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  1. I would post the lyric video so you could follow along, but it contains spoilers in the story mode so I decided against it. This plays after you complete the story mode.
  2. The MK1 story started off strong, then after about chapter 12, they seemed to rush it. The story of this game could've easily been stretched out another game, maybe even 2.

  3. My local GameStop had a few extra copies of the premium edition of MK1, so guess who gets to play it a few days early?!

  4. Thank you Ruinous Quartet! Helped me catch Munkidori in the Teal Mask DLC thanks to being immune to psychic moves

  5. So I'm about 3 hours into the Teal Mask DLC for Pokémon ScarVio (playing Scarlet) and man, I'm really enjoying the story they're telling so far!

  6. Digimon, Pokémon, Yugioh, and Magic all have their own card games (I know there's more but those are the big ones) and now as of 3 weeks ago, Disney now has one. Seems everyone is getting into the trading card game business 

  7. Jelly Roll's concert was a BLAST! Struggle Jennings brought Caitlynne Curtis for God We Need You Now, Chase Rice brought his dog out for the last 2 songs of his incredible set, Jelly Roll brought his wife Bunnie for Kill A Man and he also brought out Afroman and they did a duet of Colt 45

  8. I went and watched Gran Turismo again, saw it in D-BOX format... just as good the 2nd time as it was the first time 

  9. With me seeing this man live in concert tomorrow, I figured I'd post one of the songs I'm hoping to hear live
  10. Just like with CowCow, not giving any context to this song
  11. 36 is way too young... RIP Windham Rotunda (aka Bray Wyatt)

    1. Nico


      Damn, just yesterday saw a news about a manga artist that age dying of cancer (did Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto)


      Don't know much about either of them but damn

    2. The Chayncemaniac

      The Chayncemaniac

      I only know of Bray because he was a wrestler in WWE, just like his dad, grandfather and brother... one of the most brilliant minds in wrestling from what his colleagues have said 

  12. Bandai Namco are WILD! They literally just revealed EVERY character playable in Tekken 8 in one trailer! Great looking roster of characters too!

  13. Blue Beetle is definitely a movie I can't recommend enough, it was so good!

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