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  1. I would say it depends really. Both are actually pretty good sources of medium for this. Reading the manga, you get ahead of the anime and know what to expect and what will come to pass through the series. However, while the art styles and the feelings from reading the manga are one thing...there are more moments that are even more emphasized through anime. Allow me to explain further with an illustration, to go with something very simple. Take the Dragon Ball Z scene from the Namek/Frieza Saga. The one scene everyone knows and has struck everyone straight to the core: Son Goku's first transformation into a Super Saiyan. The Manga The Anime In short, both are essential...but I do prefer to watch it via the anime. Only because reading the manga can give you the basics and generally let your imagination take hold in these fights. But...seeing them animated and with the different visuals given, it makes things even better and it basically hypes you up in certain situations as well.
  2. -April 15th, 2000- -9 AM- -Training Grounds, Diluculo Branch 22- "Well, there are some faces I didn't expect to see here. Can't say I'm upset with that, either, but let's cut to the chase. Laurent, Shustakov, and Rankin will be sparring each other in the center of the room. I would have preferred to have you in one versus ones, but that's not the situation we find ourselves in. Never forget that adapting is important. If you desire weapons for your fight, there are some basic options in the closet just over there, though there are nor fire arms. Once you're all ready to start, go for it. I'll be watching from the bleachers." The sparring match instead turned into somewhat of a free-for-all match with three people. Austin glanced over at the two he was up against: Sergei, the Russian "Super Soldier" from what he was explaining. Regeneration was a pretty good Id, so it'd be interesting to see how he'd fair. Then there was Cade, the Bookworm...literally. Basically a person with the power to bend books to his will. What was worse, was THAT was one of the Ids he could... So glad I didn't go into specific details on how I can mimic Ids... Austin thought, doing his best to remain cool under this pressure. Those that gave a demonstration of what their Id can do, actually helped me. The others who didn't demonstrate anything, sort of did the opposite. Just observations are what make this little Id of mine work properly. With an exhale, moved over towards the weapon's closet, whilst still in deep thought. Alright Austin, the ones who gave you a demonstration are...Bookworm...the Truth or Lie girl...the Animal Mimicry chick...and of course, the over achiever. This was a bit of a conundrum. Truth be told, he was sort of not expecting to see Bookworm here...especially when he had to fight him as well. So mimicking his Id while fighting him probably wasn't the best idea. Regardless, he figured he'd keep that idea in mind...just for a surprise attack. He doubted that this place would have animals to utilize for the other Id...so that left one left: Henshin. Now that Id...well... Seems I know what thing I'm going for then. Austin thought, a smirk forming on his face as he arrived at the closet, grabbing what seemed to be a nice sized chain. He had seen a few thugs back in California use things like this as both something to swing about and as well as something to wrap around their arms and fist...for more damage in the vein of punches. Plus adding that Henshin power with this...well, it'll end up gone but that'll be some nice assistance there! Austin chuckled to himself, turning around and just swinging the chain around in quite the flashy style. "Heh...got my weapon. Guess you two better hurry on up...otherwise I just might attack right now."
  3.  There was a bit of a stand off occurring once Souji found D-HERO Dreamer, causing some mayhem and chaos in a small area. The two stared at one another, though it was namely the young Duelist who was staring down the Duel Monster, as it didn't have a specific eye to give contact to. Nevertheless, the air seemed quite tense between these two combatants. "Well, Dreamer..." Souji began, adjusting his hat along with his tie. "...it's the end of the line for you. Already took out Dark Angel and Disk Commander. You're all that's left. We can do this the easy way...or the hard way." he emphasized the latter option by holding up his Duel Disk as it sprung to life once again. Kek kek kek! Quite the funny human, you crack me up! Kek kek kek! Dreamer laughed, holding his stomach as he floated in the air. Sorry, but I still want to have fun! I don't feel like stopping! "Course you don't. Well, time for this to end." Souji smirked, beginning to walk towards Dreamer, who simply flew towards the Duelist and practically kicked him. All he ended up doing was having his feet collided with Souji's Duel Disk energy blade, having a bit of a struggle between him and the Duelist. "Getting up close and personal, huh? Well, too bad that was a bad move." As Souji spoke, beneath Dreamer's shadow sprung up a female warrior clad in ebony armor. She immediately delivered an uppercut to Dreamer's face, before pirouetting slightly with a bow. "Thank you Shadowmist. Now if you could, let's be rid of our 'friend' here." Shadowmist nodded with another bow before rushing towards Dreamer, doing another pirouette and delivering a kick right into Dreamer's stomach. But she didn't stop there! She went from kick to punch to kick again, just attacking this D-HERO with everything she had. At the end of it, she simply delivered a powerful strike to launch Dreamer up into the air, before fading into the ground as a shadow again and then aptly disappearing. "And that's my three...heh, that was fun." Souji said, watching the airborne Dreamer vanish from the Duel Space environment, shattering and disappearing like his two allies did. "Better see what else I can do to kind of assist around he-..." he paused, before noticing something. He recognized about a few girls from Blue Yonder...and one seemed to be the "Dark Princess" herself with what seemed to be an entourage of...Skull Servants. ...now I've officially seen everything. With a bit of a shrug, Souji rushed in the direction of the girls, giving a bit of a whistle. "Hey!" he shouted, trying to get his attention whilst also attempting to lighten the mood. "So, how'd class go? Seemed like a real scream."
  4.  They were in the thick of it now. Once the ship hit land, after quite the flashy finish of some strange armored creature that resembled some mythical warrior, but Randy couldn't quite put his finger on which one that resembled. In any case, the ship landed and there he saw it: the battlefield. A whole army of these strange armored creatures against the Legends...and what really got the Incineroar going was hearing a powerful and noble roar coming from the battlefield. A smirk appeared on his face...the roar felt comforting...he had a wild guess on who let loose that powerful roar: Solgaleo. ...they made it and they're alright! Heh, all I needed to know. Randy thought, smirking a bit more. At the moment, he saw the Gijinka gathered begin to hop out the ship and make their way onto the battlefield. Randy, for a moment, hesitated. Running head first into the fray was something he was always doing. This time? This time the Incineroar had a different plan of action: trying to plan. He glanced over at Nani, Keanu and Marie before flashing them a grin and a thumbs up. "Well...guess this is where the rubber meets the road, huh?" Randy asked, chuckling. "I'm going to do my damnedest to get you three through this...just trust me. We're going to try and back each other up. After all, this little group is pretty much ohana now, am I wrong?" he turned his head, giving a huge smile now. "Nani! Keanu! Heh...see