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  1. I am enjoying Pokémon Sword a fair bit more than I was expecting, since I've already clocked 12 hours on it. Compared Ultra Sun where I got bored very quickly. Max Raid battles are fun.

    1. Azure


      Well finished the game and it was fun. While I was over-leveled for most of the gyms, due to having a bunch of fun doing Max Raid battles, I ended up in par with the trainers during the battles leading up to the Champion fight. With the exception of my Gardevoir which ended up at level 74. Also your winning team ends up as the title screen background. Now to beging the collecting every article of clothing.

    2. Nyx


      Gotta try 'em all! Nah but really, I looked forward more to buying out all the clothes in Sun and Moon can completing either Pokedex.

  2. Time to do a Mono-type Grass Blaze Black 2 challenge. Roxie, Burgh and Skyla are going to be a pain. But hopefully this time I won't die to much to Clay and his damned Excadrill. Cause if this hack has taught me anything it is I hate sand teams.

    1. Azure


      My first hurdle has appeared. Getting a good nature Lotad as that line is my only Surf and Waterfall access in the game. My current one has a Careful nature so -Sp.Atk which ain't great. But despite being a 10% encounter rate I have seen 1. I've found about 10 Seedot who also have a 10% encounter rate. 5 Ralts with a 5% rate, a Makey with 4%, and even a damn Bagon which has a 2% rate.

    2. Azure


      Fight against Roxie was annoying. Barely won with my team being level 29, 30, and 33. Both my Leavanny and Servine died, and Lombre was poisoned and had 5 health left when the battled ended. Maybe doing this in with the Challenge Key active was a mistake.

  3. Managed to get 2 5*s off the Gerik Mercenaries banner, though both were off-focus using the story orbs and summon tickets. But fixing the bad IVs on my Green Olwen (was +Def/-Res now is +Atk) and a second merge for Ophelia is still good.

  4. Well the next FE:Heroes banner trailer has leaked and is a Sacred Stones one. But no Neimi so I can skip. Need to start saving again as trying to get Echoes Catria has drained me, and I got B!Alm as my free summon and Slique from a pull when I got no Reds.

    1. LordCowCow


      SO happy Gerik looks pretty good. Badass Hero deserves badass skills.

  5. It is fun to do a 90 minute treaty match against the AI in AoE2, surround their base with castles and slowly pick off their own castles using the trebuchet's attack ground, completely bypassing the treaty. Then have the battle end about a minute after the treaty ends as you out number the enemy nearly 4 to 1.

  6. Still have Asuka's route to go through in Aokana, but Misaki's is by far my favourite. Though the anime is to go by then part of the Asuka Vs Saki fight is going to be my laptop background.

  7. Azure

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    My magic nuke is now done. Might switch the blessing to Water to assist with Chain Challenge clearing and such so she can tank mages hits better when paired with L!Azura, but otherwise she works brilliantly. Now I need to decide on another non-grail project (S!Ylgr and Ursula both at +4). Probably going to go for Soliel (+6 from when I was building Eirika), Palla or Est (both at +1).
  8. Well it took 3 years, but Bluetome Breaker is finally in the summoning pool in FE:Heroes.

    1. Mr Spaz

      Mr Spaz

      Also worth noting is that Valbar is the first Armor unit added to the 3/4* pool since launch.

  9. Kinda wish the Brawling classes in Three Houses weren't locked to males. It is the only thing ruining a great gauntlet Lysithea solo. War Master Lysithea would be fun to see.

  10. Well, Tirpitz is a confirmed character in the Azur Lane anime. Which if my memory is correct then the main fleet I used will all appear. Being Tirpitz, Enterprise, Zuikaku, Belfast, Eugen and Javelin/Ayanami. And my mind still hears Rize from GochUsa every time Zuikaku speaks.

  11. Trying to get all the starters from the hidden grottoes is annoying. I've got Combusken 4 times as well as a few uncommon and rare spawns, but no Quilava which is common. The sooner I can breed the better.

  12. Trying to complete the Pokedex in Blaze Black 2 and this Snivy egg doesn't want to hatch. I've hatched a Tepig egg i received after it, and this one is still in the doesn't seem close to hatching range.

    1. Yui


      Try surrounding it with bananas. The baby will mistake it for family and hatch.

  13. Tomorrow I can finally read through Aokana since it managed to get an English translation. Would read through it now, but I've got a laptop arriving tomorrow I intend to use for VNs and emulators.

  14. Well, today is the day I find out that the TM for Energy Ball is in Aspertia City in Black/White 2. I've only ever gone back there after beating the Pokemon League and never noticed the water you can surf on.

    1. British Soul

      British Soul

      Yeah, it's very easy to miss because of the location, ie if you simply rushed out before exploring.

  15. Doing a Pokemon Emerald randomizer and the first Aqua Grunt has Kyorgre. They've already achieved their objective before the first gym.

    1. Yui


      pack it in boys, this is the best randomizer