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  1. I have to say, RIP this. If I ended up accidentally killing i'm so sorry, and I'm willing to revive again if everyone else is interested and isn't too busy! (might need to get reinvited to the discord server though)
  2. I know I'm not around much, but I'm also interested if this is still happening!
  3. long time since i've been here but probably count me in? definitely interested at least
  4. yo everyone it's been a while

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    some stuff here just died

  6. oooh this seems interesting. Not sure what I'm gonna submit yet but... might be based on another rp character i have especially since it's japan
  7. Madison Yamane Madison sat as St. Peter dug into all of them. Sure, it was likely a larger scale problem... but it still felt very, very personal to the girl. Then he dropped the bombshell. "From here on out, Class 2 Soulders shall be assigned a team of 5, and are to meet a quota of recruiting 1 Lost Soul per week. Now, before I have to do it myself, I suggest you find some people you like and make a team yourself. After reporting to me, I'll assign you your first mission by the end of the day. DISMISSED!" Madison's face went blank as she processed the announcement and her feelings about it. On one hand, working on teams was a nice change of pace from normal operations, and having a support network on the job would help with any unwanted... outbursts. On the other hand, as much as it pained her heart to admit it... she didn't trust herself around anyone else. Sh-her soulverdrive, she corrected herself, was a primal power that no one, not even herself, could fully control. She felt like she'd just be a danger to those around her, a bomb with a short fuse destined to blow up everyone she held dear. "We got five here...instead of lollygaggin' around with us tryin' to find a team of five, just have us here be the team of five and cut yer losses. Just thinkin' it could be a lot easier that way. But I'm just speakin' out loud and most likely out of turn and order, but I'm just bein' honest." Virgil's voice drew Madison out of her thoughts like a riptide. While she knew some of the other soulders here, most of them were relatively new to her. While normally that would be a bad thing for a team... it would likely mean that they would be quicker to put her down if anything went wrong. So of course... "Sounds like a plan..." After Letty introduced herself to the group, Madison swallowed her courage and took the floor. "H-hi. I'm Madison, though some of you already know that. Uh... my soulverdrive..." She struggled on how to explain her nature to the group, but after a few seconds blurted out "My soulverdrive turns me into Godzilla and I... well to be honest I can barely control it." She let out a massive sigh as sweat rolled down her forehead. She felt her nails start to dig into her hands. "So if you see me start growing scales randomly for no reason uh.... I might need a hug?", her cheeks turning red from the embarrassing finish as a tiny bit of stage fright caused herself to shift ever so slightly, some one-off scales darkening.
  8. Sammy Sammy was looking at the menus when Aoki tracked her down and loudly greeted "Heyyyy! Sammy!" Sammy quickly closed out of the menus and turned towards Aoki. "Let's travel together! Us Brawlers gotta stick together, amiright?!" "Oh, course I would! Lemme do this real quick...." She pulled up the menu and quickly partied up with Aoki and friended the boy, all the while Sequoia was chomping on the bits waiting for further orders. "Should all be set now." Sammy's voice stopped for a moment before she looked down at Aoki. A soft, melancholic undertone weaved through her speech as she said. "...thank you so much. It means a lot." Sammy took the chance to take some deep breaths in order to keep those painful memories from flooding her mind again. Soon that slight twange of anxiety faded and she was once more ready to face the world.
  9. Skelly Skelly meandered throughout the town of Sandy Grove, seemingly searching for someone in the chaos. Eventually, she finds who she's looking for: the armored warrior Alliyma, who was found stomping toward her large, rover-like D-rig. Two gaping holes have been pried in the rig's hull where two summon cores used to be. Skelly slowly walked over to the warrior and gently said, “Hey…” Alliyma slammed her fist on a button at the bottom of the cockpit, the glass enclosure rising with the sound of pneumatics to allow access to the driver's seat. "What." “…it looks like we’re stuck here for a bit” "A few minutes. Then we kill the asshole responsible and I'm on my way." “…I say we don’t kill him. Could just disable their cores and leave 'em to the desert to die." "Don't be stupid. We are in no position to dish out petty karmic justice when so many lives are at stake." Pulling herself up into her D-Rig, she pressed a button within, the canopy slowly closing, "I recommend you get your rig in that 'Behemoth' soon, or you'll be left behind. I have a little bird to check on." Skelly walked over to the Frankenstein's Lab... and immediately saw the hood opened and the Synchro Core that had one sat there gone. She opened the door to the interior of the cabin... and saw her stuff rummaged through. For a minute, she panicked... but luckily nothing was stolen. With nothing left to do, Skelly drove to the behemoth, turned her duel rig off, and took out her deck. She took out one card in particular, a purple-bordered card with a chimeric wolf roaring as the art. "Hopefully this goes well, Indy. Hopefully it goes well..."
  10. Skelly It had been a late night for Skelly. Any art form can be quite the endeavor, but Skelly's taxidermy creations required multiple full days of planning, sculpting, and carefully treating animal parts before even beginning final assembly. But, finally, her latest creation, a small recreation of one of the desert's sand otters in a half-dead state, was almost complete. All that was left was the eyes. Skelly turned to the small cabinet in Frankenstein's Lab with the glass eyes and began sorting through... but found she was out of the one type she needed. I did not expect running out so quickly she thought. She looked to her other supplies, finding that they were running out too. Looks like it's about time to head to Sandy Grove again. Skelly's ancient looking RV, which looks like it has seen better days, slowly pulls into the town of Sandy Grove. Skelly herself was covered head to toe in cloth, goggle, mask, and bandage, having come down these roads many times before. It pays for someone something like her to be careful. As Skelly drives up, however, she notices a giant D-Rig sitting on the road. She gets out to examine it, removing her goggles to allow her glassy, blackened eyes to look closely at the rig to see if she could make out anything. No luck. The woman sighed and got back in her D-Rig, and drove up to town. Skelly walked into Sandy Groove, keeping her usual distance and getting the usual side-eyed glances from people, of course. Some of them knew her, some of them didn't. She took out her usual case of mostly-covered corpse-sculptures from the back of her RV, taking a minute to look at the sideboards, which were a mix of rotten wood and bone. However, despite her mostly keeping her eyes in the depths of shadow, someone noticed Skelly's unusual features. It was over in an instant, Skelly being grappled by a hand grabbing the cloth of her shirt and an ornate blade of obsidian being held to her neck. A female voice hissed from behind her "Your eyes. How'd that happen?" A deep, primal fear coursed through Skelly's icy-cold veins, but she wouldn't let it show. Not with this much on the line. "...dead men tell no tales, do they not?" she whispered in a steady, almost robotic voice. "Elaborate." "...how about we go somewhere a little more private and handle this like civilized people?" Skelly growled, her voice dripping with artificial venom and manufactured outrage. "No." The woman pressed the blade lightly to Skelly's throat, the cut oozing dark ichor in place of blood. "Something about you is wrong, and you are going to tell me why. Now." "You think that threatening me wants to make me tell you anything? Cute. What about your own... secret, that giant machine?" It was a bluff, of course. Skelly didn't know if this woman was connected at all to the giant duel rig out side town... but in these wastelands, every bit of leverage counts. "The what?" The bluff failed, as Skelly knew it likely would. "Ah, so that isn't yours then. Fine, as long as you let go of me, I can explain." The intimidatingly armored woman released Skelly, pushing her forward and away a few feet, "Don't try anything, or you'll start losing limbs. These feathers were dyed with blood, but I wouldn't mind turning a few of them black with whatever fills your veins." Skelly beckoned the woman to follow her as she walked off, and the woman followed, keeping just a far enough distance away to always be within arms reach. Soon enough the two found themselves out of earshot of town. Skelly turns to the stranger, and does the one thing she hates most... she takes off her hood and mask, revealing her pale, dead face for the world, her face lined with darkened veins and old wounds never quite healed. The other woman startled back slightly, seemingly caught of guard by this. "How." Skelly didn't answer, her body held still as if a corpse held upright. With a grunt of fear and rage, the woman dashed forward, blitzing the immobile Skelly and pinning her limp against the wall, the blade once again at her throat, "I get it, you're dead, whatever. What. Brought. You. Back." Skelly's body limped against the wall as she frantically thought of what to say. She's been wondering that question for years, about who she is and why she was brought back and how she was brought back and where she came from and- "Last chance!" the woman screamed as she bashed Skelly's skull against the wall by her short hair. "What is the last thing you remember before dying??" "I wish I knew. Why are you so angry?" The woman's brow furrowed in confusion, Skelly's simple statement seemingly piercing deep. "You don't remember?" "Not at all, asides from my name." "Which is?" "Mary Walker. Please, call me Skelly, and I apologize for my curtness" The woman stared into Skelly's eyes for several long seconds, her rage piercing all the way through, before abruptly backing off, the ferocity dissolving as she resheathed her weapon. With a half-smirk, she extended as hand forward, "Pleasure to meet you, Mary. Alliyma." Skelly cautiously shook Alliyma's hand. "Please, pardon my appearance... and the smell... and..." "Trust me, I was prepared for worse. Now if you'll excuse me, I have business to attend to." Sprinting to the side, Alliyma jumped up off of a half-ruined metal container, catching the top of the wall with her fingertips and pulling herself up, quickly disappearing among the rooftops. Skelly nods as she heads off before putting on her hood, goggles, and mask, and heads back to town to trade some of her taxidermy creations. Soon she makes it to her favorite glassblower, a young lad completely enthralled with his craft, and exchanged one of her smaller taxidermy insects for a renewed supply of eyes. Soon however, she began scanning the rooftops for Alliyma again.
