar smirked, using his hand to beckon the Blastoise towards him. “C’mon.” With a yell, Torrent quickly fired in succession a Water Pulse and Dark Pulse, just like he did with Sol Mask all those years ago. It was obvious to Randy, that him getting in the Blastoise’s head actually was working. Randy exhaled and fired off another Fire Blast, doing his best to hold back the combination move, but an explosion was imminent, which knocked Randy back against the ropes. Quite a few gasps were heard in the process, as Torrent now began to strut his way towards the Incineroar. “Tch...worthless. Call yourself a Face? Learn your place!” Torrent shouted, spitting on the ground slightly. He then prepared another attack...one that the whole crowd watched, as it wasn’t very subtle this time. “Z-Move...Haze.” he sighed, his wounds now healing as the Z-Energy flowed around him. “To think, you of all people would remember or even notice such an insignificant detail. And I did my damnedest to pay off the staff there that day. I guess you were present in the match to know that...” Torrent shook his head, beginning to walk away. Then came quite a few sounds from the audience he never expected to hear: the sound of them booing him and even hating him. After all this time, now they decide to turn against him? Ridiculous! “H-Hehe...they’ve finally seen your true colors.” a voice behind Torrent emerged, as Randy now began to stand back up, much to the crowd’s delight. “And your right...I was there. I watched it, I watched you beat down my idol, a young Torracat...sitting in the old PPGWF’s stadium. That’s what started me down my path...and Sol Mask there took me and was able to assist where I faltered and stumbled...hell! My friends I have here definitely were able to help me when I faltered. One was even more of an adult than I was...” he paused, thinking of the countless ear-pulls he got from Marie, causing him to smile and without knowing it he was even rubbing his left ear some. “...but tonight...tonight I’m ending this! This was started on Alola...and it’s ending here in Adarid!” Torrent began to grit his teeth, staring at the Incineroar before spitting to the side. “...you’re acting just like him...” he said, now glaring at Solomon. “If he would’ve taken the deal I proposed to him...if he would’ve...” “Taken the fall?” Randy piped in, crossing his arms. “He told me what happened. He told me specifically what you and how you Buzieled your way to this point. How you even were able to bribe the referees and some of the staff...a manipulator to the very end. And I have a sneaking suspicion, you’d even offer this to me.” The Blastoise turned his attention back to Randy, now glaring fully at him. “...you take the fall, right here...right now...and I’ll give you a position up there in the major leagues. Hell, I’ll give you all the fame you’d ever need and more. Otherwise, you might just be sent to the streets! You’ll be a no-named nobody! And for what?! The same thing as him?! YOUR PRIDE?!” These were the words he needed to hear right now. Randy began to grin from ear to ear, before speaking in a pride filled voice. “DAMN RIGHT!! It’s right on the ten, shellhead. With a title like mine...I can’t remain silent.” he pointed upward, smirking. “When the spotlight is on me...heh...I do not Incine-purr...I do not Incine-meow...I, the Rising Star, Randy Roarton...no...I, Sol Dark...INCINEROAR!!!” At this, the crowds seemed to react greatly to it, immediately becoming an uproar of cheers and excitement. However, in Torrent’s eyes, he watched the last thing he said to Sol Mask before the match replay. Yet again, he found these words coming back to haunt him...and by this miserable little whelp of a Litten. “And you’ve used up your Z-Move...at the wrong time.” Torrent watched as Randy now began to glow greatly with Z-Energy, preparing his signature move. “Lemme just say this...heh, this type of revenge is sweet.” “D-Damn you!” Torrent yelled, firing off another Water and Dark Pulse. Randy used Acrobatics again to dodge, all the while, smirking. “These fists are pulsing dark! Their loud roar tells me to grasp victory!! And...at this moment, they tell me to forge forth my new path!!” he roared, spinning a bit. “TAKE THIS! DARKEST LARIAT!!” he struck the Blastoise twice with his dark energy strikes, making sure to launch him as high as he could. “But I’m not done!!” Randy roared again, moving towards the ropes as he jumped high into the air, just below Torrent and kicked his back. But that wasn’t the end. The moment he started going down, he rocketed himself back up with fire as his propulsion and delivered a punch to his back with a strong Close Combat strike in succession. “This is my signature move...evolved!!” he shouted, falling down only to propel himself upward again. “MAX...MALICIOUS...MOONSAULT!!!” With the declaration heard, he began to rise over Torrent and slammed head first into his gut, causing the Blastoise to get the wind knocked out, as both now made a fiery descent towards the ring...which all culminated in an explosion. When the explosion cleared, the crowds were hushed. On the mat saw Torrent, knocked out cold and standing over top of him...Randy. He was breathing heavily, still not used to this version of his Z-Move, apparently...but at the same time, he could feel the gaze of the audience staring at him hard. Right now, it was the moment of truth: would Randy act more Face like and not land another blow on the already knocked out Torrent? Or would he kick him while he was down like any Heel would’ve done? The very thought of the latter option had been one Randy had always wanted, considering the hell this Blastoise put him through. Nevertheless, under the eye of the audience, the Incineroar moved back some, pointed upwards and roared loudly. A roar from the crowd erupted in response. This match was over and Randy was the victor! The Incineroar looked over, seeing Solomon only nod and give him a thumbs up. With this, his guard was down and he was tackled from behind, being brought in a headlock by Charlie, who was grinning from ear to ear. “HAHA! THAT’S MY BOY!” he laughed, digging his fist playfully into Randy’s head, making the latter laugh in response. Though when he looked up again to find Solomon...the Shiny Incineroar was nowhere to be seen. Randy only took this as a sign that there was nothing more for him to learn, that this was the moment where Sol Mask’s journey ended and where Sol Dark’s journey was just beginning. ...thank you...Sol Mask...your legacy will definitely live on through your successor.
