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  1. BGM What separates a dream from reality? Is it the unusual nature, the impossibility, of a dream that crosses it from reality into fiction? What then do you do when something impossible happens in your waking world? Does reality then become a dream? And then, in that case, does that mean the dream is now reality? All you heard was four words. "I need your help." All you saw was darkness. At least that was the only way you could process what you saw before you. The pit that was entirely empty. Not just empty. Devoid of existence. Pure nothingness. You didn't have time to feel fear, or anticipation, or anything at all. Yet you had no idea how long you were in that nothingness. And how long you, too, were nothing. When you're enveloped in a blanket of nonexistence it's impossible to tell where you are, when you are, and perhaps even who you are. Thoughts floated past like driftwood. Just out of your reach. And the nothingness continued on for only a moment. And yet, as well, for eternity. When you opened your eyes, or were they already open and you only now had something to see, the landscape was much different than you were used to. It was uncertain where you were and there were only two things you could be certain of. One was that wherever it was you found yourself it was not where you were before. Nor was it the nothingness from an uncertain amount of time ago. And the other was that someone was calling for you. Not audibly. But calling nonetheless. The end of one chapter begins another. The park was empty. At first. And then in a blink, a moment, there were several people standing in its midst. For a second or two they seemed to not really be there. Their outlines blurred, the details of their faces and clothing uncertain, and then there they were. In shocking clarity. To call it a park would be an overstatement to some of them. It was rather small, they could see the end of it any direction they looked, and the number of trees could be counted on an average human's fingers and toes. Several benches were scattered across a path that weaved around these scant few trees in a loosely circular formation. Near each bench was a flowerbed. Perfectly rectangular, which could be proven if one had the proper tool and were inclined to check, and only five feet wide, the flowers in them were as varied in appearances as the people who were now standing in this supposed park. The only noise was a soft bubbling that came from a fountain behind them. It was larger than even the trees, which themselves were 15 feet high, and the base was diamond shaped. The height came from the large statue of a dragon, on two feet and aiming its mouth, from which sprang three arcing jets of water, towards the sky, standing in the middle. Other than the group that had appeared the park seemed empty. No citizens out for a stroll or vagrants using the benches for a bed despite it being nighttime. Not even an animal could be seen. And surrounding this park, which seemed separate somehow from anything else, was a city. Even those from what might be called a "modern world" would think it somewhat unusual. Large buildings could be seen in every direction and neon lights flashing various advertisements and names of establishments. On several buildings were large screens filled with news broadcasts. Subtitled in a language that, though none of them should know, was perfectly understandable to the group. And titled with the words "Prana News" "Seems that the sports stadium will reopen tomorrow. In other news; an attack on the police station was thwarted earlier today. More on that after these sponsors." Followed by an advertisement for some kind of breakfast cereal for children "It glows in the bowl and in your stomach; who said breakfast can't be fun! Try Nuk-O's today!" As they tried to get their bearings each of the group would, again, hear something calling to them. They felt a mental tug which seemed to want them to go somewhere. Somewhere that they instinctively knew was in the center of this city of metal and lights. Whether they followed this tug willingly and directly, or instead went in another direction and tried to ignore it, was up to each individual. Their first steps into a brand new world had begun. OOC
  2. Estellise "Forgive me Gavin. Perhaps she is right and I should have had mother join you here instead. That woman... the church thinks to exert authority over us simply because of your youth. It's not fair to put so much on you! And it is most disgraceful of the church to invoke the memory of your father to get you to agree with them..." Gavin shook his head. "No, it's fine. I'm glad you were here. Honestly I didn't know what to say to her myself." His shoulders were slumped and a frown was on his face as he looked at the door without really seeing it. "I admit I don't really know what it is I should be doing. I wasn't...taught how to do this. Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be best to leave it to someone else. I'm not my father, I..." He stood more upright as Campbell came storming into the room. "Gavin!" He said with clear frustration. "I'm told the messenger from the Church was sent off. Why so soon? I thought you were to discuss something important surely it couldn't have lasted so briefly." "Ah...No, I sent her on her way. She wanted to discuss some kind of partnership but..." "And you turned her down?" Campbell closed his eyes and let out a long sigh. "I know your father was rather...against the Church but, with him gone, our family is in a weak state. It would be good to at least hear them out on this matter. You do not have to go down the same path." He paused then glanced over at Estelle. "And do you have more business here? Gavin is far too busy to allow himself be distracted at the moment. Does your mother know you were here during such a sensitive meeting?" Lana "and if that's the case, I'll get something to eat while I'm waiting. I'm starving and the food's pretty good here." "Mm, alright then." Hector said, eyeing Leo for a moment, frown on his face, before going towards the kitchen. "The cook has been on a bacon kick so I won't bother asking what you want, hope that's alright." Leo sighed as the man disappeared behind the kitchen door. "He can be such a buzzkill. Ironic for a bartender." He glanced over at Lana and smiled. "I'd reconsider this Dungeon business. No use in wasting your life away trying to get something that doesn't exist." He shrugged. "But I suppose that's your business. If you ever want to have a good time ask around and I'm sure you'll find me. I better get going. I think your friend may not be very happy to see me and I wouldn't want to embarrass him in front of a lovely lady." After a few moments he gave a salute with two fingers to his temple before starting on his way out the door. Walking backwards with as much confidence and grace as a front facing man.
  3. sometimes I forget about this movie and then this happens song isn't bad though, 6.5/10
  4. if anyone asks what a headache sounds like as a song I shall pull up this link 2/10
  5. Yo in case y'all don't check the section, there's some Monster games in there if you wanna check them out

  6. All accepted! We're up to 6 atm There's still a couple who have expressed interest and to them I want to say that even whenever I decide to put up the IC I still will be accepting apps.
  7. So about that job...haha it was a shitshow I think my cousin tricked me, hated every second, gonna go for the other options instead and see how that goes.

