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Found 1 result

  1. I want to make something fun and exciting for most users, so I'm making this thread for evryone to use and this idea doesn't belong to me it belongs to an idea that I got from the OS-Tan forums sit. I typically like bash on Microsoft for not making Windows super customizable but I gotta admit though unlike Apple at least we can change our mouse coursers have alot of accent colors on our Start Menus, Titlebars, and Taskbars and you can even use 3rd party custom tools to make it look the way you want even if Microsoft doesn't want you to cause they want you to look at their ugly UI design Mac OS you can only change Wallpaper that's it nothing more and nothing less and Linux is a Customization God OS that I'm currently not using cause I don't have a physical device that has it installed yet... but I literally see YouTube Videos of Linux Customization and Riced Desktops unlike Windows and Mac maybe Windows can do some extra customization but Microsoft likes to make it really hard for some reason. This is why I put this thread up no matter what OS you use it has to be a Desktop OS though no Android or iOS allowed. I want all of you to post your Desktop down below. I also have links down below of other forms that has one the OS-Tan Collections Forums was the original pioneer of this concept: https://www.cardmaker.net/forums/topic/418903-post-your-desktop/ https://www.ostan-collections.net/forum/index.php/topic,211.0.html Screenshots:
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