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    Alois, Penelope, and Citron "I'll just sleep outside tonight." "Oh, no ye ain't," Mene said. "You'll catch yer death o'cold out there. I ain't lettin' no one be asleepin' outside." She would've said more, but stopped upon hearing Penelope's quiet comment. The words took the wind from her sails as easily as puncturing a hole through them. But whether Alois's mother was dispirited or else remained to be seen. Her shoulders sagged, mouth softening, but her eyes had narrowed into sharpened brittle. The woman said nothing as she busied herself with cleaning, eventually leaving the house and shutting the door behind her to let the trio talk amongst themselves. Until the others arrived. Gunther, Tsetseg, and Raki "Oh, yes, that. You know them well?" "By hecky I do—weel, nae really." Timmy scratched his head. "They're, uhh, whaddaya call it, infamous." He glanced around, as if fearing the trees and bushes would carry away his words. "A'body in town knows o' em. Pylauses is as highfalutin' as ye can get, thinks the sun comes up jest to 'ear him crow. An' Hanikap jest does whate'er Pylauses asks o' him." He then moved on to his explanation of how he ended up in the quarry pit. — Phai's expression, which had sunk further into a hangdog frown, lifted slightly as she listened to Tsetseg. "Oh, so that's where you must have met the fluffy foxes then. Where was that again?" However, Gunther's words brought her back to painful reality. "I still can't believe they would do that. How could anybody do such a thing? When we're all suffering, trying to work together… Why would they do something like this?!" "'Cause they're grown-ups, and sometimes grown-ups are bad'uns," Timmy explained with the simple wisdom of a child. After Raki asked his question, were the others to expand upon what happened, both Phai and Timmy would listen, though Phai would seem much more interested. Timmy, in contrast to Phai's rising panic, beamed like nothing was wrong when they passed his father Paulos, giving a giant wave. The man waved back, unsurprised to see the group he has sent after Timmy had grown from Gunther, Tsetseg, and Lassie to include Sienna, Raki, Phai, and Icleias. Or he just didn't care. It was hard to tell. Alois, Penelope, Gunther, Tsetseg, Citron, and Raki Eventually, the crowd reached Mene's house, with the woman outside sweeping away stray debris with a broom. Every so often she would lean over to pat a nearby peach-colored wyvern who was sleeping nearby. "Heyo Mene, it's Timmy! Ah've got some news fer ya." The boy's shout was loud enough to be heard even from inside the house. "Timmy." Mene set the broom aside, wiping her hands off on her apron as she approached. "What can I do ye for?" Her smile widened when she noticed the wyvern rider with him. "And Raki too! What a surprise. Not that I'm complainin', mind." She winked. "Hopefully, with everythin' going on, the mayor won't mind an extra face or two." Timmy pointed at Raki. "Me an' Raki, we were oot in the woods, an' 'eard some real nasty business." He explained what the Isaurian had gone over earlier to the group. "Ah reckon they're fixin' to pull off some grand ol' scheme o' sorts. Ah knows fer sure it's bad, cuz when Hanikap saw me, he pushed me inter the quarry pit all apanicked, so's at least it's summat ah wasnae supposed t'hear." Mene clucked her tongue in worry. "That Edrick boy an' the girl with the horse jest left recently fer Pylauses's house. Tweren't long afore that an' they were mightily injured." She frowned. "Come t'think of it, that young man in green headed out afore them. An' that young lady too… methinks 'er name was Cat somethin'." She paled. "Dear Dragon… Mayhap the mayor was right 'bout Pylauses. He never did trust 'im. But I never paid him much mind. Fact is, he could do with a little more trustin'." Timmy nodded. "Ah always thought they were strangelike, though I ain't never was 'spectin' them to go pushin' me inter holes an' such." Phai paled, before firming her expression. "I'm…I'm gonna go grab Acantha. And maybe Cora, if I can find her. We need to get this straightened out, especially if they're up to no good! I-If it's nothing though…" she trailed off. "We can just…apologize. Yeah! …Hopefully that'll work." She glanced at Tsetseg. "D-Do you wanna come with? Or not… Whichever you decide, I'm fine with." Edrick and Ciela Hanikap sputtered out some protests when Edrick slipped past him. "Oi, I mean, hey, wait! Please, uhh, stay in the parlor, good sir!" When nothing happened, the man sighed, but continued to climb the stairs, chasing after the others with exhausted desperation. "Oh, rats, Lord Gaston is going to kill me," he muttered. Link The door opened, only for Pylauses to slam it shut immediately. "What in the azure blazes?!" he shouted. "Demned animals!" The door swung open again. This time, the man marched inside in high dudgeon, shooing the pigeons back to their holes. During all of this, he neither noticed Link nor was he paying attention to the doorway. OOC