if you can make sure Marie stays in one place. Don't need her acting more and more like me, am I wrong?" Was it a good plan? Not in the slightest...but out of the group, he was muscle of the group. He'd push through this and make a path for them...of that, he was certain. With that, he flipped his collar up and made his way to the edge of the boat. "Alright...spotlight's on you, Roarton...give them hell." he muttered to himself, steeling his resolve as he threw his head back and let loose a loud roar, before he leaped off the edge of it, and landing into the battlefield's fray. BGM The Genesect turned to look at strange manner this Incineroar was acting, but nevertheless, they began to make their way towards him. ....Big mistake. Randy ran his hands through his hair some, before smirking some. "Alright morons...let's see what you got!" he roared, rushing towards one of the Genesect, before using a swift Acrobatics, to move behind the creature and immediately grabbing it's arm, thusly proceeding to swing it around like a rag doll...before launching it away from him. "Hehe...let's call that one...the Soaring Mandibuzz!" he said, before dodging slightly from a quick Magnet Bomb from another. "Slow maneuver there, loser." The Incineroar growled a bit and then began to have a pair of fiery jaws appear before him as he used a Fire Fang on one, definitely doing some damage. However, it was clear that this one was going to give the Incineroar a surprise. Randy noticed it immediately using Self-Destruct, trying to do quite the damage to him along with those around it. However, Randy quickly fired a Fire Blast over in front of him and directed it downward to propel himself away from the suicide blast. Of course he landed a bit a ways from it when exploded...but he didn't leave unscathed, it did rattle his brains some. "...got Self-Destruct, do ya? Figures..." Randy growled a bit, getting up and dusting himself off. "No big deal though...still nothing but something to give my knuckles a work out."
  5. "You are not the one." Like something straight out of a horror movie, Chase watched as the robo-pharaoh awoke and was starting to reach for Erica, with Kellz leaping into action. This had certainly turned into a direction he did not expect nor would've expected given the situation. Still, it was a robotic pharaoh...and it came to life again after opening the sarcophagus. Probably triggered a fail-safe device within the machine, a purely scientific solution to this issue rather than the supernatural. ...okay...robot in sarcophagus...not an actual dead person...good to know. Chase thought, exhaling softly while backing up. However, he took this time to look and inspect from afar the automaton. He rubbed his chin slightly, before moving a bit. ...if a fail-safe triggered...then it must have a power source that's having it run the automaton. Okay, deal with the power source and it'll immediately stop. The plan seemed fool proof, but then again...he'd need to know where the power source for this was. "Hey guys." Chase loudly said. "Anyone with some eagle-sharp eyes...help me out real quick. I'm taking a wild guess that something like this has a power source that tripped back to life when the sarcophagus opened. Not sure if it's external or internal, but someone, try and spot somewhere that the power source is. Maybe we can remove it and it should theoretically cease function!"
  6.  Keika let out an audible groan as he saw the others start to get into their groups. It wouldn't be too much of an issue...but then there was his group...and quite frankly, this made him question the well being of the group and this little errand. "[Yo,] Team Grocery! C'mere, we gotta talk strategy." "...eh?" he asked, blinking a bit as he started at the Lovecraftian Hentai Show as he called the group over. "Strategy? The hell ar-..." "It would be fastest if we split up, right? There's four of us, so we should leave the bulk items to... Akuma! He'd need the most shopping carts, but that's fine because of his Quirk!" EHHHHHHH?! The Ice Queen was in on this idea too? This was starting to get out of hand. Would HE have to be the voice of reason? Well, there was only Bounce Boy left who didn't say anything. ...swear to God if he agrees with this... "Um... guys, we're just grocery shoppin'. We don't need some grand plan. We go in, get food, hand the cashier money, and head out. Like... you guys know how to grocery shop, right?" "FINALLY! Someone with a brain!" Keika exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air. Maybe he misjudged Bounce Boy...but then again, he wasn't sure. Just his overly bubbly personality made him really hate the guy. But alas, perhaps there were some redeeming qualities to Hane that he overlooked...perhaps being the keyword. "Bounce Boy over here is right! It's JUST grocery shopping. Nothing grandiose about it! I'd understand a strategy meeting if this store we were going to was behind enemy lines or just nothing but a supervillain supermarket, but it's not. ...can't believe I'm actually agreeing with Bounce Boy this time..."
  7. Hmmm...there are a few that I think back on, quite a few in fact. Guess I better separate them in categories then... Real Life Experiences Online Life Experiences
  8. Be on guard regardless, Rider... >Stands near Rider, seeming to be both cautious and mindful of the surroundings, just to be on the safe side. "My friend here has a point. If you enjoy the bright lights around here, then you'll enjoy the lights down at the docks at night."
  9. "Alright kiddos, practice time is over. And well, I can safely say that none of you are...terrible. Everyone has their own issues and there's still a lot to work with here. But, the best way to start overcoming these issues is practice." A very select choice of words from the coach, though it didn't make them sting less. While she did say no one was terrible, David felt that it was still something that could be fixed, especially with a lot more practice. Regardless, David simply adjusted his glasses and exhaled slowly. This was a minor setback, but this proved to greatly show him where he was lacking in the terms of skills. In my area...less rigid and rehearsed. Attempt to anticipate the opponent's next move and thusly, act in the aggressive manner to attempt to stop it. he thought, nodding slowly. Both of his Duels with the Captains showed him this...and he would fix it. With practice dismissed, David took this time to access the program on his phone almost immediately. He knew his cards by heart and was quick to assemble his deck into it, as he made his way to the Literature Club meeting. Luckily for this club meeting, they were going over ideas and thoughts about what book to possibly to look for inspiration in writing. Some suggested the general romance novels, others suggested the genre of horror...meanwhile, David simply kept working on the program's application and set up process, whilst also throwing out his own suggestion without looking away from his phone. "If I may. If one wishes to learn about a different writing style, might I suggest the works of Shakespeare? More specifically, Hamlet. It encompasses a good portion of what the group is looking for: romance in some capacity, some murder mystery as well as the horror aspect of Hamlet seeing the ghost of his father..." David voiced his opinion, quite surprising the group but possibly also impressing them at the same time. Whatever the outcome, the club meeting ended and David headed off to his room to practice...once he finished his classwork. Hobbies had to come second after an education after all. Regardless, once he made light work of his assignments, he took his laptop and accessed the program and it's portal...and began to practice.
  10. Picked it back up...haven't played this Nuzlocke much since last April, well...time to get back into it.


