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  1. One of my parents' labradors unfortunately passed away.

    She reached a respectable age of 14 years.

    1. LordCowCow


      Sorry to hear it, it can be tough even with the many years I know.

    2. Zamazenta the OS-Tan Fan

      Zamazenta the OS-Tan Fan

      Yeah I know I'm late on this, but damn I feel sorry for you its always sad to lose a loved one. My one of my family members used to have a dog I liked I got very sad when he passed away.

  2. Yemachu

    LV 13?

    This card maker hasn't supported Level/Rank 13. Maybe another card maker supported the option? There is however an offical card that shows Rank 13 (Number iC1000: Numerounius Numeronia). At the time the code was written, there weren't any official cards with that showed such a Rank. Other obligations take up most of my time, so the card maker doesn't sse as much development as it would require.
  3. Been playing around with an AI that turns a "rough" sketch into something better looking.  Progression.png

    Picture shows the initial sketch and a few iterations.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Yemachu


      Try to use colored areas rather than an outline. A more descriptive prompt might also help. Do you want a realistic dragon, or rather a cartoon one?


      Professional digital painting of a cute, chubby dragon with small wings.

      Dragon generations.png

    3. LordCowCow


      Yeah I mostly just threw some old art I tried to do on DS Pictochat cause it's basically only time I ever tried to art lol

      But that's pretty great

    4. Yemachu


      You don't even have to limit yourself to paintings/drawings; You can also turn it into a picture of a plushy.


      High quality photo of a cute, chubby, sitting dragon plushy with small wings

      Dragon plushy.png

  4. Eurovision song contest 2022 has started.

    1. UltimateIRS


      nobody cares

    2. LordCowCow
    3. Yemachu


      "Give that wolf a banana, before it eats my grandma". Interesting song text… though with the various songs in their native language there might be some other weird ones that fly completely under the radar.

  5. Recently came across a site that uses AI to generate images of new "Pokémon".


    1. Cibryll


      Kinda makes me wonder if there's something like that for Yu-Gi-Oh!

    2. Yemachu


      Given there is quite some variation in art styles between different cards (i.e. "Burning Abyss" vs "Live Twin"), I reckon you could just look for AI that generates images.

      • Dall-E generates images based on a prompt, but it requires a subscription. It does provide a 3 month trial period, with a free credit taht is worth about $18.
      • Artbreeder lets you select a few images and have it generate another one based on it, or tweak some parameters (such as age) to create a different image. An account is required, and any image you generate (upload?, not entirely sure; be careful wih copyrighted works) can be used by anyone.

      With some other, more specialized options out there (focussing on creating paintings for example).

      Also once ran into an AI that turns text to speech using famous voices (FakeYou.com), such as: Spongebob, Yami Yugi, Obama, etc. You could recognize the voices, but there was little control over which parts to emphasize.

  6. The "A Hero Rises" banner is live. Despite the banner not having increased odds, the results have been amazing for me so far: Lewyn, Hatari Azura, Thórr, Amelia, Saber, Cyl Eliwood, Cyl Micaiah, Thórr; and that within 16 summons. Currently only missing Byleth from the featured units. Amelia, Saber, Micaiah, and Thórr have been merged. Lewyn will donate "Special spiral" to a unit I have yet to decide on (currently between Riev and Yuri), Eliwood and Azura are my first copies of them and will stick around for collection purposes.
  7. "Vital Astra" is apparently inheritable to infantry sword/lance/axe users. So we now have a inheritable speed scaling special that even grants damage reduction as an additional effect. I wasn't expecting that to be the case when I saw the trailer.
  8. New Pokémon games have been announced, scheduled to release at the end of this year. Seems to be inspired by Spain. Note from cow: When more info comes out make sure to spoiler warning/spoiler tag things
  9. Caeda is the next legendary hero. Seems like she provides stats in addition to being able to be paired up.
  10. Voted for Dagr and Azura, forgot to vote on the remaining days. From the top 8, I only have Edelgard and Corrin. I'm hoping another unit than those wins (for collection purposes), though I wouldn't mind a spare Corrin.
  11. Out of the units I voted for, only Lyon reached the top 20 in their respective division. As for the winners, I wonder how they will handle the next Choose Your Legends now that female Byleth has reached the top two. Usually different iterations of a unit are no longer votable after one of their versions has won. Given their votes are tallied separately, I suppose male Byleth still could have a chance. Though it didn't stop them from booting Flame emperor after Gatekeeper and Marianne won. It could get especially awkward if both versions of Robin/Kris/Corrin would win next round, in the case where male Byleth is dropped. Time will tell.
  12. It is that time of year again where quite a few people celebrate some event or another; often involving either receiving presents, or given them out. Did you get (others) anything? Presents I have received this year include: Dragon shaped slippers A board game Chocolate Some undergarments
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