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  1. If you're not sure who Jeremy McKinnon is, he's the lead singer of A Day to Remember
  2. Met someone that is worth deleting the dating apps I'm on... 100% going all in with this one, I'm not gonna screw it up!

  3. If Tekken 8 comes out before next June, all 3 of the Big 3 fighting games will be out within a year from the time Street Fighter 6 drops... WILD!

  4. Mortal Kombat 1!!! I'm hyped!!!

  5. Thanks to Luke Combs' cover of Fast Car, I went and listened to Tracy Chapman's version and I truly believe that is why Luke Combs recorded it, to bring her version back to the public eye and both songs are absolutely phenomenal. I totally get if you don't like one version or the other, but in my opinion, they can coexist and both be great! Luke Combs stays as true to Chapman's version as he can, and he does a fantastic job.

  6. Dragula is a must! And I agree, it seems light-hearted, but maybe that's only for like the first episode, then chaos ensues
  7. The other day we got this poster officially showing off Twisted Metal, the TV series based off the vehicular combat game series, starring Anthony Mackie. The following day, we got our first teaser for the show, coming out July 27th only on Peacock The known cast is as follows, will include the vehicles the characters drive in game. Anthony Mackie as John Doe (driver of Roadkill) Samoa Joe and Will Arnett as Needles Kane (driver of Sweet Tooth) [Joe is the body actor and Arnett is the voice] Neve Campbell as Raven (driver of Shadow) Thomas Haden Church as Agent Stone (driver of Crimson Fury) Stephanie Beatriz as Quiet (new character to the franchise) Richard Cabral as Loud (new character) Tahj Vaughns as Mike & Mike Mitchell as Stu (drivers of Hammerhead) Lou Beatty Jr as Tommy (new character) There are also 2 more actors confirmed to be in the show but their roles have yet to be announced Michael Carollo Chloe Fineman Personally, I'm excited for this show... what about you all? Sound off below your thoughts on the cast, your thoughts on the teaser, your hopes for the show, etc.
  8. The Twisted Metal series teaser trailer dropped... I'm all in just from that minute long trailer! 

  9. It always amazes me how voice actors can slip in and out of a specific voice, like J. Michael Tatum, he carried on nearly a full conversation going between Sir Hammerlock from Borderlands and his real voice with me on Saturday 

  10. Met Catherine Sutherland, Nikia Burrise, Karan Ashley, J. Michael Tatum, DJ Qualls, Katy O'Brian, Brandon McInnis, and Bonnie Piesse today. 3 Power Rangers, Sir Hammerlock from Borderlands, Toby Loobenfeld from Big Bang Theory, Elia Kane from Mandalorian, Gyutaro from Demon Slayer, and Beru from Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3

  11. Will be meeting Karan Ashley (Aisha from Power Rangers), Catherine Sutherland (Kat from Power Rangers) and Nikia Burrise (Tanya from Power Rangers) in a few hours, as well as some other actors I'm not familiar with 

  12. Power Rangers Once and Always was a fun 55 minutes, all of the original actors look great! Was a wonderful send off/tribute for Thuy Trang (not a spoiler since it's literally in the trailer)

    1. MACHISMO Is A Luticia Simp

      MACHISMO Is A Luticia Simp

      It was okay. Didn't like Minh, though.

  13. Jelly Roll just released a song featuring Yelawolf that's gonna be on his country album that comes out June 2nd... Yelawolf has now had a country artist on one of his albums and has now been on a country album, pretty awesome if you ask me

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