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Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

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Episode VIII had its problems but I still enjoyed it a lot, and maybe it's just because it's Star Wars but I can't help but get hyped. Seeing Lando again is great, and the Emperor's laugh at the end honestly gave me chills. I'm also curious to see how things go now with J. J. Abrams directing again instead of Rian Johnson.

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I really liked this movie. It was really fun to see all the references to stuff that happened i the previous movies, and even though I barely remembered the past two (I asked my friends to help me get caught up), I still liked it very much. Especially with the end scene with Rey and Ben – while I am disappointed that it became yet another romance sideplot, I did like their dynamic otherwise.

Speaking of Rey, I thought that Rey Palpatine twist was especially good, since some people expected her to be a Skywalker, and it enhances the "Anyone, no matter their background, can rise up and save the galaxy" thing that the original trilogy ran on.

Overall, this movie got an emotional reaction out of me, and that's good.


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