  4. After Mac finished speaking, a small Litleo scurried forward. "You always beat me to the punch," he complained, but his jovial tone took the bite away from his words. Turning to look up at Arceus, the smile slid from his face as he remembered her earlier statement. His chest had tightened upon seeing the blue-haired girl get her mother to live, but that was just saving an existing life. Once they were dead... "I understand," Ari said solemnly in a continuation of what the legendary had said earlier. "To bring back the dead would be going against the Circle of Life. I was taught that much at home." His father, especially, as the God of Life's Disciple, had made sure that stuck, but it didn't make the fact any less painful. The mere memory was enough to bring on a wave of emotion that he could only hold back with some difficulty. Regaining his composure--because he was a prince, and that was what princes did--the Litleo blinked, straightening his shoulders. "What I wish for is..." before, he would've wished to be strong enough to make everybody proud of him, and he still wanted that, but he didn't think it right to get that through a wish. In the end, he was only as strong as he made himself. "That everybody in Pride Rock may live in peace," his words grew uncharacteristically formal as he drew himself up with rare dignity. "That the divide that stands between lion and non-lion goes away. But I don't think that's something you can wish for either." He smiled sadly. "That kind of result can only be brought about by gijinka working together to achieve it. At least, that's what I believe." His smile brightened, and he was the normal Ari again. "So in the end, I guess I wish for nothing. I guess I just came here and wasted your time, huh?" But as he walked back, he paused, turning around. "Oh wait! I did think of something! If you could repair the damage done to Pride Rock, that'd be great. Mom said they're still trying to repair it." His smile widened. "So I guess I do have a wish, after all." -- No bringing back the dead, then? I expected as much, but still... If Easter had a choice, that would have been his wish. To bring back the Eevee child...but perhaps it was for the best this way. They had been dead for years, after all. He was glad that Dora got her wish granted, though. He had been worried about how she would react once her mother died. At least Brooke is here and would've been there for her. And me too. Denku as well, perhaps. The Sylveon hung back till most of the others had been granted their wishes. Because he didn't know what he wanted. That was the problem. To be granted a wish...it felt so cheap. He had always done things through his own power, if one left aside the fact that most of his moves relied on the power of the cosmos, so technically... And I'm stalling. I honestly...don't know. Eventually, he knew he had to do something, so he stepped forward. "My wish...I don't know," he said plainly. "I still don't know where I'm going, or what I'm going to do." This was the most honest he had been in a long time. "But I don't think I want to just waste a wish either." He tilted his head, thinking. That Litleo had a nice idea. Repairing his home. For a second, he thought about asking that for Deku, but, remembering the proud tilt to the heads of the town survivors, he changed his mind. No, rebuilding is the work of ordinary gijinka. We take pride in producing results with our own power. Which meant that was out. So then something that would aid his goals? But he didn't even know what those were anymore. For the longest time, he had wanted to grow stronger, no, to be the strongest. But now that didn't seem to matter anymore. Protection, that's what mattered. But he still wasn't good enough for that yet either. If he wanted to be able to protect others, he had to train further. These last battles had shown him that much. So perhaps, going off of that, he didn't need to amend his initial goals that much. He had to become stronger so he could protect others. In which case, he could continue on the path he had set himself on all those years ago. "I think I know what I want now. I thought that I had been wrong before, in wanting to gain strength, but I wasn't. I just wanted it for the wrong reasons." He smiled gratefully at Dora, Brooke, and Denku, who had helped him to reconcile himself with that notion. And that last conversation with Nine had been enlightening as well. "So I will be stronger, but that's not my wish. Instead," his blue eyes lit up with mischief. "My wish is that you set aside some time in the future for a match. One of the best ways to grow stronger is to fight strong opponents, and I can think of no one stronger than you." He winked. Afterward, the Sylveon swaggered back to his place, grinning like the Delcatty that got the cream. Until he realized what he could've wished for, and his face turned as long as a Rapidash. Damn, I could've wished for a year's supply of sweets, or even better...limitless sweets! It was too late now though. Oh well. Getting to fight Arceus was a once-in-a-lifetime chance. He could get sweets anytime, so he had to just stay strong. No matter how tempting they sounded. -- Keanu knew right away what he wanted to wish for, and he didn't waste any time when he came up for his turn. "I want help," he said flatly. "Help to bring us," he nodded at Randy, Marie, and Nani, "back to our home, and help to fight off the Beasts that took it from us." He looked back up at Arceus. "Maybe it's too big a wish for one gijinka to make, but that's what I want. Other than that...well, I can't think of any other kind of wish." Maybe a girlfriend? But no, that wasn't really a priority. Though, speaking of wahine... "Actually, I thought of something. I'd like it if you could repair the damage done to Kalia's mind, though I don't know if you can..." But if the god could repair physical damage, then couldn't she repair emotional or mental damage as well? "I know it's probably hard to forgive her for joining in with the Godslayers, but I don't think she was in her right mind." Keanu turned to the other Alolans. "Kalia...you've heard of her, right? She was quite famous back on Alola. Well, she managed to arrive in Adarid as well, but unlike us, she was alone... And so she decided to follow that evil Houndoom, believing it was the only way to go back to Alola. I wasn't able to convince her otherwise, but I can't just leave her alone either. She's an Alolan, like us. It feels wrong to leave her like this." Had it been him who had washed up on Adarid alone, he was sure he would've turned out similarly. And so, he couldn't really blame the Sandslash for what she had done, even though she had almost killed him. Yes. They were going to go home to Alola. All of them. Nobody would be left behind. Epilogues ==== Ariel: The Wise ==== "Hey, um...Jabari?" Ari approached the Zebstrika nervously, hands clasped together. "I, uh, need your help with something. I know it's probably not right for me to ask you of this, after everything we've done to your people, but..." he took a deep breath, and then looked the former Godslayer in the eye. "I don't think I can do this without you." -- "Your Highness! I've been looking everywhere for you!" Zago panted. "I had thought the worst, but I'm glad that isn't the case." "Yeah, I'm glad to be back too, Zago," the Litleo smiled before his expression turned serious. He turned to the Zebstrika behind him with a nod. "Because there's a lot to be done." -- "They won't approve, you know," his mother said, eyes sad as she watched her son go through paperwork. He was far too young to be tackling such a serious issue. "I know they won't. But I don't care. They won't approve because it takes away their privilege," Ariel, formerly known as Ari, snorted. "Well, we all saw where that lead us. If you tell somebody he's not as good as somebody else because he wasn't born a lion, well, you're just lying to them. And I know this much: lying is bad. Because of that lie, my uncle got my father killed, and himself as well. The God of Life almost died too." He shook his head. "Jabari's working hard on his end. I have to uphold my end as well." "I understand," the queen smiled. "I'm proud of you, Ariel." "I know. Thanks, Mom." -- "We did it," Ariel turned to Jabari with tears in his eyes. "We did it." He held up the stone slate, admiring the writing on it as he turned it this way and that. "It's set in stone now. This is the new law of the jungle." "They're waiting for you," Jabari nodded. The scarred warrior's countenance had changed; the ice had thawed from his blue eyes and his stance had relaxed. To the side, his younger sister Dalia stood, staring proudly at the two who had just made history. "No..." Ariel shook his head. "They're waiting