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  1. Italian herb & cheese Chicken Pepperoni Cheese Toasted Lettuce Onion Ranch So so nice
  2. May Week 1 - Smackdown "Hello and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown live on FOX, I'm Todd Phillps and im joined this evening with my co-commentary team of Byron Saxton and David Otunga. We are coming to you live from the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio, and we have a action packed show for you tonight so strap yourself in and enjoy" "The show begins with new GM Eric Bischoff making his way down to the ring saying he has a couple of announcements to make, as you all know at the end of this month we have our first PPV under my management Backlash and it is going to be a good one we have alot of things to be decided, first things first we need to find a Smackdown Universal champion, we also need new tag champs, the womens title and US title will both be up for grabs so alot to sort out over the next month, well it will all begin tonight both the womens champion Charlotte Flair and US champion Shinsuke Nakamura will be involved in non-title triple threat matches and we will have a mini series of matches between 4 of the top guys on Smackdown to decide who will face off for the Smackdown Universal championship at Backlash lets get the action started" Shinsuke Nakamura v Sheamus v Sami Zayn Impressive match to kick the show off with all 3 men showing great in ring ability, Nakamura picked up the win by hitting a kinshasa on Sheamus for the victory Winner - Shinsuke Nakamura by pinfall (over Sheamus) Jeff Hardy v Rey Mysterio Very energetic match between two great athletes who will both have a big say on this show over next few coming months, Jeff picks up the win by hitting a swanton bomb for the 3 count Winner - Jeff Hardy by pinfall "We cut backstage to Eric Bischoff announcing 2 of the 4 competitors in the mini series Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe" Bobby Lashley v Drew McIntyre Good clash between two big brutes, Mcintyre gets the victory by hitting Lashley with a big claymore kick Winner - Drew McIntyre by pinfall "Cut backstage to where Bischoff announces the other 2 competitors for tonight Aj Styles and Randy Orton" "Wow thats some huge news the 4 superstars involved in the mini series are Daniel byran, Samoa Joe, Aj Styles and Randy Orton that is going to give us some excellent matches over the next few weeks i wonder who will earn there shot at becoming the 1st ever SD Universal champion, well up next we have the SD womens champion in action, Charlotte Flair, she isnt going through the best run of form at the moment having lost her last 3 singles matches and also that big mixed tag match at Wrestlemania where her and Bray wyatt lost to Ronda rousey & Daniel bryan" Charlotte Flair v Auska v Carmella Excellent match which showcased the quality of the women here on SD, numerous close calls being broke up by the free third superstar with all three coming close to winning and losing, carmella is then knocked outside off the top rope taking her out of the match, leaving Charlotte and Asuka to battle it out, Asuka wasted no time in gaining the upperhand hitting Charlotte with some big shots before locking in the Asuka lock forcing Charlotte to tap and adding another loss for the current champion" Winner - Asuka by submission (over Charlotte Flair) "Up next we have the first set of matches in the mini series" Daniel Bryan v Samoa Joe One-way beatdown by Samoa Joe who attacked Bryan from behind before match and just continued the attack throughout with bryan getting off little to no offence, Joe finishes the match with the muscle buster for the 3 count, big win in first match of the mini series for Samoa Joe Winner - Samoa Joe by pinfall Aj Styles v Randy Orton Much more even match then the first, with both men having good and bad spells, match ends with Aj Styles hitting a phenomenal forearm before a styles clash for the 3 count Winner - Aj Styles by pinfall "What a night we have just witnessed, huge wins for Samoa Joe and Aj Styles in the mini series and also a big win by Asuka against the current womens champion and that will do us for the evening, i have been Todd Phillps thanks for joining us live on FOX for Smackdown and we will see you again soon"
