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The world of Pokémon...tis a wondrous place with wondrous creatures (eeeeeeexcept for the ones in Unova...seriously, ice cream? C'mon people...). A world where the rules and practices of the land are quite strict... How bout we change that?

A late bandwagon jump, but one I'm sure people will still enjoy. A nuzlocke run (my first, mind you) and one I plan to do by providing screenshots of my progress. Since it's a new thing for me, as such, I have two wonderful NCMembers helping me: Saiku and Yui! Yup, they'll help me and possibly even join me when they can on my crazy adventure. That's if they wish it...otherwise, ya just got me.

Nuzlocke Rules


These are the general Nuzlocke rules:

  • You may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in an area. If you fail to catch it (i.e. running out of Balls or just flat out killing it), then the route is dead. No Pokémon for you!!!
  • If any Pokémon in your team dies...they are dead: D-E-D...DEAD. You may either release them or bury them in a Graveyard PC box as a reminder that you failed them.
  • To ensure that the second rule is further gut-wrenching, you are required to nickname every Pokémon you catch. If you name them, there will be emotional attachment...therefore: heartbreak.

Easy enough right? Weeeeeeeeell...I'm adding a few rules for myself to follow:

  • Dupes Clause - With this, if I enter a new route and encounter something I already have (excluding Evolutions of Pokémon and Shinies), then it is a null-encounter and I may try again.
  • Shiny Clause - See a Shiny Pokémon? Catch it. No matter if it's a duplicate...just catch!!! (The chances of this happening are slim to none, but it's still here regardless)
  • Legendary Clause - If you encounter a Legendary Pokémon, unless you have a Master Ball - DO NOT ENGAGE!! If this happens to be the first encounter on a Route, it doesn't count. Legendaries tend to have a lower catch rate, so wasting resources to obtain them is just suicide.

Table of Contents

Hall of Fame


Emerald Endurance Saga
Trainer - Sonic
Badges - 2
Pokémon - Manual the Seadra [Lv. 23]


Black Saga

File 1 - Star Over


[Original Image Lost]

Well it’s time again! New forum, new nuzlocke! For the sake of everything, I’m restarting the Black run and going to try everything differently. No extra awesome narrative like I was going for prior. This time...it’s for real!

[Original Image Lost]

Boy, of course, since I’m not Yui. Sonic, typecast shonen protagonist, rides again! ...and yeah, we get to see the fact that you don’t get to nickname your rivals at all...which still infuriates me, but it’s nothing major.



What still gets me is that this gift is delivered to ME and yet these two get picks from my Pokémon choices. It's just wrong.





HOLY SHIT!!!! This has just gotten better than my previous run in YCM!!! o.o ....it ain't even a question at this point...I need to take the Ho-oh!!


...now to fight Bianca and find out the ability and movelist!


Now...let's see that movelist!!


So it has Chlorophyll? ....this bird gets better and better! Movelist, could be a bit better, but it's still not bad.


Volcarona had Fire Blast, which I'm salty about, and Thunderbolt. However!!! One Skull Bash killed it instantly. Ho-oh OP...and I love it!!!


....goddamnit...you destroyed my room! Anyway, Cheren! Get you and your Klang over here and die to my God-Bird.


Now if I had a Fire move, this would be over a lot quicker...just saying. ....AND WHAT IS WITH BOTH OF THESE STARTERS KNOWING AN ELECTRIC TYPE MOVE?!?! Either way...Ho-oh wins.


And now Cheren and Bianca are going to tell my mom that they messed my room up. Take some responsibility for your actions...idiots. Now, lemme check Ho-oh's Nature real quick.


It's a Rash nature...so dunno if that's good or bad, but still...this is a good starter to be tossed.


Now...for the part where I can nickname my Ho-oh and then proceed to get Pokéballs and get my Route 1 encounter!


Ho-oh is now named Arcobaleno, Italian word for "rainbow", which alludes to the birb being known as the Rainbow Pokémon...plus it's a reference to the Arcobaleno from the Reborn! series.


Now, after all the exposition and asking to complete the PokéDex, and the tutorial on how to catch a Pokémon we're at Route 1 with Pokéballs! Now with my previous runs and attempts to get my Route 1 encounter, they've all ended in failure. This time...it might be different.


Chikorita? Okay, that's pretty awesome!


Hardy Nature...Technician...and that movelist...Hot Pepper, just because it has Fusion Flare, courtesy of Rep. This is pretty awesome.


Ah yes...time for Poké-PETA's debut. But I'm gonna grind to at least Lv. 9/10....


They even learned new moves while leveling up. Now we're ready to continue!



Needless to say, they want to liberate Pokémon and basically just have everyone not have a 'mon and they be the only ones who do. Strange person indeed.


Also, like I mentioned on YCM: this is a terrible marching formation. Any way they move, the gap is right there and you could easily assassinate Ghetsis...boom, roll the credits.


And now we have the only NPC to have a cool hat like the protagonist. What's up N?



A Grimer, huh? Interesting, though I'm fairly certain it'll be killed all the same.


YET ANOTHER POKÉMON WITH AN ELECTRIC TYPE MOVE!!! Still, Volt Tackle did the job. Now, before we end the File, let's get the Running Shoes and the Route 2 encounter.


A Duskull! Not bad, not bad at all.


Hardy, Heatproof, and with Sludge Bomb, Knock Off, Earthquake, and FeatherDance. Interesting...most interesting.


The Team


File 2 - Striaton Triple Threat



A new day...a new season, as now it's Summer. Now, let's keep moving and trash Bianca's Pokémon.


We aren't friends, please don't pretend that we are. It'll make things worse for you.


Cue the music, let's do this.



....oh this is just delightful. I feel sorry for your Bug, since Hot Pepper is up first.




Man that is incredibly satisfying...now it's Volcarona.


Round 2...we all know how this one is gonna go.