    Self care includes not settling for jobs that make you feel crappy unless you absolutely have no other option.

  8. Sleepy song, sounds nice, unsure fully what I think 6.5/10 seems right
  9. After the bus ride Rei found herself in the office of her ABSOLUTE favorite person in the world. The "Pro Hero" Orikami. The room, much like the hero herself, seemed obnoxious to Rei. It was entirely black and white. Perhaps she thought the contrast was artsy and made her look sophisticated. As if. "And her name, you said it was Towa?" Rei sighed. She shifted in her seat and started bouncing one leg. "Yup, that's what she said anyway." Rei was already tired of this and they hadn't been at it for long. They dressed it up and called this a "debriefing" but it seemed more like an interrogation. As if she was the one who did something wrong. "Nothing else? Just Towa?" Rei was really getting annoyed now. "Yes, just Towa. How many times do I have to say that?" What did they expect, a full name, phone number, and address? "It's not much to work with. And what was the purpose of the attack?" That ticked the girl off even more. Not much to work with? Sorry she didn't get more information from the woman attacking her. It's almost as if she wasn't a professional whose job it was to stop this sort of thing. "Well she seemed really crazy so maybe that's it." "It's been reported that you and her spoke before things turned violent. Did she say anything that might betray her intent?" "She said she wanted to." Rei rolled her eyes "Be friends. She wanted to know more about me. It was really creepy." "Know more about you? Like what?" Rei was starting to grow uncomfortable. What were they looking for? What would they do if she said Towa was trying to learn her Quirk. And did it really make that much of a difference? Whatever, they could go screw themselves. If they wanted to know all this they should have actually caught the girl. "What does it matter? She attacked me and she got away. Who cares what she asked about she's a nutjob." Orikami narrowed her eyes, as the wallpaper fluttered, almost imperceptibly, "Are you hiding something, Konpaku?" "Yeah, my patience for this garbage. It's hiding somewhere and I can't find it." Rei snapped back. "Every piece of information helps us to find this girl and bring her to justice. Is there anything else from the encounter that we should know?" "Yeah she likes to choke people. Why don't you ask Chainsaw if he saw something. Or why he ran off." Rei grumbled. "We are working on that. You're free to go, but do know we will be keeping an eye on you. For your safety, of course." "Sure, you all being around was SO helpful before." Rei said as she left. Bunch of useless jerks. After an absolutely terrible day Rei finally got to go home. As she entered her house she took a deep breath. On the way here she was trying to think of what to say to her dad about what happened. How to explain the marks. How much to tell him. He was a hero too but maybe she should give some more information to him. Being her dad and all. She made her way through the house and found him sitting in front of the TV. He looked over at her when she walked in and Rei braced herself. But he only smiled and said "Hey there Sunshine. Guess the trip lasted a bit longer than expected eh? Haha, you kids really do get to play around a lot don't you? Guess it's only fair you get the fun stuff out of the way now." He gestured in the direction of the kitchen. "You were gone when I got here so I got some food delivered. It's in a bag in the fridge." Rei hovered there for a few moments as though waiting. "Is...uh, is that all?" She asked. He looked over at her and seemed a bit confused. "Yeah, why, did I forget something?" Rei shook her head and muttered "no". She then turned away and started for the kitchen. "Oh, and Rei?" She paused. "I'll be gone early tomorrow. Just thought I'd let you know." The girl continued onward to her room. She looked around blankly for a couple minutes. Everything was in its place. Nothing seemed disturbed at all. Not that she really expected something amiss. But she had to admit part of her wondered if she would find the smiling girl sitting on her bed or something. Rei started to change and happened to glance in the mirror. There was the bruise. More clear than ever before. Right in plain sight. Anyone who looked at her should have been able to see it. Anyone who cared. She turned away from the mirror abruptly and moved to her computer. Sitting down and powering it up she took out her headphones and put them in. Drowning herself in music as she stared blankly at the screen. If anything happened she was on her own. She knew that already. She knew that. So why was there this pain in her chest? Rei went to school wearing a scarf. It was a bit chilly so she figured that it wouldn't be questioned too badly. Especially since no one really had any reason to come up to talk to her about it. And as she thought she made it into her seat, one of the first to arrive, without even a questioning look. She leaned her head down on her arms which she had placed on the desk and waited for the day to begin. She raised an eyebrow when she realized that there was someone she didn't know standing in front of the class. Just another hero from what she could tell. When he introduced himself Rei already felt herself dismissing him. "One incompetent teacher or another; guess they really are interchangeable." She muttered. Speaking of interchangeable it seemed that one of their classmates, Rei honestly couldn't put a face to the name, had apparently left. She wondered briefly if she hadn't been the only one attacked and this was their way of covering it up. But no, that was ridiculous even for them. Rei briefly examined the girl that had taken the other student's place. She seemed cute enough. And not loud. Rei supposed it could be worse. Probably just another face in the crowd though.
  10. Only characters that were in a YCM or NCM RP. (And if an RP didn't actually get off the ground and you had a character for those might work too depending) Also I spent a while trying to think what N O might stand for until I realized it was probably the word "no"? If so, correct.