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  1. Her name is Petit but her tits are not petite




  2. Good cereal combination: Honey Nut Cheerios & Honeycomb. 🍯🍯

  3. VTubers shman. They're all such filthy perverts! Great!


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    2. Nico


      Oh I just realized, it does get bigger if you click on it. I thought there was a time in which it didn't. Maybe not for some phones, idk. But shouldn't be a problem now hopefully!

    3. Nico


      Shman, saying that "Great!" at the end would not go over well on EEEEEEEEX.


      ALSO, Update after punching "You" in the gut:


    4. Nico


      ^Ah. So it was comment images that can't be clicked? Can probably still open in a new tab, but to help the lazies:



  4. Kinpatsu... CHANGE! emoji-timeline

    1. LordCowCow


      idk who is but is cute

  5. Alright, fess up! Who put a bag of trash in the empty cup?! (☞ ՞ਊ ՞)☞



    Do I have 1 less Praise of High Morals now?

  6. I've not been expecting characters I shitpost into these threads to be my given, but when I read this, thought of something, and then actually found it, well hey.
  7. Was looking through my screenshots, felt like posting this with no context.
  8. Super Alfred Chicken Mega Man X Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday F-Zero
  9. Sausage & egg McGriddle, Chicken McGriddle Before breakfast literally just now, it would be the French Onion Cheeseburger Wendy's currently has inspired by the soup of the same name. Mello Yello @ the freestyle machine, of course.
  10. Elsie x Weronika gets me ery tiem 😭

  11. Got lucky pulling for Yuni feet! 😭

    1. Crow



    2. Nico


      idk if that's what people call it because I'm more used to it starting with "Pri" (that sounds more like Precure to me, lol), but Priconne? Yeah!

    3. Marschallin


      based perverted 30 year old male precure fan

  12. Yes unfortunately couldn't include Rika in it but I do really like how it was handled. Risa does the gyaru stuff just as well and named pretty similar lol. Also I did like Side M, but as far as male idol shows go, I've found it a bit too many focused characters. Tsukipro related series have been more fun for me, at least until the sequels show up, which I've always found to be very boring.
  13. Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with the fruity, lively Dragon Drink®. 


  14. Yesterday: hApPeNs

    Mom: Are you okay? What happened?

    Me: Nothing.

    My brain: You wouldn't understand, she was Selen Tatsuki of Nijisanji EN wave 2 OBSYDIA. 

  15. Is "bedhead" your hairstyle or your last name? 🫠

    1. Chiri Bedhead

      Chiri Bedhead


  16. Senran Kagura Burst The Alliance Alive The Legend of Dark Witch Art of Balance TOUCH!
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