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My Laptop's Keyboard is no longer working anymore

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My computer builted Keyboard is no longer working anymore what do I do?

The following is no longer working anymore...

r t f g v b 4 5

These one still work


So what do I do?

So you probably asking yourselves than how did I type this than? Well Short answer I used Windows 10's built-in On-Screen Keyboard its really annoying to use this thing btw. And before you ask NO I have no I have no touch screen or external keyboard so I now have to wait to try and earn some money if I even can for that matter cause I HAVE NO JOBS PLUS I'M BUSY ALOT OF TIMES WHAT I'M I GOING DO MY FAMILY ARE GOING TO BE PISSED IF THEY FIND OUT!


Now before you ask yes I was very careful with this Laptop I never mistreated though this computer was handed to me and its a laptop  from 2018 and now we are 2024 I was even starting to have problems with it before with the SD card slot  reader not working even after I reinstalled the drivers for it like 3 times now...

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