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  1. The hall shook greatly with each strike...and for good reason. The strange bird-human spirit hybrid and John were simply trading blow after blow with one another. Where the spirit would attempt to strike with it's powerful kicks, John was able to simply defend against them by redirecting the initial attack before delivering one right back at it. Of course, this is where the spirit seemed to catch on and learn during the fight, in which it even started to attack in a most aggressive manner. Where one attack was deflected and redirected, another one was immediately followed up with and definitely knocked John back a few times. ...seem to be getting nowhere with this bird... John thought, his breathing somewhat shallow due to the pressure he was being put under by this bird's attacks. He simply observed the spirit to the best of his ability for a moment or two, with the latter opposition simply tweeting and dancing in victory, obviously seeming like it was the winner out of the two of them. "Hmph...quite the overconfident one, aren't we?" The bird let out an angry squawk before rushing towards John once more, preparing a double kick at the ESPer. However, it didn't account for something that John immediately did. Swiftly, the young detective removed his trench-coat and tossed it in front of the bird spirit, to give both a distraction but also blind the spirit's sight from John for a bit. Enraged by this, the bird kicked at the trench-coat in an attempt to hit the ESPer...but all it hit was the coat and simply moved it out of the way, while it's powerful kick was sent directly into the nearby locked door to records. However, what it felt after that was it's other leg immediately being swept out from under it, as John was crouched down low enough to sweep the bird's leg out. "Lost the bravado now I see." John smirked, watching the spirit careen towards the floor with a loud thud. Before it had a chance to get back up, John immediately hopped on top of the bird and placed his hand right on the beak of the spirit. He exhaled slowly, recalling what Aki said during the bout with that centipede dragon... "It's called a soulblast. It's pretty efficient, I'd say, but it takes some practice." "It may take some practice...but at this point...we don't have the luxury of plenty of practice." he sighed, closing his eyes some. The energy around his arm and hand was already reacting hard to what he was doing. "Sometimes it's best to just learn in the field from first hand experiences." He exhaled again, feeling something in his hand...the feel of it...it must've been the soul of the spirit in front of him. John immediately opened his eyes...just in time to see the bird burst into ghostly feathers and into thin air. "Well...that's one distraction down. Though I'll have to thank it..." he glanced over at the once locked records room door, which was now off the hinges and lying on the floor in the room. "...it gave me access to exactly what I wanted." John stood up, the energy fading from his arms and legs as he picked up his trench-coat, tossing it back on. "Now, let's see what we can find on our deceased employee and this boss monster." The investigation was still on!
  2. *Glances at two different characters...possibly 3 that have been in YGO RPs that have long since died* ...well, one of em could work...who knows... Fight Fire with Fire [Huge WIP]
  3. The Plot Thickens? "What you shouldn't be doing is taking a gamble at the expense of other innocent people's lives...But I trust you." How much Kitt wanted to tell him that from his point of view, that's all they were doing with every single move they made...whether it was with known variables or not...but like his sheathed blade, he stayed his tongue. Right now...if anything, he needed guidance from his mentor...and this was the best use of getting it. “Ah, so perhaps there is still that compulsion in you to share. But I’m glad you trust my eyes not to wander where they don’t belong. Let’s see now…" "You know the compulsion was something I was always working with, Flynt." Kitt said flatly, nodding some. "But I've done my best..." He let the old ex-Dog read what he could, knowing the pages and the words written on them by heart, noticing the pages he looked through. Same time, he remembered Flynt was a quick reader, so it didn't matter in the slightest to him...just so long as he didn't decide to look at the back of the book. That's when Flynt began to spin the web and information of what these 'Ancient Language' and 'words of power' were truly...and it was something that Kitt didn't expect to hear. These words of power were that of the language of the gods...these very words wrought Naviim into existence...it truly floored the Watchdog of Taros. "You can imagine why any word from such a language not given proper care would be dangerous. Much more theology has been done since, of course, but to avoid a lecture- well, even more of a lecture, I will simply add this before letting you continue as you like: their appearance on this plane, some argue, is a signal of the gods’ waning influence. Götterdämmerung, they say. The twilight of the gods.” "The twilight...of the gods...?" Kitt muttered, crossing his arms as he leaned back in his chair. He lulled the word and this phrase in his mind for a while...but this was something he never anticipated to ever hear...hell, this was something he didn't ever expect in the slightest. A waning influence? Then again... "Twilight of the gods? When the world is neither most lit nor most dark. A perfect balance of some kind? But if it is the 'twilight' of the 'gods', does this mean there will be a change in the gods here in our world? Or perhaps a change in their world, where we cannot see? "This only leaves me with more questions, dammit," Kitt put his hand to his chin, before looking at Olivander. "A waning influence would make sense...although it pains me to admit it. Namely after my talks with Lars' priest...some weren't going to the temple to offer their offerings and praise to the god of the