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Found 2 results

  1. And that concludes our program for this year! It wasn't as bombastic as some previous years, but we certainly improved over last year's flop. Friendships were made, quests were embarked upon, and multiple lives were nearly lost! Now that's what I call: Drama! Romance! Bloodshed! Now then, with this year's festivities concluded, it's time to move on to the final stages of this year's Halloween Masquerade. Monster Hunt prizes, the Monster of the Year poll, and the annual unmasking. This year's prizes were relatively small, but even smaller was the amount of players who participated. Only two players submitted monster guesses at all, but both of them managed to pinpoint every monster's identities within the first few days of the event! And so, @REP and @LordCowCow shall each be awarded the grand prize of 1,500 points! Moving on down the agenda is the Monster of the Year poll. I would like to encourage anyone who plans to vote in this poll to vote before reading the true identities of the monsters that will inevitably be listed below, to avoid potential bias in favor of or against certain players. Additionally, monster players are forbidden from voting for their own monster! There isn't any prize for winning this poll, but somebody always makes a poll like this after the Masquerade ends, so I figured I'll just do it myself and save everyone else the effort! What a wonderful host I am! Last and not least is the unmasking! This is the part of the program where the players who participated in this fine event will come in and reveal who they played as this year. Of course I won't do that myself! Where's the fun in that? And so, let's give a round of applause once again to our player cast! Will the below members please reveal their monster identities now? @Blake @British Soul @Forgotten Home @MetalSonic @Mr Spaz @Mr. Hyde @Nyx @radio414 @REP @Thar @Yui Last and not least is a more personal confession. Remember at the start of the event when I said "I look most forward to working with all of you one last time?" Well darlings, I don't know if you know this, but this form - as well as the EX form I used last year - can be quite tolling on my battery. Sadly, I will not be able to participate in future events. This is my final adieu, good people of the Neo Card Maker forums! Hopefully you all enjoyed the event! Please do look forward to next year's Halloween Masquerade as well, even if it won't have a host as drop-dead gorgeous as I am! Merry Christmas, everybody~!