  3. May week 1 - Nxt UK "Hello and welcome to the Motorpoint Arena, in Nottingham England, my name is Vic Joesph and I'm joined by my co-commentator former WWE superstar Aiden English. Its so good to be here and we are in for a great action packed evening here live on Nxt UK. We have some brilliant matches on show tonight so lets get on with the action, in our 1st match we have the current United Kingdom champion Pete Dunne facing off with the leader of Imperium Walter in a non title match" Pete Dunne v Walter A great match to start things off for us with a lot of technical work between the two, Walter took the upper hand in the later stages of the match and picked up the victory with a big boot followed by a powerbomb an excellent match which lasted just under 20 minutes both superstars showcased there talent but it was Walter who picked up a huge victory Winner - Walter by pinfall El Ligero v Amir Jordan Very fast paced action between two athletic superstars, traded high spots for a very entertaining match, Jordan hits the swaton bomb for the 3 count Winner - Amir Jordan by pinfall Dave mastiff v joesph conners This match was completely one-sided for the majority as Dave Mastiff used his greater size and strength to overpower and control the match, joesph conners pulled off a victory completely against the run of things, having hit a missile dropkick from the top followed by a very strong ddt, he rolled up Mastiff and used the ropes for leverage to pick up a 3 count against a clearly dazed Dave Mastiff, huge win in the circumstances for Conners, Mastiff will have to pick himself up next week Winner - Joesph Conners by pinfall "We cut backstage to Walter being interviewed by Radzi, so Walter that was a big victory you picked up tonight against the UK champion Pete Dunne, yes it was a great win for me and for Imperium but it pales in comparison to the victory i will have over Pete Dunne at Nxt UK Takeover: Liverpool as i will defeat him and take his United Kingdom title end his reign because that title is mine. We cut back to Vic Joesph & Aiden English, wow big news Walter has put down the challenge to Pete Dunne after defeating him tonight for a Championship match at Nxt UK Takeover: Liverpool, if i know Pete Dunne there is no way he doesn't accept, i agree Aiden adds Vic. Well big news there but now onto our next match it is a 1st round match in our UK Tag title tournament, winners will advance to next round and the match has a 20 minute time limit" Young Grizzled Veterans v The Hunt Young Grizzled Veterans showed excellent team work to completely dominate against the Hunt, Zack Gibson making Primate tap-out for the win Winner - Young Grizzled Veterans by submission Killian dain v cesaro Main event of the evening is a big clash between two of the top stars in Nxt UK, a back and forth match with both men having there strong points, Cesaro pulled out the win by hitting Dain with a second neutralizer, big win for Cesaro Winner - Cesaro by pinfall "What a night of action we have seen here at the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham, thanks for stopping by I have been Vic Joesph and we will see you again soon"
  4. May week 1 - Nxt "Hello and welcome to Full Sail University, I'm Mauro Ranallo and I'm joined by my co-commentator the one the only Nigel Mcguinness we have got an action packed show for you tonight so lets get things rolling here on NXT" *Velveteen Dreams music hits, Mauro says we will be kicking off tonights show with one of the best up and coming superstars anywhere in the world today the Velveteen Dream and he will be facing the rare breed, Dominik Dijakovic* Velveteen Dream v Dominik Dijakovic Brilliant match to kick things off with both men showcasing there excellent in ring abilities, with lots of high spots and also some good groundbased technical work, Velveteen picks up the win by hitting the purple rainmaker for a big victory Winner - Velveteen Dream by pinfall "Mauro announces to us that tonight we will see a #1 contenders match for the Nxt Womens championship between former champ Shayna Baszler and the e.s.t of Nxt Bianca Belair, but before that we get to see the champion Kairi Sane in action and thats next" Kairi Sane v Mia Yim Good technical match with some hard hitting shots between the pair, ended in somewhat strange fashion as Mia Yim catches Sane coming back from the ropes and rolls her up for the 3 count, Sane cant quite believe it but gets up and offers a handshake to Yim who accepts, good sporting rivalry between the pair Winner - Mia Yim by pinfall #1 contenders match for nxt womens title - Shayna Baszler v Bianca Belair Good battle between the pair with Belair getting off some good offence but eventually making a mistake which would cost her the match, Baszler standing over by corner as Belair approches to make an attack, Baszler pleads with her indicating she has injured her arm, Belair hesitates for long enough to allow a kick to stomach and an eye rake by Baszler as Belair turns away Baszler locks in the Kirifuda clutch forcing Belair to tap, with that win Shayna Baszler is #1contender for the Nxt Womens championship Winner - Shayna Baszler by submission Johnny Gargano v Kassius Ohno Good fast paced exciting