hearth...rather doing it from their homes out of convenience, so to speak. Couple that with the issue with water issue there from Dia...along with...the religious council seeming to do jack all...even with the oblivion cult running around and the fact they knew the word but are keeping it under lock and key, so to speak." The young man looked over at Flynt, sighing. "Honestly...if this is true, what you speak master, then...perhaps this is why we're being sent on this pilgrimage and this mission...to try and put faith in the gods back into the hearts of humanity...then again...perhaps this assessment is just wishful thinking." "Master Flynt, since Old Man Jones, I assume, did not relent, would you care to share your speech with us? I still owe Pfeifer a 'word', and I'd like to pick your brain if you don't mind. I don't suppose any harm could come if what you said is true. Not to mention, there's no need to allow a great speech to go to waste." He wasn't sure what Olivander was planning with this, but he let Hinder's Watchdog do what he was going to do...after all, his conniving ways could give him answers on if Flynt truly up to anything nefarious...
  4. Librarian Hero - Page Master "Nah, it's all or nothing now! If I get hit I just disperse, so we can swamp him!" Page Master watched intently with the Takehiko Knight wielding the stick, seeing him immediately rushing forward and trying to sweep at his feet, caution thrown to the wind. “A smart move...but you seemed to forget, J'adoube.” he said, snapping his fingers, where one of the paper hounds immediately intercepted and grabbed the stick into it’s maw and immediately proceeded to run off with it...and if anything...the J’adoube Knight hold it in tow. “My hounds here aren’t going to take it lying down with you trying to strike at their master...” “Furthermore...” he paused, adjusting his glasses as he glanced over at Ayane and Kio who were still pouring out their sonic assault and Assault Dust respectively. He did his best to power through it, though it was simply impossible for a moment or two. That was until from his book appeared a pair of headphones, which he immediately put on. “Let me just say it this way...as a piece of friendly advice...” Page Master simply gave one of the hounds the briefcase which it immediately took in it’s maw for a moment, now noticing the dust assault stopping for a moment as Ayane handed Kio a guitar...his chance to strike. Soon he proceeded to snap his fingers, smirking. “Assume I know everything.” Out of nowhere, or rather, from above came a duet of screeching as two paper-esque birds began to fly and swarm around Kio and Ayane, definitely keeping them from doing what they were planning. “Pop-Up Style: Birds-of-Paradise!” he declared, before taking another step forward. “While I generally use those for reconnaissance, I figure an aerial assault would do nicely in this situation. I have traps set in the wings...don’t think I didn’t prepare before you arrived.” A small smirk appeared on his face, as now the hounds around him were doing their best to push away Takehiko’s pawns. “I anticipated that our resident copycat might’ve proceeded to utilize and copy your Quirks, which using them in-tandem with the original user is quite a genius plan. You get marks for that, Re:Load. In truth...” The Librarian Hero paused, looking directly at Ren who was preparing to rush him. “Oh I apologize, I didn’t prepare a dance partner for you...allow me to rectify that.” He proceeded to reach into his book once more and launched out it’s pages: a scarecrow looking individual, as it landed in front of Ren. “Pop-Up Style: Scarecrow of Oz!” he shouted, the scarecrow seeming to stare at the bubble-gum haired individual, before proceeding to move towards it in an attempt to strike at it...shockingly in drunken boxing manner...then again, a being without a brain, how else would it fight? “Now where was I? Ah yes! In truth...I did my best to gun for you four in particular for this exam. The only other teacher I know for a fact that did the same was more than likely our fifth ranked Hero.” he said, looking at the clones of Takehiko, then at Ren and finally at the pair of Kio and Ayane. “I believe you four have great potential...not just as individual Heroes, but even more so if you utilize yourselves as a unit. For example, you have J’adoube and Re:Load...both with versatile Quirks. Use these in-tandem, or even a moment of using it to swarm an opponent...that could be helpful. Or perhaps...as you were planning on, a duet with your guitars. Or...one step further...a combination between Kio and Ren with an amazing display of martial prowess.” Page Master now took the briefcase from the hound and proceeded to place it down at his feet. “Those were only a fraction of the combination and ideas that this team could accomplish. But there’s a barrier between this level of application and yourselves...break down the wall and the possibilities will be endless.” Page Master gave his glasses one last adjustment before standing there, arms crossed with his book still laying open in his left hand. “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change, my young students. So in this situation...adapt...learn from past battles and mistakes. Work together as a team...I’m positive one of you has the markings of a great leader...but the potential has yet to be brought to the surface. After all, an effective leader is a listener.”
  5. ....I love all that...guess I better cast my votes then
  6. Out of curiosity, Jujutsu Blood Impact is basically just Jujutsu Kaisen, right? Ooooor am I reading way too much into that?
  7. Keeping my job for as long as I can is one...uh excluding movies and the "end" of COVID, uhhhhh dunno honestly. Sorta end up living each day by the day and just vibing really ^^;
  8. Well I doubt it'll be good by the time you send it my way...but nuggets. All of the nuggies that you can, with fries. Maaaaaaaaaybe a bacon McDouble...a cinnamon roll annnnnnnd maybe a few hot fudge sundaes.
  9. Theaters please...I need you to be open by this point...PLEASE!!!!!

