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  1. I do own one, I just don't use it that much. I mainly cook stuff on the hob/stove top or if needed in the oven ass I'll be putting on more than will fit in the air fryer.
  2. 2nd limited run of Engage is finished, and Hard did add a nice challenge. When doing the wheel for my 3rd run, I realised that I didn't have Jean or Anna on it, so I could've had 10 units + Alear for all of the runs. Though my 3rd run is going to be hard. Only got Alear until chapter 8 where I get Diamant and Amber, or starting chapter 7 + clearing the DLC for Nel and Gregory. Run 4 will be nice having access to Vander and Framme from the start.

  3. In terms of playing, probably Fire Emblem Heroes, which I've been playing nearly daily since probably March/April 2017. In terms of generally following it probably Love Live SIF and such, starting probably in 2015 and playing on and off till end of service.
  4. Fire Emblem Engage limited run is finished. Alear was MVP overall and pretty much my early game healer with Micaiah's ring, but early game Louis and Alfred both having good defence was useful, and then from the mid-game Citrinne put in a lot of work paired with Lyn and Camilla. Easiest map, would've been Corrin's trial map. Camilla/Alear Griffon for one health bar and Lyn!Citrinne Astra Storm with +4 Radiant Bow for the second one. Was Sniper Citrinne the best choice, probably not, but it is fun.

    1. LordCowCow



      so fast

    2. Azure


      Took about 30 hours. Was only on Normal which made it quicker. Have started a new playthrough with similar restrictions for my first Hard playthrough and my options are much worse for the early game. Finishing chapter 6 and I have 4 units. Alear, Eite, Celine, and Yunaka. I don't get anymore until chapter 11 where I do get 2 in Kagetsu and Zelkov. Then chapter 12, 13 and 15 all get me a unit in Fogado, Timerra, and Rosado. Then it is 6 chapter break for my final unit Mauvier. Just need to get the Master Seal from then Anna mission then I can promote Alear so I can at least have an easier time getting the Tiki Emblem for Starsphere.

    3. LordCowCow


      Gonna have to dodge tank a lot I see

  5. Starting a Fire Emblem Engage run where I can only use 9 randomly selected units + Alear. The randomiser has given me: Alfred, Louis, Lapis, Citrinne, Pandero, Lindon, Saphir, Hortensia, and Madeline. Not going to bother with the restriction when getting Madeline, because that would be too much of a nuisance.

    1. LordCowCow


      I recently began an Engage run too though its only my second so no restrictions. Eventually wanting to do 3 so I can use every character.

    2. Azure


      This is only going to be my third run of the game. Decided to do a limited run where I don't actually choose the units myself cause otherwise I'm just going to go back to using Framme, Chloe, the Royals and probably Zelestia again. Which is also partially the reason I set the limit to 9 units besides Alear since the deploy limit is 12 for most maps, before rising to 14 for the last couple. Did spin Alfred, Hortensia and Lapis on the wheel, so I have some I've used before. But, after chapter 5, Louis was useful and I can see why he is used.

    3. LordCowCow


      Ah that makes sense. Yeah I used Louis first run and he was so helpful it was surprising how much so. Especially early on.

