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~King Crouton~

[CFV Standard] Heroes Post-Heroic Evolution

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Posted (edited)


G0s: 17

FV Sling Burster

6 Crit

4 Twin Blader (Draw/Sentinel)

2 Draw

4 Heal


G1s: 12

4 Spin Kid

2 Smash Masher

2 Drill the Dual

4 Clay-doll Mechanic: CC1 when you CB.


G2s: 11

4 Stylish Hustler: +3 for each card in your damage zone while attacking.

4 Cup Bowler: +5 on V/R while you control another Hero.

3 Boomerang Thrower: CC1 on-call


G3s: 10

4 Spinning Valiant: Boss.

4 Battledore Fighter: Back-up Boss.

2 Meganton Poweredon

Edited by ~King Crouton~

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