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  1. Next batch of pizza:

    Best Pizza Memes

    check polls

  2. Match ends 11/30 12:30 AM EST
  3. Match ends 11/30 12:30 AM EST
  4. Match ends 11/30 12:30 AM EST
  5. Match ends 11/30 12:30 AM EST
  6. I just would prefer to not have to say anything all the time, and to do what I'm used to from the other Forum. Even though the thread that is in Music loosened up by the time I went looking to see if there was anything like this, you're still not really supposed to post literally just a video in there, so yeah also
  7. Grab your slices & get a votin'! 

    Pizza Topping tourney has officially started!


  8. Match ends 11/26 11 PM EST
  9. Match ends 11/26 11 PM EST
  10. Match ends 11/26 11 PM EST
  11. Why yes, my brain does think mesagaki whenever I see Mesagoza. Why yes, I am degenerate.

  12. Simply Post The Song Your Listening To At The Time You Post (this is Misc, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  13. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You can't sit on benches!!

  14. Alright that would be quite easier, thanks EDIT: I have the randomization, but damn if stuff like 3 vs 4, 11 vs 12, 23 vs 24 aren't messed up.
  15. Alright I am cutting it off here We'll see what the first round entails soon
  16. A couple more days to see if anyone new can think of any more toppings (since it might only need 1 more person), then I'll up the limit


  17. 1 more person (if they use all their nominations) & I can start setting up the pizza! 


  18. Nico

    Ice cream date

    Is there nothing in there? Or... is there... something else... I'll see myself out.
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