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    It took Hector a few moments to recover from the most extreme roller coaster ride of his life. He had only just managed to suppress the urge to throw up and climb back onto his feet—with some help from Chester that he was very thankful for—before they were all on the move once again. “Just call me Hector. Feels weird to go by a username when we can see each other,” he told the Chespin. Then, he organized himself into what was becoming standard marching formation, a tight-knit straight line headed by the Brass. “Right. Better hurry before they all kill each other or something.” So far he really felt like one of the only level-headed people in a room full of extreme impulse and hot tempers. He waddled forward into the next room. Cross met him at some point and took hold of a spike on the trooper bringing up the rear of the line. Hector had no idea how old the boy actually was, but it was apparent that he had probably lied about his age to get onto the forums. “Look, stairs. Just like Z. said,” he said to the Cubone. “Bet whatever’s up there is a step up from what we saw down here. Get it?” The soft metallic sound of the troop laughing filled the staircase as Hector guided Cross up. The next room was more of the same. Smaller, with a pool in front of them, but still very much a ruinous area with dim lightning. Nothing that different from what he had come to expect. What was strange was that he had expected to have to hustle to catch up to the others. Z. and Clobber had both made it known they weren’t going to wait up for anyone, yet when he glanced around, they were still studying the room the same as he was. The change of heart was nice to see. He was going to speak up and thank the two when his mind was once again filled with someone else’s voice. Hello? Are you there? Can you hear me? The voice was cheerful and young. It reminded Hector of… of someone. He thought they might be important to him. He wasn’t sure. If you can hear me, I should tell you, you're in a mystery dungeon right now! A mystery dungeon is a strange and dangerous place filled with Pokémon who won't hesitate to attack you! You could say it's a side effect of the dungeon's power. You might have trouble adapting, but with your numbers, I think you'll be fine. I'll try to give you tips from my end as well, so good luck! If you can reach the end, there'll be a prize...maybe. ♪ They were inside a mystery dungeon. Apparently said dungeon was full of angry monsters that would attack them without hesitation, which was frightening, but at least they apparently had a guide watching over them. Can you hear me? …Who are you? Where are you? Did you bring us here? Hector fired a verbal onslaught of questions at the voice in his head. There was no response; either the voice couldn’t hear him or it chose not to answer him. That was frustrating but the implication that there was someone out there trying to help them still gave him renewed hope. Finally, they had a clue. All that he needed to do was keep pressing forward. “You heard the voice. There’s Pokémon in here that are going to attack us. I don’t have a reason to think they would lie about something like that so I’m just gonna take their word for it.” Hector glanced around at the others. “I’m not your boss here. I’m just another one of you guys, but I still think it’s important we stick together. None of us are gonna be that good at fighting right now, but we have an idea of our strengths and weaknesses. We’ve all played the games, right?” Hector A (the Brass) knocked his shield against his armor to prove his point. “I have armor and shields. I should be able to tank a few hits, just in case we get caught off guard, so I’m gonna take point. Not fully in control of all these, uh, bodies yet, but I can stand in front of things while you guys take them down.” Hector shuffled toward the front and started towards the bottom of the room. As he did, some of the troopers glanced at Z. and Clobber in particular, though they addressed everyone. “I trust you all to have my back.” Then they all fell back into formation and marched forward, the Brass having lowered his shields to guard his face with some difficulty. Hector immediately bumped into a wall and stumbled backwards. "Good news. No bad guys this way," he said, backing up and steadying his balance. "Watch out for the wall though." Then he turned right and headed into the tunnel.
