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  1. These People are ruining the Internet with their bullshit and outlandish mindset people like DMZ Dragon and Jakkapat just piss me off so much I had to take screenshots of the most [edited by a cow] shit they ever said and decided to highlight it and put those to post together in MS Paint they are going to destroy these last parts of the somewhat wonderful web we have left by polluting it with a bunch of fucking AI Generated Shit.

    [image also edited out by a cow]

    1. LordCowCow


      Don't do this kind of thing.


  2. Cool love how your Desktop looks why not just turn off all Desktop Icons and just pin the Recycling Bin to the File Explorer and maybe Start Menu and just turn off icons entirely on the Desktop that's what I do now a days. Hey are you from the Original YCM that has left because of YCMaker? One more thing I would like to say I may have made Dark Cosmic Jhin and the Cosmic Dragon guy from LoL into Yugioh cards in the past I don't remember anymore... but I may have created them as cards. Anyways nice desktop and also I see your a sane person that loves to have the Taskbar Icons on the Left like how god intended it to be and not how this idiot who is the CEO of a company wants you to have it this idiot is named Satya Nedalla I have alot of beef with this guy and his ideas he shouldn't even be Microsoft's CEO I much prefer Steve Ballmer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satya_Nadella I'm sorry you had to hear me rant atleast once Satya Nadella and Modern Windows just pisses me off its not what it once was when I was a kid using Windows 7 also I'm part of Gen Z I prefer Desktops over Smart Phones that's because I despise Smart Phones also I left a Picture of this guy that I was talking about but yes you have a nice desktop for the most part.
  3. Hug Togetic Catch Porygon2 than install him on Windows XP or Windows 2000 Fight Flabele since 1) its tiny and just 4 inches 2) its a flower I could just grab this thing in the palm of my hand and crush it like that since its so tiny nor do I really care about that Pokemon that much. It really couldn't put much up of a fight since its so weak anyways. Next: Gholdengo, Garganacl, and Kingambit
  4. Ah yes another boring day for me I guess...

