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  1. Fish, Fen, and Fun If Fen had any idea what an aquarium was perhaps she would be surprised by how the building looked as they approached it. As it stood she had no reason to think it looked any different than any other aquarium however it still was a striking design. The building itself looked to be a giant penguin statue. It was two floors high though evidentially by the digital map they could download inside many of the tanks and exhibits were actually underground. In fact the upper floors seemed to be mostly gift shops, employee areas, spots for food, and other such places. After Kelsey paid, insisting on it without letting Fen get a word in otherwise, for their passes they were directed into a tunnel that gently sloped downwards and curved continuously like a huge spiral staircase without steps. This tunnel itself was part of the exhibit. As the walls looked to be made of some sort of glass and they could see a wide variety of colorful fish on their way to the main portion of the aquarium. At the bottom of the tunnel they found themselves in a massive underground room. Separated not by walls but by various rectangular and cube shaped sections of the same type of glass with different sea-life inside. "So, Fen." Kelsey said, slipping closer to stand next to her. "I don't actually know what fish are like where you're from, but I bet there's plenty here you've never seen before. I remember last time I saw this shark that zipped around leaving a rainbow behind it. Think they called it a Neon Shark or somethin'."
  2. Sabrina started up the steps but a nagging thought gave her pause. Should she wait for the others? What if they had gone the other way should she return back and find them? Sabrina had gone off on instinct without giving it much thought but as she took a few steps up she started to question herself. However just the idea of going back sheepishly after having run off like that was embarrassing enough. She would have to explain why she had just left and, worse, explain that she had gotten nervous and turned back around. That was NOT something a true chosen one would do. And so she continued up the stairs. After some time she noticed a door on the side leading off to the next floor but, shaking her head, she continued past it. "There is still more up to go and so up it is." she muttered to herself. Once she reached the top and found another door she decided to open it up and step inside. It looked like she was at the top of some sort of tower, perhaps of the watching variety. It was somewhat disappointing to the girl as she had expected some sort of treasure or throne room or perhaps she would find the room of a kidnapped princess, ignoring what she had been told of the lack of such things, but instead it was a fairly small tower that didn't have much in it. Well, besides the hog-like Drengr that was standing in the middle of it and looking at her. The beast-man was holding a halberd and appeared to have been alerted by her having opened the door. For a brief moment she considered just backing away and closing the door but then she realized that this creature might alert the rest. Which could cause problems for the others still inside the castle. "Hear me, foul creature! You have the misfortune of running afoul of the legendary Draconis! Face my vast power and tremble!" Channeling her magic before her Sabrina dramatically thrust her hand forward and let loose a stream of fire at the beast. The boar, having expected her to approach it, was caught by surprise as the fire engulfed it. It snorted angrily at her as it flailed about and dropped its weapon. The creature looked enraged, much like a feral hog, as it charged right for her with its tusks lowered. Sabrina took a few steps inside as it approached and summoned her scythe. She held it low and met the boar partway, slashing upwards and to the right. Unfortunately the attack did not work as it did in the games as the scythe couldn't get past its metallic armor so easily. Thankfully she avoided being gored but the boar did push her into the wall. Close enough that she could feel the heat from the beast's metal armor. Struggling, Sabrina managed to raise up a leg and place a foot on the Drengr. With a grunt and a "Get....off!" she used her wind magic. Instead of 'jumping' she pushed herself into the wall, which hurt but nothing debilitating, and she blasted the Drengr backwards where it fell, unmoving, to the ground.
  3. I never watch things as they air so I won't be watching this season stuff for a while Dungeon Meshi is the big one though. And the Oomuro-ke and Haikyuu movies. There's some others might be interested in both those are the "I will absolutely watch"
  4. Damien was looking quite beaten up. He had taken several heavy blows in his reckless barrage of attacks. And yet he didn't have much to show for it. Lucas had a few injuries but none that seemed to be slowing him down much. Still the swordsman continued to press the attack without concern for how well it was working. Though he was surprised when Lucas managed to knock aside his blade instead of having to dodge it. He was seconds away from being grabbed by the head and had to roll and tumble away to avoid it. "Don't think I don't see what you're doing. All I need is a moment opening and this will be finished, boy, and then I can tear apart your new pack with ease." Damien knew he couldn't waste time replying and simply went in again. Pan was breathing heavily. His interference had just barely made it in time to help Ryia but he was certainly overdoing it. Having cast so many spells in such quick succession it was almost as though he was running out of air to breath. His vision went black for a moment and when everything came back into view he saw that Cym had been pinned down. The lycan was battered. More so from the rocks out of nowhere that had struck him every time he nearly struck the girl but there were several scorched patches on his body where the girl had landed hits. Still he had kept the offense on enough that they hadn't been able to land a decisive killing blow and, despite being pelted by rocks, he now had the girl's throat in hand and was prepared to dig his claws into her soft flesh. Suddenly something flew in towards him and he caught a gout of fire into his face. Snarling he blindly swung one arm and struck whatever it was, sending it flipping off to the side and saved from landing hard on the ground by a gust of wind from Pan. The instinctive spell taking the mage's attention off the lycan and Cym for a moment. Madelyn and Keres had managed to slow the lycan down enough to stop his attack. However as it was only delayed it still pressed on. And this time the other lycan that had been approaching had caught up. Now Lindow was faced with a lycan coming from the front and back at the exact same time without any time to react. They would have been upon him in moments, and even he wouldn't have been able to dodge all of their attacks unscathed. However before they reached him Lindow saw himself covered in a dome of light which the lycans crashed into. The beasts howled in pain as they hit the solid light but it seemed to only enrage them as they brought their claws down against the barrier. It shattered soon after and the shock of having her spell, which had been hastily constructed and forcibly created, destroyed in such a manner seemed to cause the girl to pass out. Keres reacted immediately, sending a small wave of water to knock the lycan behind Lindow off its feet. However she wouldn't be fast enough to stop the wounded lycan from attacking again with claw and fang.
  5. Team JAA/AJA/AAJ “I'll... get out of your hair then, ma’am,” Anneliese leaned in towards Anima as the girl backed off. "Excuse me but is there something the matter?" She asked. "Did this woman cast some sort of spell? You seemed to be having trouble with speaking properly..." The girl's attention kept being torn from concern over Anima to curiosity of what the woman and Jacklyn were talking about. Eventually though Jacklyn asked something that drew the girl's attention and she stepped closer. "well, uh, what's a 'professor' then?" This, too, was something she was wondering. She had heard the term, and had met Sinnoh's professor, as well as the young woman who was meant to eventually take his place when he retired, but he didn't actually know what it was that they did. This woman seemed as confused by the question as Jacklyn was asking it. "Huh? I...wait really? Can't believe I'm explaining...well, whatever. We research Pokemon. Usually with some specific focus in mind. For the record mine was the culture of Pokemon. But really that's just a fancy way to differentiate between us in general we all do more or less the same things...well, we're supposed to. For instance I raised the Pokemon used to give to trainers starting out and made sure that the Pokedex was updated for this region." She sighed. "Pain in the neck that was, computers are such a hassle..." She paused as she glanced at Anneliese. "What is it? You look like you've got something to say." "Oh, well it's just...." Anneliese blushed a little. "I suppose I am simply surprised. I thought outcasts were all short bearded old men or gruff woodcutters or wicked witches with pointed noses and weirdly colored skin..." The professor stared at Anneliese for a few moments before simply replying, "huh?" Team QN “We will keep an eye out for Team Phoenix. But if the champion is missing, how can Pokémon challenges be completed? I would hate for my and Nathaniel’s journey to be cut off so soon.” "Oh sorry did I worry you! No no that's not it at all. See, our Champion used to go around making sure things were running right and without them, well, things are a lot more hectic these days. But the league still goes on. It just operates like it did when choosing the first champion I suppose. I don't know all the details, never been much for gyms and the like, but if you can beat the Elite Four you can have a crack at becoming the new Champion. Boy, wouldn't that be something. Someone I met at the start of their journey becoming a Champion...." The young man's mind seemed to drift for a bit before an alarm went off. "Oh! That's right, breakfast, don't want that to burn especially not after you two went outta your way to help. I'll get that set up right quick and you can ask me whatever you want." He glanced outside and shook his head. "I'll have to pack up some for Bobby, he's probably not gonna stop till he's fixed everything that got broke..."
  6. Shout out to @Tormented for paying for this site which doesn't do much of anything for him.