One Volt Tackle is all ya need. Man, I love Arcobaleno! x3 Anyway, we beat Bianca, she goes off ahead to Striaton...or she would if she didn't go the opposite direction. But we shall arrive in Striaton...because we get a free friend in the city!


In Striaton, we have the Dreamyard, with a free Pokémon for us, if we can get past their little gauntlet.



Hmmm...this is a bad match up for Hot Pepper.


So that happened...luckily Arcobaleno was able to kill it with a Volt Tackle. This Lass was actually pretty interesting, just cause of the Pokémon she had.



Now this isn't the first time I've seen Joey here with a Legendary...but either way, Hot Pepper is proving to be a Godslayer. @LordCowCow a new idea for Gijinka: a Chikorita Godslayer...that one's free, your welcome!

Anyway, we beat the gauntlet, it's time for a new friendo!


You won't believe me...but it was Ho-oh!


...you believe me? AND I'M GETTING AN ELEKID?! WOO!!


AC/DC, this name brought to you in part by Yui and Rep! It's a Lax nature, with Sand Stream, and the movelist is...well Drill Peck is good. Time for a bit of a grind for AC/DC.


Annnnnd it's been a long time...so this is pretty much still during the grind...annnnnnnd quite a bit of time. This is what having a job does to me, apparently.


This still makes me sad...I miss MJ T-T




I need to kill this...I need to kill it now! ....it's dead...we're fine.


Well, after the grind...it's time for us to beat point-dexter in school.




It's the only thing this city is good for, so yeah.


Time for battle...and an interesting choice to give Cheren a new friend in Chatot. It ain't the starter though...still, it's not enough to beat me. Now, let's get to that Gym...for the REAL reason we're here.


Sonic, Typecast Shonen Protagonist Extraordinaire, at your service.


Ho-oh...don't expect you to believe me, but still.


Yeah, denial...as expected. No sir, I have no Snivy...I have Ho-oh. Anyway, this basically will be deciding who we'll fight. If I'm correct, it will be Chili, the supposive Fire-type user. Either way, Gym time!


Lombre is up first...not bad...not bad...but it dead though.


Second course of battles...and that Rhydon was actually difficult. Thrash, Inferno...this here was pretty difficult to deal with. Still, we're good and I need to have my team heal...like now.


Gym Leader time...and they still think I'm dealing with a Grass starter...these poor sad fools. Either way, Chili battle!



THIS DUDE HAS A LEGENDARY TOO?! ....Arcobaleno needs to not be out there...I don't need it to know a water based attack.


Ahhh...thank you AC/DC. Good job! What's next Chili?


Nothing but a Basculin...meh, this seems more like a Cress team to be completely honest.


Trio Badge gettou!! The first step in the path of a Pokémon Master is in my hands! Thank you, brothers three.


...oh right, we've got this going on too. But I would like to go heal my Pokémon right now. But, it's time for us to grab an HM Slave now...to the previous route for a slave!!


And our HM Slave is a Doduo! Hooray! And that's a great way to end this episode. Starting the next File, we'll be getting a new friend...a couple of them hopefully!


The Team



....annnnnd HM Slave...not too important.

File 3 - We Moving Forward



....jeez it goes through seasons like most of YCM/NCM goes through underwear...sheesh. Anyway, we're picking this right back up now. After all, we need to go to the Dreamyard for Fennel...and then get our newest friend!


And this is all that is keeping me separate from getting the new friend. So let's have the HM Slave birb make us the path!





...right...that happens...yay, we get Bianca following us and won't allow us to get a new friend until AFTER the little story element up here.


Ahhh, Poké-PETA doing what they do best...cornering Pokémon and also kicking and hitting them for them to produce the Dream Mist they need. Still, this whole scene is interesting to me regardless.






That's one down...are we gonna try for two??


Yup, two for two...you guys suck.


Annnnd this is the reason I love this scene. Spoiler alert: this ain't Ghetsis...the fact that Musharna comes in outta no where and helps Munna by just appearing as Poké-PETA's boss. It's hilarious to me...


And this happens, so she'll "drag" us, namely Bianca back to her place, iirc and will explain stuff there to us. I however, am here to take items and get a new friendo!!


Negative. I'm getting some new stuff here! ...don't tell me what to do, NPC.


Carracosta, Naive Nature...Static...Fiery Dance, Vital Throw, Harden, and Discharge...well, well, well. The Dreamyard and RNG have given me another good selection! Let's grind him and the team up to 15 at least, then we'll continue onward. Welcome aboard, Leonardo!


...during the grinding session. Really? Why do you two wanna show up now? Sheesh...I don't have a Master Ball yet to throw at you two!!! T-T


It was a while since that Cobalion encounter during the grinding and now (was Winter, but now Spring), and I wanted to stop for a bit as well...since I lost my dad April 22nd due to a massive heartattack (it was sudden so he wasn't in pain before he passed). So, with that, I'm...well I'm as alright as I can be, let's just put it that way. But, I am going to say this...the next Male Pokémon, I'm naming after my dad. So if the next encounter is a male, this will work.

Anyway, let's continue, with grinding done...here's a quick look at the team:



Arcobaleno learned Dark Pulse, after I got rid of Skull Bash. Was that a poor decision? Maybe, but it was mine to make.


Time to leave Striaton and head on to Route 3, our next conquest. Complete with a kindergarten and another rival battle. Yippie...



Least they happen to be learning something...



...cause Pokémon battling definitely isn't one of them.


Alright, now we're getting to where my first run actually failed me. It was this fight that actually cost me a good chunk of my team on my first run. And with only one Pokémon, I went off from this and immediately was killed by a Magnezone. It was harsh...however, I believe things will be a lot different now.


Starts off with Klang. Interesting first choice, I'll say.


