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  1. I'm going to start an RP. Revive old idea or actually come up with something new?

  2. The guy with six Level 99 Tynamos
  3. How loose is the concept of god in this? Can I use guys like Momotaro, Merlin, Achilles and Heracles as gods or does it have to be god gods?
  4. While I agree, we really do need to do something superior soon. It's not a high bar, but you get me.
  5. Well, during my ventures ever since leaving the original YCM, I've seen plenty of forums using all kinds of different forum engines. The most prominent kind - XenForo. But I can't deny that XenForo is easily dwarfed by this New Invision stuff that this site uses! I say more forums should use the new Invision-powered engine! Well, most forums I've seen, most prominently RP forums, only really use the things I've listed. If you know of any others, do say.
  6. Crow

    Winter 2021 Anime

    Been waiting for the spider thing to get an anime for eons! Also I'll check that new WIXOSS series. In it for the character designs by Shigure Ui and the fact that it feels different from standard WIXOSS fare. That, by all means, is a good thing.
  7. Oh, goody! Foreigner sounds tempting. Count me in.
  8. So, how are you all hanging?

  9. So how many of us are here solely for Pre-2010s nostalgia purposes? Everyone?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DragonSage


      I came about in 2011. Also 2012 kicked butt.

    3. worK


      nothing beats sub 500 members ycm

      i am eternal

    4. yui


      2015 gang rise up

  10. Name: Hikaru Age: 14 Gender: Male Appearance: ---- [Capsule Collection] Eria the Water Charmer (*) ~~~ Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit Personality: Hikaru is a kind, gentle soul who is often nervous around others, especially women. he secretly likes cute things, be it girls, toys or a mix of both. He puts on a tough persona for duels, taking them seriously. Outside of that, he is very introverted and has communication difficulties. History: Hikaru is a Duel Monsters player, through and through. The meta shifts like tectonic plates, but Hikaru plays his favourites. And by favourites I mean girls he finds cute, maining a full-fledged Charmer deck to the point of competing pretty well as well as running Traptrix, the Yo-Kai Girl series, and only recently using the Maid Dragon archetype. If Cardfight Vanguard was real in this world, even an idiot would realise that he'd run Bermuda Triangle, unless they didn't know what Vanguard was. And why would you? He started getting into it when he opened his first pack containing the card he would consider his signature - Eria the Water Charmer. Finding her cute, he decided to collect the entire archetype. One thing lead to another and he was starting to form decks - decks that would pop in and out of the meta, decks that never really hit there, but all in all, he was a full-fledged player. One day, he was transported to the world of Duel Monsters...