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  1. "Aeon Storm..." Sabrina repeated under her breath. Slowly recovering from her earlier lapse. It sounded so cool! And this place was their temple? The temple of the Aeon Storm... They must be incredibly powerful if they had a name that amazing. Sabrina nodded along to what River was saying their task was. For the girl the latter half didn't concern her nearly as much as the first. With a look of dread in her face she muttered, "oh no, a puzzle." There was a reason most of her favorite games involved either no puzzles or simple ones. She would have to do what she could and hope that at very least she could avoid having to do one of those sliding puzzle things. She was surprised at Gene's question. Something must have shaken him up but she had no idea where it might have come from. He continued to be a strange and unknowable being. Whatever the case River was quick to....give some sort of answer. With her head full of worry over the puzzle she wasn't sure what it was she was telling him except that they just had to beat the bad guys to win. As they walked down the hall Sabrina's eye kept flicking over towards River. Finally she felt confident enough to ask what was on her mind. "So...why exactly do we need to unlock the door like this? Can't we, uh, skip to the thing trying to kill us part?" River thought about it for a moment before saying, “I cannot speak for my Lady here and was not given such an explanation myself. However if I were to offer conjecture on it I would believe it is because the Accursed and the areas they are imprisoned in are not so straightforward and this is to help familiarize yourself more with your powers and how to utilize them beyond combat.” River pointed to the door on the opposite side of the room, “or become accustomed to taking the path of most resistance.” "Oh. I see." Sabrina said, not understanding what River said. "Does that mean there will be more puzzles in the future?" Suddenly this hero thing had gotten much scarier. “Forgive me for my use of conjecture once again, but I believe so.” The girl nodded. "You're forgiven." Sabrina said, then looked away awkwardly as she thought that was a weird thing to say to someone. The girl took a deep breath. She had to try. She had to figure out some way to help solve this. Because if she didn't then it might give them more reason to not keep her around. The worst outcome for her that she could think of was someone deciding that perhaps Sabrina was not meant to come here after all and trying to send her back. So she examined the room as best she could. The gears in her brain turning as she attempted to take everything in and come to a solution. Finally, she spoke out loud the one thought that came to her mind. "I can make the jump..."
  2. As the van went down the road, flanked by trees, that led to the high school there was a sense of unease. No matter the number of times they did this there was always a disquiet when heading to the scene. Perhaps it was their own expectations, or perhaps there truly was something unnatural that only those who have encountered entities can detect, but this feeling didn't go away as they passed the treeline and could see the school itself. The atmosphere certainly wasn't helped by the cemetery located across the street on the left. The building itself didn't seem threatening, except of course for students arriving late. It was long, with two stories, and shaped vaguely like a stretched out U. As they turned, passing by the electronic sign which had an advertisement for a bank under it, a constant reminder to students about the responsibility that awaited them as soon as they graduated, down the curved road that took them to the front of the school, they felt as though someone, or something, was watching them. In front of the main building was attached a smaller structure, still wide but shorter than even the bottom of the U, which at two ends had openings supported by three pillars at one side that led to a series of glass doors. While the night was dark the area under one such openings was even darker. They would need flashlights to even see on their way towards the doors. As one of the lights flashed across a door they saw a face pressed up against it. A thin old woman with chalk white skin and greying hair. Suddenly the door opened and the woman stuck her head out. They could see that across the back of her neck hung at least half a dozen rosaries which jingled lightly as she moved. As the woman slowly stepped a bit farther out they could see she was covered in religious imagery and religious paraphernalia. "Y-you aren't Shiki. Are y-you here for the...." Her eyes, small and beady, darted around nervously. "d-demon?" She gasped as she said this then made the sign of the cross across her chest.
  3. So I feel the only way this works is if you lower the requirement (and maybe advertise it?) I feel 32 or even 16 would work fine, because while Robin Williams is great you'd be hard pressed to find someone who saw more than a dozen of the movies
  4. The results are in! Can't say expected the top two but goes to show never can predict Pokemon preferences. In 4th place, my favorite Grass types! In 3rd place, spooky Ghost types! In 2nd place, mysterious Psychic types! Which means the grand winner and top type of NCM, shockingly, Electric types!
  5. Lana's charge, despite the awkward footing, was quick enough that she was able to cleave the zombie's head before it could attack her. Having to put so much force into the swing kept her from being able to move before three of the zombies closed in on her. Two of them close enough to lunge forward. The eye watched her as she approached and, right at the moment that she attacked the zombie, it acted. While Estelle got into position to cast a spell the monster managed to get off a spell of its own. At first none would be able to tell exactly what it had done. Just that there was a slight distorted field in a cone shape coming from the eye that covered the area Lana and the zombies were. However Lana would notice a change as her vision suddenly went completely dark just as the zombies attacked. The three furthest zombies turned at the sudden cacophony that sounded behind them. They couldn't see anything to attack so they slowly shambled in the direction of the noise. The eye would have reigned them in immediately if not for Estelle's blast of light which disoriented the monster and making it unable to focus on its minions. And so the three zombies, for the time being, wandered in the area where the noise could be heard. It wouldn't be long before they decided to go after the fleshy meat that was in the opposite direction.
  6. 6 hours left in the finals of the Pokemon type tournament

  7. Emphasizing the words kinda made it stand out a little awkwardly, but, 8/10
  8. 8/10, its good the length is where it's at cause was starting to think it was getting samey, but good stuff
  9. Was confused why it felt like a SNES song until I read the full title. 8/10, enjoyed it sorta overstayed the fun factor a bit Second song of this game I've seen in this thread still have no idea what it is, but groovy, 8.5/10 7/10, good jam
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