Through the combined efforts of Leonardo and AC/DC, however, this was taken care of easily. Had a close call with Leonardo and Klang's Thunder, but it all worked out. And Pokémon number two?


Togetic? Huh, interesting. ...wait...he had a Chatot last File. .....what happened to Chat-...oh right...Nuzlocke...it ded. Also it has Volt Absorb...good to know.


It's gone though. And it only attacked me with Solarbeam. You'd think that Cheren would try at least something else other than a move that doesn't do shite with a Grass type.



And Hot Pepper has evolved into Bayleef! And it's new ability, Flame Body, is better than before.


Now time for the fetch quest. Poké-PETA stole this little girl's Pokémon and I can't advanced downward until we get it back. We do this, we'll be fine. Now, first thing's first...let's get our new friend.




A Gligar? AWESOME! I love Gligar!! And it's male too...awesome.


Adamant Nature, Intimidate, and that movelist isn't bad at all! And named after my dad...welcome to the team, David. I'll grind you up with the rest of the team later.


We fight Poké-PETA here and then we're liable to get another encounter afterwards. So without further ado!


And you guys can? Sheesh. For all they know, the Pokémon was being utilized at full potential. I mean sure, it was a little girl's Pokémon, but still!!



And we're playing the feud. The bunny Pokémon is down...you aren't Scorbunny. Get outta here! ...but unfortunately, this is only ONE fight. We have to do another set...as indicated by the follow...



Upside...we're tagging with Cheren. Soooo there's that??



Cheren and Klang immediately wrecked the Mantine, while me and Leonardo took care of the Bellossom. Easy work.


Now with Cheren sending the Pokémon back, time for the Wellspring Cave encounter.



No Master Ball, cannot catch. Next...


Mudkip? Welp, time for the return of Spampert!! With a Careful Nature, Flower Gift as the Ability, annnnnnd...well, not too very good for the movelist. Still, another good addition to the group!


The Team



...and HM Slave...but no one cares.

Friend's Box

  • David the Gligar (Route 3)
  • Spampert the Mudkip (Wellspring Cave)


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File 4 - Don't Call it a Comeback


So with the sudden move and restructure of the Blogs area, I needed to move the Chaos Files over. That said...a choice was made: bring both versions and their sagas to the new thread...or leave one behind. As you can probably guess, the latter choice was made. So I return to Pokémon Black...haven’t touched this game here since April 2019, namely after my father died. Played it enough to get a Gligar to name it after him. ...I think it’s time I return to Unova…


Not much has changed...let’s check the team at least...give myself something to work with.

Arcobaleno, AC/DC, Hot Pepper, Kid and Leonardo...almost like opening up a time capsule. Well, time to get back into the swing of things.

It’s gone through a few seasons, it seems. It’s stuck in Winter as we speak…either way, I’ve got my bearings back. Spampert the Mudkip in Wellspring Cave was my previous encounter in File 3, after that...means I got to go to Lenora now.

But I just started! But yes, Cheren, I know you want to tell me the darker grass gives stronger Pokémon or whatever...oh right, two Pokémon come out from it. Not that it matters much...it’s still Route 3, and I got David the Gligar here.

Nacrene City, home of the museum and the Fossil Restorer...as well as the 2nd Gym.

Ahhhh the NPC abducting the PC thing...sorta missed having that happen.
Regardless, he just took us to the Pokémon Center and gave us a hint that Lenora uses Normal Types...doubtful. So now comes just exploration!

Ah, N...we meet again. Sorry for ghosting you for so long...same time, not really sorry.

WAIT...EXCUSE ME?! I'm sorry...when did you get THAT?! Last time we fought you had a Grimer...what is this Regirock and Arceus bullshit! You're taking this "I'm Poké-Jesus" WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too literal o.o

Sooooo there was zero Grimer but Staraptor and two Legendaries. Well that's sort of a scary return...thanks a lot N.

Sir, you have literal Poké-God and a golem of rock...I'd say you've got PLENTY strong friends there. You just happen to be lucky my Rainbow Bird and my new Godslayer, Hot Pepper are in the business of stopping them.

If I may...this seems like you need...THE POWER OF MONEY!!!!

...or not...cause you LITERALLY HAVE POKÉ-GOD ON YOUR TEAM!!! Ah whatever...he left, so now it's time for the Museum/Gym!!!

Can't wait to come back here with all my fossils I'll find later.

Soooo you enjoy and are fascinated by a Dragonite skeleton? ...okay, look I know it's 2020 and I won't judge...but even that kink sounds weird.

Taking the tour...and look, an ordinary pretty stone. A stone that couldn't POSSIBLY be important to the story at any point, no siree! Just a regular little white stone, ain't it pretty? Eh, obvious foreshadowing aside, it's Gym time! ...with a long ass library puzzle to do first!

"All trainers here use Normal Types"
Does this really look like a Normal Type to you? From my point of view, that's a Grass...smh, people please.

After a bunch of tedious book learning later, the entrance to face Lenora is revealed! Time for the second Gym badge on the quest to be Master!

Still not a Normal Type, but whatever. I got Hot Pepper to help me out here! Hit 'em with a Power Whip, if ya don't mind!

Lenora wasted her Super Potion on Blastoise, so two Power Whips later...bye bye Blastoise.

Okay, you people with Legendaries need to STAHP!!! Regardless, a team effort worked to defeat Lenora's Legend...and now, I think I might have a new name for my little team here: Team Godslayers.

We got it guys! That's two badges down and six more to go! And we also obtained the Razor Shell TM.

Ah right, the start of the Poké-PETA stealing fossils gig...

And now...I'm going to bring this joke back from the first go through on this...just cause it's still funny.

Ah, the meeting of Burgh...the Bug Gym Leader. Well, he's going to be helping me out finding the Plasma crew...yeah, me finding them. Instead of having the Gym Leaders, who are already strong enough to fight this radical Pokémon terrorist group...you send me, the guy who beat only two Gym Leaders? ...I mean it makes sense, somewhat. Curse my Shonen Protagonist powers!

