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Daemon the True Admin


Daemon the True Admin last won the day on September 21 2019

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  1. What the fuck is wrong with you, thinking it was me? Cunt. it was me.
  2. I can dismantle the system from the inside. Interested. Now, I there is nothing going on anyways.
  3. This is a new poster for Morbius, released yesterday. I am looking forward to this. Leto has always been an awkward actor, and usually works with characters that have ulterior motives to mask their physical appearance and actions. I loved him in Nightcrawler, thought his Joker impression was offputting since it was external representation of madness from a character that portrays his inner monologues outwardly. In Bladerunner 2049, it showed much about how Leto works in the darkness; not as a character of the dark. This stretches his career a little bit more, from playing a character masked in darkness who has his own darkness to try and break away from. I am excited for Morbius, it is a solid character for him.
  4. I totally see myself as Battler Ushiromiya

    1. Sophia
    2. Daemon the True Admin

      Daemon the True Admin

      He's an arrogant pervert. I feel bad for his comeuppance with Shannon, when it comes. 

  5. Just copy the url. It is as easy as posting an image, even if /a little/ more strenuous.
  6. What kind of drawing tablet you got? Love the adjustable stand, thinking of getting my own eventually.

  7. Staying safe implies that I was previously safe. I cannot maintain a state I did not exist in. I am not safe, so I cannot stay that way.

  8. You should take a picture. This sounds lovely.
  9. I started working remotely from home today, and a Twitter post caught my eye: I want to know what sort of setup you guys are working with. This is my current setup. It is subject to change the more I get isolated from reality and need to construct my own space to operate outside of my mind. But I like and have liked how it looks.
  10. This deck is closer to a turn 2 Midrange rather than turn 1 because of the amount of manlands and checklands. I added Fabled Passage to add more consistency to the mana, really only needing one of each color to get off the ground. I lowered the amount of Woodland Cemetary, Godless Shrine, and Temple Garden to support the card.
  11. My group is suggesting Voice of Resurgence, which is definitely something I can get behind. I want to give that a shot.
  12. With how aggressive the deck needs to be to compete with UB Inverter and other decks, I am adding Bronzehide Lion and changing the manabase to support maindeck White additions.
  13. I took out Kalitas to play Questing Beast. My Arthurian heart quaked at the idea. I couldn't resist such a powerful card. I also added Vraska. Originally a two-of, but I went down to one to increase the land count. Scavenging Ooze is a two drop, since my curve into three was getting pretty high up there.
  14. @Tormented I demand a new icon. Thank you for your service.

    1. Tormented
    2. mido9


      That icon reminds me of persona and catherine, and honestly makes me want you to make dae's icon this from catherine classic: