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  1. Scout "Welcome to Bekkik, everyone. The best worst place in the Galactic Union" Scout exited the entry hatch of the Janissary, the dry grass crunching under their bare feet. The morning sunlight and warm desert air was quite refreshing to the lycanform, who sat down and began to look around the barren fields that surrounded them. "Well, it's way better than Pluto at least. An actual atmosphere, wildlife, heat, not being examined every minute of the day... this place is great!" Scout watched some small, bug-like creatures scuttling around the edges of the platform with a look of wonder in their eyes. The critters fascinated them, as did the various people walking around the port. Then a pang of thirst hit Scout's throat, and they turned to Oru. "Hey, Oru... do you mind if I head inside the port for a bit?"
  2. I'll be back again, and I'll be ritual again! Haunted Friend of the Outback Requiem
  3. never played Medabots before but I'm interested
  4. me trying to find this forum after years but forgetting the name

  5. Notes taken. I would have her objects work as foci, with each one associated with a school of magic. Otherwise, her magic will be metal-themed.
  6. So my current idea is a kobold (humans with wet noses, whiskers, and digigrade feet) who acts as an occultist from pathfinder, with different objects bringing associated with different types of magic.
  7. Now this is something right up my alley. Time to find the discord link
  8. Alright, my Yugioh rp has an interest check now. I havenโ€™t added in anything mechanical yet, but Iโ€™ll add it tomorrow.

    Also, hereโ€™s the discord:ย https://discord.gg/Fvufygf

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