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  1. "Well ain't that just the story! You do look too young to be running any kind of community, in my humble opinion, but I think your hearts in the right place! That I can bet on!" Was that the reason? Zane now had an inquisitive look on his face as he followed Becky, curious on if...while his heart was in the right place...he was just too young. But that couldn't have been the reason. He was fairly certain that his father was the same age as he was when he took over the Arctic Freedom Fighters. It would just make sense...but maybe there was more to it? Whatever the reason, right now wasn't the time for Zane to lament how things were going to go down for his own life. He was on the clock, so to speak. Though he did notice the sudden darkened skies, but didn't say much. It was most likely just a storm preparing to pass...or it would be if there were clouds. But again, he didn't say much about it. "You all took your precious time...this the new hire? Name's Harvey...you ready for this sting? It ain't gonna be an easy one." "Yes sir, happy to help if anything." Zane nodded at Harvey. "Name's Zane...Officer Becky basically gave me the gist of the situat-..." He paused as he heard the screams coming from inside the metal shack, his ears twitching quite a bit at this point from it. "...that...didn't sound good...at all." What followed next was a whole thing, with Harvey kicking the door down, a hammer (most likely a trap) being swung in the dingo's direction but the officer simply sidestepped with ease. It caused Zane to whistle a bit at the display. "That's pretty impressive..." he muttered to himself, as Harvey entered the shack with Becky following and him...of course, covering the rear. After all, if this was an ambush, he could definitely give this whole thing a bit of a cold surprise. That's about the time he saw it...the red cat girl in question...and she was...being hoisted against the wall? ...okay? Did someone else get to her first? Was there more than just this group? he thought, before noticing something else: the unknown entity now turning to face them, as he could hear cracking sounds as it twisted. "...okay...that just sounds disturbing." Zane said, shaking his head as he pretty much got chills from hearing the cracking. "Hope you're worth the money kid...this isn't anything like I was expecting today..." Zane slid to the side of Becky, already conjuring up an icicle as he tossed it up and down in his hand. "Heh, sir...just keep watch...you'll be frozen in surprise at what I can do." he said, already launching one icicle at one of the four other things that were coming their direction. "That's one...annnnnnd two!" he said, launching another icicle right at another.
  2. Good is Oft Interred With Their Bones Saying his peace to Levanna, Kitt turned and exhaled slowly, already running a hand through his blonde hair. Right now...right now it was time for him to end his business with Galatea's temple to his patron...he had two things that needed to be dealt with. And as the Great Forge Maker's Watchdog, his duty was to see it through... The funeral processions had finished, the souls of the Briar couple finally being released from their stony prisons...and it seemed like this was one less thing that was weighing on his mind. Could it be the fact that he no longer had to deal with seeing those accursed stone prisons again in which he could just see himself in? Only Kitt knew the answer to this and once he had a moment to collect his thoughts and calm his mind once more, the Watchdog re-entered the temple, seeing Caleb at the entryway, awaiting him. The Watchdog smiled, placing a hand on the man's shoulder. "Today, the sword you crafted will be dedicated and returned back to Taros. The hard work, blood, sweat and tears you poured into your blade shall be quite the offering to the Great Forge Maker." Kitt nodded, sincerity in every word he said. BGM No more words needed to be said, as he moved further into the temple, making his way towards the pedestal. Around him, he could hear the sounds of hammers hitting metal as the Forgekeepers proceeded to fill the temple to their patron with the sounds of their work...as well as the sounds that seemed to become music as the time went further. In time and in unison, the hammers hitting the metal began to form a symphony that filled the forge and temple, it echoing and reverberating off the walls just to fill it fully. Kitt reached the pedestal, just as the hammering stopped at the last moment, now having the attention of all those who were in the temple to witness this moment in history. Truth be told, this was Kitt's first sword dedication ceremony, but he remembered his time studying under his master and teacher, Flynt. While his master wasn't here, he knew one thing: Taros was overseeing everything he was doing...and thus, he knew he had everything he needed. With an exhale, the Watchdog spoke. "Brothers and sisters in the Forge!" Kitt spoke. "Today marks a momentous occasion for all. Today, we dedicate and return a sword made by one of our own to the Lord of the Ironworks...the Great Forge Maker...the Hammer of Camnius...the Weaponsmith of Camnius...Lord Taros." he took the weapon off the pedestal and held it in front of him. "A weapon that was crafted by the one known as Caleb. Behold, his blade, who's design and image was fueled by his own imagination as is the will of Taros himself: he who's works can only be halted by his lack of imagination...that of which there is no bound. Although there was a small issue with it going missing...it was returned and without a drop of bloodshed with it." There was rejoicing at hearing this portion, though Kitt did his best to quiet the people down. He motioned for Caleb to come forth, as he stared at the man. "Creator of this blade, your body and spirit are reflected within it's formation. You put forth your best effort and gave it life." Kitt paused as he looked at the blade further, inspecting it more. When the light hit the bladed steel just right, Kitt and only Kitt could notice a face within it's reflection...and it caused him to smile and have a peace about him: it was the face of Taros himself, who seemed pleased...if the smile on his beared face was anything to go by. "Sir, this blade has truly found favor and has caused Taros to be quite pleased with it's creation and craftsmanship. Therefore...he will accept your weapon as tribute to him, brother." Kitt moved back some, putting the sword back in its sheath and now extending the sheathed weapon to Caleb. "In accordance with the Great Forge Maker, I as his proxy, shall accept the sword you've created and dedicated unto him. And in return...I in his stead, shall return it back to you. Brother, continue to strive to please our lord...may this blade be in your possession, to keep or to grant to another. Always remember this day and how you've made the Master of the Forge truly pleased." Once Caleb accepted this and took the sheathed weapon, everyone would hear the roars of the forge fires echo within the temple. Of course, Kitt could definitely hear something else within the roaring of the fires...laughter. A smile appeared on Kitt's face as he released the weapon, now leaving it Caleb's care. He turned towards Taros' followers and exhaled slowly, now preparing to recite the prayer: "Your steel is my body and your fire my blood...forge a pathway to understanding and cleave through uncertainty...I am the bone of your sword, you are the Master Forger. So as I pray: Great Forge Maker, Taros."