  5. Hey Guys, I originally this was going to be a status post but I think this is way too important and big of a deal (or is going to become in the near future I would say give it 1 or 2 years and you will finally wake up to what I'm talking about.) just to be status post but I decided to make it its own post. Some people may think its an conspiracy some might think its true but whatever your stance on this is you gotta here me out on this ever since 2023 AI has been the name of the game whether its been AI Chatbots, AI Images (My least favourite I think they just look ugly and they are garbage but again I do not like AI as a whole.), AI Music, and now even freaking AI Videos (Thanks OpenAI did you really need to do that I hate OpenAI SORA with a passion its right next to AI Art.), you see AI is the name of the game but if its not already just give it 1-2 years and boom it will be the only piece of shit you can interact with on the internet because AI is advancing at such a rapid pace at this point that I don't even think well need to wait 1-2 Years, now I want to bring your attention something bad that just happened on YCM too long ago BOTS it started in February of 2024 where we had Porno BOTS and other types of advertisement BOTS trying to get us to click on those links or just posting creating treads, or replying to other people's post on YCM via threads or status which was why YCM's activity seemed dead at the time its still not better now but it got so bad too the point where users on YCM started joking about it... the BOTTING Problem which only just stopped now even a month ago when YCMaker/Falling Pizza returned to gaslight us with a post how we should all appreciate how YCM exist and them wanting us to create cards and be happy and not complain "Sorry" "Sorry" I was getting a little off topic. But we could obviously tell that those where scams either trying to infect our devices with Malware, scam us out of our money, or just plainly waste our time and its pretty obvious that BOTS go dumb dumb oh if you only knew how good we have it for now... but think a couple months or years and you will wish you could go back in time, right now the BOTS lack the fundamentals to do anything harmful in a successful manner some other BOTS are already utilizing the power of "AI" luckily we didn't have to deal with that here because they where not using AI or they wouldn't be posting links to porno sites and try to be on topic and not try to put you into their little scheme right away it would have been done in more smartly ehhh kinda which is really scary when you really think about it this doesn't help when you have stupid little prickly rich billionaire assholes like "Sam Altman" who wants everything and anything to become AI and its bad enough that they infringe on copyright laws and take people's shit without consent their Training Data isn't even public I could just go on and on about it all day but this should be saved for another day. Now ever since the boom in AI especially in AI Art I have noticed that the amount of AI Images on YCM has significantly went up and this is only made worse because YCMaker deiced "well if you can't beat them you might as well join them" and has implemented an goddamn freaking AI Image Generator for what reason well the reason is that is so that user's didn't have to go to another site to generate the images and then bring them but last year cr47t made a Petition and Open Letter to YCMaker to ban AI Art on the Card Maker and considering that most of the images generated by AI is straight up just theft and plagiarism and it was something artists where pissed off about even making videos about how much they hate it and the reasons why there should be regulations on AI Image Generators can produce but it even got so bad where they where producing explicit photos of minors like WTF man they collect so much data to train on these image generators that companies like Microsoft, OpenAI, Midjouerny, and StableDiffusion don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves its just a game of profit at the end of the day but it got so bad that the government had to step in and clean this shit up you don't know how serious this is than we have idiots and many others that try to defend and downplay this like its "nothing" and saying AI is not going away no we know that all we want to do is just regulate it but you idiots are ruining that for us damn the AI Bros will defend their AI Pals its all bullshit 1 year later AI Art is still in the Card Maker and the bugs with it are still there too YCMaker is such a lair I know this turned into something else how did it go from Dead Internet Theory to Zama rants about AI I will get to that now don't rush me. So what does this all have to do with AI "EVERYTHING" as AI improves and gets better as a whole the internet will get worse bad bots already make up 30% of all activity on the web a cyber security analysis company gave the public the data about it now you throw AI into the mix and everything suddenly gets way worse The Dead Internet Theory has been going on for over a decade now because Social Media was ruining the web and I still think Social Media is ruining the web and still don't like it but we have bigger fish to worry about just some stupid Social Media sites by 2026 it is predicted that most of the things we interact with will all be AI and at this pointing its already starting to look at that is going to be the case we already have AI Garbage in the form of users generating AI Images and posting them in Card Based Threads which I already see that garbage everyday and have to blacklist users that are into that kind of stuff or do that kind of stuff because I don't wanna see it I just get angry when seeing AI Art you may think this is funny but I think you are not seeing the bigger picture hmmm you gotta ask yourself this what is the end game here why are the companies doing this is why are they so pushy when it comes to AI and since 2023 everyone has been on the AI Hype Train and I don't like it I have a right not to like it is that not okay or is that just me being offensive in what I see as garbage on the internet no I have my reasons there are those out there that are Anti-AI but there will always be people who are too dumb and stupid and want to side with AI no matter what happens this is what is going to be the Internet's biggest downfall. Don't believe me than why has all of the search engines from Bing to Google have been getting worse just look at this Reddit Post yes Reddit yes we all love to poke fun and laugh at it but its the only thing that I could find that will not be shoved under a pile of AI SEO Garbage articles all just spouting all the same fucking nonsensical garbage all trying to get number 1 on Google Search Results so they spam and flood SEO Results with AI Generated Garbage clogging up the 1st page of Google Search Results its not necessary about Google Search Engine becoming garbage its mostly affects all SEO as a whole and is an SEO Problem companies that write articles or only focused on trying to get as many clicks as possible garbage in garbage out and with AI things are only bound to get worse if we don't take any actions to restrict it and strip down as much of its power and harm as possible its effects on the web have already proven to be true just take a look at Twitter OH wait I mean X for eXample yeah I only made the X big as a joke but take a look at that garbage platform that place is full of AI BOTS this is only going to get worse if we don't do anything about this and regulators don't regulate it hard enough or fast enough of what AI can be used for and what it couldn't be used for and that's not all anyone and everyone has access to AI cause its out in the open and that is the part that also makes it very dangerous if there isn't any actions taken against it now it may seem like people like you and me are powerless but we can do this all you need to do is contact your senators or PMs based on which countries you live in and keep contacting them with messages of how much you want AI regulated and controlled I can't do this alone but together we can make a difference we may seem like nobody which we probably our but come on our efforts combine greatly when we all work together if somebody can make a change it can be US and the only way to do that is if we complain to the government enough share this message with your friends, family, strangers, anybody share this everywhere I want it to reach out to as many people as possible the louder our voice the louder they will hear us and actually want to do something about it "You" could be the one that saves the future of the "Internet" so future generations have access to it and can look back at its history long after we are all gone. So why did I go on this long rant because I watched this YouTube video and I think you should too its 30 Minutes yeah yeah your attention span is too short but we have to try to save the future of the internet for future generations it took me over 2 hours to write and post this forum post I will leave a YouTube video and I will also leave a post of the authors original post from Macintosh Cafe down below I've been writing this for over 2 hours now and I'm saying this as I'm finishing up writing this I all hope you have a good day. Forum Post of the original person who talked about this in 2021: https://forum.agoraroad.com/index.php?threads/dead-internet-theory-most-of-the-internet-is-fake.3011/ (Beware that this may contain offensive stuff that may trigger you and it also kind of goes of on the deep end.)
  6. I really like your wallpaper its clean, I see you have Firefox and Steam too amazing pieces of software that I also like hmmm Windows 11 the usual but yeah good job mate I see your part of the Firefox Gang I use Firefox as a Default and as my primary browser but for some sites I use Brave for Extra Fingerprinting and Browser Partitioning Protections I even use Virtual Machines to go to sites I would never do on bare metal like to search Amazon but I don't shop there and I really go to that site I was just using it as an exmaple. But Yeah I really like your Wallpaper and you have good tastes when it comes to browsers and programs.
  7. Have I been too aggressive lately? Also I'm I a Jerk?