I'd say meat-shields, but sure...that could work too. Oh, and they gave me the Dowsing Machine, great! However, all that will have to wait until the next File. Seemed like a good stopping point for me. Next time, a new friend in Pinwheel Forest, stopping Poké-PETA, grinding for the levels and possibly using the Dowsing Machine a lot...so with that said:

Team Godslayer
...and HM Slave, but who cares.

Friend's Box

  • David the Gligar (Route 3)
  • Spampert the Mudkip (Wellspring Cave)


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File 5 - A Short Taste of Things to Come


Hello Old Friend
Man, I really haven’t picked this up since last year...over a year ago specifically. Guess having a new job and it pretty much taking up most of my time now does that to someone. Either way, I had the bug to go back and dabble with this Nuzlocke run again. I wish to finish this before I try and decide to do a newer Pokémon game for a Nuzlocke...still working on what emulator will allow me to do that properly...if you guys have any suggestions, let me know.

With that said, I believe it’s time we help Lenora and Burgh get that Dragonite skull back!

As astute as ever, Burgh...but then again, go figure. However, Pinwheel Forest is the next encounter on my journey...so a new friend is just in sight! A new member for Team Godslayers...within reach!

You all know what that means...

And almost immediately, I have to fight the children...with a Camerupt and Toxicroak...well, Hot Pepper and Arcobaleno have this covered.

Nothing to it...like riding a bicycle.

I doubt that sincerely.

Yet again, keeping in theme with my team and it's name...another Legend for us to take down. Let's do it guys!

...After a successful Power Whip and tanking a Sky Drop to burn Thundurus...the maniac pulled out a Fire Blast. ....Arcobaleno...if you don't mind...please...

Almost had another scare cause this thing had Aftermath...yikes. He's dead...but at what cost? Well, I gotta immediately leave the forest and bury Hot Pepper.

Hot Pepper, you were gone too too quickly. My first encounter after Arcobaleno...met you on Route 1 and what an absolute Godslayer you were. You will be sorely missed, though I find it ironic...you were my first encounter, and you were the first one to pass. Nevertheless, a chorus of Swablu sing thee to thy rest.

I'll have to stop here for the time being. I'll need to grind my team up after that sudden loss. Once I do that, however, I'll get the next encounter in Pinwheel Forest.


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2 hours ago, LordCowCow said:

once you evolve that duskull and get the eviolite that'll be a big help I'm sure

You're most likely right...then again, that's IF things survive that long. But hey, optimism is always a good thing.

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XY Saga

File 1 - Parlez-vous Pokémon?


AFTER WHAT SEEMED LIKE A FULL WEEK...I'VE DONE IT!!! ...you see what I put myself for the entertainment of you people (namely those who read this blog and follow it). Now, this means I'll be doing two nuzlockes simultaneously (may finish one before the other, who the hell knows). But with that said...let's get some house rules down before anything, let's rehash the rules for the nuzlocke that this blog of mine has set in place:

  • Dupes Clause - With this, if I enter a new route and encounter something I already have (excluding Evolutions of Pokémon and Shinies), then it is a null-encounter and I may try again.
  • Shiny Clause - See a Shiny Pokémon? Catch it. No matter if it's a duplicate...just catch!!! (The chances of this happening are slim to none, but it's still here regardless)
  • Legendary Clause - If you encounter a Legendary Pokémon, unless you have a Master Ball - DO NOT ENGAGE!! If this happens to be the first encounter on a Route, it doesn't count. Legendaries tend to have a lower catch rate, so wasting resources to obtain them is just suicide.

Now there will be one more caveat to this...I will not be choosing my Starter Pokémon...no, I've...albeit...reluctantly...given that honor to my brother. For lack of a better name to use for him here, I have elected to present him with the name that Sai and Yui have granted him. He will be speaking in Pale Red (may not be around through the whole nuzlocke, but he'll be prevalent here)...so with that said, please welcome Sonic's Edgy Brother. Say hi to the audience...

[Intense silence commences due to him just waking up]
Fantastic...opening with a meme. That said, I believe it's time to start this up then! TO KALOS WE GO!!!

Ah the death bird...it's like I'm home again. Bit of background, I played Pokémon Y while my brother played Pokémon X and between the two...I got the cool-looking box legendary. Either way, I think I've looked at this enough...let's start the game!!

Once again our resident region's Professor Tree is here to introduce us to the world of Pokémon...but with a twist: he's got a French accent!

...why are you the way you are?

Simple...because it's funny!

Oúi...Sonic, NCM's Typecast Shonen Protagonist, at your service!

Thanks, I thought it would be. LET'S GET TO IT!!!

I mean, the Fletchling wake up call is better than just being there awake standing in the middle of the room like every other Pokémon game...or being locked in the back of a moving van...

Anyway...let's get the pajamas off and get the day started!!!

The basic look...but soon, I'll have the S-S-S-Stylish looks on me. I'll have what some would consider...some serious drip.

...if I must. Same time...I need to get my Pokémon so...very well, mother. I shall return!

And now we have the Kalos crew...well, two of em out of the four. This game granted us a total of four rivals (to an extent)...Serena is the only one that really matters, in my opinion.

Oh it's just the Pokémon Professor being the Pokémon Professor...having the second sight of a damn psychic...either that or like the other Professors they happen to be pulling the strings on everything. Who knows! But let's leave our home and rush to meet the rest of the crew and get my starter!!!

Honestly, this game really brought the game up in terms of Pokémon...from sprites and 8-bits to lively graphics. I honestly love it. Anyway, less being nostalgic...MORE GETTING MY POKÉMON!!!

Now we meet Tierno and Trevor...but now the nicknames are being brought up me...S-Miester, Big S, Lil S...all of it worthless. But you know what they can call me??