  6. Yes, I've heard of the Steam Deck. I'm never going to buy one. Yes I have used Linux before, years ago, Didn't really care that much about it. It existed. Sure, if I actually went through with the switch to Linux would I be able to get stuff to work, probably I can pick things up fairly well if I care to. But I'm not going to because: I'm lazy. I'm not going to go through the effort of getting a Virtual Machine to run Linux, then go and install the stuff to see if it works, then go replace my operating system, then reinstall everything and make sure it works again. I know it works on Windows and thus less effort. Plus most games I play are on usually on console (primarily Switch, occasionally Xbox 360), so Windows is fine. I don't care about operating systems enough. Windows works and is what I am familiar with due to personal use, as well as from school and employment, so that is good enough. Okay, yes privacy is a human right, but I, personally, have other things more important to worry about, so it isn't at the top of my list. So, lets address your points: Regarding them taking control of my PC. Sure they could do it, but why? Microsoft gets nothing from that. There is no really benefit from remotely accessing my PC. They'd look at it and see nothing of value. Of course I wouldn't give up my rights to a government. But like I said early, I have other things to worry about. So rather than worrying about whether or not Microsoft may take control of my PC, I just don't and worry about more immediate things. Would I leave my home unlocked, no. That also isn't really the same thing. It just stops "Let's give it a go" break ins. It would be more like someone has scoped out your house for a while and has brought either lockpicking tools or just a good brick. They could get in regardless of whether or not the door is locked. No, I wouldn't share my passwords. What you do on an internet browser isn't private, the company behind it, your ISP, your local network, they can already see what you've accessed. Don't have a social security number since I'm not American, but if they can access my computer they can access any computer used by the government who would also have it. Same for my bank details, plus Microsoft already has access to the bank details they care about from whenever I brought stuff off them. Plus if they freely use those that could fairly easily open them up to a bunch of legal problems, so why bother. Microsoft does not give a damn about my personal life, so the faceless corporation is surprisingly a good secret keeper. Actual people who you can put a face to are less so. I know you're not talking about actual criminal stuff, neither was I. There are somethings I enjoy or personal stuff in write down on my computer that I just don't want my family to see. If other people find out, sure fine. But I don't live with those people and they are much easy to ignore. Family you live with is much harder. As in the list of stuff, I do not believe Microsoft cares enough to do anything regarding that. The man power regard to remotely access and control each computer running Windows is something Microsoft just doesn't have, so I personally don't view it as a problem. Could I be proven wrong? Absolutely. I'm also not going to be watching the videos because I just don't see the point for me. Sure, call me a part of the reason why this happened but as I mentioned before I have other things to worry about. Accept that not everyone cares, and are just fine with how things currently are. Opinions can change. If I get proven wrong, then I get proven wrong. I'll accept that. So let's just agree to disagree and move on with other stuff.
  7. PC specs aren't great, I got it probably nearing 11 years ago for like £400 prebuilt. 8 gigs of RAM, 2 2TB Hard Drive, and an Intel Core i5 Processor 4440. Never used Windows 11, barely hear anything about it, and my current thought are to just wait and see if it actually means anything to me. Like there was this fuss when Windows 8 came out and I made fun of Windows 8 at the time, but it was fine. Barely even memorable for me. I know it was starkly different to 7 in terms of the UI and somewhat different from 10, but for the life of me I could not tell you a thing about it. PC operating systems for me, just need to work with as few hope as possible. Regarding Linux, sure Steam, Discord, and Spotify would all work on it, but I currently only really use Steam for MtG Arena and more recently Hololive fangames, the last Discord message I've sent was probably a year or two ago, and Spotify certainly exists on my PC, but I basically never use it. I use Windows because most programmes I would use are made for Windows, and sure there are probably work arounds for Linux, but I am a fundamentally lazy person so why go through the extra effort. If they can see what is on my screen, good for them. Clearly they have nothing better to do than look at what generic Windows user 37,302,348 is doing. Oh look they watch anime clips on YouTube, oh now they've opened 2 instances of a Yu-Gi-Oh! simulator and playing against themselves with somewhat accurate anime decks before closing after two games. I do nothing on my PC that Microsoft would care for at all, so good for them.
  8. Current wallpaper, it'll cycle though a few screenshots of nice CGs of Visual Novels I've read though. Is my 2nd monitor, cause my main one is the same image but has clutter.
  9. Between the Sega Mega Drive, Playstation, and XBox, I prefer using the XBox ones. Feels like I've spent much more time playing one a 360 than using any of the PlayStations I've had (1 through 4) so the controller just feels much more comfortable. Plus the XBox had more games I actually went achievement hunting one. Also due to lots of time playing Halo and Mass Effect on the 360 I hate using a mouse+keyboard for shooters. Controllers allow for more comfortable sitting and/or reclining positions than mouse+keyboard.
  10. Been behind on watching anime I've been meaning to, so started watching through Soaring Sky! Precure after starting a rewatch of Hugtto!, and the Updraft Shining theme is a banger.

  11. With this weeks Arena tickets I've finished another nearly completely off-focus/4* Special +10, being Say'ri. Now to wait for Amatsu to be refined 'cause HP based Distant Counter kinda sucks.
  12. Doing a mono-Normal nuzlocke of Violet, and against Nemona's Quaquaval before the 7th Gym. Damage calc says +3 Atk Slash from Zangoose is a guaranteed one-shot. Turns out it isn't, not only did I have Zangoose 1 level higher from checking stuff for Tulip, which would just be bad luck, since only one damage role didn't KO. But the Gym Leaders, Elite 4, Geeta, and your Friends/Rivals aces have 252 EVs in HP. Should've either given the Silk Scarf or set up one more Hone Claw against Lycanroc.

  13. Completed a mono-Dark Nuzlocke of Scarlet. MVP would probably be Tyranitar, outpacing Hyrdreigon as the best Dark-type psuedo by being available 9 levels earlier and getting Dragon Dance. Also, not being potentially one-shot by Fairies. Outside of that Crawduant did work soloing Arven and Penny, and even Mabosstiff soloed Clavell. I also was stupid in the Penny and Clavell battles as I for some reason decided to only bring one 'mon.

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