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  1. Perhaps you lot need some more... motivation. Those who register for monsters in this year's Halloween Masquerade will now receive points after the event for their participation, but the exact amount is still unclear at present.

    1. Chaos Sonic

      Chaos Sonic

      What about the likes/reps for it? xD ...ya know I have to keep attempting to get that to be a thing...lol

    2. Doigt


      yikes, completely forgot about it. Sorry about that. I hope you still got some participants despite this! I'll try to do something next year for halloween, although I'm not sure I like the idea of hiding user identities; I barely know anyone here and I'd rather forge bonds than mysteries with the people here.

  2. This event is starting to look dead on arrival. Let's REANIMATE it! To encourage your participation, members who take up the role of a monster this year will receive compensation in the form of points. The exact amount is still a work in progress.
  3. Surely you haven't already forgotten, we're taking monsters for this year's Halloween Masquerade! See this thread for more details.

  4. Gather round! It's time to set the stage.

    1. Chaos Sonic

      Chaos Sonic

      It's time already? Yeesh....

  5. Ladies. Gentlemen. Mortals. Welcome to the Halloween Masquerade of 2020! I will be your host, and you may simply call me The Necrodancer. And providing this year's entertainment will be... you! You're all invited to visit my crypt for the event of the year, and you don't have the option to refuse! Might as well make yourselves useful and help me conjure up some entertainment while you're down here. But what IS this event, you may wonder? I'll keep the explanation brief. The Halloween Masquerade is an annual event where members are given special permission to create an alternative "monster" account in addition to their main account. From there, these monsters are encouraged to stir up some shenanigans, get people talking, perhaps make a forum game with some point prizes, and create a fun atmosphere. We only get the one major event per year on this forum, so make use of it! But I'm in charge now, and it's high time we did some refurbishing! This year's event comes with two major changes from the usual song and dance. Firstly, the Monster Hunt is being done away with on an official level. Monsters still won't be allowed to blab on about their true identities, of course. If you find yourself wanting to guess at who each monster is played by just for fun, be my guest, but you won't get any prizes for it this year. Second, and more importantly, you're in MY turf now! In this crypt, everything moves to the beat of MY music. That means we won't have every monster running amok at once like you're used to. Instead, every day, only a couple of monsters will be in the spotlight for that day. I'll talk more about that later. Before I get back to the schedule, let's lay down some rules. It would be such a shame if I had to snatch away someone's heart for stepping out of line, after all. 1: At the start of the Masquerade, monsters will be given a sum of points to dole out as they please, though you'll probably be expected to give them out as prizes for a forum game. You are to play fair with these points; no immediately handing them all off to your main account, or using your knowledge of your monster's game to cheat. Have some sportsmanship! 2: Speaking of sportsmanship, don't forget that you are forbidden from abusing your monster account. Giving yourself disproportionate amounts of likes, abusing your monster's wallet like we just discussed, and other such activities will result in getting kicked out of this Masquerade and blacklisted from future ones. 3: Don't tell non-monsters who your monster account is! In the past, we frowned upon telling even other monsters who you are, but in this year's case, with the Monster Hunt shutting down, I encourage it! Everybody loves a good duet, so don't be afraid to get chummy with your fellow monsters and come up with some collaborative efforts. 4: Keeping in line with the above, don't talk about your monster ideas in this thread! If you're interested in signing up, send a PM directly to me instead. There is also a Discord server available for this year's monsters to better network and collaborate. When you submit your request to sign up, speak up on if you want to join that server or not. 5: This year, we're taking in anywhere between 10 and 20 monsters. Ideally, at least 14 of you will step up to the plate. Now, let's reprise that whole "everything moves to my beat" bit. It's very important. On opening night, all monsters will be permitted to do their activities as normal. After that, however, we'll be operating on a new system. Every day, I'll announce a new set of monsters that will take center stage. This will be an opportunity for those monsters to demonstrate just what they can do with a bit of planning and a predetermined timeframe. However, other monsters will be allowed to continue posting in any AMAs or games they've created, and may also operate outside of their scheduled day if it's part of a team project with an active monster. This will all build up into the crescendo that is Halloween itself! On the final day of the event, every monster will be let loose for their final encore, and then it's time to wrap things up. Since I'm a bard and not a time traveler, I can't say what the schedule looks like just yet, but what I can tell you is when the event starts and ends. This thread was put up a couple of weeks early to bring it to everyone's attention, but the event will be starting on October 18th, at 5:00AM GMT. Wrap-up will start on November 1st at 5:00AM GMT, and doors will be forced shut 24 hours later if need be. If you've any questions, post them here so they can be answered!
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