I mean, what else would you call me? I'm the literal Typecast Shonen Protagonist for a reason!!

Also...just to let everyone know...my brother will literally screw me over with this choice. His words, not mine.

[Music for his entrance]
There is no Arceus here to save you...I am your Poké-God...

...well...I'm screwed...


...I'm doomed...

[evil anime laugh]
So we have Kecleon, Musharna and Vanilluxe. Oh this is almost as good as the Magikarp scenario I kept talking about. Just because I like you...pick the Kecleon.

However, this will mean one thing...the Kecleon was in the Fenniken spot...meaning that the Kanto Starters we get in Lumiose City...I cannot have him pick the middle selection. So either that'll help me...or screw me over. Be that as it may...it's Kecleon...and now it'll be named aptly so...

Sonic the Shonen Protagonist and his starter, Espio the Kecleon!

So it's Musharna and Vanilluxe for the two of them respectively...well, this can only be good. Now I do want to remind people (this includes my sadistic brother), the nuzlocke truly doesn't start until PokéBalls are obtained. So just keep that in mind...

And I've gotten the Pokédex as well, so yeah...I'm officially a Pokémon Trainer...aside from not having the PokéBalls...

And Tierno gave me a letter from the Professor that I'm to give to my mom...

...damnit...you would do that...

And this surprises you why?

Either way, let's check Espio's current stats!

Liquid Ooze...Crush Grip...Forest's Curse...Solar Beam...and Heart Stamp. Well now..dunno if this is all good or bad. Hopefully this guy can survive this thing.

No...not yet...jeezuz...whatever, least I can still survive until the PokéBalls are obtained.

I got hit with Bounce three times...THREE!!! And I actually managed to defeat it with a couple of Crush Grips and a fully charged Solar Beam. Okay...Espio...your starting to earn your keep...

...oh yeah...you earned it. I think this was a good choice in general now. Now I'll skip through the preamble of telling our mother that we're about to go on a journey and whatnot...cause I'm just super hyped for this game currently!! This also means I'm skipping through the catching tutorial...because no one wants that.

The game truly begins now...


Meet Kelpie everyone! Intimidate with Dragon Pulse, Power Gem, Sleep Talk and Hydro Cannon. Oh this is just amazing...an amazing start to this nuzlocke! In the meantime, I suppose this is where I'll stop for the time being today. Expect a bit more tomorrow, but I just wanted to get my foot in the door and get at least my starter. To that end, I got a bit more than that. Ain't complaining one bit...

I'll give a proper "Ending Stats" in File 2 of this Saga, but until tomorrow...adieu!


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Bro Kelpie has a timid nature on top of all that. After several days of technical difficulties, this is a monstrously good start.

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17 hours ago, yui said:

Bro Kelpie has a timid nature on top of all that. After several days of technical difficulties, this is a monstrously good start.

Indeedly so...plus, found out that the first catch on Route 1 is always guaranteed due to the catching tutorial...and if my sources are correct, so is the one in the first, since again...catching tutorial or something.

But yeah, Kelpie is seeming to be quite the good one for this start!

15 hours ago, LordCowCow said:

If you let that Dragalge die you will have to revoke your shonen protagonist card

JOKE'S ON YOU!!! ...if he dies, it'll be in the most epic way possible, bovine. So even if you revoke the card, it'll still end up returning to me due to how epic the battle will be.

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File 2 - Forest Cruising


We return, time for a bit of grinding to level up Kelpie and Espio up to a good level...most likely round them up to Lv 10...though it'll be in the next area

Santalune Forest...let's get right on in there and have us some fun, plus get a 3rd friend!

...or immediately get attacked by a youngster...why do you do this to me??


Through the combined efforts of Kelpie and Espio, the Latios was defeated...surprisingly BOTH Pokémon of mine tanked some hits...and that's quite impressive. Then again, it's a Lv 5 Latios...so perhaps that means it was to be easy anyway?

Before walking into Santalune, with that Latios fight, here are the current stats of my unnamed team. As you can see, Kelpie has been granted King's Shield, so that's quite the surprise. So now, let's venture forth into Santalune Forest.

Here we are...and a PokéBall to the side...meaning an item!!

...or get stopped by Shauna...I just want the item!!!

Hmmm, not bad...not bad...now, let's get the new friend...

We got a Klinklang! Welcome to the team...so let's see what we got here...

I present to everyone, Giru. With Poison Heal, Psywave, Boomburst, Mud Bomb and Fire Punch...which ain't a bad one at all...this ain't bad. So this happens to be the second easy catch/guarantee Pokémon...so I doubt all the Pokémon will be this easy to catch.

These are currently the items I've gotten thus far...and notice...one of which HAPPENS to be a Mega Stone...this one being for Banette. Now I need to get me a Banette...

Another trainer dealt with...Kelpie is truly putting some work in...

The other items that have been gotten...nothing is gonna top the Mega Stone though.

Shouldn't surprise you...fastest thing alive, ya know. Just wait till I get my skates.

Fantastique! Time already for a new friend...let's see what this has for us, shall we?


I need it...please come here...

...if your seeing this now...then you know what happened. Kelpie killed it...what was worse...it had Magma Storm. Meaning it was similar to Hot Pepper from my Black Nuzlocke. ...I was going to go with the fact that Hot Pepper was isekai'd straight into Pokémon Y and evolved...even learning a new Fire Type move...so unfortunately, no new friend. Route 3 is dead...unless a Shiny appears...

In Santalune now...lemme swing by the Pokémon Center real quick to just heal up. I'm emotionally hurt now...

Ah...the best thing to cure my killing Pokémon depression...clothes shopping.

Well...to be more precise...Hat Shopping, but it still works. Lemme see what I want...