    1. LordCowCow


      I don't think I can say it better than it already has been said elsewhere.

      The short answer is yes.

      If it helps put in perspective think of how often you've apologized for going too far. The problem is that it keeps happening. You seem to already know that you shouldn't be doing it. It's not something that can't be fixed but you have got to remember most people here are pretty chill so ranting for paragraphs upon paragraphs and using insulting words (especially directed at the person themselves) will just put them off.

    2. yui


      In a word, yes.

      When you cross lines, you cross them hard, and as Cow already noted, that you're apologizing for losing your cool means you know you shouldn't be engaging in this kind of behavior but do it anyway. Furthermore, you seem to have something of a tendency to make your problems everyone else's. See: Your insistence on asking why others don't use a certain OS or browser in a sort of "ohh that sounds nice buuuuuuuuuuuuut" way, extremely unnecessary and umprompted jabs at whatever pair of things have your general ire of late (Windows 11 & the other forum's admins seem to be it lately, and I seem to recall a phase where it was your fellow Gen Z-ers), and your recent one explosion each on both forums because the targets' takes on ultimately inconsequential things were opposite your own, which can seamlessly bring us back round to the primary issue.

      An issue which Cow already summed up pretty well, so I don't really have to. Self-moderation is not a skill that can be taught by others, so if this is a common occurrence, you'd do well to take some time to learn it.

      (full disclosure i wrote this reply in the full text editor and didn't realize it would be so tall in the status bar. whoops.)

    3. Zamazenta the OS-Tan Fan

      Zamazenta the OS-Tan Fan

      Yeah I'm always too much on the aggressive side, I need to control my anger it seems...

      Yeah I Should have never given an angry and aggressive responsive, yeah but doesn't mean I have to not despise Windows 11 and Google Chrome I see nothing special with them that the others couldn't already do also they lack features that others may have that might make them better compared to those 2 plus they are really privacy invasive af which I don't like at all plus many other people have really hated Windows 11 so far.. if it's not the system requirements than its them either removing features or making stupid changes to features nobody asked them to do or adding new garbage features that ends up pissing off people *cough* *cough* take for example Microsoft Copolit hate it and will never use it.

      Yeah I'm very explosive sometimes I may need to hold my tongue when reading stuff I don't agree with.

      That's cool using Notepad for replies but yeah I will try to be better...

