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Christmas Challenge: Try to Win with These

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Last year, I made a joke card that I thought was impossible to win with. I admit that I used a cheap technicality to absolve myself from my bet last time, but this time, there's really a $25 USD prize on the table for anyone who can prove that they can build a deck that can win with the cards.

The cards: https://imgur.com/a/4WYHMcF

They all have an instant duel victory effect and all you need to win this bet is to do all of the following:

  • Win a duel with the effect of "Impossible Gambit"
  • Win a duel with the effect of "Impossible Collection"
  • Win a duel with the effect of "Impossible Marathon"
  • Win a best-of-5 match with the effect of "Impossible Victory"

Your opponent can be a friend, in which case your match/duels must be filmed without interruptions and editing, or it can myself/a representative of my choosing. In any case, the decks must respect the TCG Traditional Banlist (To make it even more impossible for you to win). Alternatively, if you can convince me you have a very reliable and consistent strategy for winning, no duel is necessary (You will still need to build a complete deck list).

The deadline is January 1st. I hope nobody wins. Please, don't even try; this is a JOKE.

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