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  1. This is an update of a previous design I posted on YCM but don't think I every posted here based on a search Styled After:
  2. Dota is finally starting to go well for me, yay! (Also, don't play dota if your easily offended by trash talking and insults)

    1. Thar


      That's literally every game with competitive matchmaking, tho

    2. mido9


      they got ball players too

  3. I'd say it depends on who's complaining. If a large portion of your target audience is unhappy then you should listen e.g. the Sonic Movie. Though to be fair, you can't make everyone happy. Take starcraft 2 for example: Someone will always be complaining on the official forums about balance or a coop commander's playstyle or something. Gauging the backlash is important so you know when to act. However if its someone who your not marketing to I'd say ignore them, especially if its due to a desire for political correctness or petty censorship to appease people who your product isn't aimed for. An example from D & D (correct me if I'm wrong since I merely heard about this) is that demons got renamed to some non-sense word and/or re-characterized to appease parents who probably wouldn't want to buy the books to begin with. I see this as outsiders messing with the creator's vision. Using yugioh as another example, the people who complain about pentagrams in spellcaster-type monster's artwork probably wouldn't have purchased the the game to begin with but as result of that censorship you make yugioh less appealing to other potential customers. I feel that yugioh would be more popular and less ostracized by people above middle school age if it had been closer to the Japanese anime and card names instead of censored and poorly dubbed.
  4. Sonic Colors. I've watched the cut scenes and they are very entertaining
  5. So I came across a player in an online game who was repeatedly preaching about Jesus being the savior or something, and I proceeded to mop the floor with him using a character who is a literal goddess lore wise while telling him to bow down before his one true god.

    1. UltimateIRS


      and then everyone clapped

  6. 16000+ ATK Golden Homunculus [in a tag duel] for game!

  7. imgur.com/a/7toVR @LordCowCow imgur.com/a/kFlrp A bunch of unsorted cart art that I've collected over my many years of card making
  8. I agree with the dying game consoles sentiment. Also, personally one of the reasons why I emulate games is to make modding them easier. Case in point SSBB. A few years go I requested the computer I'm typing on now as a Christmas gift for exactly that purpose.
  9. As if they hadn't insulted the original teen titans enough already...
  10. Computer needs repairs again. Just when I'd really started enjoying Sonic Forces

  11. On a computer you can save the preview image of the card by right clicking and selecting "Save Image as". Presumably you can save it to your phone by using the equivalent process for saving any other image you find. IDK much about phones compared to computers so I can't help with the phone aspect.
  12. https://gamebanana.com/tools/6311 (Hedge Mod Manager for 1 click install of the mod) https://gamebanana.com/maps/200321 (Ultra Graphics Mod) (Note: This video is nothing compared to playing the mod yourself) Earlier I played the first avatar level without this mod enabled, then I remembered I had it and turned it on. I think this surpasses my reaction to SSB melee's opening cutscene after only playing N64 games my whole life until I got a gamecube for Christmas. If my computer weren't in need of repair I'd upload some side by side screenshots and some side by size uncompressed video. For now all I can do is say "Try this out!" edit: Here is some side by side uncompressed video: Buddy catches a train (Normal): https://mega.nz/#!gqZWQKBK!DEFZsAfDhQiyutFBGHBeTp_iOxqWE48w1VC6WYbdrtA Buddy catches a train (Ultra GFX): https://mega.nz/#!puJCnSQL!azgz1cwbVseQKMg7tZ18NDrxRYHWIqEPQ9i0ef1CjXk Disclaimer: For some reason recently my antivirus/browser (Malwarebytes/Firefox not sure which one but I think its firefox) has been marking some files from gamebannana such as the hedge mod manager as risky and IDK why. I've used the site in the past for 3 different games and this only started happening last month. I just thought I'd say this in advance so I don't get accused of making trouble in case it happens to you too.
  13. That's good news. No one likes a rush job.
  14. TBH, I was expecting something far far worse after after all the negative vibes I got about this from the internet. It looks like it could be a decent comedic action film. I would like to hear what all the negative fuss is about if someone could enlighten me. edit: After some google searches It seems like the fuss is about Sonic's new CGI look rather then the plot. I can understand that.
  15. 2+ Level 4 monsters You can detach 2 materials from this card, then target 1 Cyberse Link Monster in your GY; Special Summon it. If this card attacks an opponent's monster, it gains 500 ATK for each Cyberse Monster you control during the Damage Step only. In my opinion the original Firewall eXceed Dragon's effect was a big let down, especially with the special summon lock so I tried to make it better.