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    gasp the curse is lifted anyway, have seen her a lot, haven't watched yet but plan on it 8/10 she seems cute
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    Citron’s heart sunk as she watched the scene unfold. Even as Peaches arrived to help, something had seemed off; most cowered at a wyvern of any size before a bone-chilling roar, and yet… The ‘lord’ below had stayed strong. She felt her frozen blood begin to flow with the need for action however, as her suspicions were proven right, and he dropped the sack to heft a hunting bow. “Peaches!” she shouted, eyes going wide as she found herself moving without thinking-- And climbing out the window. It started with one leg, and then both as she began to slide out from the window, using her good arm to catch the window-sill and hang for a moment, getting her bearings before releasing. The roof below was close enough that her legs only rattled a bit, wincing as she took a deep breath and used the momentum from the fall to slide downward from the sloped roof. At the last moment, she found herself jumping and bracing herself as she hurtled towards the ground, using her good shoulder to tuck into a roll rather than force the full brunt of this fall onto her leg, even if it triggered another array of pain from her sling-bound shoulder. Still, she had to move. While her first reaction would have been to run the man down as soon as she came to her feet, she was caught off guard as the sickening piercing noise of an arrow, lodging itself in its prey echoed out - followed by a pained screech that she knew all too well. “Peaches!” She found herself repeating, heart sinking as she rose to glance towards Wyvern, staggering from the arrow in its chest-- And fear took hold, as she glanced at the man who hefted the bag with little care began to move again. He was much stronger than she had thought. Glancing around, she looked for something-- Any way to be of use, as a thrashing noise brought her attention towards the cellar door. “C’mon, c’mon, please--” she murmured to herself, voice stricken with panic as she rushed towards the Cellar-door. It was jammed shut with a wooden board as a familiar voice, Lincoln’s, she thought, struggled to escape. With a quick grab, and heavy pull, she yanked the door open as she pulled herself quickly to the side, panting as she looked up towards the Soldier who had come practically flying out. “Y-You! You gotta help-- You have to stop him! He-He shot Peaches! She’s hurt and he’s--! I can’t--” she’d point, tears forming at the corner of her eyes as the futility of her own actions came crashing down around her. “Please,” she paused, voice stammering as she glanced up towards the soldier again, even as he seemed nothing like she had known him to be prior. Up until now, she had regarded Lincoln as a a clean, proper soldier, someone who was… Controlled, neutral. It reminded her of her grandfather, in a way, that he never seemed angry or annoyed. Worried maybe, like in the house, but not angry, seething; something he… Most certainly was here. A ‘mess’ only really began to describe what she saw, eyes flickering from the blood on his forehead, to the splinters in his shoulder. All signs of neutrality had flaked away too, as a sword had flicked away from its sheathe in an instant, and was pointed at… Her. But still, this was her only hope, and so she stared down the blade with tears beginning to fall from her eyes. “Please-- Stop him,” she pleaded, panicked eyes for an instant meeting his own violent eyes, before he took off-- A single set of words being the only hope she had to cling to, at this point. "I'll handle it." --- Of all the stupid things humans did, Peaches had seen… Well, more than her fair-share, since she had fought alongside Citron’s Grandfather. And yet, every time, the wyvern found herself surprised as humans continually pushed their luck against creatures magnitudes larger than themselves. Still, the knowledge of how stupid an idea it was to test her did nothing to absolve the pain her chest as an arrow parted scales, wrenching a pained screech from her as she staggered back, and the portly man made for some comment she couldn’t understand. His bull-rush however, she understood perfectly. Angered by the blow, she once again opened her jaws even as blood leaked from around the arrow in her chest, lumbering forward as she lunged towards the rushing man with her jaws splayed wide in an attempt to bite him… Only to fail, as the top of his skull met the bottom of her jaw, snapping her jaws shut with a crack of teeth on teeth as she was sent stumbling backwards. The wyvern’s head buzzed with pain, and yet as her vision focused she watched as he attempted to move on unbothered, attempting to run past even now. Sic ‘Em! The command echoed again in her mind as she turned her neck to glance towards the fiend, entire body shaking with a mixture of pain and rage… As she swung her entire body to the side in a heavy motion, a single wing flapping with a heavy-beat as she threw her entire body towards him like a battering ram in a single, sobering moment, as she ever tried to fulfill the command she was given.