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    The first to reach the stairs was the Zorua, bounding up with surprising agility. Coming after, a Clobbopus, as clumsy as the Zorua was graceful, limbs sticking to the floor with every awkward step. Third, a Rotom, floated over, every so often pausing with a static shiver before whizzing in a zigzag pattern. The fourth, a Chespin, walked on two legs, tail dragging behind him. Finally, the others approached the steps in single file, save for a Cubone clutching a spike from a Falinks trooper. Yet, strangely, it seemed they all arrived at the next floor at the same time. Each Pokémon, upon reaching the top, would notice the rest of the group with them as soon as they surveyed their surroundings. BGM: Tiny Woods | Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red and Blue Rescue Team The party found themselves in a smaller room than the previous one. Walls hemmed them in from three sides, the remaining side being mostly open, with multiple corridors branching off like spindly legs into the shadows. A small pool of water lay calm and still nearby. A cheerful voice rang in each of their heads, breaking the silence while they regained their bearings. Hello? Are you there? Can you hear me? There was a pause. If you can hear me, I should tell you, you're in a mystery dungeon right now! A mystery dungeon is a strange and dangerous place filled with Pokémon who won't hesitate to attack you. You could say it's a side effect of the dungeon's powers. You might have trouble adapting, but with your numbers, I think you'll be fine. I'll try to give you tips from my end as well, so good luck! If you can reach the end, there'll be a prize…maybe. ♪ OOC
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    Sabrina wasn't used to adults responding to her like this. Asking more questions, albeit in what looked to be a mocking manner, about the things she said. It was made even more awkward to her by the height of the man. She wasn't that much shorter than many men but the doctor was much taller than she was used to. It felt like literally being talked down to and she was torn between wanting to explain more and feeling ashamed of what she had said. "I, uhh...." What could she say to that anyway? Still, she gave it a shot. "I, well, felt it...in...my blood." she said, voice trailing off as she realized what that must sound like to a trained doctor. "Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with all of you!?" "Eep!" The girl in the animal costume finally seemed to respond and it was clear that she was angry. "Stop with the fucking destiny bullshit! I don't care how much weebshit you watched, we're not special, no one chose us, none of that shit! That asshole shot himself," As she specifically targeted Sabrina the girl found herself shutting down. Staring at a spot on the floor as she trembled, memories of times before washing over her. The unexpected vitriol completely overwriting the excitement she had felt. "No...not here, not here too!" She wanted to shout but couldn't find herself saying the words. She didn't even notice if anyone said anything else until suddenly the bells sounded and forced her attention elsewhere. Darkness took over and her gasp was drowned out by...whatever it was that had come with the bells. She didn't have enough time to process what was happening before it was gone. The room had changed, if only slightly, and there was yet another person in the room. Person might not be exactly right. Or at least they certainly weren't human. Sabrina stared with mouth agape at the figure who was resting in a chair. The girl sitting there took all of Sabrina's attention. The door, the mark, even the person who had been yelling at her, none of these registered in her mind. In fact she barely even thought about the others in the room until... "Haven't you heard of a little thing called, 'Sleeping Dragon'?! I'm pretty sure we'd be toast if this thing woke up." Which was when Sabrina let out a half-gasp half-garbled exclamation as her previous wonder hit her full force again. Sabrina moved forward and spoke up to the two who had approached the girl. "Fufufu, it is as I thought. M-my dragon b-blood tells me I have n-nothing to fear, f-for this being b-before you surely is, uh, kindred...a kindred spirit! No, I mean a....s-she's probably important somehow!" Sabrina was stammering. Voice shaking not from nerves but from pure excitement. The strange, horned, girl stirred for