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  1. "Anyone else finding it odd we don't gotta weave through traffic? Turbo is a busy city... right?" As Jet caught up to the others, he heard Zirco over the radio via the helmet. And what he said, did indeed get him thinking as well. All the times he attempted to escape and tried to leave KaibaCorp Turbo, it was always busy...so why was it not bumper to bumper traffic or why didn't they have to weave through it? I-It...it just d-doesn't add up... However, things began to add up...but not really. Sirens were heard behind them and from what Jet saw, it was a total of three of Turbo Security's finest. What was going on?! "You are breaking the curfew, and thus in violation of Rule 390-53. Head home now, or come downtown with us!" C-Curfew?! R-R-Rule 390-53...? W-What the hell is that...? Jet thought, trying to figure out what was going on. To his knowledge, there wasn't any sort of curfew or Rule 390-53, so was that something brand new? He quietly began to curse Blues and Mr. E for not giving them any updated information regarding such an enforced law or rule. ...d-damnit...what do we do? "Tora, help me out, will ya? Tora and I will Duel these guys and keep 'em busy. You two find Kyouji or the cultists!" Jet was curious if he heard that right, but apparently Zirco was enabling a plan that literally was getting him and Tora to Duel Security and let him and Shannon head off to find either signs of the cultists or Kyouji. This was a hell of a plan to Jet, especially since it was obvious that Zirco had seemed to do this once or twice before, just given his reaction to all of this. "U-Understood Z-Zirco...w-w-we'll keep going...maybe s-s-see if we can g-get in touch with G-Gil..." Jet nodded, going harder on the accelerator, leaving this to Tora and Zirco. He figured this would be better, since these two might be better suited for this, after all, he wasn't 100% his Dragunity monsters would be a match for Security. At the same time, he attempted to make a call to Gil, really hoping he'd answer. ...j-just pick up...please. A-Also...if one of our targets wants to come out...p-p-please do...
  2. "Greetings, Alexandre Roi of Farway, you may call me Prince Tricky Oberon, son of William Oberonson, son of The Urking Oberon, and King of Frogs. It's a delight." Alexandre was puzzled by this strange young man who called himself Prince Tricky Oberon, someone who he hadn't heard of prior. Then again, a good portion of this lot was completely foreign to him. Then again, another prince among the group, that there shocked him quite a bit. He only nodded respectfully, before moving to sit back down...until he smelt something in the air. It was a distinguished scent...it smelt like his kind, a Jaeger...but then again, like human. Almost similar to the same scent he was introduced to by Jekyll. ...so there's another like him? he thought, looking around the room to see what would possibly qualify for that. At this time, the cloaked figure began to stand up and leave. "Eric, if you aren't ready yet, then I'm going to get some breakfast. We both know among my many faults, one of my biggest is an inability to properly listen on an empty stomach. Does anyone else want breakfast? I'll bring some food back with me if so, if you want something specific though, it might be better if you get it yourself. I'm no cook." "Ah my dear Dragon Slayer." Eric said, now standing upright from putting a few things together. He adjusted his glasses smugly and snapped his fingers. "Whether it's true this time, or whether this was your excuse to escape my debriefing, I took the liberty in being prepared. One must be prepared for any and every scenario, am I wrong?" At this moment, a few A.R.C.H. employees entered the room, wheeling serving carts filled to the brim with an assortment of food that would tickle the palette of any and everyone. "With that in mind, Dragon Slayer, kindly return to your seat." Once the food was made available, the group of misfits would be able to grab a bite to eat at their heart's content. At the same time, a few rustlings of paper would be heard from Eric before the sounds of him clearing his throat. "Good morning. As you may have noticed, today's daily briefing is quite different. Today is the day where you will be meeting your new teammates. Take note of how everyone looks and acts, because starting today...you are going to be working together for better or worse." He paused, before pointing to Alexandre, who was currently chowing down on a turkey leg. "Our newest recruit, Alexandre Roi, is the final member we have. And yes, to answer the one question you have: that is correct. Alexandre here is the heir to the throne of Farway. Unfortunately, unlike his predecessors before him, the fact that he's a Jaeger is much more obvious than theirs." he paused, pointing at his own head, referring to the horns. ...of course he would bring that up... "Nevertheless, he's currently in exile due to his life being at risk." Eric continued, seeing Alexandre at this point slinking down where he sat. "Now, with that out of the way, allow me to give you a full notion of why you've been put together: the Fahlyn." He had the lights dim for a moment, a projector firing up as an image appeared behind him, though the image was blurry and somewhat distorted...but what could be seen was something that was generally dark and formless...something that might've even struck fear into the group. "This is the first image my organization has received of these creatures. Formless, spirit-esque...these creatures are the true monsters of this world, a plague that has descended upon us once more. This was taken about a year or two ago, roughly near the location of Wilhelm. And unfortunately, Wilhelm, from what my scouting parties have said...is almost no more." Eric paused, before turning the lights back on. "Not many know about these creatures roaming around Grimm again, alas, as communications with other kingdoms is quite rough. Not many wish to advance into the age of science and some wish not to delve into the supernatural of the arcane. That is why A.R.C.H. exists. We are the ones to keep the peace on Grimm...we've been formed to remove the cancer that is the Fahlyn." A pause came from him, as he exhaled. "Now, I have an assignment for you lot, but before I present it...please, I know you have quite a number of questions for me. Ask and I will answer them to the best of my abilities." OOC
  3. >"Good point. Regardless, with this we can practice magecraft as well as gather a game plan together on how we should proceed." >Once the elevator ride ends, enters the room, locks the door and makes a quick sweep around it to make sure no one is listening in. After all, being a bit cautious in the annual Murder Death Kill Games is essential.
  4. Now this is awesome! >Gets up and gets a room ready for myself and my Servant >"Quite the poker player you happen to be. Lady luck must really be shining on you today." I joke. >How much winnings did my Servant end up receiving in this encounter?
  5.  "If we meet him again, I'll help too. Can't leave you bruddahs to struggle through by yourselves. You'd never make it," This made Randy quite shocked, to say the least. Out of all the ones on this team, save Marie, Keanu was always the hesitant one of the group. Sure, Marie had her "No Fighting" thing going on for a good portion of the time, but after the Moltres incident and then the Mowloo incident, it almost seemed like she began to slack off on that. But Keanu...he was always the one that wanted to stay out of the fight as long as possible, unless he himself was in the crossfire. But hearing him say this, it made the Incineroar smile. Truth be told, he felt like his own fighting personality had begun to rub off on the others, but he couldn't tell if that was a good thing or bad thing. "If you wanna get stronger this thing can help." "Yeah, this will definitely make me stronger. Thank you very much." And straight from one surprise to another, Zapdos gave Keanu a Thunderstone in which he evolved almost as quickly as he grasped it. Now looking at a bit tanner Keanu, who stood as an Alolan Raichu, Randy only gave a hearty chuckle, shaking his head. "Won't lie Keanu, I honestly thought you wouldn't have done that...but, hey, the new look suits ya." he said, moving slightly again towards the others, whilst Marie began to see if Articuno was alright. Her bedside manner is still going strong, from the looks of it...
  6. >Sits down at the poker table >"...well then...that is an idea." >Takes poker hand >"Let's see where things take us then, shall we?"
  7. >"Well, from the looks of it, you must be enjoying the new age after being summoned." >Continues further into Midas Palace >"All in all, not a bad place for us to start. After all, we'll probably need a good amount of cash to be prepared. We get some of that, use it to get supplies."
  8. >"Fancy myself something of the sort..." >Makes way towards Midas Palace >"You have something in mind, I assume?"
  9. Logically speaking, the explosion was pretty big and if anyone was within close proximity to said explosion, there's no way they would've survived anyway. Regardless... >Makes a note of the building my Servant is fixated on >"See something of interest, I assume?" - says to Servant
  10. So both my brother and I, after getting through the initial shock and dislike of the Galar Starters, have resolved finally going with Sobble and Scorbunny respectively. Namely atm, it's because their hidden abilities are pretty good compared to Grookey (least imo).