for us. All of us. I couldn't have done this without you, Jabari." He smiled sadly. "I know this cannot make up for years of oppression, but I'd like to think it's a step in the right direction." "You did what I couldn't do before...for Dalia," the Zebstrika said. "You're a true hero." "I don't know about that. I think if anybody here is the hero, it's you," Ariel said honestly as he turned to the former Godslayer. "Your suffering pushed you into the abyss, but you crawled your way back out of that, protecting me and the other children from that Lucario. Not just anybody could do that." "Yeah, accept it, big brother. You're a hero, and not just to me anymore, but to everybody." "Me, a hero?" Jabari looked disbelieving for a second, face turning serious as he mulled it over. Eventually, he nodded, mouth quirking into a small, genuine smile. "I think...I can start believing that now." -- The Pyroar stood at the tip of the rock that gave Pride Rock its name. Next to him stood Jabari, and to the side, Zago, Dalia, and his mother the former Queen Leah. On the ground below stood a multitude of gijinka. Lions rubbed shoulders with zebras, and giraffes stood at attention next to hyenas. While there were still some who kept to their own kind, they were the minority and not the majority. The lion's chest swelled up in pride at the sight. "Thank you, everybody, for being here," he smiled. "This day is an auspicious one. Not just for me as king but for you all as well. Today marks the first year anniversary since we implemented the Gijinka Rights Act. As you all know, this act marked a change in our history. A change for the better. Before, we were divided, but now, we are one. Lions do not stand above zebras, and hyenas are no longer considered outcast." He paused as the crowd cheered below him. "When this Act was first made, many of you were skeptical. Many of you thought that it couldn't be done, that centuries of hatred and prejudice could not be wiped out overnight. And you were right," his expression turned sober. "This is not the work of a single year, but a lifetime...no, many lifetimes. When this day has passed, the fanfare has died, and you return to your homes, you must keep what you have heard here in mind. Because equality is not made in glamorous speeches, but in the actions that we make each and every day." "When I was younger, I never dreamed that I would set my mind to this issue. For me, it wasn't an issue because it was normal. Well, that 'normal' is no longer normal. I say this: the new normal is equality!" another cheer. "And though I never dreamed that I would do this as king, now that it has been done, I couldn't be prouder. I say here and now, I cannot think of anything nobler, or more important, than what we all worked together to achieve one year past. What has been achieved is bigger than what a mere king could do. Because it is through all of your efforts that this has been made possible." As the crowd cheered once more, he smiled. "And though this day is equally small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, I believe it should be celebrated. Because this day was when things started to move in a new direction for this land. Henceforth, this day shall be known as the Day of Equality." The people cheered, and the Pyroar's smile widened when he noticed a couple of familiar faces in particular among the crowd. They came. I'm so glad that they're here to see this. I wonder if Dad is watching from above as well? I can't help but think that he'd be proud of me, and what I've done here. And to think it had all started when he ran away from home. Though that choice had brought its share of sorrows, he couldn't bring himself to regret it, or the friends and family he made along the way. ==== Easter: The Guardian ==== "It's good to see you again, Dora. Sorry, Brooke couldn't be here. She's busy getting her shop set up right now. I'm here on her behalf though!" "Easter! Did you bring any candy? No, wait, I should get YOU candy!" "I brought some, you little scamp," Easter pinched her cheek--ignoring the nearby guard's look of shock--before bringing out a wrapped candy and presenting it to the Quagsire to take. "This is a Rare Candy. It's supposed to be super tasty and help you grow big and strong." "Yay! But we already saved the world do I need to get even stronger?" "Well, there's nothing wrong with being strong. And I heard it tastes pretty good too!" "Then I'll take it! Hey, hey, do you want to meet my mama?" "I think I've already met her, but sure," the fairy type replied with some amusement. When he saw the queen, he almost didn't recognize her, so different was she than the bedridden woman from before. Now, the woman appeared the very picture of health, with a regal bearing befitting her status as she smiled down at the Sylveon. "Easter! It's been a while. Thank you for coming to visit Dora. She's been a little lonely." Easter smiled back, the smile widening when he heard the Quagsire's confused sounds in the background. "I'm always happy to see Dora. And I'm pleased to see you're doing well, too." "Yes, I have much to be thankful to Arceus for. And to Dora, for thinking of me. I couldn't ask for a better daughter." "And she couldn't ask for a better mother," the Sylveon replied, tone slightly wistful. -- "Do you think...this is a good idea?" Morgan asked the gijinka next to her. Her big brother, who had, for her sake, decided to visit their parents in Northshore. "No, I think it's a terrible one," Easter replied flatly. "But I said I'd visit, and I'm not one to break my promises." He stared at the front door of the house he had grown up in as he shifted from foot to foot. "Oh, look, Lewis dear, the prodigal son has returned," a Flareon sniffed. Though she had aged much since the last time he had seen her, Easter knew her right away. There was no mistaking that disdainful expression. "Son? I have no son, Catherine," the Espeon at her side replied. "Just a disgrace for a daughter." The Eevee shrunk beneath his gaze. "Stop that," Easter snapped, moving forward. "You should be ashamed of yourselves. I don't care what you think about me, but Morgan loves you both and works hard for your sake. Can't you two see that?" "All I see is a disgraceful girl who chooses to associate with riffraff and ruffians. Not to mention," the man stared at Easter's clothes in disgust, "homosexuals." "Just because somebody dresses like this, doesn't mean they're homosexual," the Sylveon snapped. "I happen to be so, yes, but that has nothing to do with my fashion choices." "Regardless, you're not welcome here in Northshore. Leave, before I call the militia on you!" Easter stared at the man in disbelief. "It's been years, and you won't change your mind? At all?" "Of course not! It's obvious you haven't changed one bit since you left!" his mother cut in fiercely. The Sylveon shook his head. "No, you're the ones who haven't changed." He sighed. "I did expect this, though." He turned around, looking back. "All right, I'll go. But you should listen to what I said before about Morgan." "Get out of here. Now." The Espeon glared at the fairy type. "Come now, Morgan, let's get you inside. I cannot believe you. I knew we should've stopped you from associating with those Alolan savages from before. Ever since you met them, you've become so willful." The Eevee stared up at her mother for a few long seconds before shaking her head. "No." "I beg your pardon?" "No, I'm not going inside. I've had enough." Her lip wobbled. "I love Northshore, and the people here, but I want to explore the world too! I know that there's so much more beyond this town, and I want to see it! I'll come back when I'm done, though. Promise!" "You don't know what you're saying!" "She knows exactly what she's saying," Easter corrected. "So it's your fault!" Lewis snapped, whipping around. "I should've known you'd have put her up to this!" "No, this decision was all Morgan's. And it's your own fault for not realizing what your own daughter wants." Easter turned away from the pair, unable to bear looking at them any longer. "Come on, Morgan. Let's go." -- "You're sure of this then?" Easter asked, gazing at his newly-evolved kid sister. "Yeah," Morgan nodded. "I'm sure. I've grown stronger traveling with you and helping you fight legendaries--even if I usually get knocked out right away--but I can't rely on you forever. I want to strike out on my own. Maybe see if I can find Marie! You'd like her, she's super cool and awesome and--!" "I'm sure I would," the Sylveon interrupted. "Do you want me to accompany you until you find her then?" The Flareon beamed up at him. "Nah, that's fine. I told ya, I've gotta grow stronger by myself. And you don't have time to be getting off track anyway. Don't you have that delivery to