a moment before finally opening her eyes. Sleepiness still present in her expression, the girl's half closed eyes looked at the two in front of her. Then after a second turned her head to look around the whole room. Then after a second longer she opened her eyes fully and smiled, “oh, hello there. Good morning.” Sabrina rushed over, hesitating partway, before stumbling over herself to stand in front of the girl. "Um. Hi. Uh. Yeah. So...a-are you, er...well...areyouagoddesswhobroughtusheretogiveussupermagic powersandfighttheforcesofevil?" The girl stared at Sabrina for a moment with a blank expression on her face. Then as if she were hit a revelation to the meaning of Sabrina's words, her expression brightened again. “Oh, no. I am no goddess myself, that would be my lady, Ocean. I am merely her envoy. Who might you be?” Sabrina couldn't contain herself as she jumped up and down and let out a high pitched "squeeing" noise. She knew it! She knew it she knew it she knew it! This was it! This was her true destiny sitting right before her in the form of a cute and strange dragon girl! "I-I'm Sabrina Eve...Dracona Evert! Dracona! Well...I-I guess Sabrina is fine. And, um! I'm...w-wait shouldn't you know who we are?" The girl looked up as if thinking on it for a moment and shook her head. Then, leaning in to inspect Sabrina's hand and arm (which made Sabrina notice, and gawk at, the mark for the first time) the girl said, “sadly my Lady didn’t see fit to give me any specifics. I merely know what it is you are and what you are meant to do.” Sabrina moved closer, vibrating with excitement, her eye shimmering as she said, "a-and what's that? Heroes, right? W-we're heroes?" “I believe the term she used was ‘Exalted.’”
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    File 6 - A Dewford Trip Pt. 2 ~ The Long Awaited
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    Chester's eye twitched a bit as he repeated the phrase, "fake internet cop?" His frustration on his face from the expression was very evident, and in fact one could briefly hear him muttering about his trials and tribulations on a daily basis at high speeds if they were paying attention, but he managed to recollect himself before paying attention to the other part of what Z. had said. "Oh, so there was a door back there then? Well, all the better! I'm sure this pillar will prove invaluable if ever we have to come back here!" Chester hit his fist against the stone column, pride and a twinge of pain on his face he did so. He had no idea how this cave was outlined even remotely, and no idea why a locked door would be here as well. As such, there was no guarantee that they would ever come back to this door and truthfully Chester was very much hoping that they would be able to get their bearings in wherever it was they were without much adversity. Though, with some of the people and the strange situation they were in in general, there was no shortage of adversity to go around to begin with. All the same, he said, "so, well, let's all move out! Together!" He had emphasized that last part, full well knowing that there were already those that were either not going to listen to him or had already blazed ahead. Yet nevertheless, Chester wore his fake internet cop badge with pride and would try to act as at least try to bring some sense of order and teamwork to their motely crew. As he began to walk away, he stopped himself. "Oh, right." Turning around, the Chespin, with some degree of effort, managed to lift the stray Falinks that had nearly hit him square in the head. "There we go. Right as rain. Good work in trying to weigh down the pillar, uh, Gamer? No...that's not quite - I'll work on it." Clearing his throat after speaking directly to FalinCs, he repeated, "onward!" And walked into the next room. The sight there was familiar to the one that they had just come from, being a cavernous room with water flowing through it. But this one had stairs as well! With luck they would find some answers in the room above. Though, Chester couldn't help but look past the water before ascending just to make certain there were no passages or the like beyond it. He was curious to get information quickly, but of course there was something within that told him that it was always important to check everything but the path of least resistance in a cave first before taking it. Assured that there was nothing of note and with some already on the staircase, Chester made his way onto them as well.
