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    Octavia»»————- ♡ ————-«« "Oh, I don't really want anything," Huh? That hadn't been what Octavia was expecting, Leiko had been pretty reserved, the idea that she'd come without needing to hadn't been something she had considered. She raised an eyebrow, but didn't respond right away. It seemed like she wasn't quite done talking just yet. "I just wanted to be out of the facility for a bit, it's... I'm not sure why it's so strange to me, being out here. And not you guys." ...Oh. That made perfect sense. After all, that's pretty much why she had done it, wouldn't the others have wanted that too? Especially since quite a few of them would have been around a lot longer than she had... Well, except for Leiko at least. She was a pretty new recruit. "It's strange for me as well. In fact, I've never visited a grocery store before. It may not look it, but I'm barely containing my excitement right now." That turn down the snack aisle was starting to build some excitement in Octavia as she passed over boxes of little sweets, chocolates and assorted goodies, trying to find where the snack cakes were at as she laughed gently. "And it's definitely weird for me too." She gave the other girl a little understanding smile as she rubbed at her neck for a moment, "...It's like seeing a place you haven't been for a long time, but everything's changed. The wind, the sun, it all feels weird. But nice at the same time." She returned to perusing the boxes on the shelves, a small frown on her face for a moment as she did. All these boxes and she couldn't find the little cakes she was looking for. Cream filled yellow cakes dominated the shelves, including some that were striped with icing for some reason, but no chocolate ones. Her disappointment was immeasurable and her day was ruined. She was only snapped out of it thanks to Natsumi speaking up once again. "I'm more surprised we're the only three who opted to come out here, come to think of it." "Well... Most of the boys seemed a bit too... Rowdy for a shopping trip, you know? And I saw Shannon before I came down for it, she looked really deep in thought, I let her know the trip was happening, but I guess she was too tired after the day." She continued her search for the snack cakes of her dreams, her eyes widening as she found a box of them... Finally. Chocolate goodness, iced on the top, cream in the middle... She immediately scooped a couple of boxes up into her arms, adding them to the cart as she hummed lightly, she had to make sure everyone got a chance to try them back at the base, before smiling to Leiko, "If you just wanted to enjoy the day, that's fine! But keep an eye out for anything that looks tasty. Barbatos forgot to give us any restrictions."
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    Just got back from an interview for an HVAC Automation Controls Drafting position. Should be hearing back from them within a couple days.
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    Gaia's Emissary EARTH Level 4 [Fairy / Effect] 1200/2000 If Summoned from your hand: You can target 1 Field Spell from either GY; place that card face-up on your Field Zone, ignoring its conditions, and if you do, you can draw 1 card. If this card is destroyed by battle or by an effect: You can Special Summon 1 "Gaia" monster from your Extra Deck. You can only use this effect of "Gaia's Emissary" once per turn. - - - - The intention is to wink at both Yugioh's Gaia Warrior series and Gaia the goddess of Earth from Greek Mythology. Gameplay-wise, I want a generic reverse Terraforming (something that'd fetch from the GY instead of searching out). Since that's inherently weaker than outright searching out, I decided to give it a draw bonus. The lack of a hard OPT clause shouldn't be a huge deal if you have to get the card back in hand to trigger it. The "ignore the conditions" part of the Field Spell activation clause is meant to bypass things like Orichalcos' "once per Duel". A random tip but there's a Quick Play Spell that Summons a Level 4 LIGHT from hand, so it is an instant Field Effect such as immunity from cards like the fields of the God cards and the Sacred Beasts. The Mine floodgate that's running around is raining on my parade but IDK what I can do about that.
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    The thing about the recovery effect is that its an automatic +2 on Summon, and then if the Field Spell has a search, that's a net +3 in total. Which is kind of a lot off one Summon.. but that said, the Field Spell does have to be in the GY, so chances of that happening on the opening turn are probably pretty low. That said, I like its battle effect. I probably would've restricted it to "Gaia" monsters with 2600 ATK, because I assume they're the ones you were thinking about when making this effect, but you could also use this to Summon the 3500 ATK Gaia Drake. (You could also use this to Special Summon E-Hero Gaia). But that said, I do like the ideas behind the card. Yeah, Mystic Mine is a pain but... I imagine that card will get Limited sooner or later. A quick errata note is that I don't think you have to put "ignoring the summoning conditions" for the Special Summon effect, since cards like Metamorphosis don't. (This would also make it impossible to Special Summon the E-Hero).
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