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  1. CYL 5 rerun banner netted my final copy of Brave Eirika alongside a Kliff and Nephenee. Do want Galeforce on her, but no fodder for it currently.
  2. I'll do a fair bit of whaling, mainly to ensure I can spark new banners, then sending most of the units hone for feathers as they either have no good fodder or I'll probably never build them. The only 5* exclusives I've actively whale for would be Duo Palla whenever she had a rerun, B!Eirika on the CYL5 debut banner, and B!Edelgard on the A Hero Rises banner last year. Other than that it has just been focusing on set colours when pulling.
  3. Thanks to the Voting Gauntlet, my 5th 5* exclusive and favourite Blue Lion is now done. Am tempted to try and get a copy of Fallen Lilith when the new banner drops because Spd Smoke 4 granting Dodge is really nice. Now time decide which of my +9 5* exclusive will become number 6: B!Eirika, (has the advantage of currently being on a banner), Adrift F!Corrin (will appear on a weekly banner in August), or Naga (probably any where from July to September depending on whether they keep the Remix banners to 1 Legendary/Mythic per month or swap back to 2).
  4. ZvKJhfb.png

    Well Nijigasaki season 2 epise 6 goes all out with SIF N girl cameos, which gives us the 2nd appearance of best N girl.

  5. Lachesis is now done. Could I have saved the C Duel Infantry for a better unit for Arena purposes? Most likely. Next project is either going to be Y!Ilyana or Thea. Y!Ilyana I already have at +3 and have all the other merges available, while Thea I am being enticed due to hopefully a nice snazzy effect on the upcoming Icy Maltet, plus I am a sucker for the middle sister of any of the pegasus knight trios. Was thinking of merging up V!Alfonse, but miscounted the number of copies I had and only have enough to +9, so he is put off until next February.
  6. Over half way done with my job placement, and I've got a staff "Christmas" lunch tomorrow so time for a bump.
  7. U9eth7g.jpeg

    4 new Liella members have been revealed, and knowing nothing about them I have a favourite member.

    1. LordCowCow


      Wow they sure hurried up to get to the "normal" amount didnt they?

    2. Azure


      Need to rush out info before season 2 of Superstar airs in July. Would've liked to see more of just the original 5 members, but at the same time I don't really have a favourite of the bunch. Plus after reading the translations, Shiki is definitely best girl.

    3. LordCowCow


      Honestly I really liked the 5 but hopefully next season isn't mostly just intro'ing the newbies.

      Haven't looked into new ones much yet

  8. 1st +10 Duo/Harmonised unit is done. Now will I ever actually +10 Est? Probably not, I have other 4* units I have all the available merges for to do first.
  9. Summer Leonie is now finished, apart from waiting for Deadeye fodder and for Spd/Def Far Trace to be added to the game. Still not sure on my next Grail Project, but I've got other units to merge while I decide.
  10. Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush is 3 episodes in and is already peak Yu-Gi-Oh!. "Villian" of the week runs a deck entirely devoted to his card waifu and will attack people to collect more copies and fanart of her, in the hope she becomes real.

    1. LordCowCow


      A true hero

  11. Bang Dream GBP 4th anniversary and Sayo, Saya and Mashiro all get Dream Fest cards. Should've played the game more as I'm probably not going to get any of them. Did get a 4* Saya, but not the shiny new one.

    1. LordCowCow


      Am saving for a Himari card coming soon, and for RAS Summer

  12. Had to do a morning shift at work on Wednesday so I've got my afternoon shift today off onstead, so I've got free time to go to the cinema to see Sonic 2 during school hours so the cinema is going to be pretty empty.

    1. Azure


      Out of the film, and was just fun. Never really been a huge Sonic fan, but both movies were fun watches. The pixel credits are always nice to see before the end credits scene. I also kinda want to play Sonic Heroes again.

  13. 40 pulls plus the free pull got me a +Spd Duo Ike, a +Atk Soren, 2 Mias both with eh IVs, and 6 Ilyanas, though onky the free pick was a 5*. Did get a +Atk one which is still good. Also got a Fallen Male Morgan who was immediately foddered to Lachesis for Atk/Res Menace. Currently undecided if I try for the last 5 copies to get Ilyana to +10. I'll probably wait to see what the next New Heroes banner is and what Ascended Hero it is.
  14. 37th +10 done, and 180 Grails off finishing Summer Leonie. Next project to work on is Lachesis, as I may as well build 3-4* Resplendents. Next frail projec is still undecided, Aversa is already at +6 just from the GHB rewards, and could've been +7 if I didn't accidentally send a 5* copy home when clearing out units which had no good fodder. Other choices are Finn or Plegian Kris as both have decent skills currently.
  15. Watched the 1st episode of Love Live Nijgasaki season 2, and Eutopia is a nice song, plus pretty much every part of the MV is wallpaper worthy. The solo I'm mainly looking forward to is Shizuku's, even if it is in part due to the fact that Solitude Rain was my most listened to song last year.

    1. LordCowCow


      Oh it already started? I tend to wait till they're done to watch but that's good then, means it'll be sooner.

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