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about the avatar uploader


Given I use the avatar uploader on this site probably more than everyone else combined, it's safe to say I know my way around the thing. Which brings me to this thread. I kept saying I'd bring up an issue with the avatar uploader on this specific forum, but until just now, I didn't get the snapshots needed to explain my point. Put simply...


The handles are off-center. I took this screencap immediately after moving the handles out to fit the full avatar's size, using the corner ones because those keep the width/height proportion intact. Doing this from the get-go, we can see that it's off-center by just a few pixels to the right. To prove this, I repeated the same process on another forum that runs on Invision that I knew of (not YCM, I'll come back round to them in a bit though).


Here, it's perfectly centered. I don't know how forum software works, so I'm obviously in no positionn to explain why this is or suggest how to fix it, so presenting this fact is all I can really do. It might just be different versions of Invision, which I don't know how to check, or maybe there's some numbers somewhere that need to be tweaked. I also don't know if it's been discussed already amongst our three mods, so posting this thread and explaining the issue is the only way I can know it's been brought to someone's attention. But speaking of Invision and avatar uploaders...


Remember when I said I'd come back round to YCM? Now it's time for that bit. For some odd reason, YCM's uploader is different from both NCM and the third forum, having no transparent margins. I'd go so far as to call this the ideal avatar uploader, but that could very well be just me. If it's possible, a switch to something like this would streamline the process if centering the handles on our current uploader is impossible, as the avatar uploader there is one of the very few things YCM has over NCM (personal opinion).

Anyway this thread has gone on way longer than it should have. Shit's off-center. Just wanted to call attention to the fact, since I have neither the knowledge nor authority to do or suggest anything about the problem.

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I suspect it's based on version of Invision that is being used, NCM does not use the latest version of Invision merely a far more up to date version that what we are perhaps used to (from years past) I can look into it though, the issue relies on the fact that upgrading isn't a simple flick of the switch, I mean it technically IS but the problem more comes from the updates breaking plugins and the like and I'm conscious of creating a "more work than necessary" situation, this would also make sense as why each is different based on the fact that I suspect every one of the forums you mention are on different versions of the forum software.

Anyway yeah I see where you are coming from, and I also encounter the problem, I'll try to resolve but I don't think of it is a big enough issue to warrant potentially breaking more serious things, so it will be a case of me changing small things rather than breaking larger things.

Proposed solution: stop changing your avatar so much that it becomes too much of an issue.

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