    1. Flame Dragon

      Flame Dragon

      Sobble easily has the worse of the 3 HAs. Critical Hits just aren't reliable enough to come up during the small window the Pokemon is being used in competitive play. Even in game it is pretty marginal. Grassy Surge is super strong though. Gives you extra damage on your Grass moves and makes Earthquake Pokemon less able to do their thing while also giving you passive healing. The opponent getting the healing is something I suppose, but you'll be doing enough increased damage to make up for it.

  11. Damnit! Okay well that didn't go over so well...okay then. >[Tries to make a mental location where to set up base before getting the hell out of dodge] >[Head in the direction of Vegas]
  12. ...huh...not what I was expecting really. HOWEVER! I have a different idea, so this was merely scoping! SCOPING I TELL YOU! >Search area
  13. *cracks knuckles* Alright let's do this then! >Going to explore the Harbor District [Red Area]
  14. You know I'd be joining in. As for Servant class, I'm leaning more towards Rider, however I will also be happy with anything. So that I'll leave to your discretion.
  15. "Already done flirting? That your type or something?" "Eavesdropping, I see." Chase rolled his eyes, walking into his dorm room and closing the door behind him. Even though Sid had his headphones in and spoke in an above normal volume tone, it was plain to see that this guy was definitely eavesdropping in on the conversation. He made his way to his side of the room, tossing a few things on his bed before sitting down on it. "Firstly: as I told Aya already, was only being friendly. Couldn't handle a relationship if my life depended on it." he said, holding up one finger, then proceeding to hold up a second. "Secondly: she's a neighbor to us so I figured I just strike up conversation. I apologize if that seems a little foreign to most people around here...you especially... And thirdly: for your information, I don't have a type." That last part might've actually counted against him, but he figured it might actually not this time. Regardless, he moved and grabbed his notebook and began to work on another design for a mecha, just to keep himself busy...plus possibly avoid Sid talking to him more, but he figured that last part was going to happen regardless.