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  1. Been 4 years since I last really thought about creating any Yugioh cards, so was going through old cards I created to see if there were any I could use as inspiration, and so I've now decided on a Pendulum Fairy archetype based on lowering ATK. The "Ace" monster of the deck is the card which started it, being a Rank 5 which if ranked up from a Rank 4 Fairy becomes a Skill Drain for all other monsters with equal or less ATK

  2. Haven't been playing that much recently, but fully merged Adult Tiki sometime last month, and also managed to get the final copy of Hinoka from a free pull thus completing an 5* I wasn't really trying to complete. Would've been completed a while ago if it weren't for the fact that Hone Fliers is for some reason 5* locked.
  3. 2 more +10s being Ninja Shamir and Adrift F!Corrin. Now I just need to merge up Adult Tiki and then I have a full +10 Dragon team.
  4. CYL 6 FEH Channel. Anyway, thoughts:
  5. 2 more +10s done, being Male Corrin and Naga. Did get unlucky on the remix banner as Naga didn't pop-up so I needed all 40 summons. Corrin is nice support, even if I currently have him just stacking Unity skills. Naga is just really nice (anti-)Dragon support while also being a stat ball and inbuilt Dragon's Wrath.
  6. 46th 5* and 2nd Ingrid is now done. Only took 2 summons off the banner as well.
  7. Managed to get the final 3 copies of him giving me my first +10 Legendary Hero. Now I just need a spare Trace Skill.
  8. Having more freedom to do go places I want. Every other holiday I've had has been as a family, so I could just go off by myself. Plus most of them were around theme parks which I am not a fan of so I spend most of the time just waiting around. Plans are currently going to various museums, namely the HMS Belfast and the Natural History Museum. As for Three Hopes, got it at launch and am enjoying it a lot, especially since I clocked about 16 hours on the demo alone. The ripple effect of Shez not dying to Byleth has is interesting. Play order I'm going through is the same as Three Houses being Black Eagles, Blue Lions, the Golden Deer.
  9. Heading to England for a few days fir a holiday, and being the first one I have paid and arranged myself. So time for a bump while I wait to check in for the ferry.
  10. Got my first haircut in 3 years and as per usual it feels weird. Needed one as it is now summer and I have a job which requires manual labor, so long hair was getting in the way.

    1. LordCowCow


      Be sure if you're in the sun a lot to cover up, I cut my hair recently (though perhaps shorter than yours) and got sunburned on my scalp

  11. The full version of stars we chase released today and is probably going to end up being my most listened to song this year.

  12. 44th +10 is finished, being Young Ilyana. Next project is Ninja Shamir, who I am currently 1000 Grails and 200,000 Feathers off of building. Don't have any leanings for any non-grail projects, though depending on what the next 4* Resplendent after Matthew is might influence it.
  13. Wanted to start a Ultra Sun mono-type run and so go to play it on Citra only to end up with it running at 10 FPS without any graphical issues, so go to use my 2DS instead. Only to find the battery has expanded enough to begin to pop the cover off the back. So after about 20 minutes of trying to get the screws of the back of both the 2DS and a spare 3DS, I now have a 2DS which should be in better shape than before.

  14. Thea is now done. Icy Maltet is a nice weapon, even if all it does is turn Thea into a large ball of stats. Getting what is effectively +21 Atk/Def and +9 Spd/Res from what is really just existing is nice. Next project is going to be merging up Y!Ilyana, and then start getting the grails to merge up Ninja Shamir.
  15. Episode 9 of Nijigasaki season 2 has Mia's song, and it is now time to listen to it on loop for a while. MV is also great, which makes sense since it seems to be the same person who direct the animation for Butterfly is season 1, which was a great MV too.

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