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  1. Arisa best girl but Saya's reactions are too good
  2. It was nice for a bit and then it kinda just...kept going..., 6.5/10
  3. Threat coming to fruition now then I guess
  4. Chris Checking the Church Due to the size and openness of the building Chris could clearly see everything in the room from where he sat. There were a couple doors off to either side near the podium at the end of the pews and one to the left wall but all those doors were closed and seemed to be not in current use. The people in the church seemed to be a specific sort. None of them seemed like typical church-goers and all of them were in some way armed. Most likely travelers who had only recently arrived in the city due to the way they seemed not entirely comfortable there and how many looked to still bear the dirt and dust of the road on their person. A bald man near the podium seemed to be a priest, based on their garb, and was speaking calmly with a group of much larger men each with multiple weapons sheathed. With a friendly smile and shake of his head he seemed to be answering some questions. The group left, looking somewhat sullen and weary, and the priest scanned the room. He had been busy when Chris walked in and so when he saw the young man he must have noticed he hadn't been there before and approached him. "Hello young man." he said, his voice gentle and reassuring. Chris saw his gaze pass over the object he held but it returned so casually to Chris's face it was clear he wasn't going to bring it up. "You don't look like you just came into the city, yet it seems you have some worries, is there something I can help you with?" Lana's Shopping Lark Lana's search didn't last long as she was easily able to find a weapon shop. Upon entering the first one that she found she was greeted to the sight of metal everywhere she looked. Racks of weapons were in even rows in the middle of the room. A wide variety of simple weaponry put out without much flair. Along the walls there were more fanciful weaponry that seemed to be less typical. A long bladed scythe-like weapon, a trident, a short sword with a rather unusual triangular shape and red blade, a large golden axe, and other such things. There was a counter that stretched across most of the far wall. Behind it was an open doorway that Lana could faintly see the glow of a forge inside. The counter itself had a glass front and displayed various jeweled weapons. A man sat on a stool with something in his hands. The man was a tall, lanky, Orc male. With somewhat greenish skin and a couple teeth jutting from his lower jaw that resembled tusks. In his hands was a simple sword. Or rather parts of one as the blade seemed to be snapped clean in half. "How'd you manage this? What've you been swinging this at?" He was speaking to a dark skinned girl who Lana thought she had seen before. The girl seemed embarrassed to speak and muttered something in response Lana couldn't hear. The shopkeep seemed not to hear either as he said "What was that?" Louder, the girl spoke up "Um....training...dummies." The shopkeep was surprised by this, before admitting perhaps the blade had been defective. Though the girl turned down the offer of a refund. It seemed she wanted a specially made, more durable, blade than those that could be found among the common swords but nothing as fancy as those on the wall or in the counter. After being told to return in a day she gave a short bow and turned to leave. Upon seeing Lana she paused, watching her with curiosity before saying, "have I seen you before? I apologize if this is rude but you look familiar to me."
  5. second half was much better than first but had to slog through first half to get there, 7/10
  6. one more after this and the OPs in this playlist will be done
  7. 8/10, not much to say, but dug it
  8. It doesn't fully stick, but it's got a nice sound, 7.5/10
  9. Still got a couple OPs that didn't nominate to share but first I feel I had to put this here
  10. Okay! After a slight delay we have finished, and among all the Servants in this war one stands on top as NCM's chosen Servant! But first In 4th place, Nitocris! In 3rd place, Ereshkigal! In 2nd place, Gilgamesh (Caster)! and lastly, but not leastly, in first place, NCM's first official Servant, the great pharaoh, Ozymandias!
  11. Right since it's finals, last polls for servant tournament ends...technically tonight, 20 hours from now

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