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  1. That works beautifully, thanks. It's not like I'm loosing important detail by downscaling, so I'm just happy that there's such a simple solution.
  2. Hi there, I noticed some weird pixel problems when uploading certain images, mostly concerning bright white outlines. I tried changing the quality or the format, but I can't seem to get rid of it. I also used several other card creators (which I normally wouldn't want to use 'cause this one is far superior), just to make sure the pictures are not the problem, and they opened the pictures perfectly. Is there any reason you can think of that would cause this or any work-around? To me, it seems like it's caused by some sort of auto-sharpening ... This is the picture I used to test this (which I do not own, by the way, kudos to its creator): https://ibb.co/pZtnHX1. Keep up the great work! ragnaryg
  3. Personally, I would be fine with just the golden letters (it's somewhat of an aesthetic thing ^^) Thank you for considering it and answering that quickly. Yes, I read your comment about stenography, and it sound's awesome - I wish you the best of luck, for I have no idea how to implement it ^^ That would be fantastic, I get why a lot of users would like something like this, and your solution sounds quite clever. As for the "Effect"-problem - I'm not quite sure which two checkboxes came to your mind. Fortunately, I came up with an idea yesterday which worked - Linux can be tricky, but with adding the correct fonts and disabling the prohibition for using them online, along with some driver changes, it seems to magically work ?
  4. Suggestions: -Adding Ultra Rare as a Rarity (at least the golden letters, if possible, I read that the optical effects would be quite hard) - Adding a randomizer for the Serial Number Other than that, I find your card maker absolutely flawless. I have no problem with the "type"-editing (it allows me from Germany to use the German words), and I find it incredibly useful to be able to easily download the .json file. Also a huge thanks for the pendulum-area - to be able to create about any card type with pendulum options really gives way to some cool possibilities. I do have a problem with the fonts when I'm using my laptop, but that's more of an personal hindrance and with the .json-files one that can be easily solved ?
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