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    Making food from a show: cute simple french toast Making a drink from a show: Drink slaps. > I-I mean <
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    Found my old DS Lite along with an Action Replay. Surprisingly the DS still has charge, so time to load up Pearl and cheat in a Manaphy egg to clear the game with.
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    Jelly Roll's concert was a BLAST! Struggle Jennings brought Caitlynne Curtis for God We Need You Now, Chase Rice brought his dog out for the last 2 songs of his incredible set, Jelly Roll brought his wife Bunnie for Kill A Man and he also brought out Afroman and they did a duet of Colt 45
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    I went and watched Gran Turismo again, saw it in D-BOX format... just as good the 2nd time as it was the first time
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