Ahhh much better...I suppose that's where I'll stop for now...I know Santalne's Gym Leader's strongest Pokémon is Lv 12...so I'm debating on if I should go 12 or higher...so yeah, dunno yet. Throw out some ideas and thoughts if you want to...until then...


The Team


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34 minutes ago, radio414 said:

it's okay we've determined from azure's tier lists that meganium is only a b-tier pokemon so i'm sure you'll be alright

But Hot Pepper in the Black nuzlocke was a Godslayer...and recently died in that run, so the fact that Meganium with a Fire-type move appeared in Route 3...like it's either coincidence or my boy had an isekai moment.

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hot pepper got isekai'd to france and kelpie just said "naw"

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3 hours ago, yui said:

hot pepper got isekai'd to france and kelpie just said "naw"

Exactly...Kelpie is just not having any of this isekai'd BS today, apparently.

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File 3 - Photo Finish


Am I doing another one so soon? Yes...because I'm really enjoying this thus far. So did some off-screen grinding and now my trio is at Lv 12, which is about the same level as the Santalune Gym Leader's strongest Pokémon. However, in grinding...this popped up...

Like, I already saw a Deoxys...but this just freaked me out xD Anyway, time to go to the Gym!

This is the Gym...and I'm apparently to beat this girl and get my roller skates.

Nothing doing...now give me my skates!!

Shweeeeeeeeeeeeet...now to figure out what keybinds to make the Circle Pad so I don't constantly use the skates on my laptop's directional pad...anyway, onward to the Gym!!!

Almost forgot how these Gyms looked...yes, the photography studio of Kalos' Bug Gym Leader. While underneath is quite the surprise...

Jeezuz...this is gonna be like that Lil Nas'X video...isn't it?
...on second thought...it couldn't be like that. No way in hell (literally) could I pull those thigh-highs off.

Anyway...the true version of the Santalune Gym appears...and honestly, I always did love this one. Could it be the Spider-Man fan in me for it? Most likely...honestly, now that I think of it...this would definitely benefit my character Benjamin O'Hara if he was a Bug Type Gym Leader...just looks cool aesthetically.


Not a Bug Type...well it's a dead Fairy though...

Madame...I have been anything but weak at this point... [totally is ignoring the small depression moment from File 2 about the Meganium] ....nope, not weak at all.

Still neither Bugs...so Espio disposed of them...realized though that the trainer's name was Charlotte...so sorta fitting that I beat her. Dark, I know, but hey...childhood books tend to do that ?

Time to get my picture taken by Kalos' Bug Type Leader...

As we all can see, seems like Viola's first Pokémon is a Cubone...and not a Bug Type. Both sad and hilarious at the same time...

One Crush Grip was all it took, though...alright, Viola...what else ya got?

A Pidgey with Download, I might add...but still... Guess that's a victory for me. RNG really helped me there...

Didn't get a chance to get the shot of the animation from it...but yeah, Badge getto.

Annnnnnnnnd that's a move I don't know...huh... Anyway, the guy at the Gym suggested I take my Bug Badge to Lumiose City to show Sycamore...which means I'll get a new friend there too.

...oh my...forgot that it was just given to you like this...welp, this made grinding ten times easier now.

And this is a new route...meaning a new friend incoming!!!

AN ELECTIVIRE!!! A future look at what AC/DC from my Black run shall be!!!

Welcome to the team, Chargebolt...our little Kaminari!! Keen Eye with Disarming Voice, Reflect, Ominous Wind and Head Charge...I mean it could be a whole lot worse...and I mean a WHOLE lot worse...could've not gotten this guy at all...like the Meganium incident.


The Team


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4 minutes ago, Mr Spaz said:

Wait, did you get an encounter from Route 22? I don't remember seeing it.

....I did not ?

*Runs off to check the levels of the Route* ....my good God...I thought those were of a higher level. Welp, I know what's happening in the next File then. Thank you Spaz for assisting with another encounter!!

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File 4 - The Team Grows


IT'S A BRAND NEW DAY...AND THE SUN IS HIGH!!! ...but that's about it. So, we'll be moving off to Lumiose City today...
Came to my attention that according to @Mr Spaz that Route 22 is open range for another free Pokémon encounter! Originally, I was ignoring this due to my original thoughts of it being a high level set of Pokémon...but that's definitely not the case. Meaning we're gonna get a new friend!!!

What new friend shall await us today on Route 22? Let's find out, shall we?


Ladies, gentlemen and bovine...meet Legion. Shield Dust as the ability with Sucker Punch, Signal Beam, Shock Wave...and Oblivion Wing. YES...Oblivion Wing, the move that Yveltal uses...that alone says a lot to me. In the mean time, allow me to turn off the Exp Share, as my brother did voice something: over-leveling with it. I'll turn it off, but if you all wish for it to remain on...let me know in the comments.

Heading towards Lumiose and trying to get a few items on Route 4...and this guy pops up...why?!


Acceptance creates harmony...now that alone could be a lesson this world could use...but I'll drop that before I get on a soapbox.

Now I need a Banette...AND a Scizor!!!

The entrance to Lumiose...and I see these two...almost forgot about this pairing...

Yes please. I'd like my new friend now!

That's the direction for the second starter...I could explore the city some...but that'll happen after my new encounter. Speaking of, I've conversed with my brother...as he's not currently available for this moment...as such, he's given me his choice for me: the Bulbasaur slot. Now where would that slot be?
As you can see on this screen, this is how it looks in an unrandomized game, so therefore, whatever is on the left hand side is my choice as we've already chosen the Fire Slot with Fennekin's choice with Kecleon.

Indeed...I'm excited to get my newest encounter!!!

Sonic, Typecast Shonen Protagonist, at your service Professor!

N-No...no I just want the Pokémon...sir...SIR!!!

There was also a Mothim...but this set of Pokémon does...worry me...

Yes please...GIB!!!!

And Latios is in the Bulbasaur slot...HELLO NEW FRIEND!!!!

