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  1. Another that took a bit to get into, but was into, then it kind of overstayed its welcome a bit? It was a roller-coaster, 7.5/10
  2. Looking back on it, my favorite part of Naruto was the written exam episodes

  3. 6.5 flashing lights /10 It was neat but maybe its current mood but it was a bit too slow and drone-y
  4. baby's first musical (rather high school kid but w/e)
  5. Kinda got into it halfway through but it was a bit late for it, 6/10
  6. Spike had started her journey with one simple goal in mind. Go somewhere more exciting than the boring world that she came from. She had been so certain that she would find something to really care about out in this big wide galaxy. She had NOT expected to have had to deal with space-rats, which were somehow even less cuddly than those on Earth, on as frequent a basis as she had to. Yet apparently it had been HER job to deal with them. Spike was starting to suspect the captain gave her these tasks on purpose. "Jus' cause I tried to do a little bit of piracy doesn't mean I gotta take care of all these dirty jobs..." But she thought it could be worth it once they landed. Bekkik. She didn't know much about it but she knew that the race who ran it were some of the bigwigiest bigwigs in the galaxy. Which of course meant their planets must be something else, right? ...Right? "The hell is this?" Spike said as she stepped out of the ship onto the hot sandy waste. "Hey, Oru... do you mind if I head inside the port for a bit?" She glanced over towards Scout and winced. How could they walk around barefoot in this? Even wearing her boots Spike felt gross walking around on the sand. "Ugh, I think the puppy is going to wet themself out of excitement." she said with a shake of her head. Spike looked around. Trying to find something that looked like it might be worth her time. Which is when she saw a couple of men, probably crew members of another vessel, looking her way and talking to each other. She froze up a moment. Wondering what they were saying. If they were making fun of the loud girl coming off of the beat up ship. At first she felt a pang of embarrassment. Which was quickly swallowed up in anger. "Oi!" she called out to them, taking a step towards them and leaning forward with her hands on her hips. "You got a problem do ya? Come on over here and say it to my face so and I'll crack yer damn skull how bout that?"
  7. miiilk I really like one part of it, thankfully its the part that plays the most, 8/10
  8. ...This makes me want to somehow make these into emotes for the site
  9. I think I'd go with brownies I can tell you my least favorite (its this one) :T idk, probably anything that asks me to rank a limited amount of things or preference questions 100 10% of the way
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