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  1. Got some very nice results on the Legendary Remix banner on the way to the guaranteed 5⭐ summon (Fire Emblem Heroes):

    • Siegbert: Future King
    • Ryoma: Supreme Samurai
    • Lyon: Demon King
    • Robin: Fell Vessel
    • Hríd: Icy Blade
    • Ephraim: Legendary Lord (guaranteed 5⭐)

    Also got 2 "Knoll: Darkness Watcher", only one more is needed for him to reach +10.

    1. LordCowCow


      I've debated +10ing Knoll mostly because most of the red tomes that are plausible to +10 I don't have much interest in and he was the one I liked most.

    2. Yemachu


      Already had a +10 Lyon, who has a similar stat-line (and preferred weapon), so Knoll doesn't really do anything special for my barracks. Not that it matters; I like the Sacred Stones cast, and he could still be useful for modes like Arena Assault.

      Building a green mage would have been more practical, as I don't have any merged beyond +3 (Boey), but most do not really stand out to me, and the ones that do tend to be 5⭐-exclusive or seasonal. Might finish Boey. Also I'm planning to merge Orochi, but I don't have any copies to merge (yet). And with a bit of luck a nice other option drops soon.

    3. LordCowCow


      I feel that, I try and get some of each type of unit but its sometimes hard to find one that I like and is easy enough to +10

  2. Cannot really give a clear time estimate unfortunately. Some other hobbies and obligations use up a majority of my time.
  3. The issue appears to be part of the card maker. Downscaling in particular. The resolution of the card templates isn't all that high (only 420×610), so images are resized to about 320px². For large images this can be a bit of a problem as all the pixel information does not fit. For now I'd suggest to try resize the image in photoshop/krita/gimp/etc. before using it with the card maker. Those programs provide more control over the result of scaling an image. Future versions of the card maker might support higher resolutions, making this less of an issue. Though I cannot really give a meaningful estimation of when that'll be.
  4. Relatively early in Dragon quest V. There was a fork in the road with the ruins of a town nearby (you'd come from a location in the south at this point in the story), one of your party members has a reason to go west. To the east is a dead-end and a small, uninteresting town you visited before; some plot relevent character have been replaced by generic NPCs. NPCs behind a counter generally have little important information to share (just selling stuff, or asking whether you'd wish to stay at the inn), just serving the purpose of shop or location to heal back up. Of the inns available to your party at this point in the game, the one to the east is the most expensive, and the south the cheapest. All shops have roughly the same items in stock. So, of course, you needed to go north, east, rest at the inn there, and then go west, rather than go north then east. Silly me.
  5. Ability that causes nearby footwear to shrink. Could get uncomfortable for anyone that is not barefoot. With Lego/caltrops it could also become unpleasant for them as well.
  6. (Fire Emblem Heroes:) Got a "Lucina: Brave Princess", "Ike: Brave Mercenary" (4-star focus), "Yarne: Timid Taguel", and "Edelgard: Adrestian Emperor" from the golden week celebration summoning tickets. Very satisfied with those results.

  7. Happy birthday! Thanks for everything you do

  8. This card maker (for now) only supports the creation of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. So you cannot currently switch between the type of edited card. I have thought about adding other types of cards to edit, but those have a low priority and require quite a bit of work. So they won't be added anytime soon.
  9. A colleague recently linked a cool AI that performs speech synthesis using famous voices such as Spongebob, Yami Yugi, Sonic, etc: vo.codes

    So you can make them say anything you want, though the quality sometimes leaves something to desired.

    1. Horu


      Go to Neil DeGrasse Tyson and make him say "I'm Batman". You'll actually realize he has a voice that makes you believe anything he says. ?

  10. Smash Bros: Havent't played Xenoblade, so I'm indifferent to the new Smash fighter (Mythra/Pyra). Though I like them better than Mincraft (and duck hunt duo's attacks) in the sense that their style fits in better wih the rst of the roster. Legend of Zelda: Unfortunately no new information about Breath of the wild 2. HD Skyward sword remake is nice I suppose, but Splatoon 3: More customization options for your Ink-/Octoling are nice. Sort of curious about what happened to "Paris", but I have a feeling we won't ge tmuch information about it. Salmonid pet is sort of cute.
  11. It is neither an oversight nor intentionally missing. It is more a point of not having taken the time to create the pendulum border for skill cards and adding it to the card maker. And this is the first request about it that I have seen, so it never actually felt like there was a need. Similarly, there is no non-Pendulum Unity template, but we don't have enough information about how that would look. So that has a slightly different reason.
  12. There is not really a type that I like way over another; my preference is a bit all over the place between Steel, Dragon, Fairy, Water and Bug. Though I tend to favor special and mixed attackers over purely physical ones.
  13. Happy new year! 

    1. LordCowCow


      Happy New Year Captain Card Maker!

    2. Nyx


      Happy Year New

  14. (Genshin Impact:) The Acquainted Fates from levelling up characters, as part of v1.2, yielded me my second Diluc. (The first one was a weird looking Klee.)

    1. yui


      I Leveled Everyone To Get Acquaint Fates And All I Got Was This Lousy Skyward Spear

    2. Yemachu


      With only Xiangling and Zhongli as currently playable characters that wield spears, you don't really have much use for spears; especially when you consider that the latter is not available anymore (for the foreseeable future). So it is understandable that you aren't too hyped about the gear.

    3. yui


      i have zhongli and he's my main unit, but i build him dps despite everything and i've already invested into a crescent pike. but hey it's cool to have it i guess. now i can have two legendary weapons i never use :'D

  15. Trying to get either a Halloween Tiki & Ninian, or Halloween Grima hasn't been going well so far. 2 Selkies, and a Gatrie have shown up instead.

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