    1. Comrade Duck

      Comrade Duck

      My excitement levels are WAY TOO HIGH

    2. The Chayncemaniac

      The Chayncemaniac

      This has to be the best teaser ever for anything 

  10. Who Gon' Pray for Me? “If I can offer my own guess as to what you have experienced, and what you think is going on on my- on this island as well, I would say you have encountered a word of power and witnessed its misuse. I can understand your hesitation to tell me such things -- that’s good. Those of lesser will, even other watchdogs, might have failed there. I will do you the courtesy of not prying further, lest some unfortunate syllables slip from your mouths. That being said, I would answer questions you might have about them; I know a little more than most." Kitt, fastened in his seat, had his knee slowly but steadily bouncing up and down in quite the nervous manner. He felt...uneasy, but was it generally the fact that he was afraid his master...his mentor...might be in some sort of trouble or causing a bit of trouble here? Honestly he couldn't tell, and Taros seemed to not want to give him any answers at the present. Guess he was generally flying solo on this... “However, because of something Pfeifer said, you think a similar phenomenon is happening here. If I was to continue that earlier thought, I would say he’s a sweet child, if a bit stubborn and occasionally misguided. I don’t know what he said to make you think I was giving a speech tonight, but that surely came from those latter attributes. Not a direct lie, of course, but listen to this: I was never planning a speech tonight. I have one planned for if Old Man Jones finally relents, including a prayer to Dies to let that storm surrounding the island finally pass that I am particularly proud of, but, as you have witnessed, Kitt, I do not believe that to be happening anytime soon. Tonight I was planning to spend in the comfort of my own home, after seeing honored guests on their way, provided Helmsley gets that wreck of a boat fixed in time.” Kitt listened intently to Flynt, trying to get a read on his mentor...but then again...that was something he never was good with: reading Flynt. Others he could with a bit of poking and prodding and even observation. But Flynt? Taros' top Watchdog for a good period of his life? ...that was something he couldn't do properly. It might've been the fact that he lived around the islands a bit that he could easily conceal his true intentions, thoughts and emotions from being displayed through facial expressions or body movements, but he was always able to read the young man instead...and for the life of him, Kitt wanted and tried to learn this skill...but to no avail. "Seeing us off so soon? Why the rush, Master Flynt? Surely we aren't causing you any harm with our presence here." He was knocked out of his train of thought, hearing Olivander speak out, before he proceeded to exhale sharply. "Flynt...you know we can't just leave..." Kitt finally spoke up. "We, as Watchdogs, won't leave until we're prompted by our patrons to continue westward. And at the present...Taros has been silent on that front. But if there was no speech, according to what Olive heard from Pfeifer, and it was just a prayer to the goddess of the skies, then there should not be a reason why we need to be ushered off." His eyes now were fixated on the older gentleman, before exhaling and tossing him the notebook he had been writing in since the start of his journey. "There was indeed something we encountered there...I wrote things down." he said, before holding a hand up. "The very back of the book, I wrote the word down...but as you said and as it was explained to me by one of the religious council on Galatea...even showing the word is dangerous...so I'll thank you not to look at the trigger word. Something tells me you should be able to figure