make for Brooke?" "Ah, you're right," Easter frowned. "And I don't think she'd be too happy if it were late either." "See? Don't worry about me. You've got enough to worry about on your end." The Flareon nudged his shoulder. "Go on then. I'll see you sometime, big bro!" "Fine, fine, take care of yourself, all right?" -- Easter stared at the children running down the streets of the newly rebuilt Deku. Barefoot, and in ragged clothes that barely covered their skeletal frames, they looked as if one good gust would blow them right over. "Kinda sad, huh?" Brooke said, walking up behind him. "You'd think it's Thundurus's fault, but Deku's always been this way. A lot of kids get thrown out 'cause nobody wants 'em." She sighed. "It's not the worst. They'll band together, join a good gang if they're lucky. That's really the only way they'll survive around here." The Sylveon didn't reply for a long time. He couldn't help but see the faces of the children he knew superimposed over theirs. Dora, Fawkes, Morgan...if they had been forced to live like that... "The only way, huh...?" he clenched his fists. "I don't want to believe that. These children deserve better than that." -- Easter stared out at the waves from the crow's nest. Being back on the S.S. Showdown again with the old crew, even if just for a reunion, felt bittersweet. "I heard you turned down becoming a Disciple." A familiar voice called out from behind. Easter twitched, turning to the gijinka he had once thought of as his one and only. "News gets around." "Of course. It's not every day a gijinka completes the Chaser challenge, and then turns around and denies an offer like that. Why'd you do it?" "Because, I don't want to be the strongest anymore, John," the Sylveon said softly. "I have a different goal now. I want to protect others. And I think I found out how I'm going to do that." -- There it was. Easter stared at the finished building with pride. It had taken a lot of effort and money, but it was finally complete. The first orphanage of Deku, and perhaps Adarid as a whole. With this, those kids wouldn't have to grow up on the streets. They could hopefully live normal lives with people who cared about them. "Thanks for helping with this, Brooke," Easter said, turning to the Emboar beside him. "I don't think I'd have gotten this thing built and funded without you." Brooke wouldn't hear of it. "If anything I should be thanking you. The least I can do for those kids is throw some poke at someone who actually wants to HELP them." She gave him a friendly nudge. "I wish I'd had someone like you around when I was growing up. Kids shouldn't have to raise themselves." The Sylveon chuckled bashfully. "Ahh, well, I'm glad to help. I know this won't solve all their problems, and I can't help all the kids of the world, but, I want to help those I can." It didn't matter that he wasn't related to them. The blood of the covenant was thicker than the water of the womb, after all. He had seen that firsthand with his own parents. Hopefully, he could do better with these kids than his parents had with him. -- "Hey, ya 'aven't paid yer taxes. There's a fee t'own a buildin' in this area, see?" a thuggish-looking Arbok sneered at a young Teddiursa gijinka standing outside the orphanage. The child backed up, his eyes tearing at the corners, but he found he couldn't go any further, since the rest of the kids that had snuck out to play were huddled behind him. "Yeah, yeah, what bro said," a Weezing gijinka agreed as he flexed his muscles. "An' if ya can't pay, well, ya can just work the debt off!" "Or they can go back to what they were doing, and you can go back to what you were doing before you so rudely threatened my young charges," a soft, feminine-sounding voice said. The thugs turned toward the sound. The Weezing sneered. "Oh yeah? An' yer gonna make us? Yer nuthin' more than a--wow!" his eyes almost bugged out of his head when he saw who had spoken. "Woman, whaddaya say to leavin' this dump an' comin' with me an' my bro here?" The speaker, a pretty Sylveon, smiled at him. "Sorry, but I'm not interested. Unless, of course," she cracked her knuckles, "that outing involves my fist meeting your gut. Then I'll gladly agree," her smile turned even more angelic. As the two paled, she continued speaking. "Think of it this way. You're lucky Brooke wasn't the one that caught you two, or you'd be even worse off. Then again, I'd like to think I'm pretty merciless as well," she giggled. "By the way, I'm a boy. Idiots," the last word dripped with contempt. He turned back toward the children, a gentler smile on his face. "Go inside and wash up for dinner now, kids. This won't take long at all." -- "When I grow up, I want to be a princess like Cousin Dora!" "When I grow up, I want to run a shop like Auntie Brooke!" "Well, when I grow up, I want to beat up bad guys while wearing a dress like Papa does!" "Copycat!" "No, you are!" "No, you!" "All right, settle down, everybody. You're all copycats," Easter snickered. "No, we aren't!" "Get him!" "Papa, I'll show you how strong I can be!" The Sylveon chuckled as the kids stopped their squabbling, working together to dogpile him. His path had taken many turns, some he had never expected, but he didn't regret a single bit of it. He had finally found it--a purpose in life. His reason to live. ==== Keanu: The Wave ==== Keanu stared out across the ocean from his position on the banks of Northshore, singing softly to himself. "Somewhere, beyond the sea, somewhere waitin' for me...Alola stands on golden sands, and watches the ships...that go sailin'." "Are you thinking of home?" a familiar voice caused him to turn, the song cut off. Standing there was Lunala, expression wistful. The Raichu was certain his expression matched hers. "Ae," he affirmed. "I can't help but miss it, after all. I know Arceus said she'd help, but..." "It's normal to doubt, and normal to hope," the legendary replied. "I too, worry that we might not be able to return." "Well, if we do return, then home will be a sight for sore eyes, that's for sure." He had grown fond of Adarid, even with its strange culture of fighting, but it wasn't home. Home was where the heart was, and his still lay in Alola. -- "There it is," Keanu whispered to himself from his position on the bow of the boat. "Home." His eyes began to water, but he blinked away the tears before they could form. It wouldn't do for the others to think he'd gone soft or something. Not when he'd already proven to be one of the weakest of them all. Passing out not just once, but twice in that battle against the Godslayers did not do good things for his rep. "I didn't think I'd get to see it again," he said, turning to the others on the boat. "Alola, in all its glory." It looked almost like a cloudbank resting atop the waves, but Keanu knew that was no cloud, but an island, and one of many. But just because he could see it, didn't mean he could return there. Not permanently, anyway. They had to first fight to reclaim the land from the Beasts that had taken over. His expression turned pained. I have to be ready to fight and face the Beasts that killed my family. Honestly, he wasn't sure he could do it, but it was too late for second thoughts now. -- The fighting was harsh. Keanu dove out of the way of a blast of energy, turning and firing back with a Thunderbolt. Panting for breath, he ducked behind a crumbled building. This is hard. Harder even than the Godslayer fights. At least then I only had to fight one enemy at a time. And I had others with me. He had gotten separated in the melee. A rookie mistake, but nobody ever said Keanu was skilled at fighting. He was no Randy, that was for sure. And there's another attack. Great. His position revealed, the Raichu jumped, using his psychic powers as extra leverage, and narrowly avoiding getting toasted in the process. He leaped onto a wave, toward the Beast that had just attacked him. Thankfully, he managed to hit, and he jumped down, kicking off of his opponent in the process. Just then, he froze, a prickle of fear running through him. What did I miss? A flash of light at the corner of his eyes caused him to turn, seeing a beam headed straight toward him. It was too close to avoid and too powerful to survive without major injuries. And then a storm of Swift stars arrived, redirecting the attack so it sailed past him instead. "This is not the first time I have had to save you," a blue-haired Sandslash hummed with some amusement as she landed at his side. "And it won't be the last time either," Keanu quipped. "Indeed," the woman nodded, holding her hand up as long claws grew out from it. "Shall we?" her face twisted into one of aggressive glee as she let out a manic laugh. "Those fools will rue the day they thought to challenge our might!" "Er...ae. Exactly," the