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    "Pylauses and Hanikap," "Oh, yes, that." Raki dared not to repeat the name himself "You know them well?" Then Timmy revealed what had happened. "He... threw you into the pit?" That certainly explained the situation. All while he was busy getting himself lost, that is. He began to regret not telling Phasia to just follow him directly to the village. He clenched his teeth. Timmy was putting it lightly, but Raki could imagine the results had he hit one of the edges of the quarry, or landed wrong... He didn't even have an helmet! Almost tripping over a nearby root dragged his attention back to the conversation at hand. His arms spinning wildly to regain his balance, least he end up face first on the ground. It sounded like Timmy and Phai had some idea about what the two were referring to. "S-Sorry, this must all sound so strange… U-Unless it's not. Maybe you've seen weirder on your travels?" "I haven't been to many places since I left Locris but this seems just as normal as the last place we went to. Mhm, mhm. People that become lovable fluffy animals and secret passages. All normal, yup! Oh, hm, hm. Maybe all Histian villages have secret passages?" "You don't know the half of it. I might know what they meant by passage in fact...but that's not the problem here. These, er, fellows might be setting a plan in motion as we speak and using all the confusion of the day to get away with it. We'd best get back as soon as we can, I have...friends who might be in trouble if there's foul business afoot. Might it be a good idea to gather some of the others...just in case?" Those two... Where had they been traveling through, exactly? Wherever it was, it didn't prevent them to give nearly opposite answers. Then the girl glanced at him while talking about a defeated wyvern. Was she referring to Garinphasia? He shook his head. If the girl felt like the previous... confrontation, for lack of a better word, had ended with her victory, he wouldn't be the one to reopen that page, but... No, she'd mentioned something about dark magic and rock wyverns before, hadn't she? As they kept moving under the trees, he turned towards the two "For me it's fine, it's not like I have other places to go." Also, didn't the girl mention something about being a patrol member? But they also had just arrived... oh, whatever "And if you guys are really the ones who made me stand on two feet again, I owe you one anyway. Speaking of which, care to tell me exactly what happened? I feel like I'm missing pieces here."
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    Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Super Mario Galaxy 2 Mario Kart Wii The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
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    Aduain passed some time with Morgan, swapping stories about the respective missions. Enough time as it happened that he'd recovered enough nen to power his gills outside of water again. Though it took a few minutes to actually realize this. As he withdrew from the icy bath and got to hopping on his fins again it was something of a relief. Still he'd have to properly thank Fen somehow later as her quick thinking had quite literally saved his life. No gift could really pay that debt but a good meal never hurt. That was certainly something to work with. Now free to move the boy eventually withdrew from his fellow hunter and the other members of the team still dealing with the new pet. The room he'd been given looked the same as always. Out of curiosity Aduain knocked on the wall just in case any more angry old men in castles felt like threatening him tonight. While relieving he couldn't shake some sense of disappointment when nothing responded. Knowing all these other worlds existed just meant he had a lot more places to explore after the ocean floor in his own world. But while further dimension hopping wasn't on the agenda, the fish did still have a screen to play with. Sitting down with the device the days events had him wandering over to something he could hold water in. Beds were nice and comfy as long as his gills were working. But nothing beat sleeping with that weightless feeling underwater. To his excitement there was a great offering of aquariums though at first they all seemed a bit small for a catch of his stature. But eventually the scrolling started getting him places and the tanks started getting bigger and more sophisticated. "Wonder if I can get one the size of the room itself." Aduain mused as he continued browsing. Sure enough there were eventually things as big, and bigger even, than the room he was in. None of which the system seemed to let him buy. If the stuff he bought just appeared in the room that probably made sense. Some scaling back was necessary. Eventually he settled on a tank about twice the size of the bed he'd been given and nearly as tall as the room. Though it seemed there were still size problems. With some frustrated swiping and checking Aduain was eventually presented with a prompt to sell his bed. Curious, he accepted and the bed in his room disappeared almost instantly. Now his tank wasn't presenting any issues and before the hunter knew what was happening it was now occupying most of the space in his room. "Woooow look at that!" the fish exclaimed his excitement building as he checked out the features. Colorful rocks lined the bottom of the massive tank and the included rock formations provided some nooks big enough for him to hide out or sleep. The thing even had