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  1. Round 2 is now also over! Round 3 will only be one wave cause 16 left, will likely put them up tomorrow. Those going through are as follows Fun fact, one "filler" is still in this
  2. only video of this i could find don't mind the copyright protection foreground or w/e i said they were magic, well, that whole stage just sort of...appeared before her performance
  3. I liked it a lot, ending bits left something to be desired, 8.5/10
  4. I feel the slower stuff isn't her forte, but I really liked the chorus, 8/10
  5. "You got heart, Dracona! I like that!" Sabrina jumped at the sudden contact from the man, tensing up as she hadn't expected it, before giving him a shaky smile. "Um...thanks! Ahaha...I just, it's how I felt and...yeah." She, not as subtly as she may have hoped, took a few steps to the side and away from the boisterous man in the hopes he didn't decide to go in for a hug or something next. On the plus side it meant she hadn't had to answer the question of "what is a hero". Which, honestly, how could she answer that? A hero was a hero was a hero. If he didn't know, well, then she wouldn't be able to just tell him. “So part of her gift, is likely our revival… Though whether that means here, as we are now, or in our world remains to be understood…” Those words gave Sabrina pause. Revival? In our world? But they had just come to a new exciting world, would they really be sent back after all this was done? If that was the case, what would Sabrina do after returning? She shook her head as though she could get rid of the thought by doing so and focused again on what River was saying. There was an oddly...video game-y feel to the task they had. Maybe this was actually the world of some game she didn't know about? That sort of thing happened sometimes in anime though usually it was one the characters were playing. The thought from before, having not been dislodged by her shaking, started to sneak back as she wondered what would happen when they 'beat this game' as it were. River seemed set to leave which conflicted the young girl. She wanted to know more, so much more, but she also didn't feel comfortable forcing them to stay there much longer when they probably had other things to do. So she saw them off with a smile, "It was nice to meet you!" Then, with some reluctance, she joined the others by the door. Staying as far away as possible from the angry girl Sabrina greeted the two with enthusiasm. "I'm Sabrina! Hero of the highest grade! No need to fear anymore because I am here!" She glanced at the others and muttered, "a-and, them too, probably..." If the doctor didn't know what a hero was...she was going to have to just show him herself.
  6. Chris's movements seemed to, while not necessarily confuse the skeletons as he couldn't be sure they had enough mental ability to be confused, make it harder for the skeletons to actually attack him. The one with the weapon that he hooked fell towards the floor and it's skull shattered as it landed. Though it didn't seem to be immobile yet. The creature started to blindly swing its sword from a seated position. Which wouldn't be so dangerous if not for the fact that it was near enough to swing right at Chris's legs regardless of accuracy. The other skeleton was about to lunge for Chris but Robin's magical shot struck its side and the flaming ball created enough force to smash the ribs and arm on its right side to pieces. Though Chris, being near the blast, would also feel some of the flickering flame nearly burn him. The skeleton wobbled forward in Chris's direction though it seemed it could barely hold itself together anymore. Ziun's swipes of his blade may not have had much power behind them but the rapid strikes weakened the bones of the skeleton's legs enough that they couldn't easily support the creature. Causing it to crash down towards the floor. Despite this the skeleton seemed unfazed at having had its legs cut off and grabbed onto Ziun's own legs. It dug its bony fingers into them and began to yank at the bard in an attempt to pull him down with it. While Estelle's magic was hectic and not concentrated the distance with which she used it and the power behind it managed to shatter a hole in the skeleton's chest. Breaking apart not only the sternum but also part of the spine and many of the ribs. There was now a gaping hole in the middle of the skeleton. Oddly enough despite the bones not having much attaching each other it still held together for a couple moments before the strange purplish haze faded away and it collapsed in a heap of inanimate bones. Though Estelle's worries weren't over as the other two that had been approaching were finally nearly upon her.
  7. I don't remember it but that doesn't mean it's not a repost 7.5/10, it's fun(ky), once over the initial interest sorta levels out
  8. Hm, its weird cause it seems it's bad but intentionally so? Just based on how enjoyable it sounded, 7.5/10
  9. strange choice of image but huh I guess that makes sense always annoying to google image something and it's from FB kinda neat tbh, 7/10
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