  11. Sammy "EMERGENCY MISSION: DEFEAT KUWAGAMON AND HIS ARMY..... MISSION SUCCESS! CONGRATULATION TAMERS! BITS earned: 1000 EXP Earned: 100" The message of victory came across Sammy's screen just as the last bit of the Flygon melted back into the air. "We did it kid! How does it feel to win a real fight?" Sequoia asked, his roots looking quite worn from the battle. "Honestly, I just feel relieved we're alright right now. But good job there Sequoia!" Sammy crouched over and offered Sequoia a fist bump, which he quickly accepted. The two of them just stared at each other for a few minutes, just kind of taking in their victory over overwhelming odds. Then Sammy noticed their company was missing. "Hey Sequoia, did you see where that kid and his digimon went?" "Which one?" "The devil-looking one. Weren't they just standing over there?" "Maybe they couldn't handle our brutal efficiency. I don't know." Sammy just kind of stood there, the utter ruthlessness of her attack against Flygon only now hitting her. "Oh god..." she muttered to herself. "I'm a mon-" "Hey kid, you 'aight?" Sequoia asked his tall friend. "You seem a little out of it." Sammy crutched her face in her hands as she starts to cry. "...I regret everything I regret everything!" Sequoia looked down towards the ground. "...look, kid, it's fine. If you feel like you went too hard well... there's always next time. And that Flygon did nearly kill us..." Sammy nodded. "Yeah, I guess you're right... might as well check up on everyone else."
  12. Madison Yamane In the depths, an ancient beast began to stir. As it awakened from its slumber, the beast opened its maw, letting out a silent roar. It rose to the surface of the water, getting closer and closer until- BEEEEEP! BEEEEEP! BEEEEEP! Madison slapped her alarm clock with her dripping wet arm before dragging her body out of the water. Madison stretched and yawned as her tail retreaded back to its normal stubby state and her head retreated down to its normal height five feet from the ground. Moving over to her bathroom, Madison lazily grabbed her toothbrush and began to brush her sharpened teeth. Madison got somewhat dressed, putting on a pair of board shorts, a t-shirt, and a jacket. She sat down at her desk, not really sure what to do at the moment. She picked up one of the assorted pieces of paper scattered on there, a note from the Celestial Bureaucracy thanking her for her services. Services? she thought to herself. I would have paid to watch over Aômikô! Love that dragon kid so much... "Attention all available S.Y.S. Soulders of Class 2 and higher! Please assemble in the main conference room on floor 99. We will be having a mandatory emergency meeting in the next 30 minutes." Madison snapped out of her thoughts, exclaiming Crap, I'm gonna be late! She grabbed her stuff and bolted down the hall, her legs extending and growing black scales as the deadline became more important in her mind than keeping her Soulverdrive completely in check. Ever so slightly late, Madison leaped into the conference room and into a chair, accidentally knocking over a drink. Sorry I'm la-Oh gods! I'm so sorry about the drink. As she slipped back to normal, Madison grabbed a paper towel from her bag and started to desperately clean up the drink. I'm so sorry about that!
  13. eyes might be too many rps for me at once but interesting
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