Raichu agreed with less enthusiasm. "I'd really hoped Arceus would be able to cure you entirely, but I guess that was expecting too much," he muttered under his breath. "What was that?" the former Godslayer asked, distracted. "Nothing." "Good. Now let's tear these Beasts apart!" she giggled, the sound giving Keanu chicken skin. And not the pleasant kind either. How was it his luck that every single wahine he met since fleeing Alola was frigging terrifying? Even Marie had gotten scarier than when he last saw her. "Ae. Let's. Go, team." Once again, he couldn't help but thank Arceus, both literally and figuratively, that Kalia was on their side this time. -- "Guess my good looks are ruined," Keanu said as he glanced down at the bloody wound on his chest. "Won't be able to go around shirtless anymore. Minamina nō hoʻi. Too bad." He popped a Sitrus Berry in his mouth, ignoring the throbbing from his injury. He had grown used to that by now. At least his fighting skills had improved. Though there was no way they wouldn't, with the amount of fighting he had had to do. It was a nonstop battle for the most part once they reached Alola. And then, when they grew tired, they retreated back to Northshore. It was a pattern that the electric type had long adjusted to. Gone was the handsome youth with a lazy smile. In his place stood a man and warrior, body crisscrossed with scars and hair cropped close to his head. He'd had no choice but to cut it like that after it had caught on fire from one of the Beasts' attacks. His eyes were piercing and oftentimes glowing an unearthly blue through the usage of his psychic powers. But this was the choice he had made back then, that day when the four of them first fought the Lucario. To stand and fight, choosing to risk injury and death over safety and running away. For the longest time, he couldn't understand why his family had decided to give up their lives as they had, but now, he could. He had learned that some things, such as ohana, were worth more than one's own life. "Mom, Dad, Kai, I hope you're proud of me," he muttered. "One day, we'll win Alola back. And when that happens, I'll mark a gravestone for you all. I don't think I'll be able to find your bones, sadly, but I can at least hope you all made it to the other side safely." Keanu blinked, sending a Thunderbolt to the side where a Beast had been attempting to sneak up on him. Sighing, he backflipped to avoid an attack, touching down with one arm, balancing precariously for a second before flipping back to land adroitly on the ground. "Break time's over," he said as he summoned a large wave of water with practiced skill. "Time to fight again." And he would keep fighting. Again and again, as many times as it took to take back his homeland. The Raichu's expression softened as he turned to where the others were. The only reason he had made it this far was because of them. His ohana. Without them, he'd probably have given up. But because they were here, he could take heart and keep going. Ae. I chose to ride this wave, and I'll keep on riding it till the end.
  5. It was done. The bad guy was beaten. Arceus was free. Nani kind of expected her to be taller. This meant it was time to return to peace, right? Nani welcomed the change. She was never one for fighting, and there had been plenty of that up to and after her departure from Alola. "And to start I must reward you. The noble Gijinka who came all this way to protect your world. Come to me and speak your wish and I shall grant it be in my power. Even my powers have limits. I cannot bring the dead to life. But I shall do my best to see you justly rewarded for your brave actions." Her first thought had been to reclaim Alola. But it sounded like she wasn't the only one who felt that way. Keanu had hardly wasted any time making that wish. Two people making the same wish to an (almost) all-powerful god was probably a waste. She was only going to wish for that because it was something she absolutely couldn't do herself. With this adventure having reached its conclusion, anything Nani wanted in life would be more worth it if she did it herself. Which brought her to a bit of an impasse. If she wanted to not fight anymore, Nani could just avoid violent people and defuse confrontations with words instead of with fists. If she wanted to live away from judgmental eyes, of course she could do that! She was a resourceful girl, and while it would take a good while, the idea of building her own little place out in the middle of nowhere sounded nice. Maybe not too far from a town or city, though. As Nani brought a hand up to her chin to consider this more in-depth, the question sort of answered itself. There was one thing beyond her control. Yes, one thing. "I've got one," Nani said, raising her hand. Gesturing around her covered face, the Mimikyu said "It's going to sound really vain, but the... well, the absolute disaster under here. I'd like to not look like that anymore. I don't want to be drop-dead gorgeous or anything, but having a face people can look at would be nice." Arceus smiled warmly. "I understand. Do not worry about selfishness or vanity. This is your reward for fighting so hard and so bravely. If that is what you wish then that is what you shall receive. I shall make your outside reflect your in." Ghost Stories Every child in Coldharbour knew the story. One day, many years ago, a house had appeared about two hours north of Coldharbour. People coming or going from the city often noted that there was usually a woman looking out the window, but that she would seem to vanish into thin air if you looked at her directly. Nobody was really sure just what sort of gijinka she was either, with reports ranging from her being a Walrein or Mamoswine like one might expect out here, to such absurd stories as her being a legendary gijinka, with one traveling merchant from Pride Rock claiming that the woman was Arceus herself. The most common story was that she was some sort of pale, discolored Pikachu with floppy ears. The strangest story though, was that people entering the house to avoid a blizzard noted that although they never saw anyone, tea, blankets, and more just kept popping up in place, as if someone had put them out on purpose. Those were the facts, anyway. From there, as children often do, they exaggerated the facts a bit, turning the house and its mysterious resident into a ghost story. Some stories said she was a monster that skinned people alive and wore them as suits. Some claimed that if you saw her, you would be cursed for life. A select few stories went so far as to theorize that her hospitality was just bait, and entering the house meant that leaving would cause instant death. The grown-ups - even the old folks that had started those stories when they were children themselves - always dismissed those tales as nonsense; monsters like that didn't exist. But she had to exist. I know she's real. I saw her myself! That was what had inspired Mint to go on this quest up north. A quest that, in hindsight, should have been done any other time besides the time she was doing it. Even just a little bit of planning would have been great right now. She shouldn't have left when she did, she should have brought an adult with her, and she definitely should have worn a couple more layers. Thoughts like that wouldn't stop bothering her now that she was lost in the tundra, in the midst of a raging blizzard, her very bones feeling as if they were made of ice. Even if she'd mapped the place out in her head - one of Mint's better qualities was an incredible sense of direction - the howling winds kept pushing her off-course, and frankly, she had no idea where she was anymore, with navigation made even harder by all the snow whiting out her vision. Just as she was about to give up hope, she saw something. A tiny, faint trace of light in this dark, cold night. Rallied by the chance of success, Mint doubled her pace, pushing through the snow and wind alike until she was right in front of the source. This was it. The little house everyone in Coldharbour was talking about. It would be nice if we had stories like this back in Juyu. As Mint traced the building with her hand, she found the door, and was able to make out the sight of it opening... on its own? Well, if this monster woman was inviting her in, it definitely would beat freezing to death! So she hurried in, and flinched as the door shut behind her. The fireplace was lit up. There was a cup of tea on a table nearby. Most interesting to Mint though, was some kind of sewing project. It seemed to be a work in progress. So someone did live here! For now though, warming back up was Mint's priority, so she sat herself down in front of the fire, basking in the heat. This monster was a hospitable