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~King Crouton~

[Transformers TCG] Dinobots Wave 1

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CHARACTERS: 3 [25 Stars]

Grimlock [Dinobot Leader]: Boss. Bot Mode ability is when when he KOs a character with damage greater than that character's health, the opponent moves all the extra damage to one of their other characters. Grimlock can basically KO two characters in one turn.

Dinobot Sludge [Mighty Stomper]: Can move all damage counters to itself when it changes back to Alt Mode.

Dinobot Snarl [Desert Warrior]: When flipping back to Alt Mode, draw 2 if you have no cards in hand. Recover hand after Dino-Chomp!


DECK: 40


Action Cards: 15

3 Dino-Chomp! [Blue]: Scrap hand, give a Dinobot Bold 5 for turn.

3 Incoming Transmission [Orange]: Draw 2, topdeck 1 from hand.

2 Rapid Conversion [White]: Flip a Dino to its other mode.

2 Repair Bay [Orange]: Repair damage from all Dinos.

3 Leap Into Battle [Blue]: Give +3 Power to Grimlock, make him do more damage.

2 Ramming Speed [Orange]: Upgrade removal.


Upgrade - Weapon: 11

3 Power Sword [Blue]: Bold 3.

3 Grenade Launcher [Orange]: One-use +4 Power.

1 Drill Arms [Blue]: On-play, scrap an enemy armor or draw 1.

2 Flamethrower [Orange]: Bold 2.

2 Piercing Blaster [White]: Ensures that at least 3 damage is dealt.


Upgrade - Armor: 8

3 Improvised Shield [2 Orange]: Tough 1, though the 2 orange icons are more important.

3 Body Armor [Orange]: Tough 3.

2 Scrapper Gauntlets [Orange]: On-play, scrap an enemy weapon or draw 1.


Upgrade - Utility: 6

3 Jaws of Steel [Orange]: Bold 2.

3 Data Pad [White]: On-attack, draw 1, then you can topdeck 1 from hand.




Edited by ~King Crouton~

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