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"The Eurobeat Continues" Story Thread

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"The Eurobeat Continues" is a "super-archetype" thread composed of five separate archetypes tied together by a group of "Drift" Quick-Play Spells.  The card thread can be found HERE.

When I had originally begun designing the archetype, I had also started writing a story alongside the cards.  The new thread is now called "The Eurobeat Continues", because I had an older thread with all of this set-up and spoiler'd so it was nice and neat.  I posted the story bits every week when I "bumped" the thread, however, when the YCM site was updated, the post got way out of hand since the spoilers weren't working.

All that said, it was one of my personal favorite projects, so I plan to repost the whole thing in weekly installments just like I had done last time.  This thread will have the story while the other will have the cards.  On the whole, I am going to try to write these independently so if you are interested in the story, you don't need to look at the cards, and vice versa.  However, for maximum flavor and lore, I would recommend glancing at both threads.

Thanks for looking through and I hope you enjoy!

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List of cards is HERE.  You can see the characters as cards.

Don't worry about the brevity of this post.  Just like last time, the story intentionally starts off slow and without much information.  Background will be built up as the story progresses.


“Daddy, can you tell me a story?”
“Ok, sweetie, get comfortable.  Did I ever finish telling you the story with the racers?”
“Oh, I like that one! But you never finished it though.”
“I guess I should start at the beginning then…”


“The Blazing Racers were a team that burned up the track and the mountain passes alike with their high-speed drift techniques.  Together, this team of elite racers were indisputably the best group of drivers in the world.

One day, their old mentor, the enigmatic Master Draft, calls the team back to her underground racing dojo.  She had received a warning and a challenge.  She had received a message from one of her sources.  “A threat looms over our planet from the stars.”  She said, “That threat is far off for now, but you all need to be ready to race against the best in the universe.”  She looks over to the corner.

The Blazing Wheels’ financier, Ms. Elara Erie moves into the light and drops a note onto the table for the team to read.  “It seems as though the racing world is a lot bigger than we expected.” she said, smiling.

Captain Young, the leader of the Blazing Wheels gave a huge grin, “Alright team, it looks like we’ve got some work to do!”

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List of cards is HERE.  Check out the racing clones!


"While the Blazing Wheels were perfecting their skills aboveground, an undersea civilization was thriving and began developing their own racing techniques.  100 years ago, the king - Orichalcum - sired a child whom the oracles claimed would save the galaxy.  The child, however, was interested only in racing and seeking better and better challengers - completely forgoing his father's instruction.  His father, angered, exiled the boy and his mother.  However, the people loved him and even without his father's help, the boy became influential and his skills took him to the top of the undersea's racing world."

"10 years later, recognizing that the prince was a racer unlike any that was ever seen, undersea scientists came to him and offered him a unique opportunity.  They would preserve him in cryosleep and create clones of him so that he would always have a true challenge.  The prince agreed.  He did not realize that his father had talked to his mother and - recognizing his error - had hired the scientists to place the prince in cryosleep so that the boy could be awoken when his destiny finally caught up to him.  As the prince slept, the lab's clones took the racing world by storm. Soon the entire racing circuit was clones racing each other, each racer and car tweaked to specialize in certain racing techniques.  The people did not care; they loved this new entertainment."

"Back in the present, Orichalcum and his undersea civilization had finally been "discovered" by the surface peoples.  Seeing this as an invasive force, Orichalcum sent diplomats to the surface.  The diplomats returned with amusing news.  The people on the surface were peaceful; however, they were curious if these legendary "clone racers" were any good.  They insisted that the undersea peoples bring their best racing team to the surface and face off against the dominant Blazing Wheels team."

"Orichalcum, flabbergasted at this development, had the lab awaken his son for the race of a lifetime..."

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Posted (edited)

List of cards is HERE.  Check 'em out and you might very well see the direction the story is heading.


"And so the world race began: the Blazing Wheels versus the clones and their Prince of Destiny.  The Blazing Wheels worked together to overcome obstacles but they began to fear the undersea visitors and their tactics.  The Destiny Racers were like lemmings... the clones didn't care for their own lives, going so far as to take themselves out as long as they traded their own chances with the members of the Blazing Wheels.  Soon, the only racers left were the Prince and the leader of the Blazing Wheels, Captain Young."

 ""Could these undersea racers be the threat Master was warning us about?" Captain Young thought as both cars ran neck and neck over the desert sands. "I know she said 'from the stars', but..."

"Before either car reached the finish line though, both racers were enveloped in a white light and the racers found themselves and their vehicles in a spaceship flying over their planet.  They were approached by a tall, thin, humanoid alien in a racing suit who introduced itself as Sunstreak, leader of the noble Galactic Flash team."

"Eons ago, intelligent life began venturing into space.  Peoples began making contact with other peoples and, after rough initial encounters, a galactic unity was formed.  To bridge the differences between the peoples, competitive games formed with the most popular being racing.  Many teams formed.  Some represented single planets or solar systems, others tried to gather amazing racers from lots of different races.  The Galactic Flash was one of the latter teams.  They raced their way to the top, always aiming to find the best racers, honorably racing with their opponents whether as a group or in one-on-one races, and stopping racing teams that shamed the competition or used racing for their own gain."

"The Galactic Flash had always been successful until... the Яeverse.  The Яeverse appeared to be racers unlike anything any team had ever seen, and their power drew in many other racing teams.  They became a plague, unable to be beaten and constantly growing stronger with every race."

"The Galactic Flash, now desperate, turn to underdeveloped planets, hoping to find new blood who might be able to bring unique racing techniques to the universal track and defeat the Яeverse once and for all."

"After listening to the dire situation, both The Prince and Captain Young agreed to assist Sunstreak.  The duo joined the leader of the Galactic Flash as they flew off together to challenge the Яeverse..."

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    • By Tinkerer
      Hello, fine peoples!
      I had a previous version of this, but when the YCM site updated the old thread kinda broke, so I'm reposting it!  This is a card thread, but it has a story alongside it.  If you are interested in the story at all (and I really recommend it 😁), you can check it out in the thread HERE.
      Anyways, before I jump into it, lemme just explain what this is.  This is a group of five archetypes that are all tied together because they all have ""Drift" Quick-Play Spell" in their card text.  I am using these "Drift" cards as the means to tie the archetypes together and they act as generically usable spells for all the archetypes.  Because of how critical these are, I am just going to take this first week to just post those spells and then get into the real archetypes next week.
      Full disclosure: I am generally posting these with minimal changes.  As I begun focusing more and more on the story, I recognize that the power level of the cards may have gotten warped in the process.  On top of that, I have not actually played the game in any kind of serious setting in a long time, so if the archetypes seem under/overpowered please let me know!
      Without further ado, let's ride!
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