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  1. I am once again...asking for your help because the need of a new friend in Pokémon GO is required for research: 4975 7629 0705 <- That's my Trainer Code to add me...go for it

  2. "Hey, got room for one more?!" Elton nodded, moving forward with the hoverboard and immediately grabbed Aoki's hand, pulling him aboard the Dash Slider, both of them elevating a bit higher now to get the better view of the situation. He didn't have time to immediately help Sammy and Sequoia, but he knew those two would be perfectly fine...least he hoped. "Okay...a higher view will yield a better result of action...bear with me." he said to Aoki, watching Berg and Reef working quite well together...the former continually letting loose Baby Hail at the Flymon. "Hmmm..." About this time, something else caught his eye...two new allies. According to his scanner, it was a Tinkermon and a Pulsemon...and of course, Pulsemon's Brawler Tamer. ...so many damn Brawlers... he thought, before glancing at the Tinkermon. "Hmmm, I don't see a Tamer with that Tinkermon...if I had to guess, that may be a Digi-Druid...maybe aligned under the Wind? Too early to tell..." Given the situation, Elton pondered this for a while longer. Finally, he glanced over at Aoki. "I may have something. If I'm correct, aside from the other punchy boy down there just demonstrated..." he motioned towards Seich. "...the Kuwagamon won't be able to be dealt as much damage as we want. However, I believe we can fix that. The Flymon came up soon after the Kuwagamon appeared. It's a long shot, but if we focus on the Flymon first, we can defeat them and then once they're out of the way, we should be able to damage the beetle more. Simple RPG boss tactics...remove the aggro ads here...then more damage is done to the boss." With that, Elton looked at his Digivice, already contacting Berg. "Berg, you copy?" "Loud and clear, boss. BABY HAIL!!!" "Good, focus on the Flymon. Once they're taking care of, we'll deal with red and scary over there." "Heh, sounds like a plan!" Elton glanced at Aoki and nodded. "I can only attack, generally speaking, via the Dash Slider. However...since you hopped on here...we can deal with a double attack. You game?"
  3. *Sees the end* Why must you torture me? Fine...though only one really catches my eye. It's Achilles' Summer outfit, the Digimon/Pokémon costume, otherwise known as the Fearless Diver. Yes, means Achilles still is a Rider Class servant here, but I adore it...plus: Mini Tarasque, don't tell me that it isn't adorable!
  4. Let's have some fun with these, shall we? Okay, so let's go with this...I'll be breaking things down into Live Action and Animated for this category...since it's generally just Disney films. And by this, I mean ONLY Disney films...meaning nothing from Ghibli nor 20th Century Studios...Pixar counts, but I don't think any will appear. Animated There is a HUGE list of possible favorites in this category...but I'm going to attempt to limit myself to three of em...so here's the attempt Oliver & Company - So the first one is one with talking animals...get off me. Talking animals cartoons and movies were a big part of my childhood, and I adored this one a lot. Later on I would learn this was a very clever method of telling the Oliver Twist story, and quite frankly I can definitely see it now. Plus, I'd like to think this movie gave me my love for orange tabby cats. Treasure Planet - HOLY SHIT THIS MOVIE IS SOOOOOOOOOO UNDERRATED!!!! A Disney telling of Treasure Island but with a massive space motif...I loved it! Plus, looking on it, definitely could relate to somethings in feelings...especially now. Also, no one can tell me they didn't listen to "I'm Still Here" on repeat most of their life...if you can, well good for you, you may be lying to yourself xD Beauty and the Beast - This one is more of a recent years development. In the past I loathed the "Princess Movies", as I would refer to them as, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, the works. But it's something about this one here that when I rewatched, it was something that made me more...endeared towards it. Could it be that it honestly unlocked the side of me that happens to be a hopeless romantic and hope for my own Belle to come knocking on my door? Possibly...either way, animation on this was phenomenal. Live-Action There's only one here...why? Simple: SOME MOVIES DON'T NEED TO BE LIVE ACTION!!! Honestly, most of the live action films from Disney happen to be remakes...or remakes of remakes. And honestly...a good portion of them MISS