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  1. lyrics made me laugh when I realized, pretty fun song, 8/10
  2. Sounds nice but pretty, idk, dull, 6/10
  3. It should not have been extended, it overstayed its welcome imo was into it at first, 6.5/10
  4. Dierks Bentley wow that's a name haven't heard in a while I remember this song, I actually really like it, 8.5/10
  5. Shawn wasn't a stranger to getting caught in the rain. This didn't mean he enjoyed it in the slightest. He wasn't exactly dressed for it but at least he didn't have much with him to get soaked anyway. Something something clouds something silver lining right? "Whatta stupid saying what does it matter what a cloud is lined with not like you can get to it anyway." Shawn grumbled to himself and flinched as he looked around. He didn't like being in a crowd and the last thing he wanted was to draw attention as the weirdo who was talking to himself. Thankfully most people seemed to be either more concerned about the rain or being distracted by someone who was way too excited in this weather. That guy had come up to him earlier with the biggest smile and the dumbest questions. When Shawn had mentioned he came from Galar, no way he was going to talk about his even more disastrous first home, the guy's immediate response had been, “Galar? Is it true that the Pokemon there are 100 feet tall?” "Yeah sure and our Pokeballs are the size of cars. No of course they ain't that big that's just when they Dynamax." Thankfully the guy went off to talk to someone else not long after that and Shawn was left to his own thoughts. Okay, maybe that wasn't so thankful. It wasn't long before Shawn began to wonder if they were being tricked. Maybe this was some sort of TV show and there were thousands of people right now laughing at the dumb kids who decided to stand around outside a warehouse in the rain because a piece of paper told them to. What even were they there for? Why the heck did Shawn care about some task some professor in some weird region wanted them to do? He had half a mind to just up and leave. "We've been standing around for almost two hours, and the assistant still hasn't arrived. So I vote we just leave and start our journey now." Until someone suggested just that. The moment that the guy voiced the thought that Shawn had only internalized he could only respond in one way. "That's really stupid." It had come out so naturally despite that he himself had the thought seconds ago that Shawn wondered if there was some sort of deep seated psychological issue at play there. ...Yeah maybe the rain was making him even more negative than usual. His casual remark was drowned out by both the rain and by the much more...noticeable woman who had responded to the suggestion. The heck is trench-foot? Sounded like some obscure Poison Pokemon ability or something. Whatever the case the things she was saying was just making him even more paranoid. The more he thought about it the more this seemed like one big prank. Maybe this was some kind of special event that this region held to mess with people for their entertainment. After all this place was locked down most of the time right? The more this thought solidified itself the more on edge Shawn got. Until finally he blurted out, "This professor's gotta have a number right? Or an office or lab with one? Anyone got a phone? If you don't want to call em give it to me and I'll give them an earful for ya."
  6. It's kinda clever but honestly it sorta...annoyed me more than anything? 5.5/10
  7. 8/10 heck yeah 6.5/10 it feels way too slow for me honestly
  8. I love how chaotic energy this is but also that's the negative too somehow 7.5/10
  9. Team JAA/AJA/AAJ "I like your enthusiasm Anneliese, but we got fishing rods to fish with! Maybe we can try using our bare hands later though, I haven't tried that before either." "Goodness bare hands? Do you mean there are people who cannot even afford to get a fishing rod and must do it with their hands?" She began to imagine someone trying to grapple with an Octillery and began to giggle before being interrupted by a sneeze. "Oh my, it's a bit chilly isn't it?" Anneliese said, paying no mind to the fact that she was currently wet. She did however wring out her hat before checking to see what the others were doing. The two of them were some distance apart and they couldn't look any different. Anima was relaxed and still while Jacklyn was rather animated. Neither of them had yet caught anything so Anneliese looked between them and wondered which one might be doing it correctly. She thought to ask Anima but as she started that way she stopped herself. There was something about Anima's face that prevented Anneliese from interrupting her. It reminded her of when her mother would sit in the study and listen to music. Anneliese knew that wasn't a face that wanted to be talked to at the moment. So she turned to Jacklyn but stopped as well. She was moving around so much that Anneliese wondered if she wouldn't fall in if distracted. So after some consideration Anneliese moved somewhere between them and cast a line. Or tried to, anyway, as she ended up getting it caught on the pier at first. Once she managed to actually get it into the water she found herself soon growing antsy. Not quite in the way that Jacklyn was but still she felt like she should be doing something. Still not wanting to get in the way of the others she sent out her newly caught Rookidee. "Good day to you, do you know how to fish?" She asked it, filling the silence with her own voice. Eleanora looked at Anneliese for a moment then turned their beak away. However soon after she gave a short nod and Annelise clapped her hands together, almost dropping the rod as she forgot it was there, "oh truly? How delightful. Perhaps you can help me catch something then!" As the trio fished they might eventually start to feel something. As if someone was watching them from a distance. Team BQN The Malamar was suddenly buffeted from one side and then the other. With wind and water both. The two hits came at different times so as soon as it was about to react to the first the latter struck it. It let out an angry cry as the bubbles splashed over its body. Something strange happened then. The bubbles seemed to cling to the Malamar despite most having popped which would normally indicate that perhaps its secondary effect was slowing it down but when it moved next it was faster than before. The Malamar targeted Cassiopeia with another Hypnosis attempt before Arthur managed to bite down and chomp on it. Much like before Arthur clung onto the Malamar and also much like before it went for a Tackle attack. However this time it went for Peat instead. With or without Arthur still attached the Pokemon flung itself swiftly at the water bear Pokemon.
  10. Anthem (or The Anthem) 9/10 whoa I really liked that, ngl the screams felt out of place though.
  11. It was not but oh no lmao 6.5/10 not bad honestly though got boring at times Still not a fan, 4/10
  12. I can think of one title that'd be really easy to find a lot for anyway 7/10 I didn't dislike it but didn't find myself too into either
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