  3. On the current subject of RP characters, what's one character you've made that you honestly wish to go back, revamp and give a second chance at life and why?
  4. Favorite general meme (be it from general meme-dom, YCM or NCM)? What's one language you wouldn't mind learning and why? Favorite movie, with different categories here (and yes you can have multiple answers for them): Favorite cult classic type movie Favorite guilty pleasure movie Favorite movie of all time for yourself
  5. Didn't play Melody of Memory, but did watch an entire walkthrough and whatnot...all I'll say...since KH3, this story's narrative is becoming even more crazier...and I'm all for it 🤣

  6. "Hey! Melissa disappeared! Something's fishy!" Not even a few moments after the fighting seemed to stop, Trevor heard this deafening voice. He looked to the direction of where this strange unison filled voice came from, and then noticed something else...one of the young ladies and the one young individual were no longer around. It was, quite strange indeed...and yet, Trevor could definitely sense a strong magical presence and energy around this whole area...possibly it was even present in this world he found himself in. Honestly...he truly couldn't tell. Nevertheless, before the young sorcerer could do much of anything, or even start moving...there entered another... "You'll get to fight all you want later. Right now you need to go to the Arena. You'll get your answers there. Get going. You don't want me getting more involved than I already have." "Arena?" Trevor asked, to no one in particular as he looked at the strange young man. He wasn't there to begin with, he knew that. But almost from out of thin air, this man seemed to just appear and walk between the creature in purple and the man with an eye-patch. There seemed to be...an air about him. Although, Trevor couldn't tell if it was a sinister air or just one of a foreboding nature. Regardless of the answer to this, he cleared his throat and stepped forward. "So it would seem we're being told to move along." he said, turning slightly to look at the others. "Perhaps we should heed the warnings of our mysterious 'friend' here and just move forward." As much as he didn't want to just outright listen to this man shrouded in mystery, they might not have much of a choice. And given two of their little group had already moved ahead and then vanished, perhaps they needed to move on...if only to get answers to their dilemma. "So, shall we?" he asked, already making his way to leave the park, before simply nodding and tipping his hat towards the mysterious stranger.
  7. Planning is...well...hard to do, to a certain extent. As many have already said, players are quite the fickle beasts to where they end up doing things you never once anticipated in your plannings. And if you never planned with those things in mind, everything gets thrown out of whack. That said, I've done planning and used it more as a guideline and general outline to work under. Taking into consideration, Grimm Nights. The first incarnation of this RP there was like...ZERO planning involved. I had a general end goal that I wanted, but never fleshed anything out...and I honestly believe that's what sort of had that first version die within two pages (or less, I can't remember). Planning may not be a bad thing in an RP, though always be flexible when doing things. Having the flexibility while going by a general plan for the RP is always a good thing to do. Cause life can happen and they may not be able to post, so you'll need to be flexible in having to put a character or two in limbo until they return... Or...if players end up going in a direction that is one thing you weren't expecting. Always be as flexible as you can be with an RP, cause if you can roll with the punches, things will be a lot easier.
  8. ...totally forgot about this scene, won't lie. Man...that was like...peak shonen anime moment there...I need to do more of that ANYWAY! Back to asking you questions: Favorite cereal to pour in a bowl? Least favorite cereal?
  9. So it's more or less just a feeling of memeing with fire?
  10. Okay, so this here just gave me incentive to ask a question now: Out of all the character's I've made, what made Takeda Daichi from Blind Eyes Rewrite your choice on this list? I'm legit curious.
