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  1. Assisting with admin stuff at a Jobs and Benefits office, mainly spreadsheets. Also will be shadowing the reception staff to see how claims are dealt with. Won't be dealing with claimants myself since I'm only there once a week over the course of six months, but still it is good for me to be out doing stuff.
  2. Well, I'm currently on a work placement, and it is a brand new year so let's redo this.
  3. Thanks to the third anniversary gift of 333 Grails I didn't have to wait to Tuesday to finish my next +10. The Combat Manual update next month is going to help a lot to finish my first 5*+10 as Celica looks to be one which can be obtained quickly.


    1. LordCowCow


      Ayyy, need to get a picture but I got my +10 Young Azura from that too

    2. mido9


      yuge sugoi dekais

  4. So we get a Tokyo Mirage Sessions banner in FE:H, but not a FE:Warriors banner. Sure that banner would most likely be 3 sword infantry but still.

    1. Tormented


      3 Red Swordsman and 1 Blue Mage 🤔

  5. aCb59tU.png

    5th +10 merge is done. Now to decide on my next non-grail merge project. Probably a green or colourless, since I am now at 4 red and 1 blue. So probably either Priscilla or Nino since I have some level of merges (+4 and +2 respectively). Though I'm probably going to focus on finishing S!Ylgr and Ursula first so I'm not spending orbs.

  6. I'm looking forward to the SwSh expansions. The games have been the most fun I've had in a Pokemon game for a while. So more stuff to do is always nice. Now if the Gen V starters are part of the 200 to be added I will be very happy.

    1. Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd

      Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd

      I'm looking forward to them too. They look pretty cool so I'm pretty hopeful about them.

  7. Levelling Subs in KanColle is remarkably boring. They can't really get MVP for the 2x Exp, since they don't take part in shelling, and their opening torpedos are overshadowed by the airstrikes, so you just have to wait and make them tank destroyers.

  8. Looking at the FE:H New Year units and despite how fun Lethe and Selkie look with their true damage and damage reduction weapons. I just want Anna, because being able to buff my L!Marth with 2x Bonus Doubler alone would be great. If I had L!Eliwood it would be even more fun, though at the cost of being a team with 3 Reds, cause triple Bonus Doubler shenanigans. Though I'm probably not going to get any, because my free summon luck was used up on the Tempest Trail banner giving me a second Flying Nino.

  9. Azure

    Christmas 2019

    Got a decent haul this year, and still have to wait for 1 or 2 more to arrive: 2 setsof Lego Star Wars, being the Geonosian Starship and Ewok Ambush. A tin of Pokémon cards and a Magic: The Gathering deck. A pack of Kinder Beunos, some chocolate coins, and a Terry's Chocolate Orange. A Reinhardt figure, despite the fact I have never played or talked about Overwatch. A set of Love Live! Angelic Angel figures which apparently arrived in an envelope with no cushioning so the fans broke off. An Escape room game. Also brought myself a touch pad for my computer so I can attempt to draw without accidentally ruining the paper I'm using.
  10. 90 minute treaty matches against the AI in Age of Empires 2 is fun. Playing as the Cumams and have just placed 500 Heavy Cavalry Archers in my enemy's base and just need to wait for the last 16 minutes to tick down. Near instant Cavalry Archers are great.

    1. Yui


      And here I thought people who did 40-minute treaties in AoE3 were nuts.

  11. Open up Twitter and see that my birthday is the same day as Takeru's from Muv-Luv, which reminds me that I need to finish Alternative. Anyway, Happy birthday to me.

  12. First banner of Book 4 in FEH is a Thracia banner, and Mareeta carries on the sword powercreep by having a Slaying effect, Spectrum Solo and Null Follow-up in her sword. Add in a Solo skill, a brand new damage reduction skill and self buffing. But at least we'll probably be getting a Guard sword in the 4-5 star pool.

    1. LordCowCow



  13. I seem to have a habit of picking KanColle back up right before an event starts. Though I'm actual getting in the habit of not just doing the daily and weekly quests. Now to see what the seven new ships are.

  14. Doing a Pokemon Platinum Eeveelutions only run, and Roark is a hurdle. Eevee can't learn Rock Smash, and only has Tackle as its only damaging move until level 22, where it gets Quick Attack. So either I grind for Espeon or attempt it with the 3 different X Items I have.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Azure


      Still a bit more ideal since Espeon still has a higher Atk stat. Though doing a run through with the X Items shows that I get beat by his Cranidos as it outspeeds so I need to grind anyway.

    3. Mr Spaz

      Mr Spaz

      Technically, you could grind to 29 for Bite and then evolve into Umbreon. Either way, Umbreon has better bulk than Espeon, so, if you only have Normal moves available to you, Umbreon would stand a better chance against Roark.

    4. Azure


      Managed to beat Roark in the match right after it evolved at level 17. The main point was not being slower than Cranidos, which the evolution helped with. I also focused on getting Espeon as it has a Rash nature which would dig into Umbreon's bulk. Though depending on what the natures of the 4 Eevees I'm waiting to hatch are I'll probably get one.

  15. I am enjoying Pokémon Sword a fair bit more than I was expecting, since I've already clocked 12 hours on it. Compared Ultra Sun where I got bored very quickly. Max Raid battles are fun.

    1. Azure


      Well finished the game and it was fun. While I was over-leveled for most of the gyms, due to having a bunch of fun doing Max Raid battles, I ended up in par with the trainers during the battles leading up to the Champion fight. With the exception of my Gardevoir which ended up at level 74. Also your winning team ends up as the title screen background. Now to beging the collecting every article of clothing.

    2. Nyx


      Gotta try 'em all! Nah but really, I looked forward more to buying out all the clothes in Sun and Moon can completing either Pokedex.