one, and while she hadn't put much thought into the process of actually getting here, she fully intended to catch this legend herself. The Sylveon waited. Waited. As soon as she felt a blanket being draped over her shoulders, her hand sprung up, grabbing over her shoulder and catching... a wrist? "Gotcha!" Mint turned around to be met with the sight of... not a monster? "I'd really like if you let go, please." "It's really rude to grab at your host like that." "U-Uh... sorry." Mint released her grip on this... what was this lady, anyway? Some kind of discolored Pikachu with floppy ears, like most people said. That's what she looked like, anyway. "I don't usually talk with my guests, but you... um... are you stupid or something?" Pointing at the nearest window, Nani said "You came from Coldharbour's direction. You knew the weather would be like this and that I live far away, but you came out here anyway. And not nearly dressed for it, either. The Tapus must really be smiling on you tonight, otherwise you'd be frozen to death buried in the snow somewhere." "The... what?" "...long story." Silence filled the air between the two girls. Just awkward staring. Nani kept trying to think of things to change the subject to, but this kid didn't look like she was much for sewing or anything like that. She probably wouldn't want to talk about her family; if she had a home, she probably either snuck out or ran away to get here, no matter how stupid the timing of her great escape may have been. And quite simply, Nani didn't want to bother her with the mythology of a faraway land this Sylveon would probably never visit. Adarid was her home now. "You're the monster, right? The one everyone talks about?" "Monster? Now that's just super rude. After I used up my one wish to look normal and everything, too." Tossing another blanket atop the one already on Mint's shoulders, Nani sighed "But yes, those ghost stories in town are about me. I'd really like to set the record straight, but then I'd probably have people asking me why I don't just live in town instead of way out here. Is it alright if I ask a question, instead?" "Okay?" "Why are you blue?" Holding up a lock of Mint's hair, Nani clarified "Not your skin - you're not quite there yet - but your hair. Sylveons are usually pink, right?" "I don't know. But the other kids in town are always on my case about it! Blue is a boy's color, they say." "That's ridiculous. I have a good friend who's a girl, and she's all blue. If anyone gave her trouble about it, she'd probably pull on their ear and talk about how you can't judge people by their appearance. Mmmmm... she's probably an old lady by now, though. I think we'll get along, though. What's your name?" "Mint." "I'm Nani. Nice to meet you." The Mimikyu took another look at the window. "It doesn't look like this storm's going to let up anytime soon. How about you spend the night here, and tomorrow I take you back home? I need to do some shopping in town anyway, as it so happens."
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    I like Dunsparce.
  8. I don’t care which way you do it so long as you don’t buy garbage industrial grade single ply bullshit
  9. fuck you OP i'm elaborating anyway because i'm the kind of person who can't shut the fuck up for five seconds once i start talking. even if i'm only briefly elaborating. #5 - Igorrr #4 - The HU #3 - Judas Priest #2 - Nekrogoblikon #1 - Alestorm
  10. Looks like this is being caused by compatibility issues with the Blackjack application, I've downgraded the shop and the error no longer occurs but now Blackjack isn't working so I'll keep Blackjack as being broken for now whilst I establish if there's a solution.
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    So 2020's been wild and all, but hopefully y'all haven't forgotten about what's to come. There will be an official thread announcing this year's Halloween Masquerade more officially tomorrow night, once the month properly shifts over. If you plan to participate and haven't thought about your monster yet, it might be a good idea to start doing that. I'll also need a backup host to help cover the last couple days of the event for reasons. If you're interested in this position, please contact me here on YCM or on Discord (spooky yui#9404) for further details.
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    I donated. Wishing you both the best!
  14. Tsubasa snickered a bit as Yumi had nearly missed the target, but quickly switched to a whistle as she managed to knock the can in. With a smile on her face, Tsubasa said, "please, this wouldn't be fun if I was able to show you up so completely." The girl paused for a moment and thought about it. "Alright, it might be. But I'm always down for a challenge. Besides your quirk isn't the only one that helps with accuracy." With a wide smile on her face, she had a "watch this" expression on her face as she picked at a few more scraps of trash; three in total were on her trash poker. Taking them off, the girl then quickly stabbed at one of them, and flicked into the air, launching it there. She repeated this process for the next, two, now having three airborne pieces of trash. Jumping towards the first one, Tsubasa's foot effortlessly hit the trash and knocked it forward. Landing on one foot, the girl swiveled and spun around, kicking the second piece had fallen in front of her. Then, keeping the momentum of her spin the girl kicked off her one foot on the ground and kicked at the third piece of trash as it fell. The cat girl landed on her hands, her legs doing a split mid air before falling back down to the ground. Pushing herself back up to her feet, a wide smile formed on Tsubasa's face as she said, "so how about that? My quirk might not be as literally flashy as yours, but I more than make up for it. Three points all at once." Only two had actually landed in. Waiting for Yumi to do her thing she said, "but I'm surprised, you know? That your all pin point accuracy and stuff. I thought you more like," the girl made a finger gun motion with heavy recoil saying, "baboooom! That kind of thing."
  15. The meteors that fell exploded with such force that none of the others could get near without risking injury. They all could just watch as the last of the draconic energy rained down on Kura. Tearing up parts of the ground and creating a cloud of smoke and dust that obscured their vision of the result of the attack. It soon cleared away however and they could see the crater where Kura lay. As they watched they saw his arm twitch. And then he grasped the ruined ground beneath him and started to push himself up. Holding his upper body off the ground by his arms. Spittle and blood dripped from his mouth and hissed upon contact with the ground. His lips were curled back in a snarl wide enough to show all of his teeth and his eyes were wide open and crazed. Slowly he started to get back to his feet. The columns of flame that had erupted earlier diverged their path to intercept those who tried to approach as he got to his feet. Even standing his arms hung loose and his back hunched over. As though he could hardly bear the weight of his own body. Still he looked up towards the rest and spoke, with blood still dripping from his mouth, his voice hoarse. "I won't accept this. With all the power I feel burning inside me you should be nothing." He winced and pitched forward. The Houndoom caught himself before he landed face first into the ground. "No." He growled. "No...it can't be. This wasn't all of it. There must be more! I know there's more of the Creator God's power to be used!" He snapped his head up to glare at each of them. "You forced my hand...I have to bring it all out. Every. Last. Drop. And then you all will be burned to ash!" The dark flames grew even larger suddenly as Kura began to shout. Fire arced from his body and began moving around haphazardly. They all could see something happening to Kura as this happened. His skin began to crack and from it they could see the same dark flame underneath. With a pained roar Kura surged to his feet as the a geyser of flame erupted by his feet and surrounded him entirely. Moments later the rest of the flame, the walls and the columns, started to converge around him. Obscuring him entirely from view. And covering up his own roars, or were those screams, with the roar of the flame. And then the flames faded away. The walls of fire died down. Now simple pits of regular flame along the trenches they had been originally contained in. And Kura's body was gone. All that was left was a pile of ashes. Which were soon blown away by some strange gust of wind. Silence. Stillness. The unnerving feeling from before had faded away as the last traces of the leader of the Godslayers were scattered. An energy