out what it is just given the information I documented." Kitt crossed his arms and looked at Olivander, speaking to where only he could hear. "I know we planned on not telling him too much about this...but at the same time...this is...as you and your patron would say, my bargaining chip." he glanced back towards Flynt. "I'm making a gamble myself...and if he truly has nothing to hide, then my mentor should be able to clear things up. Whatever happens...I'm prepared to take the responsibility for it..." Was he really though? What honestly possessed Kitt into saying that? Was it pride or genuine trust of Flynt? ...or was it just genuine hope and desperation that his worst fear of Flynt doing something nefarious wouldn't come to light. Then again...Flynt was the only other one to know about him...about the truth of Kitt. Perhaps he also could shed light on what was presented on Galatea and even his strange nightmare he had the night prior into this morning.
  11. Every year has it's ups and downs...so far, the only year I had that was my best year was my 18th one. Family moved from the city to the void known as Arkansas, I was able to start college a lot more than I would've back in Maryland, new friends that made themselves known to me...some I consider family now... For all the stuff 2012 gets, I believe that one there might've been my best year. It was a definite year of new beginnings for me.
  12. Duck comin' in with all the questions here...alright here we go xD Honestly, it's been a chill day. Hanging with my mom and brother, just enjoying the day since I'm off till Tuesday. Spice Cake all day, every day. Though I'm generally the only one to eat it, so sometimes it's a chocolate cake with vanilla icing, that way everyone else can enjoy. Cheapest gift? Hmmm, honestly I'm trying to think right now...my family never told me how much any gift I've received was...so I never know what the cheapest would be. But...if I could have one gift right now that would make the most impact on me...I want at least one more day with my father. If it was possible, that there would be one thing I wanted that would have the most impact. Either that or something tossed my way that happened to be from my dad. Doubt I'd return a gift...if anything I'd regift it or just toss it to my brother, see if he wants it. Fondest birthday memory...I'd say the one memory that sticks to my mind was...2006 if I'm correct, my 12th birthday. For a good portion of my times, it had been the usual birthday stuff with Chuck E. Cheese and the like, I was a simple child back then. Anyway, about my 12th birthday, my dad threw a curveball at me, since I was starting to grow up...we went bowling for my birthday. To this day, I still have the birthday bowling pin, complete with faded sharpie marker writing on it (hence why I had to double check if it was '06 or '16, luckily I remembered '12 was my 18th birthday). Speaking of my 18th birthday, that one is a fond memory only given the fact that we spent my 18th birthday with my whole family before we ended up moving from Maryland to Arkansas. I had many aspirations as a child and as I grew up... Super hero - I was in kindergarten, so yeah...that was one, but NOOOOOOOO...teachers told me I needed something more realistic. Astronaut, police officer, fire fighter - These were after the super hero thing...but after I started growing up, my dad told me about the strong amounts of people who died during that line of work...annnnnd I got scared and threw those out the window. Video game designer - A bit more of a realistic idea, but it's a starving artist job, which I ultimately ended up choosing not to. Voice actor - Again, another starving artist job, but I attempt to do amateur stuff...nothing much. Video game player/streamer - Yeah...I don't have the proper equipment for it so it wasn't going to happen.