...sir...this here is a Latios...not a Bulbasaur.

Meet Craig everyone...yes, Craig. Blame @yui for the name. Minus...eh, the ability ain't grand or good at all...and the moveset ain't bad either. Still, it keeps up with my Black run of having a Legendary.

Also I have a 3rd Mega Stone...that I can't use...anyway, now to leave Lumiose to save (cause I'm not risking it...) and then ge-...

...oh...hi Lysandre...wasn't expecting to see you here yet.


Well you seem like both a fashionable yet very upstanding gentleman...no way in the world you could ever be evil...now if you'll excuse me, I have to go sa-...

I JUST WANT TO SAVE!!!!! I finally do...and that'll be the end of this File...as I got a bit of a previous engagement to deal with today. So I'll cut it short, and just give a barebones look at everything...catch ya later!



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Your team is insane. Spiritomb isn't as amazing in the origin of the Fairy type but it's a generally safe lead tbh given only one weakness.

As for EXP Share...I'm actually doing my own X Nuzlocke (naming theme of fgo servants) and I noticed something about EXP Share.

It's good for grinding in normal runs but in nuzlockes when you especially don't want to overlevel its tough. Since you can't train up a singular mon without switch training without overleveling your party.

The only solution I've found so far is to box the team except what you want to level but it's a bit of a drag at times

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7 minutes ago, LordCowCow said:

Your team is insane. Spiritomb isn't as amazing in the origin of the Fairy type but it's a generally safe lead tbh given only one weakness.

As for EXP Share...I'm actually doing my own X Nuzlocke (naming theme of fgo servants) and I noticed something about EXP Share.

It's good for grinding in normal runs but in nuzlockes when you especially don't want to overlevel its tough. Since you can't train up a singular mon without switch training without overleveling your party.

The only solution I've found so far is to box the team except what you want to level but it's a bit of a drag at times

That's what I figured...though I suppose that's just what I'll have to do then. Grind the old fashioned way!

Also...an X Nuzlocke with FGO Servant themed names? ...that sounds awesome and I want details later xD

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On 6/2/2021 at 6:10 PM, LordCowCow said:

Your team is insane. Spiritomb isn't as amazing in the origin of the Fairy type but it's a generally safe lead tbh given only one weakness.

As for EXP Share...I'm actually doing my own X Nuzlocke (naming theme of fgo servants) and I noticed something about EXP Share.

It's good for grinding in normal runs but in nuzlockes when you especially don't want to overlevel its tough. Since you can't train up a singular mon without switch training without overleveling your party.

The only solution I've found so far is to box the team except what you want to level but it's a bit of a drag at times

To be fair, there is one much simpler solution: Turn off the Exp Share. It's not SWSH where it's compulsory

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3 hours ago, Mr Spaz said:

To be fair, there is one much simpler solution: Turn off the Exp Share. It's not SWSH where it's compulsory

I think there's a misunderstanding

that isn't a solution to this problem I was talking about. Because the thing about it is the issue comes when a Mon dies and its replacement is 10 or more levels lower than the rest and you need to train it

The issue isn't "EXP share overlevels me" it's "I can't specifically train one at a time easily"

Turning it off doesn't solve the problem of having to train something that's behind. Hence the solution of boxing the mons that are close to overleveling while you train up the ones that are behind Means you can still level multiple things but not all the things. In SWSH its actually easier cause you can access the box whenever and the EXP share in that is programmed to give more EXP to lower level Mons.

Now all that said I don't think this is a place to discuss this as its a thread for the blog.

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File 5 - Lumiose to Camphrier


Welcome back to the XY Saga of the Chaos Files. It's time to go explore Lumiose City for a bit...maybe even level up my team, seeing as our next Gym Leader in Cyllage City has Lv 25 Pokémon. So without further ado...

Trainer PR videos...huh...neat...dunno if I'll use it immediately, but I'll keep it in the back of my mind.

Haircuts? Hell yeah! Time to start my second journey of becoming one with fashion!! ...and no I'm not changing anything specific...I'm just trying to get as much Style Points as I can to be S-S-S-Stylish!

Quick Claw? Huh...thanks my dear.

Well...that's the end of the line for that direction. ...lemme go back the other way THEN meet Serena at the café.

...nope...no fun to be had. Guess I'm seeing Serena then...

Do I have a choice? Cause I found the other clothing shop I wanted to go to...but I was turned away because I wasn't stylish enough. Sorry I didn't have a boat load of cash to throw at y'all at the immediate moment! ...sorry, little salty about that. What is it?

...oh...you were just serving as a plot device to meet Kalos' champion. ...ya know this could've happened later, right?

I mean...that's my job as a Pokémon Protagonist, isn't it? I really don't count the 3 Stooges as proper rivals, so naturally I'm going to do that. Why even ask?

Start to head out of Lumiose...and Tierno calls...yippie. Basically he's letting me know Rt 5 has Pokémon.

FFS LET ME LEAVE!!!!! Almost forgot about Mr. Bonding and the O-Powers....

Route 5 and...oh...oh no. That's gonna be the thing that brings me disappointment. I'm not going to get that Lucario... T-T

...I'll just say it'll be a miracle if you actually give me the Lucario. Still, they left...meaning Route 5's encounter is nigh!

A Numel? Huh...well that's something I honestly wasn't expecting, considering the plethora of evolved Pokémon I already have. Guess this is a nice change of pace...too bad Mega Camerupt doesn't show up until ORAS. Either way, we'll see Maxie's stats here soon.

...riiiiiiiiight I also seemed to have forgotten about the Pokémon horde encounters in this generation too...gravy...


Okay, was worried about...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

Made it to Camphrier Town. Now, let's hop into a Pokémon Center and check Maxie's stats!

Hmmmm...well...I...I don't know how to feel about this. ...let's go back to exploring, shall we?

