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Found 2 results

  1. <OOC> BGM: Personality Quiz - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Listen. Can you hear the voice carried by the winds of time? "You...you can hear me, right?" You cannot ignore it. Only those with willing hearts can hear the call across the boundary of space. "Could you be a human? If you are, then that means...I finally found you!" After all, you are one of those extraordinary beings we call humans. "This world...needs your help. Please come...and lend your strength!" O you have undergone the test of the soul. You who have proven yourself worthy. I await your arrival in the world of Pokémon. "Be strong! Stay smart! And be victorious!" And remember. Wherever there is light, there must also be shadow. In the belly of an ancient ruin, several people woke up at the same time. Now, they could have woken from the steady trickle of nearby water, or the jagged blue edges of the broken cobblestone beneath, or the damp chill that clung to their forms, or even something else. Regardless, they were awake. Surrounding them were sandstone walls webbed with cracks thick with moss. Water dripped from a ceiling that had previously held a honeycomb pattern, but now showed a broken mosaic. Here and there, once mighty cylindrical pillars lay collapsed into piles of stone, while others still stood proudly over crumbling foundations. To the side, a clear spring-fed pool wore away at the sharp edges of its confines, spilling out into a canal that ran underneath one of the brick walls. Though one could not call the atmosphere cozy by any means, it carried a certain serenity to it. The air was still and heavy with moisture. Shadows smudged the sharp edges of the room in the dusky light from the cracks above. Even the cries of distant creatures were but a faint echo. Despite this peace, the people gathered there would find their minds clouded by confusion and uncertainty. Their names and experiences in a certain forum shone clearly, as if lit by a spotlight, yet beyond that there was nothing. No history, no semblance of who they were beyond their life on that forum. In addition, a strange feeling of wrongness lingered in the backs of their consciousnesses. Something about them had changed. Map OOC
  2. ~Theme: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity - Opening~ <IC> Hosted by: Sethera "You...you can hear me, right? Could you be a human? If you are, then that means...I finally found you! This world...needs your help. Please come...and lend your strength!" As you come to awareness, you remember having heard these words before finding yourself in this situation. Previously, you were a normal human being on planet Earth. You attended class, went to work, stayed home to play video games, etc. However, you were also part of a fairly active forum called Nincada's Custom Monsters, or NCM, as it was more commonly called. Your activities on that forum are the only things you can clearly recall from your life. Everything else is hazy and indistinct, though your personality traits still shine through. Now, you've arrived in a strange world. The world...of Pokémon. "Be strong! Stay smart! And be victorious!" Introduction Rules Application Roster Nincada's Custom Monsters FAQ
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