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  1. After some tiebreaking and real close matches the 3rd round is decided. Will randomize tonight and post tomorrow.
  2. "My name is Erica Katorian Sapphire. If I recall correctly, you are Bianca. We met in the library of the Finback." The girl seemed surprised by this. "I...yes, that's my name." She narrowed her eyes and looked the other girl up and down. Clearly not recognizing her. "You... complained something about gangs, though I am certain there were none back then." "I assure you I have no idea what you're talking about." Bianca said slowly and inched closer towards Blossom. She spoke in a whisper, but they were close enough Erica could still hear, "Blossom, I think she might be crazy. Just back away slowly." "D-don't we have to get back on the elevator though." Bianca froze for a moment. Then, standing straight and nodding to herself, went onto the elevator. She was silent for a moment before "What in the world are you wearing anyway?" She said. Beside her Blossom moved behind the girl, watching nervously. And still the continued down the Elevator of Vague Amount of Floors. As Sammi left the bunker she saw the boy standing there, staring at the ground. When she passed by he spoke up "U-um, i-if. Could you maybe...wait? I just don't want to go to the security guard alone...butyoudonthavetoifyoudontwantto." He then hurried into the bunker to go talk to BOMB. Unfortunately for him, due to Sammi's words, BOMB had already reset the mines and she heard an explosion soon after. Followed by the boy's surprised shout, and BOMB's "See? Isn't it fun?" "I don't know how far these reach, but surely they can at least reach the field on campus. I bet we can also find a mech gym or something to spar in if we look around a bit." "we can also uh, stop by a mechanics...area...workshop or something first..." "I don't need..." Kelsey started to say, her tone frustrated. But she couldn't seem to get her arm down more than a few inches. "Just...fine, just go on ahead without me. I'll meet you there." She wandered off, checking her phone for somewhere she could get help, before finding a place called "Rusty Rick's R-Mechanics." The inside of the place was cramped, with bits of technology hanging off the ceiling, piled up all over the floor, and mounted on the walls. She couldn't see anyone, but she could hear someone in the back working on something. As she stepped closer they called out "Oi, don't get too close, I don't know if this thing is safe or not. If you need the workbench it's behind that pile of toasters. Just use whatcha need and pay me back after."
  3. "Tch, three on one. This day turned out to be such a pain." The grunt said. The Fletchinder was struck by Jacklyn's Buneary and countered in return with Quick Attack. Even as the Pokemon pulled back to attack again it was hit with a Peck from Ivan's Pokemon. "Oh come on...Get back, and up, then hit em with an Ember!" The Fletchinder flew backwards and spat out several volleys of flames at the opposing Pokemon. Small cinders that shot out in a spray from the bird's beak. "Now Growl!" He followed the attack up with an intimidating chirp. "I look forward to travelling with you." Naomi wondered what the girl expected. What did traveling with a group really mean? It only just hit her that this is the most she'd been around people in basically ever. Was there something to it? "We take this route to the next city, of course. And if we find something interesting along the way, we check it out! Let's get going. We can get to know each other as we walk and talk." "Oh....mkay den." Naomi muttered and started to shamble after the other girl. They didn't get far before Naomi started to slump and, before reaching the edge of the city, Princess emerged from her ball and stood next to her. She smiled and slumped over Princess's back, squirming until she was laying fully across, and the Rhyhorn let out a grunt. Then, just noticing the new addition, Princess turned towards Milla and Rondo. She didn't do much and instead just examined them for a while before following after Kanon. "Where are you two from, anyway?" The question gave Naomi pause. What was the name again? She remembered the sign...."Laverre. Kalos. Lotsa mushrooms." She nodded, holding onto Princess, as they left the city. --- The initial route out of the city was rather plain. There wasn't even any tall grass. However this only lasted for several minutes of travel before the route split off in two directions. To the right, southward, was what appeared to be a blockade. If anyone were to try and go that way several people in uniform would stop them. Warning that the way beyond was home to many strong Pokemon, too strong for those without several gym badges to deal with, and turned them away. The other way was the true Route 103. An incredibly warm route, in some places greatly, which ran alongside of a vast desert called The Soundless Barrens. As the group traveled along the route they would find frequent stands set up along the route. Selling cold water to stave off the heat. As well as hats and parasols to keep away the sun.
  4. Dottler.