a pretty hefty looking filter and aeration system. The one thing his new bed alternative lacked was the actual water. Sitting down on the ground to think a bit the hunter eventually also ordered a bucket. For most of the early evening Aduain would go back and forth from the showers to his room depositing at most ten gallons of water at a time. It took a lot of work but that just made the completion of the project all the more satisfying. With delight he settled in for the night adjusting the air in his body to settle comfortably underwater without sinking or bobbing up. Now he could really call this his room. Waking up completely submerged was a feeling Aduain had nearly forgotten and while he would have loved to be lazy most of the day several things were important enough to get him to get out of the giant tank. First was a message from Mauvache. Apparently they were to do some training in the later afternoon. That was all well and good but since it was so much later in the day the fish put that on the back log. There was a much more important mission at hand so early in the morning. Breakfast! The rain was a welcome addition to the journey as the young hunter rushed out of the building early in the morning before the others had awoken. With trident in hand there was only one task. Aduain needed to find a fishing spot. Navigating on land never was one of the boy's strong suits, much less this foreign world he'd barely spent any time in. But that didn't deter him from jogging around in search of any body of water. The first answer to the search was a pet shop not terribly far from the apartment complex. But catching fish already caught didn't sit right with the boy. If he didn't make the catch himself it wouldn't be much of a gift for the others. Still it was an acceptable last resort. So on the fish went in search of other fish, gathering curious glances from other early risers. Eventually the search bore fruit as Aduain found himself in a park with sizeable ponds. "Where there's water there's fish!" he declared inaccurately but confidently as he took to inspecting the waters. There were definitely fish in there but there was only so much looking at them from above the water at pond's edge would do. Light refraction and all that. No the best way to inspect was to get in the water with and in Aduain went with a splash. To his amazement the fish in the pond shone with every color of the rainbow. For a time the hunter swam around with them trying to get a sense for how they moved and reacted to his presence. Naturally they were hesitant of the much bigger fish. It was only right Aduain thought for these small fry to fear a mighty shark. Wanting to preserve the beauty of the scales the boy decided against skewering his quarry and with some swift swimming of his own eventually had three of the things tails in his hand. A triumphant surfacing and shaking of his tentacles and a cheer signaled the end of the hunt as the boy began his journey home. The others had begun stirring by this point, and unknown to Aduain even a reporter had come seeking information on the new group. Still dripping wet from the dive into the pond and the persistent rain, the hunter came in through the front door, his catch still flopping around in his deceptively strong grip. "Hey guys! I got breakfast!" he declared unsure where exactly everyone had gotten off to. There was a woman he didn't recognize not all that far from the entrance but he made no advance to address her specifically. She wasn't part of the team so she didn't get any of the fish, that was just common sense. Besides, these fish probably had all sorts of crazy flavors for each color. Maybe the red bits were spicy. That'd be crazy and definitely not something to spread thinner by inviting strangers. For now he needed to get the food to the kitchen. A knife better served the task at hand than his trident.
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    Mercury Meltdown Revolution Wario Land: Shake It! Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's: Wheelie Breakers Castle of Shikigami III
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    You could say she's a sweetheart
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    I figured since an Archetype of monsters that are both Links and Pendulums doesn't exist yet, I may as well give it a shot. Since Pendulums feel very magic-aligned, being part spell, and Links are very tech-y usually, I figured Cyborg Wizard Technomancers would make sense. The monsters that are just Pendulums would be normal techno-wizards, and the ones that are Link-Pendulums would be cyborg wizards. I imagined it with a Control and Burn playstyle. Art I found is not quite what I was going for, but was close enough to give a pretty good idea. I forgot to make her Pendulum effect not able to target another copy of herself but what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Super Smash Bros Brawl (Someone had to nominate it) Marvel Ultimate Alliance WarioWare: Smooth Moves Just Dance 2020 (I needed at least one "shitpost"y nomination)
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    Probably anything that tries to generalize an issue that's more complicated than what the writer makes it out to be. Like, say the writer believes one thing can be achieved a certain way, but it would only be viable in a perfect world while in reality there is so much more to consider that they either don't seem to know or refuse to try and understand.
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