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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. Simply Post The Song Your Listening To At The Time You Post (this is Misc, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  2. Nico

    OK, but why

    ... does spring have so much more in it? I'm sure I didn't spread out what I replayed as much in winter, but a lot of these things usually put things I swear I listened to only like, twice anyway. Just amusing I guess.
  3. Finally! This must be the last thing of the season to air! And as much as I actually like to watch things as they air, I wasn't gonna watch the week early broadcast if it means waiting longer after already starting it. Probably the last music related thing I thought could be Japanese school girl-ified, but here we are. Interrupting Maho [Ran]'s PA DJing like that was not very not bad! I wonder what banana juice is like... funny Rinku was given that after how much she talked about monkeys. We all need one of her in our lives though, in the practice booth she looked like she was having the time of her life, and Maho sure followed suit in the ED~ THIS JUST IN: Karin Kagami, seiyuu of Maho, will be voicing the same character in the English dub! I can see how rare and wild that is, and I've never experienced anything like it before apart from using the same recordings of Pokemon, so this really has me wanting to check out a dub for the first time in a while. She sounds good speaking English!
  4. Heh, already being dropouts essentially in the standard 4-koma dormitory is a new one. Feels like a good ol' blend of that kinda stuff and what do ya know, pretty similar to Love Live. Kinda funny with Love Live itself dialing it back this time around. Poor Pink Haired MC #26 just can't catch a break, Ino-chan. Also, I wonder if Hayu ever went to Canada.
  5. Despite all that, I find the game story quite well thought out. This is probably adapting the main story without including the school idol festival. Because let's face it, they're not showing μ's or Aquors more than a small bit and even then, it wasn't any school idol group that inspired Yu in this... it was Setsuna, and the more I think about that... the cooler I feel that choice to be. If I'm gonna be honest, CHASE! has definitely eclipsed the other Nijjigaku songs I've heard by now, even before I heard it in the anime. The one Kasumi shot was super cool too, though they didn't quite show you could see how pissed she was to see the club name removed from the door. I've been an advocate for hair up Yu for months, but both Yus are def in my top 5.
  6. Now this is just my opinion, but after watching the first season and eating up the mobile game, and seeing as the timeline seems to essentially be this: There is a LOT of freaking time and context with all of the characters and their relationships with one another, that it very much seems like you would be missing out on far too much to just jump into the second season. Certain character happenings that I will spoiler in my thoughts of the first episode are a very huge leap and would benefit you greatly with the added context. So if you enjoyed the first season at all, and you can play the game in a language you know, I implore you to try it, because it really is so much better than the first season, and the second season... because of the extra characters, there is potential, but... Episode 1 thoughts: The animation is bad. Like, in Pastel*Palettes performance, really extremely hecking bad. It isn't ruining it for me because I truly care about the characters that much, and to see what they're becoming, I'm really happy for them. Happy lucky smiley, even. All that, and I recognized O-tae practicing Poppin' Shuffle, that was great enough on it's own. Kasumi asks what she's playing, seems it hasn't been made yet! ? The official subs don't go with the same translations of quirky catchphrases that the official English game uses. Kaoru's Feeting, Hina's Boppin', nowhere to be found.
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