battle between these 2 potential main eventers, Gargano picks up the victory by forcing Ohno to tap to the garga-no escape Winner - Johnny Gargano by submission Undisputed Era v Aleister black & Lars sullivan Adam cole & Kyle o' Reilly of the Undisputed Era faced the mis-matched pair of Nxt champion Aleister Black & Lars Sullivan, Cole & o' Reilly tried to avoid most confrontations with the big man Sullivan and the extremly talented Black, leaving the ring and using 2 on 1 attacks when ever they could but as the match wore on Black & Sullivan gained the upper hand and picked up the win Sullivan throwing Adam Cole to outside and Black hitting o' Reilly with the black mass for the 1, 2, 3.. Despite winning Black and Sullivan stare each other down for few seconds after the victory before going there seperate ways Black knows that while he is Nxt champion he will always have a target on his back Winner - Aleister Black & Lars Sullivan by pinfall "Cedric Alexander makes his way to the ring and issues an open challenge for next week, saying he doesnt feel there is anyone in the back capable of taking his Cruiserweight title away from him, Buddy Murphys music hits and he makes his way to the ring, he grabs the mic off Alexander and begins his reply, not only will i accept your open challenge, i will also defeat you and become the new Cruiserweight champion and in doing so, i will begin my journey in proving to you, the locker room the fans and everyone that i am the greatest Cruiserweight of all time, he drops the mic and the two face off as the show comes to an end" "Mauro adds, thats huge news we will have Cedric Alexander defend his Cruiserweight title next week against Buddy Murphy, johnny gargano and kassius ohno face off again and Nxt champion Aleister black will be in action all live next week from Full Sail University i thank you for joining us this week and hope you will tune in next week for what im sure will be more fantastic action from Nxt, i have been Mauro Ranallo, and i have been Nigel Mcguinness thank you and good night"
  5. Esther - Orphan Pyramid head - Silent hill Crawlers - The descent Xenomorphs - Alien series Predator - Predator series The brundlefly - The fly Nemesis - Resident evil series Leatherface - Texas chainsaw massacre series
  6. Bulbasaur is my favorite of the 3, but i prefer blastoise to venusaur when they are all fully evolved
  7. May Week 1 - Raw "Hello and welcome to Monday Night Raw, im Michael Cole and im joined ringside by Corey Graves and the beautiful Renee Young, Raw is coming to you live from the U.S Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio and your in for a treat tonight" Elias' music hits and he makes his way to the ring guitar in hand, he sits in center of the ring and begins to insult the crowd and the Cincinnati Bengals, and finally asks are the crowd ready to "Walk with elias" just as he begins his song, Brock Lesnars music hits and he rushes to the ring with a referee in tow he attacks elias and the ref tells ring announcer to start the match Match 1 - Brock lesnar v elias *The match is a 1 way beatdown lesnar hits elias with suplex after suplex taking him to suplex city and back again before finishing him off with an F5 all in under 3 minutes 1, 2, 3, Brock Lesnar wins* Winner - Brock Lesnar by pinfall "Michael cole comments on that destruction of elias before informing us of a tag title eliminator coming next" Tag title eliminator - Legacy v heavy machinery Dolph ziggler picks up the win over Dozovic after a zig-zag, with mojo rawley and tucker knight fighting on the outside Winner - Legacy by pinfall Seth rollins v curtis axel A back and forth battle between the current IC champion and a potential challenger in Curtis axel. Curtis axel picking up the win following a perfect plex, and michael cole adds that with that victory Axel has earned a title shot next week Winner - Curtis Axel by pinfall "A backstage segment shows kevin owens talking with Paul Heyman, paul tells KO that if he can defeat Roman tonight he will earn a title match at Extreme Rules" Baron corbin v andrade Solid match between these two that was very nicely paced and showcased the talent on offer for raw in the midcard, corbin wins by hitting end of days in middle of ring for the 3 count Winner - Baron Corbin by pinfall Alexa bliss v ronda rousey Match started out slow with Bliss avoiding alot of Rondas early attacks rolling out of the ring on a couple of occasions, before taking control by pushing Ronda into ring post. Bliss continued to look on course for a big win trying a twisted bliss which got countered into an armbar from which Bliss was forced to tap, Ronda held the lock in for a couple of seconds after the bell had sounded perhaps taking out some of her frustration on