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[VG Standard] Great Nature

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G0 - 17

1 Blackboard Parrot

4 Dictionary Goat [H]

4 Cable Sheep [D/PG]

4 Castanet Donkey [F]

4 Alarm Chicken [F]


G1 - 13

4 Pencil Squire, Hammsuke

4 Monoculus Tiger 

4 Tank Mouse

1 Silver Wolf


G2 - 12

4 Pencil Knight, Hammsuke

4 Binoculus Tiger

4 Geograph Giant


G3 - 8

4 Pencil Hero, Hammsuke

4 School Hunter, Leo-pald


List identical to the BCS Standard Winner. Found here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/155658792200175616/536632177291427842/image0.png. Posting as is as I feel this list is basically optimal and why fix what isn't broken. If there was one card I could cut, I would be cutting Silver Wolf and a copy or two of Geograph Giant but there is nothing good enough to replace them with so you're unfortunately forced to play them. You want to be hard mulling for a Grade 1 and a Grade 1 Hammsuke. Two G1 Hammsukes works too. Mulligan everything that isn't a G1 Hammsuke or a Grade 1. Ideal play is to ride your 1, call Hammsuke, end of turn soulblast your starter and slide the 1 into soul to get Pencil Knight. Now Pencil Hero is online whenever you draw it. Once you resolve a Pencil Hero you're basically guaranteed to win because you get two huge extra attacks as early as Turn 3. After that you're obviously looking for Leo-Pald off cards like Mono and Bino with Tank Mouse. Leo-Pald double normal unit allows you to easily fill out your Accel circles, or your Leo-Pald gets huge and pressures them on 4. 


TL;DR Deck is busted


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