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  1. that's correct text goes here is literally just a placeholder, delete it and it'll work. it's not perfect but does work
  2. @(E=mc²) You're welcome. This button
  3. Had to restore to a backup of the database, if any significant content was lost please let me know and I'll see what I can do to restore it.

    1. yui


      my post in this RP thread went missing if it's not too much trouble

    2. radio414


      missing a post in this thread also

    3. Nyx


      Ohhhhh! That would explain why the reply to my thread was lost.

  4. fyi all there's a discord thing going around right now where someone messages you wanting to test their game, do not open it.

    Yes I opened it, yes I was trying to be polite, yes things were almost immediately charged to my account and yes I should've realized sooner.

    1. Thar


      oof, that's unfortunate

    2. Comrade Duck

      Comrade Duck

      Thanks for the headsup.

    3. worK


      hey wanna test my game

  5. Dimension and Spectrum themes are now available for usage.

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    2. Tormented
    3. radio414


      it's okay yui i just swapped over to dimension you can sing the song in my stead

    4. Thar


      spectrum is the best theme, don't fite me im weak

  6. Tormented


    I just wanted to test an attachment but here's a picture of my viera in FFXIV
  7. FYI all, two themes added. Villain and Uniform, both are pretty much the same to what we had before. One fills your dark theme hat the other the light theme. I'm unsure of how many more themes I intend to add, bloating with too many themes makes managing stuff a pain in the ass but may add some more over time.
  8. I've managed to retain some plugins and such whilst still having statuses work but a lot have been wiped - will work on bringing back stuff up to pace with what we were at.
  9. ok hi you can post statuses now

  10. Hey @Members Sorry for the global tag but interested to hear everyone's thoughts... Currently we have the issue of statuses not working, which I feel is a pretty large issue within the site as I believe statuses to be one of the key ways everyone communicates with one another (outside of discord groups etc) Now by disabling all of the plugins and addons statuses will work once again, what I'm suggesting is we start fresh and I replace everything that I can with new versions, no data should be lost (points shop) so everything should retain - the only thing that might cause issues are profile customizations, specifically I'm unsure if I'll be able to fully replace all customization options and of course if I can I'm not sure everything will stick, with that in mind I'll replace free of charge if that happens. So, are we happy if I strip clean the customizations we have on the site to essentially start from a clean(ish) state to hopefully create a more stable environment? Fundamentally the site will still continue to function and you will be able to post but things will look a little bland for a period of time.
  11. Believe this is now resolved, can I get some confirmation.
  12. Technically that is working as intended... or at least working as intended when we don't have the status plugin. It'll take you to the replies which are housed on my profile as status updates are technically just posts on profiles. If when you click on that link you'll see the replies to that "thread" so to speak. - Again will be resolved if/when I figure out the status update plugin issue.
  13. It's not an any theme issue, the plugin is no longer working so working on resolving that. If I install the plugin, whenever you post a status it's blank - very odd. Can you screenshot what you mean on the latter? @A Billion Cheetahs
  14. So going to have to delete those themes and find replacements, sorry to those who were using them If I can like for like replace or find upgraded versions then I'll add them.
  15. Borx seems fine to me? Other two are busted tho
  16. Hey, go read the latest news post and post your findings ty


    1. yui



      i found somethin, chief

    2. Tormented


      Yeah the themes might be a bit messed up will see what i can do.

      Post in the thread though ?

  17. Hey all, soo we had a few issues yesterday(?) and I decided it was a good time to upgrade the forum software, it has seemingly resolved some of the issues we were having but on the flip side it's likely going to cause a few bugs. The status system is a little bit all over the place right now, so working on this. In any case, the purpose of this thread is to get you all to post your findings of bugs etc from the upgrade - I will look at these over the next few days and resolve what I can. Much love torms
  18. Random question but you don't play PSO2 (NGS) do you?

  19. Any Final Fantasy XIV players in the chat room.

    If yes which servers/data centres do you play on?

    1. UltimateIRS




    2. yui


      Gilgamesh gang!

    3. Tormented


      Chaos - Ragnarok here rip, data center travel cannot come any sooner.

  20. NCM has gone ahead and procured the site name Yugioh Card Maker to better establish our branding.

    1. Thar


      We have also demoted Yemachu and brought back YCMaker to manage the card maker on both clients, which has been matched with the old version to maintain consistency. We have also redirected the logo to lead to the card maker, and any request to change any part of the site from now on will result in a ban.

    2. Nyx


      The Points and Shop will also be discontinued soon.

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