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    "Now would be the perfect time for your questions." The invitation wasn't met with an immediate answer. Not because Raki's interest in questioning the man had wanted. Quite the contrary, in fact. Simply, the boy was paying so little attention to the conversation, that it took a few seconds for the meaning of the girl's words to cause a reaction. In the meantime, Raki had been met with a disappointingly vague answer from the new arrival, who did not seem to share his archer companion propensity for long, perhaps exceedingly so, explanations. And before he could ask for clarifications, he had already called the armor knight to talk in private, while the improvised tourist trip made to proceed in another room. He hesitated for a moment, but then his priorities prevailed. He cared more about the reason he had come here, than to intrude in someone else's private conversation. Not to mention, it would have been quite rude. Thus, as he followed into the dining hall, his goal was on his mind, but not the possibility of a chance coming so soon. It was a... nice dining hall, he guessed? As gaudy as the rest of the place, sure, but outside of the questionable bust it was almost restrained. Then again, Raki hardly had any experience in judging this kind of things. 'That bust however', Raki thought as he focused on that particular detail, 'How does it manage to be so unsettling'. While so focused, as Penelope's invitation came, Raki did not react for a few seconds. Perhaps for the best, as it gave Gunther time to reappear in the door frame, sparing Raki the need to do it himself. He gave the two a grateful look before turning towards Hanikap. What to start with? A problem to the unexpected start of the interrogation was the Raki suddenly found himself without a plan on how to approach things, nor did he have Penelope's seemingly hypnotic ability to drag the man into a conversation. "Right, so." He approached the man. If nothing else, he wanted to make sure he had his attention. "I have a couple of things that I really need you to tell me." Hanikap turned to Raki hesitantly. He broke into a nervous grin. "Er, questions, good sir? What sort of, uhh, questions?" "Well, first" Raki opened "I'd like to know what business you have in the forest near the village." Perhaps, someone more skilled with words would have been taken a subtler approach, but Raki wasn't that someone. Besides, he didn't want to lose time when he didn't know how much he had, and he didn't intend to play games when he had seen him with his own eyes there. "B-B-Business, sir? I d-don't know what you mean." As one could expect, the man was even less enthused about the situation, than he had been about his capabilities as a tour guide, moments before. His eyes were shifting between the three, staring nervously as he saw that any escape route was blocked. Hanikap began to gnaw on his lip. Raki did not appreciate the answer. This... this person, was lying to his very face. He... he had to know that Raki knew he was lying... right? He had to, why did he think Raki would be asking such a thing otherwise? Did Hanikap think he was bluffing? Did he hope to convince Raki he was wrong, somehow? Or, more simply, he was just doing his best to lose time? "I saw you. I was there and I saw you with my own eyes." Whatever was the reason, the heart of the matter was that Hanikap wasn't answering. Someone he owed his life to had been, quite literally, thrown into a ditch, and the one who did it refused to even talk about it. Raki closed the distance, speaking again with a note of rage in his voice, before the man could try to answer again. "I found Timmy trapped in a pit, and you threw him in." Now Hanikap was well and truly panicking. "Y-you sure it was me?" Raki had enough. "Yes!" he clawed at the man, grabbing Hanikap and dragging each other as close as the size of the servant allowed, hands clenched in rage on the fabric. "Yes, I'm sure!" Hanikap's eyes widened, expressing every ounce of panic the man felt in an instant. For a moment, it looked as if he was going to tear himself away from Raki's clutches by fright alone. Then, he slumped, looking down. Perhaps it was the sudden bout of aggression, perhaps not, but as the man spoke again, he appeared to have given up on trying to play ignorant. "Sorry. Yer right, ah did--I mean, I did shove poor Timmy down the pit." Hanikap looked back up with a beseeching expression. "But, but it were the only choice. You gotta believe me! Honest!" Admission, at last. "And in what world throwing a boy into a hole is your only choice?" Still incensed, Raki lessened his grip, but still maintained a less than comfortable distance from the man. "I panicked. Wasn't thinking straight. Lord Gaston was fixing to hurt the boy otherwise! Said he didn't want no word to be getting back on what he had--!" Hankap's own hand raised to shut his mouth, cutting short his panicked rumbling. His eyes somehow even wider than before. Raki could've sworn he was able to see his reflection head to toe in those. "Lord Gaston?" 'Oh, that's much easier than Plaia-something' "Of what did he want no word? And were would he be now?" As far as Raki knew, Hanikap could've been still lying. Timmy had told him that If had been Hanikap that had found him,making no mention of the other... but it was true that the owner of this house had been there too. He should have asked Timmy. That didn't change that fact that this... this individual had thrown him into the quarry but... "I shouldn't say, shouldn't say." The momentum of the interrogation had stopped. Hanikap was shaking his head, seemingly more worried about talking than anything else. Raki made a step back, looking at Penelope and Gunther. Exhausted the direct approach, he didn't really know how, and had not been able, to get more answers from the man, if that was even possible.
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