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  1. "You really think it would be that easy? To just ... walk away, like nothing ever happened, into the sunset like the end of a movie?" Autumn thunder rumbled around the group of four: one on his hands and knees, one standing man looking down on him, and two flanking the Standing Man. The very dirt beneath their feet became sludge as the Standing Man spoke, pounded by the sixteenth hour of rain. The Standing Man's face lit up as he inhaled through the waterproof cigarette between his lips, exposing the barest glimpse of a hardened, scarred jaw. The kneeling man could hardly hear for the rain and wind and thunder; he could hardly see for the darkness of the earliest morning night. Every pump of blood reverberated through his body like a herd of galloping racehorses, and he couldn't tell at this point if the vibrations he felt were his veins about to pop, his throbbing wounds, the thunder, the pounding rain, or just something else to worry about. "I let you out. I gave you life - a life you didn't deserve, scumbag. I fixed a lot of problems for you, boy. I beat the system for you, and here you are begging for your life because you couldn't do one stupid favor." It was only a pause in the thunder, a lull in the rain, but it was enough for the kneeling man to pick up the Standing Man's words. "I don't beg," he spat back, the ground specked with just a momentary bit of crimson, visible only for the length of lightning. "You do now." -------------------- Endo was peacefully asleep, ignorant of the warnings from the computer around him, until a shake and a hum announced that they had docked and were sitting idle. His belt vibrated, reminding him that the estimated time to arrival had completed, shaking him awake. His mind swept over the details of the mission: capture and escort target, Zabrak Neri, alive. Prison ship, which meant they would need to be as quick as galactically possible. It was only a three-man mission, something Endo wasn't used to. It was almost always solo jobs or large-scale strike teams, almost never a triumvirate. First time for everything, though. It was also the first time Endo was in close contact with a wookiee and a clone. A 'clone'. So much work had been done on that thing that he honestly doubted its humanity somewhat. "That's our cue," he said unhelpfully, starting his walk over to the metal tube. "I can pop down first, unless either of you two gentlemen want to volunteer."
  2. Grawbacca lounged with his arms behind his head. For an assault fighter, the Morning Glory was surprisingly comfortable. It definitely beat his slave quarters, that was for certain. He was drifting in and out of sleep. He hadn’t been able to get on a regular sleep schedule for a while, and often had to take whatever chance he could to rest up, especially on a day like this. It was a new start. After this, he could go back to doing what he liked. Drifting from planet to planet hanging out in greasy cantinas drinking until he couldn’t feel feelings anymore and got into a fight, resulting in someone getting their arms ripped off. His people were known for that after all. The ship’s AI told him to link his communication device with the ship or else he would not be able to get back on. He lazily did just as he was instructed. While the hologram of the Zabrak woman showed to him, he couldn’t help but wonder what was so special about her that they would need to risk their lives to get her. It didn’t really matter. He needed the Hutts off his back, and those slugs were heavy. He owed it to his old partner anyway. That was just what a good Wookie did.