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roblox allows dating now/soon

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i would post my take but i dont have much of a take except to say that during the entirety of my tie at roblox there was a sitewide rule on no online dating (ODing is what we used to call it, it was basically the strictest rule on the platform), and also given that roblox is famous and popular largely because of (not despite) the pdp problem in their user base for a children's aimed game is unaddressed (IIRCl a family member of John "free players quitting saves us money" Shedletsky got their own scandal - John has been on the team since before I started playing in 2008)

so with this i can safely say i regard roblox as lower than netflix (b/c mvideo-name-redacted controversy back in 2020) and autism speaks (actual fascists) put together, exaberated by the fact that roblox corporation has never backtracked on anything (except the clothes price floor and even they didnt remove it completely just lowered it) and even if they did you can't go straight after something like this 

so the question is, how do you bring the public attention en masse to outcry against this sort of thing all at once and over an extended period of time? this is what i'm hoping to discuss. i should note it's not going to be easy when outrage culture works by moving on to the next big scary looking thing within days if not hours - the only way i can think of is a mass campaign by the US press or getting US/CA law enforcement to investigate with intent to prosecute (which would get attention), although neither is likely, b/c law enforcement might not have a lead to follow or weasel out of it with a law clause, and b/c the media ganged up by netflix's side with movie-name-redacted (probably a decision by the suits and not the reporters).

also someone said in the comments "making it 17+ instead of 18+ makes it easier for roblox to deal with the law, instead of it being strictly an adult space which have legal precedents it is just a space tailored to older teens. Roblox now will not be held at the standard of exposing children to adult content and having the authorities involved. Instead they now can just say that "there are just some creepy people in the space and we are doing our best to get rid of them.'" i dont know how true this is at least in US so if someone could verify that'd be informative.

but in the end, stuff like this makes me thank the LORD for helping me walk away all those years ago, around the time tix ('tickets', free online currency on roblox) got removed, but i never thought it'd quite come to this

[NOTE: I will not tolerate incitements to violence against roblox corporation, or its infrastructure, because that only gives them the martyr card. vigilante action should be reserved for individuals who have been found guilty in a court of law]

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changed title and added clause at end on the question of vigilante action to stop such behavior. also added second to last paragraph beside disclaimer

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