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  1. I liked it but somewhere along the way it lost me, 8/10 though
  2. Melissa vs Rei "Tch, running off, what a pain." Rei had an idea of the layout of this area. She wasn't the one who programmed the battlefields in but she had specified a few things. Honestly she only added the building to mix it up yet now that it seemed her opponent was heading right for it she was regretting it. "I was hoping she'd just stay put, but guess I got to get a move on." She proceeded to essentially swing from tree to tree underneath the cover of the canopy. Just high enough to be able to make out the form of the...whatever that thing was that was holding Melissa. It took some effort but she managed to pull a bit ahead. Bracing herself in the boughs of a sturdy tree she looked up at the approaching flying thing. - As the angel streaked across the sky it would feel something grab onto it. More specifically feel two of its arms being gripped by the elbow and pulled back in the direction of the forest floor. The force behind it was similar to that of the blow from earlier so it was logical to assume it came from the same source. It gripped its arms tight and yanked back. As though trying to bring it down closer to the trees. Fen vs Kelsey "Heh, you got me there, not too bad. But you know, I don't really think you're putting enough into it." Kelsey smirked as she shook some hair from her face. "Then again I guess I wasn't really either. So how about I just go all out for the rest of this." The girl boost herself into the air again but didn't fire on Fen right away. Instead there was a glow that surrounded her and her entire body became encased in some sort of armor. When she spoke again her voice was a bit muffled, and hollow, but Fen could still hear her clearly. "Alright, let's do this, Scrapmaker Full Throttle mode engaged!" After saying this she dashed forward. Instead of firing her weapon the girl lowered a shoulder and rammed it into Fen. Pushing her back before dashing to the side and bringing one of her weapons up and firing once more. ...However before she could fire there was an explosion under Kelsey's feet. A short pillar of flames engulfed her for a moment. When it settled Fen could hear the girl laughing. "I can't believe I forgot about the mines! That was the whole point of coming here! Ah, well, let's try that again!" She then would attempt to fire her weapon at Fen though with less speed as before due to the interruption.
  3. Overall enjoyable song, some very good bits, 8/10
  4. Even with just 4 nominations still managed to get two of mine against each other, that's some skill
  5. Nostalgic, but not first song I relate to the movie. Still very fun, 7.5/10
  6. That'd be good, it'll probably be a week or two before I can actually start it Oh my god that was so good the beginning was perfect and hype. 9/10
  7. Well that was surprising. But super fun song, almost feels too intense for long periods but very fun overall, 8.5/10 atm maybe when I hear it in-game it'll grow on me even more
  8. 33 is such an icky number if you didn't already get the rounds randomized and such you can remove my last one added it since it looked like wouldn't get to 32 for a bit
  9. Song feels like its going in slow motion, but is still good despite that feeling sorta weird, 8/10
  10. That second panel is way too cute And the last two give off incredible Gay Energy
  11. Fun song, something unpleasant about it I can't put my finger on, 7.5/10
  12. It might have to do with sizing of the stars? Since 12 fills most of it it'd have to be squished down but I can't say for certain. @Yemachu am I accurate?
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