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  1. Sam’s Cola Faygo Root Beer Crush orange soda If it counts, cool blue Gatorade. If not, caffeine free Pepsi
  2. A little over halfway there

  3. 1. Ko the Face Stealer (Avatar the last airbender) 2. Slenderman (Slender movie/Marble Hornets) 3. Leatherface (texas chainsaw massacre) 4. John Kramer (Saw) 5. The Leprechaun(Leprechaun) 6. Candyman (Candyman) 7. Evil Ash (Army of Darkness) 8. The Great Fusilli (Courage the Cowardly Dog) I’ll be updating the OP soon with all current nominations. I had to order a new computer charger that should be here tomorrow night.
  4. Yes, they would. Any monster from a video game that has a movie adaptation is allowable

  5. Nominations are open and already a third of the way there.

  6. A second go at my 2nd tournament. Rules 1. Freddy Krueger, the winner from last time, is barred. 2. Monster will once again have a loose meaning as anything the audience was meant to be afraid of or any non-human entity. 3. Acceptable medias that monsters can come from are: movies, TV shows (including anime), and YouTube series and similar. Video game monsters can be included ONLY if they have a source that meets the stated criteria. 4. For now, 8 nominations per person. Also, on mobile and the spoiler tag is giving me problems. Will have to fix that later. Spoiler 1. Pennywise (from 2017's IT) 2. Brundlefly (The Fly) 3. Bughuul (Sinister) 4. The Thing (from 1982's The Thing) 5. Pumpkinhead (1988's Pumpkinhead) 6. Creeper (Jeepers Creepers) 7. Death Angel (A Quiet Place) 8. The Bed Monster (2012's Under the Bed) 9. mother markos (suspiria 1977) 10. mother markos (suspiria 2018) 11. the vvitch (the vvitch) 12. it (it follows) 13. migi (parasyte) 14. the pale man (pan's labyrinth) 15. jean jacket (nope) 16. the birds (the birds) 17. Xenomorph (Alien) 18. Weeping Angels (Doctor Who) 19. Kraken (Pirates of the Caribbean) 20. Dementors (Harry Potter) 21. Balrog (Lord of the Rings) 22. Monstro (Pinocchio) 23. T-Rex (Jurassic Park) 24. Hydra (Hercules) 25. Graboids (Tremors) 26. Count Orlok (Nosferatu) 27. King Kong (King Kong) 28. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) 29. Nemesis (Resident Evil: Apocalypse) 30. Clayface (Batman: The Animated Series) 31. Violator (Spawn) 32. Anguirus (Godzilla) 33. Ko the Face Stealer (Avatar the last airbender) 34. Slenderman(Slender movie/Marble Hornets) 35. Leatherface (texas chainsaw massacre) 36. John Kramer (Saw) 37. The Leprechaun(Leprechaun) 38. Candyman (Candyman) 39. Evil Ash (Army of Darkness) 40. The Great Fusilli (Courage the Cowardly Dog)
  7. On second thought, change out Leonard and Penny with Soldier x Zhana(Team Fortress comics)
  8. The only ones that really come to mind are: Tails x Cosmo (Sonic X) Leonard x Penny (Big Bang Theory) Maka x Soul (Soul Eater) Ryuji x Taiga (Toradora) They won’t win, but might as well.
  9. What’s your favorite pokeball design? Mine is the luxury ball.
  10. I had the weirdest dream last night. I got Ed, Edd, n Eddy arrested for selling beer to minors, then to avoid arrest, Eddy turned into a loaf of bread.

    1. Thar


      The Kanker Sisters really inspired them, huh

  11. Double Barrel Dragon Level 4 DARK Machine/Effect ATK: 1800 DEF: 0 When this card is Normal Summoned: You can flip a coin, up to the number of unoccupied monster zones on your side of the field. For each heads, add 1 “Barrel Dragon” from your deck to your hand with different names from each other, then if all results were heads, you can Special Summon 1 “Barrel Dragon” monster from your Deck, ignoring any summon conditions. Armor Piercing Barrel Dragon Level 8 DARK Machine/Effect ATK: 3000 DEF: 0 You can banish 1 “Barrel Dragon” monster from your Hand or GY to Special Summon this card from your Hand or GY. You can only summon “Armor Piercing Barrel Dragon” this way once per turn, also banish this card if it leaves the field if you Summoned it from the GY with this effect. This card can inflict piercing damage. You can flip a coin 3 times, then change monsters your opponent controls to defense position for each heads result. This card can attack all defense position monsters your opponent controls once each. Over-Under Barrel Dragon Level 1 DARK Machine/Tuner/Effect ATK: 500 DEF: 0 When an effect with an effect that flips a coin resolves and the majority of the results were heads, you can Special Summon this card from your Hand. You can only Summon “Over-Under Barrel Dragon” once per turn this way. This card can attack directly, and if it does, you can flip a coin 3 times. For each heads result, increase this card’s ATK by 500 until the end of the Battle Phase, and if all results were 3, this card’s ATK becomes 3000 until the end of the damage step. ——- Grapeshot Barrel Dragon DARK Machine/Link/Effect ATK: 2000 LINK-2 Arrows: Up, Bottom left 2 DARK Machine monsters When your opponent Special Summons a monster(s): You can flip a coin for each monster Summoned. For each heads result, destroy 1 of those monsters, then if you destroyed all monsters with this effect, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent. You can only use this effect of “Grapeshot Barrel Dragon” once per turn. Gatling Barrel Dragon Level 8 DARK Machine/Fusion/Effect ATK: 2600 DEF: 1300 2 “Barrel Dragon” monsters You can Fusion Summon this card by shuffling 2 banished “Barrel Dragon” monsters into your Deck. Once per turn: You can target any number of monsters your opponent controls, then toss a coin for each monster. Destroy 1 monster for each heads result, then if you destroy all monsters targeted by this effect, you can special summon 1 “Barrel Dragon” monster from your GY, but banish it when it leaves the field. Heavy Artillery Barrel Dragon Level 9 DARK Machine/Synchro/Effect ATK: 3500 DEF: 2000 1 DARK Machine monster + 1 DARK Machine Tuner monster When your opponent activates a card effect: flip a coin. If heads, destroy that card. If this card leaves the field due to an opponent’s card effect, special summon 1 “Barrel Dragon” monster from your Extra Deck in Defense Position, except “Heavy Artillery Barrel Dragon”. —— Barrel Barrage Trap During the Battle Phase, activate the effect of 1 “Barrel Dragon” monster you control, as if the activation timing is correct. While this card is in the GY, you can banish it; Change the result of 1 coin flip to heads.
  12. I went to the Fanboy expo over the weekend. I met Luci Christian, Dorian Kingi, Keith David, and Jack Desena.

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