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  1. Erica Merlin smirked at Erica's embarrassment. "Oh what is this then? I must thank you for giving me such a lovely sight." He put a finger to his temple and thought over what she had just said. Food continued to soar overhead but, Erica would notice, none of them seemed to get close to the boy and his group. In fact some of them seemed to even change course as they neared him as though actively avoiding the house leader. "Well, I'd love to let in someone as beautiful as you in right now but...sadly there's rules even I have to follow. But lucky for you the sign ups will be happening soon. You'll have to take an itsy bitsy test before you can be let in but...I'm sure you'll be able to handle it." He winked at her. "Now, if I'm not mistaken...I'm going to be rather distracted in about 3, 2, 1...." Kansuke and Vivian Amethyst looked up at Vivian who was offering her a hand and frowned. "Does this mean I have to go somewhere?" She let out a small sigh and grabbed onto Vivian's hand. The girl would notice how small the girls hands were compared to her own and, with them all standing, it was clear how incredibly short the girl was. Amethyst looked over at the crowd and gave a dreamy smile "It happens every year..." She didn't elaborate on this as she let Vivian lead her wherever they were going to next. However after a few moments of moving Amethyst paused, looked towards the door, and said "Mm, it'll be done in a bit I bet. I just hope he doesn't get hit in the meantime." She lazily lifted her stuffed animal. And as though putting a target on the thing a barrage of fruits came soaring towards the small group. "Ah. Is this what you meant?" Amethyst said to Vivian. Kelsey and Stella Kelsey gladly took the water from Stella. "Thanks. She's a lot tougher than I thought." The girl seemed both excited and annoyed by this fact as once as she drank some of the water. Before pouring the rest over her face. Making her hair, face, and shirt wet in an attempt to cool off. How she did that while wearing pumpkins on her fists was anyone's guess. She was about to stop Stella from getting too close but couldn't help but be amused at seeing the girl swing the fish at Tor. The tiger-girl didn't seem very impressed and was geared up to bat the fish down but only caught air as the fish went off to the side. Despite herself Tor looked over for a second and when she looked back she was getting water across her face as well. Though unlike Kelsey this wasn't her intention. Tor blindly swung her meat at Stella but was intercepted by Kelsey rushing over and knocking it to the side. She cocked her fist back to go for a punch to the girl's face. Then Tor's eyes flicked over to the side and she sighed "Oh, come on." She muttered. Which gave Kelsey pause. Everyone As Vivian closed the door and started to walk away she saw the vice-principal approaching with swift but measured footsteps. A look of anger on her face. Behind her was a tall, serious looking, student. The vice principal only glanced at Vivian before continuing on. The student's gaze lingered much longer though it also seemed entirely devoid of emotion despite the intensity. Meanwhile the vice principal burst the door open and stepped inside the warzone. She pulled out a small device from a pocket, if anyone were close enough they might be able to make out "mini-megaphone" printed on it, and her voice boomed out. "Everyone. STOP!" As soon as she did all of the second and third years halted in their tracks. The first years continued on for a few moments but even they trailed off after they realized what their seniors were doing. They all turned towards her and caught the fury in her gaze. "This is entirely UNACCEPTABLE" she started to pace back and forth. "You are meant to represent the galaxy's finest pilots and this is what you do given a moment of freedom? I should have you all hu- er, expelled for this!....But given this is only the first week, and the principal has told me to be.....nice, I will just say this is the last straw for each and every one of you!" She took a deep breath and then "House Leaders, come with me. You will tell me exactly how this mess started."
