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  1. Looney Tunes is the next expansion for Hot Wheels Unleashed? I'm in!

  2. 18 ELEMENTARY kids and a 4th grade teacher were killed in a school shooting in Uvalde, TX... I hope the shooter died a slow painful death!

    1. LordCowCow


      Putting this here to let you know, please if you want to discuss this make a thread for it instead of keep making statuses, it's not a very pleasant topic and I'm sure many don't want to have it too much in their face on this site of all places, thanks

  3. I just got one of the most expensive cars in Forza Horizon 5 in a wheel spin... and I tuned to for my drift car

    1. Nathanael D. Striker

      Nathanael D. Striker

      Uh why? The Drift Viper is the superior drift car. >>

    2. The Chayncemaniac

      The Chayncemaniac

      I like making different cars spec'd to something you wouldn't expect

    3. Nathanael D. Striker
  4. I think this is perfect with Top Gun Maverick coming out next week
  5. My Chemical Romance put out a new song and Panic! At The Disco is working on new music... is this my freshman year of high school again??

  6. Not a collaboration I was expecting
  7. Comments like this really annoy me... why should a musician's (or any form of entertainer) sexuality matter?


    1. worK


      That commentator sure puts the count in country.

    2. Thar


      if lesbian's can't be country artists, then why is it pronounced "cunt"-ry?

    3. The Chayncemaniac

      The Chayncemaniac

      The funny part is 2 country stars that gained popularity in the 90s and 00s were gay then and one of the best songwriters in country is as well

  8. The trophy/achievement list for Sniper Elite 5 has come out... and in the day one DLC (which is cool to get DLC day one) you get a trophy/achievement for executing Hitler with a testicle shot. If I wasn't already planning on getting this game, that would tempt me

  9. David Yost, the original Blue Power Ranger, is trying to get an 8 episode reunion series off the ground. I'd be for it, but it won't be the same without Thuy Trang...

    1. Chaos Sonic

      Chaos Sonic

      It's not gonna be the same at all, yet he said that Trini would be in it...so I'm not sure how any of that would be possible.

  10. After Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, I'd love to see Benedict Wong, Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen in a non comic book movie together. Their chemistry was so good!

  11. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was SOOO GOOD!

  12. I know I haven't been active in the forums, but that's due to work (6 day work weeks are rough) but once I finish Inheritance, I will be posting my thoughts in a thread of the entire Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, then once I finish the spin off (The Fork, The Witch and The Work) I'm going to add my thoughts of it to that thread 

  13. The season finale of Moon Knight was PHENOMENAL! I really hope season 2 happens!

    1. Chaos Sonic

      Chaos Sonic

      The way the season ended...they NEED to make a second season. Hawkeye and Wandavision, go figure those basically didn't need a second season, but this one...it needs to happen.

    2. LordCowCow


      Man I'm behind on that, think 3 episodes back now

  14. 15 minutes until The Northman starts! Can't wait!

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