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God of Pink Hair Girls

Ms. Judge

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Ms. Judge
LIGHT/Fiend/Effect/Level 4
If an opponent's card effect activates, before resolving that effect, toss a coin twice, and if the result is 2 Heads, negate that effect. You can only use this effect of "Ms. Judge" once per turn.

- Searchable by "Desperado Barrel Dragon", which in turn is searchable by the GY effect of "Orcust Crescendo", and millable by "Armageddon Knight", "Foolish Burial" and "Scrap Recycler".
- Then, if you already Normal Summoned the turn you get this card on you hand, you can Special Summon it with the assistance of cards such as "Saryuja Skull Dread".
- Once on board, it becomes as an extra layer of disruption. Albeit unreliable, it could potentially make a difference to the point of sealing a game.
- The effect being continuous gives it unique properties, such as being unchainable and immune to effects that negate when a card/effect is activated. On the other hand, the effect is mandatory and will apply on the last chain link in a chain, so the opponent can potentially play around it. Regardless, it's bound to ensue mild mind games at least, and make the opponent ponder on investing on negating the effect through means such as Infinite Impermanence preemptively, or take the gamble and risk losing a card/effect.
- LIGHT/Fiend is an underused typing and personally that's a plus. Furthermore, this gives her potential as a "Ties of the Brethren" target in Magical Musketeers, for whatever that's worth.
- Level 4 with 1800 ATK looks quite good for a monster with such effect.
- Lastly, IMO she is solid waifu material, plus she looks really cute in the artwork of "Head Judging".

What do you think of this card? Personally I like the card and effect, and always thought it has potential for the extra layer of disruption it can provide even if it is luck based, as a single negation can make such big differences nowadays, but unfortunately the decks that can tech it or Desperado Barrel Dragon, either are not making an impact in the top tiers (e.g. Magical Musketeers), or have better things to run (e.g. Orcust). Still, would be amusing to see this and Barrel Dragon as funny techs in Orcusts, IDK.

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Foolish Burial Goods is currently the only card capable of this but: Proton Blast's GY effect would make her for sure get 2 heads, although just one time. If that Trap had a more reliable recruiting method and the game offered some way of recycling S/T that banish themselves back into the GY, it'd be a pretty decent engine IMO.
I once custom made a Spell Striker-esque monster that did the "return 1 banished S/T to GY".... I'm surprised it isn't a thing yet in an archetype. There's a ton of cards something like that could make a use of.

Her hard OPT clause is currently beating a dead horse. Her effect is so unreliable on its own that currently it'd be fair if she just flat out did it forever whenever something activated. Though I understand future proofing is behind it since any spark of support for the concept could make a ton of difference pretty quickly.

TBH sounds like a pain to go through (the Sariyuja combo there).... otherwise she's not too bad of a card. I think she's got potential.

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