formed where he had been. A grey glow that none of them could look at for long before instinctively looking away. The glow traveled across the room and ended above the pyramid of light where Arceus was still kneeling, not moving. The glow seemed to be absorbed by the pyramid which faded away soon after. They could see the glow disappear into the woman who, moving for the first time that they had seen, let out a sudden gasp. She looked around blankly and got to her feet. Taking several unsteady feet she wound up standing before all of them. Her feet shuffling and her eyes unfocused as a sleepwalker. And then the glow erupted around her, causing the rest to shield their eyes until it dimmed to a manageable level, and they could see life returning to her eyes. Arceus opened her mouth and looked at each of them. Her gaze piercing down to their very soul. She seemed to come to a realization and as this happened tears began to form in her eyes. The woman, Arceus, the Creator God, then bowed her head low. "I am...so sorry." Her voice was soft but they could all hear it clearly. As though she was speaking directly in front of them. Directly to them. And as she spoke none of them could focus on anything but her. Without raising her head she continued to speak. "I have wronged you, all of you, across this entire world. Long ago I formed this world. Filled it with life. Nurtured and protected it. Yet even still...as time grew I became more distant from my creation. I saw the violence and hatred that was growing and knew not how to stop it. As I watched them all fight each other, kill each other, I lost hope. It is no excuse but the void I felt in my heart was unlike anything I could ever describe. I lost my will to continue. The only thing left holding together this world was the shell of my body. I don't know how long I spent in that void, the concept of time meant nothing to me anymore, and while in this state the world deteriorated more and more. So much that even those children I chose to watch over this land started to share my apathy." She stood up again and her eyes were kind, yet mournful, as she once more gazed at the group. "I had given up on this world...But now I see how wrong I was. There may always be those who wish to cause pain. But just the same there are those who are willing to fight for this imperfect world." She smiled. "You had strength where I did not. Without it I do not think I could have awoken as I have." The smile faded. "You've done so much despite me abandoning you. Nothing I can do will ever make up for my mistakes. But I wish to try. I shall rejoin the world and look after its people. Not as an apathetic observer, nor as a ruling God, but instead I promise to work alongside all the inhabitants of this world and do my best to correct the wrongs that happened over these many years." Arceus's Theme She closed her eyes and took a breath. When she opened them they glowed with a powerful energy. "And to start I must reward you. The noble Gijinka who came all this way to protect your world. Come to me and speak your wish and I shall grant it be in my power." She hesitated and her eyes passed over several of them, including Ari, and she said "Even my powers have limits. I cannot bring the dead to life. But I shall do my best to see you justly rewarded for your brave actions." The first to approach was Dora. Not quite as strongly affected by Arceus's aura she waddled her way forward to stand in front of the woman. "Don't be sad. Everything is alright now!" She proclaimed. Causing Arceus to smile warmly. "Um...you said you could give us a reward?" She hesitated. "You see...my mama, she..." Arceus nodded and placed a hand on the girl's shoulder. "She is sick? Yes? I see...you wish for her health. She is very lucky to have a kind daughter as you. I hope my children can find in them half the love you have for her even after..." The woman closed her eyes and a slightly pained expression came to her face. "Yes...I see now. The one who bound me brought a sickness to your home...Using stolen power at that..." Her face screwed up in concentration and then she relaxed. "Your mother shall be fine, Dora, she is growing healthier by the second." The Quagsire somehow knew that the woman was telling the truth and let out a cheer. "Did you hear that? Denku, Easter, Brooke, mama is going to be okay!" Smiling, Arceus looked around and her gaze settled on Mac. "You're being so quiet. I can tell that is unusual. Do you not have something you wish for?" The girl hesitated. She scratched at the back of her head awkwardly and gave a short laugh. "I, uh, I didn't really think about it. To be honest all I really want...is to keep traveling around. Fighting and getting stronger...er, but maybe not any more of this world ending stuff for a while." She glanced away and thought some more. "I guess, maybe, could you make sure my parents are okay even with me not around? And the people of Oasis?" She thought for a moment more and then her eyes widened. "Oh and can you fix the tree? Some creepy old guy burned it down before I left town...Everyone liked that tree for some reason." Mac's voice trailed off as Arceus chuckled. "That I can do easily enough. If you're sure that's all you want." "Oh! But, uh, this whole helping everyone thing doesn't mean we can't fight against the Legends still right?" Arceus shook her head. "I couldn't stop them if I tried. They do love to show off after all...In fact I may be able to convince more of them to rejoin the world as well. I'm sure you'll have quite the line to wait for however." Mac nodded. "Then I'm all good. So..thanks, for, well, making everything...and all that." Mac grinned at Arceus. The Creator then looked to the rest. Waiting for the next to make their request.
  16. HAPSHIEL / LYDIA vs LUST IZANAMI Origin Cosmos [Final Battle]
  17. Next Post→ Duel 01 -- The Rose Bride or: I'm Not Going To Be Able To Explain Everything But I'm Sure Going To Try And Explain Something Once upon a time, years and years ago, there was a little princess, and she was very sad, for her mother and father had died. Before the princess appeared a traveling prince, riding upon a white horse. He had a regal bearing and a kind smile. The prince wrapped the princess in a rose-scented embrace and gently wiped the tears from her eyes. “Little one,” he said, “who bears up alone in such deep sorrow, never lose that strength or nobility, even when you grow up. I give you this to remember this day. We will meet again. This ring will lead you to me, one day.” Perhaps the ring the prince gave her was an engagement ring. This was all well and good, but so impressed was she by him that the princess vowed to become a prince herself one day. …but was that really such a good idea? So begins Revolutionary Girl Utena, a school-set coming-of-age anime. But here’s the thing, the fantastic elements of the prolog never really go away, so on top of the relationship drama that will inevitably stem from, like, seven different dysfunctional relationships, there’s also, to borrow from The Princess Bride, fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, true love, and miracles. To put it another way, imagine if Scott Pilgrim was written by this guy: “This guy” is Kunihiko Ikuhara, someone who people more into anime than I might recognize as the director of the first four seasons of the original Sailor Moon. And one can definitely see some of the inspirations Sailor Moon brought to Utena, especially with regards to some of the “magical girl” tropes common in that particular genre such as transformation sequences and an overarching theme of love conquering all obstacles. But Revolutionary Girl Utena is also really weird. Perhaps the most famous example of this is from the movie adaptation where the climax involves Utena turning into a car. Much of the series is like that too, largely involving non-sequitur cuts (a stopwatch is particularly prominent), or a plot involving an escaped kangaroo. This has caused Utena to be deemed “pretentious” by some, but I’m not entirely sure that’s a fair label. When you strip away everything else, Revolutionary Girl Utena’s plot, while not always straightforward, still exists and can be followed episode to episode. So that’s what I’m going to do here. There are forty Saturdays (including today (at orignal time of posting)) left in the year, thirty-nine anime episodes, and a handful of other versions (such as the aforementioned movie) to talk about, so hopefully, we can ring in the new year with the end of Utena. A couple final notes before we get into the meat of things. I’m going to try and avoid explicit spoilers, but talking about themes will inevitably lead to giving things away on some level, accidentally or not. Speaking of themes, a pretty major