  8. Both of your points are bad laziness is one of the most stupid and retarded that is just some dumb fucking excuse I've ever heard the normie thing ever I'm a pretty lazy person myself but all of these things are not hard to do. All you need to do is 5 clicks and you're done that's how much effort I put into my Virtual Machines I use the easy installer of VMware and boom you're done within 5 seconds that is really fucking easy and effortless man laziness is just retarded this is not a personal attack this is me being harsh but honest. Microsoft is planning to make Windows in the near future a Subscription based service like Microsoft Office and you bet that shit won't be cheap they will change you monthly just to use your own computer that you bought with your own personal money and you own the device not Microsoft with their bullshit way of thinking they own your stuff just because your using their OS its going to be alot like those shitty locked down mobile OSes I despise so much looking at you Apple. You may not care, but I think this video from Asmangold says it all recently Blizzard and stupid Roku changed their BS TOS you have to agree to or else for Roku they will brick your Roku TV and you can't use it and for Blizzard they will log out of your account but you need to log into your account in order to cancel the service and get refunded but you can't you would have to agree to their new BS TOS which Asmangold disagrees and says is not right and just plain scummy behavior of companies screwing over the customer because they so retarded and uneducated and too passive because they don't care and they are fucking retarded and deserves to be screwed over by these companies since they act so retarded and don't wanna fight the company or just say NO to them that would make a little difference instead of being lazy and uncaring which is just retarded. Its like they say "You'll own nothing and be happy!" there is an agenda by the Government, World Economic Forums, and Companies to take advantage of people like you since they know you won't fight back even if you decide to its already too late they have so much power over you and all other sheepish people that it would be impossible to fight back against when they strip you away of everything you love, say, think, do, have such has your house, food, possessions, money, rights, freedom, etc they start small than work their way up into something big but seems small because they already striped you away of other stuff so you won't care as much until you feel it but by than it's already too late its like a snowball effect. Death by a thousand cuts don't be one of those people I find that behavior retarded you may not care but in the end it hurts everyone first those that don't want to live like the normies, than the middle group, than the normies it won't hurt they rich and elites though since they are the ones that want to restrict and hurt us the non-rich and elites and the working class the rich and elites are retarded and selfish and only think about themselves and no one else while the working class has to pick up the mess and contribute something meaningful to the country and its people while these rich and elites fucks just jerk off to their wealth, status, and power they try to avoid paying taxes while we only can dream of doing that the rich and elites don't even get thrown into a jail cell if they don't pay unlike the working class. Watch Asmangold's video down below it gets to the point of what I'm saying: Oh really you say good secret keepers? Nope I think not Microsoft the people in charge sell your data to make alot of money off you they just got sued by the EU because they broke the GDPR it was revealed that they sold your personal data to 723 hundred 3rd party companies https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Corp._v._Commission and just look at this https://www.security.org/resources/data-tech-companies-have/ good secret keepers you say I don't believe you I always have this kind of information on hand. Just look at Scotland becoming authoritarian just a look at how much of a mess Canada and the United States of America how they are trying to become authoritarian trying to stripe away people's freedom of experience thoughts and speech and these contraries criticize china for their bullshit politics but yet they are doing the same here by doing censorship and locking people up for saying stuff the government doesn't like its not even violent, offensive, or criminal speech but they threw a guy in jail because he was a threat to their political views and how they wanna run the world and shit like that and are always passing bills to throw people in jail for their political views and what they do online and I mean posting a meme that the government doesn't like and they throw your ass behind bars and the stuff I talked about ain't even considered criminal stuff I'm talking about general stuff the government didn't give a shit about but now and especially during election years if you cause a certain political party to lose because of a meme, shit post, You taking shit about their party you could be thrown in jail for that or you make a post that hurts someone's feelings that is so fucking absurd. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=32427308 https://unherd.com/2020/10/the-west-is-sleepwalking-to-totalitarianism/ Here watch this video please yes I went on a rant I still think you should put little more effort into caring this decides if we get a dystopian future or not look the world is already not in a good place right now I just need people to put just a little bit and that can be a huge difference in life.