    That's it. That's the whole status.

    1. Nico


      My fav gen 8 Mon ATM.

    2. LordCowCow


      Saaame. Alcremie and Meowth are close though.

    3. BGMキャノン


      Eiscue is my favorite derpmon

  5. Team Mac, Cave Part Two "Better than trashtalking!" Mac wasn't so sure. She almost felt bad hitting this guy. It was much easier when they were jerks. She was rewarded with her hesitation as Zekrom fired off a massive blue bolt towards her. Thanks to the mud his aim wasn't as good as it should be and she could side-step the attack. Still, even the heat from the attack was intense, and it reminded her again that this was a Legend they were facing. Zekrom managed to clear out his eyes as Ari came charging in. The boy could feel something surge within him as he used his attack. Memories of the encounters they had so far. And so, with that in his heart, he slammed into Zekrom...and the Legend took a step back. The first since the fight started. Even the Legend seemed surprised by this. He didn't have a chance to say anything as he was struck on one side by Kazo's Dragonbreath, and the other by Mac's Quick Attack. With a laugh he grabbed Mac by the arm and swung her at Ari. "Not bad, for some kids!" Zekrom said. "But why don't I show you something truly powerful." The Dragon raised both of his arms. Above him, high in the sky, a glowing purple meteor formed, surrounded by an energy in the shape of a serpent's jaw, which came crashing towards Kazo. "Kazo, look out, you can't take that thing head on!" Mac shouted in warning. Team Neo Not Dark, Under The Sea "All in a day's work, hmm?" Dora was staring at Easter. "You have a lot of owies?" She said, sounding concerned. "You sure you shouldn't be taking care of those cuts? You look like crap right now," "And a bath! We have water allll around!" Dora chimed in, nudging Easter and pointing off into the water. Where the unconscious attackers were floating. "Hm...maybe later. When we're back on...uh....where are we going again?" Manaphy finally stood up. The Psychic energy fading from around her. "I....thank you." She said. "I didn't know, even out here, there were so many who would attack us. I have been mistaken in thinking it was safe." She looked over to Phione, who, somehow, had fallen asleep during this, and seemed to come to some conclusion. "I have decided to go to the surface with you....if you're okay with that. I can make the trip much faster. There's...somewhere I have to go." --- Soon later, once everyone was ready, Manaphy placed her hands on the bottom of the bubble. Like Dora and Phione before her. Except this time, when the bubble moved, it traveled far faster than before. With the sea slipping by in a blur. To which Dora cheered and pointed out before getting dizzy and falling over. On the surface, The S.S. Showdown was floating in the water, waiting for them still. Manaphy took some time to be convinced it was fine as a platform was lowered for them to climb onto. Up top Captain greeted them with arms wide open. "Welcome back, my lovelies. And Denku." He inclined his head towards the Pupitar. "I see you've brought with you some more guests. Manaphy I presume, charmed." He bowed to the woman. "Erm...why do you have Rayquaza's ship?" she asked. To which Captain winced. "I, well, borrowed it you see. But that doesn't matter. What matters is that you're safe and sound." "I need to see Rayquaza. Can you take me to him? I need somewhere safe for Phione." Captain hesitated then nodded. "I suppose I can't turn down a lady such as yourself." To the others he said "I hope you don't mind a bit of a detour. You'll be with us for a bit longer. We just got a new batch of, er, loot, recently. Feel free to dig around see if something catches your eye." Team Alola, On the Road to Adarid City "Are you feeling better now?" Articuno took a few moments centering herself with her eyes closed. Then, letting out a breath, she opened her eyes and got to her feet with Zapdos's help. "I wouldn't say I feel good. But better, yes, that's accurate." Her tone was pained but calm. "It was foolish of you to challenge someone like that. Someone of his power level shouldn't logically exist. Fighting that is..." She stopped herself and coughed. "That is, thank you." Zapdos laughed. "Probably the best you'll get outta her. Good to see you're still a stick in the mud even on death's doorstep." "And good to see you're as irresponsible as u-" Articuno's words were cut off as she winced. "In any