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MetalSonic last won the day on September 12 2020

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  1. Boom chakka chakka

    1. Chaos Sonic

      Chaos Sonic

      ...why would you bring this back up to the forefront? 😐

    2. MetalSonic
  2. Domino’s. The Pizza Hut near me doesn’t deliver, so major points off. In all seriousness though, I prefer Dominos hot wings more as well as their chocolate lava cakes. Just simply delicious.
  3. Hug glastrier catch typhlosion fight stufful Houndoom, Mightyena, Absol
  4. I took a quiz on this and got police officer, but I’m going to lie to myself and say that I’m the head of whatever Team is in this region. I’m gonna go with Team Photon.
  5. Oh! Am I too late for this? EDIT: Wait, sorry. Thought this was something else.
  6. Guys, I may be gone for a month or so. I just got some shocking news and need some time to work things out. I’m stressing the fuck out and just need to figure it out.

  7. It’s a skull. I think G1 Pokédexs said that it’s its mother’s skull.