Alexa Winner - Ronda Rousey by submission Braun strowman v the miz v bobby roode Braun back from the injury that kept him out of wrestlemania and determined to build up some momentum was thrown into a triple threat match with 2 other potential main event superstars. The match began with Miz and Roode teaming up against the much bigger man in Strowman, but saw Braun more then hold his own knocking down both guys on numerous occasions, Braun was then knocked outside by some clever work by the ropes from Miz and he began his attack on Roode as he tried to finish the match while the big man was on outside, he hit the skull-crushing finale on roode and went for the 3 count only for it to be broken up by Strowman, who then picked up Miz and delivered the running powerslam and picked up the victory 1, 2, 3 Winner - Braun Strowman by pinfall (over the miz) Roman reigns v kevin owens Match was an excellent back and forth battle which saw both men kick out of numerous close calls before Kevin Owens would pick up the victory by landing the stunner Winner - Kevin Owens by pinfall "Michael cole ends by saying with that victory Kevin Owens is the #1 contender for the Raw Universal title and will face Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules, i will be looking forward to that one which im sure you are too, so from a soldout U.S Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio its goodnight from us thanks for tuning in see you all Wednesday for Nxt"
  8. WWE.com Roster page Raw - akam, alexa bliss, andrade, apollo crews, baron corbin, bayley, beth phoenix, billie kay, bo dallas, bobby roode, braun strowman, brie bella, brock lesnar, curtis axel, dana brooke, dash wilder, dolph ziggler, elias, hanson, kevin owens, lacey evans, lana, liv morgan, mandy rose, maryse, the miz, mojo rawley, natalya, nia jax, nikki bella, otiz dozovic, peyton royce, rezar, roman reigns, ronda rousey, rowe, ruby riott, rusev, sarah logan, scott dawson, seth rollins, sonya deville, tamina, titus o neil, tucker knight, zelina vega Smackdown - Aj styles, auska, becky lynch, big e, bobby lashley, bray wyatt, carmella, chad gable, charlotte flair, daniel bryan, drew gulak, drew mcintyre, ember moon, eric young, finn balor, harper, heath slater, jason jordan, jeff hardy, jey uso, jimmy uso, jinder mahal, kalisto, karl anderson, kofi kingston, konnor, luke gallows, mustafa ali, naomi, nikki cross, no way jose, r-truth, randy orton, rey mysterio, rowan, sami zayn, samoa joe, sasha banks, sheamus, shinsuke nakamura, sin cara, victor, xavier woods Nxt - Adam cole, aleister black, aliyah, angelo dawkins, bianca belair, bobby fish, buddy murphy, candice lerea, cedric alexander, cezar bononi, dakota kai, danny burch, deonna purrazzo, dominik dijakovic, ec3, fandango, gran metalik, humberto carrillo, io shirai, isaiah swerve scott, jaxson ryker, jessamyn duke, johnny gargano, kacy catanzaro, kairi sane, kassius ohno, keith lee, kona reeves, kyle o reilly, lars sullivan, lince dorado, lio rush, marina shafir, matt riddle, mia yim, montez ford, nick miller, oney lorcan, ricochet, riddick moss, roderick strong, shane thorne, shayna baszler, steve cutler, tino sabbatelli, tomasso ciampa, tony nese, tyler breeze, vanessa borne, velveteen dream, wesley blake, xia li Nxt uk - alexander wolfe, amir jordan, candyfloss, cesaro, dave mastiff, el ligero, fabian aichner, gentleman jack gallagher, ilja dragunov, isla dawn, james drake, jay primate melrose, jazzy gabert, jinny, joe coffey, jordan devlin, joesph conners, kay lee ray, killer kelly, killian dain, marcel barthel, mark andrews, mark coffey, morgan webster, nina samuels, noam dar, pete dunne, piper niven, rhea ripley, saxon huxley, toni storm, travis banks, trent seven, tyler bate, tyson t-bone, walter, wildboar, wolfgang, xia brookside, zack gibson Current Champions Raw - Raw Universal - Roman Reigns Raw Womens - Alexa Bliss Raw Tag team - Vacant Intercontinental - Seth Rollins Womens Tag team - Vacant Smackdown - Smackdown Universal - Vacant Smackdown Womens - Charlotte Flair Smackdown Tag team - Vacant United States - Shinsuke Nakamura Television - Vacant Nxt - Nxt - Aleister black Nxt Womens - Kairi Sane Nxt Tag team - Undisputed Era Nxt North American - Vacant Cruiserweight - Cedric Alexander Nxt Womens Tag team - Vacant Nxt UK - UK - Pete Dunne UK Womens - Vacant UK Tag team - Vacant UK Commonwealth - Vacant UK Light-Heavyweight - Vacant