HEY! Free money!!!

This sounds promising...and faaaaaaaaancy

....and I've immediately lost all want in visiting...sigh Hi Shauna...
Apparently this place sort of sucked...all I got out of it were some Safety Goggles and now the karate man is going to Rt 7 because someone came in and said "It's back again, sir". What could this mean? ...honestly it sounds like a job for yours truly!!

A new Route...meaning a new friend...but I have a feeling I'll need to help the Karate Man first before I can gain my new friend.

...of course it's a Snorlax problem. WELP...let's see what I can do.

Annnnnnd they don't even have the flute? ...me thinks a fetch quest is on the horizon...

I'm gonna go ahead and say no. I'll leave Parfum Palace and Route 6 for next File...gotta leave some excitement!


The Team (Unnamed)

Friend's Box

  • Maxie the Numel (Lv 10)


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Emerald Endurance Saga

File 1 - Bring it On!



We interrupt our normal Pkmn Y playthrough to bring you this...oddly enough, this was a little idea and attempt brought to me by our very own @yui to do a dual Randomized Nuzlocke...both of us attempting an endurance race to the end of Emerald without wiping. A pretty standard thing, for all things considered. And since I've only played Sapphire and not Emerald, this is uncharted territory for me!!

Now, all randomizer rules in this blog shall still be adhered to...however, Yui wanted me to give you the information in the changelog for your viewing pleasures. Behold what Yui's fruits provided for our little challenge:


potential early-game enders like Dragon Breath and Sonic Boom are taken out of the movepool
abilities are randomized (Wonder Guard (pre-20) and negative/trapping abilities (always) are banned)
evolutions that would normally be impossible (such as trade evos) will be patched to be possible
starters are completely random, and will hold a random non-useless item
the pokemon that are requested and received from trade NPCs will be random
movesets are totally random and moves will be updated to their gen 6 functionality (barring any moves changing to fairy-type)
trainers are fully randomized, but the rival will keep their starter throughout the game
TM compatibility is randomized (every pokemon will have a 50% chance to become compatible with each TM), and the moves in the TMs is also randomized
for the sake of our sanity, every pokemon has full HM compatibility so we don't have to worry about which pokemon are good HM slaves
move tutors will receive the same changes as TMs
field items will be completely random, and junk items such as mail will be removed from the pool of what we can pick up (this should be interesting)
static encounters, such as the battles against Groudon or Kyogre, are not randomized

So, all accounts, that's it. Sounds like a pretty straight forward thing...and honestly, I'm totally excited for this! Without further ado...LET'S GET STUCK IN THE MOVING VAN!!!


Typecast Shonen Protagonist, at your service! Also, sorry for the fact that the images seem to be on the small scale. Using No$GBA emulator and it's a little different. Anywho...

BEING TREATED LIKE I'M PART OF THE FURNITURE AND THE LIKE!!! Honestly, it could be worse...I could be trapped in one of the boxes ?

I still think you are being neglectful about your son...but that's just me. Anyway, let's just skip all the preamble.

Always remember to take the free Potions from your PCs, kids!

I'M HERE FOR YOUR POKÉMON, OLD MAN AND I'M NOT TAKING NO FOR AN ANSWER!! NOW HAND EM OVER!!! ...but no, of course he isn't here. But I always tend to say that when I barge into a Pokémon Lab in these games...it's so much fun.

I am here! Have no fear!

Moment of truth guys...DRUM ROLL COMMENCE!!!

....I believe Yui gave me a faulty game xD No, this is the hand and the dice roll that was presented to me by RNG...so this is the choice I have to make. If anything, I'll probably go with Lileep...don't get me wrong, love Porygon, but Lileep may be a better option...and Magikarp...no...not happening ever.

Hmmm...Vicegrip, Tail Glow, Signal Beam and Bubblebeam...hmmmmmmmmm...

Hit it with a Vicegrip...it knew Recover...you sonuva...least it's dead now.

Huzzah...and now, I'm going to be having a naming scheme for this run...and it's My Hero Academia related. All Pkmn nicknames will be inspired by that, so here's to our new Lileep!

Our first MHA Hero: Tentacole, Mezo Shoji. Welcome to the start of the crew!

Tentacole is a Serious Nature and is holding TM36...lemme repeat that...THE ITEM HE'S HOLDING IS A TM!! I just got a free TM. I got Frenzy Plant...huzzah. Anyway, let's go see May and be done with this File.

Or we could not...but whatever.

I should have this in the bag...

What? IT'S WHAT?!!


Okay...maybe I should've gone Magikarp on this one...jeezuz...anyway, let's head back to the Lab.

Hey Birch...I beat your daughter in a Pokémon Battle...she gave me money too.

Shweet...also, the PokéBalls, if you please. I'll need those too!

Wait...you give them to me, May?

Huzzah! Now I can move around, at the speed of sound!

Now, before we end this...our first official encounter...LET'S SEE WHO'S JOINING!!!

I...I dunno how this is going to go. I'm...wow...


So allow me to explain this...it had Water Absorb...it did Focus Energy and literally used DynamicPunch UNTIL IT HIT ME!!! I did this...I ran...it's too damn early for me to lose this race of endurance. Me running has made this Route null and void so no new friend...shame too...I was gonna name this smiley boy All Might...pity.

Now, a healing of Tentacole and lemme do a look here...
Oho! This is Rt 103...the one Dragonite was on was Rt 101...so there's a chance for me to end this with at least ONE friend!

That seems a bit more manageable...

Red Riot/Eijiro Kirishima has joined the team!! Huzzah!!!
And that'll do it for me this File...namely cause it's roughly almost 2 AM over here...and I'm still needing to go to work tomorrow...but this run is good so far...no deaths, only one lost Rt...and honestly, for good reason, that Dragonite scared me. Nevertheless, I'll see you all next File!


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