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Chaos Sonic

[FCBF] Gaigrander Assault

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Here for some ambience...namely cause I love this theme!


Note: This deck is not 100% complete. I don't have Gaigrander 03, 04, or Communicator yet. It's one of those things where they'll be added as soon as possible.

Now the gimmick of the Gaigranders is basically this: Gaigrander 01 allows the fighter (the player) to become Gaigrander and fight with their units. With Gaigrander, your able to not only become Gaigrander, but do something akin to a Form Change. Want to help with defense against a player's assault? Pay the gauge and return Gaigrander 01 to the hand and bring out Analyze Form (the Defensive Mode). Want to go on a full assault? Attack with Gaigrander 01, pay the gauge and return it to the hand, then bring out Finish Form (the Attack Mode) and go for it. The concept of this deck is to get Gaigrander 01 to the hand and fight with the units, keep the gauge high, and keep up the assault on your opponent.

Road Warrior is the fallback Transform card, but it's usually on the low side since Gaigrander 01 is my Buddy, there's plenty of chance to get it. Silbarrier is there to give me draw power, Dragschoebel and Road Blader are there to destroy opponent's monsters, and Projet Gunner and Commander Gale are there to boost up my gauge up.

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