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  1. Crawlers vs Samara Morgan
  2. It had finally come to this. Hugo felt like he had just come to the end of a long journey, only to start anew. Growing up on Uranus, he had never had high expectations in life, but now, all his hard work was being rewarded, and in a grandiose way at that. The first thing he noticed when first getting into space was just how beautiful the vacuum looked. As he sat in his office chair, he looked out the window, letting Victor run through his hands. What he saw stunned him. Stars flew passed him, his eyes only able to make out the outline of them blazing passed the window. He looked back down at Victor, who was starring back up at him, hissing. Hugo caressed the small animal and told it "Isn't it wonderful? Not many get these chances. Too busy slaving away to take a moment to really see what's around them." After a while of sitting, he had decided that he hadn't been too sociable since the preliminary screening. Everyone was gathered on the bridge, so that was going to be his next destination. Putting Victor back in his tank, he ordered the snake to stay put. Upon arriving on the bridge, his intentions of mingling with the other adventurous souls was cut short with a new discovery: unfamiliar ships. He heard the captain ask what they wanted to do next. In response, countless scenarios from played through his mind. Despite what his outer appearance would suggest with his white lab coat and glasses, he had quite an active imagination. Anything from being boarded by reptiles with laser swords to small green men with antennas saying "Take me to your leader." danced through his head one after the other. However, only one situation seemed likely. "Well madam, I'm not a military strategist, but if they were territorial, I think they'd be shooting at us by now. I'd say a peaceful solution is called for." he told her.
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  4. Count Orlok (Nosferatu) vs Xenomorphs
  5. George Harvey (Lovely Bones) vs Nightmare