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  1. 72nd +10 finished. So back to merging up Camilla after my quick switch to Fir due to her Resplendent release. So back to the HM grind through Forging Bonds.
  2. The Arena ticket has given me another +10. Honestly I was expecting Ylgr, Linde or Olwen to be finished first from pulling Blue through the tickets since they've been at +9 for a while but Tana has been appearing the last few weeks.
  3. Doing a mono-Psychic Nuzlocke of Scarlet and is going well, went to do a bit of shopping before battling Ryme and the game crashes. But still the run has given me an appreciation for Armarouge. Only saving these runs right before picking my starter has backfired.

  4. 70th +10 unit is finished. Started merging up Camilla while waiting for the final few grails to come in thinking between her and Fir, Camilla would be the first to get a Resplendent and I picked wrong. Still, counting the upcoming Resplendent, Fir is only a merge behind Camilla so swapping track isn't to much of an issue.
  5. Two mono-type runs of Sword where I have found a shiny early on which I can't use. The first was a Rookidee on my Bug-type run, and now a Diglett on a Electric-type run. Even doing Scarlet runs I'll usually find a shiny Lechonk before the 2nd Nemona battle.

  6. Well, nearly wiped to Raihan. Lost 4 mons being Frosmoth who was only partook in the 2nd Marnie battle and Raihan's Gym, Ninjask, Centiskorch, and Pinsir. Only really won due to having the Magnet equipped onto Vikavolt so I was guaranteed the range with Thunderbolt, and Duraladon attacking Golisopod, who thankfully survived with 1HP.

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    2. LordCowCow


      Would be kinda funny if you ended up having to rock an unevolved Skorupi ngl, but getting close

    3. Azure


      Ended up wiping to Nessa. Killed the Pelipper a turn early, so my boosted Butterfree had to deal with a Tailwind boosted Barraskewda, and was outsped. Then hoped Durant would outspeed after the Tailwind ended, but nope and then got one-shot. Leaving a weakened Scolipede, Golisopod and Orbeetle. Scolipede then died to a crit Drill Run. Golisopod managed to get back to full from Leech Life against most of Nessa's team, but then Drednaw comes in and while Golisopod can survive a Max Rockfall, it triggers Emergency Exit.

      Losing my Vikavolt in the prior Bede fight screwed me over. Also forgetting to replace Light Screen with Reflect on Orbeetle.

    4. LordCowCow


      Oh ouch I totally forgot about Drednaw that's a tough one.

  7. Doing a Mono Bug Nuzlocke of Sword and the damn Policeman outside of Circhester with the Arcanine and Boltund has been the most annoying trainer so far. Ninjask doesn't do well against Arcanine, so I swap to Centiskorch thinking a Fire move. Ends up being Thunder Fang which paralyzes. Then swap to Golisopod since I wasn't paying attention, and then get Roared. Rinse and repeat until both Centiskorch and Golisopod would be dead to Extreme Speed from Arcanine, and pray that it goes for anything else so I can Sucker Punch it, which works due to a crit. Then the Boltund decides it also wants to use Roar. Did lose my Joltik since I needed a safe switch.

  8. Started a randomised Pokemon White 2 run and get a Gible starter, which gives Hugh a Klink. So of course the random moves Gible gets are all resisted by Klink. Then I head out to the first route and find a Garchomp, which Alpha the Gible did kill since it was a Mud-Slap vs Dual Chop. Then the second route has a Speed Boost/Dragon Dance Rayquaza, which died to a Rollout Luvdisc. Not event the second rival battle and it is already wild.

    1. Azure


      The tale of Beta the Rayquaza killing Luvdisk was short. He died to a wild Combee.

    2. Azure


      Well, that's the run over. I go to train in the dark grass and end up in a double battle against a Blitzle and Eelektrik. Turns out the Eelektrik had Wonder Guard and I had no Ground moves. So I was spamming the Run button and lost my Larion and Emolga. Then I get into a trainer battle against a Lillipup which uses Metronome and gets Frost Breath against my Gible. Didn't even reach Virbank.

  9. UV1cAXP.jpg

    Started playing MTG:Arena on Tuesday, and I have now achieved all I wanted to do in MTG. Create a bunch of token copies of token doublers. Thus allowing me to turn a land into a 72/72 Elemental with 1,073,741,823 +1/+1 counters on it.

    1. Azure


      Turn went: Use Destiny Spinner to turn Command Tower into X/X Elemental -> Use Yanna to create a copy of Primal Vigor -> Primal Vigor and my 5 Doubling Seasons instead stack to create 64 Primal Vigor Tokens -> Rosie Cotton of South Lane sees 64 Tokens ETB and so places a +1/+1 counter on Command Tower 64 times -> all 70 Primal Vigors and Doubling Seasons see this and stack reaching to counter cap 30 doubles in.

  10. Found my old DS Lite along with an Action Replay. Surprisingly the DS still has charge, so time to load up Pearl and cheat in a Manaphy egg to clear the game with.

    1. LordCowCow


      I remember trying to play a game on the DS more recently and wondering how I ever played with such a small screen

    2. Azure


      After using the DS Lite for a bit it is not completely functional. The touch screen refuses to work most of the time so I couldn't actual start a new file on Pearl as I couldn't press the button on the Pokéball. So outside of getting using the action replay to get the Manaphy egg I'll probably be using my 2DS which does make the top screen slightly smaller to match the DS. Screen size though it's fine, feels the same as when I'm using an emulator due to the distance from the screen.

  11. Finished a mono-Rock Nuzlocke-lite of Scarlet. Basically allowed myself a revive for every gym and it effectively became a Tyranitar solo from the Fighting Crew to the end game. Did lose two to the elite 4, being my Titan Klawf, Basalt, as +3 to Atk and near max Atk EVs weren't enough to KO Rika's Donphan with Trailblaze. Still Basalts main job was to kill the Whiscash. Then I messed up and sent out my Coalossal against Poppy instead of T-Tar and so I let it die instead of switching into a High Horsepower.

  12. Another +10 merged up. All Altena is really missing is her unique refine, which should be in a a month or two depending on if it is put in with the CYL refines in the next update. Next project is going to be Zephia, unless Camilla or Fir are going to be revealed to be the next Resplendent after Morgan.
  13. Slowly getting back into paper MtG and kinda looking forward to the Final Fantasy set coming out in a couple of years. Not sure why, my experience with Final Fantasy is basically around half of 13, which I started earlier this year, and the demo of Lightning Returns. 

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