  9. April 2019 - Week 4 WWE Draft - Live on the WWE Network Paul "Triple H" Levesque opens the program live from his office and gives us a quick rundown of how this new era of WWE will work. "Hello, I am Paul Levesque chairman of the WWE. We are entering a new era in the history of the greatest wrestling organization in the world, there are numerous changes coming over the next few weeks and months including new tv deals, new superstars, new titles and the whole product should feel new and fresh. We will have 2 main brands our usual Raw & Smackdown each featuring there own show specific new Universal championship, the current womens championships, and the returning show specific tag team titles. Raw will also have the Intercontinental championship and the newly formed Womens tag team titles. Smackdown will have the United States championship and the Television championship. Nxt is getting a new tv deal on USA network and will run as a unofficial 3rd brand it will still feature as a developmental location for some of the worlds best up and coming stars, its titles will be its current titles the Nxt championship, the Nxt Womens championship, the Nxt tag team titles and the Nxt North American championship and 2 more belts, seeing as 205 Live is being disbanded the Cruiserweight Championship will find its home on Nxt and also the newly formed Nxt womens tag team titles. I no having been a major part of Nxt the last couple years that it will be up there competing with both main brands. And we also have Nxt uk on the network which is featuring some of the best british & european talent around and features the United Kingdom championship and also newly formed Womens UK championship, UK tag team titles, UK Commonwealth & the UK light-heavyweight championship. I hope that you will all tune in and give the fresh product a chance to show what it is capable of. Following on from me is the draft and i hope you tune in to see what exciting superstars will be on Monday Night Raw on the USA network and Friday Night Smackdown on FOX. Thank you. *Rules of the draft* 1. The draft is only for Raw & Smackdown. 2. 10 picks each will be drawn live on the network, with a random draw for the remaining superstars to decide which show they are on. 3. Tag teams will be drawn as a couple 4. Champions on either show are set to that show and cannot be drafted 5. Raw will have the 1st pick Draft Live - Paul Heyman & Eric Bischoff are standing side by side on a podium each at a small desk, behind them is a big screen halved down the middle 1 side red and the other blue and both sides numbered 1 to 10 Stephanie Mcmahon announces before hand that Roman reigns, alexa bliss and Seth rollins are assigned to Raw as current champions, and Charlotte flair and Shinsuke nakamura are assigned to Smackdown as current champions. Raw will start us off, so Paul over to you. RAW pick 1 - Brock Lesnar Smackdown pick 1 - Aj styles Raw pick 2 - Ronda rousey Smackdown pick 2 - Daniel bryan Raw pick 3 - Braun strowman Smackdown pick 3 - Becky lynch Raw pick 4 - Kevin owens Smackdown pick 4 - The new day Raw pick 5 - Bobby roode Smackdown pick 5 - sasha banks Raw pick 6 - War raiders Smackdown pick 6 - samoa joe Raw pick 7 - The miz Smackdown pick 7 - Randy orton Raw pick 8 - Legacy Smackdown pick 8 - asuka Raw pick 9 - Bayley Smackdown pick 9 - The uso's Raw pick 10 - A.O.P Smackdown pick 10 - rey mysterio So that concludes the draft check on WWE.com for full list of the drafted superstars and updated rosters. Thanks for tuning in see you again soon.
  10. This is my WWE 2K19 universe mode continued on from my previous years. WWE is a mess, falling ratings, low attendances, unhappy talent and fan unrest. Vince has finally admitted it he isn't good for the company or product anymore, he has stepped down as chairman of the board and will stay clear from day to day running of the product. Paul "Triple H" Levesque is appointed as the chairman with Stephanie, Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff in prominant creative positions. As part of the new shift at the top of the company NXT & Smackdown are getting new TV deals, 205 live shall be disbanded leaving the weekly schedule looking like this - Raw Monday nights on USA network Nxt wednesday nights on USA network Nxt Uk thursday nights on WWE network Smackdown friday nights on Fox All shows will have a general manager and are as follows - Raw - Paul Heyman Smackdown - Eric Bischoff Nxt - William Regal Nxt Uk - Johnny Saint The titles for each show are as follows - Raw - Raw Universal, Raw Womens, Raw Tag team, Intercontinental, Womens Tag team Smackdown - Smackdown Universal, Smackdown Womens, Smackdown Tag team, United States, TV Nxt - Nxt, Nxt Womens, Nxt Tag team, Nxt North American, Cruiserweight, Nxt Womens Tag team Nxt Uk - United Kingdom, Nxt Uk Womens, Nxt Uk Tag team, Nxt Uk Commonwealth, Nxt Uk Light-heavyweight This will be a regularly updated post, with the weekly shows and PPVs as i play them more details will follow including title holders, the draft, current rosters upcoming schedules. I hope that you will all read this and follow the journey.