  11. After his chat with Kansuke, Chase himself noticed that his marks were on the board as well. And as expected, he did pretty well. One A, two Bs and a B+, over all that wasn't a bad score of grades for him. Could he have done better in Science, Language and Modern Studies? That would a big yes from him, however, he found it a bit of a blessing that they started the school year off with such a test. After all, it also showed where he himself could improve, right at the start of it. Not bad, not bad. First test of the year...definitely got some room to improve. he thought, writing down his marks just to make sure he had them for later. He immediately grabbed his things and headed off for his next class: History. "This here is called a sarcophagus. It was used long ago in some cultures to bury their important dead. Kings and the like. I unearthed this varmint in the ruins of a desert planet. Almost lost my arm when the room started filling with boulders but I got it outta there. Apparently there's some kinda curse if someone messes with it but nothin ever happened to me. Now...Who wants ta open it?" ...well that escalated FAST... Chase thought, just looking at the sarcophagus. Truthfully, he didn't find this as alarming...least not at first. He was, after all, a man of science, probabilities and cold hard facts. Someone who could design a mech and work on them didn't exactly have to worry or think much on any supernatural forces like that. That said, however, the young man did have some what of a pit in his stomach about such a turn of events. Of course, while he tried his best to reason his worries away, the other students seemed to try and go for it...however, one specific student stopped them and started ringing what seemed like a device...or a relic...or something along those lines and tied it to the one student's hair. "...a holy man in the middle of a student body? H-Heh...well that's comforting..." he joked, trying his best not to be nervous...which he definitely was.
  12. Okay, this pandemic thing has got to stop. More and more movies are being delayed until next year...Morbius being one of them! T-T

