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  1. Everyone's on the table - playable characters, NPCs, characters not in the EN Server, mobs you clear by the dozens, the legion of doom, and even your mother. Not collab characters though, that's cheating. Also sure why not? Trendjumping aspect aside, this ought to be interesting.
  2. Feel like making Toon versions of fresh newgen Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, but some oldies are fine too.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. LordCowCow


      What's the newest monster that has officially been Toon'd?

    3. Mr Spaz

      Mr Spaz

      Cyber Dragon is the newest monster to have a Toon version.

    4. LordCowCow


      would a Toon Synchro/XYZ make any sense?

  3. ... which reps would you want in the game? How would they play?
  4. No point gaslighting without an audience to witness it. Maybe they should've tried getting a bigger audience first, however that can be achieved.
  5. For my original the card game that I am making for no apparent reason that will never see the light of day unless I feel like it, should I go for an "all waifu/bishoujo" route like WIXOSS or Sword Rondo, or should I do that "little bit of everything" route like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Buddyfight, Vanguard and everything and their mom?

    1. LordCowCow


      little bit of everything sounds more fun

      I mean come on who doesn't want a card game that has stuff like this


    2. yui


      was gonna say "all waifus" but cow makes a very compelling point

  6. What's wrong with the currently troodon path?
  7. I guess I'll propose two potential lines: 1. Nise Agumon Hakase/YukiAgumon -> Greymon (2010)/AshGreymon -> MetalGreymon (2010) -> ZekeGreymon I guess if you feel that it'd be awkward to have Greymon become MetalGreymon without any involvement from Mailbirdramon, you could have that as a partner who eventually Jogresses. Or you could forego that and run a default Shoutmon line that goes from Shoutmon -> Shoutmon (King Ver.) -> OmegaShoutmon and then jogresses with ZekeGreymon. Optional baby forms would just be the default Agumon ones - Botamon & Koromon. 2. Monitamon -> Hi-Vision Monitamon -> Etemon -> MetalEtemon or KingEtemon KingEtemon being MetalEtemon's Ultra is also a possibility. The logic was TV -> dude who fancies himself a TV star. Alternatively, in place of the monkey men, you could go for an "accumulated knowledge" motif with Wisemon -> Jijimon. If you want the optional baby forms, Monimon seems like the route to go.
  8. A decade? I guess that means your last series was either Xros Wars or Savers, is that right?
  9. Assuming you're using default lines, the Cargodramon that will eventually become Brigadramon would make for good transport. Granted, if I were to go that route I'd likely think of more permanent transport means. On the other hand, with Darkdramon and its Ultra it achieves via merging with its greatest foe, there is a story to be told via that, and I'd like to tell and see that story.
  10. Before that, what's the extent of your Digimon knowledge? Do you want to stick to Greymon as initially said or would you go for a different Champion? Good to accept. That does make me realize that I forgot something in hindsight, between our characters living in the same town or our characters living anyplace but having the means to access each others' areas (alongside the rest of the world) conveniently.
  11. Guess that's a sign for me to set it up. And review the available application when I finally get my butte on a computer. Speaking of characters, I have a Digimon line set up (Shoemon -> ShoeShoemon -> Chaperomon -> Cendrillmon), but I do not know what my Tamer should be, so I thought I'd ask the others here for a bit of input. Should my Tamer be: a. A creepy little girl who likes fairy tales b. A boy who eventually learns to metaphorically become a noble prince for his partner's Mega stage (since that's what Cendrillmon's database entry revolves around) c. Basically b but girl for that princely ikemen girl tomboy feel
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