theme of the show involves not just the dysfunctional relationships I mentioned earlier, but actual depictions of abuse. More specific content warnings will likely preface later posts (I imagine a couple flashing light warnings will be needed at the very least), but I did want to get that out of the way now. (Edit: A more complete list of content warnings can be found here, I'll still reference the major ones in posts involving them but this is a good place to start for anyone worried about getting into this show. It's okay if you would rather not!) Also, the Youtube playlist provided by the distributor only seems to work in America. If you want to follow along outside of the US, you’re going to have to look elsewhere for these episodes, or at least find a VPN that works for you. The first scenes set in the present day lay the groundwork for Revolutionary Girl Utena’s thesis regarding gender roles. Utena Tenjou is a tomboy by every definition, not only in the activities she prefers, but in the way she dresses as well. The societal disconnect between the image of a girl with pink hair and blue eyes and said girl’s desire to become a prince is very apparent. But we’ll have to go into what exactly Utena the show and Utena the character mean when they say “prince” later. In the meantime, the first episode is largely devoted to establishing the majority of the other main characters and the plot of the first arc: Members who bear the Rose Crest may challenge each other for possession and therefore engagement to Anthy Himemiya, The Rose Bride, under duels outlined by an enigmatic being known only as End of the World. Utena herself is drawn to this tournament after the current champion, Kendo captain Saionji offends Wakaba, Utena’s best friend who crushes on Saionji despite (or perhaps because of) his acerbic nature. Other elements introduced are the rest of the Student Council, though only President Touga Kiryuu is referred to by name, the element of music present in Utena’s duels, and the first appearance of the shadow play girls who represent the show’s Greek Chorus, commenting on the events of each episode, though in the future these will largely be through symbols and metaphor. We’ll get into these elements in more detail later. The only really big image to talk about is the castle in the sky, almost akin to the Sword of Damocles in how it looms over the dueling arena. Saionji dismisses it as a trick of the light, but its presence is going to be felt in a majority of these episodes. To ascend to the castle, the duelists believe, is to gain the power to revolutionize the world, and every episode a duel takes place is an opportunity for the challenger to present their case as to why they deserve that power. It’s important, then, that the classic naivete that anime protagonists tend to have works in Utena’s favor here. Utena had no knowledge of any of this when she challenged Saionji, she only knew that she had to fight for her best friend. And when Saionji attacks Himemiya, Utena resolves to fight for her as well. To reiterate, Utena doesn’t display that same desire for power, and, in fact, the anime might argue that that is why she wins. All in all, this is one of the more straightforward episodes of the show. What you see is what you get, really, and the threads left open are things that can largely be answered with “It’s Episode One. It’s supposed to start intrigue, not answer it.” But I’ll leave the comments section open if there are any questions about things I might have missed, and I’ll see you all in a week. -r Next time: Rematch! Roommates! A monkey! Link to Episode -- Next Post→
  18. Have a pair because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:
  19. “Here, it helps with the smell a bit. Hopefully your spiders don’t mind the smell.” "Ugh...yeah be glad they can't..." Benjamin groaned, holding his stomach some. This pile of garbage was truly something vile and revolting...and he second guessed himself on helping Ren out...because this was just bad, in every sense of the word. "Ugh...regardless, alright guys...time to get to work." he managed to get out, as the spiders gave a small salute, before preparing to grab small bits and pieces of trash from Mt. Garbage. He too began to grab some, but he paused in his stride when actually saw something he wasn't expecting...at all. "Hello, I am Sun! And this is my truck! It can fit so much garbage into itself. Do you wanna put the trash in the back, and I can drag it away?" "...someone threw out...a whole truck?" Benjamin was both worried but at the same time, surprised at seeing this. "Honestly, that is a pretty good way to recycle and reuse that truck for the time being. Sun, that's a great find and an even greater method to help out! Kudos to you on being able to problem solve at that level!" he cheerfully said with a smile, albeit a bit hesitantly due to the rank smell of Mt. Garbage. "Ren, we may be able to use this to our advantage. Let's get what we can in Sun's truck here and work to lug it back out of h-..." "Heeeeey, Really-Scary-Spider-Quirk-Guy!" Benjamin winced a bit at hearing this calling. He sighed, shaking his head some, surprised someone could easily forget his name...then again, he told them to just call him 'Ben' to make sure they remembered his name. Nevertheless, he turned to see Ayane approaching with what seemed to be a busted TV. "You're good with electronics, right? Think you can get this back in working order?" He was quiet for a moment, before whistling towards his spiders, having them immediately crawl back up towards his shoulder. "First off, it's Benjamin...or Ben, if it makes it easier for you." Benjamin smiled, before moving towards the busted TV. Crouching down, he immediately put his hand on it, giving a nod to his spiders who immediately proceeded to crawl onto it...almost inspecting it. "The biggest problem I can see with this...is the fact that the screen on it is busted to hell and back. There could be a way to fix it, if we found another screen that I can replace it with. As for the cord's plug...well, while it's bent...I can somewhat fix that. Bent plugs aren't too much of an issue...will just need to find a way to reinforce it just to make sure it doesn't snap off." He continued to look at the TV, before closing his eyes. It was almost as if...he was concentrating on something. "...well, that's good news." he smirked, before nodding. "The good news is, apparently the damage is just external. All the wiring and such inside is perfectly fine according to my little buddies here." The spiders began to exit the TV, making use of the cracked frame, returning to Benjamin. "Aside from the cracked frame and the screen itself...everything else may be an easy fix. I'd say...maybe a day or two...if I can get the parts to it within the right amount of time. If not...a week tops. I'd work on it right now, but the beach won't clean itself up." he chuckled. "Either way, if you want I can definitely fix this up for you, Ayane."
  20. Takehiko rubbed his chin as the newly introduced hero introduced herself and asked them to perform beach cleanup. That wasn't so bad, he hadn't planned on swimming anyways! He nodded along to a few of the topics she brought up. After she sent them off he made his way over to the water, wading through it and using his clones to check for anything dangerous. "Alright, once we're in deeper water we're going to practice breath training as we go, this is a perfect oppurtunity to train for rescuing someone underwater!" He gives a grin, wading into the shallows along with his clones. Every once in a while a clone would suddenly flounder and go under the murky depths, never to rise again. After about 40 seconds or so, Takehiko would let out a deep sigh, "OKAY, REGROUP. WASN'T EXPECTING THIS TO BE AN ISSUE FROM MULTIPLE OF YOU!" Takehiko's clones would gather around him, watching as he pressed his hands to his nose, "When you are grabbed by an -incomprehensibly- small crab, thinking it's guiding you to it's nest, do -not- follow it. Thankfully your idiocy in this case is useful for breath training, BUT STOP LETTING CRABS -ACCIDENTALLY- KILL YOU. YOU ARE GIANT MONSTERS COMPARED TO THEM, ACT LIKE IT! AND FURTHERMO-!" Takehiko blinked, looking back towards the beach as he saw the student known to him as Sun dragging a truck to a mountain of garbage, "Hm, something interesting might be happening..." He maneuvered himself over to the truck, completely ignoring his clones now, "Yo, Sun! You got a truck from somewhere? There's still some wildlife stranded in the shallows over here, think we could use the truck to transport them out of the more wasted parts? If we clear it enough we might be able to yank out garbage through a net and not have to worry about catching wildlife."