    1. Yui


      Yes, that's why it needs to stop. Absolutely.

    2. Chaos Sonic

      Chaos Sonic

      Obviously it needs to stop for more than just that, but I'm just sayin

  13. Basically from where Austin sat, there wasn't a whole lot of possibilities for use to mimic Ids. Going through them all, he figured some. Captain Macha? Probably would work best if he was using a gun...then again, he figured that aside from being able to see far away, not much else. What other Ids were there? Regeneration, whatever 'Truth or Lie' was, the power of books, a literal voodoo doll type ability, the opposite of the voodoo, henshin and of course...animal mimicking. Truth be told, the only ones that Austin truly thought were worth a damn at this point was the regeneration, the henshin one and the animal mimicking. Everything else? Tch...not worth my damn time...figures. While he was thinking on this, the Major walked in and dropped quite the revelation on them. "And you shouldn't be so quick to trust. As a rule of thumb, other people cannot see it before you let them. It's an ace in the hole. Yet, here you are, telling everyone your Id. This was a test, and you all have failed." ...excuse me...what? Austin's eyes narrowed a bit, staring towards the Major. This realization upset him to no end, quite to the point where he wanted to stand up, flip his chair and make his way towards the Major before leaving. However, he didn't. His reasoning, she at least made mention that it technically wasn't all their fault. "Partial credit to those who gave partial information. Of course, none you have been trained to conceal your information at this point, and I'm sure those nosy recruiters weren't much help in learning proper behavior, either..." A very sharp exhale escaped Austin's mouth, his clenched fists slowly relaxing. What was the whole point of them coming here then? Credit where credit is due, Austin figured that she had a point there. They did say all this without much of a second thought. At the same time however... How bout next time you just have your damn suits tell us from the get go that these things aren't something we should just say out loud...HELL! What's the point of team building if you're gonna do this? Tch...fuckin' figures... As Austin expressed himself through his thoughts, he heard the Major basically they had two options to head towards: the infirmary or deal with an aptitude test...with sparring. Now that meant a possibility to knock some people out...this brought a smirk to the young man's face. With both the Captain and the Major gone, they were left to their own devices. "Well, we all better go. Giving us a time limit is probably some other secret test. We fail,they have an excuse to chew us out again." "Guess we found the over achiever in the room..." Austin snickered, before getting up and kicking his chair forward some. "Still, he's got a point. And I'd rather be told I've 'failed' again this morning. So if you losers don't mind...I'm gonna split." He slid his hands into his pocket and began to make his way off...until he stopped short of Akiko. He looked over at her, making direct eye contact and proceeded to give a devious smirk. "Also lemme be perfectly clear, babe. First, I'd rather not deal with your Id...it sounds pretty boring. And second...heh, if you think that...then keep dreaming. Cause let's be honest...you can't handle this." With that, Austin tossed a peace sign to the group and walked out and off towards the area that the Major designated for the aptitude test. He also thought of something he didn't think of...he could've picked a moment to sit in with either the hot blonde Captain...or the icy cold Major...and he chose the latter. ...shit...
  14. Here's another question for ya...cause ya know, you seem to be in need of more from what I heard, along with being replaced lol.... Apple or Android? You happen to be in the world of Dragon Ball, what race (aside from Saiyan cause that's way too easy) would you be and why? How is everyone spending their Coronapalooza quarantine times?