  2. Madelyn pouted at the reaction, or rather lack thereof, that the group gave to the building. She had hoped for them to be impressed but it seemed they didn't even care! "uh...well, I guess if we need someone to stay over with her then, uh...Well, I'm fine with it." "Don't say it like it's a chore." Madelyn complained. "You should be happy to get to stay here. Especially if you intend to staying with me. Which, by the way, you haven't even asked me yet. Talk about rude." She blew some hair out of her face and crossed her arms. Reinaan then interjected and, again, gave Madelyn the impression they were doing this out of practicality instead of desire. "I don't think you all understand just how grand this place is compared to the rest. It has a hot spring. Hot. Spring. Nowhere this far from the volcanoes have such a thing." Reinaan then announced he was heading off and she threw her hands up. "Oh fine whatever." She looked at Ryia and Keres and, seemingly combining the two of them into one, pointed to them both and gestured for her to follow. "You're coming with me." She stated. Keres gave Ryia a look that, while blank, had a sense of surprise about it. She was reluctant yet resolved and after a moment of hesitation followed along after Madelyn into the inn. The inside which seemed to be covered in carpeting, a rarity in these parts, and as they walked they noticed workers moving to clean said carpet as they went. Said workers, as well as some other people who were no doubt staying there, looked almost appalled at the others that followed Madelyn in. Though when they saw the light mage they cringed and decided not to bother. Damien cast a side-long glance at Lindow. "Notice she didn't invite us to follow? What do you think captain diplomat, thinking about checking the place out?" --- Reinaan's quest was marginally more difficult than he'd hoped. He couldn't see scale nor tail of any other Draken through his initial search. He couldn't, of course, sweep the entire city but it seemed his kind were not common in this area. He did get plenty of people pointing him out though likely because of this. Though they didn't seem to be frightened or surprised, given how used to minotaurs many of them were, and instead they seemed curious. Finally he found someone who may know something or two about strength. He was a rather large human. With muscles bigger than his bald head. The man was shirtless and seemed to be hammering in fence posts with a gloved hand alone. When Reinaan approached to ask about minotaurs he turned to him and Reinaan saw the pencil-thin mustache on his face and equally thin eyebrows were the only hair on the man's body that the young Draken could see. "Fight a minotaur you say? Why would you go and do that? Well...supposing you do....and not saying I have. I'm a law-abiding citizen. No drunk brawls for me no no no." He seemed very intent on stressing this fact as his eyes darted over towards an uninterested man who seemed to be overseeing the work. "The thing is. They're natural fighters. Give em a weapon and there's not much you can do to stop em...But they don't see so good you know. So long as you don't get hit well, not much they can do to ya then!" His proud expression faded quickly and he reiterated "Not that I've fought anyone ever before."
  3. I think I get they were going for something here but 3/10
  4. I listened to it like twice and didn't get much out of it, 5/10
  5. "well, it's important to find your friends and family right? And you really want to find her right Sienna? So we gotta keep looking! After all, she's all by herself right now and the longer we wait the harder it'll be to follow her!" He was afraid she'd say that. "Right, yes, I suppose there's our answer then." Gunther said reluctantly. He wasn't sure how much farther he could go at this rate. This worry grew stronger as he dragged his armored self up an incline that got steeper and steeper until he was starting to grow concerned that he would end up falling backwards and rolling down like a wagon wheel down a hill. Thankfully he managed to make it to the top. Only to discover that the girl intended for them to jump down into the muddy bank below. The girl's reassurance that she would be able to get him back up didn't do anything to soothe his concerns. The Knight stared down at where he would have to jump and then looked back at his two companions. "I, erm...I don''t know if this is such a good idea after all." He hesitated. Not wanting to seem a coward but even more so not wanting to break something or get stuck after jumping. "I'm not sure I can keep going from here..." Penelope had a finger on her chin and her eyes darted back and forth as her mind worked over the information she was presented with. So the man seemed just a fool, and it looked as though the villagers simply let him be, but there was something that the mayor had been about to say. Why would it be bad to ignore him? She very much doubted that he was any manner of lord as he claimed and yet...the man was so ludicrous she couldn't help but wonder what his angle was. Why would he come here specifically? It could simply be because he had some money and believed that he could use that to live out his fantasy among "common folk". And yet... The rest of the conversation she didn't care much about. Edrick's mysterious horse thief was interesting, for sure, but it didn't really have much to do with them. Of course if they ran across them she'd help but other than that it was his quest. She wasn't surprised to find out the mayor knew about tea. From what she could tell he lived much more opulently than one would expect. Which made her even more curious what his relation with Pylauses. "Sir mayor." She began. "Do you ever think this Pylauses is attempting to pull a ruse over you? After all, you live quite...well for a village such as this. I wouldn't doubt you have the occasional con-man attempting to take advantage." The princess decided to tackle the issue as though she was concerned about him. It was true the mayor was also full of suspicious activity so perhaps he would let something slip if she came to him as someone concerned rather than someone suspicious.