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About Me

I'm Cibryll (pronounced something like "sib-rill"), but I also answer to "Charlie".

I'm a South African girl who loves cats a lot! I have a cat named Genna. :3

I really love playing video games - anything that interests me I also like watching anime (especially Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!; listening to music (mostly from video games, though I do have "normal" songs I like); modding the freeware Cave Story (sometimes with my girlfriends); playing chess (except against myself; then it's pretty boring); and writing (though those tend to be quite messy, haha). Oh, and reading TV Tropes pages.

I have a tendency to be quite verbose, and also tend to have way too many ideas all at the same time - ideas that I usually can't do anything about other than putting them in files on my computer. (Example: over 1,000 fan Pokémon ideas, excluding regional variants. Or over 1,000 fan Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, including absurdly broken ones that have no right even existing, haha.)

I tend to be silly most of the time, but I can be serious as well. My favourite colours are sky blue and black, and I speak Afrikaans and English. I tend to be an optimistic pessimist… or a pessimistic optimist, whichever works. I usually cheat in most of the games I play, though there are games I try to play normally (usually those lacking any cheats whatsoever). I'm also a bit timid… but I'm hoping to overcome that eventually.

I guess that's about it for this section, for now?

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