  9. My computer builted Keyboard is no longer working anymore what do I do? The following is no longer working anymore... r t f g v b 4 5 These one still work 12367890 qweyuiopasdhjklzxcnm So what do I do? So you probably asking yourselves than how did I type this than? Well Short answer I used Windows 10's built-in On-Screen Keyboard its really annoying to use this thing btw. And before you ask NO I have no I have no touch screen or external keyboard so I now have to wait to try and earn some money if I even can for that matter cause I HAVE NO JOBS PLUS I'M BUSY ALOT OF TIMES WHAT I'M I GOING DO MY FAMILY ARE GOING TO BE PISSED IF THEY FIND OUT! I'M REALLY DEPRESSED RIGHT NOW AND VERY UPSET! Now before you ask yes I was very careful with this Laptop I never mistreated though this computer was handed to me and its a laptop from 2018 and now we are 2024 I was even starting to have problems with it before with the SD card slot reader not working even after I reinstalled the drivers for it like 3 times now...
  10. Hmmm Interesting specs. Well I used Windows 11 for over 5 months I got sick of it cause I hated using that OS it was the worst I've used Windows 8.1 occasionally and I think even that's better but I still do miss Windows 7 and prefer it over Windows 10 I miss Aero Glass well most Windows Games 90% of them work on Linux thanks to Valve's Proton which you can read more about here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proton_(software) havve you ever heard of the Steam Deck https://store.steampowered.com/steamdeck its a great device best of all it runs Linux they are the biggest company pushing Linux to gamers world wide. I'm pretty sure that MtG Arena and Hololive fangames will run on Linux with no issues thanks to Proton and for games outside of Steam there's Wine https://www.winehq.org/ and Lutris https://lutris.net/ those are hassle free for lazy people they can be found on the app stores that come with your chosen Linux Distro. Windows is getting worse do you excuses it Windows 15 years ago was so much better this back in a time where I didn't even know what a Linux was I was too young at the time to know what that was. What Windows Programs do you use that aren't games? Do you use Adobe Products or Microsoft Office or other professional software? All browsers, Web Apps like Discord and Spotify will work with no problems I do want to know what you use that makes the switch so impossible lol. Have you ever tried Linux before if so what distros? You should try Pop!_OS https://pop.system76.com/ try it in a Virtual Machine first and install wine and run some of your programs to see what works and what doesn't I know your computer is too old to support Windows 11 says Microsoft lol. NO This is where I'm going to say your wrong! Privacy is a human right and should never be violated you may not care but its the people like you and your kind of mind set where is what leds us into certain consequences of those actions this is not a personal attack I would like you to watch the video down below and watch it don't skim though it as it has important details that you will see why I pointed out Microsoft being able to look into your pc with copilot in Windows 11 is a bad thing I want to ask you this: Would you happily give up your rights and freedom to the government if they said you have to? Would you leave the door to your home unlocked? Would you share your passwords, browser history, sin, bank cards, etc? Would you your darkest secrets or any secrets for that matter? Oh before you come up with that I have nothing to hide bullshit which that is a myth of course you have something to hide it I'm not taking about criminal stuff I'm just taking about general stuff you don't want anyone knowing about you something that you may not share with your family but I really do need you to watch the video to get a better picture of what I'm talking about most people after they watch this video they normally get a better understanding of what I'm talking about and become less naive of why I have a certain mind set. Just ignore the word Linux in the title just watch the video this will give you a better understanding why privacy matters this is the video I always refer them to first otherwise it's the other video you see down below please watch one of these 2 videos the first is my favorite.
  11. That's cool but could you also tell me what specs you have also what are you going to do when Windows 10 support ends I wouldn't recommend upgrading hrr I mean downgrading to Shitdows 11 mostly because of the negativity that surrounds that garbage operating system they even tried to put ads in the File Explorer now its even worse with Al they might use it to control your computer they can already see what you have stored locally on the computer and can see everything that your doing on the screen which is evil aren't you just so tired of Microsoft's bullshit? Now in October 14th, of 2025 which is the last Patch Tuesday Update which you can learn more about here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patch_Tuesday which means no more security updates which are important for nasty vulnerabilities or Zero-Days in the software but you have 2 options which I'II list now: Windows 10 LTSC which gets updates till January 2032 (which would be your best bet) here is the official link from Microsoft https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/download-windows-10-enterprise this version of Windows 10 no bloatware or ads on this version which is way better than shitty regular standard version of Windows 10 Home/Professional. Linux is the other option if you don't want to have to deal wish Microsoft's bullshit in the future I will leave a YouTube video down below the and you can watch that video when you have the time but I will say this Steam, Discord, and Spotify all work flawlessly on Linux if you have any questions you would like to ask me I will answer them.
  12. Edit from friendly neighborhood Cow, long long loooong post with many screenshots above
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