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The Chayncemaniac


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  1. I just had to move it to 0:25 and before I even watched it I remembered it.... another one that comes to mind for me in the same franchise is this, mainly when I was a kid it scared me
  2. I had forgotten how scary the whole monsto scene was, watching him turn around almost on a dime would scare tf out of me
  3. What scenes in non horror movies either used to scare you or still do scare you? Simple as that right? Here's mine
  4. If you haven't played it, like me, the PS4 version of Ratchet & Clank is free until March 31st as a part of Sony's Play at Home campaign 

  5. I completely forgot about Nightmare in Dream Land... probably the first GBA game outside of Yugioh and Pokémon I ever beat
  6. This HAS to be Hanson... near the end you clearly hear 3 voices 


  7. Big Mutha Truckers Cartoon Network Speedway Codename Kids Next Door Operation S.O.D.A Digimon Battle Spirit Hot Wheels Burnin Rubber
  8. Final Fantasy VII Remake, Remnant From the Ashes, Farpoint VR and Maquette are this months free PS+ games... Sony has had some bangers this year as far as PS+ free games go so far

  9. EA Games has come out and said in multiple articles that the next Need For Speed game will be delayed for a year so they can support Battlefield 6

  10. My ex went back to her ex who is currently sitting in prison for raping a teenager... I should've known something was up when she would answer his calls and completely ignore me while talking to him...

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    2. Horu


      Yeah, Chaynce, that shit hurts. I've been through similar situations. But in a relationship, you should be a priority, not an option (this goes both ways). It took me a while to learn this. Had girls that would do everything in the world for me, but as soon as they thought they had something better, I was on the back burner until they needed a shoulder to cry on. That shit is toxic and don't play that game. I promise a good girl will come and you'll be happy with her.

    3. Hina's Simp

      Hina's Simp

      This is why you find yourself a Hina.

    4. Horu


      Can't argue with that Dae

  11. I'm wanting to do a monotype play through of Pokémon Shield... but idk what type I wanna use... obviously if I go with a type other than Fire, Water or Grass, I'll have to give myself some leeway since those are the starters types

    1. (␀)


      Bug has very fun selection.

  12. These are the cover arts for the 3 versions of Hot Wheels Unleashed... probably my favorite covers of all games