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  1. So, what'd I miss?

    1. LordCowCow


      the heat death of the universe

    2. Crow


      That explains why everything was ten feet lower than usual

  2. "I can't believe those grubby hands are finally over..." Sophia stands as the many-armed maniac yields, slowly crawling away. That was when she heard those screams, piercing through the air like daggers, accompanied by a strong energy signature. "What was that?" Sophia began to run to its source, noticing other spirits fleeing while ignoring her. "I doubt this is normal." Sophia's thoughts were about to shift as soon as she gazed upon the many-bodied, many-faced hellish creature. "Scratch that, this isn't normal, period!" turning to Leo, she said, "Oi, Cracker Jack, you retreat! Anything could crush you in this pathetic state!" Sophia would lend her two cents into this discussion. "For starters, we can't risk that big bozo striking us, period. If we can't defend, we'll just have to evade or..." Sophia snaps her fingers as various replicas of everyone were created from thin air. "... make sure that whatever he's hitting, it's probably not the real us!"
  3. "It's always the sister who gets neglected, doesn't it?" Hel pouts at Sigurd addressing her siblings but not her, "I thought I'd be the more popular one." "You speak like you are the only one who prepared for this, Sigurd," Fenrir comments, "we all are. No matter how strong predator is, prey will not be underestimated." "You can try, Thor," Jormungandr scowls, "you can try and fail. You would sooner fall to my venom than I will fall to your hammer." "Now, now, just because we are forces of chaos, doesn't mean we should disrupt the order of this tournament," Hel interrupts, "Thor, I would say that I wasn't expecting you here, but this is what it is." "I have inherited the name Hrodvitnir. I represent the trinity," Hrodvitnir introduced, "I will be the final victory this event sees." "She really does take after my siblings. Not a lot of sportsmanship," Hel shrugs her shoulder as she indulges in the festivities, "what can I say? They're not the biggest 'big event' guys. Neither am I, actually, but I indulge in moderation."
  4. Sniff sniff Sniff sniff Hrodvitnir was pleased to whiff the various smells wafting in the air. A variety of prey to hunt - perfect. She was tempted to wolf them down soon, but she was advised to wait for the right time to strike. "Hrodvitnir," Fenrir prowled towards his star pupil, "claim victory in our name, and you will become other new sister." "Ssssuch victory will be a piecccccce of cake," Jormungandr loomed over the two, slithering about, "without the bindssss of Ragnarok holding usss thanksss to the particcccipation of ssstudents, beasssst is sure to outdo god..." "Then it won't be a piece of cake, brother," the petite Hel popped out from Hrodvitnir's shadow, looking up to her serpentine brother, "our would-be sister is not the only beast among these men." "If there are other beasts there, I will show them that I am their rightful ruler," Hrodvitnir assures her mentors, "you will not need to fret. I will embody all your aspects in battle. The Apex Predator - he who dominates the circle of life. The Devourer - he who leaves none in his path. Death Itself - she who pursues and captures all life with no fail." "Alone, there is weakness to be exploited," Fenrir adds, "weaknesses that gods and men will take advantage of to claim dominance." "But together," Jormungandr cackles. "They will be the elements of an indestructable lifeform!" Hel laughs. The four walked up to the group. "Hello Zeus," Fenrir speaks to the leader of the Olympians, "have you met my siblings and I's pupil?" "Sssshe issss very promisssing..." Jormungandr adds. "We would know," Hel skips around, "because we were the ones who taught her everything! Teeheehee~." Jormungandr hisses towards Sigurd, lunging towards him before stopping as they made eye contact. "The fool Thor managed to get you assss a champion?" He snarled, "I wasss hoping that your master would be accompanying you today. But today, you are lucky that thissss issss not my fight." After an aggressive hiss, he returned to his group.
  5. Those strange feelings, those strange images. They were the things keeping Sophia's mind occupied. What was that? Was it the end of the world. Yes, yes it was. The end of the world of slumber, that is. Beep beep beep beep "Who awakens me from my beauty sleep?" Sophia Manchester looks around and about as she rises from her bed, only to realize that it was her phone's alarm. It had rung at least five times in the past hour. "Oh, it's just you. Again. Please learn some manners." She gradually drifts back to the realm of dreams before realising something. "HOLY CRAP! I'M LATE!" She rises from her bed, shaking her hair as it almost magically fixes itself straight. Waving her hands, her clothes immediately transform from an evening gown to proper business wear fit for an interview, complete with heels. She slots some bread in a toaster as it pops out, spreading some jam on it and slotting it into her mouth. One might wonder if her ability to run on heels was her true power. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She struts into the building filled with many people, high-end perfume combined with a confident aura emanating from her body. She stood out - whether like a sore thumb or like a shining diamond in the rocks was a debate. "Me? Being lead by some plebeian? Ohohohohoho! What can you even do?" Sophia questions the high-ranker, but all this was soon interrupted by a giant serpentine beast interrupting the meeting, before being promptly exterminated. "That was luck!" She ascended the stairs, following behind Aki. "Looks like where we're going, we'll need- huh?!" A fiend of some sort, the size of a man, creeped about. Its wiggly, ever-increasing arsenal of stretchy arms felt about, and they were ready to feel Sophia herself! "Eek! A molester! Get him away from me!" Using her abilities, she seemed to create some kind of translucent barrier around her. The creature's sense of touch probed at it, as if it was a physical construct. She then formed spikes around this barrier, causing the being to flinch backwards in pain, even though no holes were punctured during this process.
  6. I'm going to start an RP. Revive old idea or actually come up with something new?

  7. The guy with six Level 99 Tynamos
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