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  1. Re-obtained all the achievements for the Mass Effect trilogy, bar the one which requires multiplayer. Mass Effect 2 on Insanity was probably the hardest, especially the early game. Now to complete my  ME2 and 3 runs where Kaiden isn't dead.

    1. LordCowCow


      Now that you mention it I'm unsure I ever saved Kaiden

    2. Azure


      I think I've only used Kaiden once and that was when I decided to start a non-imporred file on ME2 as FemShep. Have never really kept him alive since I usually play as MaleShep and romance Ashley in the first game. Then I rarely play the first game again since the combat is kinda clunky.

  2. New Resplendent gives me a new +10 I wasn't particularly trying for. Now if only non-Legendary/Mythic dancers could get refines.
  3. Probably going to build Valentines Veronica up after I get more Grails. It's currently between her and Brunnya, so it'll probably depend on the refine Fimbultver gets since Veronica is cheaper to merge since a copy was available from the limited codes. Also, Seer's Snare is probably the most fun game mode they have added. Basically kept Aversa and Nah as my Red units due to being good at (de)buffing and then swapped around my Blue and Green unit.
  4. First Engage character is now at +10. Do wish Monarch Blade had the slaying effect instead of +3 Spd, but maybe when she gets her refine in 3 years. Now the only game I have left to get a character to +10 from is Mirage Sessions, where it is just really just hope for a stray Tsubasa whenever I pull Blue.
  5. Going through getting all the achievements in the Mass Effect trilogy and I really should've decided to do so before. 3 playthroughs is the minimum fro Mass effect 1 and I will be at 9. 3 to get to level 60, 1 to transfer a FemShep file to ME2, a Hardcore run I actual done on Normal, the two runs for Hardcore and Insanity. Now I need to do a run as an Engineer and Adept for the "Use X Power 75 times" achievements. Then on to Mass Effect 2 for the pain that is the Insanity run. The only achievement I can't get is one for ME3 which requires you to play the multiplayer which I can't get.

  6. After sitting with all the merges available for the past 2 years, Valentines Alfonse is my 2nd +10 Armour unit. Did I think twice about using a Young Hector as fodder? No. Should I've thought about it a bit? Probably. EDIT: Wasn't really thinking much of it but I now have base Sigurd at +10. So hurray for the 4* Special Rate.
  7. Catria (Shadow Dragon) Julia (Genealogy of the Holy War) Thea (Binding Blade) Elincia (Path of Raidiance) Veronica (Heroes) Ingrid (Three Houses) Male Shez (Three Hopes) Chloe (Engage)
  8. 2 more characters merged up. One being a project and the other just kinda happening. Aversa is finished with a small bit of help from a stranger for their skills and dragon flowers. The other being Brave Lyn, who has slowly been merged up for the past few years, so with the release of her Resplendent and the Golden Week banners I got the last couple of merges.
  9. Decided to create a "homebrew" race for "D&D" based entirely off a character a few years ago for some plot thing I had with never went anywhere cause my ability to commit to writing stuff is nearly non-existent.

    I don't even play D&D, so it is never going to be used. I just got bored and D&D character sheets do give me a nice template to glance at while I never do anything with the characters.

  10. 12 Fae's went into this merge project. Why keep a Legendary version when you can instead use it as fodder for it's Book 1 version instead? Now moved on to actually finish merging Valentines Alfonse who was sitting at +5, while I get the 1000 Grails to get Aversa to +10 and Lumera to +9 for her GHB rerun.
  11. Well completed the Mass Effect trilogy again (sans the Omega and Citadel DLC due to money). Could've completed it earlier but achievement hunting in ME1 required 4 playthroughs before I needed to change it up. Still need to do a Renegade run but I hate playing Renegade. Do want to mess around on ME3 multilayer again cause that was some if the best fun I had with XBox Live.

    1. LordCowCow


      Been tempted to get the legendary edition just to easily be able to play through all three again

  12. Lucky +10 for my 2nd Legendary Hero. Only needed 2 merges and managed to get both in 4 summons with one being the free pull.
  13. I'm not a Blue-Eyes player, but I'm trying to think of a good use for this outside of using it as a 9,000 Atk beatstick. For example, if your opponent has 2 monsters with 3,000 Atk you can either: Activate the effect targeting both and deal 3,000 battle damage (1,500 each), or Not activate the effect at all and only battle one and deal 6,000 battle damage. This makes not using the effect better in pretty much all cases. If you just want to get rid of your opponents during battle, then Blue-Eyes Twin Burst does a better job as it can't be destroyed by battle, and if you're willing to potentially lose some life, can banish anything it can't destroy instead. Even compared to some of the Blue-Eyes Ultimate retrains, it only really has the 9,000 Atk going for it. Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate can attack 3 time providing it is the only face-up card you control and you still have Blue-Eyes fusions in your Extra Deck, and Alternative Ultimate can destroy either 1 or 3 cards each turn you can keep it around depending on it's fusion material, while having protection from your opponents card effects. One of the better ways I can see it being used is to Fusion Summon Neo Ultimate while having Deep-Eyes in hand and attack over your opponents monsters hoping to get at least 1 monster destroyed, then send Perfect Ultimate to allow Neo to attack again. Now, if Neo Ultimate is destroyed, you can then Special Summon Deep-Eyes, burn your opponent for 1,800 damage minimum (You'd have at least Blue-Eyes, Neo Ultimate, and Perfect Ultimate in grave), then you target Perfect Ultimate to make Deep-Eyes' Atk 9,000. For changes, I'd do something like this:
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