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  1. Remember when Galarian Saizo said to tell him they were joking and Saizo said, "Yes, I'm well known for my japes, aren't I?"


  2. Came across this looking through old anime screenshots:




  3. Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War Super Mario World Super Castlevania IV
  4. What's wrong with putting a stick of ice in a can of soda (after taking a sip of course, so that it won't fizz too much)? I find it makes it more consumable.

    1. Chiri Bedhead

      Chiri Bedhead

      No one was wondering, but the reason I said this is Nico questioned it when I was doing this and my answer at that time was something like, "It is a thing that can be done."

  5. Yesterday, had some feesh tacos from a burrito place. Was pri good-nya.
  6. Is this ever happening again?


    1. LordCowCow


      damn called out

    2. Nico
  7. I won't stop using Windows for personal reasons, so I don't need another OS. This is all I have to say. It just be like that sometimes.
  8. I really enjoy the saying "Second and foremost."

  9. What I was saying was I don't actually need that feature, but I ended up switching my mobile browser to Edge, so I will be using it for now. The ad blocker I've been using on desktop for years is Ublock Origin, so I've just continued with that. Too bad about that thing about mobile. Those look cool, but I have no interest in switching OS.
  10. I have Microsoft Edge to thank (due to split screen) for showing me when the YouTube Music site is in a smol inaff window, it morphs into the mobile version. Works in other browsers-pri.

    1. Chiri Bedhead

      Chiri Bedhead

      P.S. If you do this in split screen and exit split screen without changing the size back so it goes back to desktop version, a lot of buttons on the site disappear. Can be fixed by going back and doing what I just said I didn't do-pri.

    2. Zamazenta the OS-Tan Fan

      Zamazenta the OS-Tan Fan

      Very True that is why Microsoft Edge is good it has tons of other features that are really good.

  11. I thought what was keeping me from switching was mobile, but not really since I don't think I actually need any of my mobile bookmarks on PC and I can just keep all of my PC bookmarks on mobile. I've never used synched tabs either, so in the end they don't have to be the same browser. I tried Firefox again (Tuesday to Thurday), but just could not because whenever I would scroll by clicking the middle mouse button (either holding or pressing) it would stop scrolling all on it's own (wasn't doing that in Chrome and isn't currently doing that in Edge). Short explanation for why it is necessary is I can't use physical scrolling with my mouse wheel and I prefer middle clicking over clicking the scroll bar on the right. And now I'm currently trying Edge, as you could have guessed with the above. I have never done that because I switched to Chrome before it existed. No problems at all so far. Tried several other browsers on mobile, but I don't think I'll switch that one.
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