THE MARK!! However... Beauty and the Beast (2017) - The live action BatB actually was the only one I enjoyed. Was it the fact that it told the same story that the animated told? No...it generally expounded on it. It showed us Prince Adam (yes that's his name, I'm sticking with it) at the beginning before the enchantress appears...it expounded on his whole story, it expounded on Belle and her mother...which honestly, I did always wonder why and what might've been (death by plague...not bueno). Gaston's whole character somewhat shown to be something that you don't mind at first...but then immediately hate more as the movie goes on. The idea of the enchantress LITERALLY ERASING EVERYONE'S MEMORY...and even having the forest be cursed to the point people forget about ever seeing the castle...that's BRILLIANT!! Would also make sense on why there's a castle with a beast inside and no one ever noticed it. The way they added to what was already there was perfect in my opinion...could they have done something better...like not the autotuned thing with the music...oh absolutely...but hey, every movie has it's flaws. Also...Evermore...truly beautiful and I will fight ANYONE on that. So that immediately throws out every single MCU movie since they're all owned by Disney now...hell, most of the "Legacy" films that were done before, are showing on Disney+ so technically they also own them. So that in mind, there's only two options... Spider-Man (2002) - The first Raimi film...and the first live action Spider-Man film there had been. While looking back on it....JEEEEEEEZUZ it's cinematography and CGI was atrocious, but it's cheesiness actually makes up for it. It's the right amount of cheese...plus it's provided us with all the best memes. For what it was worth, it brought us two castings that I adore to this day: JK Simmons as J Jonah Jameson and William Dafoe as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin. Both played their roles to a perfect tee...and honestly, it's good to see both back in action in these newer films. Plus...this movie has to be on here...cause...ANNNNNNNNND THEY SAY THAT A HEEEEEERO WILL SAVE US!!! Amazing Spider-Man - The Marc Webb one...only the first one. Where I enjoyed the original two movies (I'm not gonna say I EVER will enjoy 3...jeezuz), this one gave us something I was always hoping for from the comics: the fate of Mr. and Mrs. Parker, Peter's parents. And while McGuire played a good Parker for the most part, Garfield NAILED the Spider-Man aspect...this one actually HAD quips...and it's all I got to say...I'll let this scene speak for me...
  5. Once Elton and Berg finally descended with the Dash Slider, it then vanishing under their feet once they were at a distance to where they could just step off safely, the young man immediately noticed the towering individual near them...quite terrifying to say the least. But the towering woman and her plant Digimon along with OHKO-YO and his coral Digimon seemed to both be in the vicinity...that is...right near him. OHKO-YO seemed to notice his username and actually start laughing at it...ah, that's the reactions he hoped to see with this username. "Yo! You and your little dude handled yourself pretty well out there! This is Sammy, and I'm Aoki! We're both Brawler-Type Tamers! I saw you using a card while fighting, so you gotta be some strategist right? We could sure use a guy like you on our team!" "Don't forget about me, Captain!" "This is my partner, Reef!" "Ahoy! Nice to meet ya!" "We're gonna be the strongest Tamers ever, and explore every inch of the Digital World! I think having a guy like you on our team would be pretty cool, don't you think?" "Sammy and Aoki...well nice to meet you." Elton nodded, chuckling as he looked at the two. "AllUrBase, or Elton if you wish. And this is Berg." "A pleasure!" Berg gave a thumbs up with his now signature cold smile. Aside from Elton doing this, Sammy seemed to be in a bit of a...different mindset about this meeting. The username was a bit familiar...almost to the point it made her smile. He does seem kind of familiar… as does his voice… "Now you asked if I wanted to join you." he paused, putting a hand to his chin, humming slightly to himself. "Hmmm seeing as you'll need some assistance given both of you being Brawler class...hmmm yeah, you'll need at least a strategist to assist you." "Just gonna agree like that, Elton?" Elton smiled, patting Berg's head some to the latter's protests. "At least joining a party at the beginning isn't a bad idea, Berg. Besides, like I said, these are two Brawler class, meaning they need at least some