case, we should go. Now more than ever the three of us should be together." Zapdos nodded. "No doubt about that." The two would stick around for a bit more, gathering their strength, before each forming a pair of wings and taking flight. Team Karaoke, Graveyard of Lost Souls "And you really need to get a new insult." Raphael giggled at this and spun out of the way of the Flamethrower attack. As he did he fired off a close range Shadow Ball at Nine. He then paused, tilted his head, and turned. While he turned his Shadow Claw extended and he met Lok's Hex with his own attack. Causing a strange, inward, explosion. "Oh look. More of you. I guess just means I'll have to tear through them all." The Banette then took off. Charging at one of the clones and ripping through it before bouncing off his heels and running through another. "They don't even bleed, how boring!" He then glanced at Lok's direction, and smiled. "Oh, maybe this one." His claws extended more but before he took a step Kayla came from above and dragged claws of her own down Raphael's back. As the Banette turned and swung at her she jumped backwards. Firing off Water Shurikens as she did. "I'm really getting sick of you all." Raphael said in a sing-song voice. Then he frowned and turned swiftly towards Gwen. The girl was glowing. dark aura leaking out of her body in a visible blanket around her. She raised her hands and a large, distorted, symbol in the shape of an eye appeared above her. Then Raphael felt incredible pain as the Hex shocked his body. He collapsed to the ground, clutching his stomach, and his body spasmed for a moment until he ceased moving. All was silent for a moment. And then he began to laugh. Louder, and louder, until the laughter filled the area. Echoed off the tombstones. Seemed to come from all directions. His body was wrapped in ghostly figures and he was lifted up into the air. Phantoms swirled around him yet his grinning face was clearly visible through it. BGM "You forget your place." He said. His voice raised to be heard above the moans and groans of the spirits surrounding him. "This is my world. Years and years of work. All my power. Gathered in one place. I cannot be stopped here. Not by a god and surely not by you. This is where you die and add to my power. Be happy knowing the end of your life means mine becomes even more grand." Skeletal hands and arms erupted from the soil around the group. Grasping at them. Trying to pull them under. All the while Raphael laughed, in the air, surrounded by the souls of the dead. However something seemed out of place. Off in the distance. A strange, yellow, glow, could be seen. Kayla stepped in its direction and Raphael turned towards her immediately. A Shadow Ball came from his wall of souls and struck her. Exploding on her body and throwing her to the ground. Team Showdown, Temple of Time and Space Isole refused to look directly at Scarlet as she finished off the Archeops. "Good work..." she said, feeling shame at having hit her own ally. Her attention was drawn back towards the other opponent as she heard a low growl from that direction. Taiga's attack clamped down on the Carracosta and halted his attack mid-swipe. He looked Taiga in the eye with an unflinching gaze. "You may be fast...but far too weak." He said. Then, opening his own mouth, a similar pair of jaws, this one made of dark energy, clamped down hard onto Taiga in turn. While the others were watching this someone came and dragged off the Archeops, who seemed still conscious but so stunned they were unable to move on their own, out of the ring. A low squawk was heard as they hit the floor outside of the ring.
  6. Oh noo Lunar is one of my favorite games in general. One of my favorite things in RPGs is interaction. As in, NPCs that have more to say than just giving hints and such. Lunar may be somewhat of a typical fantasy story in a lot of ways but everything about it just feels so good. That being said didn't think it'd get far tbh Also this
  7. tbh I kinda don't like the idea that there's two Pennywise...s in this
  8. I can't even be mad at Spider-Man being ahead, I really enjoyed that game. But Legend of Dragoon is just such a well made and interesting RPG, haven't played one quite like it since.
  9. As interest and motivation in this seems to be low and continuously trying to replace people is not really an option this RP will be closed for now. Perhaps will be rebooted somehow down the line but for now let's consider the RP closed.