    Given a certain other site is being filled with bots I'm even more appreciative than before.

    Even if not many people are around it's still nice to have this place.

    1. Tormented


      Thank you! I'm just happy people still come here day to day and feel like it's a place they want to spend their time. Even if it's just a little. Thanks for keeping an eye on things ❤

  7. And so the 3DS polls are over! In 4th place, too much water, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! In 3rd place, too much warping, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia In 2nd place, poor Zygarde, Pokemon X and Y And in 1st place, it deserved more from me than one tournament and a world of fanboys, Fire Emblem Awakening! Was interesting how dominant the game was honestly.
  8. I liked this game so I wanna try bumping it and see if it can get going again
  9. A priest, a ghost, and an adventurer walk into a church... The priest took notice when Lana brought up the dungeon and the monsters within. It seemed that something was troubling him about that. However that was when he noticed the fallen candles and turned his attention to that and he moved over to pick it up. "I'll...pay for it if it's...broken...no worries..." When Lana said this he turned back to her and smiled. "No, no need. It's nothing that important nor do I think it's damaged enough to replace." He chuckled again. "A church as small as ours tends to keep dinged up things such as these even when they are far more damaged you see." He glanced at Anna and noticed the girl's eyes had been wandering off towards the back of the church, where the cemetery was, and he shook his head. "Anna, it's much to late to be playing around in there. You should be heading back home you know." He paused and looked at Lana. "Well, after you finish talking with your new friend." He said the last word with a hopeful glint in his eyes. "Your mother has been waiting for you to return and I can only keep her from coming to drag you off for so long." Yet another chuckle followed. The priest, after righting the candelabra, began to go again. He paused next to Lana and said quietly. "I appreciate you talking with her, just be careful not to put any dangerous ideas in her head." He smiled after and then, unless Lana had something to say to or ask of him, would continue on. Even after he left Farah seemed to not return, and Anna gazed off towards the cemetery with her head tilted to the side.
  10. 24 hours left in the finals for the 3DS Polls

  11. honestly the best previews are the ones that don't give you information
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