  11. Oh jeezuz cristo...well, I guess I could at least ramble off... The main one I had for the longest time (until Solar Tides and it's reboot came into the picture) was Blaze the Hedgehog. Yes, I realize there was a Blaze the Cat now...but back then, the character of Blaze the Cat was unclear to me until I played 06, which was my general introduction to her (while some had her introduced in Sonic Rush, mine was 06...I'm terrible T-T). As the name implies: he was a pyromancer...red furred and had blue fingerless gloves (with a fireball symbol on them) and blue sneakers. His super form was...I wanna say it was Supernova Form? Cause Blazing Blaze sounded absolutely stupid. Looking back, Solar Blaze would've been so much better...but eh , ancient history with this character. It's a phase that came when I was having zero creativity. Others would go with something grandiose later on, but I kept with the hedgehog idea. It's not until much later and with Solar Tides that I actually decided to use the creativity I had and used something better than just a hedgehog that can run fast and control fire...whoooooo was just a hedgehog version of Blaze the Cat. In any case, I consider Zane the Arctic Wolf a character 10x better than my first attempts. The Letter M... For two reasons specifically: The first letter of my first name The 13th letter of the alphabet and I like the number 13 (Blame Kingdom Hearts for my love for this number)
  12. If this becomes another AMA video, and if Yui is in this, is he going to attempt to do that weird Japanese attempt of a joke again? Favorite cereal to enjoy? Least favorite cereal?
  13. The Lady Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks "Oh, you do know me well, Kitt. Speaking of grape vines." Kitt was surprised that Olivander was wanting to do that, but at the same time...it didn't really surprise him all that much, considering the day prior's events. No, what did surprise him was the sudden appearance of Levanna exiting her office and making her way towards the Temple Square. He nodded slightly, approaching Levanna as it seemed that Olivander had this...look in his eye. He didn't question it though... “What a pleasant coincidence! Good morning to both of you. I admit, you have caught me at an inopportune time but I can always make room. How can Galatea serve you today? I assume preparations are smooth for your sword-dedication ceremony?” The Watchdog of Taros was about to say something, but was stopped suddenly by Olivander speaking...annnnnnd immediately catching the ire and wrath of the Galatean guardsman for...of all things...stealing a kiss from Levanna. Hinder's Watchdog truly was, not only a master thief, but also quite suave in his approach. He watched him flipping over the guards and just sprinting away. ...something tells me he'll be doing that for the rest of the day... Kitt thought, sighing with a shake of his head. "Ahem...I apologize for Hinder's Watchdog there...but I suppose, he's keeping up with his patron's methods and desires...somewhat." Kitt cleared his throat, looking at Levanna. "Yes. As I was told by the ForgeKeepers, the sword-dedication ceremony will be going smooth...as well as the funeral preparations for the parents of the Briar girl." Levanna took a moment to recover, not saying or doing much of anything besides standing there in shock. She did recover eventually, though. "Well, that is good to hear," she said, "though I did not realize Taros was in the business of funerals these days." "We aren't...but the stony shells they have...Numuu's Watchdog asked me personally if we can do this, in order to free their souls." he explained. "Alright, and I suppose the others will follow then? Should any more end up petrified, you have instructed this temple to take them in?" "Correct..." Kitt nodded, crossing his arms with a sigh. "I don't want that to be the case, but if it does, it needs to be ready for the worst case scenario. ...just as long as people don't say that word...which I'm sure it does play a huge part in it. Whatever the word is." "Well, I will be sure to send them right over, then, if they ask," Levanna said. "And this, you and Taros believe, is the root of all of Galatea's problems, then?" "According to what we've seen during our time here...between myself, Numuu's dog and Hinder's dog." he nodded, sighing again before pulling out his notebook and showing Levanna the word that Emily spoke. "I'm not for sure, but the Briar girl said this was her mother's last words...and recently repeated it. I can't be 100% on if this is the word, but caution to you to keep others from uttering the word, just in case." Levanna frowned. "Nuumu's dog had a similar interest in that word the other day," she said. "In fact, she came to me asking questions about it. You should be aware that even showing that word is dangerous, you understand? Though, then again, the word demands to be shared -- it can be compulsive to some -- so perhaps I cannot blame you too much." "Then by that logic...it is the trigger word..." Kitt nodded, closing the book and immediately putting it in his satchel. "Oddly enough, no one else knows about it...so who else knows about this word and it's destructive and dangerous nature?" "The council, obviously," Levanna said. "Of course, if you have shown this paper to anybody else, they will know it as well, though its nature is probably more foreign to them. And whoever hears it from them. Likely more people know than either of us realize." Kitt let out a long drawn out sigh, as he shook his head. "I realize this may be for the protection of the people of Galatea, but this should be something that should be worked with...they need to know the truth on how this curse is going about. To avoid the word...but as you will most likely say: What would you have us do. To this extent, I have no answer. You will all do what you think is best for the people...and although I may not see eye to eye with it, it's still your island."