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Found 8 results

  1. Trailer | Cinematic | Site Release Date: 4/9/2019 The newest Hearthstone Expansion was announced just today, Rise of Shadows! And not only that, but we learn that the year will revolve around this League of E.V.I.L. and their shenanigans. This set specifically takes place in Dalaran. More importantly though, we get the return of Rafaam, the Supreme Archeologist! And I guess we're also getting some interesting mechanics, I guess. Lackeys Lackeys are very much like Spare Parts, non-collectable cards that can be generated with cards such as the EVIL Miscreant. They're essentially 1 mana spells that come with a 1/1 body, which is pretty neat. I like that we have the evolve mechanic outside of Shaman now due to Witchy Lackey. We'll have to wait and see what other Lackey generators we have in the rest of the set. Most importantly though, we're getting more lackeys in future sets this year to fit in with the League of E.V.I.L. Schemes Schemes are cards that become stronger the longer you hold them. For example, Hagatha's Scheme gains 1 more damage for each of your turns that it stays in your hand. It'll be interesting to see what the other scheme cards are, as the mechanic is quite interesting itself. Twinspell Twinspell is a new keyword that reminds me of Echo in a way, although it is much different as it is usable with cards that cost more than 5 mana. Essentially when you cast a spell with Twinspell, you get a 2nd copy of the spell to your hand (without Twinspell, of course). This spell you can hold and use whenever you please. Something interesting to note is that the 2nd copy seems to go in your hand where the first one was, which is important for hand tracking and certain cards like Stargazer Luna. Callback Cards We're getting a few "callback" cards that bring back old mechanics into the new set, like Forbidden Words echoing the Forbidden Mechanic from Whisper of the Old Gods. I wonder how far back / close by the callback cards will go - will we see Spare Parts return? Maybe we'll get something more recent like Adapt or Echo. We'll have to wait and see. I'll be keeping this thread updated with news as the expansion rolls out.
  2. 3 mana 3/4 Battlecry: Your hero can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers until your next turn. An interesting tech option that, at worst, is a 3/4 for 3. Seems pretty good honestly. Obviously if there's no Pyro to face or other sort of spell slinging combo deck around then this is not going to see play, but that's the nature of tech cards. Not much else to say, honestly. Really solid tech card.
  3. 5 Mana Spell Deal 1 damage to all minions. (Upgrades each turn!) Could be a replacement for Volcano in Control Shaman as a board clear, although I am unsure how to feel about it. While it has incredible potential, if not drawn early I feel like this will more than likely end up being a dead draw. Pretty devastating if you get it early against aggro though, so not sure how to proceed.
  4. 0 Mana Spell Spend all your Mana. Destroy a minion with that much Attack or less. Very flexible card like the old Forbidden cards before. This will usually go equal in terms of mana depending on what you destroy, sometimes you need to spend 1 extra mana. This also has to be the last card you play on the turn since it spends all of your mana, although I don't think that'll be much of an issue. I think its might be ok enough to run, as it compared pretty good against Shadow Word: Pain. I can see Death and Words being run together in a control deck, although we'll have to see if control priest becomes a thing after the rotation.
  5. 3 mana 1/5 Combo: Add two random Lackeys to your hand. Lackeys so far An interesting card that grants value. While not spells specifically, it does still add 1 Mana cards to your hand which is at least good enough to proc any other Combo cards you have in your hand. Sadly they're not spells so the potential for some miracle shenanigans seem meh since this doesn't activate Gadgetzan. Still kinda cool, really depends on the rest of the set if Rogue can pull off a value deck or any deck that has a spot for this, as the current Pirate list that will probably survive the new era will probably not run this.
  6. 8 Mana Spell Twinspell Summon five 2/2 Treants. Not too surprised to see more Treant support, since that's more or less what Druid has left in terms of a theme at the moment. I'm not sold on this being a particularly strong card - yes you get 10/10 worth of stats for 8 mana twice, but its distributed in a poor way imo. Like it's better for Savage Roar, but this is too slow for any Token deck I feel. We'll have to see the rest of the Treant support this set gives us, but I'm not feeling this one. Twinspell is a cool keyword though.
  7. 7 Mana 6/6 Battlecry: If your deck is emply, summon 6/6 Greasefire Elementals. An interesting card that I can't really see working unless the meta becomes very control vs control honestly. Rogue could do some shenanigans with this and Myra's Unstable Elemental though - just draw everything, play this potentially on curve for a huge tempo swing, and then either win on the spot or refill the deck with Espionage if you didn't drop it on curve. Not sure if it would be meta defining since its kinda high rolly and control can probably clear the board, but hey sometimes they cant and you win.
  8. 7 Mana 7 / 8 Taunt Battlecry: Replace your hand and deck with Legendary minions. This seems pretty strong, being a Golden Monkey without having to go through hoops like the Golden Monkey. It's also pretty well stated as a 7/8 Taunt for 7. I can see this being a capstone in something like Zoo as a backup plan if the game goes too long, transforming your deck of chumps into giant Legendaries. Even in control I could see this being pretty nice, maybe in some type of mid-range Warlock? I like the call back to League of Explorers.
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