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Azure last won the day on September 20 2020

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  1. Excluding Pokemon and Yugioh it would probably be Bleach, since one of my cousins had DVD'S for it which ended up with my gran after they moved to England, then it would've been Naruto, Code Geass and Ghibli movies.
  2. Xh9fwRH.jpg

    Petrine is now done thanks to the GHB Party event. Now to focus on Ninja Hana and Marth.

  3. Going to plug this before I head to bed.

  4. Actually started playing Pokemon Masters during Halloween since it had been sitting there on my phone for a while after I got a notification about Halloween Hubert, though I've kinda stopped playing currently. Also started playing Bloons TD5 again. For new games I intend to pick up D4DJ when it releases in English in a couple of months, mainly for Photon Maiden covers.
  5. Well it is another year so time for me to think about being more active again, before I retreat back into lurking the status bar every so often.
  6. FEH CYL results are out and Gatekeeper overtook Marth by 26,000 votes. Which is kinda funny. Either way Eirika still got 2nd so, that's good.

  7. Interim results for FEH CYL are out and the Gatekeeper is currently 2nd for the males division. Still along as Eirika remains at the top I'll be happy, unless she's a red unit again then I'll be less happy.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Themperor
    3. LordCowCow


      I'm sad that Anna isn't in the top 20 anymore. I get it, she has alts now, but MORE

    4. Azure



      19th and 20th merge projects are now done. Half of which are red units, split nicely 50/50 swords and mages. Petrine is done apart from the last merge which I'll get when she reruns, so time to start merging up Ninja Hana.

  8. 9Ch8dcI.jpg

    Another Forging Bonds, another +10 completed. Now to wait for the Petrine rerun so I can get the final copies. Now to try and stockpile copies of Miranda.

    1. LordCowCow


      Great choice.

      Just for Felicia to 10, gonna give her skills later. Dunno who's next, depends how many Christmas Hilda I manage to get >.>

    2. Azure


      All I'm really waiting for is the rerun of the Dark Burdens banner so I can try and snag the last 3 copies for F!Julia so she can be ready to be my 20th +10. I do need to stop focusing on building red units as they currently make up just under half of my 5*+10s.

    3. LordCowCow


      You got that many Julia? Whoa

  9. Was a good series, was let down a bit due to the introductory nature in the beginning. Started strong then kinda dropped off a bit around Ai's episode, but easily made up for it with Rina's which is probably one of my favourite Love Live episodes. The latter episodes were also nice for showing the N-girls from SIF. Wouldn't place the first series above Sunshine, due to the nature the show had to take with the first 9 episodes being mainly focused on an individual member. Now for an updated character ranking. Now to wait see if there is going to be another season so potential new best girl will get in.
  10. ShEm8or_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&

    M!Morgan is now at +10. Now to decide on building M!Corrin, Ilyana or Tethys.

    1. LordCowCow


      You really do have so many +10s don't ya?

    2. Azure


      Currently sitting at 17 so far, with a couple of 5*s exclusives sitting at +6 and one at +7. Should also get the last 5 copies for Aversa at some point, maybe if we get a refine for Aversa's Night.

    3. LordCowCow


      Yeah you put a lot more time in than me I am gonna guess since I got....6? Well, almost 6.

  11. fFCtQTx.jpg

    +10 Nino is now done. With how long it took to get the final couple of merges I was thinking I would have M!Morgan done first since I had 10 spare copies of him sitting there. Just need 60K feathers and he is done.

    1. LordCowCow


      Ayyy she's doing her best!

      My Felicia is at +7 atm I think

  12. uLOaMWo.jpg?1

    Remarkably fun to use, and have already foddered off a Lilith, Mareeta, Quan, Yarne and Igrene for the glorious fodder since I wasn't going to be using any of them. Tempted to halt merging up Petrine so I can focus on Hana. Just need the 20K feathers to merge her so she can reach 180 BST for Arena.

  13. Well, Ninja Hana is going to be my next Grail Project after Petrine is done. 36/40 offensive spread is nice especially with a Brave weapon which grants +4 Spread. Not really fussed on any of the banner units, except maybe Lyn for Arena.

    1. LordCowCow


      I'm happy to see Zihark and Laevatein is super cute so want both of them

    2. Azure


      I'm probably going to be summing green and red for merges for M!Morgan and Nicole so getting either of them would be nice. Put knowing how my summoning on Green usually goes Im going to get a couple of Yarnes instead of a focus unit.

  14. MPwrOqL.jpg

    15th +10 merge is now done. Just need to pull two more Nino's and grind out 60K feathers and she'll be done, then I can move onto Petrine.

    1. LordCowCow


      Oh that's a good one. Was using her in flying team with Ashnard and the young whitewings and realized just how good they all are.