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Other TCG

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Post custom cards for any other card game here! Both singles and sets are allowed.

Basic Custom Card Rules

  1. When posting a card with a picture, make sure you post its effect beneath the posted picture.
  2. Reviews in this section must be at least 20 words. Posts after the initial review do not have to follow this requirement but must be related to the card being reviewed or the review itself.
    (If a post breaks the rules, report and move on.)
  3. Do not post cards with blank images. Cards that are purely written are allowed though.
  4. Please be civil when giving and responding to criticism.
  5. Posts in a thread of cards are not allowed after 14 days of inactivity from both the OP and others. Please remake your thread if you want to update it after that period.
  6. A maximum of 5 threads made here per user per day is allowed.

Other TCG Rules

Any custom cards unrelated to Yu-Gi-Oh go here. When designing a custom card game in and of itself, it's better to post in the Other TCG section in Card Game Discussion, but Magic: The Gathering, Cardfight Vanguard, Hearthstone and more custom cards are allowed here. Feel free to post both sets and singles too.

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