type of strategist on their side to make sure they don't get 'de-rezzed' or whatever...ya know, go back to square one. So if anything..." he nodded towards Aoki. "I don't see why not. Just one condition: any card that's presented, I automatically get...unless we get another Card Master class in the party, then we'll negotiate." It was at this moment a thought rose in Sammy’s mind and she barely held in her laughter. As she dipped down to regain her composure, Elton saw Sammy’s username: san_francisco_giant. "Hm?" Elton now noticed the username, squinting slightly. "San...Francisco...Giant. Hmmmm that sounds familiar...MOBA player?" With that, Sammy just burst out laughing. “So it is you!” It was about this time, however, that the grounds began to rumble and the other Tamers were beginning to freak out...while the Kunemon seemed to be rejoicing. This proved true, especially when a giant red beetle creature. Oh this was simply the toppest of funs here... "That's some major stroke of luck and star alignment to see a friendly username around here!" Elton laughed lightly, returning his attention towards Sammy for a moment. "...if only on better circumstances..." he pointed towards the menacing looking Digimon. Sammy looked over at Elton, and back at the beetle. “I remember the last time we had to deal with giant insects…” "Ugh...don't remind me. Poison beetles in a pit...that was bad time for all." “Hopefully this isn’t as bad as the o-“ She sees the two flying bugs emerge from behind the beetle. “…since when was this the first boss?” "Perhaps they changed things up from the Beta??" Elton suggested, though he too was curious on why this was the case. It was unexpected to say the least. Sequoia looks up at the bugs and grins a sharp, toothy grin. “…they’re gonna regret ever talking trash about my woods…” Berg glanced over at Sequoia and smirked slightly. "Oh your gonna be a treat to work with, I can just tell!" he chuckled. 'Emergency Mission: Defeat Kuwagamon and his Army' Accept or Deny (Teleport to Inn)? Elton looked at Aoki and Reef who already accepted the mission, before glancing at Berg who looked at him. The two nodded before he too pressed Accept, the words "Mission! Start!" appearing after. "You and your Digimon may want to hurry up and accept it, Sammy!" he flashed a smirk, already seeing Aoki and Reef go into action. Elton took his Digivice in hand and immediately called his DigiCard to his opposite hand (thank god for the Quick Inventory function) and slashed the card into the card reader. "DigiCard Activate! Surfimon!" Once more the Dash Slider hoverboard manifested itself from Berg as the Tamer hopped on it. "I'm going to try and get an aerial view on how we can deal with these. Berg, do your thing!" "With pleasure!!" Berg nodded, watching Elton ascend with the Dash Slider. He rushed forward and roared, aiming at one of the Flymon. "Baby Hail!!!"
  6. "...I can't believe it's almost like it..." Honestly...we anticipated it... Trevor and his grimoire just stared upward at this...giant ape-looking creature...who seemed, honestly for lack of a better word: lazy. Regardless, it was he, Aduian the fish, and the Ice Princess, Fen. A trio of them going into this office building to take care of this ape...an Office Ops. Had a ring to it, honestly. Nevertheless, Trevor followed Fen and Aduian upwards up the staircase. After all, why go through an elevator? That would honestly spoil the fun...and anyways, it was broken too. Once they arrived at one floor of the building, Trevor started looking around the area, seeing Fen do the same. Though now things were getting interesting...as now a total of six sloth-like creatures began to prepare a vigorous assault on them. "Alright, if you could-Never mind, I'll cover for you." "Oh my dear, by all means, let's cover for you." Trevor said, already moving to the side of Fen and immediately having his rings glow brightly. "Thundaga!!" he shouted, watching a storm cloud appear over the heads of the creatures and proceeded to strike down lightning bolts around them and even on them. "I'll be keeping the lightning show up for display a while longer...so if someone..." he smirked, glancing at Aduian. "...would like to add some water to the mix against these creatures, it would probably lead to a shocking conclusion. Once that's done, my dear, you can take off the stragglers!"
  7. The precise dilemma is I don't want to get rid of any moves for...Flash of all things. Like I know that everything in the nuzlocke is HM compatible, but just getting rid of moves just to be forced to use something Flash is...ugh...
  8. File 5 - A Dewford Trip Pt. 1
  9. Corpus Reflections What was truly to say about Corpus? What COULD be said about this island? In truth, it was no Galatea, that was for sure. What do I mean about that, allow me to explain. On Corpus, there was no cult issue...there was no illness that turned the populace to stone...there was no Religious Council that would hinder the work of the gods or even deal with these "words of power"...the language of the gods...oh that is a different story all together... While Corpus is completely different than Galatea in more than one sense in a good manner, it's goods are outweighed by the bads. Corpus...an island that Dia rose from the depths of the seas in showing compassion and mercy to a runaway woman who left a loveless marriage...an island, unfortunately, that was a volcanic island. Rather than dealing with a simple cult occupying the dwellings of the various gods, the gods decided to have us meet with dealing with a volcanic island...along with a new word of power: E͘xǫlv̵u͞ǹt͘u̢ŕ, the Law of Cycles. A reset button to be utilized by the speaker, from what I gather...to reset the day's events, same time, disrupting the balance the gods themselves have set in motion. This was the word my mentor, Flynt, spoke to us. Alas, all he told me was that he heard this as if it were carried on the westward winds...almost provided for him. Upon further reflection, maybe by Taros' own enlightening, perhaps this was the one time that the gods wished for one of their words to be provided and used. It so happened that Flynt, no longer a Watchdog to the Master Forger, was wanting power once again...perhaps they deemed him worthy of the vessel to carry this word...perhaps I jumped the gun in reprimanding my mentor in this fashion. Perhaps the gods wished for the Watchdogs to take action before it was too late...I just hope what we did was enough. Dividing the people of Corpus...one half leaving and fleeing the island, via Olivander's plan...and the other simply remaining on the island but dealing with the thought of the volcano erupting at any point in time, only relying on Dia's divine help and calling out to her once more in the temple I built...neither was right...neither was wrong...we did what we thought was the correct answer, and that's all there is. Though, drawing my thoughts to a close...I will say...I almost lost myself. The Dog of Hinder, Olivander, spoke in such a manner...that almost made me give in to an emotion I haven't had going for me since the beginning of my tenure as Taros' Dog: anger and with it rage. To this extent, never before have I experienced something this terrible. Perhaps this is something that Hinder's Dogs can do...the words they carry is a secondary dagger...when the physical one will not work, the hidden one shall cut their prey to ribbons. If I didn't immediately meditate...the island surely would've become a battleground between Taros and Hinder...a thought I wish not to think of. Perhaps our next destination will hold something to where this shall no longer be anything I need to concern myself with...maybe...I pray that is the case...that this in-fighting between myself and Olivander ceases for good. Kitt lowered his pen, looking at his journal entry before simply closing the notebook and slipping it back into his bag. Soon he'd have to go mingle with the others to celebrate Finlay's 25th...otherwise he was sure Olivander and Flynt would both drag him out to do so. Taking initiative now would probably be best...the next island, he hoped, would bring fortune to both parties.
  10. The robot was fully functional again, surprisingly. Looks like the lemur did know what he was doing after all...so that was a good thing! And the cold deadpan responses from said "Chimera" were still about...eh, couldn't win them all. "I suppose this is where an Organic would...thank you all. I, fortunately, am beyond such weakness as a creation of the Great Doctor. However...I have my own way of showing gratitude." "Well, could be better than a thanks if anything..." Zane shrugged, following the robot along with the other two Mobians. He was expecting some sort of method to get back to civilization or something...but then again, he also wasn't expecting to see something along the lines of a MASSIVE armada battle ship, which simply caused the arctic wolf to let a small whistle happen in response to seeing it. "...yeah...no lie, this is better than a thank you." "This ship comes equipped with living quarters, dining, and entertainment facilities...even though it was mainly crewed by inorganics. The food on board is all dehydrated stock. I'm sure it will be up to Mobian standards. This is where I will command the ship." While Ken was basically having a spas attack with knowing Chimera would be the one piloting the ship, Zane was just getting a feel and look at all the bells and whistles this ship had at it's disposal. He had to hand it to the murder-bot, this was definitely a fine looking ship, even if a bit outdated in things...but that's probably cause it was built a long time ago. Nothing some elbow grease couldn't fix, he figured. "Now...are there any more questions before we depart?" "None on my end, honestly." Zane shook his head, before nudging Ken. "And don't worry! I'm sure our own personal friend, the murder-bot, won't do anything too crazy as our pilot...besides, like he said, I doubt ANY of us could really pilot this thing. Best leave it to the professionals."
  11. Pokémon evolutions have to stay the same...that's my one stipulation on all of this...that said... I ADORE the randomization that these randomizers have. The idea of any Pkmn having different moves and abilities just tickles me to death about it. Furthermore, the different Pkmn in different spots actually is a fun thing too. After all, just getting a random Pkmn on Rt1 and it be a high level Pkmn is just exciting to me.
  12. Bout to either bug someone to see if they still want to do a Retrospective or I'm off to do a Emerald Nuzlocke continuation to see if I work farther than Yui...in the meantime... ASK ME THINGS!!!
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